• Published on Apr 14, 2019
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Comments • 803

  • Little Lynn
    Little Lynn 12 minutes ago

    4:04 reminds me of that meme of the little girl falling of the swing and rolling and they edited her doing a strike in Wii bowling, he just kept going lmaooo

  • Ghost SZN
    Ghost SZN 4 hours ago

    4:07 fetty lagged

  • Kjng 19
    Kjng 19 5 hours ago

    If aaron is so good why does he lose everything? He never tries and overreacts to everything it is very annoying , glad i havent saw him in the newer videos

  • Ninja
    Ninja Day ago

    I love how the Olympic sports y'all do make them look stupid.😂

  • Charles Meadows
    Charles Meadows Day ago +1

    Quinton Terentino is quaking

  • WildMoonChild
    WildMoonChild Day ago

    watching them wax their legs is hilarious as a girl 🤣

  • Saul Mendoza
    Saul Mendoza Day ago +1

    Fetty at 12:54 says nothing would hurt more then waxing, then he broke his jaw.....wax must feel like tickles to him now😂 get well fetty💯

  • chase martins
    chase martins 2 days ago

    Aaron looks stoned lol

  • Goated Weeb
    Goated Weeb 3 days ago

    If you guys see this can y’all ask fetty if his character on his griptape is from Tokyo ghoul

  • Weywey 1213
    Weywey 1213 3 days ago

    Shoulda been no shoes and no griptape

  • Shook!
    Shook! 3 days ago

    9:42, no wonder he is always wearing a hat.

  • Seth Reign
    Seth Reign 4 days ago

    Fortnite will steal that dance 💯

  • Colby Pardue
    Colby Pardue 4 days ago

    This came out on my birthday! Sick!

  • Curl Gurl
    Curl Gurl 5 days ago

    Babe should be a school teacher he has really neat printing

  • Curl Gurl
    Curl Gurl 5 days ago

    The square space sponcer reminded me of the jnj podcast

  • Jay Ar
    Jay Ar 6 days ago +5

    2 yr old me when I did something bad nd got caught: 12:15

  • Jason Juarez
    Jason Juarez 7 days ago

    Aaron was bakedd af

  • Fallen Soul
    Fallen Soul 7 days ago +1

    Love fetty's Tokyo ghoul grip tape

  • MaKKaDo TY
    MaKKaDo TY 7 days ago

    i just want to point out the tokyo ghoul sticker on fetty's griptape

  • Tylex fn
    Tylex fn 8 days ago

    Fettey is using a tokyo ghoul bord yessssss

  • Serenity Tomlin
    Serenity Tomlin 10 days ago

    I miss Carlos

  • Vera Hallgren
    Vera Hallgren 10 days ago

    "I leave for one second and then I come back and there's a spA"😂😂

  • Daniel Turcioss Vlogs
    Daniel Turcioss Vlogs 10 days ago

    I will miss Carlos 4 over

  • DaHacksJustBugune DaHacksJustBugune

    Yeah I never knew Nigel went to army

  • Avian Mackey
    Avian Mackey 12 days ago


  • Tommy B
    Tommy B 13 days ago

    Screw that armpit wax, anywhere else.

  • Free Lunch
    Free Lunch 14 days ago

    A writer uses his brain more than his hands when writing. Bad analogue. Maybe a carpenter and his hands would be a better one.

  • mikaela joyce
    mikaela joyce 15 days ago


  • Creepymangaming
    Creepymangaming 15 days ago

    Took the emote anyways doesn’t get copyright

  • kia pot
    kia pot 17 days ago

    Aron look like mr bean

  • dcsvideos
    dcsvideos 18 days ago

    The next fortnite dance: 2:07

  • Cazmanian Devil
    Cazmanian Devil 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who skates with left foot forward

  • quentin Penn
    quentin Penn 19 days ago

    Why does Nigel look high on pot in every video anymore

  • CoinflipperTv
    CoinflipperTv 20 days ago

    That thumbnail smells through the screen ;)

  • Prior2Popular
    Prior2Popular 22 days ago

    “I leave for one second, and I come back and there’s a spa”

  • Donk •¿
    Donk •¿ 22 days ago

    4:10 when you fall in THPS

  • Ana Seaman
    Ana Seaman 23 days ago

    Nigel’s story about having his arm pit shaved while he was in the army 😂

    IM SAD POTATO 23 days ago

    Carlos has waxed the floor!!

