Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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    In the trailer for Fortnite Season 9, we see good ol' Jonesy and everyone's new favorite banana-man, Peely, get trapped in a bunker. Two characters go in, only one comes out. That is a SURPRISINGLY dark turn, given the humorous way the situation is presented. When I watched it I was left with one big question - no, not the morality of eating your banana friend. I want to know if Jonesy could survive however long he was trapped in that bunker with Peely as his only source of food. Loyal Theorists, get ready for things to go BANANAS!
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    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 15 433

  • aussie the bird
    aussie the bird 13 minutes ago +1

    Well fortnite takes place in the future, right? Well what if, they have geneticly modified banana seeds, that grow super fast, i mean, they did come from a sentient banana after all, but hey, that's just a theory, a viewer theory, thanks for reading.

  • Cookie Cookies
    Cookie Cookies 45 minutes ago +1

    What if jones just ate his own semen, i looked it up and it’s got protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium, even glucose. He probably could survive on that right?

  • Faze Sphinxy
    Faze Sphinxy Hour ago

    Wouldn’t the banana rot ? 😂

  • BrewingBoy55
    BrewingBoy55 Hour ago

    what if the fridge used to be stocked with enough food for a while but peely and jonsey ate it all

  • Prometheus 1518
    Prometheus 1518 Hour ago +1

    Its obvious that they only checked the fridge in the trailer but there is also a pantry and once that ran out Joncey started eating Peely boy

  • BrewingBoy55
    BrewingBoy55 2 hours ago

    also if peelys cup was basically full when he was released but then he takes a sip which empties half the cup how does that work

  • XSM Misael
    XSM Misael 3 hours ago

    But what if he was eating his body fat

  • Nicholas Chairez
    Nicholas Chairez 3 hours ago

    Olny nerds point out the fact that matt used noob master 69 as a name

  • Lê Nguyên Khôi Hoàng

    But *Did* you know that Jonsey's cape is from the banana peel

  • Fraisin
    Fraisin 5 hours ago

    *he just respawned bro*

  • LogicalWREN 23
    LogicalWREN 23 6 hours ago +1

    Well I may have missed this, but how much does Jonesy weigh?
    If he kills Peely instantly and survives on his fat and plants his seeds fast af, he SHALL LIVE!

  • Kamini Das
    Kamini Das 6 hours ago +1

    But the food before runout

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 7 hours ago

    Fortnite showed us an animation recently, and Peeley is a Jonsey. That Jonsey put a banana in a rift, and they combined into a human Peeley.

  • Pigeton
    Pigeton 7 hours ago

    Look they made neo tilted by using the vault energy and selling it then keeping some of it to power neo tilted and then they built neo tilted so it didnt take that long.

  • Enderguy
    Enderguy 7 hours ago

    fortnite is dead

  • Hudson The Minecraft Gamer

    They were in the bunker for a week.

  • Mohammed Al Ali
    Mohammed Al Ali 9 hours ago

    5:37 🤣

  • tadas zilinskas
    tadas zilinskas 9 hours ago

    I was literally eating a bannana while whatching this

  • random master
    random master 13 hours ago

    What about water

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 14 hours ago

    Or Jonsey just ate.. himself.

    Wait, could that let him survive? If-

    Not sure it would be nice to elaborate.

  • TheCrystal BadGuy
    TheCrystal BadGuy 14 hours ago

    Who remembers FNAF

  • Chreighton - HisMajesty

    0 seconds in and I can already say no ...MatPat you’re ignoring *_your own_* logic before you even do any math remember *_your own words_* “bananas are 100% biodegradable” so no they’d be dead in a week

  • Star Storm
    Star Storm 15 hours ago

    Also why is the clothes rip he wasn't fighting anyone i mean peely was happy about being eaten so it obviously wasnt him🤔🤔MATPAT WE NEED MORE THEORYS OVER HERE🍌

  • Star Storm
    Star Storm 15 hours ago

    Unless peely was a hybrid and grew all fruits🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • The Sexy Arab
    The Sexy Arab 15 hours ago

    5:13 "Where did I get it?"
    I really thought he was going to say "Banana Republic"

  • yenom Gamez
    yenom Gamez 16 hours ago

    He put that merch ad in so smoothly 😂

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett 16 hours ago

    The seeds of the bananas we eat are sterile, they're all cloned by cuttings.

  • Sam28890
    Sam28890 17 hours ago

    That first joke made this my favorite video by this channel

  • Truls Olsen
    Truls Olsen 17 hours ago

    My mom won't let me eat more than 2 bananas a day because she's afraid I'll get potassium poisoning. Life is an endless pit of suffering.

  • Cram R
    Cram R 18 hours ago

    Smoothies arent made of only bannanas what else is in the smoothie?

  • Jacob_ Benz
    Jacob_ Benz 18 hours ago

    reboot van

  • Aaron Reutzel
    Aaron Reutzel 19 hours ago

    He answered the phone and didn’t answer with ‘yellow?’ >:(

  • DJ Swag and Lil money 32

    That not a beard it’s peelys peel

  • Weirdo3
    Weirdo3 19 hours ago

    For real, honey is awsome

  • Aria Ferranew
    Aria Ferranew 19 hours ago

    Altho. It doesnt say that the food was gone when they got there, they could have had Tons of food, and when it showed them looking for that time. They are out.

