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  • Junvie Sebastian
    Junvie Sebastian 3 hours ago

    First step: To have naturally beautiful skin

  • marium ali
    marium ali 23 hours ago

    Is anyone here 11 only me ok

  • hanne gabrielly
    hanne gabrielly Day ago


  • Janice Baroni
    Janice Baroni 3 days ago

    you are gorgeous

  • sharnia
    sharnia 3 days ago

    Pretty x

  • Ellie_is_here
    Ellie_is_here 4 days ago

    She does good make-up tutorials but in spite of her eye colour she is not that beautiful

  • JaelMus
    JaelMus 6 days ago

    No entiendo que dice pero me encanta ver a Maddie😍😍

  • Cyanna Cadet
    Cyanna Cadet 8 days ago

    I'm doing this makeup for my winter concert because i just tried it today and it looked so freaking good💖



  • Respectful Evil
    Respectful Evil 9 days ago

    How can I get ahold of you.

    MAREMMTUA_ YT 10 days ago

    So easy, i love you. Ahre q porq hablaba en Ingles si era de Argentina😂

  • Ala Pen
    Ala Pen 10 days ago

    One year later.....

  • TW the Dancer
    TW the Dancer 11 days ago

    pls do more makeup tutorials

  • hamilfan
    hamilfan 12 days ago

    what song in the beginning???!!!!

  • Natasha TULLENERS
    Natasha TULLENERS 12 days ago

    I did it IT LOOKED SOOOO GOOD!!!

    • Natasha TULLENERS
      Natasha TULLENERS 12 days ago

      I did like a Smokey eye with two similar colors like Maddie used

  • Ioanna Peralta
    Ioanna Peralta 13 days ago

    I Honestly don't see the holiday in it your makeup but still love you

  • Shivaaa raii
    Shivaaa raii 14 days ago

    I will always like her videos before watching it because I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • snippy Ae
    snippy Ae 14 days ago

    You are still a child!!!!!

    How the heck does she look this pretty???

  • Jessica D
    Jessica D 15 days ago

    it's been almost exactly a year ago...

  • Amely Barrios
    Amely Barrios 15 days ago

    01/12/18 ? i want be u maddie OMGGGG

  • Renée Hupkens
    Renée Hupkens 16 days ago +1

    omg @maddieziegler im going to do this

  • Chloe Lim
    Chloe Lim 16 days ago +2

    Anyone of you are watching in 2018 and is close to 2019
    Like if you are 😃😃😃😃

  • Iloveyoutube
    Iloveyoutube 17 days ago


  • Rowan Shimmin
    Rowan Shimmin 17 days ago


  • 인간
    인간 17 days ago

    이쁨 무엇?

  • MsPackman
    MsPackman 18 days ago

    Yass gurl same blush squad!

  • Luz Maria Nava
    Luz Maria Nava 20 days ago

    U look so beautiful with your holiday makeup look

  • clara Vilog
    clara Vilog 21 day ago

    At first I see you in dance mom I always see how big your head but I look and look your beautiful but how six more years until I'm 15 but I'm still not beautiful your beautiful when your eight I'm nine I'm not even beautiful jealous 😤 but still I look beautiful when my hair is up

  • Melissa Schierer
    Melissa Schierer 23 days ago

    You do not need makeup you are already

  • Melissa Schierer
    Melissa Schierer 23 days ago

    Maudie you look so beutful

  • Talia Moore
    Talia Moore 25 days ago +1

    Even after all of doing her makeup in all those dance years I never thought that she could be that good at makeup

    P.S your skin is so clear that you don’t even need makeup but it still looks amazing 😉

  • Diane Kolpack
    Diane Kolpack 25 days ago

    Please do a makeup collection video!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Lopez Lopez
    Michelle Lopez Lopez 25 days ago

    Maddie ziegler aún sin maquillaje es hermosa

  • Ella’s Life
    Ella’s Life 26 days ago

    14/14 products used were high end...Maddie, do you like own any drugstore makeup??

  • Brianna And grace
    Brianna And grace 27 days ago

    I’m living of the eyes😍

  • Jordan:P
    Jordan:P 27 days ago

    Man she is really obsessed with a lot of things😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Janetlynn Orbe
    Janetlynn Orbe Month ago

    how can you keep your skin so clean😍😍😍pleas show me your secret

  • Talia Elle Marie Lynch

    You are so gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰

  • Daniel Melbin
    Daniel Melbin Month ago


  • Daniel Melbin
    Daniel Melbin Month ago

    I love you Maddie

  • Eleanor W
    Eleanor W Month ago +2

    Question: Is Micellar Cleansing water really that good? I'm thinking about trying it but not that sure... Comment for me!!!

  • Anna Arzamendía
    Anna Arzamendía Month ago


  • Kanchan Shaktawat
    Kanchan Shaktawat Month ago


  • Luisana Stuto
    Luisana Stuto Month ago

    Eress millonaria

  • Ray F Johnson
    Ray F Johnson Month ago +2

    What about the champagne pop highliter

  • delaney victoria
    delaney victoria Month ago

    what’s the song at the beginning

  • Brayden Williams
    Brayden Williams Month ago

    You love that day it's my bday

  • vitoria lima
    vitoria lima Month ago

    tão linda 😂😊

  • Sarita Sharma
    Sarita Sharma Month ago

    She is naturally beairif

  • sydney serena
    sydney serena Month ago

    Love ur makup maddie i am a big fan 😊

  • Khondoker Zuhayr
    Khondoker Zuhayr Month ago

    Love you Maddie your so pretty your so good at makeup love you💜💜💄💄❤❤

  • Kelsey Manchester
    Kelsey Manchester Month ago

    omg the beginning your so cute

  • Johnny Buck
    Johnny Buck Month ago

    You grew up good!! Beautiful

  • Sandra Francis
    Sandra Francis Month ago

    I love you Maddie you are the best

  • badgirl18 *.*
    badgirl18 *.* Month ago

    I hate you

  • I’m dun with u
    I’m dun with u Month ago

    Wait what mascara did you use?

