Third Party Controllers - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Scott plays with garbage.
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    Music Used:
    "Main Theme" from Trauma Center: Under the Knife
    "Main Theme" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    "Spark Man" from Mega Man 3
    "Star Light Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog
    "The Dark World" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    "Toad's Turnpike" from Mario Kart 64
    "Bianco Hills" from Super Mario Sunshine
    "Sweet Mountain Act 1" from Sonic Colors
    "Aqua Star" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    "Game Select" from Super Mario All Stars
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
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  • Michael Bowman
    Michael Bowman 11 hours ago

    I remember using and owning an offbrand classic Xbox controller, it was about 60% transparent plastic, it was much more comfortable to hold, the buttons felt more satisfying to press, and when you plugged the controller in, it would glow that iconic Xbox green. I forget the company name, but their logo was oval shaped and reflective like a foil card for Yugioh or Pokemon.

  • firezz224
    firezz224 13 hours ago

    Did you know hands can hold garbage an- FUCKING GARBAGE

  • SimpleBanana
    SimpleBanana 15 hours ago +1

    Wait a god damn second you like the cowboys?

  • Me my opinion Sche
    Me my opinion Sche 18 hours ago

    Usually the rule is for controllers is.
    1. person who owns the gaming console gets the real controller.
    2. Friends of person who owns the gaming console has to fight over one or two real controllers and one second party controller.
    Because that one usually sucks.
    3. The friend stuck with that janky controller reserve the right to bitch about how bad that controller is and how much it sucks.
    4. while the rest get the laugh at him being stuck with the bad controller and wondering if he sucks at games or it the controller.

  • Overlord 256
    Overlord 256 Day ago

    The superpad64 is very durable as well I had one back in 2007 because my regular ones messed up. The sharkpad 64 is like a better version of superpad. I hope this helps people find better controllers 😊

  • Orangepeel
    Orangepeel Day ago

    Examples of good 3rd party controllers that I know of:
    Hori Mini
    Uh something else maybe i just cant think of it

  • Autism And Gaming
    Autism And Gaming Day ago +1

    not a single soul:
    not even you:
    me after seeing this video's ending:
    "man i wish i was on breadbox"

  • Ryan Zamora
    Ryan Zamora Day ago

    I'm a real sucker for the end of these things.

  • JSA Gaming
    JSA Gaming 2 days ago

    I have a third party controller

  • Raifeeo55
    Raifeeo55 2 days ago

    I had a rock candy 360 controller

  • Jason Houle
    Jason Houle 2 days ago

    I bought a new Xbox One controller after I broke my old one.

  • Braedyn C
    Braedyn C 2 days ago

    I have 2 AfterGlow Xbox 360 controllers.... so...... yeah

  • Sissel시슬
    Sissel시슬 3 days ago

    Scott, I just... wanna do your nails. You don't need a manicure but I wanna do it.

  • Tri barrel Gaming
    Tri barrel Gaming 4 days ago

    Power a and hori are good

  • Radical Lighting
    Radical Lighting 4 days ago

    Did Nintendo ever build like a bulky N64 controller? If not then I think my dad has been scammed and it explains a lot of most of my N64 days
    Edit: except mad cats. That’s a whole nother story, Pain, and anguish due to it looking cool but still arguing with ourselves saying that it sucks though. Also caused a lot of questionable fight as kids when fighting over the controllers as in “he wants it” and after a few matches and complaining then says “I don’t want this controller. They also break easy too, I remember having to play with a needle poking my thumb while playing my brothers.

  • wond ding dong
    wond ding dong 4 days ago

    Adding a marshmallow to the controller increases the value

  • Zezypisa
    Zezypisa 4 days ago +1

    11:49, I love how the microphone peaks there

  • poopsoup
    poopsoup 4 days ago

    I think the # and * buttons are for macros, and the batteries are to save said macros

  • DiaperFace
    DiaperFace 4 days ago

    i bout a power A for 30 bucks and it’s the same thing as you said, don’t know where you’re shopping

  • Tyler Martell
    Tyler Martell 5 days ago

    You should talk about after market consoles like retron 5 and many more

  • []
    [] 5 days ago

    Razer makes pretty good controllers for the PS4 alongside Logitech but any other ones are usually cheap

  • Ryu beauman
    Ryu beauman 5 days ago

    This kid sucks

  • token battel
    token battel 5 days ago +2

    I had the best week last week I got “sick” and I found out Scott the woz

  • Amaru Bates
    Amaru Bates 6 days ago

    Every nintendo controller has to much D pad

  • mike lee
    mike lee 6 days ago

    The airflow controller was legit.

