"Strange Voices" (1987-TV)


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  • foldelops
    foldelops 8 days ago +1

    OLDIES but GOODIES are the BEST!!!!!
    GRRRRREAT Flick...
    LOVE Nancy McKeon & ALL her Movies/TV Roles!!!!!
    So...WISH she HADN'T stopped doing Movies/TV!!!!!
    Haven't seen this in a LONG time...
    Thanks for the upload!!!

  • Mary Carroll
    Mary Carroll 11 days ago

    I knew a family where the son, as an adult, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He committed suicide by jumping off a building. The mom and brother were never the same after that. So grief stricken.

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones 16 days ago

    im so glad I found this movie,i always liked Nancy McKeon. I cant believe that 30 years later theres still so much shame attached to mental illness. ;

  • CeeCee Williams
    CeeCee Williams 17 days ago

    I am bipolar and schizo affective. There is no cure. And I did take myself off meds because it seems as if the meds weren't doing any good and it made me sick. My meds was switched so many times until they finally find some that worked. There is no cure, but it can be manageable. It doesn't only affect me it affects my family. And it was a while before they understood what I was going through. People who does not research will not understand how this affect a person. Watch The secret she kept, it's a movie starring Kyla Pratt

  • Adedolapo Alonge
    Adedolapo Alonge 17 days ago

    This is something that I can relate to

  • chip sramek
    chip sramek 17 days ago

    There are really people that liked this shit...Tranny cast, JWO predictive programming at its finest...under the assumption of harmless entertainment.

  • moonewitch
    moonewitch 18 days ago

    They should have put her in an institution. I would have. I know that couldn't handle it. It's always best to know your limits.

  • sheri withdog
    sheri withdog 21 day ago

    Good movie

  • Mo W
    Mo W Month ago +1

    Men can be sooo weak contrary to their “STRONG stereotypes 😩left the women to fend for themselves that’s crazy and unacceptable

  • Mo W
    Mo W Month ago +1

    ANYTHING with Nancy Mckeon in it besides “Facts of Life” (i didn’t like that show)

  • neillia vanterpool
    neillia vanterpool Month ago

    but , why would the door be unlock in a place like this ...

  • Shanta Fletcher
    Shanta Fletcher Month ago

    Very sad circumstance for that family ! Schizophrenia is not an " mental illness " ✌per se✌ ..... But it's an demon spirit that controls the will , emotions, & the mind of a person ! It's more spiritual than physical .... That's why scientists came up with the false narrative of the " mental illness " concept , trying to explain away the spiritual . But Jesus Christ himself came in contact with a demon possessed man whom Jesus described of having an " lunitic mind " ...... Today we would diagnosed that man as " mentally ill " & shove dozen of pills down his throat , instead of casting out the demon !!!!

  • Margaret Mosca
    Margaret Mosca Month ago

    Why does she always wears cloth way to big for her body

  • Tomorrow is NOT just another day

    Mental illness is horrible! If only we can prevent it or cure it, but I don't think we can because once the mind is already made up that's it.

  • Mary
    Mary Month ago +2

    BRAIN DISORDERS very misunderstood!

    Take my hand and come with me,
    I want to teach you about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I need you to know, I want to explain,
    I have a very different brain.
    Sights, sounds, and thoughts collide.
    What to do first? I can't decide.
    Please understand I'm not to blame,
    I just can't process things the same.
    Take my hand and walk with me,
    Let me show you about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I try to behave, I want to be good,
    But I sometimes forget to do as I should.
    Walk with me and wear my shoes,
    You'll see its not the way I'd choose.
    I do know what I'm supposed to do,
    But my brain is slow getting the message through.
    Take my hand and talk with me,
    I want to tell you about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I rarely think before I talk,
    I often run when I should walk.
    It's hard to get my school work done,
    My thoughts are outside having fun.
    I never know just where to start,
    I think with my feelings and see with my heart.
    Take my hand and stand by me,
    I need you to know about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    It's hard to explain but I want you to know,
    I can't help letting my feelings show.
    Sometimes I'm angry, jealous, or sad.
    I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and mad.
    I can't concentrate and I lose all my stuff.
    I try really hard but it's never enough.
    Take my hand and learn with me,
    We need to know more about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I worry a lot about getting things wrong,
    Everything I do takes twice as long.
    Everyday is exhausting for me...
    Looking through the fog of BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I'm often so misunderstood,
    I would change in a heartbeat if I could.
    Take my hand and listen to me,
    I want to share a secret about BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I want you to know there is more to me.
    I'm not defined by it, you see.
    I'm sensitive, kind and lots of fun.
    I'm blamed for things I haven't done.
    I'm the loyalist friend you'll ever know,
    I just need a chance to let it show.
    Take my hand and look at me,
    Just forget about the BRAIN DISORDERS.
    I have real feelings just like you.
    The love in my heart is just as true.
    I may have a brain that can never rest,
    But please understand I'm trying my best.
    I want you to know, I need you to see,
    I'm more than the label, I am still me!!!!
    ~Author Unknown

