NEW CHAINED CHAMP STEALS ULTS?! Sylas, The Mage Teaser EXPLAINED - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    WAIT.. CHALLENGER IS THIS CLOSE ALREADY????? - Journey To Challenger | League of Legends
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Comments • 1 139

  • Redmercy
    Redmercy  3 months ago +252

    WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THE TEASERS?? Are you excited for the reveal?? LET ME KNOW !

  • kornhog
    kornhog 3 months ago

    uwu. please vault this champ, its too OP for the community

  • Nicos Buna
    Nicos Buna 3 months ago

    Doble karthus ult LOL

  • Tien Bao
    Tien Bao 3 months ago

    So basically this is lol's Rubik right?

  • earl point III
    earl point III 3 months ago

    R.I.P Demacia!!!!

  • Hans Bryne
    Hans Bryne 3 months ago

    Sylas steal udyr swag

  • Ben Marcantonio-Flint
    Ben Marcantonio-Flint 3 months ago

    We already know the abilities though stop saying stuff about finding out his abilities

  • Joannah H
    Joannah H 3 months ago

    the mage girl is probably lux, just saying

  • GrimmBones
    GrimmBones 3 months ago

    Now that I have seen the reveal, and all his abilities, these pictures make more sense.
    Essentially, since Sylas turns into the champ while using their R (or, well, he looks like a spirit version of them), the "chained Lux" and such isn't Lux, it's him, chained, probably about to use the R, or something, or already using it. Same with Jarvan's spear, essentially him using Cataclysm, or Galio R picture, or the Garen one.

  • Carlo Ballesteros
    Carlo Ballesteros 3 months ago

    Can she steal graves cigar?

  • Sylvester Banini
    Sylvester Banini 3 months ago

    Next champion will steal your minions and turn them against you .

  • Rayos Crost
    Rayos Crost 3 months ago

    We dota now bois

  • Swarm Plays
    Swarm Plays 3 months ago

    Champions like yasuo and udyr would be awkward to steal

  • Swarm Plays
    Swarm Plays 3 months ago

    They should give sylas an airborne move

  • Erik Lane
    Erik Lane 3 months ago

    Leave it to RedMercy to take 2 mins of info in spread it over 10

  • Alessio Saldano
    Alessio Saldano 3 months ago

    che coglioni

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward 3 months ago

    To me it sounds a lot like Kratos from god of war. Killing his own daughter with a chained weapon because of too much power???

  • OnceCryoquaitic
    OnceCryoquaitic 3 months ago

    Morrigan from SMITE is almost the same

  • Jakiś Grejpfrut
    Jakiś Grejpfrut 3 months ago +1

    That moment when you are sylas and all they have is heimerdinger karma zoe jayce and elise

    XIFOZ 3 months ago

    his animation and design is a rip off of kratos bruh

  • vhanla
    vhanla 3 months ago

    Next champ steals your account.

  • Fuerzaa.
    Fuerzaa. 3 months ago

    *Steling is Baaaaaaad*

  • Kimberly Clark
    Kimberly Clark 3 months ago

    Back in the day, heels were actually more worn by men than women, so you can't actually justify the champ being a man or woman.... what if this person is gender-neutral?

  • Redmar Justine Sunga
    Redmar Justine Sunga 3 months ago

    Fuck rhis game is fucked up now

  • Chrissehh
    Chrissehh 3 months ago

    you'll probs have to lock onto an enemy champ with the chains and you have like 10sec to use their ult against them

  • Ionasku Alexander
    Ionasku Alexander 3 months ago

    I think that he steals the ultimate of another champ

  • King James Laurel
    King James Laurel 3 months ago

    I think he killed the king and get the crown and jarvan have nothing to do with it with his spear fall to the ground and garen came to save the Demacia!

  • JayDeeLux Is sleeping
    JayDeeLux Is sleeping 3 months ago

    Email less.

  • Khristopher Delizo
    Khristopher Delizo 3 months ago

    Waiy do you guys remember that jarvan IV(leblanc in a way reflected by a mirror or something) vs. Swain on the story line ??

  • A1Sahns
    A1Sahns 3 months ago

    Watch riot fuck us and make this champion another support....WE WANT A TOP LANER

  • zero 1.2
    zero 1.2 3 months ago

    I woud like a a male champ

  • Keith hernandez
    Keith hernandez 3 months ago

    I think he/she doesn't steals ults

  • Da Bob
    Da Bob 3 months ago

    Oh like Rubick from Dota 2 in a way

  • Clyde Maingay
    Clyde Maingay 3 months ago

    What will happen if sylas copied the ultimate of sylas hmmm....