  • Jack Grimes
    Jack Grimes 7 days ago

    Was the wavebird official

  • Koala Kids Gaming Channel

    In my country the pro controller is cheaper than the joycons

  • Tazzer88
    Tazzer88 7 days ago

    Hey, you didn't even give more than a shadow's mention (1:24) of my favorite third party controller of all time, the MakoPad 64! It was way easier to play with since it got rid of that 3-prong weirdness. I'll legit stand by that controller.

  • Mary Slayton
    Mary Slayton 7 days ago

    *t h e b a c k i s a s o a p d i s h* 😂😂😂

  • DLgames Minecraft/Fortnite/Roblox and more

    The normal madcatz 360 controller is actually kinda better than the original 360 controller

  • Nitro Raptor 53
    Nitro Raptor 53 7 days ago

    ‘This is just a breadbox!’ DUN dun DUN *DUN*

  • T D-H
    T D-H 8 days ago

    I still use a Madcatz Dual Force 2 Pro with my PS2 - and, unless I've accidentally killed it recently, it still works (I have wide palms, so it feels better in my hands).

  • AidanDaGamer 2009
    AidanDaGamer 2009 8 days ago

    GameTraders are retro

  • Just Cooper
    Just Cooper 8 days ago +1

    4:23 why did you suddenly change characters? 😂

  • VidBoom
    VidBoom 8 days ago

    So when is the followup video releasing?
    Scuff controllers.

  • VidBoom
    VidBoom 8 days ago

    Can we talk about how horrible the sticks on the xbox one controllers are after longer periods of time?

  • Morine Rossi
    Morine Rossi 8 days ago

    11:04 I have that on my ps2

  • Thatshow ED
    Thatshow ED 9 days ago

    The new 8bit Do is actually better than the switch pro imo

  • leoBCM
    leoBCM 9 days ago

    What about SCUF? They make professional quality 3rd party controllers with extra customisation options for a higher price.

  • just_Bran
    just_Bran 9 days ago

    That Zelda controller is actually pretty good. I use it and I love it

  • Cohen Cyr
    Cohen Cyr 10 days ago

    I own a third party PS2 controller

  • duckman18007
    duckman18007 10 days ago +1

    Scott Cramer stile you’re intro...

    Unless... your name is Scott... his name is also Scott.... hold up, hold up are you two... the same person??????

  • jspeedy
    jspeedy 10 days ago

    A 3rd party Performance brand controller bricked my brother's first PS1...Or we were pretty sure it did, at least. 🤔

  • AriesTheGod
    AriesTheGod 10 days ago

    Ehh, my wired Rock Candy 360 controller works fine and feels nicer

  • TheTron08
    TheTron08 10 days ago

    The 3rd party memory cards are great with their reasonable price and tons of storage space. Until they die and take out hundreds of hours of game saves with them ;_;

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi 11 days ago +2

    Hori: *laughs in better controller than the original*

  • Gaming Arcade
    Gaming Arcade 11 days ago

    I actually own a rock candy controller. If u have small hands it made for you. But in al honesty its not a bad controller

  • alexzandernugget
    alexzandernugget 11 days ago +1

    If cheating is videogame adultry then 3rd party controllers are videogame fraud

  • Swifterarmy543
    Swifterarmy543 11 days ago

    7:13 Doug dimmadome owner of the dimmadome is being held captive in a third party controller send dimmahelp

  • C I
    C I 11 days ago

    I bought a third party game PS4 controller off ebay for $26. Had hundreds good review and so far like using it better than my official controller that came with the console
    It's just called Wireless Controller.

  • DaVadReviewer
    DaVadReviewer 11 days ago

    Seeing other people holding controllers makes my hand get arthritis

  • Gary Sharkey
    Gary Sharkey 12 days ago

    Surprised you didn’t mention hori they make pretty good controllers.

  • grape163electric
    grape163electric 12 days ago

    I have a third party controller that is better than its console's controller. ß00M.

    • DaVadReviewer
      DaVadReviewer 11 days ago

      grape163electric Seeing other people holding controllers makes my hand arthritic

  • QbRt
    QbRt 12 days ago

    My Turbo Touch for SNES works way better than yours dude. Consider cleaning it and you might change your mind

  • Lauren Kline
    Lauren Kline 13 days ago

    Scott hashtag Scott playing with the Big Daddy Controller

  • Theiron2142
    Theiron2142 13 days ago

    I thought that the fan controller was a pretty practical idea, we have all had gaming sessions where our hands got all sweaty, a fan in your controller would keep your hands dry.

  • Tyler Zellers
    Tyler Zellers 13 days ago +1

    The Tim Allen energy in this line gets me every time

  • NekoEijirouKirishima Yeet

    Scuf: am I a joke to you?

  • Evan Undefined
    Evan Undefined 13 days ago

    f*** madcatz gamecube orange x16 memory card. rip 20 save files thanks to corruption

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis 13 days ago

    I actually really like the power a Xbox one controller. Mapping the rear buttons to the sick buttons is really great.