Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad


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  • willow smith
    willow smith 14 hours ago

    this πŸ‘ was πŸ‘ legendary πŸ‘

  • Tatum Hudson
    Tatum Hudson 14 hours ago

    Grayson who?

  • Kalandra Robyn
    Kalandra Robyn 14 hours ago

    Sister you and jeff flirting is everything 🀀😍 also love seeing you and Zane together as well as you and Matt and you and David!

  • Linnea Wong
    Linnea Wong 14 hours ago

    I love James and Jeff

  • Lauren Watson
    Lauren Watson 14 hours ago +1

    1:03 everyone is going to have 5 minuets
    *james looks at jeff*
    David: Jeff gets 10 πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ’•πŸ’€πŸ˜‚

  • Dreetine Curley
    Dreetine Curley 14 hours ago

    Jeff looks like Brody Jenner Lol

  • Crazy Galaxy
    Crazy Galaxy 14 hours ago

    When the Dolan twins, Jeffree, and James post at the same time and you don't know who to watch first.

  • JKL
    JKL 14 hours ago

    James is such a professional, he's an old soul. Such a sweetie

  • Ana Lomeli
    Ana Lomeli 14 hours ago +1

    Zane:looks like there's a new sister squad
    *Emma, Grayson and Ethan have left the chat*

  • christopher rodriguez
    christopher rodriguez 14 hours ago

    Best video yet, lmao

  • BTS Suzna
    BTS Suzna 14 hours ago

    James should do this with his cameraman i mean i guess it will be amazing

  • paris.alizabeth
    paris.alizabeth 14 hours ago

    david was def the β€œweakest link” not jonah (nick)

  • Weird AL
    Weird AL 14 hours ago

    Omg you a Jeff I’m so shipping

  • Connor P
    Connor P 14 hours ago


  • PianoDiva24
    PianoDiva24 14 hours ago

    Well at least his foundation looked good lol!

  • Lilly suzuki
    Lilly suzuki 14 hours ago

    best video PERIODTTTT😭πŸ₯΅πŸ€ 

  • Gena Olivero
    Gena Olivero 14 hours ago

    I loved the collab but CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE MATT IS 😍😍

  • Autumn Klassen
    Autumn Klassen 14 hours ago

    matt is so precious omg

  • Angelica Maza
    Angelica Maza 14 hours ago

    YASSSS Finally 😍😍

  • Emaleigh Brooks
    Emaleigh Brooks 14 hours ago

    I wasn’t ready for Jeff to actually hit back on James. Ship.! DUH! Shook.. DUH!!!

  • Seth Anquoe
    Seth Anquoe 14 hours ago

    I can't wait for the James x Jeff wedding. Who's breaking the news to Grayson tho....

  • Hazel M.
    Hazel M. 14 hours ago

    Waiting for another sister squad video !

  • kelsie
    kelsie 14 hours ago

    i never knew i needed this

  • Andrea Munoz
    Andrea Munoz 14 hours ago

    Ummmmm can we talk about Jeff 😍

  • chloe smith
    chloe smith 14 hours ago

    if we dont see more jeff and james content ima be pissed

  • It’s Monica
    It’s Monica 14 hours ago

    Omg I loved this video my favorite part was when it was Jeff’s turn πŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ€£

  • Grace Freitas
    Grace Freitas 14 hours ago

    Jeff and james should have their own collab

  • Cate B
    Cate B 14 hours ago

    Ok but Zane basically almost choking out James πŸ˜‚

  • Aiko Spitzenberg
    Aiko Spitzenberg 14 hours ago

    Freaking haters...Love you James!!

  • T Fizzle
    T Fizzle 14 hours ago

    Why is James with Jeff LITTERALLY EVERYTHING

  • Kylie Gregor
    Kylie Gregor 14 hours ago +1

    holy shit this a gooooood idea wtf πŸ•ΊπŸ»

  • squigglesgirl
    squigglesgirl 14 hours ago

    i wish scott, toddy, and alex would have been there then that shit would be spicy

  • taylor madison
    taylor madison 14 hours ago

    most iconic collab moment of this year PERIOD.

