• Published on May 18, 2016
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    music by Dyalla Swain
    MY GEAR;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

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  • S Rowe
    S Rowe 3 days ago

    09:35 I've rented apartments that were smaller and not half as well-appointed as Casey's suite at the Fairmont. He's right, "It's insane!" Good show, Melissa. That's how you build a loyal customer base.

  • Aidan McLaren
    Aidan McLaren 10 days ago

    It is ok to fly business class

  • ItsRitz YT
    ItsRitz YT 15 days ago

    tHaTs iT i WaNt A bOoStEd BoArD

  • coconut pineapple tree

    What is the song in the beginning called

  • Zachary Blackburn
    Zachary Blackburn 24 days ago

    Ever been to Vancouver?

  • Rijal Putranto
    Rijal Putranto Month ago

    I just watching your youtube casey! Greeting from Indonesia, 🙏

  • Mini Bikes
    Mini Bikes Month ago

    Hey everyone I’m going on a airplane in 2 weeks have any tips?

  • Mini Bikes
    Mini Bikes Month ago

    Hey everyone I’m going on a airplane in 2 weeks have any tips?

  • Sherwin Sumaya
    Sherwin Sumaya Month ago

    Yo! Casey can I have your gold one?
    I can't wait to see you here in the Philippines soon...
    Thanks for saying great country 3:55 actually it is a great country.

  • Our Mi-Ammy Life
    Our Mi-Ammy Life 2 months ago

    Such a good dude. Despite all the money and fame still gets stoked about a hotel room. View helps. 🌃

  • Ouwen Huang
    Ouwen Huang 2 months ago

    normal people: lives life in city
    CASEY: lives life in airport

  • AMV Cedric
    AMV Cedric 2 months ago

    Casey travlled more than I changed my bedsheets

  • K man4life
    K man4life 3 months ago

    that is the worst cinematic music

  • Genipsis Space Agency
    Genipsis Space Agency 3 months ago

    Greatest airport security...
    United: Drags fucking people off the plane.
    Casey: This is not a product endorsement.

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George 4 months ago +1

    Damm Casey, Smartphone abuse.

  • SeppoKebu 38
    SeppoKebu 38 4 months ago

    Can you come to Finland in Esbo answer pls

    • Harry B
      Harry B 2 months ago

      SeppoKebu 38 no

  • marccalvillo
    marccalvillo 4 months ago

    Intro song from tj hahaha

  • John Byrne
    John Byrne 4 months ago

    Come to Dublin Ireland

  • amanda gitonga
    amanda gitonga 6 months ago


  • Scr appy
    Scr appy 6 months ago

    I live in sf and it never gets old

  • Erik Bjerregaard
    Erik Bjerregaard 7 months ago

    TO Q&A:
    Have you ever been to Denmark, and when will you go to Denmark?

  • SpaceNiqz
    SpaceNiqz 7 months ago

    8:04 😂

  • Lim Randell
    Lim Randell 7 months ago

    When you coming to Singapore

  • Roxanne Boyer
    Roxanne Boyer 7 months ago

    i still have an htc that is still going strong

  • plane-fluffy 664
    plane-fluffy 664 7 months ago

    Who else had the same HTC phone

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris 7 months ago

    Why don't you say I love u when u get off the phone with ur wife

  • Irfan Ali
    Irfan Ali 7 months ago

    Casey's wife phoned him just to make sure that he is gone so that she can call her boyfriend to home..

  • Luna Tea
    Luna Tea 8 months ago

    Haven't we all dropped a phone into the toilet at one point of our lives,,,

  • Genipsis Space Agency
    Genipsis Space Agency 8 months ago

    United Airways Slogan: Fly United, Get dragged, raped, harassed and molested! You are welcome to fly on our airline!

  • Oliver Milsom
    Oliver Milsom 8 months ago

    Will you ever come to bangkok

  • Om Upadhyay
    Om Upadhyay 8 months ago

    It's the Jockey commercial's music

  • RNG Fresh Bullet
    RNG Fresh Bullet 9 months ago

    Have you been to Australia before?

    I live here🇦🇺

  • Nick M
    Nick M 9 months ago

    that tj hunt intro tho!

    LEGO STUDIO 9 months ago

    Go to Indonesia in jakarta and yogyakarta

  • nicolas rojo
    nicolas rojo 9 months ago

    when are you going to Indonesia again? go to Bali!!

