R Kelly Victim Asante McGee With DeDe In The Morning

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • #R. Kelly victim #Asante McGee speaks with Dede In the Morning about some real jaw-dropping allegations during her stay with the RNB Super Star. #K104 #SurvivingRKelly #PressPlay #Share
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  • Shilow Elanga
    Shilow Elanga 13 hours ago

    Doesnt make sense

  • Shilow Elanga
    Shilow Elanga 13 hours ago

    This is crazy. She is lying.

  • Marissa Garam
    Marissa Garam 17 hours ago

    Everyone who thinks these woman are lying are fucking delusional. R.Kelly deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life.

  • Diogo Arnaldo
    Diogo Arnaldo 5 days ago

    And all she have to do is call a friends like UBER

  • Diogo Arnaldo
    Diogo Arnaldo 5 days ago

    The sad things is not her but those who promoted those girls , you were in previous bad relationships but that wasn’t nothing now with rkelly you right a book, bullshit

  • Cedella Watson
    Cedella Watson 13 days ago

    She could leave freely, then we couldn't move around the house freely and couldn't leave the house because security is at the end of the drive. I didn't meet the girls till I moved in, then, I was in the van and a female came from the back naked but I didn't live with him yet.. Oh my, why are none of these interviews asking about the change of story... These women are evil. What's the point. If its true, this all points to domestic violence. This is not no sex ring or trafficking. He's back in court for the old alleged sex with minors case. These women 90% say they saw no minors. So why was that brought back to court again. Either they are lying and they saw minors but can't tell the truth because they will be convicted as well or there were no minors and there trying to push this sex traffic shit, which can't be proven. They swing from I couldn't leave to I came and left freely. Are any of these ladies testifying in court because this was meant to be the original reason he was arrested. This is bad

  • Zama Mbeje
    Zama Mbeje 13 days ago +1

    All these girls are stupid

  • Penelopi Wilson
    Penelopi Wilson 20 days ago

    First of all your not supposed to roam around people homes when you there as a visitor. Second 7bdrm comes with several onsuite. 3rd of all you stomping on the floor to alert him to give you permission to come out the room. So people who has come to his home to have Business meeting didn't respond to all of the stomping noise??? Furthermore you was there a short amount of time (3week)so the 3rd day when you was already to leave when you left you should had stayed gone. (SoooThat's on You) Nobody is responsible for feeding a grown person (That's on You) and when he gave y'all monies to shop none of y'all thought to go shopping at the grocery store?? (That's on you)And it sounds like you sign up to be a dominatrix or a slave of one. (That's On You)

  • Non Of your business
    Non Of your business 27 days ago +1

    Yes you was invited to have sex, girl please with all this mess..

  • rell rell
    rell rell 29 days ago +1

    Why didnt she write a book about her ex husband he abused her smh

  • Kasie Phillips
    Kasie Phillips 29 days ago

    I believe he is guilty but he didn’t do NOTHING 2 u

  • Kasie Phillips
    Kasie Phillips 29 days ago

    U r an opportunistic individual

  • Cijinsu
    Cijinsu Month ago

    I’m pretty sure 31 year old “B” is Sparkles 15 year old niece who got pissed on

  • Andrae X
    Andrae X Month ago

    Is she from Louisiana, sound like it

  • Sanche Khan
    Sanche Khan Month ago

    she did it for her claim to fame and the most important asset "money"

  • Mz Diva
    Mz Diva Month ago

    If you had money to leave but not enough to eat🤔 Greenberg please get her. I can't wait till Kellz come get his money from those books. Are they all telling the same story. I can't watch this, I know after this interview they was like she lying.

  • Mz Diva
    Mz Diva Month ago

    Wait a minute April is not summer time so where is your kids, she need to stop this foolishness. Is it me or do she get more and more embellished as she talk🤔

  • Shannon Rosenberger

    I find she was telling the TRUTH!

