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  • Emsin Tuqe
    Emsin Tuqe 5 hours ago

    your eyes very beautiful

  • Kaitlyn Lendrum
    Kaitlyn Lendrum Day ago

    talk to chloe

  • Happy HOPPER
    Happy HOPPER Day ago

    6:08 , what is that black stuff on her left hand?? No judge, just curious

  • ItsMeTamarah
    ItsMeTamarah 2 days ago

    I love how Maddie always goes with a natural makeup look

  • papo de mulher
    papo de mulher 2 days ago

    I Love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  • A N
    A N 2 days ago


  • Elissa Rainicorn
    Elissa Rainicorn 2 days ago

    65,000th like😁

  • Lavender LPS
    Lavender LPS 3 days ago

    Pls do more makeup vids!!!

  • Rabuni 43
    Rabuni 43 3 days ago

    everyone is so beautiful with and without make-up
    GO GIRLS💋💋💋💋

  • Hannah Bonfils
    Hannah Bonfils 3 days ago

    Dear Maddie
    You’re so incredible you’re very good at make up! And you’re an amazing dancer I’m a dancer too but I’m definitely not as good as you I just want you to know even though you probably will never read this that I love you and you’re so incredible and I definitely look up to you thank you for being so incredible

  • johana lopez
    johana lopez 3 days ago

    Se ve mucho más perfecta♥️✨

  • Sanya Adlakha
    Sanya Adlakha 4 days ago

    Lmao she always says micellar wrong

  • Blue Velvet
    Blue Velvet 4 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time she says “Now I’m...” lmao.

  • Averiana Kuta
    Averiana Kuta 5 days ago

    Do you still do dance moms? I watch that all the time.

  • Ofelia milagros Anguiano Gomez

    Hello maddie

  • Daniella L.B
    Daniella L.B 6 days ago

    Can someone answer me: is This bottle With water just water or is it water With a special product?

  • afiqah 04
    afiqah 04 6 days ago

    what mascara is dat

  • ColorfulFox 719
    ColorfulFox 719 6 days ago

    Try doing a makeup on your face but with different colors you don’t use as a challenge lol

  • brooke silva
    brooke silva 6 days ago

    On what days do you post?

  • ColorfulFox 719
    ColorfulFox 719 6 days ago

    Please do a New Year’s Eve makeup like if you were going to the red carpet lol

  • Ellie Selway
    Ellie Selway 7 days ago

    I love you your super pretty and the most amazing dancer EVER!!!!!

  • Tamara Malak
    Tamara Malak 7 days ago

    Btw she had musically it’s Maddie Ziegler

  • Tamara Malak
    Tamara Malak 7 days ago

    All hail queen Maddie Ziegler

  • Tamara Malak
    Tamara Malak 7 days ago

    Love u to the moon and back 👽🌑🌌

  • Kiremont Medford
    Kiremont Medford 7 days ago

    You are perfect person in the world that can change makeup looks for children and teenagers

  • mundo da Cecília
    mundo da Cecília 8 days ago

    I love you

  • hey its ash!
    hey its ash! 8 days ago

    hope you do a bedtime routine maddie love you

  • Debbie Quine
    Debbie Quine 8 days ago

    Omg Maddie Your so pretty and amazing

  • Coco LEE
    Coco LEE 8 days ago

    where do you get your rings!?????!?? they are so cuteeeee

  • Maria Valadares
    Maria Valadares 8 days ago

    Does anyone know what’s the name of the pink brush??

  • Puffy Slimez
    Puffy Slimez 9 days ago


  • Puffy Slimez
    Puffy Slimez 9 days ago

    No offense but makenzie is better then yo and she is dating Johnny!😘

  • Stavroula Kalaitzi
    Stavroula Kalaitzi 9 days ago

    i love this the best video i have ever all the others videos you have done....i love you....

  • Brisa Alexa Fajardo Castillo

    Omallgat love yu Maddie

  • Ana A
    Ana A 13 days ago

    Damn i like your eyebrows!!😍😍

  • Rozhina Manesh
    Rozhina Manesh 13 days ago

    Maddie, could you use a beauty blender for lotion?

  • Lilien Róza
    Lilien Róza 13 days ago

    Wow❤❤❤ best makeup

  • love life
    love life 14 days ago +1

    You are so so so beautiful and you inspire so many people

  • Ruby Cuthbert
    Ruby Cuthbert 14 days ago

    Any one know what brush she used when doing her cream contour?? Xx

  • Oscar Suy
    Oscar Suy 16 days ago

    I LOVE you maddie

  • omar cambero
    omar cambero 16 days ago

    you look like a man you are so ugly that you have to use a lot of makeup

  • milly moo
    milly moo 16 days ago

    You're so beautiful maddieeee😍😍😍

  • Basma bétty
    Basma bétty 16 days ago

  • CamilaGarmendia Bustamante.

    Me gustó mucho y si fue muy fácil sabes maddie cada vez sabes más sobre maquillaje eso sí que es bueno mi maddie.

  • lite family
    lite family 17 days ago

    she is like so pretty love her so much

  • Jacob Dyer
    Jacob Dyer 17 days ago

    Hi 😀😀

  • Sere Vázquez
    Sere Vázquez 18 days ago

    Maddie es muy linda y me gustan sus ojos👀

  • Hana Can
    Hana Can 19 days ago

    Your so pretty

  • HighHeelsMadness
    HighHeelsMadness 19 days ago


  • Chassidy Ross
    Chassidy Ross 19 days ago

    Love you. Maddie Zigler

  • Mia Leigh
    Mia Leigh 20 days ago

    What brush did you use for the fenty bronzer

  • Ava Campbell
    Ava Campbell 21 day ago

    U are butful without makeup xx

  • Katie Meadows
    Katie Meadows 21 day ago

    This is a lovely Christmas look I will definitely try this look and I will totally tag you wherever I post the look either Instagram TVclip or musicly.

