Pizza Chains That Are Completely Taking Over America

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • If you consider yourself a pizza loyalist, then you may want to check out some of these chains to see what all the fuss is about. Take a look to see if your favorite made the list -and if they didn't give one of these a try. These are the pizza chains that are taking over America.
    Mod Pizza was founded in Seattle in 2008 by a married couple. Fast forward a decade, and according to Nation's Restaurant News, Mod Pizza has become the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America for the second year in a row. And they show no signs of slowing down: according to a Mod press release, the chain aims to hit 1,000 locations within the next five years.
    Mod Pizza prides itself on selling the superfast pizza experience without sacrificing quality. You can get artisan style individual sized pizzas with over 30 types of unlimited toppings all for the same price. They even launched their own app with a rewards program to keep up with the mobile demand, which has doubled. Not only is Mod Pizza taking over the pizza chain business, but they are doing it with style.
    Superstar NBA living legend LeBron James isn't just one of the best basketball players of all time, he's also one of the most famous athletes in the world.
    Well, in 2017, James made headlines thanks to his lucrative investment in Blaze Pizzas. And he's not alone. Started by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel's Pretzels in 2012, the company reached $279 million in sales in 2018, up a whopping 50 percent from the previous year.
    How have they succeeded? Blaze Pizza offers customers a fast-casual approach that they believe will beat out fast food chains. Elise told Business Insider,
    "There are too many fast food restaurants. People are not going to be satisfied with that. They want convenience, health, and taste."
    Rick added that the secret of their success is simple:
    "Blaze Pizza is much better than competitors. What we do is what people want."
    And if you don't believe him, just take it from LeBron James!
    Watch the video for more on these pizza chains that are completely taking over America!
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    Mod Pizza | 0:16
    Blaze Pizza | 1:02
    Pizza Rev | 2:06
    Frank Pepe's | 2:48
    Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza | 3:27
    Pieology | 4:37
    &pizza | 5:47
    Giordano's | 6:54
    Marco's Pizza | 7:53
    Pizza Studio | 9:08
    Jet's Pizza | 10:13
    Pizzeria Locale | 11:23
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  • Mashed
    Mashed  22 days ago +3

    Which of these pizza chains has you the most excited?

    • micheal terran
      micheal terran 5 days ago

      None. But considering Im 67 and live in S.jersey and a mom and pop pizza joint on about every corner. Sad thing is most are getting like the chains, no real mozzerla ie baged cheese, sauce from a can and hormel peperoni. tho most still make there own dough. Growing up we had very few pizza joints and it was a real treat to get a pie and everything was made from scratch, sauce cheese dough peperoni sausage fresh vegatables.

    • Pasta Chocolate
      Pasta Chocolate 20 days ago +1

      considering i never heard of any of these, probably MOD

  • Jason b
    Jason b 5 hours ago

    So many options🍕👌🏻🤤

  • Jason b
    Jason b 5 hours ago


  • 3minati
    3minati 6 hours ago

    I swear to God, Fuck pizza, waste of bs, jus bread, less meat. great fucking scam

  • Kaitlyn Slaymaker
    Kaitlyn Slaymaker 21 hour ago

    That thumbnail was magical! 😊😊😊

  • Tina Wible
    Tina Wible Day ago

    Most of these look terrible and the crusts on some are black.

  • Crowded House
    Crowded House 2 days ago

    I looked up Giordano's. They want $75 for 2 pizzas shipped. LMMFAO ARE THEY FUCKING INSANE?!
    P.S. They are mediums by the way.

  • Franklin Dodson
    Franklin Dodson 2 days ago

    It's hard to find authentic food anymore because the corporate machine has become the ruler of the land. It's authentic for awhile but eventually the machine drives these places into ditching their core values because they're lead to believe that they must please EVERYBODY... even though it's a common fact that you can't. But eventually they die trying.