  • Sugar Gemsz
    Sugar Gemsz Month ago

    Thank you for posting.

  • Lady T
    Lady T Month ago +1

    This is a serious matter

  • Meade Music
    Meade Music 2 months ago +2

    Why is everyone so hard on the dad? The mom is no angel either. She is a covert narcissist.

  • Jeremiah Woodsi
    Jeremiah Woodsi 2 months ago +1

    I had a crush on Tootie Joe and Blair latter but I was young and girls kissing all over me was yucky and Jo rode the dirt bike so I quickly wanted To first Tootie when I was Five❤️♥️

  • J Starr2
    J Starr2 2 months ago

    The medications are great. They work by making them too sick to act out. Apparently they can't hear the voices or have the delusions with a splitting headache or flu symptoms. Get yourself a chick that hears voices crazy in the head crazy in bed.

  • arayahmariah
    arayahmariah 2 months ago

    does anyone know if there is a missing scene? maybe it only aired in the original run of the film in 87? i just watched it on netflix and it wasn’t there either. i can swear it was this movie where they show her living in a place like that facility the mother looked at that had a long waiting list. when the parents were visiting, she told her father that she had been working on models, or designing again, and he was happy and excited to see what she had done, but when she showed him he was very disappointed (but tried not to let her see it) because what she had made was very simplistic and might have even been made of cardboard or something, definitely not the materials she used on the other one at the beginning of the film. was there another movie where the daughter was an architecture student that i’m thinking of? seems like a big coincidence if there was. i can’t imagine 2 such similar movies would have been made, and i feel like it was nancy mckeon in the scene i’m remembering.

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 3 months ago +2

    The actor who plays the Father was in the 1987 movie Hit The Monster Squad! The actress who plays Nicole was in the Facts Of Life a good TV series!

  • mccartney charlesetta
    mccartney charlesetta 3 months ago +1

    I love this move. My friend has the same thing. But he take s his meds.

  • Maureen Jessica Mary
    Maureen Jessica Mary 3 months ago +1

    very good fact movie ,unfortunately some people with mental illness can become very aggressive and violet causing family and friends to be too scared to be around then, maybe they shoulve included some of these facts in this movie also

  • Gil Torres
    Gil Torres 3 months ago

    There’s such thing as over using your brain and college is probably bad for you in that way, maybe our methods of education should be changed cause people are losing their mind lol

  • villagebound61
    villagebound61 3 months ago

    Saw this movie a few years ago..i love it ...

  • Celephaïs
    Celephaïs 4 months ago

    Is it just me or is the windows xp search dog brushing itself heard a couple times in the movie. 55:10

  • Victoria Ferrarini
    Victoria Ferrarini 4 months ago

    I have never seen this movie before. It was fantastic! Nancy is such a wonderful actress. She has proven that no role is too big for her. I’m also really happy they chose to do this topic. Mental illness is a very real and so stressful for so many. It seems to be a story that no one wants to tell. But I think it needs to be recognized and embraced as it is a part of our society. I have never seen this movie before. It was fantastic! Nancy is such a wonderful actress. She has proven that no role is too big for her. I’m also really happy they chose to do this topic. Mental illness is a very real and so stressful for so many. It seems to be a story that no one wants to tell. But I think it needs to be recognized and embraced as it is a part of our society.

