If You Want Health Insurance Don't Buy an iPhone

  • Published on Mar 8, 2017
  • Healthcare has been a controversial issue lately, made even more confusing by Representative Jason Chaffetz suggesting the solution for affording it might be giving up your iPhone. We're hoping that it makes more sense when you see it broken down in this informative video.
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    If You Want Health Insurance Don't Buy an iPhone
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Comments • 471

  • Vincent Ooms
    Vincent Ooms 3 months ago

    Yeah don't buy an Iphone... if you have brains you simply don't. Why not? Well is paying for overpriced crap smart? No xD Buy an android with better quality then an Iphone but much cheaper. Done.

  • lolwhitey pigs
    lolwhitey pigs 4 months ago

    lol refuglicans cunts... an iPhone barely covers a month worth of health insurance.
    muricans deserve it for voting for trumpkin and the country will be a third world shithole soon.
    can't wait to see these cunts die off.

  • Chrisabunga
    Chrisabunga 5 months ago

    Watching all of these to make myself laugh, but it's all just too sad

  • Kid
    Kid 6 months ago

    "If you don't want refugees, then don't bomb countries"

  • chettz1137
    chettz1137 6 months ago

    This video makes me happy to be Canadian

  • Rick might be insane
    Rick might be insane 6 months ago +1

    happy North Korea motherfuckers!

  • Ro G
    Ro G 6 months ago

    Who said republican senators are out of touch with us common folks?! This Chaffetz guy gets it.

  • M B
    M B 7 months ago

    Hahaha hilarious

  • funkyflights
    funkyflights 8 months ago

    My friend niece fell ill, she spent 1 week in the hospital, it cost 160,000 dollars ... How many IPhones is that ? I need the iPhone calculator

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather 8 months ago +1

    Jesus these Republicans are absolute idiots!! How in God's name did they get elected.

  • Love Everyone
    Love Everyone 10 months ago

    ha ha ha ha, Dumb Donald Trump lost. BAD BAD... hooray for Mr. Obama Health Care.

  • Emilio Barzini
    Emilio Barzini 10 months ago

    congrats to the geniuses that voted Trump's Circus into office. I'm sure they're all high rollers that couldn't care any less about the cost of health care... haha

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 10 months ago

    SportySpicer ...ha...ha....haha....hahahahahhahahahha....bwaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!! Genius!(wipes single tear away from my eye)

  • Jack Horn
    Jack Horn 10 months ago

    Is health insurance similar to fire insurance? Both can strike. So as we nationalised fire dept to stop thugs at private fire dept from corruption, why do we not nationalize health insurance?

  • Valerie Goh
    Valerie Goh 10 months ago +1

    Dude, dude, DUDE!!! You can use nokia 3310 to call 911!

  • Robert C
    Robert C 10 months ago

    Like John Oliver said, if healthcare was as affordable as iPhones, then we wouldn't be having this problem.

  • Yorky Gonzalez
    Yorky Gonzalez 10 months ago

    there comparing a 📱 with your Health 🚑

  • HairyBottom
    HairyBottom 10 months ago

    So let me get this straight, when Obama said the same thing it was A Ok. When a Republican said it, it was not ok.

  • Aigars
    Aigars 10 months ago

    I need that app! I'm not american, nor do I have an iPhone, but damn, I need that app! :D

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 10 months ago

    But what if I prefer Android? 😞

  • expressrobkill
    expressrobkill 10 months ago

    why doesn't america have free healthcare yet.

  • Drd20
    Drd20 10 months ago

    And I thought Nancy Pelosi was mentally ill. I see this Wisconsin guy is more mentally ill.

  • erniecho
    erniecho 10 months ago

    Remove the ACA penalty from the Healthcare.

  • Maurice Dorsey
    Maurice Dorsey 10 months ago

    most individuals are paying less $35 a month for their iPhone. I pretty sure you can't buy a Healthcare insurance for under $35 a month

  • Alain Archambault
    Alain Archambault 10 months ago

    The comment that, "...don't have an iPhone..." I would support the fact that the richest people in America who could actually afford an iPhone, should be able to pay their own medical bills. To the announcement that up to 14 million people will be without then I should hope (in hell) that it'd strictly be only those richest of people, who'd be without health insurance. Leaving only those in need, with said health insurance.
    That being said, reality will be disappointing once again.