  • Franklin Dodson
    Franklin Dodson 2 days ago

    It's like this... to many chains, to much competition. You can only do so much before originality becomes repetative and just plain ridiculous. Between vegans, meat eaters, people with weird ass food allergies and a complete lack of patiance in the general public most of these places are setting themselves up for failure. It's not just supply and demand, it's supply, demand and lie to me about my food and make me believe it until your dreams are crushed.

  • Amir
    Amir 3 days ago +1

    One bite everyone knows the rule


    well with that moron james backing it, I am sure I won't eat at Blaze pizza...

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 3 days ago

    I don't like pizza

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 4 days ago +2

    Giordano’s is pretty solid for sure

  • Ayan B
    Ayan B 5 days ago

    Jet's? Lol

  • Stefan Zubal
    Stefan Zubal 6 days ago

    Blaze is awesome...Antony pricey

  • Sharon Hamilton
    Sharon Hamilton 7 days ago

    I wish GOD FATHERS PIZZA would come back that pizza was good the bread or crust tasted as if my grandmother made it.

  • hyfy1970
    hyfy1970 7 days ago

    "ah-beets" is not a new word at all...please do your research before you spout off in a video. Traditionally in Connecticut pizza is spelled Apizza at traditional Italian restaurants and with a thick Italian accent it comes across as "ahbeets"

  • Gamer 2: Gamer No More

    Having eaten at Pizzeria Locale - they're nothing to write home about. Imo, the best Colorado-based chain is Beau Jo's. We've got a lot of great food in this state, but our biggest chains do nothing for our reputation. Snarf's vs. Quiznos, for example.

  • K P
    K P 10 days ago

    Marco's is nothing close to "authentic". This list is retarded.

  • Back Pocket Game Reviews
    Back Pocket Game Reviews 10 days ago +1

    Jets pizza is easily one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten.

  • kingofallcrypto
    kingofallcrypto 11 days ago +1

    A couple of these Chipolte Grill-concept pizza places have opened and already closed in the past year near me. No thanks. That concept is DOA.

  • Vincent Rhodes
    Vincent Rhodes 12 days ago +1

    10 locations is considered “taking over”?

  • KeybladeScar
    KeybladeScar 12 days ago +1

    How many times can you actually redo pizza tho? I just prefer Little Caesars haha 😆

  • Games2Break
    Games2Break 14 days ago

    Never ate blaze pizza before and now I never will

  • Doane Ponder
    Doane Ponder 14 days ago +1

    Jets pizza rules around Michigan and I worked at Marcos Pizza when I was in my twenties but I don't remember how their pizzas tasted,,,oh well as long as Jets is here I'm satisfied!

    • kingofallcrypto
      kingofallcrypto 11 days ago +2

      I had it once. Not bad for a chain. But I am still ordering from the mom and pop places. Screw the chains!

  • misshap100
    misshap100 16 days ago +4

    Marcos has to be one of the worst, low quality pizzas I have ever eaten, well at least tried to eat.

    • Gregory Wheless
      Gregory Wheless 3 days ago

      How 'bout their frozen meatballs ! Yuk !!

    • kingofallcrypto
      kingofallcrypto 11 days ago

      I think it's better than Pizza Hut, but that's not saying much. Pizza Hut is shit!

  • OBB Customer Service
    OBB Customer Service 17 days ago +1

    I don’t eat pizza so I’m good 😆

  • victor bozzo
    victor bozzo 18 days ago +3

    There is no revolution. Once you expand beyond a few locations the quality TANKS. 100% of the time.

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown 19 days ago +1

    now I want pizza! But it's 130 AM aaaahhh

  • Lily
    Lily 19 days ago +3

    hey mashed! i binge watch your channel when i'm depressed but your repetitiveness and vagueness piss me off, yet i keep coming back

  • Gracen Dew
    Gracen Dew 20 days ago

    Blaze Pizza is the best pizza.

  • AvenueD417
    AvenueD417 21 day ago

    Jets looks really fuckin good, and that’s coming from a life long New Yorker.

