Who Will Win? Spicy Pong Battle Royale Ft. The Crude Brothers

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Watch us play a heated game of "beer" pong with the Crude Brothers!
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    We challenged the Crude Brothers to a game of beer pong, but we swapped out the beer for our spicy foods!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  20 days ago +18

    New! Spicy Lollipop Challenge: tvclip.biz/video/fGxu4Y_nEPY/video.html

  • Zxekhariah Austria
    Zxekhariah Austria 18 hours ago

    I dont even taste it *caugh* *caugh*

  • Pachuen Kamonprapasawat

    Vat19 & Vat15 ( Crude Brothers)

  • Lil Welch
    Lil Welch 2 days ago

    Nick is numb inside

  • Goku 27
    Goku 27 2 days ago

    i can handel more spicier things than that

  • Da Chay
    Da Chay 3 days ago

    Make that j8d his own spicy food that is a challenge

  • Jayden YT Tran
    Jayden YT Tran 5 days ago

    when I’m 4 I use to say dat19 but now vat19

  • Pure Oxygen
    Pure Oxygen 5 days ago

    My friend likes to drink lemon/lime juice, (not lemonade/limeade) the pure unrefined juice and I like to drink hot sauce. Like my favorite kind right now is Frank's red hot. I drank around half a bottle while I was in class one day and people looked at me weird and asked me if it was hot and I just said nope. Tastes just like soup.

    I know I'm weird.😂and drinking hot sauce is quite addicting. I love it so much I kinda wish that there is hot sauce flavored candy. Buffalo flavor to be exact. I just love it so much. I know I'm weird. 😂 😂 😂

  • Emily Lawyer
    Emily Lawyer 5 days ago


  • itsLia
    itsLia 6 days ago +1


  • Donavyn Fortin
    Donavyn Fortin 7 days ago

    Have you ever heard of the elbows rule???

  • Belia Orozco
    Belia Orozco 7 days ago


  • Tami Hegaodrn
    Tami Hegaodrn 8 days ago

    Dagerin the heart

  • the feral Berrill
    the feral Berrill 9 days ago

    I swear this kid was seven 3 years ago

  • LeonVIPPER
    LeonVIPPER 10 days ago

    Jamie: Son of a gardner!!!!!!

  • Go2Sienna
    Go2Sienna 13 days ago

    I bet there not even spicy

  • Irma
    Irma 16 days ago

    wanna hear a team joke...


  • Edsel II Limpag
    Edsel II Limpag 16 days ago

    That game is just a spice Devil

  • Chuong Mai Quoc
    Chuong Mai Quoc 17 days ago

    You say bad world 😱😱

  • Jacob Madden
    Jacob Madden 18 days ago

    My ancestors flamin hot sauce from Russia

  • The Cool Kids Yay
    The Cool Kids Yay 19 days ago


  • The Cool Kids Yay
    The Cool Kids Yay 19 days ago


  • The Golden God
    The Golden God 19 days ago

    That kid is a spice juggernaut

  • Ken Rangga
    Ken Rangga 20 days ago

    5:28 hell is not holy

  • Natalie Chua
    Natalie Chua 21 day ago

    I think he’s gonna go die

  • Roselynn Torres
    Roselynn Torres 22 days ago +1

    Ben- hmmmmm still spicy 🥵
    Jamie- really ( inside his head he is like omg I now it’s soooooo spicy 🌶

  • TylersaurusRex
    TylersaurusRex 23 days ago +1

    Spice isn't something you taste, it's something you feel

  • Gacha 24
    Gacha 24 23 days ago

    I love spice

  • Lozzaroo1
    Lozzaroo1 23 days ago +1

    Vat19 *eyes watering*
    Crude brothers *meh!*

  • Josiah Julyan Parada
    Josiah Julyan Parada 23 days ago

    Is this scripted?

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra 24 days ago

    I’m terrible at handling spice

  • Anne Fandino
    Anne Fandino 25 days ago

    why vat19 win because jamies youtube video

  • taylor crawfishh
    taylor crawfishh 25 days ago


  • Candylover HDTV
    Candylover HDTV 25 days ago

    U know u should do this with DUDE PERFECT

  • Candylover HDTV
    Candylover HDTV 25 days ago


  • Командир /Commander

    Crude brothers look like Father and son

  • A Weird Kid
    A Weird Kid 29 days ago

    Nick kind of pisses me off, I have no idea why.

  • TheWildDiamondDragon
    TheWildDiamondDragon 29 days ago

    And here i am watching 4 men doing their spicy Pong while i eat spicy noodles

  • Mythical Donut 383
    Mythical Donut 383 29 days ago

    I was eating spicy skittles during this video

  • Drus 13
    Drus 13 Month ago

    Add hot sauce to each cup and drink

  • American Pichu
    American Pichu Month ago

    Make spicy beer

  • Tudor Sarbu
    Tudor Sarbu Month ago +1

    I’ve sucked the spicy lolly for 10 frocking minutes I had to drink half a gallon of milk to the spice to go away

  • Joni Tammela
    Joni Tammela Month ago

    6:29 i bet hes just holding it middle of his mouth so it doesnt touch his tongue

  • Eddy Cheng
    Eddy Cheng Month ago

    i think the young brother had no sense of spicy taste

  • daniel cmos
    daniel cmos Month ago

    i dont even taste it EEEEECHGHHHHHHH

  • Nicole Sutedja
    Nicole Sutedja Month ago

    6:42 lol why did the guy on the far left keep looking and smiling at the guy of the far right

  • BloodSniper Dash
    BloodSniper Dash Month ago

    I have lost count of how much they say Fuck and other words like that that's why family friendly things sick but they are around to teach kids not to say bad words but they still pick them up in high school anyway so who gives a damn

  • Dhanyashri Karthickraj

    5:30 i am waiting for my eyes to uncross hahahahaha

  • Cat Lover 7
    Cat Lover 7 Month ago

    oml the blonde crude bro. I realate to so much lol I wouldn't even flinch to the ass blaster sauce or hottest chocolate bar xD and neither will my cousin, Charlotte

  • Lilialovesanimals1208 !

    steph curry........* ball goes in cup* STEPH CURRY!!!!!!!

