FEMA Camps Prepared for SHTF..Are You? Get Prepping!

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • My thoughts on preparedness for a couple weeks stay of sheltering in place due to a natural disaster. How we implemented our two week plan and practice it.
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  • Suzie Garland
    Suzie Garland 3 days ago

    fema 5g what else for mind control really????

  • Nettie Standiford
    Nettie Standiford 4 days ago

    When TSHF, there will be no electricity, no running water or facilities, no cell phones or computers or tv's or washer and dryers.No hospitals that will be safe, no grocery stores full of food, no 911, no schools, no freebies, essentially no friends as it will be a "dog eat dog" society. Not looking or sounding good but, we can survive......the first order of biz is to get your head in the right place. Get educated NOW and prepare.

  • Nettie Standiford
    Nettie Standiford 4 days ago

    When TSHF, total chaos will be the new norm but, it doesn't have to be. I learned as a child to preserve, modify, rearrange, refigure and compromise.simply knowing a few things about survival will see you through in the long run. Learn how to filter water with charcoal, find and store wild game and vegetation, dehydrate foods, some medical knowledge and how to utilize herbs for medicinal purposes. Learn how to build traps and fish and load, clean properly shoot and store weapons. Americans have become so complacent and know nothing of" life on the prairie". Better get it together folks, it's coming.

  • Nettie Standiford
    Nettie Standiford 4 days ago

    When the time comes and TSHF, we all know that those taking care of lifers will be home with their families trying to survive. The guards first order of biz will be to release the prisoners and we all know what that means. Get yourselves a bunker and supply,supply, supply. Load up for the long haul people. The electric won't be back on in a few days and your possibles will be looking good to crooks. Educate yourselves and teach the younguns self defense.Mothers better learn how to garden and preserve, use a smoker and General medicine. Get some "how to's" and get on it. Time is running out.

  • Mickey Hoffman
    Mickey Hoffman 7 days ago

    Better put your trust in Jesus not the world.When it comes you can kiss your ass good by.

  • T Bren
    T Bren Month ago

    I think freeze dried foods are a good supplement for last resort. It tastes decent, and better than starvation. Buckets of rice, flour and beans are very cheap and will keep you fed for a loong time. A pellet gun will get you small game, and invest in a good hand pump water filtration device, 55 gallon drums with visqueen sheets for rainwater collection. Appropriate winter clothing, basic hand tools, farming tools, weapons ammo, the list gets very long. Imagine yourself in that situation, and make a list of what you would want. It really takes years, so start now while you have time.

    DEPLORABLE 961 Month ago


  • Isabel sanchez
    Isabel sanchez 2 months ago +1

    Its all part of agenda 21 (DEPOPULATION PROGRAM)

  • Kathy Davis
    Kathy Davis 2 months ago +1

    If there is just one person alive out there who has been on the fema barge u need to contact a film director!!! Seriously if u have actual proof of being on one after the hurricane at Houston Texas do u have any idea how much cash u could make telling your story I'm sure they would love to hear from you to make a movie contact me

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 3 months ago +1

    The Aliens at the other end of that tunnel want you to come back in. They are hungry. And since you will be going back in soon don't forget to bring them some beer or wine. Yikes!

  • Fire Lion
    Fire Lion 4 months ago +1

    Revelation, 2:10 - Don't be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested; and you will have oppression for ten days. Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life.
    Think about it this is the reason for FEMA camps. No worries if GOD is for you who can be against you. the fake bombing in new York is red flag. we are in a trade war and after comes war. The money system getting ready to change to bitcoin that how there gonna implement mark of beast.
    Can't buy sell or trade.
    Revelation, 13:17 - and that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless he has that mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Walmart is set up for this already. The mark in your right hand is credit card debt card. When you purchase something with credit card or debt card when you swipe your card it's in your right hand. That's how it's set up. Then if you also noticed that in self checkout at Walmart there's a camera and screen just for your face for facial recognition. This is how you can't buy sell or trade.
    In the collapse of the economy most of the stores will shut down except walmart. If you haven't noticed there already been
    closings. So there for if walmart only open if you don't except bitcoin and when you go to Walmart and try to buy items and you not in there system because you don't except bitcoin then self checkout scans your face and your card don't work.
    bitcoin=B= beast

    • Fire Lion
      Fire Lion 3 months ago

      St. Bernard Acres
      welcome my friend.
      if your every unsure ask are all knowing Father and He will make things clear to you but be patient
      and wait for His time and He will show you.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  4 months ago

      Wow. That's a lot to take in, but I like it. Thanks.

  • KMAC Radio
    KMAC Radio 4 months ago +1

    Hi Joe. Lying in bed with Fox News on, watching your TVclip video’s on my iPad. That’s as close to multitasking as I get! Well, I reach down once in awhile and pet Black Jack. He’s one of our four cats. Your smart to do a little emergency planning. I need to follow your lead, there. I’m going to start by stocking up on Snickers bars!