  • Mica Day
    Mica Day 20 hours ago

    Hey how dose jonsey survive be cus when he comes out the bunker the smoothe is full???

  • spike
    spike 21 hour ago

    0:43 aRe YoU sUrE aBoUt ThAt

  • Harris Bennett
    Harris Bennett 21 hour ago

    How dare Jonesey

  • DLLC_VaLmAr 0_0
    DLLC_VaLmAr 0_0 21 hour ago

    he could have eaten bugs lol

  • MrDoodle
    MrDoodle 21 hour ago

    I will predict the future

    This smoothie will become a backbling

  • Demp 999
    Demp 999 22 hours ago

    Still possible to survive for that long what if he ate peely while the crops were growing

  • Sypron W
    Sypron W 22 hours ago

    What if the banana was female and he raped it and ate the children?

  • kidcom24
    kidcom24 22 hours ago

    what if he just strarted growing the banana plants before he ran out of peely?

  • Mewtwo
    Mewtwo 23 hours ago +3

    Matpat: Makes this video
    Video game logic: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Jared Briones
    Jared Briones 23 hours ago

    What if he planted the seeds earlyer

  • killer boy 661
    killer boy 661 23 hours ago

    What if he just planted him right when they found out about the food problem and he planting peely so they should grow as high as peely or might even grow more peely (come back to life peely) so the real question is is peely a normal banana and if not how fast do they grow (idk) also fortnite time is ALOT faster than real time so keep that in mind when he talk about how it take months for a banana plant to grow

  • KeithII Inglish
    KeithII Inglish 23 hours ago

    Wait what if Peely was able to regenerate his banana parts and Jonsey was just craving a banana smoothie and Peely was like "I got you fam" it all makes sense now.

    • killer boy 661
      killer boy 661 23 hours ago

      What if he just planted him right when they found out about the food problem and he planting peely so they should grow as high as peely or might even grow more peelys (come back to life peely) so the real question is is peely a normal banana and if not how fast do they grow (idk)

  • Im Weponized
    Im Weponized 23 hours ago

    Oi stw is still alive

  • Snprfoxx X
    Snprfoxx X Day ago


  • Redlock18
    Redlock18 Day ago

    Can't you eat the middle of the banana tree??

  • Raven Star Videos

    Now I wanna see MatPat solve the meaning of life

  • sammy massa64
    sammy massa64 Day ago

    u can go without eating a couple days

  • Beto Serrano
    Beto Serrano Day ago

    Peely is Jonesy from another dimension, who fused with a banana he was eating. So Peely is made out of banana and Human. Which means he must be pretty nutritious. So yeah, Jonesy can survive that long by eating him

    • killer boy 661
      killer boy 661 23 hours ago

      @Beto Serrano What if he just planted him right when they found out about the food problem and he planting peely so they should grow as high as peely or might even grow more peely (come back to life peely) so the real question is is peely a normal banana and if not how fast do they grow (idk) also fortnite time is ALOT faster than real time

    • killer boy 661
      killer boy 661 23 hours ago

      @Beto Serrano not really

    • Beto Serrano
      Beto Serrano 23 hours ago

      @killer boy 661 Yeah, seems like he be dead anyways

    • killer boy 661
      killer boy 661 23 hours ago

      No just no

  • FuriousJohn :3
    FuriousJohn :3 Day ago

    Wait hasn’t he forgot that 24 hours in fortnite is like 10 minutes ish

  • Creature X
    Creature X Day ago

    Wouldn’t Peelys seeds make more banana people

  • wesleycereal
    wesleycereal Day ago

    well peely is jonsey turned into a banana from a rift

  • Maki
    Maki Day ago +3

    *Childish Animated Cutscene Comes Out*
    Matt: LeTs QuEsTiOn It!

  • Kyle Pembroke
    Kyle Pembroke Day ago

    NO HES NOT in logic I will tell yah he would eat peely as he grows them LOGIC

  • Cyber4 Buzz
    Cyber4 Buzz Day ago

    He could still possibly survive beacaus what if he planted the seed before he ate peely

  • SourSugar
    SourSugar Day ago

    i went from matpats honey sponsor to a Mr beast ad about honey...

  • SourSugar
    SourSugar Day ago

    MatPat: *makes fortnite video*

    Me: every day we stray further from god

  • dat boi dabspacito

    but peely is a super banana

  • Xpokeboy
    Xpokeboy Day ago

    OnLy Og’S cAn ReMeMbEr TiLtEd

  • Nooka Aky
    Nooka Aky Day ago

    U people r crazy not a hater love to watch ur vids

  • Gentle G
    Gentle G Day ago

    He could just scoop out some banana seed and plant them BEFORE he ran out of peely

  • Hax Or
    Hax Or Day ago

    Ooooor peely is just a girl and they reproduced

  • Kalojan Stanchev

    Or the future came 6 months earlier

  • Neddo 1
    Neddo 1 Day ago

    Fortnite is so bad

  • Silvana Elejalde
    Silvana Elejalde Day ago +1

    Can't you plant the seeds before eating Peely?

