R Kelly Victim Asante McGee With DeDe In The Morning


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  • Venus Hughes
    Venus Hughes Day ago

    Lying..........Ask her about R Kelly homeboy who she actually was dating.....Lying Ass

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 3 days ago

    There is a whore born every minute.

  • Dre Giacanna
    Dre Giacanna 3 days ago

    Wtf!!! Grown as women talking about she was a victim, FUCK OFF WITH YOUR OLD ASS!!!

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane 4 days ago

    Sleazy. Trapped mentally at 35????

  • SuperWooden1
    SuperWooden1 6 days ago

    Updates on my thoughts about this R Kelly crazyness..... When I heard Lanita's carters testimony on Good Morning America, I was like man. It's over for R kelly. He's going to jail. She basically said that R Kelly tried to force her to give him Oral Sex. Her testimony was very convincing. I said if a jury hears this its over for Kelly. A couple of days ago some one posted a video of her where she is admitting that she is addicted to giving head. Now I'm like what the heck? You basically got up in front of ton 's of people and admitted that you have an addiction to giving BJ's. Now, just because she loves giving men oral pleasure does not mean a man has the right to force himself on her. However, her trying to convince me after seeing a video of her admitting that she loves giving head, is like a crack head trying to convince me that some one force him to smoke crack. I mean this is crazy. So honestly, if that's all they have I don't see how they can win and put R Kelly in jail. Even the FBi has come out and said that less than 10 percent of Avaniti' s claim's are true, and 10 percent is not enough to convince an impartial jury guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This case is over. Which is why you see it dieing out in the media.

  • Mrs Molly Mwarowa
    Mrs Molly Mwarowa 9 days ago

    Sometimes as women we should take responsibility of our vulnerability and owning it.

  • Veni Foods
    Veni Foods 10 days ago

    She is so contridicting....i mean wtf nobody force you to stay there....she says her ex husband was abusive cheating on her so what did she do? Upgrade herself to someone whi abuse her sexually and physically willingly? Confused....if she has kids where is the time??? Tf i bet she got paid few dollars for this interview...sorry of she was 34 i dont feel pitty for her it was her choices

  • Reggie Givens
    Reggie Givens 10 days ago

    I like to 69 wit her

  • Morgan bailey
    Morgan bailey 13 days ago +1

    Its literally already came out that this woman is full of shit and lied about everything. This interview is a joke.

  • Tshidiso Tlhale
    Tshidiso Tlhale 15 days ago

    She should be crucified for wanting to help bring a good man down

  • Shawna Hill
    Shawna Hill 16 days ago

    This bitch was/is a WHOLE ASS dam 35yrs old.......her ass been known about R. Kelly being a freak FOR YEARSO!!! This bitch needs to be locked the hell up too!!!!

  • Intel-Pick
    Intel-Pick 18 days ago

    whoever that is with cell phone is thick asf in the background tho.

    DEVINECLUB 19 days ago

    So we all are just going to ignore the fact that she was sticking her fingers in his booty fingering his booty hole with her fingers?? Women have no bounds to their filthyness

    DEVINECLUB 19 days ago +1

    *If this is not the new kind of way of black male public Lynching???* Crying and begging for his life. The more he cries out the more entertained people are for a Lynching!! Seems like only now instead of it being a Mob of Whites watching and enjoying the Lynching with their children as angery spectators; The blacks done pulled up with chairs with hate and popcorn with their children; Which those same Black children who could be next at any given time next in line on a tree hanging!! Easily manipulated you blacks are!! No wonder why they look and think of you as a lower life form. You seemingly can't think for yourselfs critical thinking wise!!!! Right or wrong all other races exaggerates, ignores, divert, whisper, defend, their ups and down play they races down horrors. Its simply because they know the world is watching and will judge the (mass) many by the (few) ones and they know its just flat out bad Race P.R. (PUBLIC RELATIONS). So they put the face on what they do religiously on the do nothing's about its (The Blacks) as the Spokesmans of abuse, rape, child molestation, stealing, killing, drug using, proverty, foodstamps, Government assistance, drug dealing, robbery, Stds, Stupidity, mental disorders, and ignorance of self....Like my Aunt always says you got to blame somebody...and that sombody is your Black Ass!!! ⏰ Wake up because you could be NEXT!! Its a bigger picture at stake...😕 Get out your feelings and see whats real...The real logical truth!! Funny thing is they Sent a Black Woman to be the Executioner...The Gayle Kings and all these other Black Females...😔 Can you see the irony in that my Brothers and Sisters??

