Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street -The Truth

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
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  • Aikidoflow
    Aikidoflow  Month ago +25

    We are planning an expansion of our TVclip channel so we are looking for people that are interested in helping out on the channel.
    You don’t need to be an expert you just need to want to get involved.
    We are also looking for people that have some experience in aikido/ judo or any martial art that has falls, as you will need to be able to roll !
    If you are interested send us a direct message (DM) either on the TVclip channel or facebook/twitter.
    You need to either live or be able to get to London (UK) as that’s where we run our TVclip channel from.

    • Tryinitout
      Tryinitout 11 days ago

      @ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan! there are proper techniques for falls and breaking falls. They can be taught and learned. They want someone who has done that practice.

    • courtnee nicolee
      courtnee nicolee 26 days ago

      I’d love to if there’s a free flight in it!

    • Tryinitout
      Tryinitout Month ago +1

      Dude;. I enjoyed this practical approach to using Aikido in street situations. Would love to help. I have a basic understanding of Hong Fut and Chi Na kung fu styles having trained with Ex Belgiun Foriegn Legion mercinery who nearly killed me! They train full force on concrete floor. I left because brain damage became innevitable. Before that a few years of Judo (so yep.. rolling and falling). Did some Thai Chi with Dan Docherty years back. He was a full contact fighter who represented Hong Kong and won the open weight class. (Not old people Tai Chi style, but techniques used by Hong Kong Police). Trouble is, I live in Spain. These days I am more into treating diseased and sick people with various techniques also learned in Asia., but if I come over, I'll message you.

    • J. H.
      J. H. Month ago

      You're a master of bullshito.

    • ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!
      ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan! Month ago

      You've either got it or u haven't simple

  • sou chi
    sou chi 8 hours ago

    Aikido works this video doesn't even proof Shit

  • dave hutchinson
    dave hutchinson Day ago

    So, do wing chun. Got it.

  • Z3CK_K
    Z3CK_K 3 days ago

    All the "simple" things he is doing are already techniques any way so that kinda defeats the titles meaning

  • King king
    King king 7 days ago +1

    Looks like he’s on a movie set 😂 I’ve never seen a street that clear.

  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat 7 days ago

    It’s effective for you because you’re big.

  • Katie Kerr
    Katie Kerr 8 days ago

    My only problem with this is that you're kinda big. I am a 5'3" girl and cannot reach people's heads like that let alone get a good enough angle to grab it without leaving myself super exposed. I don't have enough strength to grab someone like that...

  • Dallas Harris
    Dallas Harris 8 days ago +1

    Aikido is fake nobody is just going to let you grab their hand, and then let you flip them, every group is different, Jujitsu will beat Aikido, Karate will beat Aikido, Kung Fu will beat Aikido, Aikido is fake it has some helpful uses, like meditation, but not fighting.

  • 1Slayer6661
    1Slayer6661 9 days ago +12

    I used aikido against an angry girlscout selling cookies. I ended up in emergency room

  • Isac Slahcup
    Isac Slahcup 10 days ago

    Simple and hit hard is good.

  • Miles Folley
    Miles Folley 10 days ago +19

    He’s not dismissing aikido, he’s saying to just keep the techniques simple. Peace

  • Jackson Scully
    Jackson Scully 10 days ago

    Based on this, what's the point in learning Aikido then?

  • Anthony Kammas
    Anthony Kammas 10 days ago

    Aikido Nidan here... love your style, totally agree with you. It took me a long time to evolve the formalism into the street-smart practical. Cheers mate.

  • Conor OConnor
    Conor OConnor 11 days ago

    It's more difficult to grab somebody's fingers/ arm and twist when they're trying to punch you ; Especially in the face.

  • [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    First lesson my teacher taught me in my school was avoiding fight and keeping the conservation cool

    • 1Slayer6661
      1Slayer6661 9 days ago

      [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy in other words, be a pussy

  • gan102
    gan102 11 days ago

    As a Art of peace and in its philosophy Aikido is not made for the situations most people would find themself in. Aikido is a way of peace. It is expressed through its techniques. It is flowing and not using violence. But most important thing is: it is applicant not the application that is being used. Even boxing can become a lethal technique against a mma fighter.

  • Wyatt Thacker
    Wyatt Thacker 11 days ago

    While it isn't necessarily that the fancy stuff doesn't "work" it isn't ideal. It takes longer to learn the fancy stuff vs. learning simple yet effective techniques. A beginner in one martial art might have a better chance at defending themselves than a beginner in a different martial art. If you want to learn fancy stuff, then learn simple stuff first so that way you can still survive if something where to happen to you.