  • Free Samuda
    Free Samuda 22 days ago +1

    Hello from Brooklyn. ALWAYS go local first when it comes to pizza. Never go to a “Chipotle Chain” pizza spot for real quality.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 22 days ago

    Dis look pretty gud to me ba man ba

  • Joeys Publicist
    Joeys Publicist 22 days ago +2

    Peter Piper Pizza, Colorado misses you.

  • brad currie
    brad currie 23 days ago

    The & Pizza guy looks like a greasy slob
    I'll stick with Domino's

  • Nelson Templar
    Nelson Templar 23 days ago

    All of these build your own pizza chains are just Pizza versions of Subway.

  • Mike Gagliarducci
    Mike Gagliarducci 23 days ago

    Jesus, its just fucking pizza, get over it!

  • Tony P
    Tony P 23 days ago

    Malnati's is better than Giordano's.
    Everyone else copied Malnati's.
    It's not an upside down pizza.
    Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders is an upside down pizza.

  • P JB
    P JB 23 days ago

    all those fast casual pizza places kind of taste all the same to me. blaze might have the largest pie out of all of them i think?

  • Francisco Velazquez
    Francisco Velazquez 24 days ago +2

    Blaze pizza got a 0.0 EVERYBODY knows DA rulez

  • Gerry Morcom
    Gerry Morcom 24 days ago

    Wish I had a Jet’s Pizza here in central Florida.

  • Daniel Luster
    Daniel Luster 24 days ago

    I love pizza with a passion! B-)

  • Andrea Pulze
    Andrea Pulze 24 days ago

    All shitty ...I prepare my own with imported italian flour and tomato sauce prosciutto crudo di parma speck porcini....fuck shitty american pizza chains

  • Ketchupsucks
    Ketchupsucks 24 days ago

    None of the other frank pepe’s Locations are even close to being as good as the original. They’re not bad, In fact they are still almost definently the best pizza in that town, but they don’t compare to the original location.

  • Michael Vitale
    Michael Vitale 24 days ago

    Ok I watched for a few minutes. It’s all so offensive to real pizza from NY/NJ where I grew up, that I cannot watch anymore. These places are the “Subway” of the pizza world. 🤮

    • P JB
      P JB 23 days ago

      you realize they are talking about pizza chains.

  • brian therion
    brian therion 24 days ago

    Hipster garbage

  • John Cronin
    John Cronin 24 days ago

    Jett’s pizza, Hands Down!,

    • P JB
      P JB 23 days ago

      that turbo crust!!!

  • Steve Otting
    Steve Otting 24 days ago +1

    I tried pieology in California
    Try the medium thick type with 9 different meats. Use a coupon from the mail. Ok.

  • Joe Dazey
    Joe Dazey 24 days ago

    MOD pizza is decent, Blaze is okay, I prefer a place called Fired Pie that is doing the build your own pizza concept. I haven't tried the other places that have this concept. Pepe's, imo, is only good at the original New Haven location. Not sure about the pizza quiche. You won't find Pizza in Italy that at all resembles "Marco's Pizza," YUCK! Pizza studio is a FAIL, conveyor belt "ovens" are just OVER SIZED toaster ovens. You can pay someone minimum wage to plop dough gizmos, however, they do not bake the pizza properly, if much at all. Pizza half unbaked is not my idea of a good pizza!Jet's from Detroit, while ugh, a half step better than pizza studio.

  • 308328928
    308328928 25 days ago +1

    They all look like trash. Burnt crust s.
    Greek style is the way to go. Cape Cod pizza is all that is left

  • dofphoto
    dofphoto 25 days ago

    Good pizza starts with the dough and sauce, sourcing ingrediants is not the same as cooking, not a single one of these places has anything to say about that, except the Chcago joint. "Artisan pizza" is not a pizza, its an unfolded hotpocket on some crappy beatnik dough that cooks quick so you can get delivery in 15 minutes.. what a sham.

  • Mike Wilbur
    Mike Wilbur 25 days ago +1

    It's no different than the Olive Garden all these wannabes are taking the Italian out of pizza. Making all these places a joke.

