British Challenger 2 vs German Leopard 2 - Which Is Better? - Main Battle Tank / Military Comparison

  • Published on Jun 28, 2017
  • Since their inception, tanks are becoming tougher, faster, and more easily able to damage the weapons that penetrate - or attempt to penetrate -- them. We thought it would be interesting to compare Britain and Germany’s main battle tanks In this episode of The Infographics Show, the Challenger 2, vs the Leopard 2. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐
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  • jackinthesack
    jackinthesack 12 hours ago

    Considering the U.K. only has 148 challenger 2s ready for service I think it’s a fairly irrelevant tank in any high intensity conflict just look into the budget cuts they had in 2010 literally a third of there army artillery was scrapped

    • jackinthesack
      jackinthesack 12 hours ago

      They also shut down the factory’s that produced the challenger 2 look all this up it’s sad

  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool 3 days ago

    Challenger is the best tank in the world. Leopard is a pos that never destroyed another tank in it's entire existence, but many leopards have been destroyed by habibs using archaic methods

  • frisco purba
    frisco purba 3 days ago +1

    Indonesia? They have Leopard 2A4RI

  • Seemant Chauhan
    Seemant Chauhan 6 days ago

    3:46 mistake ! you said: The leopard ! (on challenger's wall)

  • Ger 13 NunYah
    Ger 13 NunYah 7 days ago


  • Jojo'sBrickWorkshop 2018
    Jojo'sBrickWorkshop 2018 15 days ago +1

    The Leopard 2 was and is the BEST TANK IN THE WORLD and there is nothing to talk about if (for example) the Challenger should be better. The Armata T-14 is really great, too but it's manufactured in Germany, too, so actually it doesn't mater although Russia bought it...

    GTR FANBOY420 22 days ago

    challanger 2 can do 45mph without doorchester

  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson 23 days ago

    It’s not the English challenger 2 it’s the British challenger 2

  • Charlie Taylor
    Charlie Taylor Month ago

    3:50 you put the information on the wrong sides

  • Yards Ofsnot
    Yards Ofsnot Month ago

    The Germans were banned from making tanks for ten years so the rest of the world could catch up. As aircraft and choppers are now Tank munchers the further development of these weapons is pointless.

    • placeholder
      placeholder 14 days ago

      Hardkill active protection systems say no

  • churrchil tank
    churrchil tank Month ago

    challange 2 all the way

  • Skitgrurd Battlestompah

    I got to drive a German leopard for my birthday, it was pretty fun

  • frostman hd
    frostman hd Month ago +1

    Can you do Abrams vs Leopard 2

  • A M'a gonna send it

    Best tank in the world is the challenger 2 the only tank that can take out a challenger 2 is the challenger 2

  • Liono liony
    Liono liony Month ago +2

    Obviously the Leopard 2 is best.

  • I don't know either

    Fun fact:
    Leo 2 actually has a Composite superior to Chobham

  • KarateKid
    KarateKid Month ago

    any modern tank can take out any modern tank

  • Ashutosh Srivastava


  • Cla Spe
    Cla Spe Month ago +1

    To Quote Sterling Archer on the matter of armaments, "go german or go home".

  • EmeraldCaleb
    EmeraldCaleb Month ago

    I believe challenger 2 is better

  • soumya naik
    soumya naik Month ago

    Challenger mk2 my favorite

  • screm like flem
    screm like flem Month ago

    Stabilized gun nah its the suspension

  • The Hope
    The Hope Month ago

    People should know both Abrams and challenger 2 are from long line of upgrade and improvements from kpz70 which was German tank

  • bingobangoist
    bingobangoist Month ago

    I'm sorry but look at the combat performance. Challenger has been on the front line since Iraq, and has only lost a single tank due to a friendly fire incident. In the same combat zones the abrams suffered tremendously and in comparison dozens of leopard 2s were lost against Isis in Syria alone. All three tanks were originally cold war era designs, none were designed for insurgency style fighting and yet time and again the challenger has shown it's staying power. It might not be as fast as the leopard but it sure is the one I'd rather be sitting in. Anyway this debate is a mute point, against what's on the horizon modern tanks look like the old mark V's...

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago

    Challenger is better

  • Malky24
    Malky24 Month ago

    The Challenger has been proven to be a very durable tank in the Middle East. Crew casualties are incredibly low. Don't know much about the Leopard but know it's highly regarded.

    • gmodzombieteam
      gmodzombieteam Month ago

      To My Knowlegde, No leopard 2 have been lost in battle, (obviously i could be wrong and obviously its possible) but I know the Danes used Them alot in Afghanistan. And Leopard 1 in bosnia.

  • DjBalkoni
    DjBalkoni Month ago

    Why bot Challanger 2 vs the Maus?

  • jojo 7868
    jojo 7868 Month ago


  • apple sauce
    apple sauce 2 months ago

    No challenger tank has ever been lost one was shot close up by a Russian tank in a war which I do not remember but that’s not saying it could stop everything

  • murkywater adminssions
    murkywater adminssions 2 months ago

    *Porsche tiger will remember that*


    Make these *videos* when you actually care *about* what ur saying.

  • SAS TrIkS
    SAS TrIkS 2 months ago +2

    Challenger 2 all the way 🇬🇧

  • Jane Gould
    Jane Gould 2 months ago


  • Ren films
    Ren films 2 months ago

    The German Panzer: Leopard II is a very fast and powerful tank. But the Challenger II is slow and more accurate when fire it's main turret and machine gun. Annostly neither is better than the other. The Germans would use the fast speed of the Leopard to aid troops in a minor battle. Challengers given their slow speed they; they have thick armor which aids the defense of the Challenger. I like them both!

