R Kelly Victim Asante McGee With DeDe In The Morning

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • #R. Kelly victim #Asante McGee speaks with Dede In the Morning about some real jaw-dropping allegations during her stay with the RNB Super Star. #K104 #SurvivingRKelly #PressPlay #Share
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  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw 48 minutes ago +1

    K104 if y'all wanna get a bigger audience, yall need to keep it real with your guests.

  • tlccobb
    tlccobb 2 hours ago


  • walkin art
    walkin art 2 hours ago

    See that's what it was he buy them stuff like they won't it in he they give him sex to be real I lock all them up

  • walkin art
    walkin art 2 hours ago

    She's a fucking lie she just slip over her word every time they ask her soming

  • walkin art
    walkin art 2 hours ago

    Look at the people in the back thinking this shit funny playing with this man name

  • walkin art
    walkin art 2 hours ago

    They making money off this man becouse they know he a lil slow

  • ummm ummm
    ummm ummm 10 hours ago

    Is this a man?

  • Tangie Short
    Tangie Short 11 hours ago

    Who in the hell is the trainer?

  • Robin Olsen
    Robin Olsen 14 hours ago +1

    Okay she said she had a baby with her ex boyfriend but when she got with rkelly where her child did the child stay with the dad or did it die when the baby was in her stomach.

    DJ STEELE STORMN 15 hours ago


  • Dupree Prinngle
    Dupree Prinngle 15 hours ago

    Man all the money he paid out dam an they got him in the hoe dam he can't do nonethan but think not only that being lock up like that his mind will him will never be the same the devil real

  • MzKelly ProudBlackQueen

    Man BYE every victim wanna check not buying it period & sick of media too

  • Calvin Brooks
    Calvin Brooks 16 hours ago

    Girl, if you have been paid to black Male R. Kelly, just go straight ahead and get some sleep......because you are talking nonsense with confidence..

  • shimmy shimmy
    shimmy shimmy 18 hours ago

    Liar liar,liar state taught u bitches to connect the bullshit u funky bitch

  • shimmy shimmy
    shimmy shimmy 18 hours ago +2

    Lord please forgive me but this old brod is a liar

  • shimmy shimmy
    shimmy shimmy 18 hours ago

    Bitch bye free Kells

  • shimmy shimmy
    shimmy shimmy 18 hours ago

    I just had to say it u was 35 u were fully aware of e everything u were doin bitch either u were retarded or bitch u trying to check a bag u got all this shit started cause u aged out..bitter old bitch the govt ain't shit yow doin this shit

  • Monet Brown
    Monet Brown 20 hours ago

    Why are they interviewing her dont kno she a fraud

  • Monet Brown
    Monet Brown 20 hours ago

    This bitch daughter on a recorded phone call said her momma ashanti Magee left her kids with her while she go with rkelly this bitch lying,,

  • Monet Brown
    Monet Brown 20 hours ago

    This bitch lying somebdy said she got caught stealing in rkelly put her out, her daughter said she lying, bitch bye u not no victim

  • Bert Dee
    Bert Dee 20 hours ago


  • Leron Smith
    Leron Smith 22 hours ago +2

    I can’t even watch this interview no more 😂😂😂 All of this for money

  • Leron Smith
    Leron Smith 22 hours ago

    Most people who have been through something like this don’t want to be on camera now you’re getting paid you have a book from this situation I don’t believe you wow

  • Tanya Jelks
    Tanya Jelks 22 hours ago

    WOW!!!!!!.......Thirsty man....🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Nonyah x
    Nonyah x 23 hours ago

    Flying back and forth.. "Saving the money" 😒 sister had an agenda from the start! What make you think about "Saving the money" 2 WEEKS in..

  • mike larry
    mike larry Day ago

    She just gave a key to the case she said she wasn’t physically held captive but mentally she was well shit my girl got me mentally captive these girls just want money that’s wat is all about

  • Shanon Tyre
    Shanon Tyre Day ago

    Victim my ass..u were a grown ass woman that wanted to be with a famous man

  • Gang Of Four
    Gang Of Four Day ago

    Shut up whore !

