7 Daily Habits to Keep Your Life Organized

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • I used to be a total slob. But over time, I learned 7 habits that I now do daily to keep my life organized. Hope you find these as valuable as I have!
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    Hey, my name is Gillian! I’m a marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs 10X their sales with FB ads + sales funnels. I love combining tech, analytics, and psychology to create powerful marketing systems.
    When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, and nerding out over my TVclip analytics.

    // About this video
    This video covers seven ways to keep your life more organized and daily habits for success. These are the exact things I do every day to keep my life running smoothly. You might consider this a brief guide to "being an adult."
    I cover tips on how to keep you home organized and how to keep your schedule organized, plus tips for a productive day.
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Comments • 105

  • Shabs Paradise
    Shabs Paradise 4 months ago

    I really love the different ways of keeping life organized. Amazing it is. I do most of them daily.

  • Lisa Morrow
    Lisa Morrow 4 months ago

    When do you breathe?

  • Yara Mahdy
    Yara Mahdy 7 months ago

    what i loved the most about your video that its not filled with unnecessary talk, you are precise. well done !

  • More Salsa
    More Salsa 8 months ago

    This is great. ♥️ I’m currently reading The Power of Habit. It’s a good read to get life in-order.

  • hlb0111
    hlb0111 8 months ago +1

    I'm so glad that you say that you used to be unorganized but it gives me hope that I can be organized. The biggest challenge I have is ACTUALLY doing what you said. How did you conquer that part, actually doing it?

  • Ashley Gallant
    Ashley Gallant 9 months ago

    Yes please I’d like more info!

  • Emanua Sua
    Emanua Sua 9 months ago

    Its difficult when you're a working single mom! 😅

  • The Vaga6ond
    The Vaga6ond 10 months ago

    What? I move my refrigerator on a hourly basis! Forget daily! Say I'm I'm upstairs in my bedroom watching Netflix, I will bring my fridge up the stairs so I can eat while watching. I'm not sure why she doesn't understand this but in my mind that is really the best organizational method. Move everything you own depending on where you are located on a day to day basis. That way you you always have your recourses where you are. All joking aside nice video :)

  • NABI _
    NABI _ Year ago

    Just when she said number 4: To use Timers,
    my timer went off...

  • Sanguine Life
    Sanguine Life Year ago

    I totally find it impossible o believe that you were ever a slob or late on a bill...You ROCK!!! Thank you for the great content.

  • Juliana Dennis
    Juliana Dennis Year ago

    Loved this video

  • Kayla Lindo
    Kayla Lindo Year ago


  • uzma iffat ustad
    uzma iffat ustad Year ago

    Thank you

  • Finesse Curves
    Finesse Curves Year ago

    Omg! I already do the 15 mins a day thing. I feel so proud that I “got points” for that! Awesome tips!!

  • Finesse Curves
    Finesse Curves Year ago

    Oooouuu girl! You are a god send! You don’t even know! 🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

  • Mdm Koo
    Mdm Koo Year ago

    Hmmm I see comments on the pace of your speaking. I feel your speed is just nice! I can listen while doing my stuff, or just watch it before bed, and it's not going to take up a lot of time. Learning more in a shorter time? I like that!

  • Margaret Pelaitai
    Margaret Pelaitai Year ago +3

    great content. I read ahead about the fast comments, I am 80 years old and I can keep up with you. thank you.

  • stacia brown
    stacia brown Year ago +1

    Love the mail advice. You don’t want to see me stack. I found a state check that was 3 months old smh 😀. I’m going to clean it up this weekend. Great vid.....

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago

      Oh, I feel you! That's exactly what happens to me if I let the mail come into my house. :/

  • Catherine Aensland
    Catherine Aensland Year ago +2

    Speed is just fine. Do not worry! ;)

  • Love Guidance & Wisdom

    Great tips, especially the mail tip. Thank you !

  • Michele Pastele
    Michele Pastele Year ago

    This video is ridiculously FAST, but I went to settings and just slowed it down. That was it was actually listen-able to!

  • Erica Copper
    Erica Copper Year ago

    All of these are so helpful! And unfortunately I think I need to implement all of them... loved the video but I think it was mostly nice to listen to as background noise because I was getting ready. Would have been nice if you edited in some clips of you actually doing some of those tasks.

    • Erica Copper
      Erica Copper Year ago

      Gillian Perkins thanks. I totally understand. Thanks for taking time to respond. Please don't take it as criticism because I really thoroughly enjoyed the video and became an instant subscriber because of it. Keep up the good work.

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago

      +Erica Copper Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree, but we're remodeling our house at the moment, so filming that sort of footage is really challenging.
      Thank you for watching and commenting!

