Third Party Controllers - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Scott plays with garbage.
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  • Wòofy Wòoflez
    Wòofy Wòoflez Hour ago

    Ps1-3 controllers were the most often bootlegged controller

  • Y O I N K
    Y O I N K Hour ago

    8:55 Ok, but I have hyperhydrosis (means my hands sweat excessively) and holy shit this would be a godsend for my clammy hands

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 2 hours ago


  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon 3 hours ago

    Hey, don't dis Madcats, they brought me my happiest years of gaming thanks to their tiny wireless Xbox controller. My only other option was The Duke, and a 4-year-old can't handle that. While my dad used that, I got a comfortably small size, wireless functionality, and some sweet rubber grips. It was heavenly.

  • PJSproductions97
    PJSproductions97 4 hours ago

    I'll tell you what though, the rock candy usb xbox 360 controllers are very good as a pc controller for $30

  • Gazaro 51
    Gazaro 51 4 hours ago

    Oh My God was what I exactly what I said when I bought pre owned PS3 and saw that controller.. lol

  • Batttlecoin
    Batttlecoin 5 hours ago +1

    Dear lord Scott where can I buy the Boomerang 64 I literally can’t find it anywhere online like oh god oh fuck

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez 6 hours ago

    Part 2???

  • emina15
    emina15 6 hours ago

    The Logitech F310 a XBOX360 controller I use for PC is really great. It's only about $20 ($30 for a wireless version) and it's analog/dpad layout is similar to the PlayStation's layout. I grew up on PlayStation and never owned a XBOX so when I first held a 360 controller it felt off to me. Thankfully the F310 is better for my needs. Plus my first one lasted 5+ years before it's LB button died on me.

  • GamingLegend 6260
    GamingLegend 6260 7 hours ago +1

    I actually use a third party Nintendo switch pro controller which I like and it is just the same as a regular pro controller but a little bit lighter

  • Ironshadow
    Ironshadow 7 hours ago

    I feel like the only good company that makes really good third party controllers is Hori they make great ones.

  • The Trashmann
    The Trashmann 8 hours ago

    Fact: Logitech makes some of the best Gaming peripherals out there even on computers they make some of the best stuff especially with Mice

  • Sadie Eaton
    Sadie Eaton 8 hours ago

    Imagine Playing Minecraft On Xbox 360 Joystick.

  • Luker head
    Luker head 8 hours ago

    I actually had an After Glow. It was red instead of blue though.

  • the minecraft gamers
    the minecraft gamers 8 hours ago


  • Spunjerr IIC
    Spunjerr IIC 8 hours ago

    A what family?

  • Yomamalama5
    Yomamalama5 9 hours ago

    The gamestop branded ps3 controller is actually really good. L2 and r2 are supposed to be pressed with the middle fingers and I like it more than the first-party one.

  • Courtimus Prime
    Courtimus Prime 9 hours ago +1

    scott please upload i gotta go to bed in 3 minutes

  • Tyler Bisping
    Tyler Bisping 9 hours ago

    Life hack: if a joystick falls off stick
    a small marshmallow on the stick and bam.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 9 hours ago

    i loved the Xbox Logitech EA Sports Controller for the og xbox

  • Sammy Sharif
    Sammy Sharif 9 hours ago +2

    No video today?

  • Jacket T
    Jacket T 9 hours ago +2

    It's 9 am you always upload at exactly 8 30 where is the new video scott

  • Benditø
    Benditø 9 hours ago +4

    Scott’s MadCatz life support ran out and can’t upload

  • Some Dumb Gamer
    Some Dumb Gamer 9 hours ago +20

    Madcatz kidnapped Scott so he couldn’t upload this sunday

  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz 9 hours ago

    10:27 Still having to use batteries instead of a rechargeable solution makes that controller a straight no-go for me.

    I wasn't a fan of how the Xbox One controller did that either, but I still bought one because Nyko has a pretty decent rechargeable battery pack that's quick and effective. Also it's sleek as hell, which that controller you showed... is *not.*

    GIVE US MOTHER 3 10 hours ago +4

    This fills the old PBG, jontron, etc hole in my heart.

    • Smashlord 3
      Smashlord 3 8 hours ago +1

      Those 2 still make these kinda videos though

  • ur_favorite_ nitendo_gamer

    Scott, where are you?!?!

  • austinrrrodrigues
    austinrrrodrigues 10 hours ago +1

    alright fellas, did scott change his schedule? it used to be 5:00pm each sunday, but in the shovelware variety hour video, it was uploaded at exactly 6:00pm, what’s going on?