  • Jannah Elwalily
    Jannah Elwalily Month ago +2

    Jamie trying not to curse: *that son of a gardener*

  • Holston Ewen
    Holston Ewen Month ago


  • Jayden 37896
    Jayden 37896 Month ago

    I still don’t think the worlds hottest chocolate bar is so hot

  • Souhail Gaming TV
    Souhail Gaming TV Month ago +1

    I can handle spice too

  • NicKey Gamer
    NicKey Gamer Month ago

    steph curry !!!

  • Barenaba Hanohano
    Barenaba Hanohano Month ago

    Hello people scrolling through the comments have a great and amazing day, night, and evening or whenever!!!!!!

  • Akshath Madhavan S.L

    This is cringe

  • Rosie Yeo
    Rosie Yeo Month ago +1

    Can you just eat a spicy gummy worm?

  • BadBaba07
    BadBaba07 Month ago


  • Tanishah Khan
    Tanishah Khan Month ago

    Holy shit that kid went through puberty alright

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +1


  • baconflex
    baconflex Month ago

    1 like= 0.1% for part 2

  • Rylan Tan
    Rylan Tan Month ago

    Ben is so old

  • The Legendary Deep Fried Rat

    Where we droppin boys

  • The Outdoorsy Girl
    The Outdoorsy Girl Month ago

    I love ur vids :3

  • DR penguin
    DR penguin Month ago

    That kid is holding in the spice

  • Ohiya smith
    Ohiya smith Month ago +1

    “Tastes like tomato soup.”
    Me:drinks up half of it

  • KoolKidBen
    KoolKidBen Month ago

    What do you call a awesome person?

    Read the 3rd word

  • scribel Zezo
    scribel Zezo Month ago


  • Citavalo
    Citavalo Month ago

    But the crude brothers are a father and son team, not brother and brother.

  • Wendy Rivera
    Wendy Rivera Month ago

    That kid my type

    MIKLUX J Month ago +1

    6:54 i think that hes going to go
    die like wtf

  • S_T_O_R_Y
    S_T_O_R_Y Month ago


  • Aiden Parsons
    Aiden Parsons Month ago

    That kid could eat all the spices in the world and be like meh

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool Month ago


  • Billy8
    Billy8 Month ago

    Nick could have kept the Toe of Satan in his mouth for an hour!

  • i want to commmit die

    dude the kid grew too much like puberty fuced him up....last time i saw him as a bro was when he was eating buffalo wings lol

  • masih mohajeran
    masih mohajeran Month ago

    3:07 how?

  • Mona Jo
    Mona Jo Month ago

    5:28- “HOLY HELL!”
    -Jamie 2k19

  • TrentoR The Dino
    TrentoR The Dino Month ago

    7:02 mike trout

  • godofgaming 77
    godofgaming 77 Month ago

    My cousin does something similar where he just goes stoned faced and really serious

  • Rhys Pelican
    Rhys Pelican Month ago

    Aha that’s hot that’s hot

  • IdkName
    IdkName Month ago +2

    That kid defenetly had a emberry, if you know what I mean

  • Koki YT
    Koki YT Month ago

    Make extreme spice challenge x2

  • Spacetick
    Spacetick Month ago

    That boy did not care aubout the spice

  • Emilijus P
    Emilijus P Month ago

    Eat the pepper x salsa its the hotest pepper

  • Manicguy 17
    Manicguy 17 Month ago

    The toe of satan ruined cinnamon for me.

  • super viggo bros
    super viggo bros Month ago

    Spice is not something you fast.

  • s_lx
    s_lx Month ago

    *Jamie has left the chat*

  • Wolf Clan Nation
    Wolf Clan Nation Month ago

    Listen I got this salt pepper nutmeg cinnamon mix it up a few squeezes of lemon add some hot sauce mix it up add spicy skittles mix it up and then bind it together with something and have them eat it
    Actually no wrap it up in spicy fruit by the foot walluh spice

    For a little extra spice do like ten squeezes of lemon and some graded ghost pepper
    Then wrap it up in three spicy fruit by the foots

    For even more spice litterly take a ghost pepper cover in hot sauce it it up and do the original thing but not before dipping the pieces of ghost pepper is put in a mix of pepper salt cinnamon sugar and nutmeg maybe disguise all of this in something good like a taco out meat and cheese when deep enough the bite the thing of course make sure they don’t have any allergy’s please share the story’s in the reply’s

  • Why me I sad
    Why me I sad Month ago

    The boy was so savage

  • Melissa favot
    Melissa favot 2 months ago

    World shottest choco latebar😄😂

  • Novi Angelica
    Novi Angelica 2 months ago

    Gogogo go vat19

  • Rutmar Otto Juksaar
    Rutmar Otto Juksaar 2 months ago


  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean 2 months ago

    What if the youngest crude bro cant taste spice?

  • 胡友裕
    胡友裕 2 months ago

    Super ACID + A bowl of plasma

  • Amy loves Tord
    Amy loves Tord 2 months ago

    Jãlãpeno pong!

  • Conor Hunter
    Conor Hunter 2 months ago +1

    Does Nick gave blood of milk