  • You Live Here
    You Live Here 4 months ago

    Don't make me have to go there when there's time to do the you know dab pay up

  • Soulvigilante
    Soulvigilante 4 months ago +1

    1:01:15 says it all. Psychiatry has nothing to improve the quality of life of people with SMI. What they offer are chemical straightjackets that make them less of a problem for the rest of us. And they wonder why medication compliance is so poor among this population, while illicit substance use (particularly meth) is so high.

  • Rani Selvi Sundaram
    Rani Selvi Sundaram 4 months ago +3

    Very loving mother.This is how every mother should be

  • Dany West
    Dany West 5 months ago +3

    Dad in this movie seems very narcissistic

  • Pamela Becking
    Pamela Becking 5 months ago

    Excellent movie!

  • BornToRunBarefoot
    BornToRunBarefoot 5 months ago +1

    No, I don't hear voices. Why are you people on TVclip asking me that question?

  • E Boogie
    E Boogie 5 months ago

    I can totally relate to this movie. My mom was a Schizophrenic. She also showed very erratic behavior. For example I could be in my room watching tv and she would come busting through the door just facing the wall or she would start yelling at me making no sense threatening to call the police. There was another time my mom had a minor car accident hitting the back of someone and the guy she hit said she didn’t get out of the car or anything. She just sat there in her car and stared straight ahead. She was non responsive.
    My mom was put on medication but it seemed like the medication made her worse

    • Shannon Stewart
      Shannon Stewart 5 months ago

      E Boogie so sorry you had to go through that.. mental illness is very sad hard thing.

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 5 months ago

    ik vond zielig voor haar en ik vond ook zielig hoe ze de feest van haar zus had verpest.

  • dwilloughby13
    dwilloughby13 6 months ago +3

    I don’t suffer from schizophrenia, but I don’t trust that chick that was talking to Jeff either

  • Selena Hilson
    Selena Hilson 6 months ago


  • sparkle light
    sparkle light 6 months ago

    Very accurate

  • Constance Kreese
    Constance Kreese 6 months ago +2

    My best friend in highschool had a crush on her

  • It's Hannah Banana!!
    It's Hannah Banana!! 6 months ago +1

    My aunt has Schizophrenia. The brain can be horrible sometimes, making you feel trapped in your own mind.

  • Hylian Brownie
    Hylian Brownie 6 months ago

    Good movie! Thank you!

  • C Q
    C Q 6 months ago

    Not watch

  • Glenys T
    Glenys T 6 months ago

    A good movie to learn understanding of people's pain and coping mechanism Thanks so much for sharing
    I'm pleased I watched.

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 6 months ago

    So Nicole went crazy over what the fact that people were talking and she destroys the computer she must have shizo affective disorder or something! They should have gotten her tested and put in a hospital for a long time! She had a mental down Schizophrenia is a an illness and something snapped in her brain! I have this and it makes me go insane too!

  • Sunspot Dawn
    Sunspot Dawn 6 months ago +1

    Big pharma pushes these diagnosis and hollyweird helped them.

  • Amie Matthews
    Amie Matthews 7 months ago +1

    I do love love love this movie, but another great Valerie Harper movie (unfortunately Nancy Mckeon isn’t in this one😥) a horror flick called “The People Across the Lake! My mom recorded it when I was a kid and my sister and I watched it all the time!

  • A Sexy Paramedic
    A Sexy Paramedic 7 months ago

    I have borderline personality disorder (bpd) and I totally hate the father for acting that way in the beginning. My parents did and now that I'm on my own, I'm fighting through years and years of mental torment. Mental illness is serious. To all parents, please listen to your kids and get them the help they need. It's nothing to be embarrassed about!
    Thankfully in this movie the parents finally see the light!

  • Denise G- Hill
    Denise G- Hill 7 months ago

    When will they find a cure for Schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses. Not as well funded or as news catching as cancer cures!!!

  • Tamika Lockley
    Tamika Lockley 7 months ago +2

    Mental Illness is nothing to play with. It is serious. I know with me having bi polar

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago

    can som baly tell me what wrong whith her.