    • placeholder
      placeholder Month ago

      The M1A2 proved to have vastly superior accuracy in the MBT trials in Kuwait and during the trials in Greece the Challenger 2 was outperformed by both the M1A2 and the Leopard 2A5 in this regard. Its FCS is just not up to the task

  • Starscream Sdkfz
    Starscream Sdkfz 2 months ago +2

    As Spaniard, I would dare to say that I go with my dear loved Leopard 2A6 E... The best version of the Leopard, developed for both Spain and Germany, greetings from your southern brothers, Germany!

  • TheFireControl
    TheFireControl 2 months ago

    Smoothbore cannon its superior, just by that item Leo2 wins...

  • PrimeRibGaming
    PrimeRibGaming 2 months ago

    No i didn’t hear it right. It’s pronounced PORSH-AH you uncultured swine!

  • Faze 47
    Faze 47 2 months ago

    Ferdinand Porsche also build the Tiger 🙃

  • The roasting dude 667
    The roasting dude 667 3 months ago

    I love the leopards in Canada even though their the same thing as the German leopard

  • KatKapsa
    KatKapsa 3 months ago

    Salty germans lol (your tanks lost the world war)

  • Dınø satay
    Dınø satay 3 months ago

    Leo2 also in Indonesia btw
    Then again we never really ever had to use it so its kinda just in storage somewhere

  • Hollow Weeb
    Hollow Weeb 3 months ago

    Can you be consistent please, liters and gallons? gallons are worth more than liters and Americans are use to the customary system (or Imperial System) which means they have clearer understanding of gallons and you seem to be a purely English channel too, so use gallons for consistency.

  • Liamtzs
    Liamtzs 3 months ago

    Does the leopard have a kettle for tea and a toaster for making crumpets?no i didnt thinks so, there for the challenger is superior. Beat that merkel

  • Concorde4711
    Concorde4711 3 months ago +2

    There is one feature that makes the Challenger superior: It has a water heater for the crew. ;-)

  • kamalrex1
    kamalrex1 3 months ago

    challenger defensive tank

  • Alan Moore
    Alan Moore 3 months ago

    The Challenger 2 is able to fire accurately whilst moving over rough terrain and its turret turns more quickly. This would massively increase the changes of survival of its crew. For the armour and gun caliber of the two tanks means that whoever gets off the first shot is going to win.

    • Jonny
      Jonny 3 months ago +1

      @Alan Moore No, its FCS really isn't superior. It's outdated at best. Same with the armor, Dorchester is over 20 years old already and the Challenger 2 hasn't recieved any armor updates since its introduction. The armor layout and distribution weren't even great to begin with, it lacks composite armor in the LFP. The gun was outdated the day the Challenger 2 entered service, the British Army wanted to replace it with the german Rheinmetall 120 mm L55 since 2006. Now it will finally recieve it in the Life Extension Porgram, along with a new turret also made by Rheinmetall.

    • Alan Moore
      Alan Moore 3 months ago

      @Jonny That is why the Challenger 2 is the best tank in the world, that and its chobham 2 (Dorchester) armour.

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 3 months ago +1

    *German Tanks*

  • PuzzledPanda
    PuzzledPanda 3 months ago


  • Al Harvey
    Al Harvey 3 months ago

    Challenger 2 was well tested in 2nd Iraq war and did very well. The proof is in the pudding. Not 1 was lost to enemy action. There were examples of single tanks being hit 7 or 8 times by RPG and shaking it off. Amazing tank. Tough as old boots.

    • Alan Moore
      Alan Moore 3 months ago +1

      There was an example of a tank being hit up to 50 times by RPGs and coming through it undamaged.

  • W_jC
    W_jC 3 months ago +2

    "A challenger isn't fast because it's not designed to run away"

    • Kinsey
      Kinsey 3 months ago +2

      If only this video were comparing the Challenger 2 to the Leclerc

  • Fraser Meir
    Fraser Meir 4 months ago

    The leopard runs on sausages and the challenger runs on tea who wins ?????

  • Warrior Bricks
    Warrior Bricks 4 months ago

    Leopard 2 is better!

  • Dan The car guy
    Dan The car guy 4 months ago

    The challenger is one of the toughest tanks in the world one of the worlds top 5 tanks in the world 🇬🇧💪

      RUSSIA DAWAI 2 months ago

      1 armata t14
      2 t90m
      3 Leopard 2
      4 Abrams
      5 merkava

  • King of Crimson
    King of Crimson 4 months ago

    Basically the Leopard 2 is the "light" MBT and the Chally 2 is the "heavy" MBT?

  • how to download
    how to download 4 months ago

    German forever

  • Project Sshadow
    Project Sshadow 4 months ago

    The only challenger 2 to be destroyed was killed by friendly fire

  • Hydra FR
    Hydra FR 4 months ago

    (UK)Challenger 2 :I'm the best
    (Germany)Leopard 2 : No,i'm the best
    (France) AMX Leclerc : Haha.. *Cute*

    • Jonny
      Jonny 4 months ago

      Yeah, must be why the Leclerc prevailed in swedish and greek tests... no wait.

  • r3driver shadow
    r3driver shadow 4 months ago

    Indonesia also use leopard 2a4 and leopard 2RI

  • nobby roberts
    nobby roberts 4 months ago

    I thought the Germans put mobility first then armament and 3rdly armour ....where as the British put armour first then armaments then mobility ?

    • Jonny
      Jonny 4 months ago

      Germany put mobility first on the Leopard 1. On the Leopard 2 they put protection first due to the expieriences made by Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

  • Jozi Gruda
    Jozi Gruda 4 months ago +5

    Germany 🇩🇪 😘