• Published on Apr 14, 2019
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Comments • 683

  • Will Dougherty
    Will Dougherty 12 hours ago

    Wait Nigel was in the army

    OSCAR Day ago

    men the braille house is my dream, i would love so much to have my team and this skatepark to progress in skate n just do what i want in, like game..

  • BackHandBoi
    BackHandBoi Day ago +3

    No one:
    Literally no one ever:
    Legit not a single soul ever:
    Aaron kyro: My toenails are in my chest

  • AQ 99
    AQ 99 2 days ago

    How old is aaron?
    When aaron was or is 47, his initials and his age together will say AK47

  • Vernesha Britt
    Vernesha Britt 2 days ago

    Damn every video Aaron is either scared to so something..scared and tries to laugh and joke it off like hes not or complains about it. Or doesn't even try

  • Alexander Chindaratana

    At 9:05 i think the board chipped. Like if you seen it👍

  • Kevin O'BRIEN
    Kevin O'BRIEN 4 days ago

    i just dont like nigel tbh

  • Amadeo Monje
    Amadeo Monje 6 days ago

    So they hazed nigel in the army is what im hearing 😂😂

  • Fabio Teles
    Fabio Teles 6 days ago

    Fetty is like a dog, he always need to win everything like a kid if he doesn't win i believ he starts crying 😂

  • Marlow krach
    Marlow krach 11 days ago +1

    Gabe it would have been more interesting to see the bits with more action: instead of filming fetty skate the flat ground, it would have been better to see everyone eat it on the bank. Also, the part when you were filming people run to finish, whilst Aaron and Nigel were doing their thing on the mini ramp. You film like your in a race, but there is only 4 of them. I can keep track on who’s ahead, id much rather see them skating and not running.

  • Otis kmcb
    Otis kmcb 13 days ago

    why does Aaron look high as shit

  • Benjamin Gibbons
    Benjamin Gibbons 16 days ago +3

    Was Nigel in army like if yes

    LIKE NOW 20 days ago +1

    *fortnite I copy wrote that* lol

    PAIN LXVER 21 day ago

    Squeaky tires

  • dude guys
    dude guys 21 day ago +1

    Mom: dinner is ready to be consumed.
    Me: 12:16

  • Tabytha Ovitt
    Tabytha Ovitt 22 days ago

    Gabe always looks high

  • Alpha Kahuna
    Alpha Kahuna 24 days ago

    Nigel was in the military? I mean I saw him at a gun comp but I had no idea.

  • Mose Bjorkskog
    Mose Bjorkskog 24 days ago

    is Carlos like 30years old?

  • Daniel x_x
    Daniel x_x 24 days ago +1

    4:27 Tokyo ghoul rep

  • sadgirl2001
    sadgirl2001 25 days ago

    Ok so idk the guys name but he seems to be like “the host” of these videos but he complains SO MUCH. Like nobody else was talking about the pain and this guy was like screaming the whole time. It’s not that he was the only one feeling the pain, they were all in pain they just didn’t see the point in complaining or using their pain to justify their losses like that guy.

  • Sparrow Misfit
    Sparrow Misfit 25 days ago

    Was Nigel in the army if so I had no idea

  • Candy Pink
    Candy Pink 25 days ago +2

    6:05 when the gym teacher in elementary school pulled out them colored flat things with wheels

  • ITZReZoHn Md
    ITZReZoHn Md 26 days ago

    “ I leave for one sec and come back and there’s a spaw

  • Dana Pelkey
    Dana Pelkey 27 days ago

    Gabe it might be because of the time you put soap everywhere

  • Aida Poe
    Aida Poe 27 days ago

    PS4 stupid skate

  • Tim Müller
    Tim Müller 27 days ago

    i copyroght it wth

  • Django Halloran
    Django Halloran 29 days ago

    "Fortnite I copywrote that dont steal it" - Nigel

  • Syd
    Syd 29 days ago

    Fârste trai

  • Rocky
    Rocky Month ago +1

    0:52 Nigel’s PTSD diagnosis confirmed

  • Kush Master
    Kush Master Month ago

    They are all stoned asf

  • Cameron Alden
    Cameron Alden Month ago

    love you boys

  • mary thorne
    mary thorne Month ago

    aaron "inhumans" LOL

  • CWides22
    CWides22 Month ago


  • June Blossom
    June Blossom Month ago

    “Candle to set the mood “;)))

