Giving Burger King's New Crispy Chicken Tenders A Try!


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    • Jesus Saves
      Jesus Saves Month ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek can you review food in a haunted house?

    • Dr3adL0rdhg
      Dr3adL0rdhg Month ago

      I love you

    • Danny Devito
      Danny Devito Month ago

      Your eyes looked lifeless at the start, but you still looked almighty dapper dan through the staring into my soul.

    • Ba'Gamnan91
      Ba'Gamnan91 Month ago

      He was probably gaming at 2 in the morning and got hungry by 3AM

    • Leo Isco
      Leo Isco Month ago

      no snapchat trotw?

  • Popularspartan 13
    Popularspartan 13 4 days ago +1

    No homo, but that thumbnail is amazing, probably because I’ve never really seen u smile. Not meaning to be rude if I am, but God✝️ bless u

  • Mr B
    Mr B 4 days ago

    Find a steak and shake

  • CuriousCorduroy
    CuriousCorduroy 5 days ago

    I tried these recently and whoever cooked mine cooked them to hell and back. They were super dry and hard. I'll stick with the nuggets instead.

  • Tell Confessabear Your Sins

    Imagine being out at night in the pitch black dark on a walk and hearing the faint sound of ‘this is running on empty food review’ in the darkness.

  • Let Go Of My Eggo
    Let Go Of My Eggo 9 days ago

    The whole video I was waiting for one of your eyeballs to fall out of your head

  • TopShagger Nigel
    TopShagger Nigel 10 days ago

    The thumbnail tho

  • Manta
    Manta 12 days ago

    I want to pinch your ears.

  • lauchzwiebel
    lauchzwiebel 12 days ago

    Legendary iconic legend

  • Randy Rodriguez
    Randy Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Chris P., chick in 10 drills.

  • John Risko
    John Risko 19 days ago

    I just watched prbly 30 videos of you eating food in one day lmao you got the IT factor bud! Awkward AF but in a good way if that makes sense lol idk man keep it up!

  • killajakez
    killajakez 20 days ago

    6:45 - 8:35 *crickets*

  • Indeed48
    Indeed48 21 day ago

    You missed one term reviewbrah: some people call them Chicken Tendies!

  • attentionpaysme
    attentionpaysme 22 days ago

    Isn't the food cold by the time you eat it?

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts 26 days ago

    While we’re sleeping this man is grinding for us. We don’t deserve this man

  • Dark strider
    Dark strider 27 days ago

    Godmait dude fuck I finally had to subscribe

  • Lucy Mae
    Lucy Mae 28 days ago

    I don’t know how I got hooked to this channel but it feels like I can’t leave now.

  • PapaSelsun
    PapaSelsun Month ago

    You seem like a great guy to chill with

  • Shubham YA
    Shubham YA Month ago

    He is a good man !

  • Bank ER
    Bank ER Month ago

    Why is he wereing a Texido why he all Professional

  • Jarles Lethal-THC
    Jarles Lethal-THC Month ago

    @T3rraRichards duck and cover these chicken patties are the only #ChickenTeasers #FuckIslam

  • momoland supporter
    momoland supporter Month ago

    I am in the other side of youtube again

    NSITF MCPE Month ago +1

    review brah makin big moves

  • GLEnn James
    GLEnn James Month ago

    Your the weirdest geezer iv ever seen

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Month ago

    Omg this thumb nail hahaha

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS Month ago

    I kind of expected Kurger Bing to have already had Chicken Tenderinos, like you said in the beginning of the video.

  • scorepit
    scorepit Month ago

    Just look at that like to dislike ratio bar, it's amazing.

  • meme analysis
    meme analysis Month ago

    Rare footage vampire boy eating bk crispy chicken tenders

  • whenido
    whenido Month ago

    Enjoy your videos, but to be fair, you have to wonder how much better these tenders -- and everything else -- would be if eaten fresh. Seven minutes of video before the first bite. There's the trip home. Did you set up the lights after picking up the food? 15 minutes can easily impact the quality of the food. But it's not unreasonable to think that it was more like 30 minutes or more. What do you think about announcing the time elapsed since purchase?

