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  • Rebeca Cayax
    Rebeca Cayax 22 hours ago

    escribió el título en español😙

  • The life of Emma

    Do a summer make up routine I love u and Kenzie sooo much please watch my vids and like and reply and pleas awnser my DMs @emmmaa.aa

  • lyn x
    lyn x Day ago +1

    your bare face is so pretty! love uu

  • Sarah Cin Zah
    Sarah Cin Zah 4 days ago

    i always do that look in special occasions

  • Savannbanana
    Savannbanana 6 days ago

    I love your natrual look

  • mundo chic
    mundo chic 6 days ago

    You were very beautiful ❤

  • 9876marissa
    9876marissa 8 days ago

    maddie is fucking gorgoeus its annoying

  • Layan Kurdi
    Layan Kurdi 8 days ago

    I ❤️ᑌ

  • Neidin Fitzgibbon
    Neidin Fitzgibbon 9 days ago

    That is a lot of make up

  • Sarah Heizer
    Sarah Heizer 10 days ago

    Maddie looks beautiful in everything. Like if u love Maddie!

  • Gala Durkin
    Gala Durkin 11 days ago

    0:05 when u try being weird but u still look perfect.

  • Shopkins wonder world /Miniature Artist

    U have grown into a gorgeous young lady.😘😘😘💖💖💕❤❤❤Love you Maddie 😘

  • xNikola x
    xNikola x 14 days ago

    What hapined to Your fingure

  • Lisa Küchemann
    Lisa Küchemann 15 days ago

    Please make more Makeuptutorials❤
    I love them❤❤❤
    You could call them MakeupMonday and upload them on Mondays💕
    I love you soo much and I really look up to you💗💗💗

  • Copeland Diol
    Copeland Diol 16 days ago

    wait i thought you always has mackup

  • 윤미피
    윤미피 21 day ago

    So cute ㅠㅁㅠ

  • jessica heller
    jessica heller 21 day ago

    Anyone else watch the video but never actually do the makeup?😂

  • jessica heller
    jessica heller 21 day ago

    Anyone else watch the video but never actually do the makeup?😂

  • Isabela Feltrin
    Isabela Feltrin 21 day ago

    Maravilhosa ❤️❤️😍

  • Mia Parker
    Mia Parker 21 day ago

    How can someone be this gorgeous😍😍Maddie is so freaking pretty I am so so jealous

  • Iulian Larion
    Iulian Larion 22 days ago

    So cute.

  • Ava James
    Ava James 23 days ago +1

    Where do u get the illuminate pallete

  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade 23 days ago

    Wow fancy gear! But that doesn't even matter your so pretty

  • shay de-via rozental
    shay de-via rozental 28 days ago +1

    I love the Ziaglers!!!

  • Mary Dundas
    Mary Dundas 28 days ago

    This is stunning Maddie // watched this soo many times xx

  • Hayley Lloyd
    Hayley Lloyd 29 days ago

    hi. Maddie I love your video

  • Alexis Lin
    Alexis Lin 29 days ago

    what mascara!! I’ve been wanting a new one bc I have the benefit roller lash but it makes my lashes droop so I use them for lower lash

  • Rasa Olšauskaitė
    Rasa Olšauskaitė Month ago

    I tried to recreate it anddd....

    I look like frkn potatoe😂😂😂👌😆

  • Lesly t. vlog and skit channel

    Omg YOU how are you so GOREGOUS❤❤❤❤

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace Month ago

    Your skin is so perfect without foundation!

  • Aleksandra Babe
    Aleksandra Babe Month ago

    You are so cute

  • Princess Lexi
    Princess Lexi Month ago

    Your skin is glowing your so gorgeous💕

  • Elizabeth Kubit
    Elizabeth Kubit Month ago

    omggg ur so pretty with and without makeup. but like ugh ur skin is glowing. anyways, stay confident and keep being who u are.

  • Nancy Llanos
    Nancy Llanos Month ago

    I LOVE Makeup 😍😍

  • Mi Amore
    Mi Amore Month ago

    I love her smile, it just gives a good vibes 😁

  • Gianna Pendola
    Gianna Pendola Month ago

    I love you Maddie

  • cherry Voraya
    cherry Voraya Month ago

    Your eyes are amazing!

  • Shalini Mathavan
    Shalini Mathavan Month ago

    I hate my skin colour Here in India people are hating and avoiding me because of my dark skin colour Please someone give me courage PLEASE😢😢😢

  • polinesios mexicanos
    polinesios mexicanos Month ago +1

    Ola madi soy tu fan te quiero mucho todos los de Michoacán quiero que vengan a michoacan

  • msz
    msz Month ago

    How are you so beautiful 😍😍😍!!! ILYSM

  • Nuca TV
    Nuca TV Month ago

    You so beautiful 😍 and you don't want makeup 💄 💕💙💙❤️💅💄👽

  • Nuca TV
    Nuca TV Month ago

    You don't want mekape because you are so beautiful 😍 💜❤️💖💖💜💖❤️❤️💖❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂

  • Mikaela Mondina
    Mikaela Mondina Month ago

    What brush did you use to highlight

  • Chhavi Goel
    Chhavi Goel Month ago

    Omg her eyes!!!!!!! 😍

  • Hiba Msaad
    Hiba Msaad Month ago +1

    OMG you are soo pretty your eyes blue and your facee cooool ommg guys likeeeee

  • Lisa Duchi
    Lisa Duchi Month ago

    You're SO beautiful with makeup but even without makeup! Keep being great Maddie 😍

  • palma cavaliere
    palma cavaliere Month ago

    I love maddie

  • Rocio Maria
    Rocio Maria Month ago

    Can you do a house tour ?

