• Published on Feb 15, 2018
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  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres 7 days ago

    Beatiful women i want get marrie

  • Hannah Hershberger
    Hannah Hershberger 11 days ago +1

    I love the way you did your hair!!!! U should wear it all the time!!!

  • Sky_girl7897654322 Gamer

    First video was my make up morning routine five years ago

  • Sky_girl7897654322 Gamer

    Remember your first video

  • Ronald Allan Onsing
    Ronald Allan Onsing 20 days ago

    We are looking forward to see you again in the Phil. MABUHAY

  • Susan Chapman
    Susan Chapman 27 days ago

    Can you do a video about your dating life??

  • Sammi W
    Sammi W Month ago

    Does Patrick have a naked cherry tutorial??

    NATHALIE MALEH Month ago

    You look very good with bloand hair

  • Jaypee Bernadas
    Jaypee Bernadas 2 months ago

    Can u collab with taylor swift please?

  • Corina Cruz
    Corina Cruz 2 months ago

    I hear u love and they never understad. we will standing by u every step. You deaa r aoninpiran.+a

  • Sarah Theloma
    Sarah Theloma 2 months ago +1

    “... because it’s skinny and thick, just like me” 😂😭😭😭😭

  • Lorrie Cole
    Lorrie Cole 2 months ago

    you are the funniest person ever! seriously want to hang out. LOVE watching your videos. you can break it down girl.

  • Rachael Riley
    Rachael Riley 3 months ago


  • Ksenia Ryazanceva
    Ksenia Ryazanceva 3 months ago

    My magic finger can be smart to used abscess

  • thea benson
    thea benson 3 months ago

    Anyone else see the brush fly at the camera

  • Sofia Arjonilla
    Sofia Arjonilla 3 months ago +1

    Are those eye masks on backwards? Lol gotta love chubby brown t swift 😂

    PINK BITCH 3 months ago

    you just b having me dead i swear😂😂

  • bitch pudding
    bitch pudding 3 months ago

    Kamukha mo si Khloe Kardashian

  • Jay Cuaresma
    Jay Cuaresma 3 months ago


  • Elizabeth Diaz
    Elizabeth Diaz 3 months ago


  • Valeria Saldana
    Valeria Saldana 3 months ago

    Omg this look is so pretty! In love with it

  • Elisa Hiner
    Elisa Hiner 4 months ago

    I think you are absolutely stunning!!!!

  • Exci Gold
    Exci Gold 4 months ago

    5:16 LOL

  • Michele Rogers
    Michele Rogers 5 months ago

    ANDDDDDD I look cross eyed lmao

  • SmileyDanny
    SmileyDanny 5 months ago

    I think you put on the patches the wrong way? But the look is GORGEOUS!

  • Alexis Brigham
    Alexis Brigham 5 months ago


  • giorgi kravchenko
    giorgi kravchenko 5 months ago

    Nail Maaaan 😂😂😂

  • Kerrieann _Mua
    Kerrieann _Mua 5 months ago

    Love this wig girl!

  • Eliranpaul musick
    Eliranpaul musick 5 months ago

    שלום כמנהיי

  • Eliranpaul musick
    Eliranpaul musick 5 months ago


  • Eliranpaul musick
    Eliranpaul musick 5 months ago

    היי איזה. סכינך. גמגחגמג. סמחסחג ג מגמד ג. כממגמגחגחגח

  • Eliranpaul musick
    Eliranpaul musick 5 months ago

    חהחהחהחה פיפוש

  • Harmony I. Mendoza Mariano

    cool make up i wish i can do it my home si the pilippinas i have 2home

  • livlyy 88
    livlyy 88 6 months ago

    I love the blonde!!!!!!!

  • Pøsitive . ASMR
    Pøsitive . ASMR 6 months ago

    My sister was watching this she is freaking 4 and I heard u say deepthraot and I was like girl what u watching

  • saadia lambert
    saadia lambert 6 months ago


  • Alondra Ruiz
    Alondra Ruiz 6 months ago

    Love this

  • Stevie Cherry
    Stevie Cherry 6 months ago

    Girl, where do you get your clothes?!

  • Hctr Monroe
    Hctr Monroe 7 months ago

    Where are the contacts from?

  • Aniya Gamble
    Aniya Gamble 7 months ago

    That face you made before u snapped your fingers 😂🤣🤣🤣 priceless super funny !!!

  • ItsDeedee&Charlotte
    ItsDeedee&Charlotte 7 months ago +1

    Oooh dat blush tho😳😏😂

  • Kaila K.
    Kaila K. 7 months ago

    I love ur top😊

  • 김규희
    김규희 7 months ago

    This is my first time watching this video. Patrick is girl?

