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  • Ruby Keyvani
    Ruby Keyvani 12 seconds ago

    You’re skin is flawless! I’m lagging on doing my holiday makeup video. I love this look so much

  • mohammed hayat
    mohammed hayat 5 minutes ago

    I love your makeup 💄

  • Annie Bananie
    Annie Bananie 6 minutes ago

    Ugh Maddie you’re the most adorable 😍 you’re looks are always so age appropriate and well done 👍🏼

  • Teddy Lover
    Teddy Lover Hour ago

    I love u maddie plz do a night routine!!!

  • Juliana Soares
    Juliana Soares 2 hours ago

    Maravilhosa 😘

  • ali Garcia
    ali Garcia 2 hours ago

    Woooooo madi mi hija esta loca porti sabes asta quiere seguir tuhs pasos y eya va aser vailarina de valrc

  • Ellie Lambert
    Ellie Lambert 2 hours ago

    You’re so cute!😍

  • Mella HP
    Mella HP 2 hours ago +1

    Maddie, you have beautiful eyes. Do you use lenses?
    Regards :)

  • Madeline Spencer
    Madeline Spencer 2 hours ago

    Maddie, your skin is so pretty! can you plzzzzz do a skin care routine?! oh and where did you get your setting spray?

  • DeeVlogZ
    DeeVlogZ 2 hours ago

    Ur good at that✌🏼✌🏼👍🏽👍🏽

  • Инжу Мусагали

    Maddie is very beautiful . I love Maddie. ^-^ :) :)

  • Lennie Symes
    Lennie Symes 3 hours ago

    Okkkkkkk..... damn, you like expensive makeup, don't you!?😂😂

  • Raegan Gilmore
    Raegan Gilmore 5 hours ago

    This look is beautiful but u don’t need make, you flawless without it

  • Rhonda Zobel
    Rhonda Zobel 5 hours ago

    What mascara do u use

  • Sani R
    Sani R 7 hours ago

    People say mine and Maddie's nose are very similar lmao

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    whatch this maddie .. thats from you

  • Theresa Roo
    Theresa Roo 7 hours ago

    Maddie what is the link for the moisturiser as can’t seem to find it anywhere..? 😩

  • Aleyyah Balqis
    Aleyyah Balqis 7 hours ago


  • Aleyyah Balqis
    Aleyyah Balqis 7 hours ago


  • Jade-Ellie Peh
    Jade-Ellie Peh 9 hours ago

    Do more makeup videos!!

  • Precious Lara Lee Mabborang

    I'm a dan of maddie

  • Kendon & Ashley
    Kendon & Ashley 9 hours ago

    Great video! You're so good at makeup, love the look

  • Benné G
    Benné G 10 hours ago +1

    She’s so fucking pretty. Her entire aesthetic IS SO LOVING

    SUNNYFOREVA 10 hours ago

    Maddie is soooooo beautiful she's a young Hannah Baker

  • Amelia Caddy
    Amelia Caddy 11 hours ago


  • Muffin Tutorials
    Muffin Tutorials 12 hours ago

    what mascara do you use!

  • Taryn Nobles
    Taryn Nobles 13 hours ago

    You should do a skin care routine bc you have really clear skin, I’m curious about how you keep it clear!!!

  • Dixie Cabel
    Dixie Cabel 13 hours ago

    dude the cream she used is $144

  • Lea Sainz
    Lea Sainz 13 hours ago

    I can't believe that your firends with Millie Bobby Brown

  • Yohanna Bejarano
    Yohanna Bejarano 14 hours ago


  • Mia McComb
    Mia McComb 14 hours ago

    your honestly so gorgeous

  • Alison Maria
    Alison Maria 15 hours ago

    For everyone asking for a skincare routine the main things she uses are the tatcha silk cream and the rose water spray she said at the start of the video (she said this on instagram live)

  • ivana ysla
    ivana ysla 16 hours ago

    my you. my

  • cesia raquel aguilar
    cesia raquel aguilar 16 hours ago +1

    No entendi nadita pero igual amo a maddie

  • Tlara8
    Tlara8 17 hours ago

    Your so gorgeous I love u so much 😭❤️and I love your eyebrows

  • Breleigh Melana
    Breleigh Melana 17 hours ago

    I read your book, It was so inspiring, Plus you are an amazing artist,

  • Elizabeth88
    Elizabeth88 17 hours ago

    Maddie can you make a reaction of Monsta X's music video "Beautiful" is K-pop music. Hope you like it ❤️

  • Lexi Miles
    Lexi Miles 17 hours ago

    MORNING OR NIGHT ROUTINE!!! OR A DAY IN THE LIFE!! For your schoolwork and what you do!

  • Belen Garcia
    Belen Garcia 17 hours ago

    Do more challenges with your friend Millie bobby brown and other friends too

  • Princesha Ziegler
    Princesha Ziegler 18 hours ago

    Maddie please do a house tour video

  • Princesha Ziegler
    Princesha Ziegler 18 hours ago

    Do a house tour

  • Arianna Weaponds
    Arianna Weaponds 18 hours ago

    I love you Maddi you are the best 😘😘

  • christina curtis
    christina curtis 18 hours ago


  • ParisMSP
    ParisMSP 18 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong this is BEAUTIFUL but has nothing to do with the holidays

  • Becca Ziegler
    Becca Ziegler 18 hours ago

    what mascara do you use??

  • Hannah Cronister
    Hannah Cronister 19 hours ago

    You should do a dance tutorial video.