    LISA MARIE 5 months ago


  • 888huckleberry
    888huckleberry 5 months ago +1

    Listen after 72 hours and people realize no help is coming all he'll will break loose .Good luck holding on to any prep supplies you have. You better know how to live and survive like Bear Grills if your talking weeks .People with no electricity gas pumps don't work so forget your generators unless you have gallons and gallons of gas. Forget water the pumping stations for pumping water to you will not work you will not have water.and the store shelves will be cleared in less then 24 hours. You better have a darn good survival plan if you think your going to make it . That doesn't even count any kind of nuclear disaster or volcano with fall out. If it's winter are you prepared to go without heat and deal with freezing temps. Then when people start dieing and disease kicks in are you prepared to handle that? So much to think about . I question myself do you really want to live threw all that. Let's pray to our creator that it NEVER comes to all that.

  • Zipfreer
    Zipfreer 5 months ago

    We’re not in a constitutional republic we’re in a corporation which was subverted in 1871 by the Jesuits we are under the Vatican temporal trust we are under Constitutions in the United States - The 1st was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican "Crown" Corporation in 1871 - Our freedom ended in 1871 when the original "Constitution for the United States for America" was changed to the
    Must look at trading with enemies act of 1917 modified in 1933.
    It made all U.S. CITIZENS enemies of the corporation. This is what lead to gold seizure. Keeps us in martial law (Gold Fringe flag) there’s so many half truthers on here it’s sad Trump was selected as CEO of the corporation and answers to the Board of Directors to trust CFR trilateral commission working under Hofjuden Rothchild who runs the trust!

  • Wendy Bart
    Wendy Bart 5 months ago +1

    How many people would take an rfid is chip if the government insisted like they did for a drivers license? Or how the bank exchanged the magnetic strip on your bank card to that gold chip.

  • Rob Duncan
    Rob Duncan 5 months ago +1

    I just came across your video and thought i would make a comment . I live in Scotland , live in the country side we have well water and with the dry hot summer we ran out of water 5 weeks ago we get by, by filling 5gal drums x4 every week + 2 litre x10 shop bought for drinking the drums are fine for washing & everything else . We catch water off roof in water buts for toilet flush . All this sounds quite primitive but you get used to it and adapt quickly, hoping water comes back in next few weeks .As for food it's like you say store mostly regular food 2 or 3 weeks in store with rotation + i also have extra rice , oats & cans etc that will see me through 6 months if things go very bad . Your advice sounds solid to me , being prepared for life's small emergencies need not cost much or even next to nothing if you plan good , and will save you grief in the long run . Thanks for your video .

  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell 5 months ago +1

    Check out oven-caning. You can reuse all of your food jars

    • Kim Wilson
      Kim Wilson 5 months ago

      Man that is not a good trick get a cold packer or pressure cooker if you can meat. That works right and it's good.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  5 months ago


  • Jeff Nations
    Jeff Nations 5 months ago +1

    get yourself a gun and seeds! live in the mountains. God says flee to the mountains for protection...

  • Jeff Nations
    Jeff Nations 5 months ago

    Yes the govt murder those people in Houston and in Florida. I heard that they was grounded up in hamburger mean for McDonald's. They found human mean and kids bones McDonald's meat. suck! plus they shipped some humans to China and other countries as human food. our govt is evil. Satanic worshippers!

  • Smart Ass
    Smart Ass 5 months ago +1

    Just say no to the UN. Major Burns was right.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 months ago +2

    You know after the shtf, after the government is done doing what they're going to do to the people, they will go after all the people that prepared for this , they have technology that will fin us..we are fucked..!!!

  • persona inquietante
    persona inquietante 5 months ago +1

    good video

  • No Snowflakes Allowed
    No Snowflakes Allowed 5 months ago +1

    How does one find places that are Off the Grid

  • Guiseppi Gambini
    Guiseppi Gambini 5 months ago +1

    I can't wait till fema kicks in the doors of all those super smart preppars and cominderes there stuff.

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago

      I also think if a country like China invaded, all we did was prepare caches of food storage for them, like miniature mcdonald's rest stops.

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago

      I think the long term prepper foods are a total joke. Mostly breads/grains at 1/3 to 1/2 servings & the costs they pay for that is so high, how can people be so ignorant?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  5 months ago +1

      Lol. Agreed!

  • 7Chakras111 RewireZone
    7Chakras111 RewireZone 6 months ago +1

    Watch out for that tap water 💦 but some great suggestions thank you 😊

  • Bobbie Harrison
    Bobbie Harrison 6 months ago +1

    You were suppose to go back with Nick or Alex! Now I know you were just scared. Great preparedness video.

  • Bianca Yazy Pereira aka Ziky


  • Wisconsin Archer
    Wisconsin Archer 6 months ago

    Listen up people. These crazy leftists will win in November if us conservative Christians dont vote!!! We must all get out and vote. Tell every conservative you know to get to the polls. Every vote counts and the libs are hoping we stay home!!! We should have record numbers of voters this November!!! A non vote is a vote for the LIBERALS!!! God Bless the USA!!

  • Jerry
    Jerry 6 months ago +2

    You're full of SHTF!

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 6 months ago

    It's not going to be a short anything.
    I'm looking at 6 months maybe a year!
    You never see any FEMA camps videos ever.
    Irma had a few then nothing.
    Homeless have been disappearing all over the place. Long time homeless locals just gone leaving all belongings behind. That's not normal.
    Now evidence of weaponized weather equipment is being used to make stroms stronger and more.
    Stay vigilant and sober pray for our country and the people in it.

