How to Hotbox an Outhouse With A Shop-Vac | Smokeables

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Trey found himself in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a shop-vac, piping, tubes, sockets, a blow torch, some weed, and an outhouse. So naturally, he devised a contraption to hotbox said outhouse.
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Comments • 421

  • Jared Mitchell
    Jared Mitchell Month ago

    Hot boxing a shitter? And this isnt a new life low for you?

  • Jayjeezy
    Jayjeezy Month ago

    somebody tell me the ig of the dude with the dreads

  • 420 420
    420 420 Month ago

    what r u 10? this is just dumb

  • Reece Bissinger
    Reece Bissinger 3 months ago

    this man seems like such a homie.

  • Michael Christopher
    Michael Christopher 3 months ago

    Wtf happened to you vice this sucks

  • Hanifa Nunez
    Hanifa Nunez 3 months ago +1

    Im surprised noone complained about the "flag" being on the ground 🤣

  • Tyler Bogardus
    Tyler Bogardus 3 months ago

    Tinfoil huh? Buy glass kids, friends dont let friends smoke tinfoil

  • G4eva420
    G4eva420 4 months ago

    Gettin' high while inhaling all the shit from the toilet inside, great idea!

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Nope, not even tempting

  • Packy
    Packy 5 months ago


  • D.G. Blades
    D.G. Blades 5 months ago

    Yay this guy

  • This Guy
    This Guy 5 months ago

    Stop hating motherfuckers, it's cannabis, you do some weird shit when lifted😂😅

  • Tiff Stout
    Tiff Stout 5 months ago

    dumb af.

  • Gary Laws
    Gary Laws 5 months ago

    This shit is so stupid.

    it's a total waste of weed. If I wasted this much weed my mom would be pissed at me.

  • adam s
    adam s 5 months ago

    waste of weed stupid!!!!

  • Christer Andersen
    Christer Andersen 5 months ago

    Waste of weed journalism? Wtf

  • Ryan Duff
    Ryan Duff 5 months ago

    As a stoner, this is fucking stupid.

  • Troll Colate
    Troll Colate 5 months ago

    Great info.
    I'm going to ask my local crack addicts if they have any life tips as well.

  • John The King Robinson
    John The King Robinson 5 months ago

    Stupid AF since you put a vent and no fucking door on it. Also homie sounds retarded 😂

  • Devan Garcia
    Devan Garcia 5 months ago

    Waist of smoke an all the smoke came out

  • KendrickMan
    KendrickMan 6 months ago


  • Myles Gibbons
    Myles Gibbons 6 months ago


  • xy
    xy 6 months ago

    Looked more like a gas chamber to me lmao

  • Alfie Barrett
    Alfie Barrett 6 months ago +1

    these videos are a total flop I don’t see the point there childish and dull

  • Hack Jackdnt
    Hack Jackdnt 6 months ago

    “Look at me bruh I’m so edgy bruh ya esketit overalls I bought just for this video bruh dab dab 420 BRUH”

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0
    TheOtherWhiteBread0 6 months ago

    "You're probably wondering what I'm going to be doing with all these props"
    Me: Mmmmmmmm, I can read so.. nah I'm not.

  • Robert Moray
    Robert Moray 6 months ago

    this guy kinda looks like a stoned Sheepdog with extra shaggy bangs.

  • Tepadj
    Tepadj 6 months ago

    Smoke sauna but with weed?

    • Jacob
      Jacob 6 months ago

      Tepadj did you watch the video? It was a shit sauna

  • Orlyy
    Orlyy 6 months ago +1

    Whata useless video.

  • Ooh Oops
    Ooh Oops 6 months ago

    stop white ppling the weed man, just roll that shit, lit it on and get high in peace

    • Jacob
      Jacob 6 months ago

      Ooh Oops that was a black guy, and an Indian, you blind fuck.

  • m∆ppy☥
    m∆ppy☥ 6 months ago +1

    Next on Vice: Taji takes a shit in the worst rated outhouse.

  • Sinaduel
    Sinaduel 6 months ago +2

    And we finally discover the source of vice article ideas.

  • Semper Paratus
    Semper Paratus 6 months ago

    I live that black dude!!!

  • Joel Clark
    Joel Clark 6 months ago +1

    Congratulations Vice, you've now bevome the MTV of TVclip, lame as shit

  • Tanic Beats
    Tanic Beats 6 months ago


  • arcoz elio
    arcoz elio 6 months ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • J p
    J p 6 months ago +1

    vice please stop

  • Josh
    Josh 6 months ago

    This guy cringey

  • Kevin Nix
    Kevin Nix 6 months ago

    Wow, thos guy is stupid for starters... worst host ever, gives incorrect information plus dosent shit about what he is saying. On to the next host.

  • Joseph Dale
    Joseph Dale 6 months ago

    It’s boxhot. Not hotbox.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 6 months ago

      Joseph Dale no

  • Constant Throwing
    Constant Throwing 6 months ago

    Good Vice.

  • Joacim Jonsson
    Joacim Jonsson 6 months ago +8

    Good job educating people to use tin foil when smoking so we all can increase the chance getting alzheimer's disease.

  • Pudgy Patton
    Pudgy Patton 6 months ago

    What the fuck was that?
    I would have been in there all night not 8 seconds😂😂

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX 6 months ago +1


  • the data
    the data 6 months ago

    U should be ashamed

  • aaron nava
    aaron nava 6 months ago +1

    This is the biggest waste of money and time since trump's hairline. Vice if you have enough money to sponsor these stupid shows please send me the money.

  • Matt K
    Matt K 6 months ago +1

    This shit is fuckin stupid.

  • Cory T
    Cory T 6 months ago +1


  • Ady B
    Ady B 6 months ago +1

    This is so fucking stupid and why no one takes Vice seriously anymore. What happened to proper journalism like the North Korea docs?

  • Yung A
    Yung A 6 months ago

    Doin to much lmao

  • Stoner Jack
    Stoner Jack 6 months ago

    Propane and burnt plastic mmmmm sounds great

  • mashbury
    mashbury 6 months ago

    Can't wait to be inhaling aluminium

  • Coddy Copeland
    Coddy Copeland 6 months ago

    Or just buy a bong if you really don’t wanna wrap shit that bad. This shits kinda frustrating.

    JFRANK ELTATA 6 months ago

    remember when vice was cool

  • andrew J
    andrew J 6 months ago

    Only Canada...

  • jaime delgado
    jaime delgado 6 months ago +5

    what I gotta do to get a damb job at vice? im a polyglot. i can do correspondence work. i can hotbox in 5 different languages. hit me up

  • Austin Poling
    Austin Poling 6 months ago +1

    Vice just proving they arent stoners with this shit foil and plastic? Just smoke a bowl or do it right homie

  • SHARED Google/youtube Account

    Need to find out if the TVclip demonetizes marijuana videos

  • DoggyStyle
    DoggyStyle 6 months ago +2

    Vice now throwing content for 12/19 old millennials.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 6 months ago

      DoggyStyle millennials are 21-37 right now.

  • Alexander Myrick
    Alexander Myrick 6 months ago

    I just uploaded how to roll a join and also how to roll a blunt. Bonus video uploaded. How to smoke out of a pinapple