  • Paul Crewe
    Paul Crewe 10 months ago

    Obama said the same thing in 2010 you jack asses.

  • NeedsContent
    NeedsContent 10 months ago

    The Government: "Voters are idiots."
    Average American voter: "He's got my vote!"

  • Satellite
    Satellite 10 months ago +1

    I can't imagine how happy the people who write these shows must be nowadays. No need to spend hours trying to come up with something funny, just use raw footage of Trump and his government.

  • Dan210871
    Dan210871 10 months ago +1

    Republicans don't like long bills because their lips get too tired when they try to read them.

  • Victor Ch
    Victor Ch 10 months ago

    do they think people are idiots?

  • brian mcintyre
    brian mcintyre 10 months ago

    Food or health care rent or health care, the new Trump America.

  • Jorge Anthony
    Jorge Anthony 10 months ago

    Did everyone forget that this is what Obama said when people said they couldn't afford Obamacare

  • TracyTame
    TracyTame 10 months ago

    Didn't president Obama say the exact same thing when promoting the ACA?

    • ThisIsHappening
      ThisIsHappening 10 months ago

      TracyTame no...that wouldn't make any sense due to the mandate.

  • OccamsRzzr
    OccamsRzzr 10 months ago

    OTrama care sux!

  • Death Trooper
    Death Trooper 10 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel or Hollywood in general, should stay out of politics, bunch of liberal idiots

  • Steve McDaniel
    Steve McDaniel 10 months ago

    They shouldnt get that new benz or vacation home!

  • Matan A
    Matan A 10 months ago

    I'm Canadian and to all Canadians who say oh thank got we have health care.. well...
    How would Americans feel about a 45% income tax? 15% purchase tax?

  • Jasmine hauter
    Jasmine hauter 10 months ago

    Omg...how stupid and dumb is this comparison! LMAO! 😝

  • babyyvie
    babyyvie 10 months ago

    Spicer is spoofing himself now😂😂😂

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes 10 months ago +1

    Maybe if apple were founding ur campaign then u would be recommending people to buy iPhones.. how come u don't try n regulate healthcare n medicine prices.. ohh no cuz if u mess with that industry they wont give u money.. we should get to vote for what we want and not let people like this crooks make decisions for us base on their interest n not ours.

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes 10 months ago

    Maybe if people like trump would paid their taxes we could all afford healthcare n iPhones n didn't had to choose.. $500-$700 doesn't cover a cancer treatment it probably don't even cover a month worth of any prescription medicine..

  • Ashes Ashes
    Ashes Ashes 10 months ago

    Did spicer just pull a trump by showing stacks of papers.. guess what not everyone is as stupid as trump supporters.. we not going to fall for such a stupid explanation.. is that how things are explain to trump cuz he is an idiot thats fine but we are smarter than " small stack of paper good, large stack of paper bad" stop trying to insult our intelligence please.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 10 months ago

    Oh god, why did it take me so long? I did say I wasn't what I used to be, but now I've got it.
    The pile on the left are the death certificates under obama care and the pile on the right
    are the death certificates under the new plan.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 10 months ago

    No. No. No. No. Just because the new plan is smaller and uses less paper, doesn't mean it is any less government, they are both equally government. The BMW 3 series
    is less the BMW company than the 7 series!

  • K A
    K A 10 months ago

    Sean Spicer the Bozo thinks he's in a circus performing...God help us!

  • Freptboy
    Freptboy 10 months ago

    I am not buying an IPhone, because gas prices are going up, taxes increased, food price are going up, and my smart phone cost more than in 2016.

  • Winter Land
    Winter Land 10 months ago

    What he really means is that people say they can't afford anything and receive social welfare benefits or subsiies etc. then go around with nice I Phones. Of Course you can save hundreds of dollars a year using pre paid or I Phones and still not afford healthcare. Maybe he should tell doctors to purchase less expensive homes etc. so they can charge Walmart prices instead of Macy's prices for healthcare.