  • its itty baby
    its itty baby Day ago

    On lifetime she said physical abuse now she changed it and said it was mental abuse. Smgh that shit aint cool to tell that kind of lie on somebody especially when the person already got plenty of shit that they dealing with already

  • its itty baby
    its itty baby Day ago

    Im trying to figure out how in the hell are you moving in with this man as if you dont have children.that shows that her ex-husband and daughter wasn't lying about anything they said smh

  • Rworlds1
    Rworlds1 Day ago

    Youre not trapped when can text a friend to help u leave.

  • Mrs Shamier Hines

    Yawll suck talking to her bahd...she's a victim relax..

  • Tari Pearson
    Tari Pearson Day ago

    Why all them people recording on they’re phone.

  • Antoinette Bell
    Antoinette Bell 2 days ago

    These b’s are straight lying, I guess money can do a lot for some people’s, but to me , it’s the root to all evil and all those that are lying going reap what they sole , believe that

  • Steven Mcgee
    Steven Mcgee 2 days ago

    All I could focus on is the cutie standing there in black jacket recording with her phone.DAMM🌋⭐👀👀

  • Laura Durham
    Laura Durham 2 days ago

    The only people I feel sorry for is the under aged girls who just don’t know any better, but some grown behind women no I don’t think so! They are only suffering from a broken heart because when R Kelly is done screwing you around he dumps you like yesterday’s trash, and moves on to the next. This lady knew exactly what the deal was.

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 2 days ago

    I have a real problem with grown women calling their MEN daddy. If you have kids and you’re referring to your husband as daddy I get it. But a grown ass man you’re having sex with? Can we say incestual? Ugh!

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 2 days ago

    She’s not very bright. Abused. I’m glad she made it and is now helping others.... Bless

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore 2 days ago

    Crazy shit

  • Nitti Menace
    Nitti Menace 2 days ago

    Fucc that bitch and her book fucc all them lying ass bitchz

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore 2 days ago

    Omg hell naw unbelievable

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore 2 days ago

    I thought he didn't know how to read

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore 2 days ago

    I don't know about this young lady and they interviewing on the radio

  • Beautifullycoily
    Beautifullycoily 2 days ago

    she wasnot a victim, but rather a stalker

  • Terry Wiley
    Terry Wiley 2 days ago

    That nigga is sick an they going to hang you Rob

  • Injoi Anjel
    Injoi Anjel 2 days ago

    She say she was 35 more like 55! Lol sit down! Next case!!!

  • Domo Jones
    Domo Jones 2 days ago

    The way her mouth set up...makes it look like her breath stank. I dont like this lady🤷

    • Wa Acevedo
      Wa Acevedo Day ago

      Domo Jones 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J Young
    J Young 2 days ago +1

    When all this is done, I hope these BITCHES do time~

  • Boobie Chavis
    Boobie Chavis 2 days ago

    How can anybody date a man with a bad rep a known Pedophile. And act suprise like this is new like u didn’t hear how he get down

  • Prince Agama
    Prince Agama 3 days ago +1

    She is selling a book... this Dum cucumber girl... lol 😂 not my 1 dollar for some rubbish like her... 30 yrs and no sense... guess she waiting to see her grey hair to know right from wrong if I was a woman And i fell for a play boy lol 😂.. will exit quickly and not make a sound ... that’s wisdom... but this one lol what can she teach or advice you in her useless closet book....

  • Prince Agama
    Prince Agama 3 days ago

    She went for money... and she looks like a man.

  • Carol Paige
    Carol Paige 3 days ago

    These grown dumb bitches got what they deserves..fyck outta here...

  • E. Myron
    E. Myron 3 days ago

    35 years old???