  • passy princess
    passy princess 8 months ago

    Slay that wig u look amazing in blond yassss

  • Jamie Maldonado
    Jamie Maldonado 8 months ago


  • Tristena harris
    Tristena harris 8 months ago

    slayyy patrick

  • Xan. MM
    Xan. MM 8 months ago

    I love you

  • techinfo - Camera surveillance pro

    Is that a boy

  • vee downnn
    vee downnn 8 months ago

    Snatcherlla won't be good without contour lmao

  • Christine De Jesus
    Christine De Jesus 8 months ago

    "Run this down the throat I mean the cheek." 😂😂😂

  • Carter Monser
    Carter Monser 8 months ago

    who else noticed his pointer nail fly off right after he put on his lashes?

  • Logan Mcdonald
    Logan Mcdonald 8 months ago

    9:54 wth flew out of her hand

  • Kiersten Collins
    Kiersten Collins 8 months ago

    So beautiful!!!😍

  • Kaiya Viernes
    Kaiya Viernes 8 months ago

    Patrick star is sooo cute but his face doesn’t match his arm skin color 😭😂

  • The Wide World Of Cyn
    The Wide World Of Cyn 8 months ago

    “Im gonna take the color deepthroat” 😂😂😂

  • bella rose
    bella rose 8 months ago

    Get girl! YASSS QUEEN👸🏽💕👑

  • Mswax1 :3
    Mswax1 :3 8 months ago

    You slllaaayyy as a blondeeee

  • Lily Does makeup
    Lily Does makeup 8 months ago

    omg!! that thumbnail thooo!!!!!!!!!! had me dead!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah's sunshine
    Hannah's sunshine 8 months ago

    you are such a inspiration!!! you are definitely gonna get a guy

  • Jenna G
    Jenna G 8 months ago

    Loveddddd this

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 8 months ago

    I hate watch u and enjoy it ,idky

  • Triggered
    Triggered 8 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaah the thumb nail got me deeeeaaaad

  • ay sammie
    ay sammie 8 months ago

    haha did anyone else notice his nail fly off at 9:53

  • Missy Tish
    Missy Tish 8 months ago

    What brand are your contacts?

  • Lil Carrot
    Lil Carrot 8 months ago

    I LOVE YOU 💕😘❤️

  • Mary Jane Cavaness
    Mary Jane Cavaness 8 months ago

    Sis,you are beautiful,boyfriend worthy,and creative. Don't let anyone tell you different.

  • Thea Weinstein
    Thea Weinstein 8 months ago

    WTF HAPPEND AT 9:53?!!

  • Katy Binkley
    Katy Binkley 8 months ago

    After he put on the lashes what flew by the screen

  • JJmoney girl
    JJmoney girl 8 months ago

    U a slayin queen!!

  • Zo Jane
    Zo Jane 8 months ago

    Them brows are on FLEAK yes yes yes

  • Zo Jane
    Zo Jane 8 months ago

    Your eyes are beautiful honey yasssss

  • Rylie's World
    Rylie's World 9 months ago

    Yassss Patrick yassssssss U GO GURLLLL

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    killer_ baby101 9 months ago


  • Gladwell Nene
    Gladwell Nene 9 months ago


  • Shyla Lol
    Shyla Lol 9 months ago

    “From this little.... NIPPLE HERE!” Oml im dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angel
    Angel 9 months ago

    Anyone else saw the nail go flyin😭😂😂😂😂

  • analyssa dy
    analyssa dy 9 months ago

    you look soo good with blonde hair

  • ‘ ببـرائهۧۂ طفلهۧۂ

    اذا في عرب فهموني
    هاذا رجال ولامرة ولامتحول جنسي

  • trash 101
    trash 101 9 months ago


  • кαтяιεllε vιllαғlσя

    I was born in the Philippines and I moved to England

    SEKAI NOVA 9 months ago

    is it me or what that Patrick looks hot in this hairstyle?

  • positive panda
    positive panda 9 months ago

    You are so funny

    BAM BAM LA DISQUETTE 9 months ago


  • Noah
    Noah 9 months ago

    17:54 I think i just peed myself

  • Swagliner Productions
    Swagliner Productions 9 months ago

    you so cute girl and blonde looks sooooo good on you keep wearing that wig gurl!!!!!!!

  • Kimmie SagOnFireInKy Houston

    Gorgeous. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Benjamin P.
    Benjamin P. 9 months ago

    Dude, how the hell are you single? Not being facetious at all.

  • Shree Singh
    Shree Singh 9 months ago


  • Ka Tawna
    Ka Tawna 9 months ago +1

    only beauty guru i follow, besides maybe if you count Jenna? you're so pure hearted and full of love and light and just so chill and absolutely a beautiful person inside and out.... your personality is your winning number sexy biitch

  • Angel Lois
    Angel Lois 9 months ago

    How do you take your contacts off with those nails? I always have to cut mine short even if I don't want to just cos I don't wanna poke my eyeballs huhu

  • Kaleah Morrow
    Kaleah Morrow 9 months ago

    Your so pretty

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    Lexi Long 9 months ago

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