  • Ray Wonder
    Ray Wonder Month ago +1

    If Gabe comes up with a punishment for an event that he doesn't compete in, he should have to do the same punishment as well as the loser

    PRODCRIBBS Month ago

    Man i wanna get blazed with fetty hahahah

  • King_Kong05
    King_Kong05 Month ago

    Fetty’s dramatic nails are hilarious 😆

    MEMERTRONS 9000 Month ago

    No one:


  • Lee Schiezer
    Lee Schiezer Month ago +2

    I’m coming here after watching VL skate do a tre flip barefoot in one of his tutorials

  • GiganticFoot Games
    GiganticFoot Games Month ago +1

    Putting rules in skateboarding for shame

  • ƒlashhLAW.
    ƒlashhLAW. Month ago +1

    no shoelympics

  • BBoyz Tv
    BBoyz Tv Month ago

    I like it how fetty gets hurt and he doesn’t say anything about it lol

  • The Cod3breaker
    The Cod3breaker Month ago

    When they have a cleaner shuvit than you... with shoes

  • x Bergalicious
    x Bergalicious Month ago

    When Fetty was tryin them front shuvs

  • Jared Gray
    Jared Gray Month ago

    Arran is trash!!,

  • CatinaBox
    CatinaBox Month ago +3

    The entire time I though they meant they had to wax their armpit with skaterail wax XD

  • mgibuk
    mgibuk Month ago

    Why is the army like jackass with guns?

  • Yuugi Tanakashi
    Yuugi Tanakashi Month ago +1

    😂😂Great one dudes!!! ❤️
    Still tell me Aaron how couldn't you feel that pain? 🤣🤣👌 Respect hahaha

  • poop dealer
    poop dealer Month ago

    could the thumbnail be considered sexual

  • Vane | Let's Play
    Vane | Let's Play Month ago +1

    Hahaha that Fetty Shooting Stars was awesome 😂

  • Holly Oswald
    Holly Oswald Month ago

    this is not hate comment... arron com'on dont be a baby walking with no shoes shouldnt hurt

  • Adrian Martinez Celaya

    I think it's slippery because of the soap.

  • Ege Altinoglu
    Ege Altinoglu Month ago

    buddy was in the army, respect

  • J[x]NNY ACE
    J[x]NNY ACE Month ago

    Anyone: Aye Nigel who do you spell armpits?
    Nigel: A R M I P T S D

  • WesSavage
    WesSavage Month ago +12

    "I leave for one second, I come back and there is a SPA" 😂

  • Caleb the RANDOM
    Caleb the RANDOM Month ago

    2:22 he's still doing it!!

  • Js Off-roading
    Js Off-roading Month ago

    Why dose Arron always look high

  • cameron wood
    cameron wood Month ago

    RIP socks

  • William Maurice
    William Maurice Month ago

    Buy thick winter wool socks for these things. Sounds like Aaron wore thin or worn/holey socks.
    I always wonder how well Aaron could really do if he didn't play it up for the camera. But then the channel wouldn't have the same Aaron charm.

  • shinigamiking69
    shinigamiking69 Month ago

    Nigel in the background with the shooting stars meme for fetty awesome

  • Austin Dunbar
    Austin Dunbar Month ago

    nigel was in the army????