  • Shirley Garcia
    Shirley Garcia 6 months ago

    Cant here what you saying

  • Elvina D
    Elvina D 6 months ago +1

    I,m the curious kind...what's in there exactly?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      Nothing but parts caved in. I did another video whete I walked all the way through it.

  • Kim Wilson
    Kim Wilson 6 months ago +1

    3 1/2 years will get you through most very bad things indeed. We don't have many bad things in the US like that.

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago

      Eh, not everybody has been exposed to different sectors of society, some have never been outside the area they were born in.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      This was just for people to go a few weeks.

  • versatec1
    versatec1 6 months ago +1

    4 X 25 Kg buckets ...2 X mixed beans, 2 X brown rice...bingo..6 months of food right there ....tedious but you get used to it plus you can add to it with anything to hand, a chicken, fish, dog, bird, squirrel....

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      This video was geared towards those who aren't prepared for even a couple of weeks interruptions.

  • CR S
    CR S 6 months ago +1

    Always thought Wal Mart are Fema camps. The parking lots and space. All they have to do is remove some shelves. 1000 stores/FEMA centers right in front of our faces.

  • josephine quintella
    josephine quintella 6 months ago +2

    I have two old tunnels three miles near me..when it rains they flood....Trees are growing on top of them..cars still go under one of them... I have been preparing for years.......need to buy gas for generator.. Everyone be safe.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      That's pretty cool! Congrats on being smart enough to be prepared.

  • Angela Day
    Angela Day 6 months ago


  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera 6 months ago

    If I were you I would look into 50 gal water containers- rain water collecting? I live in a desert area so I really don’t have bad weather, but I have considered getting a few 50gal containers or the big water tanks I see people using to run a mobile car wash business and storing that in my garage. If I move back to SC I’m collecting rain water for sure and upping my preps

  • The Word
    The Word 6 months ago

    THat isTruly creepy lookin tunnel. 6 months supplies is all you need.
    Nice video... Thank you

  • D Boone
    D Boone 6 months ago

    Here’s a link to help with preps www.theprepperschecklist.com

  • ginger cox
    ginger cox 6 months ago

    Great tips. Thanks

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee 6 months ago

    WE all know that it will happen just don't know when.it's a matter of time when it goes down I'll be alone there's no groups here I'm into Bush craft camping i can make a shelter track trap game good with animals plants garden but I'm no master.i have some camping gear not much.being a 52year old woman well rape comes to mind and i can't have kids so people might see me as useless worthless to them lot's of woods around me nice for camping

  • ram1brn
    ram1brn 6 months ago

    tunnel is haunted

  • Christopher Paul Matthews
    Christopher Paul Matthews 6 months ago +1

    Mental and spiritual preparedness is real.
    It takes both to deal w fear, hunger, elements, persecution etc..
    Stay 💪

  • joe k
    joe k 6 months ago

    it's called a pantry with whatever you need in caned goods, dry foods and so on that you would normally consume over a given time.... always there...the stock stays at that level.

  • GreatScott
    GreatScott 6 months ago +1

    The hurricane on its way to the east coast will go down in history, as the most devastating to ever hit the United States. The loss of life may be minimal. Economic losses will be the double edged knife.

  • Rod James
    Rod James 6 months ago


  • grannysword
    grannysword 6 months ago +2

    Research God's time/ calendar in Genesis 1:14 before the false Sabbath law is enforced. How can the true Sabbath be Saturday or Sunday if we are commanded to let the lights in heaven be for days, years, etc. The beginning of God's months start with the new moons. However, on the Gregorian Calendar the new moons fall anywhere and everywhere.. How can the beginning of the month start in the midst of a month? We must abandon our traditions and do things Gods way. We make God's Word of none effect when we cling to our traditions. COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

  • Sharon Keith
    Sharon Keith 6 months ago

    "In God we trust."

  • Amazing Indominus Rated R

    They can have the fat ass good for nothing con artist squatter that is in my living room.
    He is a dick.

  • Halsey Walter
    Halsey Walter 6 months ago +2

    I am not a "prepper" but I am set for 3-6 months. Also have a 110 gal. propane tank full for my gen. 2 20 lb. tanks for cooking on my Hercules 4 burner camp stove, a small utility trailer set up for stealth camping. I have done this all on disability over the last 5 years. Almost forgot I live so far out of town the roads are dirt.

    • Sharon Keith
      Sharon Keith 6 months ago +1

      Halsey Walter / I grew up like that, out in the country on a dirt road that Daddy made with his GI jeep! Two mile walk home from the bus stop on the graded road, puddles and all! Wish I was there again.

  • alan sullivan
    alan sullivan 6 months ago

    cool tunnel that would be a good place to go if needed-get a couple friends you might trust and fortify that place

  • Evan Goch
    Evan Goch 6 months ago

    “Prepper” only has a bad connotation from the lame stream that makes it seem silly to prepare yourself. Being prepared is a good thing. Anyone who makes fun of preppers and is ill-prepared, the doors are closed to you when disaster hits.