  • Owen Graveling
    Owen Graveling 9 months ago

    I swear Casey leaked his old number

  • JB/VidsAndVlogs
    JB/VidsAndVlogs 9 months ago +1

    You recorded this video on my birthday

  • R33DY
    R33DY 10 months ago

    9:35 first thought, youre in the damn appartment of GTA V o.O

  • Sebastian Arijs
    Sebastian Arijs 10 months ago

    Will u ever come to Aberdeen Scotland q and a

  • Amazing Ethan Levinson
    Amazing Ethan Levinson 10 months ago

    I like how you like the Philippines I’m Filipino I’m going there in 2020

  • Gabrielle O'Riordan
    Gabrielle O'Riordan 10 months ago +1

    DAM IT! well I aint gonna see you cuz I aint travelling to northern Ireland I live on the total opposite side of northern Ireland lol

  • Gabrielle O'Riordan
    Gabrielle O'Riordan 10 months ago +1

    WOW I live in Ireland!!! a irish yt ber made a vid about you in a taxi!

  • Gumbo
    Gumbo 11 months ago

    what the fuck is that thing

    • Mike B
      Mike B 11 months ago

      what the fuck is what thing?

    ESTATE SURGUJA 11 months ago

    when u are coming to india....

  • Stardust Sykes
    Stardust Sykes 11 months ago

    Fly to Michigan please!

  • MATTYBOY1847
    MATTYBOY1847 11 months ago

    you should come to new zealand soon

  • lewis bell
    lewis bell 11 months ago

    Someone asked will you be going to ireland he said belfast which is in Northern Ireland which us a hole different country tgats like saying are you going to Canada and saying yeah new york 😢

  • Sammy Ikiki
    Sammy Ikiki 11 months ago

    How do you drop it in the toilet

  • Zee Fab
    Zee Fab 11 months ago

    Why not come dressed already in your pjs on the plane?

  • Krishna Desai
    Krishna Desai 11 months ago

    I'm still using that s3

  • Oliver Jeffery
    Oliver Jeffery 11 months ago

    If you still have the gold one is love to buy it

  • Tide Cruz
    Tide Cruz Year ago

    Thank you for helping the Yolanda victims. You are a good man.✌

  • Rishabh Jain
    Rishabh Jain Year ago

    I'm am so happy to know that the founder of boosted is an Indian 👍

  • Amela K
    Amela K Year ago

    Who else thinks it’s supper weird to see Casey driving?

  • Park Anna
    Park Anna Year ago

    he is so tough he touch stuff so hard

    resulting phone being broken- i understand because that's how i broke mine

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite Year ago

    I lowkey also thought his note 3 was a calculator

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite Year ago

    You charge it 100% then *cuts to driving downtown newyork on a skateboard..*

  • TK
    TK Year ago

    i think there was a booger on that strawberry...look close

  • kaylin corotis
    kaylin corotis Year ago

    Casey should make a montage of all of the times he filmed himself walking out of an airplane

  • Jerry's
    Jerry's Year ago

    That hotel room, no joke is about 5 times the size of a 1/1 apartment in China. And people look at me strangely when I say to them how much I miss living in the United States, and I have only been gone for 9 months. Love the VLOG's. My channel sucks for the moment as I lack the equipment to make content but I make do for now until I pick up my Canon M5 in 2 months.

  • Jacob Gaylord
    Jacob Gaylord Year ago

    Never thought I would hear TJ Hunts outro song in a CaseyNeistat video.

  • Brooke Lakin
    Brooke Lakin Year ago

    Over spring break I went to San Francisco. We had a blast but it rained the whole time we were there.

  • Colby Lee
    Colby Lee Year ago

    When you think that water mark of yours is a messed up iPad lol

  • Mr. Moo
    Mr. Moo Year ago

    I hope your great full for all of what you have...

  • sooshunt
    sooshunt Year ago

    I stumbled onto his channel when looking up drone reviews. He is a quirky guy and pulls you in with his charm as well as his ability to edit a film and tell a story about innocuous mundane every day things. I have found myself watching blog after blog of Casey's, But after watching many of his videos I do see how he tries to act like he is the common man and does not ask for anything to be sent to him,but in reality he is a multi millionaire. I would say he deserves what he has he is a hard worker and a talented individual. In the end he is the only one I have ever felt compelled to follow on TVclip, I guess that in itself speaks volumes for the man. Congrats Casey and continued success.

  • Joseph Prosnitz
    Joseph Prosnitz Year ago

    Can I have the gold one?

  • Bee Lee
    Bee Lee Year ago

    i open packages the same way casey does. kind of.

  • Aepek
    Aepek Year ago

    The rooms bigger than my house! it, & am jealous! Also wish could afford boosted board gen 2.

  • Aepek
    Aepek Year ago

    Sitting backwards is great for most of the raide, will be awkward when feel breaks & acceleration at times, but it's pretty cool

  • Aepek
    Aepek Year ago

    Casey if you msg me or email me I can fix all your iPhones & android(cost will be diff & timeframe will be diff) for cheaper than Apple Store & am able to fix all parts! Certified as well with warranties. If interested, hit me up. Have seen multiple episodes of your iPhone issues & not getting fixed cuz of costs at the Apple stores. Up to you. Love the vids, L8R dude, ~cheers~