We Tried Blowtorching Donuts (Homemade & Store-Bought)

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
  • Check out our blowtorching room here!! nextbeat.co/r/wwZY/1
    So I saw a restaurant blowtorch donuts...so I decided that I wanted to blowtorch donuts as well. So I got a culinary blowtorch, made DIY creme brulee donuts, and then torched a couple Voodoo Donuts as well. Saf and I had a great time with this, but just remember, if you try it, be careful!
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  Year ago +861

    hello there!!! if u want to come check out our blowtorching room on nextbeat, the link is here! nextbeat.co/r/wwZY/1

    • Ash L
      Ash L 7 days ago

      It’s closed down :(

    • beckify1902
      beckify1902 16 days ago

      What is nexbeat?? Everytime i click on those links my browser tells me it's unsafe and won't go :/

    • Msflowergirl67
      Msflowergirl67 2 months ago +3

      Update: it went away :-( Any chance of putting the nextbeat videos on youtube?

    • Elizbeth May
      Elizbeth May 3 months ago

      Don't burn the fire extinguisher

    • Simply Me and Horses
      Simply Me and Horses 3 months ago

      You guys should come to new Zealand and go to hobbatin

  • judith hamilton
    judith hamilton 14 hours ago


  • Jill Hogg
    Jill Hogg 2 days ago

    I think yeasty things need some air in order to rise.

  • Morgan Lachs
    Morgan Lachs 2 days ago

    Hi Tyler! I am just watching old videos right now and there is something I wanted to say. The reason your dough didn’t rise was because you kneed it before you allowed it to rise. By doing that you are killing the yeast which caused it to not rise.

  • Sabine Wright
    Sabine Wright 3 days ago

    you did not do it right

  • Cadence Rempel
    Cadence Rempel 3 days ago

    Oh, the sprinkles are burning!!

  • Maja Andersen
    Maja Andersen 3 days ago

    9:10-9:32 literally had me dying so hard

  • Alyssa L.
    Alyssa L. 4 days ago

    The reason the donuts were tough was from overworking the dough... I definitely want to try these though they look so good

  • Little miss coconutᴖ ᴥ ᴖ

    Y THO 😂

  • Tammi Monaghan
    Tammi Monaghan 4 days ago

    Sa is such a weirdo I fucking love her 😂❤

  • Cate52
    Cate52 5 days ago

    rip whoever that vodoo doll donut was connected to lol

  • Ronye
    Ronye 5 days ago +1

    8:50 saf's voldemort laugh

  • Naria The Dork Lord
    Naria The Dork Lord 5 days ago +1

    -cries in pastry chef-

  • Jenny Gonzalez
    Jenny Gonzalez 6 days ago +2

    When you creme brulee it supposed to be brown and maybe a little black but not entirely that you burn the whole thing. Still was funny though

  • Barbara Fischer
    Barbara Fischer 7 days ago +1

    Next video from saf: blowtorching all of my make up!

  • Barbara Fischer
    Barbara Fischer 7 days ago +1

    Totally new site on saf

  • Nadia’s World
    Nadia’s World 8 days ago +1

    You should’ve used caster or white sugar instead of brown sugar

  • Otaku Animates
    Otaku Animates 8 days ago

    "Blow torches are not toys."
    Shane: Hold my conspiracy theories

  • Bonnie the yellow fairy

    Shane really had an impact on them 😂

  • Snake Craft
    Snake Craft 8 days ago

    Don’t shoot the fire extinguisher 🧯 wow sad that would be me

  • sylvia pooley
    sylvia pooley 8 days ago +1

    Saf:gets possessed by a demon*
    Saf:yes you will all burn in hell

  • Malak Musleh
    Malak Musleh 9 days ago

    Lmfaooo I’m fucking deadddd

  • Ariana Fan
    Ariana Fan 10 days ago

    8:02 Honestly? It’s a melted marshmallow on top

  • T-Maree
    T-Maree 10 days ago

    I love you guys . You are so funny 😂

  • nicole andaj
    nicole andaj 11 days ago


  • Kristina :D
    Kristina :D 12 days ago

    No one:

  • K Rook
    K Rook 13 days ago

    I blowtorch my baby’s krib

  • Abbigale Shi
    Abbigale Shi 13 days ago

    Y’all didn’t even need to make donuts lol could’ve just made créeme brûlée

  • Abby Maruri
    Abby Maruri 15 days ago

    “YOU TALL BLONDE BITCH” I lost it oh my goodness Saf

  • Trove pom
    Trove pom 15 days ago +1

    Safia is my spirit animal

  • A Lonely Goldfish
    A Lonely Goldfish 16 days ago

    "Deedee! Get out of my laboratory, you tall blonde bitch!"