  • Consolidated Liberator
    Consolidated Liberator 6 months ago

    So is the salvation army .

  • Denise Stathatos
    Denise Stathatos 6 months ago +2

    If the world ends, the stored food is not going to mean anything.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +1

      I don't prep for the end of the world. Just a disruption.

  • Bobby Humphrey
    Bobby Humphrey 6 months ago

    This is good info for a storm anything worse than that after 2 weeks him and his wife are dead or at FEMA camp which is about the same! 3%er till death!!

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      People really should watch the whole video before commenting. As I said in the video that this is only short term for weater anomalies and power/water outage for a week or do. If it's an event longer than that, again, as I said in the video, we will head out to St Bernard Acres where our cabin and long term prep supplies are. No FEMA camps for us.

  • berni oakes
    berni oakes 6 months ago +1

    Look at Porta Reiko

  • David Lee
    David Lee 6 months ago +1

    Looks like wright station. Railroad. Connecting to disney film cave.

  • Penntucky Survival
    Penntucky Survival 6 months ago +1

    Most excellent video sir. Thank you

  • Morgan Farrell
    Morgan Farrell 6 months ago +3

    Don't be naive. They won't be asking when they come to your door for food.

  • Susan Burdett
    Susan Burdett 6 months ago +1

    You haven't got a clue.Two weeks is a joke

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +2

      Nice attitude. I am talking to people that have no preps at all. And only prepping for weather anomalies where you might lose power or water for a week or so. Not some world ending cataclysmic event. Go troll another channel.

  • Margaret Bu Shey
    Margaret Bu Shey 6 months ago +1

    Good, solid, advice. Thanks.

  • Kip Viteo
    Kip Viteo 6 months ago +21

    Why has no one heard from those people who got on the FEMA barges in Houston. They have totally disappeared.

    • Kathy Davis
      Kathy Davis 2 months ago +1

      There dead

    • johnny d
      johnny d 2 months ago

      Look at my new post guys top of the page

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago +1

      Most likely they were dumped off to some homeless shelters in some random cities. Where with no identification & birth certificates they cannot even get a low paying job for a day through a labor ready placement center for temporary employment. When & if they secure permanent housing, it still might be a while before they can afford to surface on youtube channels even in comment sections.

    • David Smith
      David Smith 5 months ago +2

      Kip Viteo that's not only what disappeared still a lot of people disappeared down there and no peanut will not tell you what they did with them they're just gone...!!!!

    • Augusta Porter
      Augusta Porter 6 months ago +1

      Kip Viteo makes you wonder.

  • Kaltwasser45
    Kaltwasser45 6 months ago +1

    I think your approach is good for people that see people that prepare as extremist doomsdayers. About 12 years ago I had the same idea, put a couple of weeks of food back. This is a very basic approach to taking care of your family. I started to be more in tune with history, human behavior, weather/natural events, and the precarious food delivery system that can be so easily interrupted by a number of causes. My family grew and I was concerned my extended family was oblivious of their surroundings . With all that said my preparedness plan, system, and plan of action changed.
    After cycling through many rotations of canned food (which we don't eat much of unless it's our own canned food), I gave up on that approach. I now stock MRE's for immediate food rotations. The kids have fun breaking some out now and then and we rotate like that. I definitely wouldn't eat more than one every other day for a couple of weeks though. The rest of our food is in freeze dried buckets and single serving pouches. I have bought 50lb bags of rice and beans for my extended family. The reality was, I knew even in hard times I couldn't turn away my mother or sister and her kids. I'm not cold enough to do it even though was my original intention. After watching many SHTF movies with so many scenarios, that realization hit me.
    I have to say, this is a great place to start, but as you become more aware, the more vulnerable you feel about your meager preps. There is a point where it gets ridiculous and you whole life changes because of it.......don't be them. Incorporating it into your lifestyle with mild changes is more realistic.
    Good video, for a second I thought it was gonna get corny because the backdrop.

  • further ahead
    further ahead 6 months ago

    People did this 60 years ago during cold war. NEVER HAPPENED. Live your life and be happy. If SHTF we are all F#cked.

  • Patriot OfGod
    Patriot OfGod 6 months ago +1

    Looks to me like you have enough reserve around your waist, to go on water alone for at least two months.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      That's what a phone does. I figure if someone takes the time to leave a comment, the least I can do is leave a response.

    • Patriot OfGod
      Patriot OfGod 6 months ago

      St. Bernard Acres I was just testing your reaction time.
      Got that device with you 24/7 huh?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      Really? That's what you have to contribute? That's why I weep for the future.