  • Arsh Bajwa
    Arsh Bajwa Year ago +1

    I am a new subscriber, really resonating with your content. I am lot like you and planning on starting my yt channel along the same lines. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • abzster53
    abzster53 Year ago +2

    I like her pace keeps me interested, I do rewind if I think I miss something (like when reading/writing comments during the video) . If anything you can adjust the playback speed. Sometimes I speed up some YTbers

  • Awabia Belle
    Awabia Belle Year ago

    I loved when you talked about setting a timer for things like laundry. That's a subtle way to put a little pressure on yourself to get it done. And like you said, it will help you determine if it's worth continuing to do.

  • Merituuli Iitti
    Merituuli Iitti Year ago


  • Sanna
    Sanna Year ago

    Why do you pay your bills with checks and send them by post? Is this normal in the US? Why don't you use bank transfers?

  • downbntout
    downbntout Year ago +74

    1. Take care of mail immediately.2. Carry a notebook or note app to catch ideas instantly.3. Set week and month goals.4. Use timers to speed up your pace and stay focused..5. Have a home for your belongings and get them there.6. Keep surfaces clear to have your space beautiful.7. Tidy up every night. Classics, but there's no other way to enjoy life.

  • downbntout
    downbntout Year ago

    Very Valuable Vid

  • Donna Joshi
    Donna Joshi Year ago

    I use some of these ideas. Works great!

  • Katherine Petersorf

    I leave myself notes in my planner when things are due at least 30 days in advance so I don't forget even if I get estatements

  • hhhunt777
    hhhunt777 Year ago

    SO TRUE on last tip! I get my coffee maker READY to flip on, kitchen cleaned up and great room "company ready". Feels so much better walking out of bedroom in the a.m.! And you are right it only takes about 10-15 minutes! :D

  • Helen Comparoni
    Helen Comparoni Year ago

    Gillian, thank you!

  • LoriWatt
    LoriWatt Year ago

    I get emails it digital in NZ

  • Shopgirl2731
    Shopgirl2731 Year ago +1

    Great tips!! I use the timer method because it works for me. I did the one hour speed cleaning challenge, it works for me!

  • Sharkes are Sexy
    Sharkes are Sexy Year ago +2

    Great tips, now all i need to do is follow them lol

  • Tobias Reeks
    Tobias Reeks Year ago +1

    I love the idea of using timers to get things done. I’ll try it when I start working again. 🤩

    • Paul Mc
      Paul Mc Year ago

      You can use timers for domestic tasks too. It's just a great way to stay focused and with unpleasant tasks you know that it will only be for the time you've allotted to it.

  • KF George
    KF George Year ago

    Great tips! With regard to bill management and payment, do you use an app or particular system? I would love to find one place to see my money, and pay my bills...thank you!

  • Juji luz
    Juji luz Year ago +22

    How freaking slow do people need her to speak?!?! She's fine, it's YOU! YOU can rewind as much as needed.
    To the vlogger, maybe instead of slowing down, add subtitles. Also, all great tips!

    • downbntout
      downbntout Year ago +1

      Wouldn't mind if she used a lower voice. I turned my volume way down.

    • Rochelle
      Rochelle Year ago +1

      She sounded fine to me too, I don't understand what everyone is talking about

  • MrBlbll
    MrBlbll Year ago

    I find that preparing your next day before going to bed helps a lot. Preparing the clothes you're going to wear, thinking of what you're going to eat and preparing as much as possible the day before makes the morning way easier to go through.

  • Li Lu
    Li Lu Year ago

    I stumbled upon your channel and I love it. Inspirational!! I never thought of using timers. Thank you.

  • Alai Ganuza
    Alai Ganuza Year ago

    I already do 6 of them, so thank you for another usefull tip for my life :)

  • Lisa
    Lisa Year ago

    Great tips! I think your pace and tone are perfect. :)

  • Tiffany Neumann
    Tiffany Neumann Year ago


  • Jody Barrass
    Jody Barrass Year ago

    GREAT video! I love waking up to a tidy kitchen. Confession time...I keep my toaster in the cupboard. ;) (I live in a small apartment with very little counter space in the kitchen.)

  • Pei Lin Huang
    Pei Lin Huang Year ago +45

    Actually, your pace of speaking is perfect! I find if vlogger speaks too slowly they lose my interest!

    • ZombieMind Freer
      ZombieMind Freer 7 months ago

      i guess youve been watching everything in regular speed your hole life... heres a life-changing trick for you . click on your setting and then "speed" there ya go ..

    • Finesse Curves
      Finesse Curves Year ago

      Pei Lin Huang true!!

  • Berna Caner
    Berna Caner Year ago

    Loved habit 7, 10 to 15 before bedtime to clean up is all that is needed otherwise it become too overwhelming. Thx for a great video

  • Cassandra Bankson
    Cassandra Bankson Year ago +20

    *I don't know how I found your channel but I am so happy that I did!!*

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago

      +Cassandra Bankson Oh, thank you! I've watched your channel for years :) Great to have you here!