  • dennis lungu
    dennis lungu 20 days ago

    it very sad that as blacks u even sale your selves reko shortly it was billkoz be and now r kelly this is bullshit man lets be one and united useless

  • R. Kelly lost tape
    R. Kelly lost tape 20 days ago

    Shes lying on me! Bitches be doin to much nowadays! Bitch keep my name out y'all mouth. 😂😂😂

    TESHERA COOPER 20 days ago

    Yall are mean and clearly uneducated. Its 50 yr old women out here who can’t leave abusive relationships . She’s made some mistakes and now shes owning up to it .

  • baan58adam
    baan58adam 21 day ago

    "The Black Panties" tour 😂🤣

  • David Crockett
    David Crockett 23 days ago

    Asante McGee, is no victim tvclip.biz/video/6WGZcAH1R88/video.html

  • Janet Jones
    Janet Jones 23 days ago

    This Bitch is ugly af and a real bullshit artist

  • Aww Shhh
    Aww Shhh 24 days ago

    There's no crime here folks!

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke 24 days ago +1

    She was a groupie hoe

  • humantwix21
    humantwix21 24 days ago

    she didnt feel disgusted when she was sticking her middle finger up his butt

  • bizztopper
    bizztopper 25 days ago +2

    why are there people in the room recording on their phones? That looks very unprofessional

  • CpShell Shock
    CpShell Shock 26 days ago +1

    I feel bad for all the rabbits 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇😕🤔🤔🤔

  • SuperWooden1
    SuperWooden1 27 days ago

    Update on my thoughts on this. I just saw the interview with Rkelly's hair dresser. The interview was compelling and I believe he will go to jail if it is not beyond the statutes of limitations, and if it does not violate ex post factos. After Micheal Avenati was arrested I was sure that Rkelly would walk free. Then I saw the interview with his hair dresser. Honestly, I dont see how he can beat her claims. It may be all over for him. My only question is why they did not prosecute him when she first reported the incident in 2003?

  • Markus Airelius
    Markus Airelius 27 days ago

    This is going to be a good trial to watch 🤣

  • yvette miller
    yvette miller 27 days ago

    i think she might have been helping him keep those young lady in line , but claiming she a victim now that it all out on him... 35 years old you know better and have way much experience and knowledge of a man then a 15 or 16 year old, the bitch have kids and when she seen that shit going on with those girl should've went straight to the police, press and to whoever had authority to stop that sick bastard. all of them that grown and know what he was doing should get some time in jail.

  • Glenda Bonner
    Glenda Bonner 28 days ago

    Girl bye

  • Sara Cash
    Sara Cash 28 days ago

    Everyone making money off of kelly

  • Isaac Thorne
    Isaac Thorne 28 days ago +3

    This the funniest shit I ever heard n my life!!

  • Todd Lasseigne
    Todd Lasseigne 28 days ago

    is mentally trapped the same as addiction/ im not sure about this nomenclature. and im gonna be honest, sounds like she coulda left....

  • corviaus
    corviaus 28 days ago +1


  • Rachel Drake
    Rachel Drake 28 days ago

    Fuck R Kelly! I never understood how's he's famous to begine with..and his song I believe I can fly sux. A tard coulda wrote that!

  • Venus M Brown
    Venus M Brown 28 days ago


  • Venus M Brown
    Venus M Brown 28 days ago

    Why r these bloggers wasting there time w/this child?

