Kobe Bryant on how future NBA stars can learn from the greats | MuseCage Basketball Network | ESPN


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  • Jay-R Bryant
    Jay-R Bryant 2 days ago

    I Love you Kobe. Much respect

  • Lebron Kobe
    Lebron Kobe 11 days ago

    KObe should be casted for Space Jam!!!

  • Bos ZAy
    Bos ZAy Month ago

    Kobe is a basketball savant.

  • nicolas ocampo
    nicolas ocampo 2 months ago

    ah, Kobe, you gotta continue with your MuseCage episodes! these are great, an important teaching tool for the young generation of athletes who are students of the game!

  • Ködäkk Rèëzý
    Ködäkk Rèëzý 2 months ago

    This is genius

  • The Plug
    The Plug 3 months ago

    Fire 🔥

  • Michael Osamor
    Michael Osamor 4 months ago

    I'm one of the biggest Kobe fans and a frequent commentator of this chanel. I hope someone can help a brother out. www.gofundme.com/6aasb4o

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 4 months ago


  • TK
    TK 4 months ago

    1:37 "Or does he think Elgin Baylor is the latest greatest euro?" Can someone explain to me why he's calling Elgin euro

    YOUNG FLASHY 5 months ago

    cringe parent adviory

  • Rebellious bloodline
    Rebellious bloodline 5 months ago

    200 dislikes on Fact's WOW I guess some people love 2 live in the puzzle place

  • Vedik manoj
    Vedik manoj 5 months ago +1

    Time for the next musecage

  • addicted
    addicted 5 months ago

    "have you shown them how Pistol Pete could score 40 before threes?"

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene 5 months ago

    That was excellent

  • Andrzej Adamczyk
    Andrzej Adamczyk 5 months ago +1

    song name please

  • Hemeregildo Ruperez
    Hemeregildo Ruperez 5 months ago

    205 15 year old fools kids dislike this video. SMH

  • Vince Calumba
    Vince Calumba 5 months ago

    My Grandpa has Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain & Bill Russell, my Father has Jordan, Pippen, Magic & Bird..... and I have Kobe, AI, Shaq & LeBron.....

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht 5 months ago

    Actully dope.... I love it

  • LEUKICK Music
    LEUKICK Music 5 months ago

    0:00 that is a fucking gorgeous intro logo

  • Kaos Pat
    Kaos Pat 5 months ago +1

    Kobe has a great voice

  • Kaos Pat
    Kaos Pat 5 months ago

    what a great Intro

  • David Maxwell
    David Maxwell 5 months ago

    Love this! Being a basketball fan and an English teacher might make me bias. All I ask, being a female basketball coach, is that you create one for the generation of the WNBA as well. These females are studying males and not realizing that females playing the sport for generations and some couldn't name a female playing today.

  • Charles Prince
    Charles Prince 5 months ago


  • Taha Elrhanjaoui
    Taha Elrhanjaoui 5 months ago

    wtf did i just watch

  • MetallicWeeb
    MetallicWeeb 6 months ago

    Heroes come and go. But *LEGENDS* stay.

  • Jay Gause
    Jay Gause 6 months ago

    I Want Kobe Bryant To Tell Me a Christmas Story

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 6 months ago

    The Morgan Freeman of BasketbaLL

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 6 months ago

    The Morgan Freeman of ESPN

  • Sunny2Real G
    Sunny2Real G 6 months ago

    cool intro!!!

    A.R.M.Y MOCHI 6 months ago

    The song was so cringey

  • Panji Panuntun
    Panji Panuntun 6 months ago

    Is that Kobe's voice??

  • Vaughn Camacho
    Vaughn Camacho 6 months ago

    Dont blame the present for a past they were never taught

  • Bones
    Bones 6 months ago

    This is what we do......

    We annoy you

  • AfricanH3ro
    AfricanH3ro 6 months ago

    The beginning was hard to get through but I'm glad I stuck it out.

  • Almonte 123
    Almonte 123 6 months ago

    To think this is Kobe is crazy 😭😭😭😂

  • Ej ajan
    Ej ajan 6 months ago

    Its okay to be quick but not hurry

  • Doug Harvie
    Doug Harvie 6 months ago

    Got yourself a sub

  • TheForceSorcerer #1
    TheForceSorcerer #1 6 months ago


  • DRTB Vlogs
    DRTB Vlogs 6 months ago

    didn't know Elgin Baylor Eurosteped before time

  • Travy Doyodirt
    Travy Doyodirt 6 months ago

    Kobe is basketball's 2pac

    OFOSUHENE DANNY 6 months ago

    Kobe trying to stay relevant after retiring

  • Zeke n boi
    Zeke n boi 6 months ago

    Im 12 and I know all of those players

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 6 months ago

    Goldlobster's comment 🤣🖕 www.lakersnation.com/kevin-durant-believes-player-cant-be-better-than-michael-jordan-without-first-passing-kobe-bryant-mount-rushmore/2018/07/27/

  • neeraj patil
    neeraj patil 6 months ago

    This is cringe af

  • Shame we live in the 21st century

    He truly stand on the shoulders of giants

  • sad loser
    sad loser 6 months ago +1

    kobe I learned my mvoes from you too x D.

  • Robert Mason
    Robert Mason 7 months ago

    These videos are golden, entertaining, educational, and narrated by one of the greatest of all time

  • irsan ramadhani
    irsan ramadhani 7 months ago +1

    I love the intro song 😍😍😍

  • carstuff
    carstuff 7 months ago


  • Nick Mintz
    Nick Mintz 7 months ago

    Well, that was awesome!!!