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 17 days ago +7

    "I think we crossed the line between TVclipr and... *disturbing"*

    There's a _LINE?_

  • Sara C
    Sara C 18 days ago

    Using brown sugar I've never had success with, it always burns. White granulated sugar is a bit less moist and will melt better to make that crème brûlée crisp you're looking for

  • Hailey Boles
    Hailey Boles 18 days ago


  • TheRadLad
    TheRadLad 18 days ago +1

    All i have to say is 9:14

  • • FrostedGlobe816 •
    • FrostedGlobe816 • 20 days ago +1

    When Saf was burning the pentagram donut and said, "This is what Hell looks like!!" I was like, "Hell looks like you blowtorching a pentagram donut??"

  • Pasta Nightwing
    Pasta Nightwing 20 days ago

    “Créme bruleé it’s like burned creme”
    Me:it literally means burned creme

  • Lord Big bird
    Lord Big bird 21 day ago

    Yeasty Neistat

  • Obscure Neon
    Obscure Neon 21 day ago +2

    I love Saf’s evil laugh
    It is what I aspire to be

  • Olivia Kukahiko
    Olivia Kukahiko 21 day ago

    CaYEAST Neinstat

  • Aishwarya Sodhi
    Aishwarya Sodhi 22 days ago

    This was just an excuse for them to eat donuts 😂

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B 22 days ago

    Who else was surprised Safiya was a secret pyromaniac

  • Anuja Raj
    Anuja Raj 23 days ago

    This is saf going crazy for way too long

  • Sparklecat
    Sparklecat 24 days ago

    Safiya is slowly turning insane

  • Naveera Arif
    Naveera Arif 25 days ago

    His kneading the dough gave me anxiety
    Update: His shaping the donuts also gave me anxiety

  • purple mushroom
    purple mushroom 26 days ago +6

    He made a mistake in this video...

    He gave Safia a blowtorch

  • PuppyLove0124
    PuppyLove0124 27 days ago

    R.I.P Dounuts

  • Isabelle Jenkins
    Isabelle Jenkins Month ago

    From 9:00 onwards saff was gone.

  • Chloe Gicquel
    Chloe Gicquel Month ago

    They put too much sugar on the crème brûlée donuts you’re supposed to sprinkle a tiny bit

  • Insert name
    Insert name Month ago

    I like how before they started blow torching the donuts, they showed us the instructions and the order was: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.

  • Valyna Tauch
    Valyna Tauch Month ago

    I find this oddly amusing

  • Sophia Flores
    Sophia Flores Month ago

    blowtorch pickles

  • Alannah Rennie
    Alannah Rennie Month ago

    Saf with the M&M donut would be me. But I would also be burning the entire house down

  • Grace Jess
    Grace Jess Month ago +4

    Saf setting the MnM one on fire was the funniest thing 😂😂🙌🏼

  • Ashley Blanco
    Ashley Blanco Month ago +2

    I love safiya evil laugh is so funny 😂😈 like if you think so to.

  • Ticci Maki
    Ticci Maki Month ago

    From youtuber to disturbing

  • Alexandra Giambastiani

    I actually feel really bad for the M&M donut.. x,D

  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf Month ago

    3:32 *Casey Neyeastat*

  • The Trainwreck Rants

    How long did you knead? And your technique was almost physically painful. But it seems to be working so do as you want. It’d be better to knead for 10 minutes. When you knead you want to fold the edges to the center, then push with the heel of your hand to the twelve o’ clock. Then you turn and repeat fir the 10 minutes

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    I want to watch a foodie chef (does America have a Mary Berry?) react to Tyler “cooking”. Thankfully Saf will put anything in her mouth... I mean she tastes every weird thing presented to her... there’s no non-sexual way to say that.
    At least I know what Saf plugging “next beat” is about now (I was very confused)

  • Rebekah LPS
    Rebekah LPS Month ago

    8:02: honestly, it’s the melted marshmallow at top.

  • Emmy Coelho
    Emmy Coelho Month ago

    Casey Nystatin. There you go!

  • Hahahahaha I hate you


  • Renae Harrington
    Renae Harrington Month ago


  • chaimae naciri
    chaimae naciri Month ago

    im in the dark side of youtube again

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    9:11 did anyone else replay this a bunch?!? 😂
    omg the Didi scene actually happened at 9.1.1.....

  • CMercyy
    CMercyy Month ago

    Saf, the correct joke was Casey Monistat.

  • Angel Goldie
    Angel Goldie Month ago

    Now I really want donuts

  • Love Bow
    Love Bow Month ago

    Congrats on 1 million!!

  • Unicorn Sisters
    Unicorn Sisters Month ago +1

    *roast* *m&m* *doughnut* Me: **cries**