  • UGHly
    UGHly 3 months ago

    If the new champion does steal spells, then it'd be similar to Rubick from Dota 2

  • Jump on Yaya
    Jump on Yaya 3 months ago

    maybe abathur like champion that sits in base and buffs allies? support champion

  • Apex Legends Clips
    Apex Legends Clips 3 months ago

    Garen is immune to magic due to his demacian steel armor. So this that he would be forced to use his ultimate is idiotic. Tho this is teaser from game from another broken champion wiht 12 dashes probably, but in lorewise they cant do that. and Garen cant summon anything from sky either, and even if he could he wouldnt cause he hates magic and is fighting againts it for reason you can search on lore.

  • supergamerdude1
    supergamerdude1 3 months ago

    when are we getting a champion that can switch teams so they cant lose, like come on rito when's it coming.

  • xyú
    xyú 3 months ago

    she better have big tits

  • Massacre f:4kÜ
    Massacre f:4kÜ 3 months ago +1

    So this new champions makes overpowered in the story not in game the first story of new champion called jhin killed 4 champs at the same time that makes the other champ weak and really??? jhin killed zed but still it just a story

  • BlaydGraves
    BlaydGraves 3 months ago

    Thing is, if it’s merely forcing an ult it can be useless. Take something like Yi, it’s merely a movespeed and attackspeed buff with immunity to slows. It wouldn’t do anything for him. I would assume he steals the ultimate. Look at J4’s image. The lance is glowing and looks as if it were made of magic as well as the fact that it looks like it is dissipating, it doesn’t look like it is the actual lance.

  • KiNETFUSiON Farout
    KiNETFUSiON Farout 3 months ago

    Ryse rework?

  • Roguemoon
    Roguemoon 3 months ago

    I had an idea for a champion that uses chains as their main form of attack but would use them kind of like camille. Then their ult would be an execution ultimate where they throw out a chain and launch themselves towards a champion and stab them in the back (or front). Who knows what this new champ will do.

    • Roguemoon
      Roguemoon 3 months ago

      When I say use them like camille I mean as a form of movement. Otherwise I think they would auto attack like thresh.

  • Pseudø Prīest
    Pseudø Prīest 3 months ago


  • Gigante Joga
    Gigante Joga 3 months ago

    What if the champion is the chains?!

  • Mrblee Toe
    Mrblee Toe 3 months ago

    Next champion, takes your virginity

  • Jolt9gb
    Jolt9gb 3 months ago

    Maybe the chains are "binding" their ultimate? Forcing them to not be able to use it for an extended period of time or placing the ultimate back on cool down at a % of the original timer... something along those lines?

  • Sancha Bubbasss
    Sancha Bubbasss 3 months ago

    Or what if the champ forces an enemy to attack its team?? With its ult or in this case (for Zoe) it can also steal spells

  • Pedobear TheBeast
    Pedobear TheBeast 3 months ago

    What happens if they get nidalee, elise or udyr? Do they steal the form?

  • wendel lawrence
    wendel lawrence 3 months ago

    God damn how come riot hasn't released helmit bro yet

  • Imperiom
    Imperiom 3 months ago

    its okay

  • Stoianovic
    Stoianovic 3 months ago

    Soooo when is this new champion coming out?

    OGAG ATUPMA 3 months ago

    Vladimir steals hp
    Zoe steals active spells
    Neeko steals appearance
    This guy steals ulti
    Thresh steals CS
    Who's next??

  • Bokang Sesele
    Bokang Sesele 3 months ago

    Definitely Kratos xD

  • Kasis
    Kasis 3 months ago


  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 3 months ago

    Steal Nidalee Ultimate, become Panther. Steal Udyr Ultimate, become Flaming Panther. Steal Gnar ultimate and become Big Cuddly Flaming Panther. Steals Jayce and becomes Pew-Pew Big Cuddly Flaming Panther. Steal Kha'Zix and becomes an invisible pew-pew big cuddly flaming panther....
    Meanwhile, WTF do you do with a stolen Heimer, Karma, or Leblanc ultimate? Kassadin, Xayah, or Zyra would be pretty pointless, as well as Corki, Kog'Maw, Teemo, or Zoe. Quinn would work... but why? Not sure if you could even use Rek'sai or Syndra ultimate. Twitch ultimate will be hilarious to steal if champion is melee. Skarner, Tahm Kench, Urgot, and Zac ultimates will sure look funny.... Yasuo ultimate would only work to steal if someone else on the team can reliably knock them up for you

  • Pres. Mayaw
    Pres. Mayaw 3 months ago +2

    *cough* Rubick rip off *Cough*

  • eastwood
    eastwood 3 months ago

    Is the creator of Galio.