  • Gaby :v
    Gaby :v Month ago +1

    Why is the title in Spanish?
    Estoy emocionada wachooo v:

    • Gaby :v
      Gaby :v 25 days ago +1

      Talia Moore in My phone the title comes out in spanish ;-;

    • Talia Moore
      Talia Moore 25 days ago +1

      Gaby :v it’s not in Spanish

  • Chloe Titi
    Chloe Titi Month ago

    You're a natutral! I never knew a 16 year old youtube teen is actually really good at makeup! Love you soo much Maddie,✌

  • Harum Sumaiya
    Harum Sumaiya Month ago

    you are so pretty with or without make up.

  • Rosa Locke
    Rosa Locke Month ago

    i am in love with this video she is so beautiful!

  • rosegold 101
    rosegold 101 Month ago

    You are amazing at makeup I love this look

  • Anna Gainulin
    Anna Gainulin 2 months ago

    what is the mascara that you are using

  • Kristina Duricova
    Kristina Duricova 2 months ago

    So amazing!😘😘😘😘

  • Niamh Murphy
    Niamh Murphy 2 months ago

    ‘Now I’m taking the.....’ 😂 😂 love you ❤️ xxx

  • Emmze Life
    Emmze Life 2 months ago

    I’m sad I can’t find that pallet and I want it soooo much

  • Livia Johnston
    Livia Johnston 2 months ago


  • Livia Johnston
    Livia Johnston 2 months ago


  • N. Basic
    N. Basic 2 months ago

    maddie i love you, you re so gorgeous! could u pls make a haul, follow me around, room tour or a vlog? it would be so cool

  • Two Dreams
    Two Dreams 2 months ago

    Omg i very love this makeup

  • Luna Portillo
    Luna Portillo 2 months ago

    Es mi celu o el titulo esta en español?

  • Tamar gavriel
    Tamar gavriel 2 months ago

    omg you so beautiful!!! ♥♥I love you so much meadie!

  • Aneesa Raza
    Aneesa Raza 2 months ago

    I love this look sooo much . And it is so natrul

  • Crazy girl
    Crazy girl 2 months ago

    Your skin is clearer than my future

  • Precious aiko Isojima
    Precious aiko Isojima 2 months ago +2

    Your makeup looks natural😍

  • A random person
    A random person 2 months ago +4

    I feel like Maddie’s makeup is professional

  • Emilka Dobrowolska
    Emilka Dobrowolska 2 months ago +2

    Kto z kraju kwitnącej cebuli?

  • Serenity’s Edits
    Serenity’s Edits 2 months ago


  • farwa ali
    farwa ali 2 months ago

    hi maddie

  • Antonia San Martin
    Antonia San Martin 2 months ago +2

    tenia esperanzas de q hable en español ahre

  • Salma Awwad
    Salma Awwad 2 months ago

    Did you change your t-shirt 🤔

  • Kelsie Gropp
    Kelsie Gropp 2 months ago

    Maddie:just going to hide all my blumishies me:what blumishies?🤨🧐😘

  • Magda Caruk
    Magda Caruk 2 months ago

    All of ur makeups looks the same but ilysm XD

  • C.O. X
    C.O. X 3 months ago

    omgg you so pretty evrytime i look your video you pretty

  • Valeria Rengifo
    Valeria Rengifo 3 months ago +1

    Maddie you are speaking Spanish? Porque yo si es que El nombre De este video esta En espanol and I love you and Mackenzie ziegler😘💘

    • Talia Moore
      Talia Moore 25 days ago +1

      Valeria Rengifo no she’s not

  • Cassandra Cadillo
    Cassandra Cadillo 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who loves her brows

  • Alex Munro
    Alex Munro 3 months ago

    u r legit the most beautiful person inside and out and ilysm Maddie xxx 💖👑

  • Fantastic Kids
    Fantastic Kids 3 months ago +1


  • Catalina Peuscovich
    Catalina Peuscovich 3 months ago

    Aguanten los q no saben ingles

  • Catalina Peuscovich
    Catalina Peuscovich 3 months ago


  • habiba sasha
    habiba sasha 3 months ago

    Please tell me what mascara you use😍😍😍

    VV SUPERTWINS 3 months ago

    Its soo pretty maddie!!!!!

  • frappuchinolover w
    frappuchinolover w 3 months ago

    You have really nice eyes! 😊

  • Jennifer Attebery
    Jennifer Attebery 3 months ago

    I love you, your so beautiful and amazing!!🌲❤

  • Shahad alluwaihi
    Shahad alluwaihi 3 months ago

    I Love you

  • Daisyyy
    Daisyyy 3 months ago

    Rybka twins

  • Ken Bray
    Ken Bray 3 months ago

    You're so Gorgeous !

  • Hifza Sheikh
    Hifza Sheikh 3 months ago

    I get mascara on my lids or face every time too

  • Bluewater Starfish
    Bluewater Starfish 3 months ago

    Hey maddie do you miss abby at all

  • miss DK
    miss DK 3 months ago

    you are sooo perfectttt
    and beautifulll
    ad perfect
    did i mention perfect?

  • Lisa Heggie
    Lisa Heggie 3 months ago

    Love you Maddie Aussie girl hiiiiiiii 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