  • sangam Laghari
    sangam Laghari 13 days ago

    a street fight is a lots of fest and not "full body hand movement" assuming someone will give you he's head or he's hand in a end of a "move" is wrong concept. bjj-boxing have several advantage bjj is more passive grappling approach. boxing is most effective first because you can take punches without getting panic and respond effectively. reason why most people don't go for boxing it's because it's hurt. when you learn taking some painful shots and give some this is the point when you will be more ready for street fight . if you are in the ground bjj will be effective. striker is better than grappler 60-40% other martial arts less effective. need to know both. this is it

  • Black Pill
    Black Pill 14 days ago +2

    none of this is probably going to work if the guy actually knows how to fight

    • SpiritVDC
      SpiritVDC 15 hours ago

      Well what he was trying to teach in this video was the mentality of keeping your fighting simple and effective instead of showboating flashy techniques 'cause trying to use those in a real fight will get you killed... if your opponent knows how to fight, you flow with what he does and use the appropriate moves to neutralize his attacks (which is what training technique is actually for, training your muscle memory how to respond to a variety of situations effectively)

  • kalpal67
    kalpal67 15 days ago

    With all do respect wouldn’t you better show the aikidos effectiveness if you let my man there chose how to attack you without your input? Seems like a more accurate depiction of a street fight

    • totalermist
      totalermist 14 days ago

      His effectiveness is also boosted by him being considerably taller and move massive than is "opponent". Physique actually matters - all full contact sports have weight classes for a reason.

  • MrZolik0
    MrZolik0 16 days ago

    Like traditional ju jitsu

  • Thelema9331
    Thelema9331 17 days ago

    In other words not using Aikido?

  • Livin_alaska907
    Livin_alaska907 17 days ago

    So what do you do when a high level ground guy decides to take you down....

  • Toasty_42069
    Toasty_42069 18 days ago +1

    Thor: “write that down! write that down!”

  • Toasty_42069
    Toasty_42069 18 days ago +1

    What about Krav Maga?

    HEADBANGRR 18 days ago

    Great vid. Thank you

  • One Two
    One Two 18 days ago

    WHY ALL MARTIAL ARTS FAIL. b/c the other guy has a gun. simple. All martial arts lose to a gun. Now with conceal and carry its laughable to hear one person of one art or another spewing some bullshit that their martial art is the best. I can guarantee you, a gun will beat any martial art. If you are practicing martial for the joy of it or health-wise then more power to you. To suggest one its better than the others is the beginning of stupidity. enough said.

  • Antoine Toine G Le Mec Qui Pisse Le Plus Loin

    Keep cool...
    I once got exit of bad situation with two guys thanks to Aïkido. They were making pressure on me to see what they could steel from me. I said to myself 'ok, if i have to fight physically i will fight physically, and i will see if Aïkido works!..." Si i kept cool and the leader of the guys did not expect that, and realized he was in front of a Dragon. So they got away and i won thé battle without fighting physically, which is philosophy of Aïkido i believe.
    I was 6th kyu.

  • GnadetheRipper H
    GnadetheRipper H 20 days ago

    4:21 What is with his left arm? He can punch with the left in your face. Never forget the other arm!

  • Aamir Salim
    Aamir Salim 20 days ago

    Wing chun is the only style in the martial art world that can suit in every fuckin situation no matter its a strreet fight mma or professional fight. It's the most effective style and every factual. It does suit the human body very well. I thank Ng mui to create this style without any fancy shit. Just the real shit.

  • Sarban
    Sarban 20 days ago +1

    Why learn Aikido if it won't help you on the street?

    • Sarban
      Sarban 19 days ago

      @Joas Koedijk Yes.

    • Joas Koedijk
      Joas Koedijk 19 days ago

      Have you even watched the video?

  • Julian Guevara
    Julian Guevara 20 days ago

    Only use as much force as you need, I like

  • dfk4eva
    dfk4eva 21 day ago

    Not once did he help Andre back up off the ground. lmao Simple etiquette for him being the guinea pig. hahaha

  • lucid blynk
    lucid blynk 21 day ago

    Is that using their force? No, so therefore it's not Aikido.

  • Benjamin Jonah
    Benjamin Jonah 21 day ago

    Can a skilled Martial Artist take down a army?

  • hugebigs
    hugebigs 21 day ago +1

    I wish more Aikido masters would acknowledge simplicity is better than "movie moves' in a real fight.

  • Marquette Smith
    Marquette Smith 21 day ago

    well, no 1. put you down, 2. that does not work, go for your eyes, I am not looking to dance for 2 to 3 min.

  • AussieBlokeGordo
    AussieBlokeGordo 22 days ago

    2:20 BOOM do the Patrick Swayze technique and tear the mo fo's throat out

  • Erik DiVietro
    Erik DiVietro 22 days ago

    These are all components of the Atemi Waza - the first techniques taught in the Tomiki Aikido system. They are often over-done in Tomiki schools, but these simple concepts are fundamental.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 22 days ago

    Akido pussy if they actually dared to get into a real fight: "What are you doing? You are supposed to be wearing a dress, move very slowly and stick out your arm to i can attempt a wrist lock, or a throw, where once i try a throw, you send yourself flying through the air so it looks like i have 'changed your energy' ".