  • jéy
    jéy 3 months ago

    Zoe steals Spells, Neeko steals Form, Thresh steals someones wife and this next champ like Rito Wtf!

  • Thor Fjelsted
    Thor Fjelsted 3 months ago

    wonder if he could control R34

  • Steven Specht
    Steven Specht 3 months ago

    Great video Red! Thanks

  • gerald davi
    gerald davi 3 months ago

    Buy qss

  • David Conley
    David Conley 3 months ago

    Lux isnt happy about Demacia being destroyed... Well im glad RedMercy was here to tell me this information..

  • Ozzy G
    Ozzy G 3 months ago

    100% sure the new champ will make you use your ult on a ally.. so epic :)

  • xSoLzZ
    xSoLzZ 3 months ago

    How can you play on PBE?

  • The Insomniac Died
    The Insomniac Died 3 months ago

    As an Elise main I'll be laughing at this ult steal champ.

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man 3 months ago

    Demacia is my city.

  • TheUberduberdoo
    TheUberduberdoo 3 months ago

    Can you slow down your speaking voice? It's hard to understand you most of the time!

  • Asian Apparition
    Asian Apparition 3 months ago +1

    This might be a Rubick port. It's been a while...

  • PlanetHollywave My instagram

    Next champion steals your account information

  • Matt Heslin
    Matt Heslin 3 months ago

    if he makes them use their ult he hard counters pantheon and Galileo cause you can just make them dive into your fountain and kill them instantly

  • Kero kemo niii
    Kero kemo niii 3 months ago

    I hope they make a champ that steals rp HAHAHAHAH joke

  • One Gabriel Macapagal
    One Gabriel Macapagal 3 months ago

    seems like zoe stealing ults instead of spells

  • Seventy6
    Seventy6 3 months ago

    Awesome !

  • Rudy Gapate
    Rudy Gapate 3 months ago

    dont be surprised if its gonna be a support

  • Rudy Gapate
    Rudy Gapate 3 months ago

    next champion steals your pc

  • Jomari Idioma
    Jomari Idioma 3 months ago

    The dude in the throne is thanos

  • Noha Manfredi
    Noha Manfredi 3 months ago

    There are 4 chained champions, which means the 5th could be "Sylas" itself. Maybe its an ability that affects teammates and not enemies?

  • Bartida Bar The Thrill
    Bartida Bar The Thrill 3 months ago

    no sound on Microsoft edge fix ur codec

  • xFlPr0z
    xFlPr0z 3 months ago

    Not a dota player but... i only think of rubiks cube

  • The All Seeing Bear
    The All Seeing Bear 3 months ago

    Hmm maybe he was locked away in Demacia so he could only control any champ where his chains can reach

  • The All Seeing Bear
    The All Seeing Bear 3 months ago

    Next champ doesn't steal, next champ will be a Nigerian Prince

  • Allen Casimero
    Allen Casimero 3 months ago

    So that means Jarvan lV is dead? I will wait for Jarvan V then...

  • Jona
    Jona 3 months ago

    Everytime theres a new champion i always return to redmercy for a good video

  • DayRed 4Wats
    DayRed 4Wats 3 months ago

    RUBICK's gonna be mad

  • Angelic Me
    Angelic Me 3 months ago

    Wtf , how did you guess she steals Ilya just by looking of luxs ult

  • Sean Tucker
    Sean Tucker 3 months ago

    You skillshot them with chains at wich point your free to use their ult

  • MOUTAOUEJ Med Amine
    MOUTAOUEJ Med Amine 3 months ago

    I think that the 4th Darkin if true she is varus's sister

  • Ronin Ijah Perez
    Ronin Ijah Perez 3 months ago


  • Ronin Ijah Perez
    Ronin Ijah Perez 3 months ago

    *sigh* riot came up with another cancer champ hurray

  • tuburcio palangelay
    tuburcio palangelay 3 months ago

    rito teased silas as a she because silas is GAY herpderp

  • iTULAD Gaming
    iTULAD Gaming 3 months ago

    So, this is just Rubick from DOTA 2,.

  • One Man
    One Man 3 months ago +1

    Fk me if this is another mage champ

  • Goh XF
    Goh XF 3 months ago

    That's similar dota2 champion

  • Alika1212
    Alika1212 3 months ago

    This opens up the possibility for a hentai tentacle skin. The possibilities are endless!

  • Black Blaze
    Black Blaze 3 months ago

    you can go to necrit for the lores

  • Paul Oñate
    Paul Oñate 3 months ago

    Rubic of lol?

  • Who You Calling Pinhead

    Omg you talk too much quick explanation works. Verbose at its best....😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong 3 months ago

    Lol let's leave the Reading to Necrit

  • Princeton Charles Elago

    And someone will steal someone's popular comment.