  • katherine
    katherine Month ago +1

    These interviewers are so unprofessional and insensitive its insane

  • Leah Ingraham
    Leah Ingraham Month ago

    So she was a prostitute! Lord

  • Leah Ingraham
    Leah Ingraham Month ago

    And you all just assume she's telling the truth. Haha! Of course she's got a book. Making money while destroying a mans life! Sick

  • Sierra Stanton
    Sierra Stanton Month ago

    The worst way for a person to be trapped is mentally. People should stop being so judgemental. When you judge you are placing blame on the victims

  • Lionell Woods
    Lionell Woods Month ago

    Gold digger u make all lying woman look bad.. ..u think ur gonna get money off a book u made up.. u out ur rabbit crazy lutinac mind.. ur a delusional pig. Ur broke thinking ur gonna make blood money from a fiction life u made up ..trapped in the closet book.. ur smoking crack if u think ur making money off that . I love the performance she's giving.. ohh..ohh.. poor her..so sad..you'll reap what u sow.. lying ass bird..thats what u is a thirsty mf's bird..out for crumbs enjoy ur ritches while your here on this planet!! what planet are u on the outer limits..are your living in the twilight zone rod sterling will roll over his grave with a new episode of this one..judgment day is coming.. when u have to have to answer to god..you'll be trapped in the devils den.. sorry if im disrespectful too..these woman but i don't look for no approval in ..this choatic.. mess..drama..money..and fakeness..falseness allegation..remarks too..get rich off some one else i aint going for that.. i apologize TVclip for my disrespectful remarks it had to be said..the truth has been unfolded. .

  • danette simon
    danette simon Month ago

    Why was you going?You had to like it to keep coming back to it.I wish would be on some daddy can I eat or come out the room.He would of had to beat me to death to make me lick on a woman.How was they not aware of his past accusations of this type of stuff.

  • Baylie Smith
    Baylie Smith Month ago

    Hoes listen to anuthing fuck dis shit i think dis shit is all lies

  • Lord Mex
    Lord Mex Month ago

    Woman ???

  • Wolf H
    Wolf H Month ago

    yall ladies better hope he get life then yall wont b shit no more

  • Ruby Violet
    Ruby Violet Month ago

    I can't even take this lady seriously like I know he's a monster but you know my ass would have left on the tour bus when that woman was made to get on her hands and knees like why did she go with him? She had kids at home!! OMG she must be some kind of stupid to think this is ok

  • Ef U
    Ef U Month ago

    i have no respect for any grown adult who needed another person to come forward in order for them to have the courage to speak up

  • giftnash
    giftnash Month ago +1

    She trapped herself

  • giftnash
    giftnash Month ago

    They the stupid ones they did tht on they own free will

  • CrossroadskiD Official


  • CrossroadskiD Official

    This is horrible & everything she is saying isn’t exactly adding up, I didn’t even have to read the comments before peeping this jambalaya 😴🙄🙄

  • Radjabu Luundo
    Radjabu Luundo Month ago

    Black people are sick

  • Jay Luvv
    Jay Luvv Month ago

    Is it me or is she lying

  • Tawanna Pierce
    Tawanna Pierce Month ago +1

    Why is she even talking........she wanted this life!

  • tonimonae12
    tonimonae12 Month ago

    I just watched a video right before this one she said it was 4 girls when moved there including her. Not only that the same video she said it was the other girl.

    • tonimonae12
      tonimonae12 Month ago


  • Leslie B
    Leslie B Month ago

    Ma’am you wanted this. You loved that man. You’re just hurt that he wasn’t a good man.

  • Doreen Ambrose
    Doreen Ambrose Month ago

    Geriatric Volunteer Victim!

  • Doreen Ambrose
    Doreen Ambrose Month ago

    Old ass Skiatch! Skeezer/Biatch!

  • Doreen Ambrose
    Doreen Ambrose Month ago +1

    This jackal don't even let his own kids call him Daddy.

  • Doreen Ambrose
    Doreen Ambrose Month ago

    This mofo afraid to fly...can't read...got mommy issues...but y'all all tripping over him.

  • Debra Vowell
    Debra Vowell Month ago

    Ho leee shit

  • Sharon Starks
    Sharon Starks Month ago +1

    I don’t believe anything a convicted FELON and unfit mother has to say. You left your children to be a GROUPIE at 30. Love him whatever you loved his $$$$