  • Mr DJ
    Mr DJ 22 days ago

    If i’m not mistaken, the one is a traditional aikido, the direct and straightforward is a combat aikido.

  • Danie Erasmus
    Danie Erasmus 22 days ago

    this is crap aikido wil work his first atack shown is a basic version of ireme nage

  • tilkxie
    tilkxie 22 days ago

    The problem with learning "the fancy stuff" is you practise against people also doing the fancy stuff, most idiots that attack people on the street dont know what they are doing, keeping it short and simple is the best way to keep yourself safe

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 23 days ago

    I bet I could kick this guy’s ass no problem. If I had a baseball bat and he was asleep.

  • brostolozzi
    brostolozzi 23 days ago

    You look like coming from Wing Chun, but a few of your techiques are also not enough direct. The punch should be always present in your first movement if you want to claim directness

  • To Cu
    To Cu 23 days ago

    It's quite pleasant listening to his voice.

  • Oms A
    Oms A 23 days ago

    Cant beat a good right hander

  • Nunov Yrbznes
    Nunov Yrbznes 24 days ago

    I don't see the point of just taking somebody down. What then? He'll get back up. The real need is to disable the aggressor so that he can't get back up. Show us how to do that, so that we get a chance to depart the scene. with the aggressor still on the ground.

  • Robert Shand
    Robert Shand 24 days ago

    Great stuff,.. Cheers 👍

  • Patrick Edgar Regini
    Patrick Edgar Regini 24 days ago

    The head grab is way to dangerous bro- You could fu** m up for life or kill him! ... EASILY kill him. Pretty irresponsible of you . Anybody who thinks he needs to learn and apply these could find himself suddenly rushed nervous and under-pressue, puts too much force in that move and ... SNAP! Even just playing. You're crazy!

  • Issam Mohanna
    Issam Mohanna 24 days ago +1

    Taking someone down surely does not mean that the fight ends.The two techniques in the beginning are effective and simple and quick but the first one is better.

  • knights templar
    knights templar 25 days ago

    Know 1 ever wins a fight!

  • Oliver Vinnicombe
    Oliver Vinnicombe 26 days ago

    Could you show me the crack again? 😋

  • james tan
    james tan 26 days ago


  • james tan
    james tan 26 days ago

    U didnt prove anything unjust prove that it works

  • Ben McCrea
    Ben McCrea 26 days ago

    Great advice - keep it simple

  • courtnee nicolee
    courtnee nicolee 26 days ago

    Love your accent, can I have it?! 😂

  • J Nick
    J Nick 26 days ago

    Your Aikido will fail on the street because you ain’t John Wick.

  • Omar Daley
    Omar Daley 27 days ago +1

    THE MOST HIGH BLESSINGS: it is easy to talk what you would do but situations occur, different scenario. If these dances were effective how comes they are only done for entertainment. LIVE PEACEFUL FROM WITHIN.

  • Jeffery Lilly
    Jeffery Lilly 27 days ago

    If u learn a lil bit of every art you will be solid trust that

  • berend dekkers
    berend dekkers 27 days ago

    Why did my comment get deleted? This is fake and nonsense technique and advice!

  • PermanentlyBored
    PermanentlyBored 27 days ago

    Hit uppercut jab works for me. Or go for the vulnerable nerves like hitting someone just above their elbow. If you hit the you instantly immobilize their limbs.

  • PermanentlyBored
    PermanentlyBored 27 days ago

    How to win a street fight. Hit first then run.

  • berend dekkers
    berend dekkers 28 days ago

    I just want to add that Aikido is very much like Tai Chi. its for internal strength as they say. Big circular movements dont work and leave you at a disadvantage. To reiterate if I throw a hook you wont block it unless I let you. Peace

  • berend dekkers
    berend dekkers 28 days ago

    I ve worked as a bouncer in several bars and Ive been mugged several times. Attempted mugging. One even had knife. They went to jail and I went home..:) Do you honestly thing that you could block a hook and strike back with that garbage strike? You are delusional. No Aikido will not work on the street but JiuJitsu will. 99% of guys at bars are wasted anyways so it might work. But if a guy throws a proper hook, you block it with your head!

  • L0wb4t
    L0wb4t 28 days ago

    Or maybe lagging

  • extra222love
    extra222love 28 days ago


  • M K
    M K 28 days ago

    This is bullshit. Only fat people believe this fat man.

  • Benja Osorio
    Benja Osorio 28 days ago

    You dont underdtand anything

  • James Roales
    James Roales 28 days ago +1

    All well and good, these techniques, but I think one needs to practice them until they become second nature to one. Just watching these videos probably isn't enough.

    • keith wilson
      keith wilson 28 days ago

      yes my teacher had us practice all the time and he would teach slow so u really get it down and he taught us power how to destroy one