Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events


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  • Madelief
    Madelief 22 hours ago

    *count olaf suited up*

  • Cindy Jarvis
    Cindy Jarvis Day ago

    Very Fascinating Disguise there 👁️

  • Samantha Montuoro

    Horse cheese fist

  • Samantha Montuoro

    Literally followed gidgetgrams.

  • Pearl Ashton
    Pearl Ashton Day ago

    Oof now I have to go back and rewatch Carnivorous Carnival

  • Morgan Fall
    Morgan Fall Day ago

    I need him and Andy samberg to star in a tv series

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen 2 days ago

    Didnt know that the show was filmed in Vancouver!

  • Fercandy Justo
    Fercandy Justo 2 days ago

    Ahh I knew they looked familiar!!

  • Adelina Blaise
    Adelina Blaise 2 days ago

    All I want in life is to meet Neil.
    (imma text this comment to my friend with no context and yeah that’s basically all I do with my life thnx bye)

  • Francesca Garrett
    Francesca Garrett 2 days ago +1

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?

  • Annan paul
    Annan paul 2 days ago

    is he gay ?

  • Jenny
    Jenny 2 days ago

    its better to have a fist in the cheese than a horse on top of it!

  • McPopGaming
    McPopGaming 2 days ago +1

    I think he is the peacock in the masked singer

  • jason mcclain
    jason mcclain 3 days ago

    @Late Night with Seth Meyers
    How can I block any content from this channel from showing up on my page? I have reported, thumbs down, and even ranked it as harmful and misleading. How can I permanently ban or block the channel from ever appearing in my suggestions ever again?

  • Steven Enno
    Steven Enno 3 days ago

    .... this man should be a role model for the gays.
    Take notes ya fairies

  • Danielle Julapong
    Danielle Julapong 3 days ago

    Seth Myers is so awkward. It seems like he didn't even tried to research what the show is about. Uckkk

  • McKenna Wright
    McKenna Wright 3 days ago

    Klaus, Sunny, and Violet RUN!

  • Carmelita Spats
    Carmelita Spats 3 days ago

    He’s such a cake-sniffer!

  • Nellie Sundfors
    Nellie Sundfors 4 days ago +1

    Very nice suit, Barney approves ;)

  • Florence Martinelli
    Florence Martinelli 4 days ago

    Nice suit up

  • Jess Creedon
    Jess Creedon 4 days ago

    his family is the cutest

  • Martinka Max Durcek
    Martinka Max Durcek 5 days ago +1

    Olafs sick he don't sound right

    He gets a haircut too

  • esto pesto
    esto pesto 5 days ago

    Punch a horse in the cheese 😂

  • LoquaciousLaners42
    LoquaciousLaners42 5 days ago +1

    Lol, 8 and the book series is too dark for them, that's when *_I_* read them! (I'm 16 now, lol)

  • Alexa Ofelia
    Alexa Ofelia 5 days ago

    I really love how committed he seems to letting his kids make their choices (to read the Series books, to act, etc)

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo 6 days ago

    "his kids"
    are they though? -.-

    • Kenshigo
      Kenshigo 4 days ago

      +ShynnCat no, you have a problem and it´s called tolerance because your bar is set WAY too low!

    • ShynnCat
      ShynnCat 4 days ago

      +Kenshigo You have a problem and your problem is called homophobia.

    • Kenshigo
      Kenshigo 4 days ago

      +ShynnCat I thought they adopted, only makes it worse. Taking away children from their mother to fill their own sick life with children, sad world.

    • ShynnCat
      ShynnCat 4 days ago

      You need to do a reserch about surrogate pregnancy. Plus, they are done with his sperm and his husband. +Kenshigo

    • Kenshigo
      Kenshigo 4 days ago

      +ShynnCat no. He is just taking care of someone elses kids

  • Odin Liu
    Odin Liu 6 days ago


  • its just luke Revive

    If you rearrange his real name it *clearly* says Count Olaf!!!

