R Kelly Victim Asante McGee With DeDe In The Morning

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • #R. Kelly victim #Asante McGee speaks with Dede In the Morning about some real jaw-dropping allegations during her stay with the RNB Super Star. #K104 #SurvivingRKelly #PressPlay #Share
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  • Tanya Gibbons
    Tanya Gibbons 8 hours ago

    Are there really this many idiots who don't know the cycle of abuse or abuse in general. 🤦🤦🤦🙄🙄🙄😂😂

  • fyah stone
    fyah stone 2 days ago

    Lier yr daughter told the true story yr teen age daughter was the baby sitter lieing hoe

  • Tyrone Harris
    Tyrone Harris 5 days ago

    After meeting someone move in with them the three weeks then I hear the word love

  • Derek Rabadi
    Derek Rabadi 5 days ago

    R kelly paid her no attention!! So now shes 😠

  • Derek Rabadi
    Derek Rabadi 5 days ago

    Come on everyone ? These girls are all looking for fame & 💰

  • Derek Rabadi
    Derek Rabadi 5 days ago

    That girl is busted!! We all know she is a liar

  • henny roc
    henny roc 7 days ago

    😩😂😂😂😂she full of shit she got a book tho 😭😂😂😂get your money hungry ass outta here

  • Lashon Kelly
    Lashon Kelly 8 days ago

    So he is bisexual never saw that but didn't she know better

  • Shon Wheeler
    Shon Wheeler 12 days ago

    She’s not even attractive

    MEANDUDE MALE 14 days ago


  • icent enemosah
    icent enemosah 15 days ago

    Hi i have a question for you grow lady with child's,did you enjoy putting you middle finger in a grow man Ass . But you got payed for your service. Hooe your loves one enjoy it.

  • absolute757
    absolute757 18 days ago

    I'm sorry I cant feel sorry for this chick

  • Kara Marschall
    Kara Marschall 21 day ago

    Big time lier

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    Free, legal pornography at its best.

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    There aren't enough wigs and makeup on earth to help this mud duck.

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    A fine, gifted Brother like R Kelly trapped and controlled you . . . I have several unicorns for sale.

  • April MakeUp World!!
    April MakeUp World!! 25 days ago

    I’m sorry Y’all but I believe her she’s not Stuttering and she knows all the dates she’s coming with all the information and the tea ☕️ I don’t think that she’s lying and I think the she telling the truth but on the other hand she was a willing to Participate to go into Dwell in R Kelly’s shenanigans!!

  • Tiffany Hagans
    Tiffany Hagans 25 days ago

    Them chicks holding the phones up looks so tacky.. Like wait for the video to drop...😒😒

  • Tiffany Hagans
    Tiffany Hagans 25 days ago

    45 yrs old. Girl ur grown. Yo dumb ass dont count 💅💅

  • Shakyra Maltbia
    Shakyra Maltbia 25 days ago

    This is crazy ass fuck . Have call him daddy this is ridiculous 😙 he these women give money but he’s saying he’s broke 🥴. R kelly is disgusting and he can stay his ass in jail

  • zaria Cotton
    zaria Cotton 27 days ago

    We have never saw evidence r proof if you she think r Kelly been with young girl's why she sleep with him dat don't make sense so dat tell me it was about da fame n money

  • zaria Cotton
    zaria Cotton 27 days ago

    How much money y'all paying her to lie damn she at dat i see 😃 😃

  • zaria Cotton
    zaria Cotton 27 days ago

    She have no morals for her self at all as well she lying but she steal had sex with him naw naw im not buying dis it was all about$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ she telling nun but lies 👎 👎 👎

  • paris Morris
    paris Morris 28 days ago +1

    I don't know what's true,but in my opinion,I don't believe them it's all for a pay day

  • Al Smith
    Al Smith 28 days ago

    She was in it for the money she’s a groupie!

  • E B
    E B Month ago


  • kamika lenon
    kamika lenon Month ago


  • William McKenzi
    William McKenzi Month ago

    Lie in my r Kelley voice she’s too old

  • all business
    all business Month ago +1

    nobody or person in their right mind would ever support messing with children. However most of all these women are women and know what they are doing and what they're goals are. R. Kelly is not a Jedi and has no mind control. These adult women have the power of not calling him and the power of the word no and leaving at any point especially the beginning, but they made a choice. People act like they don't have choice and don't take responsibility for their choices. I'm not down with women being done wrong and I am not down with a woman choosing wrong.

  • Colleen Haughton
    Colleen Haughton Month ago

    Girl you did not traped in.dat closet
    you went in there freely shut you mouth

  • Colleen Haughton
    Colleen Haughton Month ago

    Dis a fifty shade black .GIRL BY

  • Colleen Haughton
    Colleen Haughton Month ago

    Oh please.shut up you look stupid

  • Colleen Haughton
    Colleen Haughton Month ago

    a some beating she wah dump dat book in the bin you are lieing

  • Colleen Haughton
    Colleen Haughton Month ago

    I think she is lieing

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw Month ago +1

    This lady is as low as you can get. Absolutely pathetic and disgusting.