  • Stacey Huff
    Stacey Huff 28 days ago

    35 years old and u accepted textin or callin to ask a man if u can come out the room? Ain’t no dick that damn good.......weak af but ok 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Allen
    Allen 28 days ago

    His so-called victims are becoming rich and famous. All they have to do is keep playing the victim.

  • Cory Rhodes
    Cory Rhodes 29 days ago

    This sounds like a Dom/Sub relationship. You can't claim "victim" after 3years of voluntary participation. Additionally, she couldn't do stuff but she could go shopping and had people with her to ensure she spent ALL of the money (not to ensure she came back). And how did she leave with her (uber) friend if she couldn't leave? She agreed to be a sub, then backed out 3yrs later.

  • Gio S6
    Gio S6 29 days ago

    I'm the 1% when I say this... I'm on her side. Everything this woman has said has been consistent and fluid. There are no gaps in her story.

  • Yvette Laudat
    Yvette Laudat 29 days ago

    Security can't speak on it because they would be accomplices.

  • Dean
    Dean 29 days ago

    She left her kids to chase fame. Scum bag.

  • Sifiso Mbatha
    Sifiso Mbatha 29 days ago

    She is so fake it's not even funny.

  • Zora Banks
    Zora Banks 29 days ago

    I don’t believe her the radio host led her to each answer she gave. She’s no being truthful!

  • andrew richards jr
    andrew richards jr 29 days ago

    I smell bull excrement

  • trijntje oosterhuis
    trijntje oosterhuis 29 days ago

    Why does R Kelly even want these ugly ass hoes? These bitches are not kidnap material, you can fuck these tramp hoe for a KFC bucket

  • Melissa Thurmond
    Melissa Thurmond 29 days ago

    Stupid poor excuse for a woman. Because she accepted it. All the sign was visible in the beginnig.

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker 29 days ago

    Bihhh 32? 👀

  • Katherine Thompson
    Katherine Thompson 29 days ago


  • Black Movement Media
    Black Movement Media 29 days ago

    “During sex he would tell me what to do and sound like a little girl”, welp guess that tape can be thrown out of that person allegedly saying they were 14 in the tape...

  • MoeSoNatural
    MoeSoNatural 29 days ago

    All of y’all talking about she is grown... ppl aren’t understanding that STANs are literally mentally controlled by their idols. It’s not a convenient truth but it’s real 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • SuperWooden1
    SuperWooden1 29 days ago +1

    Lets agree that he was guilty for sleeping with underage girls and he got off from the first trial when he should not have. There are two problems if they are trying to try him now for crimes related to the first trail. 1. double jeopardy and 2. ex post factos. Maybe they found away around those? I guess we will see. Now as it comes down to abuse, the first thing you have to recognize is that there is a play on worlds. It's really a matter of how deep you choose to go. A quick dictionary definition found on google is "use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse." From listing to her story she abused him. She is simply trying to get as much money as she can. She also says that she was not abused. Either way the dictionary definition of abuse is not illegal. You cant lock somebody up because they are simply an A-hole. This would be a horrible country if you could. Now the thing to focus on is the fact that he's being charged with 720 ILCS 5/11-1.50 Criminal sexual abuse in Illinois. The legal definition in Illinois is "an act of sexual conduct by the use of
    force or threat of force", or "commits an act of sexual conduct and knows that
    the victim is unable to understand the nature of the act or is unable to give knowing consent". NOW HEARS THE PROBLEM... First, I have not heard any one say R-kelly forced them to have sex with him. Why would he do that when so many women will sleep with him for money or simply a chance to live a celebrity life style. Second, I have not heard of any new allegations of him sleeping with underage girls. Have you? All the allegations are old. Again, its not right that he got off, but its not new. Ex post factos means you cant make a new law for an old crime. The powers that be are simply playing a mind game on you to destroy this man. They are throwing around the word abuse so that simple minded people will think of legal criminal sexual abuse.