  • Peyton Morrisseau
    Peyton Morrisseau 19 hours ago

    soooo cute ily💗

  • Luis Ramírez
    Luis Ramírez 19 hours ago

    I think you dont need make up!!! Your hermosa

  • Lucy J
    Lucy J 19 hours ago

    someone please tell me what mascara!!!!

  • Hannah Frain
    Hannah Frain 20 hours ago

    Also quick question: will you be at the JUMP Chicago Dance Convention? If so, I'll be there dancing too!! We should hang :)

  • Hannah Frain
    Hannah Frain 20 hours ago +1

    Automatic like for awesome intro!! Looking for some holiday makeup!💋

  • Liza Lee
    Liza Lee 20 hours ago

    Love this look!

  • Sam Doherty
    Sam Doherty 21 hour ago

    maddie is so naturally beautiful wow

  • Mc Gil Games
    Mc Gil Games 21 hour ago

    Your eyeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Paola Camarillo
    Paola Camarillo 22 hours ago

    Tonta copiona

  • Lizzie Grace
    Lizzie Grace 23 hours ago

    Maddie please do a dance tutorial! It would be so helpful to beginner dancers and intermediate (like me) maybe even Jazz routine

  • DevonŁee
    DevonŁee 23 hours ago +1

    7 minutes- 19 “now I’m takin’ “
    Maddie you’re so so soooo beautiful ♥️

  • Niamh Fox
    Niamh Fox 23 hours ago

    Oh and I love Christmas to

  • Capriece Crespin
    Capriece Crespin 23 hours ago

    Love youuu❤️

  • Niamh Fox
    Niamh Fox 23 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Jh Jh
    Jh Jh 23 hours ago


  • Abi Cat Vlogs
    Abi Cat Vlogs 23 hours ago +1

    DO A MORNING ROUTINE AND A NIGHT ROUTINE (W/ times as well please!) xxx

  • Suzanne Street
    Suzanne Street Day ago


  • Zala Bahar
    Zala Bahar Day ago +1

    Your sooooooooo pretty. I loveee ur eyes

  • isadora cavalcante

    muito boaaaa! simples e linda!

  • Emily Pinkham
    Emily Pinkham Day ago

    you are awesome at makeup and your skin looks so flawless

  • Nancy Beauty
    Nancy Beauty Day ago

    I counted and this is the 7th time me watching this video 😂❤️

  • aria
    aria Day ago

    # 1 ashley tisdale stan

  • Lyric Videos
    Lyric Videos Day ago

    I think maddie should make her own makeup line!!

  • madaryy
    madaryy Day ago


  • Em
    Em Day ago

    Girl do the world a favor and drop your skin care routine 😭😭

  • Whitneyy Star
    Whitneyy Star Day ago

    You’re adorable

  • K H
    K H Day ago

    Can you do a skin care routine??

  • yeysel guevara
    yeysel guevara Day ago

    Tú tienes una piel perfecta Maddie 😍😘❤️😘♥️ eres perfecta 👌

  • mikel me. gustan tus vidios Girma

    You are very kiuch

  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez Day ago

    Dance moms

  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez Day ago

    Aun bailas??

  • Lauren Maurer
    Lauren Maurer Day ago

    What mascara do you use

  • Elisa Heemskerk
    Elisa Heemskerk Day ago

    Do more makeup videos pleaseeee! Love uuu xoxo

  • marie poot
    marie poot Day ago


  • Hannah Calder
    Hannah Calder Day ago

    You have the same face wash and make up brush😘😍love you

  • juli zbogo
    juli zbogo Day ago

    You are beutifull!!!!😁😀😊

  • Gabrielle Rangel

    Hello Maddie, do your store clothes deliver to Brazil? I love your canal

  • Polina Rose
    Polina Rose Day ago

    Ur so pretty omg I just can't xx

  • Zoe Leary
    Zoe Leary Day ago

    Hi could you please do a night routine? Showing what products you moisturise with and your makeup removing routine as this would be very helpful because your skin always looks so clean and fresh :)

  • Candy Reenx
    Candy Reenx Day ago

    Her eyes tho...

  • Kate Perry
    Kate Perry Day ago

    her eyes 😍

  • Natalie Wall
    Natalie Wall Day ago


  • Losiang Howard
    Losiang Howard Day ago


  • Jessie Hernandez

    When your skin is so flawless that you don’t need foundation

  • cristina aguilar

    what mascara was she using?

  • Chaya Richter
    Chaya Richter Day ago +1

    She got pimples ... but she still look amazing!!!! I got pimples and I look like a piece of shit !!!

  • Mandy Heart
    Mandy Heart Day ago

    How is this a holiday look? It’s the same exact look she’s done in every single makeup video (her ELF, Moms makeup, sisters makeup, etc videos) All show this same gold/bronze, natural makeup look.

  • Jaycelle Tan
    Jaycelle Tan Day ago

    uhmm she’s the girl in The Book Of Henry, right? 😍

  • chloe aucote
    chloe aucote Day ago

    Thankssssss mads I loveee this I did it today and I'm in love 💌💌💌💗💗💗💗💗

  • Amy Lindsey
    Amy Lindsey Day ago

    I love you can I meet u

  • Chanah Munday
    Chanah Munday Day ago

    can you please film a skin care routine x

  • Alisonvanessa Moralesperez

    Reparti el dinero que te dan todos los dias África la india perfeccionista saber de dónde

  • Alisonvanessa Moralesperez

    Bicha ipocrita solo pensas en. Vz ni limpiarte las nalgas podes pensa en los demás solo en tu cara arruinada pensas. Si SOS HORIIBLEEE

  • Mychael Kitris
    Mychael Kitris Day ago

    What mascara......