Pentagon says Trump to send troops to Saudi Arabia

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • The Pentagon announced it will deploy additional U.S. troops and missile defence equipment to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, following an attack on a Saudi oil facility. Iran has denied any involvement, but the U.S. says otherwise.
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Comments • 818

  • SimpleGamingF2P pc
    SimpleGamingF2P pc 7 days ago

    people do not understand that, US cause the war so they must fight with iran not saudis

  • David Crawford
    David Crawford 7 days ago

    But Saudia Arabia didn't help us in Normandy.

  • Ghost Train Haze
    Ghost Train Haze 7 days ago

    Not Iran's fault if a war breaks out

  • Kowloon
    Kowloon 22 days ago

    Trump protecting those who organised and financed 11/11 and world terrorism, it s a shame

  • Monsu Kachor
    Monsu Kachor 24 days ago +1

    Let them fight for themselves. No more war please. Stop lies about Iran.

  • Justin M.
    Justin M. 25 days ago +1

    So sad theres always Americans that think the cause justifies the means.

    Edit: I'm tired of wars, stop occupying other countries and just help your own country, before it's to late and you inevitably get knocked down a peg...

  • Blackbear1986
    Blackbear1986 25 days ago +2

    USA always need to invade to keep their military business rolling.

  • Alice Li
    Alice Li 25 days ago

    how many is depend on how much Saudi is willing to pay, LOL

  • ahpahchei revolucian
    ahpahchei revolucian 25 days ago +1

    These are UNINTELLIGENT troops.

  • attiume yami
    attiume yami 25 days ago +1

    Not another war in the middle east! How about we send our politicians to fight it this time. Lets arm them with slingshots and airsoft vests.

    FUCKTHESYSTEM70 26 days ago

    Amerika is a war mongering country no matter who’s president

  • Doc3d
    Doc3d 26 days ago +1

    This is an order soldiers should refuse to obey, unless there is approval by the house and senate.

  • brigitte solano
    brigitte solano 27 days ago


  • David Ta
    David Ta 27 days ago

    Didn’t Saudi Arabia kicked out US troops in the past 🤔

  • Generaal Nazireer
    Generaal Nazireer 27 days ago

    Saudi who you gonna call ? Ghost busters !

  • Peter Almeida
    Peter Almeida 27 days ago +1

    Send Trudeau with his costume , flying carpet and blackface problem solved.

  • Silly Walks
    Silly Walks 27 days ago

    Don't make same mistakes as Iraq invasion.
    Unjustified murder of thousands. FALSE FLAGS NO MORE!!!

  • shabana saeed
    shabana saeed 27 days ago

    it is an international political game of chess.

  • Lotus Infotech
    Lotus Infotech 27 days ago +1

    *Venezuela* has the world's largest oil Reserves and we *should buy Venezuelian oil* instead of Middle Eastern Oil..

    • Ambassador of Truth
      Ambassador of Truth 26 days ago +1

      Lotus Infotech - we should be buying Canadian oil and become the largest supplier of crude to the planet.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 27 days ago

    Once we join forces with our true friends & Allies; Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un & Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, *America will be Great Again.*

  • M.M M
    M.M M 27 days ago +1

    USA responsible for that, because the Economic blockade against Iran.. They must fight Iran. Not Saudi Arabia.

  • Ray Beam
    Ray Beam 27 days ago +1

    Trump bone spurs the cowardly grifter

  • mark bui
    mark bui 27 days ago

    additionals US troops to Saudi, and not to Ukraine against Russian aggression. Why am I not surprised.

  • Patrick Mike
    Patrick Mike 27 days ago

    Oil field burns: Let’s send troops
    Bus full of children killed: I don’t think we shouldn’t stop helping these people

  • Balzac
    Balzac 27 days ago

    The same mistake they did with Iraq.

  • Crispen Drye
    Crispen Drye 27 days ago

    i want to join the army and get in for the big win.
    we should be outraged that rich men are harming other rich mens assets.

  • Zaghani
    Zaghani 27 days ago

    US failed to protect saudi oil
    Blame yourself

  • Steven Quarford
    Steven Quarford 27 days ago

    All Muslims hate infidels on their land, expect them to be attacked. See USS Cole. We need to stay off Muslim land

  • Wolf Blitzer
    Wolf Blitzer 27 days ago

    Trumps last job.

  • bonbon vegabon
    bonbon vegabon 27 days ago

    Trump needs to stop going to war for israhell #bdsboycottisrael #freepalestine

  • bonbon vegabon
    bonbon vegabon 27 days ago


  • Some One
    Some One 27 days ago

    The UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait will benefit from this, too. As will the people who rely on their exports and imports.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 27 days ago

    My left ear says thanks for the update. Good production quality CBC.