  • feverxdream
    feverxdream 25 days ago

    Piology is the best fast food pizza and it's not even close

  • Hector Espinosa
    Hector Espinosa 25 days ago

    For most people who have no idea what vegan cheese is like. Basically plastic cheese as well as vegan meat. If these are going to cook this same crap with the real pizza, than i want no part in there restaurant

  • Randy Crane
    Randy Crane 25 days ago

    Just like a Subway, some good some bad but not places you want to go back to. I go to a local pizza place called Pantera's in O'fallon Missouri. Get the hunk and you will tell everyone about it. They are family run and not expanding but best pizza in town. Owner is there a lot or his right hand man. Place to take the family. That's where I'm going.

  • Greg O'Leary
    Greg O'Leary 26 days ago

    Hard pass for Jet's being on this list. Easily some of the greasiest pizza I've ever had.

  • Andy Belt
    Andy Belt 26 days ago

    Mod Pizza is badass

  • Jason Lane
    Jason Lane 26 days ago +1

    Red baron pizza is better than any of these...but you're still better off with local pizzeria

  • Jason Lane
    Jason Lane 26 days ago +4

    These new " artisan" personal pizza places are a joke...people go in out of curiosity and rarely back choosing rather small local traditional pizza places instead

  • Elias Saba
    Elias Saba 26 days ago +1

    Pizza rev = mod pizza = pieology = pizza studio. Same product being rebottled in different packages; in time they will go the way of the standard junk food chain.

    • Joe Dazey
      Joe Dazey 24 days ago +1

      Although I do agree with you for the most part, they're still better than any pizza that's plopped on to an over sized toaster oven (conveyor belt)!

  • Rich Barr
    Rich Barr 26 days ago +2

    If it's not purely local to an area, then forget it--it's mass-produced overpriced mediocre pizza.

  • Bret Pardon Judah
    Bret Pardon Judah 26 days ago

    Marcos pizza? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 how are they on the list?

    • P JB
      P JB 23 days ago

      right!? it's your typical dominos/pizza hut tasting pizza.

  • Sam Biggs
    Sam Biggs 26 days ago

    Giordano looks the best. Jet pizza would be second. In Utah we have a place called two jacks pizza local only but amazing. This whole video kinda sucks because it’s a subway of pizza in my opinion it’s not pizza.

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong 26 days ago

    Chicago deep dish if fucking trash. It is a casserole not a pizza for fucks sake.

  • magnus thunderson
    magnus thunderson 26 days ago

    Antony coal fire pizza is good but quite pricey

  • Jpb6583
    Jpb6583 26 days ago

    I'll stick to homemade...

  • gerard haubert
    gerard haubert 26 days ago

    Had my first pizza in 1948, trust me, these things are a cheese snacks, not pizza

  • T. S.
    T. S. 27 days ago +2

    Of all the quickie pizza joints I'v been to...Mod, Pizza Studio, Blaze, and Pieology, my favorite is Pizza Studio, it tastes like an actual pizza parlor pizza. The one place I'd never go back to is Mod. It is absolutely not a pizza. It's a large water cracker with flavorless ketchup for sauce.

    • 308328928
      308328928 25 days ago

      😄 Taste like it was built by GM?

  • T. S.
    T. S. 27 days ago +1

    Mod pizza is without a doubt the worst pizza I've ever eaten. The crust is like a water cracker and the sauce is like unflavored ketchup. It's horrible.

  • Kevin Gilbert
    Kevin Gilbert 27 days ago +1

    I still prefer take and bake pizza though.

  • Kevin Gilbert
    Kevin Gilbert 27 days ago +1

    Ah, my staple pizza, pepperoni and black olives.

  • Nick Cogs
    Nick Cogs 27 days ago

    Nah Loumalnatis is better than Giordanos

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 27 days ago +5

    Officially confusee this same channel said &'s pizza was failing now they're taking over

  • ipod master929
    ipod master929 27 days ago