  • Doris Earl [Tobler ES]

    She is a gold digger! She wants Fame. Trapped my ass....I remember a lady saying that R Kelley gave her herpes. Did she get herpes as well!

  • Taylor Kiko
    Taylor Kiko Month ago +1

    These radio hosts are so rude they’re sounding like they’re joking around & laughing when it’s a serious subject to her

  • Under dogg
    Under dogg Month ago +1

    She probably mad she couldn't have the man to herself 😂😂
    Damn a book in 3 weeks

  • Janice Figures
    Janice Figures Month ago +1

    so you need to get started not trying to say nothing on you girl or nothing like that just outside of looking in from all the stuff everybody been saying trying to take a deep look at what's really going on with these women and you want to number say this and I'm going to leave it alone I done something to me like that I wouldn't wait a day or two out of wooden told him right away and somebody had to take did something like that to me or hurt me in any kind of way there's no way in the world except inside wait all all this time just to come out until somebody somebody did something to me that's a lie lot of women sitting up there saying that they all after his money everybody is an ain't nothing wrong with trying to be after the man's money but that's a form of prostitution . If you didn't know that not everybody in the world trying to say this man you ain't no spring chicken you know what the hell going on just didn't say a lot about that man said you was put yourself in the damn position where a man was sit up and ask you to do you know what you was doing he was prostituting trying to prosecute this man and hope she say something to you so you can try to do something like you trying to do now come on now everyone doing some dirty ass shift to a man trying to get that money if you wouldn't couldn't

    • Janice Figures
      Janice Figures Month ago

      that's what it was she just told me she's in love with this man and would do anything for his money cuz it's man had money that's all it was is a man wasn't even a rich man she's the same thing with a man that are modern man of today to do the same thing with this man and this man wouldn't have a rich man or not like that should have been the same way trying to be a pain that she had anybody, since what y'all ask them how come see you and me she wanted to be that she said she wanted to be there come on now she wanted to be the she is it love it didn't do anything for love you don't do anything I've Loved You Do Anything For the Love of Money

  • D Hunt
    D Hunt Month ago

    This bithc left her kid with other people to go stay with this idot ????? Dumb bithc init for $$$$$ disgusting

  • Mr Evans
    Mr Evans Month ago

    These dumb retarded bitches are looking for clout and attention they are going to destroy him and make money off using his name you don't have to do much to get attention nowadays smdh

  • krs1
    krs1 Month ago

    I believe her 109%!!!

  • James Metts
    James Metts Month ago

    I don't believe that Kelly should not receive any jail time he should be put away from the public for two to three years in a different facility... All of these women young and old are willing participants after getting into their brains and in between their legs now they want to cry to be a victim... Enough said

  • juju on the beat
    juju on the beat Month ago +1

    Smh just sad now all these chicks getting book deals i want buy it

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore Month ago

    BITCH please!!!! Smgdh the American blk woman is a joke nowa days. The average black woman in America is too sorry to grow manage and condition her own Damn hair much less talking bout comb it. Because hair has not stop growing/bitches lazy sorry and wanna be some body THEY ARE NOT!! Niggaz be fooling they self and them wht Mf laughing at y'all stupid ASS.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    I see why the black nation is at the bottom is because they woman

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    I would never date a black woman ever again the proof they nothing but problems that's more problems upon the ones you have already the only after your money

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    R Kelly your lasting will not save you now and your money will not save you does all your money is going to be taken away from you so you work for nothing sorry to tell you

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    With all that lusting you thought that woman what's on your side now you know cuz you going to have to spend the rest of your life in prison because you thought wrong

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    , R Kelly if you can hear this they are going to sink you all that lusting and mistreating another person you're going to sink for it even if you didn't even do it because you thought that black woman was on your side now you see they really are not

  • The Letter Bar
    The Letter Bar Month ago

    He put you through hell? You put yourself in that situation and even went to another relationship like him after him. You have to work on you sister.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Month ago

    Look at them lips bomb head game

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Month ago

    She got that bomb head game

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Month ago

    Bitch lieing thirsty thots

  • ruth larkins
    ruth larkins Month ago

    You were 35 years of age, and already been in a previous abusive relationship??? Sounds like a mouth 👄 if BS!!!! You Still confuse & this is what you done to yourself. Go sit your self in the corner. Your book 📚 is NO SELL!!!

  • Sammy Poston
    Sammy Poston Month ago

    These bitches full of shit... Gold diggers..!!!

  • MJ Prose
    MJ Prose Month ago

    U sure that wasn't sexually trapped?

  • Fé Avouglan
    Fé Avouglan Month ago

    This is a hot mess

  • flamencomagick
    flamencomagick Month ago

    I can’t judge anyone until I’ve walked in their shoes. R. Kelly is a predator who belongs in prison period!

  • Stephanie Jones Jackson

    She's talking about it was summer time like parent's get a break!