  • Cullenium
    Cullenium 7 months ago

    No Dirk?

  • PrinceY
    PrinceY 7 months ago

    and they said kobe copied jordan. more like he learned it from him

  • FeelGoodTime.net
    FeelGoodTime.net 7 months ago

    Oh wow.. Kobe, the real student of the game. Even now.

  • Ivan Trujillo
    Ivan Trujillo 7 months ago

    That's why Kobe is my all time favorite he's THE GOAT

  • drew lucian
    drew lucian 7 months ago

    jr smith jumping like a retarded bird at the end tho

    BIG BALLER 7 months ago

  • Edmundis Tolitus
    Edmundis Tolitus 7 months ago +1

    Shaq is favorite player ALL-TIME.
    Big ups to Kobe: "Does he know the power of Superman without a cape?"

  • β ζεφαηιελ
    β ζεφαηιελ 7 months ago


  • backdraft1420
    backdraft1420 7 months ago

    3-6 😂😂 Those numbers just crack me up..

  • Tysmooth McKinney
    Tysmooth McKinney 7 months ago

    this was so great i almost cried tbh.

  • Nehal Naveen
    Nehal Naveen 7 months ago

    Is this kobe's way of telling the future to not forget him

  • Alexander Lebrun
    Alexander Lebrun 7 months ago

    That was the cringiest intro I have ever seen

  • Gerlowil Fabello
    Gerlowil Fabello 7 months ago +1

    Cute intro 😄

  • 0401412740
    0401412740 7 months ago

    Kobe should shut the fuck up. He was trash when he retired. Ball hog. No defense.

  • PROchief
    PROchief 7 months ago

    did kobe write this?

  • Lj Panes
    Lj Panes 7 months ago

    best intro :D

  • YoungJ_03
    YoungJ_03 7 months ago

    who else bumped to the intro

  • solo rado
    solo rado 7 months ago


  • ►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼


  • cael
    cael 7 months ago

    kobe is actually a sage like he is into that meditating stuff HAHA

  • Amir Parsa Aliakbari
    Amir Parsa Aliakbari 7 months ago

    Bruh can y’all make like unlimited of these. Please!

  • Lymbe06
    Lymbe06 7 months ago

    I upvoted at the 7 second mark.

  • Dominus Of Swords
    Dominus Of Swords 7 months ago

    "Pass the ball Kobe...."

    EVERYTHING ! ! 7 months ago

    I love Kobe

  • Ryan Elly Alcantara
    Ryan Elly Alcantara 7 months ago

    If morgan freeman dies, kobe can narrate! LOL

  • Uraz Oktay
    Uraz Oktay 7 months ago

    Yes, Kobe is wise and brilliant. Wonderful videos really.

  • Warrior for Christ ATL
    Warrior for Christ ATL 7 months ago +1

    Kobe will ALWAYS be #1 to me. This is another great job by him for all the world to see😉

  • Jon
    Jon 7 months ago +1

    This is what I do!!!

  • Dave munez
    Dave munez 7 months ago

    It's hard to take this seriously because the narration and music is just wack

  • BearGAMING
    BearGAMING 7 months ago

    This kid is SAVAGE , Jodan is just a Meme .

  • Reverse Guy
    Reverse Guy 7 months ago

    Nice voice... So much eargasm!

  • indrajit taliwongso
    indrajit taliwongso 7 months ago


  • Joe Deiuliis
    Joe Deiuliis 7 months ago

    Then who did the first NBA players learn from

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 7 months ago

    This is corny

  • Busted Condom
    Busted Condom 7 months ago

    Kobe your little cartoons were funny at first but bring your ass back on the court and help lebron Kawhi george win a title

  • Deric Gregory
    Deric Gregory 7 months ago

    Hopefully many kids watch this. The same kids that think old players were "plumbers".

  • Adam Barnett
    Adam Barnett 7 months ago

    Ok, that intro was fucking awesome.

  • Ball is LIfe
    Ball is LIfe 7 months ago +1


  • rjmontoya
    rjmontoya 7 months ago

    Kobe is so desperate to stay relevant. Dressing up digs at Curry and Lebron as a lesson for youngsters. He does have some lessons kids can learn from him, like how to beat a rape charge, how to fail at forcing a trade twice, or how to get eliminated from the playoffs when you don't have an all star big man on your team.

  • Cem Erol
    Cem Erol 7 months ago

    Simply masterpiece.

  • Kenneth Jara
    Kenneth Jara 7 months ago

    Great, that song in the beginning is stuck in my head now!

  • 9ZAE
    9ZAE 7 months ago

    Is why Kobe should be consider the greatest over Lebron James he still showing that nothing is impossible. Kids stories with basketball contexts 🤣🤣🤣 a genius

  • mr sir
    mr sir 7 months ago

    Wow this reminds me of mommas bedtime stories

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth 7 months ago

    Have Kobe Bryant was the coach of the Lakers LeBron James and Paul George would have been opted out of their contracts

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth 7 months ago

    This is why Magic Johnson should hire him to be the coach of the Lakers now

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth 7 months ago

    Kobe Bryant is a genius

  • labdr
    labdr 7 months ago

    why does he keep making these

  • UnexpectedWonder
    UnexpectedWonder 7 months ago

    Kobe dropped that Poetic Fire.