  • Randall James
    Randall James 6 months ago

    good v

  • ParadigmBlaster
    ParadigmBlaster 6 months ago +1

    Abandoned Railroad Tunnel: "A More Thorough Approach To It's Survival Potential"... Research the HISTORY of that particular Tunnel(!)... Were the Tunnel Collapses the REASON why it was abandoned(?)... Who is an ENGINEER(?) that would KNOW how to ASSESS the present condition of the TUNNEL(?)...can you RECORD EXTENSIVE VIDEO for such a person to give you an IDEA of the condition of the tunnel(?)... What would be the BEST APPROACH to UTILIZING(?) whatever POTENTIAL the tunnel has left(?)... Was that so hard(?)... Did it make your head hurt(?)... WHAT IF(?!?!?!)...a NUCLEAR BOMB(!) went "BOOM(!)" near your homestead(!)...would that TUNNEL be a VIABLE SHELTER(?!?!?!?)... For how long(?)... Maybe you need to consult a PSYCHIC(?!?!)...to find out why you piss the spirits in the Tunnel OFF(!)...so much(?)...lol* That about SCRATCHES THE SURFACE(!) of the PROCESS...of getting that TUNNEL..."SQUARED AWAY" and PREPPED(!)...as an ASSET(!)...to YOUR SURVIVAL(!)...and to OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL(!)...

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      Will do. My channel is not at all about prepping. Just some ideas once in a while that might help people during short term weather anomalies and such. Not a cataclysmic event. I have no desire to try and tell people how to do that. Many more more knowledgeable people out there for that.

    • ParadigmBlaster
      ParadigmBlaster 6 months ago +1

      Go check out "MR. FIX-ALL INC" to see how he has SQUARED AWAY his homestead and what he has DONE(!) there to make it safer and more SURVIVABLE in various weather situations etc. Yes, he is a VET too...

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      I'm not convinced I even want to survive a nuclear event.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      I did another video which included what research I could dig up a couple of years ago. I don't own it, or want to use it. Just thought it would be cool. Depending on the event I will head out to St Bernard Acres. I have many preps out there I don't advertise. I am to old to worry about it much, but it's there for my kids and their kids if needed.

    • ParadigmBlaster
      ParadigmBlaster 6 months ago

      And if the problem is NUCLEAR(!)...what do YOU DO(?)...at St. Bernard Acres(?).... Cresson Kearny knows...and here is his book(!)...FOR FREE(!)... books.google.com/books/about/Nuclear_War_Survival_Skills.html?id=VPFTAAAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false

  • J. Ferebee
    J. Ferebee 6 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Andy Price
    Andy Price 6 months ago +12

    I see people talking about a lot of items for a prep but don't see anyone talking about one of the most important things you should have in your prep and it's not that expensive . Seeds , buy heirloom seeds in a sealed can or bucket they will last for ever, do not get genetically modified seeds , the seeds from produce can be used for your next years crops or stored for the future , GM's will grow a plant but not produce any fruit or vegetables . Buy a small survival hand book and one on gardening if you have never done it , growing food is a lot of work .

    • Andy Price
      Andy Price 6 months ago

      well when the SHTF I suggest you get out of that high rise building and get away from the crazies the rest is common sense but with you I'm not taking any bets

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      freetobeme vertical growing. Lots of info available

    • freetobeme
      freetobeme 6 months ago

      Andy Price and where would you suggest this garden be if you live in a highrise apt bldg in large city.

    • Soldier for Christ
      Soldier for Christ 6 months ago +3

      The most important thing to do when prepping is get right with God. Without him, you'll fail regardless.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      Halsey Walter ditto.

  • horsefaceemily
    horsefaceemily 6 months ago +8

    If you fools let It get to FEMA you all ready lost, that means DEAD ! kids to by ju.

    • Brandonxxx
      Brandonxxx 25 days ago

      Don't pay no attention to rude comments...also be safe bout telling people info of ur goods n stuff some air head might try to steal it or think when Doomsday comes man could go get his goods just lil friendly advise I seen bad people on the internet but god bless bro

    • Brandonxxx
      Brandonxxx 25 days ago

      Thanks for or ya for the video brother blood of Jesus will sustain us untill his return

    • Brandonxxx
      Brandonxxx 25 days ago

      Smh Jesus Christ said us that follow god him and the holy ghost would be prosecuted for being believeing in his name... thank God I get to go to heaven cause I serve a Almighty God..

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago

      One of the things that freaked me out was people not really being allowed to leave the super dome even when there was still no water for like 3 days.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +4


  • Sam Baxter
    Sam Baxter 6 months ago +1

    FEMA . . . . Not hardly!

  • robilefoxx
    robilefoxx 6 months ago +1

    There are many good points in this video. But, FEMA and many other governments insist that thirty days of food, water, personal medicines and emergency supplies will be needed in any regional or national emergency requiring "staying put for an extended period". And, sheltering in place should be done in concert with friendly and supportive neighbors, who are equally ready to shelter in place for about a month. Many hands and multiple stockpiles afford greater chance to endure catastrophic emergencies. Also, an united community will better fight the despair invoked by witnessed horrific tragedies seen in calamities, allowing the emotional support of brotherhood to keep people going. So, hunker down as a group, rather than being frightfully isolated, without any sense of what is transpiring in the outside world nor having someone to ease your fears.
    In looking at Puerto Rico, San Juan became an emergency shelter for those unable to shelter in place outside the city and it was mainly the lack of electricity that killed the nearly 3000 people they now say died from the hurricanes striking the island in 2017; people mostly died by lack of electricity affecting treatment and recovery at hospitals without power. In a National Emergency, FEMA will centralize emergency services in the larger cities still connected to an operating power grid, though it is likely that these sanctuary cities will ration electricity. Thus, the desperately unprepared will be forced to become refugees making their own way to the megacity havens run by FEMA. So, be prepared to shelter in place for at least a month or be forced to flee to superghetto FEMA camps for mobs of refugees, lacking enough food and having inadequate clean water and squatting in overcrowded camps.