  • Gab n Games !
    Gab n Games ! 14 hours ago

    I love this video!❀❀ my two favorite TVcliprs are in one video! Please do more video s with the vlog squad!β€β€β€πŸ€—

  • Amanda Winland
    Amanda Winland 14 hours ago

    Omg! You and Jeff are sooooo cute together!!!!!😍πŸ”₯

  • Nikki Kimi
    Nikki Kimi 14 hours ago

    James looks like he got the worst case of pink eye

  • Kiara Louis
    Kiara Louis 14 hours ago

    Bro I really wish he could do my prom makeup πŸ’„

  • Kitten Loca
    Kitten Loca 14 hours ago

    Lmao it took me all day to watch this because. Oof them are some STRONG vibes.

  • Sarah Emaleigh
    Sarah Emaleigh 14 hours ago

    Jeff and James. Jameff. Jemes. Periodt.

  • Illyana Hamicksburg
    Illyana Hamicksburg 14 hours ago

    Jeff and James are literally the hottest couple. And THAT'S the tea.

  • Sonya Hoyt
    Sonya Hoyt 14 hours ago


  • freya chapman
    freya chapman 14 hours ago

    jeff and james definitely hooked up after

  • Victoria Calvillo
    Victoria Calvillo 14 hours ago +1

    Where’s Liza, Scotty, and Alex?

  • jesse towery
    jesse towery 14 hours ago

    Pleaseeeeee make this a series!!!

  • Queen T Vlogs
    Queen T Vlogs 14 hours ago

    Thanks james this made my birthday better than it already was thanks again

  • Natalie Eckroth
    Natalie Eckroth 14 hours ago

    The one time my family is in the room is the one part where David goes pasts a few boundaries...

  • nicole naupari
    nicole naupari 14 hours ago

    omg the flirting between jeff and james sksksks

  • Ahmad Samoun
    Ahmad Samoun 14 hours ago


  • Flavio Gomez
    Flavio Gomez 14 hours ago

    jeff and jame PORNHUB XDD

  • Cami
    Cami 14 hours ago

    That timer is what I hear in my nightmares.

  • Olivia Caccia
    Olivia Caccia 14 hours ago

    High-key the flirting!!!!

  • fanii bh
    fanii bh 14 hours ago

    Can we change Jonas for Todd & Scott??

  • _ky.houston_
    _ky.houston_ 14 hours ago

    WHERE IS ALEX?? DOM?? Um...not okay

  • Salim
    Salim 14 hours ago

    Grayson will not be very happy about this

  • Brittany Waggoner
    Brittany Waggoner 14 hours ago

    what is a adsense?

  • Lexi Larson
    Lexi Larson 14 hours ago

    Jonah's part was so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚what you started the timer

  • Valerie Green
    Valerie Green 14 hours ago

    david definitely did the worst lol no one is good at eyeliner on other people it’s chill jonah

  • Mia Schnapp
    Mia Schnapp 14 hours ago

    Why is it so obvious that Jeff only is flirting with James for his followers and fame ? Also... GRAYSON IS QUAKINGπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  • Beast Vlogs
    Beast Vlogs 14 hours ago

    You and Jeff are cute together omg love that James ask him out even if he’s straight lol love when the song went on and the hearts πŸ’• aww love you James πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’•and David

  • Rachel Rolison
    Rachel Rolison 14 hours ago +1

    so many *queens* in one video πŸ‘‘πŸ’•

  • AwkwardIsYoutube
    AwkwardIsYoutube 14 hours ago +1

    Ok James and Jeff flirting is awesome πŸ˜‚

  • Nicole Haines
    Nicole Haines 14 hours ago

    Matt is so cute.
    Can't contour to save his life but so cute. πŸ˜‚

  • Emily Walters
    Emily Walters 14 hours ago

    David: I just need to blend this out *smacks James in the face with a beauty blender*

  • Sofia Perez
    Sofia Perez 14 hours ago

    Pleasseeee give jonah a makeover

  • Eunice Escobar
    Eunice Escobar 14 hours ago

    please let heath give you a full face of makeup

  • ki
    ki 14 hours ago

    jeff is beautiful wow

  • Angelina Gutekunst
    Angelina Gutekunst 14 hours ago

    Lemme say that again for the people in the back.