  • armegaz
    armegaz 10 months ago

    Trump care sucks! 7 years in the making and republicans got no clue

  • Dwf shamrock
    Dwf shamrock 10 months ago

    They should have just said not to waste your money on things like a new phone every year or other splurge items

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 10 months ago

    obama had a bigger package and trump has a smaller package guess that translates to bills too :P

  • True False
    True False 10 months ago

    Fukien idiot jimmy you had one job

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens 10 months ago

    If I give them my old iPhone, will they give me a doctor? I don't mind if it's an old doctor.

  • john dietrich
    john dietrich 10 months ago

    Republican s want to control everything

  • fernando cavazos
    fernando cavazos 10 months ago +1

    That idiot in Utah should not be re elected ! Clearly has no idea how things work in America . Tell me where do I buy an 800 dollar a year health plan.

    • lolwhitey pigs
      lolwhitey pigs 4 months ago

      fernando cavazos
      what do you expect from a refuglicunt

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky 10 months ago

    psychotic freaks! spicer is a shmuck. chafitz too

  • Stephen
    Stephen 10 months ago

    Well an iPhone is a one time paying (full price) where as this health care is monthly. Soooooo

  • dannass555
    dannass555 10 months ago +1

    what happened to "Make America Rich again" ?

  • Julio Reguero
    Julio Reguero 10 months ago

    Trumptards are so ignorants... my god

  • AhLiang08
    AhLiang08 10 months ago +1

    Joke is still too complex for most Republicans... summary: the best healthcare plan is to plan not to get sick. Ever.
    Or be born rich enough that it don't matter.

  • Arun Tela
    Arun Tela 10 months ago

    Good point

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes 10 months ago

    and now they are going to JAM a different plan down our throats. Great.....

  • JihHou Peh
    JihHou Peh 10 months ago

    competition only work if the competitor is being selected, not the selecting

  • HowYaDoingMon
    HowYaDoingMon 10 months ago

    If you have time to watch TVclip, you have time to look for a better or second job, so stop complaining

  • BlackEagle352
    BlackEagle352 10 months ago +1

    1:23 Jimmy thinks the Iphone is the only phone, lol.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 months ago

    Do yourself a favor and watch the whole video of Chaffetz. The comments are just all echo chambers of confirmation bias

  • Fatso the Circus Clown
    Fatso the Circus Clown 10 months ago

    'Look at the size'

  • Dee Jeff
    Dee Jeff 10 months ago

    Apple must have loved that comment. Lol

  • Austin P.
    Austin P. 10 months ago

    I think its kind of nice that the people in the Gov are telling people to budget their money. Its refreshing and god knows that the American people need to budget.

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams 10 months ago

    I hate fake audience added laughter.

  • Eddy H
    Eddy H 10 months ago +1

    He is an Android Fanboy

  • route99
    route99 10 months ago

    The iPhone argument is the same brain-dead argument conservatives use all of the time: America can't help poor people and the working class with health care/housing/food/whatever because these folks don't spend their money exactly the way conservatives like. (Remember Fox News got uppity about poor people with refrigerators and ACs?) Meanwhile we hand out welfare to military contractors, banks, oil companies and other highly profitable companies like candy.
    And if you're butthurt I singled out conservatives get over it. They're the worst offenders and corporate bootlickers. You knowingly support this behavior.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 10 months ago

    His point, for those who chose to ignore it, is if you can afford luxury items like a new I phone and it's absurd service plan, perhaps you should be paying some for your own health insurance rather than passing that responsibility off on taxpayers.

    • Jason Young
      Jason Young 10 months ago

      If you are gonna have taxpayers subsidize people lives there should be some accountability. Anybody can through money away like Obamacare did.

    • route99
      route99 10 months ago +1

      Jason Young Do you know how many iPhones you'd have to buy to even equal the skimpiest health insurance plan? Dozens. Instead of micromanaging poor people's finances, how about protecting the public from the rip-off artists in the private health insurance racket; the things the ACA started to do before conservatives said it was evil because Obama signed it. Figure that one out.

  • Camilo Catano
    Camilo Catano 10 months ago

    So reading less good ...reading more bad? lol I can only try to understand a republican lol Failing at the moment. lol

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 10 months ago

    Jesus Christ, John McCain's health report was over 800 pages, a Business Continuity Plan is probably 300pgs, . You mean to tell me a health plan for the country is as thing as a children's book??? Ages 3-6.