  • tokyo ghoul fan
    tokyo ghoul fan Month ago

    yo fedie sorry if isaid that wrong cant spell for shit is that a tokyo ghoul bored with eto on the grip tape

  • Ghost rob
    Ghost rob Month ago


  • Itz Kmcawesomee
    Itz Kmcawesomee Month ago

    2:21 cough cough whirlwind emote look it up sorry nigel

  • GA L
    GA L Month ago +4

    Y'all should've included the waxing in the title 😂

  • Thomas Halbrook
    Thomas Halbrook Month ago

    Watching fetty trying to figure out that pop shuvit was PRICELESS #braillehouseboyz

  • Nate R
    Nate R Month ago

    I legit laughed so hard when fetty was trying his backside popshuvit

  • homero Laurel
    homero Laurel Month ago

    Yo they should do a upside down skateboard challenge

  • ZaneNogops
    ZaneNogops Month ago

    Anything but my arm pit im dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ferafi
    Ferafi Month ago

    Even though it's his channel, Aaron is with a major lead the most annoying guy on the entire channel.

  • alfie enzo
    alfie enzo Month ago

    whenever I try to skate with no shoes I either end up buying new socks
    or putting lots of plasters on my feet occasionally both

  • MiniCherokee
    MiniCherokee Month ago +1

    Someone:why do you like Fetty?
    Me: *shows them this video*

  • Riku
    Riku Month ago

    same again but take grip off too

  • paul pepito
    paul pepito Month ago


  • Wannes Vandenbulck
    Wannes Vandenbulck Month ago

    Cmon Aaron, p*ssy

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Month ago

    I died at Nigel at 4:06

  • Youtumor
    Youtumor Month ago

    a lot of dislikes on your video... wonder why haha

  • Wyatt LAngell
    Wyatt LAngell Month ago


  • Logan Crosby
    Logan Crosby Month ago +3

    Nigel:I copyright that
    Epic Games: but do you really?

  • Logan Crosby
    Logan Crosby Month ago


  • Josh EJ8
    Josh EJ8 Month ago

    Nigel was in the military?

  • by potatos
    by potatos Month ago

    I love you Aaron

  • Ghostrunner
    Ghostrunner Month ago

    You guys should do a game of skate with the trucks flipped in reverse

  • aldente
    aldente Month ago

    legend has it, fetty is still rolling till this day

  • Ollie Ubsdell
    Ollie Ubsdell Month ago

    If you enjoy skating you will pin this comment

  • Ollie Ubsdell
    Ollie Ubsdell Month ago

    I love Nigel 😂😂

  • N1Bu
    N1Bu Month ago

    Got to love Fetty´s Eto grip tape.

  • xyHypnoo
    xyHypnoo Month ago

    Hahha aaron when you said that thing about the spa it cracked me up so hard hahaha love from austria🇦🇹

  • YFB Youngin
    YFB Youngin Month ago

    Who else is watching this with there shoes off?

  • Keanuu E
    Keanuu E Month ago

    Wow Braille should of represented America because they outline what America is with skateboarding

  • Jay Dogg
    Jay Dogg Month ago

    That's the whitest black guy ive ever seen

  • Ste Selector
    Ste Selector Month ago

    5:02 Aaron "Now I know how Bear feels like" - give Bear dog skate shoes.

  • Gage Fink
    Gage Fink Month ago

    Have y'all done a skate with some vibrate toe shoes? that would be interesting to watch

  • LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster

    Bro you should make first cry t shirts whoever cry’s first on a terrible soooo get one. Dat be dopes

  • Wyatt_TheOne37 7
    Wyatt_TheOne37 7 Month ago

    Hay I meant Tony hawk and them in real life and they signed my board plz likes this comet so Brazil can see it

  • Wyatt_TheOne37 7
    Wyatt_TheOne37 7 Month ago


  • 1859ddd
    1859ddd Month ago

    Aaron I love ya man but you're such a dramatic soi boi sometimes. 😂 Solid video gentlemen!

  • ricky spanish
    ricky spanish Month ago

    Y'all should lemme take a BMX bike to the braillehouse

  • Phillip Priolo
    Phillip Priolo Month ago

    That looked fun.

  • kirstywright
    kirstywright Month ago

    Hahahahah "I leave for a second and come back and theres a spa" best part of the video 😂