  • Las Chicas Shop
    Las Chicas Shop Year ago

    Great tips! You do speak too fast though. :)

  • TyLee96
    TyLee96 Year ago +1

    Sure but what laundry is there for you to fold for over 30 minutes?

  • jomearac
    jomearac Year ago +6

    I keep my toaster in the cupboard...it takes 5 seconds to take it out and then 5 seconds to put it back....10 seconds a day is a small price to pay for more bench space

    • busybeeme100
      busybeeme100 Year ago

      Ha ha, me too 😬

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago +1

      That sounds awesome! I don't have enough room in my current cupboards, but I hope I can do that in my new house!

  • Kymberlee Dawn
    Kymberlee Dawn Year ago

    Very good video.

  • isabel kassan
    isabel kassan Year ago +10

    You speak like a speed train!

    • Rose
      Rose Year ago

      Margaret Gust There are plenty of listeners who like her fast speed. A lot of people get easily tired when the same points are repeated in a slow tone because a lot of tips will be the same as what others do. She's not inconsiderate. She's talking in her own speed. She can't please everyone. If you read the comments section, you would have seen that a lot of people like the fast speed. Also there are a tons of you tubers who talk slower so you have tons of choices to choose. Don't call her inconsiderate just because you can't keep up.

    • Juji luz
      Juji luz Year ago

      Margaret Gust
      Margaret, I didn't call anyone slow. Read my comment again. I said how one hears her could be a variety of issues including being foreign to the language or even mentally impaired. This was not a suggestion that the commenter was slow. I also suggested to the blogger to add subtitles to help people out a little who couldn't hear what she said.
      The only snarky one here is you. I wasn't intending to belittle or be aggressive. It is a fact though that we can play back as needed whereas the woman speaking only has so much time to say what she needs to say.
      Have a coffee, relax, smile and retract your claws a bit. No one here is looking for an argument. We are all here for the same reasons.

    • Margaret Gust
      Margaret Gust Year ago

      Juji luz- when you are listening to someone face to face, your hearing I much more acute, but recorded voices need to be slower. That is just a fact. Your snarky reply about Isabel kassan being slow reveals that you are rude and conceited. This vlogger does speak too fast - apparently "getting it done" is all that matters to her, and does not show consideration for her listeners.

    • Juji luz
      Juji luz Year ago +2

      I think her speaking is perfectly fine. If you think SHE speaks fast, never visit NY or any Northern stage. Perhaps it's the listener who has whatever issue as in being foreign, slow to understand, etc.

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago +1

      lol... working on that. I think the camera makes me nervous :)

  • Heather A.E.
    Heather A.E. Year ago +3

    These are all good tips. I didn't realize other people set timers for cleaning. I love doing that because cleaning is definitely something I dread. The mail thing is a huge one for me. There's a check I received from a car dealership from last year that I still haven't cashed because I don't deal with my mail immediately!

  • shamrock
    shamrock Year ago +1

    You've done several videos talking about being organized, thank you so much, I've been trying a few of these and it works. I have finished prepping for Christmas early this year thanks to you. Am usually never done prepping until Christmas Eve. All I have to do now is get my food 😍

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago

      That's awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. :) I'm really glad to hear that these tips are working for you!

  • Jane Molloy
    Jane Molloy Year ago

    This video is awesome!!!!

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago

      Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  • Anne Holden
    Anne Holden Year ago +16

    Take a breath! Slow down it sounds like you are reading a fast autocue. The listener has to not only take in what you are saying but may also have to follow an unfamiliar accent. Utube is international after all. Good points though.

    • Inversionary
      Inversionary Year ago

      Played 2x speed

    • DubbelsOrNothing
      DubbelsOrNothing Year ago

      lmao I listen to her on x2.

    • Sweet & Simple
      Sweet & Simple Year ago

      You can change the playback speed if you need to speed it up/slow it down.

    • Handi xo
      Handi xo Year ago +2

      I understood fine

    • Gillian Perkins
      Gillian Perkins  Year ago +11

      That's certainly true! Some other people might get bored if I slow down though, so... you can't please everyone :)
      Thanks for your feedback though!

  • Smith Michelle
    Smith Michelle Year ago

    How's it feel to be so cool! :)

  • Olivia Bella
    Olivia Bella Year ago

    Great tips! :)

  • A Beautiful Horizon
    A Beautiful Horizon Year ago +26

    Clear surfaces, for the win! I love only having a couple things on my counter in the kitchen. Sorting the mail immediately changed my life. I used to have piles of paper on my counter, but no more! Tips like these have been SO helpful for me!