    • p215j
      p215j 28 days ago

      So on point m I've been saying the exact same thing for weeks. I co-sign 100%

  • Lelee DaDutchess Spoild

    lord 17 in this CENTURY isnt 17 years old bk in the 50's when men actually had to work to get with a female.
    Grl Bye!! exit stage left. u got a book after 3 weeks. all this sounds redunkalourous*🤣😂😅 he gave u money to shop but no food in house this sound dumb

  • Malikah Gray
    Malikah Gray Month ago

    She is a liar they Never where in a relationship her ex will back this up they are in it for fame yes he sick but all this shit not true

  • Markedia Green
    Markedia Green Month ago

    She was a grown woman that put herself in that situation from what she was getting out of it, money... She left her kids, she obviously has major self esteem and self worth issues to allow a man like raunchy kelly to treat her the way that he did. She should be embarrassed.

  • Tricia Barber
    Tricia Barber Month ago

    I bet not even half of have ever been in a physical or a mentally abusive relationship. So how can yall speak on this lady? None of us know how her outlook was messed up because of her ex. Ppl go thru some of the same stuff but it has a different affect on each individual. I don't agree with her for leaving her kids. But ppl don't dumb things when they in love and wanna be loved. Yall on here talking like yall perfect newsflash NONE OF US ARE.....

  • Somayo Ahmed
    Somayo Ahmed Month ago

    After listeing to this interview I've reached my decisions I need to get some more weed.

  • greatmommy6
    greatmommy6 Month ago

    This Bitch need to be locked up to. Point period.

  • Michael Wingfield
    Michael Wingfield Month ago +2

    She wasn't vulnerable, she was hungry.

  • Maria M
    Maria M Month ago

    Ohh please!! She knew what she was getting into!! This groupie got what she wanted!! Shame

  • Masta Molecule
    Masta Molecule Month ago +1

    Old ass groupie desperate for money. She lied and left her kids. Whores!

  • Brenda ROBINSON
    Brenda ROBINSON Month ago

    She walked out

  • Maria Eliamani
    Maria Eliamani Month ago

    She's just educating us about how he likes to have his sex............this just makes him sounds like a person who is into an alternative sexual lifestyle

  • Tamara Lovett
    Tamara Lovett Month ago

    it's a video out here about Tim Savage his coworker is talkin about him said he lost his job and he lost his car and he said he's trying to get money from R Kelly it's on TVclip I believe the coworker

  • Kameelah Salaam
    Kameelah Salaam Month ago

    A lot of people who have been abused in relationships repeat the same relationship in another person. This woman is sick and needs therapy. Poor baby.

  • sincere5g
    sincere5g Month ago +1

    35 year old met him on the "black panties tour".........

    • p215j
      p215j 28 days ago


  • Tonya Hardison
    Tonya Hardison Month ago +1

    She said R Kelly gave her $1000.00 to go to the mall. Then she said he didnt give her food. Hell if he gave her $1000.00 to go to the mall she should have went by the food court. She could have stopped by the grocery store. Heck I would have had all kind of snacks in my room.

  • Shadea Marshall
    Shadea Marshall Month ago

    This nigga just need to be put in jail period cuz all these females are sayin the same shit an they saying this during diff times an even at the same on the documentary

  • tekds1
    tekds1 Month ago +1

    black bitches ain't shit.

  • X’ Lushence
    X’ Lushence Month ago +3

    All day without eating .... but you could leave.

  • Margaret Thomason
    Margaret Thomason Month ago +2

    When they started out saying she was a grown woman in her 30s when they met and was there about her book, I was finished with what she had to say.
    When she left her children including teenager daughter to be with RKelly, when she said she was “confused” when girl came out naked after they were having sex, grown woman ain’t confused at all. She took that money and liked that R Kelly dic$ until he moved on with other women. Does she look like the kind of woman that a man who could have any woman he wanted would take on. I don’t think so. She sounds like the type who would do anything to hang around RKelly and be in his circle.