  • Dakota Durning
    Dakota Durning Month ago

    Thats a blessing that u got that much sauce, i get their cheap ass nuggets and their forget it every time

  • Braga
    Braga Month ago

    shitty tenders, they all burned the fck out

  • Nelly
    Nelly Month ago

    Yo !!! It’s fast food and fried!!! There is no review on such a food love it or leave it !

  • Elegantly Wasted
    Elegantly Wasted Month ago

    Carl’s Jr. has the best chicken tenders! They have a new recipe
    Honey mustard is the only sauce
    Why is your BK open so late?

  • Crossfade421
    Crossfade421 Month ago +1

    Don't eat burger king at 3am *(gone wrong)* *(almost died)*

  • jbau
    jbau Month ago

    I really enjoyed this review. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Ailes
    Ailes Month ago

    God I'm hungry

  • I Do stuff
    I Do stuff Month ago

    I love this guy!

  • RealToxicHam
    RealToxicHam Month ago

    Look at this beauty in the thumbnail

  • V1ntrez
    V1ntrez Month ago

    In sweden the official name is chicken strips but they are like the size of a chicken nugget here

  • Jive Chip
    Jive Chip Month ago

    Love the channel, but the thumbnail looks like a psychopath reviewing children fingers rather than chicken fingers.

  • blonded
    blonded Month ago

    Moths definitely loved this set up

  • DarkThorns00
    DarkThorns00 Month ago

    7:40 - 7:46 Total ecstasy

  • Perodicticus potto
    Perodicticus potto Month ago

    That's a lot of ingredients in the honey mustard.

  • NotSoOriginal
    NotSoOriginal Month ago

    To the people saying it's chicken tendrils,
    You know who you are.

  • NotSoOriginal
    NotSoOriginal Month ago

    T E N D R I L S

  • bebe pepe
    bebe pepe Month ago

    Awe lol actually watching him eat and make his food a plane is so cute 😂 his big ol eyes just looking he's so cute ohmygee

  • bebe pepe
    bebe pepe Month ago

    In a sharp ass suit though?😂😂 0:17

  • bebe pepe
    bebe pepe Month ago

    The thumbnail had me craughing.
    Pass it on - craughing.

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    Deep fried dog dicks

  • jughead
    jughead Month ago

    7:40 - 7:52 I really needed that, thank you.

  • Justin Everett Shields

    Why do you look like Darlene from Roseanne?

  • ttgk
    ttgk Month ago

    *neighbor wakes up to use restroom. Looks out window* what the hell??

  • Ultra is here to comment!

    It's 23:08 and I've already started craving chicken tenders. My blood pressure has risen dramatically over the last few hours. She is about to take my bloods now.

    It's now 23:10 and my blood pressure has lowered but my cravings for chicken tenders have been amplified. My blood is showing clear signs of the drug.

    It's 23:12 and the temptation has become too much and I have started to eat.

    Conclusion: Neither the drug not the hypnotism did much on there own but combined they really got me. Extremely active. Requires further testing.

  • Tristan Olsen
    Tristan Olsen Month ago

    You should do a video ranking your favorite fast food chicken tendrils

  • Eleazar Gonzalez
    Eleazar Gonzalez Month ago

    That thumbnail tho

  • Paul Gemmingen
    Paul Gemmingen Month ago

    Warum sind die videotitel deutsch?

  • Dang HesHere
    Dang HesHere Month ago +1

    StrAigHT fAcE

    GLOGANG MUSICK Month ago

    Chicken tenderelins

  • Dino Fan
    Dino Fan Month ago +1

    He looks like the beast titan smiling in the thumbnail

  • Silverbird01
    Silverbird01 Month ago

    c h i c k e n *T E N D R O I D S*

  • Detox 2
    Detox 2 Month ago

    Keep them long ass fingers away from my girlfriend!

  • all summer 14
    all summer 14 Month ago

    How do they compare to the McDonald's ones ? @TheReportOfTheWeek

  • Katie Whittier
    Katie Whittier Month ago

    Chicken tenders at 3 am?? What a mood.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago +1

    What if I hate honey mustard and would rather use literally any of the other sauces? (Seriously, I'm not a picky eater at all. I'll eat anything. Except honey mustard.)