    • Austin Stephens
      Austin Stephens Day ago

      That was the senario of cutting him open immediately

  • XxmajorwolfXx90 Joshua allison

    Mart pat I see your desperate for content 😂 come on its fn pointless to make a theore about

  • Mr 580 Bru
    Mr 580 Bru Day ago

    What if he planted the bananas in advance and then ate peely until the bannanas grew which is why peely is still alive

  • MisterPaulGGFTW
    MisterPaulGGFTW Day ago

    My theory about Future Seasons: Season 9-about the future
    Players will go inside the machine in the middle of Loot Lake...and go time traveling.
    Fortnite may be reverted

  • Serabi
    Serabi Day ago

    Technically thats not the best case scenario. If he's a pure fat based banana life form with seeds. Sounds insane but that is the best case scenario.
    Am i a dick for putting this idea out there? yes, am i ashamed of it? Nope.

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Day ago

    How many of you have far cry five and far cry new dawn I have a question for either Matt or Austin how big was the nuke or nukes plural I haven’t been able to finish it I just know what happens how big were they for it only takes 17 years how many of you have far cry five and far cry new dawn I have a question for either Matt Pat or Austin how big was the nuke or nukes plural I haven’t been able to finish it I just know what happens how big were they for it only takes 17 years to drain The radiation from the area in from watching Russian badger it seems to be fully run around abul like so One of the theorist me see it

  • The Dave Shadow782

    How jonesy of the bunker go to fortnite?

  • The Cronologist 60
    The Cronologist 60 2 days ago

    Please check out hollow knight

  • Nigga_wut789 Wut
    Nigga_wut789 Wut 2 days ago

    Btw where is the water in the bunker

  • Ahmed Gencer
    Ahmed Gencer 2 days ago

    Gayme theory

  • myfirstvideocard
    myfirstvideocard 2 days ago

    Matpat what if the seeds made more peelys

  • FineDiamond21
    FineDiamond21 2 days ago

    I think he forgot that they had food for awhile before they ran out and had to eat/drink peely

  • R Purple Creeper
    R Purple Creeper 2 days ago

    8 got to 3:05 and thought no because he would *DEHYDRAT*

  • Tyler Alcoces
    Tyler Alcoces 2 days ago


    EXCEL SIOR 2 days ago

    But if 3 years was the time. How did neo tilted change so much

  • Jocelyn Haskell
    Jocelyn Haskell 2 days ago

    it is funny how i got a fortnite ad in the middle of this video

  • Eliodoro Canseco
    Eliodoro Canseco 2 days ago

    What if jonesy ate part of himself.

  • ItzInferno
    ItzInferno 2 days ago +1

    I think you’re going a bit far with this

  • Trent Anderson
    Trent Anderson 2 days ago

    I wish fortnite vaulted the whole game

  • Jude Gann
    Jude Gann 2 days ago

    But how would he even plant them with no soil underground

  • The official Dj yonder channel

    well peely is just a guy turned into a banna

  • HandMade By Holly
    HandMade By Holly 2 days ago

    It actually might very well be possible to live off banana alone. Because while the bananas might not be ripe enough in time. The stock of the banana trees themselves are edible and will be ripe long before the bananas. So planting more than one tree obviously one could simply eat some of the trees till the bananas are ripe. Then from the seeds of the new bananas plant more trees and repeat the cycle. That is assuming there's enough space and light for all that nonsense

  • Syauqi Bilqisthi
    Syauqi Bilqisthi 2 days ago

    i know this is disgusting but maybe when he plant the seeds and he POOPS on it it will be fertilizer to the seeds and it will grow faster??? idk

  • Eliot Vaskó
    Eliot Vaskó 2 days ago

    When he killd banana he defultmdanced

  • Margrete Kjeldsberg
    Margrete Kjeldsberg 2 days ago

    I was under the impression that Cavendish bananas were sterile? The small brown dots are not viable seeds. They should be whiteish and about the size of orange pips.

  • Sadudy
    Sadudy 2 days ago

    I meant to say sure he doesn’t have a beard

  • Sadudy
    Sadudy 2 days ago

    Maybe they had food for a one year he still had a beard not a big one just smaller one and when the fridge ran out

  • Ello me person ?
    Ello me person ? 2 days ago

    Can't you eat a serving then wait 3 days then eat more

  • cody stunts gaming and more!

    No it could be a super pure fat banana because he it always full of energy and start growing the seeds six months before he runs out of fat

  • Marcos Escobar Moran
    Marcos Escobar Moran 2 days ago +1

    What if they were playing creative mode and Jonesy put 'first to 1,000,000 eliminations wins' allowing jonesy to eat Peely several times but then he had already eliminated peely 1 million times and only had that one cup of Peely smoothie left before he exit the bunker?

  • Marie Santiago
    Marie Santiago 2 days ago

    fun fact this is the 15,321 coment

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 2 days ago +1

    Ok so if peely is 769 bananas wouldn’t it make it 769 times faster to form into a medium banana?