  • Michael Gravitte
    Michael Gravitte 6 months ago +1

    Where will you and I get food after 2 weeks?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      I will get to St Bernard Acres. That's where my preps are if a major event occurs.

  • wen budro
    wen budro 6 months ago

    Great down-to-Earth advice. Thank you. New Sub.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +1

      Thanks....Welcome aboard my friend. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to your participation in this.

  • Silver Turd
    Silver Turd 6 months ago +2

    When hurricane Harvey was coming through the first thing I did was fill the bath tub full of water! Then I put Copper and Silver in the tub to kill bacteria and viruses!

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago +1

      Silver Turd RH- blood types have a copper based blood instead of iron. Metal deficiency leads to many diseases.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +1

      I sure will! One of the benefits of having this channel is learning this stuff.

    • Silver Turd
      Silver Turd 6 months ago +1

      St. Bernard Acres: Please research the Benefit of different metals as they have the ability to fight off different cancers as well. Copper is a big one because remember we are made up of metals and minerals!

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +2

      I hadn't heard that before. Thanks!

  • Sir Jhonson
    Sir Jhonson 6 months ago +5

    I get instant rice potatos and beans from sams or coastco

  • Sir Jhonson
    Sir Jhonson 6 months ago +3

    I have not herd from any one that got off one of those fema barges

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      Babylon falling they released the levees before they failed, problem is they didn't warn/tell anyone. According to eyewitness bodies were washed out to sea. A lot of bodies! Everyone needs to face it - they just want us dead.

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago

      Blade Runner Bodies lost at sea= bodies sacrificed and sold to the underground organ harvesting trade. Get your fresh adrenochrome!

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago

      Blade Runner A coroner from Wisconsin brought down during Katrina stated she witnessed countless bodies with multiple gunshots to center mass. No joke.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      Babylon falling - yes, I saw that too. I've wondered why there has not been more of an uproar over the missing. An eyewitness video talks about all the bodies that washed out to sea.

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago +1

      Sir Jhonson There are Facebook pages dedicated to missing hurricane Harvey evacuees. Tens of thousands including entire families are still missing. Most went to FEMA and Red Cross shelters or put on busses to never be seen again. Watch the video of the FEMA rep staying " these people will never return to their former lives" and " they are being educated in the New World Order"!!!!! Right from the mouth of the snake!

  • summ carr
    summ carr 6 months ago +1

    sounds too scared to spell out the truth.......too much hesitation in his words.......sorry not very educated in prep facts or events.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +2

      I'm sorry, perhaps I should hire a professional actor to read a script. Oh, wait, instead I'll watch what are undoubtedly professionally done videos by you. Maybe I can learn. What is your channel name? What a stupid ass comment to leave.

  • DJKdee
    DJKdee 6 months ago +32

    I live in Maine off grid now for 16 years, I have jars of dried Nettles, and other herbs and greens, and grains, chickens and gardens, common sense...... we are poor

    • Sarena Harmon
      Sarena Harmon 12 days ago

      Poor and yet still probably much better off then a majority of the lost sheep and damaging effects of the bigger cities.🏋️ Keep strong in the Faith💪 and the protection of God's shield with the full amour of His promise and Word. 📖

    • 7Chakras111 RewireZone
      7Chakras111 RewireZone 6 months ago

      DJKdee You are rich and smart!!! I want to get to Maine soon!

    • Jerry
      Jerry 6 months ago

      Don't eat the dried nettles, it'll make your butt itch like crazy.

    • Evan Goch
      Evan Goch 6 months ago

      josephine quintella if you never go hungry and you have family you’re not poor.

    • Evan Goch
      Evan Goch 6 months ago

      DJKdee I like Maine a lot. It seems like an ideal life being off the grid there.

  • Catherine Scarborough
    Catherine Scarborough 6 months ago

    Be prepped for rapture! Hows your faith? Is your life right with the Messiah Jesus Christ of Nazareth?? There will be days of darkness. The Bible is clear and warns of the rise of the anti-christ, global deception and how the world during tribulation will suffer massive destruction. Your ticket out of here, forgiven for your own sins is only found in ONE SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST. Will Jesus Christ be your SAVIOUR or yr JUDGE??

  • CJ Ferrell
    CJ Ferrell 6 months ago +1

    Are you in West Virginia???

  • Lorena Barr
    Lorena Barr 6 months ago +7

    I grew up in an area with month long power outages so having at least 1-3 months worth of food and water is just normal.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +2

      So you should be giving us advice lol. If something happens, I'm calling you lol

  • Eric King
    Eric King 6 months ago +1

    NO FEMA FOR ME.If my Kevlar,and 50,000rnds fail me,they'll hafta dig me out of a pile of spent brass!

  • Mari Ansaldo
    Mari Ansaldo 6 months ago +5

    Excellent points. Not only should you be very distrustful of the people running the fema camps but the people staying in those camps you should be wary of as well. I've begun the process for my immediate and extended family. I like your idea about doing a dry run to see what is needed still. I would also recommend having one person sustain a fake injury so you can assess your medical supplies as well. Have a great day!