  • PedloProductions
    PedloProductions Month ago

    What an interesting individual lol

  • cheyennebritbrat
    cheyennebritbrat Month ago

    braaah i love to see you smiling

  • Reedy Ropram
    Reedy Ropram Month ago

    The ambient noise in this one is really something else.

  • Soane Lino
    Soane Lino Month ago

    Wow he stayed up all night till 3am just to do a food review😐🤦‍♂️

  • cheese abuse not good

    *sauce recepticals*

  • PolishGMR
    PolishGMR Month ago

    I needed this in my life. I have no disappointment and my day is saved.

  • UltrasonicPlasma
    UltrasonicPlasma Month ago

    That smile in the thumbnail is like the closest thing to an angel.

  • Jason R
    Jason R Month ago

    Get out of Florida! Horrible place, move to Kentucky.

  • Andy Ainsworth
    Andy Ainsworth Month ago

    It’s 3am and you’re still looking dapper as ever. Respect

    TRAJIC YOUNG Month ago

    Boi look like sheldon from big bang theory

  • BlueZero
    BlueZero Month ago

    He looks like a rapist in the thumbnail 😂

  • jay sullivan
    jay sullivan Month ago

    What's the over/under on whether he stockpiles embalming fluid?
    By the way, the first chicken tenders I've ever eaten were from BK; they're not a new item for BK's menu. They are, however, very different from what they used to be.

  • shae G
    shae G Month ago

    now i can sleep in peace

  • shae G
    shae G Month ago

    pretty seductive

  • Redrum Chef
    Redrum Chef Month ago

    Have you ever tried to make your own food....then review it? NEXT CHALLENGE!!!!!!!

  • Weston Mitchell
    Weston Mitchell Month ago +1

    What a classy cup to drink out of!

  • Weston Mitchell
    Weston Mitchell Month ago

    I. Really. Want. Chicken. Tenders. Now. And ranch

  • Mahetab1980
    Mahetab1980 Month ago

    Can you do Chick-fil-a and Zaxby's...

  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves Month ago

    Friend.. can you review food in a haunted house?

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    drakkar noir and the rainbow grease

  • Biendo Vargaso
    Biendo Vargaso Month ago

    s a u c e
    r e c e p t a c l e s

  • Cancer
    Cancer Month ago

    using a chicken tender as a paper airplane 😂

  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal Month ago

    Chicken tenders, strips and fingers are different things! Chicken tenders are the tenderloins of the chicken. Strips are any cut of meet of the chicken battered and fried. Chicken fingers are any parts processed and battered and fried!

  • UwU Time
    UwU Time Month ago

    Seeing your smile makes me happy

  • F McStar
    F McStar Month ago

    You're so genuine, I love it! Don't change for anyone. :)

  • Cody Heron
    Cody Heron Month ago

    I must say after watching this and the Hot Honey Tenders review (yes, I just watched you eat chicken tenders for ~20 minutes), your reviews are good. I would rate this one lower as I really did not like the chewiness of the BK tenders, that really threw me off of them, but I appreciate the thoroughness of the reviews, I'll check next time I see a new food item to try. Keep up the good work!

  • Alfie Edwards
    Alfie Edwards Month ago


  • Bookablespider
    Bookablespider Month ago

    5:36 How do you know this? Were you a chicken? That would explain....a lot....

  • Redge Hugo
    Redge Hugo Month ago

    I clicked because of the thumbnail

  • Funny Guy Food Reviews

    Great Style . . . Love the suits!

    MASS BRASS Month ago

    Anyone else notice his hand having a seizure at 12:42 ? Literally looks like he got mad at the chicken tender

  • Cadyn Stahl
    Cadyn Stahl Month ago

    Ahhhhhhh!! My wife smiled! Oh my goodness I've never seen him smile! My boy I will now forever call them.... T E N D E R O I D S!

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson Month ago

    i just call them tenders 😀

  • Ali Abdallah
    Ali Abdallah Month ago

    The god has given the self proclaimed burger king another shot. Will he be dissapointed? Will the king redeem himself? Probably not.

  • Daniel Willson
    Daniel Willson Month ago

    You go to town with that honey mustard, brah.

  • ima airplane
    ima airplane Month ago

    That thumbnail is a sacred image