  • golfito
    golfito 10 months ago +2

    According to Computerworld corrupt Chaffetz spend $3.000 of campaign funds in 2016 in iPhone's.

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 10 months ago

    Idiotic is this for real? Look a stack of papers were not stupid Republicans at all!

  • Skid
    Skid 10 months ago

    This guy is a dumb ass. Really? Bragging about how small and rushed the republican "healthcare" plan is like Syrians bragging about how better their blown up cities are than what we have here.

  • Daniel Febrizio
    Daniel Febrizio 10 months ago

    Health Care is not a right.

  • Silvia X
    Silvia X 10 months ago

    Republicans feel poor people don't deserve anything good in their life. They basically implies the poor shouldn't get iPhone, or personal vehicles, or take a vacation. The poor shouldn't be allowed to buy Kellogg cereal, they should only buy store brand.

  • eec
    eec 10 months ago

    Small stack of papers equal more healthcare? These idiots have no clue how healthcare works, do they? To Republicans these days, things like the economy and government are like clocks: They don't know how any of those things work, yet they want to fix them.

  • G 2U
    G 2U 10 months ago

    im so sick of this stupid people

  • Melissa Sanchez
    Melissa Sanchez 10 months ago +1

    yet they're wealthy

  • kevinreedable
    kevinreedable 10 months ago

    I can't avoid an I-phone so I guess I'm dead.

  • richardvilseck
    richardvilseck 10 months ago

    Big government Bad... because it's the only thing to protect little people from BIG BUSINESS.

  • worm master
    worm master 10 months ago

    Just wait, if you think making Medicare smaller was great ya can't wait to see what we're doing to the constitution!

  • Robgoren
    Robgoren 10 months ago +2

    Who cares. 2020 will see Medicaid for all. Thank you, Donald Trump, for finally dragging the corruption out into the light and stoking the peoples' rage to nuclear proportion.

  • nuno gomes
    nuno gomes 10 months ago


  • I. Renzi
    I. Renzi 10 months ago

    One thing I kinda of agree with Jason on the iPhone is, on what I've seen with people/families, co-workers that are in some kind of government assistance program, either their getting food stamps, living under section 8 housing authority, getting SSI checks for all their kids, having CCMS pay for the child care, qualify for the Texas Lite-up program where they help you with half of your light bill on the hot summer months, that all of their kids have all the latest in electronic gadgets from XBoxes, PlayStations, iPads, iPhones, Galaxy notes, Beats by Dr.Dre., and their always throwing BBQ's on the weekends, lots of beef fajitas. These low income people are living better than us that we don't qualify for those types of programs and pay our fair share of taxes.

  • Javier Ocampo
    Javier Ocampo 10 months ago

    Wait but I can't afford an iPhone tho

  • Spencerr
    Spencerr 10 months ago

    Who tf would buy 380 IPhones?

  • Jen1112111
    Jen1112111 10 months ago

    no one in the comment section wants to admit they voted Trump

  • Stan Stanlison
    Stan Stanlison 10 months ago

    I just had to click on this... I just had to watch it and make myself face palm. god dammit :/

  • Jeff Shoemaker
    Jeff Shoemaker 10 months ago

    ha! nice one kimmel

  • evilwithasmile
    evilwithasmile 10 months ago

    Go back to giving movie stars awards Jimmy. that's all you are good at. oops I forgot, you couldn't even do that right.

  • AllinTMC
    AllinTMC 10 months ago

    get a job

    • AllinTMC
      AllinTMC 10 months ago

      i only pay 26 dollars every two weeks

  • HybridFlu
    HybridFlu 10 months ago +1


  • Craig Holman
    Craig Holman 10 months ago

    Spicer is such a jerk. I would love to see Chaffetz and Ryan both go. "Americans have choices."

  • mae
    mae 10 months ago +3

    trump just made a 600 BILLION tax cut to made his friends happy while giving us the middle finger.
    thank you Deplorables.. you just made America worst again..

  • mae
    mae 10 months ago +1

    trump just made a 600 BILLION tax cut to made his friends happy while giving us the middle finger.
    thank you Deplorables.. you just made America worst again..

  • Organon
    Organon 10 months ago

    Three letters: N H S.