  • Craig Irving Sr.
    Craig Irving Sr. 3 days ago

    My opinion this woman was nothing but a hore she knew what she was getting in she already said while he was being honest with me so I know I wasn't the only one that was having sex with it yeah right you're a f****** w**** that's what you are you made the choice what you wanted to do and then when the s*** got bad do you want to get out of it I don't have no sympathy for none of these black women when they want to go with these m*********** celebrity to go to the home and speak with him and say that they step with a celebrity you got what you got that's all to it you got paid for your service

  • Monica Juanita Elizabeth Chriscilla Okeh

    Sound like an playboy mansion/sluthouse to me. (3weeks) she was the weakest link. Should have been eating instead of shopping...
    Where are the contracts that he should have had them to sign? "What goes on in this house stays in this house"

  • Malakizadak Yisarah-Al
    Malakizadak Yisarah-Al 3 days ago +1

    THESE particular "black women" who get caught up in so called "abusive" relationships have a bad habit of making BAD CHOICES and DECISIONS in regards to CHOOSING "the right" "men" and go around acting victimized and traumatized when THEY REJECTED MANY GOOD MEN that are kind, sweet and loving tryna be with an aggressive savage, gangsta and thug with money. Black women love and hate ballers. I don't see why a man like me should give a fuk about women like that. They deserve what they get elsewhere. I'll never be a gangsta and thug for no hoe. Let the beatings continue until they learn the difference between good men (even if he is financially broke) and bad men (even if he is rich and famous). Deuces

  • Malakizadak Yisarah-Al
    Malakizadak Yisarah-Al 3 days ago +1

    Call me daddy cuz I never had one
    Call me daddy because I'm old enough to be ya daddy
    Call me daddy because i have grey hair on my ball sack and you barely have pubik hair on ya va j j 😂

  • M Jones
    M Jones 3 days ago

    This lying heffa. She need to have a seat with Drea, Jerhonda, Ms Kitty or whatever that heffa from Dallas name is, Sparkle, matter of fact all they lying asses from the docuseries, on the lying ass heffa sofa!!!

    DARRYL PHILLIPS 3 days ago

    Bitch please

  • Penelopi Wilson
    Penelopi Wilson 3 days ago

    3 Weeks
    Asante McGee

  • Penelopi Wilson
    Penelopi Wilson 3 days ago

    You was in love in just three weeks. But you was introduced to sex acts that left you traumatize???

  • Penelopi Wilson
    Penelopi Wilson 3 days ago

    Why is he responsible for providing food for all these grown people. Or would it just be showing good hospitality to feed your guests.

  • Honestyis Loyalty
    Honestyis Loyalty 3 days ago +1

    GOD SAID ...man and woman!

  • Honestyis Loyalty
    Honestyis Loyalty 3 days ago +1

    The real disease ..DOCTORS SHOULD BE ..arrested for all this sickening GENDER change!

  • Honestyis Loyalty
    Honestyis Loyalty 3 days ago +1

    TALK ABOUT THE ..LEGALIZATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND LESBIANISM...Misconduct!...THE REAL PROBLEM..WITH ..cross dressing and sickness of..... train-genders!

  • Latacha Wilson
    Latacha Wilson 3 days ago

    And she need help too! These ladies were not in chains. She knew the deal before going to the house. Not saying what he did was right but these ladies put themselves in a place they knew were dark. She was never trapped. Ugh

  • Sasha Feirce
    Sasha Feirce 4 days ago

    She was probably a prostitute..she was getting paid for her services..she was not a victim, she was a grown 30 year old that knew what she was getting into

  • Missy Singleton
    Missy Singleton 4 days ago

    You whores was not trapped you were trying to trap some cash from R.Kells pocket. Your golddiggers are a mf!

  • Dawn Pratt
    Dawn Pratt 4 days ago

    She's a liar and knows she's up to no good even her daughter talks about her lies and how her mom would call them because she leaving her to babysit her younger children while this bitch ran the streets . When she came home she had plenty of money but watching her on surviving R Kelly , you could tell she was lieing .

  • Sharon Thomas
    Sharon Thomas 4 days ago +1

    I know one thing this chick is liein on some of this shit. Cause one thing I want to know she said she don't know this girl that stays with him now but she also said that when she left the house she contacted the girl parents but how she get the girl parents number and how she know what to tell them if she don't know nothing about this girl 😲😲😡