  • MonsterDump
    MonsterDump 7 months ago +3

    I think schizophrenia is a gift, its another sense in a way.... Nancy McKeon killed it in this movie. Good performance.

  • B Saver
    B Saver 7 months ago

    There is no real medication for schizophrenia. Just chemical straight-jacket

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago

    great movies

  • B Saver
    B Saver 7 months ago +1

    The music makes it seem weird

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago +1

    i feel said fore the mother.

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago

    i think that the husband whas sleeping eround

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago

    How many times will she say sorry

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago +1

    i feel said fore her

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 7 months ago

    o my god what is wrong whith her.

  • Sifu Alain
    Sifu Alain 7 months ago

    great movie for any type of medicine one decides to study!awesome movie!

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 7 months ago

    My brother in law has smi... when he's on his meds, you can't tell that anything is wrong with him. He's funny and sweet.. mental illness is hard as hell on the family, and the individual, to deal with.

  • Tessa Krebs
    Tessa Krebs 7 months ago

    I just realized that the mom is rodah!

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 7 months ago

    The dr. In the beginning was a god send.

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 7 months ago +2

    Nancy McKeon is pretty.. love her acting

  • Kenneth Marrow
    Kenneth Marrow 7 months ago +1

    Valerie Harper played Rhoda, a spinoff from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  • Beth Palmer
    Beth Palmer 7 months ago

    she got it from her dad

  • Conservativeliberallady99

    Schizophrenia is one of the cruelest diseases out there. It takes beautiful, smart, talented and full of life young people who have nothing but the brightest futures in front of them and robs them of all that and more. One of the saddest diseases too. Thee are many types of schizophrenia with the paranoid type probably being the hardest to treat. Many stop taking their meds in fear they are being poisoned. To them, these fears are as real as night and day. I really hope someday a break thru happens and a cure for this happens. I watched a dear friend in high school lose to this disease right before his friends and family's eyes and nothing we could do. life went on after school of course and we had families of our own. Ten years later he took his two sons ages 3 and 1 to the foundry where he worked on Thanksgiving day to get his bible on the way to his mom's for TG dinner. His pregnant wife sat in the car while he took the boys in to "show them where daddy worked". He threw them into a 2000 degree foundry ladle. Then calmly went and told the security guard what he had done. This was TG 1987 and it will never leave my mind. I know his entire family and there is so much love in that family. It just tore it apart. Like I said to start. A very cruel disease. He like so many had stoped tking his meds.

  • MotivationalMe
    MotivationalMe 7 months ago

    I feel like the transcendental portion of schizophrenia is uncontrolled ability to reason with a gift that the person doesn’t know how to control!

  • MotivationalMe
    MotivationalMe 7 months ago

    My dad whom I loved very much dealt with this! He lived for 68 years and he suffered every day of his life for 48 years. I miss him and this breaks my heart ❤️ watching this. So triggering

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 7 months ago +2

    Who else had anxiety when that music played? I knew she would destroy that fine project...poor thing Ughh I felt so bad for her, I'm so sorry for people have to deal with this.

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 7 months ago +1

    Does it just come out of nowhere like that?? My aunt has schizophrenia and a bad case at that. She showed signs from a young girl my mother said. She started walking and talking extremely early. Taught herself to play several instruments, sew, and some foreign language early also. She completely lost it when her husband was murdered (3 years after the fact) She went missing several times for days, weeks, and then months til in 1989 she went missing permanently leaving behind 2 kids (9 and 7). She contacted my grandmother 12 years later. She hitched all the way to California and was living with an elderly couple as a care taker for them in exchange for room and board. She also told them horrible stories about our family and how she was beat and abused. She even showed them bruises and a broken arm and fractured knee when she met them and convinced herself that our family did it. She stayed with the couple and I heard the wife died and her and the husband began a relationship. She stills lives in a beautiful part of Cali and as far as I know, he pays for her expensive lifestyle of clothes, and dolls. Hundreds and hundreds of expensive dolls and doll house accessories. Never opened, just collected. She is such a sick person, I hope she doesn't hurt him or didn't hurt his wife. She can be nice but can flip like a snake and bite hard, becoming very evil. Do I think she is capable of murder, yes when she is having a swing

  • Kimberley Dawn
    Kimberley Dawn 7 months ago

    Haven't seen this movie in years!