  • Bud Green
    Bud Green 6 days ago


  • Katie M
    Katie M 6 days ago

    "So it's called gidgitgrams" looks into the camera

  • A M
    A M 6 days ago

    He’s legend...
    wait for it...


  • David Toloza
    David Toloza 6 days ago


  • Fatality Xshadow
    Fatality Xshadow 6 days ago


  • FloridaSky ツ
    FloridaSky ツ 6 days ago

    6:26 Damn it!

  • Kourtney Gofenko
    Kourtney Gofenko 6 days ago


  • DomDiggity
    DomDiggity 7 days ago

    You can really see how many times Seth wanted to bang the crap out of Neil!!! The look on Seth’s eyes whenever Neil spoke is undeniable lol

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 7 days ago

    How the heck does a gay dude have kids?

    KITT FOXX 7 days ago

    Neil Patrick Harris Hollywood pedophile

  • Forte
    Forte 7 days ago

    That was the whitest reaction to a bad prank

  • Dark Flare
    Dark Flare 7 days ago

    this came out on my birthday

  • c k
    c k 7 days ago

    Aids neck?

  • Eva Furlo
    Eva Furlo 7 days ago


  • Chris Proctor
    Chris Proctor 7 days ago

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  • John P
    John P 7 days ago


  • Gianna Acevedo
    Gianna Acevedo 7 days ago

    His kids are so cute

  • Jeps McSmackin
    Jeps McSmackin 7 days ago

    It’s better to have a fist in the cheese than a horse on top of it

    • Steven Rivard
      Steven Rivard 7 days ago

      Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God. 5 Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God, 6 who has made us competent [1] to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

  • Cute Angel
    Cute Angel 7 days ago

    That suit is legendary!!!

  • yashiWinchester
    yashiWinchester 7 days ago

    He is so fantastic as Count Olaf. That show is ridiculously good at capturing attention and engaging the audience even when it starts with a song that literally tells you to look away because the show will wreck you.

  • DJay
    DJay 7 days ago

    Why is that on trending...

  • Spooky Stela
    Spooky Stela 8 days ago

    That man looks like Al Funcoot

  • Weeaboo
    Weeaboo 8 days ago

    "It's better to have a fist in the cheese than a horse on top of it"

  • brandon wright
    brandon wright 8 days ago

    Wait I thought he was gay

  • j r
    j r 8 days ago

    My favorite character is Barney

  • [ ]
    [ ] 8 days ago

    Get it right duh, it's Barney Stinson

  • ISM
    ISM 8 days ago

    count olaf must be in the playbook 😂 i knew it which girl is he goin for now

  • johntrusedale7
    johntrusedale7 8 days ago

    He needs to be the riddler in batman!

  • ìkkí
    ìkkí 8 days ago

    Poor kids .

  • Cody Rasmussen
    Cody Rasmussen 8 days ago

    "That's my husband David" was I the only one who noticed that and didn't understand?

  • Smallie Biggs
    Smallie Biggs 8 days ago

    Neil is still a great actor , but this is not the Barney I loved growing up....

    • Lo-Bella
      Lo-Bella 7 days ago +3

      Smallie Biggs What does that mean? He was a character..Neil is his own person.

  • Ty Piper
    Ty Piper 8 days ago

    Neil has some Very Funny Descriptions about his family.

  • Tile by Tony
    Tile by Tony 8 days ago +1

    Should not be raising kids .. what a fucking abomination!

  • Lil murph
    Lil murph 8 days ago

    Loves magic... loves puzzles... hummm barney

  • Yuh a chill dude
    Yuh a chill dude 8 days ago

    AAAAAAA I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    USA THE GREAT 8 days ago

    Sucking a few?

  • why dont we_ Watermelon

    He has a husband or is he just kidding

    • Lo-Bella
      Lo-Bella 7 days ago

      why dont we_ Watermelon Yeah, he has a husband :)

  • Vegito blue
    Vegito blue 8 days ago

    Que hace lorenzo von matterhorn allí?