    THE GREEN MACHINE 6 months ago +1

    Just take your gun when shit goes down and go to zionist ran stores like walmart and take what you want by force...

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      If I'm around one. Otherwise 50,000 other people are planning the same lol

  • Lady Pop Hunter
    Lady Pop Hunter 6 months ago +5

    Lots of great points.... I am going to try the turn the lights off for a few days..... I think everyone should have done level of preparation..... Thanks for the video and tips

  • Reverend Christine
    Reverend Christine 6 months ago +5

    FEMA Camp=Soylent-green.

  • jeffrey looker
    jeffrey looker 6 months ago +3

    Don't freeze dry nothing vaccum seal your food if the power goes out hope you have a Generator or smoke your meat but freeze Dried food losses most of its nutrition through the process so your throwing your money out the window

  • jeffrey looker
    jeffrey looker 6 months ago +12

    FEMA will be a jim Jones event get your red coolaid

    • jeffrey looker
      jeffrey looker 6 months ago

      +Babylon falling Goverments have killed there own people since the beginning of time this time in history is no diffrent putting fluoride and arsenic in water Monsanto had been putting chemicals I are food for ever to cause cancer and other diseases putting poisons in vaccines yeah I think your asleep and haven't woken up yet

    • Amazing Indominus Rated R
      Amazing Indominus Rated R 6 months ago

      I don't drink cool aid. 😛

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago

      Chris Gilliam Trapping Look up Public Law 105-85 and get a clue. And it's conspiracy facts by the way. Read that public law in its entirety and then come try telling me that genocide on the American population is a conspiracy theory or FACT. Lose your denial or count your days.

    • jeffrey looker
      jeffrey looker 6 months ago

      Chris Gilliam Trapping buddy you must live in a fantasy world cause if are Goverment can do it to other country's killing men woman children what do you think they would do to you think outside the box.

    • jeffrey looker
      jeffrey looker 6 months ago

      Eric King I couldn't agree more we enuff enuff Poeple that see through the dirt and filth that the government is doing and UP RISE and take control

  • yankeewatchdog
    yankeewatchdog 6 months ago +7

    Just regular canned food, is good for a year.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      bansheemania I'm a Dinty Moore guy, love the stuff! 4-5 cases in flux all the time.

    • bansheemania
      bansheemania 6 months ago +1

      Campbell's chunky soup's. A few cases of them. Always on sale, doesn't have to be Name Brand. When i Broke my jaw. That was all I ate for 5 months.. Stews in a can.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago +2

      Some much longer.

    • Victoria Francois
      Victoria Francois 6 months ago +2

      Longer than that

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago


  • Pinto Beans
    Pinto Beans 6 months ago +9

    What ever a person does or doesn't do to prep, then that's their prep. No food, then that's your prep. No water or shelter, then that's their prep. No form of defensive protection other than a smile and a "Howdy Pilgrim," then that's your prep. If you ever watched the series "Alone", these folks have a couple of pounds of rations and a selection of prep items. By day 35 plus, most often the fish are gone, the wildlife are gone, the foliage is gone, these folks are spent. So it's all on you and how you prep. Good luck.

    • Ana's Homestead
      Ana's Homestead 5 months ago

      I'm 55 now, but when I was a child, I lived with an older brother for about 6 months, while I was 14. He used to make me write a month long grocery list every month. I grew up thinking that this is normal. That it is simply how a household is run. Of course you still had to buy milk weekly.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      Excellent points! Thanks for the input.

  • wzrubicon
    wzrubicon 6 months ago +72

    FEMA helps nobody. The Red Cross is a rip off.

  • Mister McGoo
    Mister McGoo 6 months ago +32

    Those old Tunnels are for Bomb Raids, and Fallout , and not for FEMA Camp enslavement! I spent 12 yrs. in a Special Ops unit in the Military and the Government does a Damn Good Job of Helping US CITIZENS! NEW Orleans was a demonstration of Idiots! An experiment of the people's actions! They acted like savages as you seen, Murder, Rape, Robbery! Only a handful of people helping there neighbors! They wanted to know , the Government, how things would go! They were correct , complete Lawlessness, thievery, and Anarchy Chaos! The Elderly and real Decent people suffered from the actions of the THUGS! The Government WILL NOT COME TOO A HIGH CRIME AREA TO RESCUE YOU! THEY WILL NOT! DO NOT EXPECT IT! INNER CITY PROJECT AREAS , YOUR DOOMED IF A DISASTER OCCURS! Get out of the inner City if you can NOW! The Government will be shut down and those people will be taking care if their own, not yours! 🤔😬🙏

    • Kathy Davis
      Kathy Davis 2 months ago

      Yes but all the people in New Orleans didn't deserve that

    • Kathy Davis
      Kathy Davis 2 months ago

      So r u saying that all this stories r not real how the Military would kill US citizen s

    • gizmo atplay
      gizmo atplay 5 months ago

      +LS.Bangers officers was doing the beating if i recall correctly,cops will not help if another iniform is doing wrong ,have not seen that video yet

    • Awake Adventurer
      Awake Adventurer 5 months ago +1

      +Rhonda Weber exa.ctly

      CHRIS SAVAGE 6 months ago

      Terrible lies

  • kurt son
    kurt son 6 months ago +3

    Don't forget what a lot of people do,you have a water heater in the house that's probably 50 gallons.