  • Janet Hernandez
    Janet Hernandez Month ago +2

    What was r kelly thinking picking her up😑

  • Justin Robinson
    Justin Robinson Month ago

    I believe her

    • p215j
      p215j 28 days ago

      Lol. Hi Asante

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central Month ago +2

    Lies , Lies. Lies. Sorry you are not innocent either

  • Candy
    Candy Month ago +4


  • Deepdarkcocoa
    Deepdarkcocoa Month ago +4

    She locked herself in Robert's closet.

  • Shantrell Estes
    Shantrell Estes Month ago +7

    You a clown girl bye..

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins Month ago +2

    her daughter put out a video with her in the club on the stage dance

  • Lawyer Henderson tv
    Lawyer Henderson tv Month ago +2

    they making up excuses for this halfer!

  • Carbie
    Carbie Month ago

    Ok she was a groupie & got fucked crazier than she was ever used to. N when it became too much she said hell nah😭😭😭😭. I believe the other girls was abused but youuuuuuu?! No no no no no no😭😭

  • Queen Solo
    Queen Solo Month ago

    Women don't know their worth

  • Queen Solo
    Queen Solo Month ago

    Women don't know their worth

    LOVESERVICE Roberts Month ago +1


  • Ericka Wilson
    Ericka Wilson Month ago +1

    Girl it's other girls u were never his? They new rules y stay? CALLN him daddy that's a issue calling your man your Dad anyway. All these women need help n they own dollars that's what this is all about. She grown made a choice then holla hostage rape girl stop

    TRU STARR Month ago +2

    she cant even get her story together 😂

  • Ericka Wilson
    Ericka Wilson Month ago +1

    How do u complain about this when u the women the girls, y not walk away. Once out y not stay out? Make no sense.

  • Ericka Wilson
    Ericka Wilson Month ago +1

    I BELEIVE all these women who left WALKD out, then came back came back 2 the abuse he was suppose to b giving? How us that holding them or trapped? Thus is ridiculous. Grown women stop, the lil girls 14 15 16 ok but grown women get a job & make your own money. All had a choice, they liked it simple.

  • Faruk Demoy
    Faruk Demoy Month ago +1

    Fake shit...

  • Faruk Demoy
    Faruk Demoy Month ago

    I’m tired of this B S...if you gonna lock up R Kelly then all of their parents need to go to jail too for neglect.

  • Ashley Felix
    Ashley Felix Month ago +2

    Did she make a book for her ex husband too??

  • brandy baker
    brandy baker Month ago

    y'all I'm going in on her on my channel look me up my channel name is brandy baker!

  • brandy baker
    brandy baker Month ago +1

    I don't feel like she should even count because she was of age and mature enough to make a sound decision that what was happening was wrong! she pissed me off she can GTFOH

  • G. G.
    G. G. Month ago +1

    Why the hell would we buy the book silly rabbit still in the closet..you telling the whole story. She needs to stop and get a lawyer

  • The Truth Shall Set Mankind Free Indeed.


  • G. G.
    G. G. Month ago +1

    Wait my hearing is bad did she say she was 35 years old?

  • Abyel ysrael Of Northern Tribe

    This woman was a groupie....she was and obsessed with that pedophile...she was a grown woman..facilitated and made it possible for him to do this crap...lock her up

  • Yvette Laudat
    Yvette Laudat Month ago +3

    Girl, you better learn what the word "alleged" means.

  • Deshawn Coldwork Wilkerson

    This bitch is full of shit, she chose to be at kells house...

  • Tif30 Tone
    Tif30 Tone Month ago +4

    Why are you all promoting this BS story?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🙄

  • Sperm Dealer
    Sperm Dealer Month ago +4

    This is why i hate my own race.... imagine if Robert Kelly was to be white. It's so easy to destroy a black man, b'cos his own people will help you do it.

    • Margaret Thomason
      Margaret Thomason Month ago +1

      Sperm Dealer You got a point Elvis did the same thing when he met his wife at 14 but her parents were more upfront about the money