    U MADBRO 8 days ago

    "Talk show" shitty podcast ment only for promotion

  • Kyogi97
    Kyogi97 8 days ago

    “Horse cheese fist”

  • Jon Oz
    Jon Oz 8 days ago


    HENRY THE RC CAR 8 days ago +8

    Doogie Howser 😏

  • Ben Yang
    Ben Yang 8 days ago

    I did not know Neil was Count Olaf, I thought the show was boring and quitted. Now I gotta go back and rewatch it.

  • x_mehek x
    x_mehek x 8 days ago

    *I havent read the book or watched the film, but I HAVE watched the series and I love it sooo much and I miss it, it was so interesting 😄😣💓*

  • MrShowbizguy
    MrShowbizguy 8 days ago

    Bet he and his man lover still haven't decided what sex they will eventually push their child towards identifying as. Either way i foresee mental issues ahead for the poor lad/ lass

  • Jewell
    Jewell 8 days ago

    I am sorry but every child deserves a Mother and to go thru life and not no a Mothers love is just plane cruel. I have nothing against gays but I feel so sorry for the children.

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 8 days ago +1

      Your pity is not needed, nor is it welcome.

  • C Miller
    C Miller 8 days ago +1

    Love you Neil. You are so honest & expressive, thank you for sharing your family with us! Loved this interview Seth! Cherie

  • Eth
    Eth 8 days ago +27

    That’s not Neil that’s Count Olaf it’s obvious he’s going for the Harris family fortune!

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 9 days ago

    gays shouldnt have kids.. keep your gayness away from children.. daddy why are u kissing daddy that way

    • Pinkie Love
      Pinkie Love 7 days ago

      im not stupid anof to have kids. wouldnt want kids in this world we have....i made sure i was fixed at 21 now im 45 and still happy i did it. yes im a guy

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 8 days ago

      Pinkie Love
      If you’re too stupid to know which version of aloud/allowed to use in your hateful screed, you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 9 days ago +1

    This vietnamese who will vote again for trump

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 9 days ago +1

    This vietnamese who voted for trump

  • Louise Soliman
    Louise Soliman 9 days ago

    good ol swarley

  • mohammad amini
    mohammad amini 9 days ago

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  • SV228
    SV228 9 days ago

    Love him

  • sk8goofy
    sk8goofy 9 days ago

    Trending with just a bit over 300k views...


    I don’t understand any of the comments about NPH,.?!

  • Mai
    Mai 9 days ago

    Now I will always see count Olaf in him

  • trixie the third
    trixie the third 9 days ago

    i really wish i was his child AaaaaaAAAA hes so nice

  • Jared Mayhem
    Jared Mayhem 9 days ago

    Gay with kids

  • bōhoвай
    bōhoвай 9 days ago

    Best dad ever! 😊❤️

  • Arvin Morales
    Arvin Morales 9 days ago

    I love swarley

  • AbandonMercy x
    AbandonMercy x 9 days ago

    That man is Count Olaf!

  • Lyingdeserted
    Lyingdeserted 9 days ago

    Please answer me

  • Irk Me
    Irk Me 9 days ago +2

    Yah Doggie Houses mini M.D.!

  • Rigging Doctor
    Rigging Doctor 9 days ago +2

    Can’t unsee Dr. Horrible from his singalong blog.

  • Rami
    Rami 9 days ago +5

    He loves puzzles because he used to own a bar called puzzles and people would always ask him why it's named puzzles

  • Abortion is Murder Liberals are cancer

    Hes a disgusting Faqqot. Probly hurts his fake children.

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T 9 days ago

    Damn that suit. He's still in character

  • bookdork1
    bookdork1 9 days ago

    well. guess i know lemony snicket's identity now.

  • Bruna Guidini Santos

    Wheel horsepower, duh

  • Erick Nava
    Erick Nava 9 days ago

    I thought he was gay

    • weshwn40
      weshwn40 9 days ago +1

      He is gay. You're a dumbass

  • Shawn Santos
    Shawn Santos 9 days ago

    That's Barney idk what yall talkng about