    • Blade Runner
      Blade Runner 6 months ago

      The Alexapure or Berkey ceramic gravity systems are really good, I've been using one for a couple years.

    • Eric King
      Eric King 6 months ago +2


    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago +1

      Excellent idea! And, if you have warning, fill up the bathtubs.

  • Vicky Carroll
    Vicky Carroll 6 months ago +11


    • Vicky Carroll
      Vicky Carroll 6 months ago


    • Heavens Best
      Heavens Best 6 months ago

      I am not prepared, I have some food,, if shtf would it be safe or else ok.. if me and my family 😨 need to go here?

  • William Iannucci
    William Iannucci 6 months ago +4

    Thanks , your right but my wife and children do not listen to me there in la la land. And have always used me for all their needs you know like a slave. I for the last 8 yrs had to even feed mine own self and I'm not happy about it and even got sick and they used up my savings but nevertheless I've been faithful in deeds though not in all my thoghts due to this suppression brother . Again thanks .

    • Babylon falling
      Babylon falling 6 months ago +3

      William Iannucci Get out now! If you're not happy now and have resentment how will it be when the shtf and she's bitching at you about being hungry? Why people stay in toxic relationships baffles my mind. If your significant other doesn't have a proper mindset in regards to prepping you are doomed. I'll roll solo before I jeopardize my life over some idiot that doesn't take this shit seriously.

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  6 months ago

      Thanks! Good luck to you brother. That sucks.

  • John D
    John D 6 months ago +1

    Most sensible prepper video I have watched. Very simple and doable

  • Odahi The Dubious
    Odahi The Dubious 6 months ago +21

    It's amazing how quickly we were able to fill our shelves, just buying a few extra cans of several different types of food, each time we went to the store. Some people think "food storage" means buckets and buckets of rice or beans, or even dehydrated or freeze-dried food. Each family will wind up with a different mix of items, we don't eat the same things, or have the same resources. We don't much care for some foods, and others may not like some of the ones we like. Remember, if you have dehydrated or freeze-dried food, you will need that much more water. Also, just because something will keep a long time, if you don't like it, or if it is too difficult to prepare, or too expensive, it isn't a good fit for your preps. Stock things you like, and will eat, and that way you will have a much easier time rotating your stocks, as you will happily eat the older things to make way for newer ones. We have several water filter options, too. Our city water often smells like chlorine, so I put a filter on our kitchen cold water faucet. It was SUPER EASY, and only required a couple of tools and a few minutes to install. The filters are very easy to change, I don't even have to turn off the water, just twist the old filter a quarter turn, pull it out, put the new one up, turn it a quarter turn the other direction, and we're good for several months. They say the filters last up to six months, I try to change it every four months. It completely eliminates the chlorine odor, and is rated to remove many kinds of contaminants. We also have bottled water on hand, because the tap water could stop flowing without warning. When it comes to preps, as you know, "Two is one, and one is none." we have several ways to cook food too, and also foods that can be eaten without cooking. Several ways to open a can. More than one water filter. More than THREE water filters. I'm not rich, by any means, but I think it is my job to protect my family the best I can. I'm Red Cross First Aid certified, and learned a lot of other first aid in the Army. I have done the best I can, and I keep adding to it as I can. Your advice is down to earth, and not full of a bunch of high-priced "must" items. Just like my closet. Linda and I send our best to you and Gail, and all the other good people here.

    • Paul Thomas
      Paul Thomas 3 months ago

      Stop telling people what you got and how to do things. Fema knows who you are and what you just said and will come for everything you own that can help you protect yourself and your family. On TVclip check out the Executive Orders made by JFK in 1962-1963 and laws under FEMA. You will find that all you own belongs to the government (everything!!) including everyone in your family and it says they have the right to separate your family to forced labor camps and anyone who hordes food will get arrested or killed! "Think that over a bit". You are an American Citizen and you and everyone in your family belong to the Government including your land. Merry Christmas!

    • Bruce Forster
      Bruce Forster 6 months ago

      Omaha, I LOVE your comment. I'm in NORTHWEST Oregon, and semi-retired.

    • Chris Gilliam Man Stuff
      Chris Gilliam Man Stuff 6 months ago

      You can remove flouride from your water by using an activated alumina filter cartridge if you so wish.

    • Girly Blackie
      Girly Blackie 6 months ago +1

      Your water gas nor Electric. Will not work so store enough for 2 months. So get a 20 or 30 lb bottle of propane it never gos bad. A 20 lb will last me 3 months of just cooking. A 100 gal of water will last 2 months if used for just cooking and drinking. And use cider vinegar for wiping your body down. It's survival not a weekend camping trip. Where you can jump in your car and go home or the store. Your neubers will kill you for what you have.

    • Odahi The Dubious
      Odahi The Dubious 6 months ago

      Exactly. Thanks for saying it in so few words, I tend to run my mouth/keyboard too much.