  • Peggy Koko
    Peggy Koko 14 hours ago


  • Addy Dahl
    Addy Dahl 14 hours ago

    OML David is soooo PRECIOUS!!!

  • Melissa C
    Melissa C 14 hours ago


  • cool
    cool 14 hours ago

    omg jeff flirting with james hjfjeksjdj

  • Dolly
    Dolly 14 hours ago +1

    wow wtf jeff is a daddy

  • Kiara Morinville
    Kiara Morinville 14 hours ago

    This was so cute aww

  • Martina Turgeon
    Martina Turgeon 14 hours ago

    Jeff was so sweet omlllll πŸ’“

  • Giordy Failla
    Giordy Failla 14 hours ago +1

    I watched every single ad bc James deserves every dollar for giving us this video

  • Rebecca Mayo
    Rebecca Mayo 14 hours ago

    Best video on TVclip

  • Lonely Otter
    Lonely Otter 14 hours ago

    If someone don’t make a β€œJeff and James flirting for __ minutes” compilation imma gonna be upset

  • Magnificent 26
    Magnificent 26 14 hours ago

    Iconic sister squad ❀

  • Eunice Escobar
    Eunice Escobar 14 hours ago

    david did worse than jonah

  • Kaylee Marvel
    Kaylee Marvel 14 hours ago

    next video : "sorry Grayson... im taken...... FT Jeff".....

  • Anne Engel
    Anne Engel 14 hours ago

    YES SISTER! waited for this collab forever😍β™₯️

  • Andreina Guzman
    Andreina Guzman 14 hours ago

    tThis is just GOALS

  • aleigha taylor
    aleigha taylor 14 hours ago +1

    Sister James and the Vlog Squad.......I think yessssss ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Alden Battle
    Alden Battle 14 hours ago

    It was going so well.. and then.. Jonah

  • C
    C 14 hours ago

    Skips to near the end of the video .

    Is that?! .......... eye ..... herpes?

  • Mitch Taylor
    Mitch Taylor 14 hours ago

    30:49 😫😫😫😫

  • Kim C
    Kim C 14 hours ago

    Ouuu sister James getting little flirty with JeffπŸ˜‰

  • Itz Dead
    Itz Dead 14 hours ago +1

    Who ships Jeff and James 😍β™₯️

  • Irene plzz be my mom
    Irene plzz be my mom 14 hours ago +1

    *Looks like James found his new husband, Grayson who??*

  • Titiboo
    Titiboo 14 hours ago

    @30:08 why is this so sweet😭❀️

  • Schondell Pitt
    Schondell Pitt 14 hours ago

    Jeff & James, I totally Stan 😍

  • Squydney 1234
    Squydney 1234 14 hours ago


  • Libbie Lou Ellen
    Libbie Lou Ellen 14 hours ago

    Waiting for Jeff and James to get married

  • Kyle Clayton Gore
    Kyle Clayton Gore 14 hours ago

    Sitting through the ad before Jeff was the hardest! Love this video!

  • Alicia O'Neill
    Alicia O'Neill 14 hours ago

    Every time his alarm went off my heart skipped a beat and I cried a little

  • Sheina Bronfman
    Sheina Bronfman 14 hours ago

    I have never laughed so hard when Jeff and James were in the same room πŸ˜‚ this is iconic

  • i think i love you
    i think i love you 14 hours ago

    what about grayson? lmao, is jeff the new daddy

  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace 14 hours ago

    Damn James and Jeff really getting it on😍😍 I Stan

  • melanie mullane
    melanie mullane 14 hours ago