  • no name x
    no name x 27 days ago

    Its happening

  • John Smith
    John Smith 27 days ago

    The world would be a safer place if the west would stop meddling in the Middle East.

  • Trev S
    Trev S 27 days ago

    This potential war is totally unnecessary - Iran could have had nukes 20 years ago if they wanted them - these are intelligent articulate Persians, not some oppressed Sadam Arabs - US trowing there lot in with that megalomaniac Netanyahu and the butcher crown price Salmon is obscene

  • Abbas Bangash
    Abbas Bangash 27 days ago

    Irán rusia turkey china know exactly what these troops are coming for INVASION

  • mohammed ali
    mohammed ali 27 days ago

    few drones and missiles will take care of those americans

  • etab83
    etab83 27 days ago

    Protect the American oil supply lol

  • Dutchy
    Dutchy 27 days ago

    Donald Trump will defend the interests of Aramco and the Saudi Royal family until the last American bodybag is crammed with US soldiers.

  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson 27 days ago

    If they can't gorven their Country Security wise "🏺⚔🏁 We " will do it for them! America 🇺🇸 🗽 🌎 should take control of the situation.

  • Afza
    Afza 27 days ago

    use your money to help your homeless problem instead spending on war.

  • Red Tankgirl
    Red Tankgirl 27 days ago

    Warmongering for a genocidal kingdom in order to start the next war they both have been soliciting for. A match made in hell. Then again, crazy sure does love crazy and those leaders are.

  • WhatNot
    WhatNot 27 days ago

    Never seen a Chicken like Saudi Arabia lol...why spend so much when you cannot fight flip flop wearing cavemen?!

  • Surush S.
    Surush S. 28 days ago

    Saudi Arabia and occupation Israel are the western imperialist's foothold in middle east. I hope Yemenis bombs right on invaders head.

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards 28 days ago

    I believe that this whole episode is just a warning shot to The Saudi's. Not by Iran alone, but a coalition that is forming in defence of Iranian sovereignty.
    The warning shot says : You are a one trick pony. You have two resources, oil and sand. You are extremely vulnerable. Don't stir the pot on US or Israel's behalf.
    And that assessment is fundamentally true. Hostile forces were able to easily take down half of the Saudi's resource economy. The other half, just as vulnerable, would spiral the Kingdom of Saud into chaos.

  • timluns
    timluns 28 days ago

    so when U.S. troops are "attacked" our " defense" wont look like an attack....get it? got it? good.

  • Mark Beaudry
    Mark Beaudry 28 days ago

    So America gives weapons to Saudi Arabia to be used against the Iran, and Iran gives weapons to the Houthis to be used against Saudi Arabia. What a world.

  • True Story
    True Story 28 days ago

    Iran is fighting to remove their sanctions unlike saudi there fighting for the dollar

  • Jesse Wilder
    Jesse Wilder 28 days ago +2


  • Ramiz Northland
    Ramiz Northland 28 days ago +1

    Trump said we must go Saudi Arabia is paying cash

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson 28 days ago

    We are not the worlds police. Cheap oil is not a fix all. War should NEVER be used as political leverage.
    Our president is a Class A Turd.

  • D Brown
    D Brown 28 days ago

    Wow i swear we never learn do we. Its time the world got off the oil tit.

  • NotMe Us
    NotMe Us 28 days ago +4

    The U.S. military are now mercenaries for traitor trumps highest donors

  • PKDUSTER2525
    PKDUSTER2525 28 days ago

    And I’m a trump supporter

  • Ricardo Flick
    Ricardo Flick 28 days ago

    lol fighting over dead dinosaur goop...

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 28 days ago

    Watch out Saudi Arabia, Trojan hose to take your

  • Carrie See
    Carrie See 28 days ago +7

    Troops! REFUSE TO GO! This is wrong! Jail is prefers to dying, and Bernie will pardon you

    • attiume yami
      attiume yami 25 days ago

      😂😂😂 i agree with the first part, but bernie Being president is in another universe where communism works

  • rapper4orty2
    rapper4orty2 28 days ago +4

    That's why I'm getting out the military. It's all about money and when something happens to you they dont look out for you.

  • Steven Klinkhamer
    Steven Klinkhamer 28 days ago

    Defensive measures are all well & good- but if all we got in the toolbox is that & increased economic sanctions in response to Irans continuing acts of aggression- its just a matter of time- more than likely before we see another "act of war" from the Iranians.