  • Priscila oliveira
    Priscila oliveira 21 day ago

    Você fala português

  • Kimberly Duke
    Kimberly Duke 22 days ago

    Omg I remember watching you dance when you were just a little girl! It's crazy how much you've grown. You're beautiful

  • Sylvia Staggs
    Sylvia Staggs 22 days ago

    this basic ass look cost $556

  • Shawn Craig
    Shawn Craig 23 days ago

    Dude your pretty 😍😍

  • Eden Perkin
    Eden Perkin 23 days ago

    Wow, this look is so amazing!! How do you do makeup so quick and make it look so easy??
    Love you Maddie! x

  • Monique Barredo
    Monique Barredo 23 days ago

    She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my whole life! (Like if you love Maddie and thumbs down 👎 if you hate Mackenzie)

  • Angel Barsana
    Angel Barsana 24 days ago

    you said " this is in the shade vanilla" two times

  • Skipper Roman
    Skipper Roman 24 days ago

    What's the name of the lipstick she used

  • Laura Priestner
    Laura Priestner 25 days ago

    Love you maddie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rubi McNicholl
    Rubi McNicholl 25 days ago +1

    Pure beauty, you are my inspiration💘💍

  • Renata Brito
    Renata Brito 28 days ago

    Alguém brasileiro???

  • bianka horvath
    bianka horvath 28 days ago

    Love you Maddie

  • Nell Cameron
    Nell Cameron 28 days ago

    You don't need makeup!!!!!😘

  • ilse atkinson
    ilse atkinson 28 days ago

    So cool ❤️❤️❤️ I love you😘😘

  • #PilaFanMate lopez
    #PilaFanMate lopez 28 days ago +1

    Ur super cute maddie i love you so much and ur sister mackenzie is so cute to i love her like i love u

  • Marcelina Madycka
    Marcelina Madycka 29 days ago

    Maddie can u do your makeup collection video? I really would like to watch it ❤️❤️

  • Eliane Fernandes
    Eliane Fernandes 29 days ago

    I Love you Maddie❤️

  • Gaby Hutton
    Gaby Hutton 29 days ago

    are those her real eyes

  • Shivika Asthana
    Shivika Asthana 29 days ago

    Now I’m taking....😂

  • crystallites k
    crystallites k 29 days ago

    She's actually one of the few millennials that are more put together and mature.

  • Chelsey Paula
    Chelsey Paula 29 days ago

    OMG it looks so good😍 How can you be such a pro at this, I’m not good at makeup😂 But it’s cool👌 Also, why are you so GORGEOUS😍💖💝

  • Planet Zieglerrr
    Planet Zieglerrr 29 days ago

    How can a 15 years old be so pretty

  • sophie polotnianka
    sophie polotnianka 29 days ago

    You are SO pretty with or without makeup!

  • Victoria Queiroz
    Victoria Queiroz Month ago

    Love you

  • BRING IT ON!???
    BRING IT ON!??? Month ago

    Love how she keeps it natural😂💩💩 Luv u Maddie

  • Andrea Rossi
    Andrea Rossi Month ago

    Guao your eyes are beautiful

  • guerbois team
    guerbois team Month ago

    Hola Madi soy de malaga España saludos OS amo fenkiu

  • danna morena
    danna morena Month ago

    Pasame tu numero de telefono

  • Joselyn Edith Zavala Rodriguez

    I love you maddie Ziegler really 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Stephanie Morris
    Stephanie Morris Month ago


  • ZammysMusic
    ZammysMusic Month ago

    Instagram: @xkenzieziegler
    This person makes the best posts about Mackenzie😍😍

  • Anna Porfírio
    Anna Porfírio Month ago


  • Saira Miah
    Saira Miah Month ago

    Your so prety 😍

  • Karen andrea
    Karen andrea Month ago

    maddie por que no vienes a México

  • Celeste Moncada
    Celeste Moncada Month ago +1

    Qué bonita Maddie💜

  • Lizzie F
    Lizzie F Month ago +1

    You don’t even need makeup!!!! You are so beautiful!

  • Ann3543
    Ann3543 Month ago


  • Kahlen byron
    Kahlen byron Month ago

    I got your book the audition grat so far

  • Chloe Wright
    Chloe Wright Month ago

    i think that she has a beautiful face and and nice makeup .

  • Odaysis Quiroz
    Odaysis Quiroz Month ago +3

    Aun que no entiendes nada de nada pero aun asi vez sus videos y los de Mackenzie💘 :D

  • Robbie R
    Robbie R Month ago

    Maddie , you are perfection.No makeup needed , natural beauty.Love you girl !!!

  • Kadence Anderson
    Kadence Anderson Month ago

    Your not cut so you should stop your gust spoiled rotten

  • Meakayla Pieterson
    Meakayla Pieterson Month ago

    I love it so much

  • Skipper Roman
    Skipper Roman Month ago

    What's the name of the lip stick she used

  • Jaweriya Akhundzadah


  • Gabriella Pabey
    Gabriella Pabey Month ago

    Please do a morning routine BTW love ya

  • MyRose102
    MyRose102 Month ago

    What mascara did you use