Tickets are on SALE for RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2019!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • Come to RuPaul's DragCon NYC, September 6, 7, 8! Get tickets:
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart 3 months ago

    DAT THUMBNAIL!!!! lmfaoooo. I feel just as apathetic about her as looks in that picture.

  • Lee Diana
    Lee Diana 3 months ago +1

    My babie💜💜

  • Retired
    Retired 3 months ago


  • Beth Schofield
    Beth Schofield 3 months ago +8

    I'm newer to the WowPresents channel, so can some one tell me if Dragcon advert-fest is a year-round thing? I feel like I see stuff about dragcon every goddamn second of watching this channel!

    • TheAliCatGirl 25
      TheAliCatGirl 25 3 months ago +2

      Yes, it is there was also another one before summer called Dragcon La. Also, welcome to the drag community Darling😁💖

  • Joshua Le Vin
    Joshua Le Vin 3 months ago +56

    i prefer to SNATCH my tickets for RuPauls Drag Con

    • ShOoKhObO
      ShOoKhObO 3 months ago +3

      Kameron Michaels: DoN't FoRgEt To SnAtCh YoUr TiCkEtS tO RuPaUlS dRaG cOn NeW yOrK cItY

    • Beth Schofield
      Beth Schofield 3 months ago +2


  • keaganks
    keaganks 3 months ago +27

    Me standing in line for the bathroom and doing a promo

  • Ploki777
    Ploki777 3 months ago +16

    Aquaria seems so pissed off all the time. Ask Katya or Bianca to do it, it will be funnier and everybody loves them 🖤🖤🖤.

    • Cristina Mandru
      Cristina Mandru 3 months ago

      goooood give her a break she must be tired

    • Ryan Stewart
      Ryan Stewart 3 months ago +1

      She looks SO apathetic in the thumbnail. lmao

    • ThunderDog
      ThunderDog 3 months ago

      She seems fine to me lmao

  • Michael Vasquez
    Michael Vasquez 3 months ago +20

    are sales not doing that well?

  • I have no username
    I have no username 3 months ago +15

    Why did I think that was milk, I’m going crazy

    • Despacito 753
      Despacito 753 3 months ago +4

      Because she looks like aquaria on testosterone.

  • K Lu
    K Lu 3 months ago +2

    YASSS Aquaria!!

  • Júlia Takács
    Júlia Takács 3 months ago

    She knows we are fucking fed up with the ads 😂

  • Saida Frihk
    Saida Frihk 3 months ago +6

    Aqua is the prettiest of pretty

  • Go Santy
    Go Santy 3 months ago


  • Rat Patootie
    Rat Patootie 3 months ago +56

    all she said was 🙂

  • Sprout
    Sprout 3 months ago +54

    A complete sentence is too much work I see.

  • Daisy Louise
    Daisy Louise 3 months ago


  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze 3 months ago +4