  • kickinrocks 926
    kickinrocks 926 Month ago

    The male host, "you knew it was crazy from jump street!?...." ...."but you're not...you're not...you're not seve..." -cut off- by co- host. Yes and right sir, she was not 17. She was headed towards 40. Saw all kinds if things that let her knoe the deal right away. At least the first time on the tour bus. Kids at home that she says where staying with friends over the summer, but if she was being "moved in" that indicates a long term living arrangement and what where her plans for the kids if she stayed? What, to all move I to his house and he one big happy step family situation? Come on🙄😒 Kelly is a very sick and criminal minded individual and participant. Notice she didn't bring up the sex slave hierarchy or the fact that Kelly treated women like absolute animals, forgetting to, or just neglecting to feed his pets and take them for restroom relief....she said the rules were too much, but then talking about the $$ in his pocket and how much they would get??? So disturbing. He's a sicko and he's done. That's what people can know about all this s***. All this talk about the lynching of an innocent black man on some posts and interviews/ commentary out thete. Shut the hell up with that BS. None of any of theses cases have anything to do with race. Honestly the more you learn about the cases the more you could picture Epstein and Kelly getting together once in a while just to compare notes on enticement and entrapment methods, seting up hierarchy amongst the victims, generating new victim supply, psychologically breaking down and reprogramming the victims, logistics for travel and setting up encounters and conning the parents who need to be conned. It's so terrible and so sick and it's also odd that they both have where arrested around the same year if not in the same year back in 2008 (right?), and then again now it all comes to a face up moment again within months of each other. They both got away with the sick discoveries before, but not this time, and for all the talk of "lynching", which I find in terrible taste someone was lynched, by his own hand or not who knows, but it wasn't Kelly. I think this is all supposed to be a wake up call to the world on behalf of the children, the young people and all sexually abused people. It's so coincidental or maybe not coincidental at all (by the cosmos) and it's like WAKE UP. No more ignoring, no more tolerating of the abuses as a collective. All according to their talent gift.... See no evil: Weinstein....Hear no evil: Kelly....Speak no evil: Epstein (Political ties. Politicians talk there way to the vote, to the top...and the world was waiting for him to talk. No talky for him). Irony.

  • Cool b Jay
    Cool b Jay Month ago

    For information on the extortionist channel phases the next level link Asante McGee ex husband says she is a liar......

  • Who is this?
    Who is this? Month ago

    Call me daddy is a big red flag

  • shadreck chimwanga
    shadreck chimwanga Month ago

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  • Marsha Marks
    Marsha Marks Month ago +1

    why not makes a book about ur husband also he abuse u too

  • Monsurat Shobayo
    Monsurat Shobayo Month ago

    Your mouth running too much to be abused. You ain't stupid the way you speak. Lies Lies and more Lies 🙄🙄

  • Kalonjikala
    Kalonjikala Month ago

    The longer R Kelly's so called victims talk the better his case gets. She as a grown woman accepted her status and now she writes a book.

  • Karangwa Bashir
    Karangwa Bashir Month ago

    This bitcth is lookin for cheap popularity

  • Heather Lockett
    Heather Lockett Month ago

    A lot of people don’t seem to get that naivety is a real thing. There really are broken people in this world pray for them don’t spit on their story but show up to hear it. May your life experiences and all the life experiences of those you love be perfect in this system tuh. Bad things do happen especially to the broken and gullible. I hope she gets counseling. Do better people seriously leave this sad woman alone she may be saving the life of someone you love.

    • Heather Lockett
      Heather Lockett 4 days ago

      Be You No I’m honest and realize that there are 2 sides. Wether her story is fully true any part of it is disgusting and sad. How am I naive? Look the word up before throw it out the faceless bully.

    • Be You
      Be You 5 days ago

      Heather Lockett You’re naive

  • Kissia Kardashian
    Kissia Kardashian Month ago

    The comments Jesus 😂

  • TleeReacts
    TleeReacts Month ago

    I understand she was a past domestic violence abuser... but she’s also GROWN ASF like I’m only 21 been through a domestic violence situation and I’m star struck over Chris brown but if that man ever invited me to his house and told me I couldn’t eat and I seen him with underage girls I wouldn’t take that shit... like I’m so confused. She willingly became a victim it seems like...

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Month ago +2

    black women have become very wicked for black men

  • Angela Shrum
    Angela Shrum Month ago

    Reading all the R Kelly Stan Fans in the comments... y'all motherfuckers need Jesus. 🤣

    • Be You
      Be You 5 days ago

      Angela Shrum STFU white supremacist

  • Franklin Gee
    Franklin Gee Month ago

    Can you imagine this flipped around if Jennifer Lopez had young boys 18,-20 keeping them mentally trapped the world would be laughing at them

  • Franklin Gee
    Franklin Gee Month ago

    Gold digging biaaaaattccchhh just want money

  • Sarah Venezia
    Sarah Venezia Month ago +4

    She’s very strong for speaking out about such a traumatic subject. Thank you for sharing