  • lyrik white
    lyrik white Month ago

    you said damn

  • Squishes World
    Squishes World Month ago

    Do you ever put eye lashes on

  • Rachel Wannnemacher

    Did anyone else notice that the names of the eyeshadow was names of pretty islands

  • Rogia Elexia
    Rogia Elexia Month ago

    I want your eyes so beautiful

  • Rogia Elexia
    Rogia Elexia Month ago

    Your skin is so clear and pretty

  • Cassie💞💞
    Cassie💞💞 Month ago

    This is literally gorgeous!!! Definitely doing this!!!

  • Elli
    Elli Month ago

    Where did you get the creamy concealer??????? 💝 you Maddie!

  • Alexandra Vougiouka

    i love your eyes

  • Bianca Veloso
    Bianca Veloso Month ago

    Maddie, you really have to post more videos

  • brittany wei
    brittany wei Month ago

    Wow your make up is wonderful .

  • Abby&Savvy Gymnastics

    @MaddyZiegler I tried it!!! It looks great follow me on insta Abs13_21 to see it💕

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur Month ago

    You are looking gorgeous

  • Grace Anne
    Grace Anne Month ago

    I love you and your intro
    Edit: like if u agree

  • Sumaiyah Sumaiyah
    Sumaiyah Sumaiyah Month ago

    Same I love christmas

  • asmr slime
    asmr slime Month ago

    Plz be chloe friend

    • asmr slime
      asmr slime Month ago

      Be chloe friend plz maddie I luv u and her

  • Nancy Silva
    Nancy Silva Month ago

    Ella se ve linda con maquillaje y sin 💄 😍😍

  • Pedro Medina
    Pedro Medina Month ago

    Fanes de dans moms

  • Pedro Medina
    Pedro Medina Month ago

    Hello maddi zigler

  • Rivah Fisher
    Rivah Fisher Month ago

    OML your eyes almost look fake your so beautiful!!!!

  • ally baba
    ally baba 2 months ago

    so true

  • Ailen Piemontesi
    Ailen Piemontesi 2 months ago

    Te amo boluda sos la best❤

  • All About Girls and Girl Talk

    I am going to recreate it

  • James Ziska
    James Ziska 2 months ago

    Maddie we are onle 7&8 we love☺ . Love ahliya &myah

  • shawnee,s time
    shawnee,s time 2 months ago


  • Kimberlyandbff World
    Kimberlyandbff World 2 months ago +1

    I love you maddie Im your fan of dancing and makeup 💄

  • Breanna Robertson
    Breanna Robertson 2 months ago

    Maddie u are such a great person and i was wondering if u would come out to Australia and could help me make a music vidio i know its a big ask butt i would love it of u or kenzie could help me my intagram name os breezajayde101 so if u could i would love to hear from u frome ur biggggggggggggggggggggs gan breanna❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Bebe Bebe
    Bebe Bebe 2 months ago

  • banu venkat
    banu venkat 2 months ago

    What happens to your finger

  • LennyFaceNekkeh sHIT vIDEOS

    I'm jealous how Maddie and kenzie look so cute and beautiful without makeup and i look like someone punched me in the face

  • SaLi Tv
    SaLi Tv 2 months ago


  • Ieva Laurinaitis
    Ieva Laurinaitis 2 months ago

    what mascara did you use?? your eyelashes are beautiful!

  • Zoe Klusáčková
    Zoe Klusáčková 2 months ago

    ur soooo beautiful! :)

  • Yvette Leslie
    Yvette Leslie 2 months ago +1

    Make jack do your makeup ❤

  • Char-Gymnast 25
    Char-Gymnast 25 2 months ago

    How is that holiday I legit use this makeup look everyday wtf

  • Maya Soccer12
    Maya Soccer12 2 months ago

    What mascara did you use???

  • Sonia Oines
    Sonia Oines 2 months ago

    Wow im 14 and im so extra with makeup. I always wing my eyeliner and am generally wearing super sparkly eyeshadow or full matte browns. Right no i have a full smokey eye lmao

  • Rhiannon Gotts
    Rhiannon Gotts 2 months ago

    Love it

  • luciana tolari
    luciana tolari 2 months ago

    Maddie soy tu fan y de tu hermana meckenzie besos😀😀😀

  • x1uCi0s
    x1uCi0s 2 months ago

    you're so pretty omg!

  • Eylül Dede
    Eylül Dede 2 months ago


  • Millie Groves
    Millie Groves 2 months ago

    How are you so beautiful!😍

  • jeanette weyers
    jeanette weyers 2 months ago

    What brush did maddie use for cream bronzer

  • Trusha Bhangle
    Trusha Bhangle 2 months ago +1

    Very pretty Maddie!!! 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  • miira
    miira 2 months ago +1

    ur so gorgeous maddie!!

  • Sanjida Begum
    Sanjida Begum 2 months ago

    I love your eyes there so beautiful

  • Sanjida Begum
    Sanjida Begum 2 months ago

    I love u so much maddie

  • Nete Campos10
    Nete Campos10 2 months ago

    i Love you Maddie

  • Hello Emma
    Hello Emma 2 months ago

    Are you wearing contact linses?❤️

  • Ayana Maxut
    Ayana Maxut 2 months ago

    Soo beautiful ❤️

  • Rose Hale
    Rose Hale 2 months ago

    Leah girl who has been a long way to say hi

  • Lily Vann
    Lily Vann 2 months ago

    anyone know where to buy the Ashley Tisdale eyeshadow pallet?

  • Rabia Honey Ali
    Rabia Honey Ali 2 months ago +1

    You look so christmasy and pretty