  • Luv Luv
    Luv Luv 7 months ago +1

    Was it cut off at the end ?

  • Carol Berwind
    Carol Berwind 7 months ago +5

    i always thought this actress Nancy was very masculine. i don't see anything feminine about her.

    • Jude Lewis
      Jude Lewis 2 months ago +1

      Carol Berwind
      No one else agrees with you.

    • Freddie Tommie
      Freddie Tommie 4 months ago

      u must be attracted to her, then

    • D. Bunny
      D. Bunny 5 months ago

      Carol Berwind so

  • Jess D
    Jess D 7 months ago


  • Vivienne Morrison
    Vivienne Morrison 8 months ago +1

    It's sad but u come away with a sense of hope!

  • Sheila Davis
    Sheila Davis 8 months ago

    I love all the good old movies from back in the day that life time would put on. don't really know what is going on with the movies today though..........just saying

  • Jose angel Flores
    Jose angel Flores 8 months ago

    Schizoid man xxl....really leash...

  • Rudy Iraheta
    Rudy Iraheta 8 months ago

    18:53 view jo fighting like a ninja turtles as she is a raphael

  • Maria Clark
    Maria Clark 8 months ago +2

    Nancy McKeon played that part. Thanks for sharing

  • loveinspired7
    loveinspired7 8 months ago

    This was such a good movie. Very sad.

  • Lesley DeMattie
    Lesley DeMattie 8 months ago

    The music is so ceepy

  • Shonda B
    Shonda B 8 months ago +1

    Such a powerful movie

  • Miss Tonya c007
    Miss Tonya c007 8 months ago

    18:56 *HERE WE GO!!!!!! clear the HOWSE!*

  • Valentena Upton
    Valentena Upton 8 months ago

    Miss Perkins played Anne Frank in the Diary of Anne Frank

  • Amy Hill
    Amy Hill 8 months ago

    I wish she would do more movies .she was able to be more than no .

  • The Angry Engineer
    The Angry Engineer 8 months ago +28

    Nancy McKeon acted her tail off.

    • J Starr2
      J Starr2 2 months ago +1

      Acted? McKeon is Irish!

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley Taylor 8 months ago +12

    If people weren’t so judgmental, diseases wouldn’t be so hard to deal with
    I think the judgement hurts more than the disease itself

    • Aml Sept 15 2018
      Aml Sept 15 2018 3 days ago

      People should put more energy into improving themselves than to criticize others. Criticism just hurts and creates mental illness.

  • DaVondre Tisdale Production

    I also made a video of me telling a story about my life living with Schizophrenia. Yall can watch the video on my channel if yall want

  • Celephaïs
    Celephaïs 8 months ago

    Lol the state wouldn't be nearly as lax with people with mental illnesses today

  • TheTVisions
    TheTVisions 8 months ago

    Tricia Leigh Fisher is so underrated, wish we'd see her some more on TV.

  • gina
    gina 8 months ago

    Emotional movie, I love Nancy McKeon as an actress. She did a truly amazing portrayal of a woman with Schizophrenia. Thank you for the upload.

  • christina dann
    christina dann 8 months ago +4

    my daughter suffers through this can be very hard on the family I took nursing so I can learn how to help her and the family through it

  • alvin jones
    alvin jones 8 months ago


  • Swollen1
    Swollen1 9 months ago +2

    Has the requisite disease-of-the-week tv-movie moments. Predictable. But. somehow, it does move me. Well played, y'all...

  • Angela Meadows
    Angela Meadows 9 months ago +2

    So. Sad. A. Very. Bad. Illness. Good. Movie

  • MollyTTree
    MollyTTree 9 months ago +1

    It really is like a death, isn't it? Probably worse.

  • Debbie Johnson
    Debbie Johnson 9 months ago +12

    nancy is a great actress

  • Abby Mary
    Abby Mary 9 months ago

    Uaa 0