  • J Krejcha
    J Krejcha 25 days ago

    I died with Nigel's singing.Lol

  • armouredcat23
    armouredcat23 27 days ago

    flat foot aron kyro

  • Curtis Dudley
    Curtis Dudley 29 days ago

    IKR 😂

  • bryan verbinnen
    bryan verbinnen Month ago

    skate with thick footbal socks too much grip haha

  • Sydney Huetter
    Sydney Huetter Month ago

    I skate without anything on my feet and I’m fine 🤡🙈

  • lonewolfette
    lonewolfette Month ago

    No one wants to wax their armpit? Meanwhile practically every woman is going "There guys are wusses!" Seriously, much love, guys.

  • sosatec 15
    sosatec 15 Month ago

    Is fetty board griptape the girl off of Tokyo ghoul

  • Haydnen Hdjsks
    Haydnen Hdjsks Month ago

    i never knew fetty had so many tattos *cough cough* expensive

  • Dominic Trotta
    Dominic Trotta Month ago +2

    hint was to wear sky zone socks

  • Cesar Studios
    Cesar Studios Month ago

    Is potter fettys actual last name??

  • We Surf
    We Surf Month ago +1

    Listen to the intro at 0.75 speed...Blaze it.

  • Kordova-_-
    Kordova-_- Month ago +1

    I just thought of something. Aaron goes "you yes you learn how to skate" Danny way is watching the video? Lol

  • poisoncurls
    poisoncurls Month ago +1

    Aaron is so cringe. I really can't stand that dude. Just sayin'

  • Nathan Quintero
    Nathan Quintero Month ago

    I don’t think Aaron deserves to be pro lol

  • Shane M
    Shane M Month ago

    The race where u have to sit is my favorite

    ANTWANINATOR Month ago

    2:11-2:23 😂😂😂

  • JustAGamer
    JustAGamer Month ago +1

    I genuinely hate it when Aaron doesn't try😩

  • Stephan LyricsMassiah

    I "copywrote" that...
    I think it's actually copiedwrote...

  • Olivier Garces
    Olivier Garces Month ago

    "You guys are inhumans"
    Filipino Skaters: We used to skate BAREFOOT

  • Bike Bits
    Bike Bits Month ago

    Game is like a teacher when he explains the race😂❤️

    THEFRIEGUY Month ago

    Nigel was in the army?

  • Tier Miles
    Tier Miles Month ago

    Who sweeps ?

  • ElementalPee
    ElementalPee Month ago

    I could smell the thumbnail.

  • Henry Loder
    Henry Loder Month ago +1



  • Ligma BOSS
    Ligma BOSS Month ago

    Y Aron look high af ???

  • Cheap Ass Lamp
    Cheap Ass Lamp Month ago

    Foot fetish niggas having a field day rn.

  • Maxim Reilly
    Maxim Reilly Month ago

    Is Gabe the new face of Braille Skateboarding

  • Henley Vala
    Henley Vala Month ago

    First to brake a skateboard barefoot ??

  • RH
    RH Month ago

    Omg I Love this Tokyo Ghoul Griptape

  • Gunlord Gaming
    Gunlord Gaming Month ago

    4:06 When you fall down a hill in gta 5

  • Jeremy C Barnhart
    Jeremy C Barnhart 2 months ago

    Literally NEVER seen Aaron's eyes that bad or his lack of drive?!
    PLEASE tell me he doesn't smoke the plant.

  • eatSLEEPshitHONDA
    eatSLEEPshitHONDA 2 months ago

    Nah that wax dont count..aron has to do the real stuff.. i let my wife wax my back. And i wouldn't wish that pain on no man.. like this comment for a redo

  • StarzzDrak
    StarzzDrak 2 months ago

    aaron what a poser :D

  • Gabriel Zee
    Gabriel Zee 2 months ago

    Nigel: No

  • Mr.wildcat
    Mr.wildcat 2 months ago +1

    Nigel yells at home AHHH Wax in the trees!!!!!!!!!

  • Johann
    Johann 2 months ago

    why do you look so tired

  • Rami Alnashef
    Rami Alnashef 2 months ago +7

    I didn't know that Nigel was in the army. That is awesome thank you for your service Nigel