    • Braden_Coldwell
      Braden_Coldwell 9 hours ago

      I don't think he's uploading today or something

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B. 10 hours ago +3

    hey scott! fan here , i'd love to see a video on Nintendo Power! or just gaming magazines in general would be pretty cool (could compare nintendo power to playstation mag maybe!) keep it up :)

  • - Lapiziold -
    - Lapiziold - 11 hours ago

    A Color Blind Scott Wozniak’s Nightmare Ain’t It

  • Kurt Faircloth
    Kurt Faircloth 11 hours ago

    6:09 the nickelodeon revolutions with: sponegbob squarepants CFTKK, BFBB, and Revenge Of The Flying Duchtman. fairly oddparents game, and many more titles.

  • Carter Chadwick
    Carter Chadwick 11 hours ago

    Why does his videos on controllers always do so well

    • Hugo Hemorrhoids
      Hugo Hemorrhoids 10 hours ago

      It's a broad subject that a lot of people can get into so more people will watch a controller video than one on the guy game

  • ScruffyRonin
    ScruffyRonin 13 hours ago

    I want to know what's happening on scott's wedding night that he's gunna need a 3rd party N64 controller

  • Up_N_Down 1
    Up_N_Down 1 13 hours ago

    Both of my joycons didn't last 3 months... And I don't even play in handheld that much

  • HoMiNGHeaD
    HoMiNGHeaD 13 hours ago

    I've also bought a bunch of -garbage- third party controllers, but my favourite is Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 3. It has 2 additional fat inward buttons and it's really bulky so it sits really well in my hands. The 2 extra buttons were a real dealbreaker and were the only reason i ever got this thing.

  • TheWolver8
    TheWolver8 14 hours ago

    Thisguy is really starting to hit his stride nice video mate

  • Slimeo / xJect
    Slimeo / xJect 15 hours ago

    Um, what if I told you Mad Catz got rebooted again.

  • DaKermitFrog
    DaKermitFrog 15 hours ago

    You look and sound exactly like the guy from Sci show channel

  • Marowak Marowaks
    Marowak Marowaks 15 hours ago

    "90% of the time you're asking for trouble buying these things"
    Is Hori the 10%?

  • Fanpug
    Fanpug 16 hours ago

    What about the sn30 pro+?

  • Mickspad
    Mickspad 16 hours ago

    MadCatz actually makes FANTASTIC fightsticks for the PS3, 360, and PS4, they don't make them anymore, but the ones they made still go for quite a bit on eBay because they're actually quality fightsticks

  • Leonard DT
    Leonard DT 16 hours ago +1

    8:48 OMG it happens all the time I’ve always wanted a specific controller that solves that problem with a fan

  • Vovical
    Vovical 18 hours ago

    afterglow controllers are sick though

  • Q G
    Q G 19 hours ago

    6:15 I see a Tales of Symphonia save file 🥵🥵

  • Impfinity 1000
    Impfinity 1000 19 hours ago +1

    Switch pro controller is more than a mattress confirmed

  • Logan436
    Logan436 19 hours ago

    You got to 705K! thats 705K more than me!

  • Aidan Boyle
    Aidan Boyle 21 hour ago

    A set of joycons is $100 canadian. Yeah, I'll settle for the $40 EB games pro controller, thanks

  • Vaporeon MK
    Vaporeon MK 21 hour ago +1

    I own a GameCube controller that you stick into the bottom of the wii remote just like a classic controller and it sucks LOL

  • Banana Shoes
    Banana Shoes 21 hour ago

    i had to Improvise Spawning Marshmallows

  • Banana Shoes
    Banana Shoes 21 hour ago

    Scott: Rock Candy Controller Sucks
    Other Bad Third-party Controllers:You Forgot us Scott?

  • Johnny McJohnson
    Johnny McJohnson 22 hours ago

    *cough* scuf controllers *cough*

  • Ameet Singh Dhani

    i have the Snes Pro Controller and its really good pressing a button is louder then normal but its not that of a problem so Third party is not always bad

  • Neptune
    Neptune Day ago

    Damn Scott this video is doing CRAZY WELL

  • MrMcRipface
    MrMcRipface Day ago


  • Frank Nitti
    Frank Nitti Day ago

    Forgot all about those air flow controllers. They were sweet

  • Donut Burger
    Donut Burger Day ago

    Scott, you should do a Q&A. And I have a question to start you off.

    Do you play Plants vs. Zombies? And if so, will you get Battle for Neighborville when it releases?

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C Day ago

    I have the switch beboncool controller for 15 bucks, i still don't know if it was worth it.

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee Day ago

    i actually have a rock andy controller and i think it does what its supposed to do just not greatly

  • Samuel Woolsey
    Samuel Woolsey Day ago

    Subbed when "The back is a soap dish..."