The D*ck Sucker Shot - Tipsy Bartender

  • Published on Oct 16, 2012
  • Sophia shows up with an awesome shot called The Dick Sucker!
    1 part Pear Vodka
    1 part Grape or Blueberry Pucker
    1 part Soda Water
    1 part Lemon Lime Soda
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  • Shy Girl ASMR
    Shy Girl ASMR 14 days ago

    I was inspired to make a pear and blueberry cake!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Giselly Rodriguez
    Giselly Rodriguez 23 days ago

    Love it lol

  • Wendy Sue
    Wendy Sue 29 days ago

    This should be a tutorial as well, I got a lesson on how to hold a glass.....

  • Michcio
    Michcio Month ago


  • Beverly Bulletproof

    If you bring back this style of video I think you would get more views

  • CJ goodsell
    CJ goodsell Month ago

    You could use a watermelon pucker for guys and call it a titty sucker.

  • daniela vielma
    daniela vielma 2 months ago

    El mamaguevo

  • Tracia Edwards
    Tracia Edwards 2 months ago

    I love drinking with a twist. Show me more like these

  • Carlytto Lee
    Carlytto Lee 2 months ago

    God she's beautiful

  • Sidhuce Your Screen
    Sidhuce Your Screen 2 months ago

    Regardless of taste. This is about to be the new party favorite for the guest ahahah thanks

  • : v
    : v 3 months ago

    duck sucker shot

  • Maria Nieri
    Maria Nieri 3 months ago

    I can't believe she is pregnant!!!! So happy for youu ❤❤❤

  • Patrema Gilbert
    Patrema Gilbert 3 months ago

    Wonder why

    MUSIC JUNKIES 3 months ago

    This is how u get drunk by just a single drink

  • Retro Mammoth
    Retro Mammoth 3 months ago

    Pootang Liquour

  • neil coby
    neil coby 3 months ago

    She sucked it real fast though hmmmm

  • Vortr8
    Vortr8 3 months ago

    this drink literally only has 5% alcohol -__-

  • Daniela Henderson
    Daniela Henderson 3 months ago

    It's too pretty to be called that Any other names 😎🥃🍸🍷😎

  • Fucktastic Daniel
    Fucktastic Daniel 3 months ago


  • Yer Mom
    Yer Mom 4 months ago

    Duck sucker

  • William Kirkoff
    William Kirkoff 4 months ago

    I thought is said grape sucker instead of pucker

  • Lt.Gunny
    Lt.Gunny 4 months ago

    holy sh!t, this pictures in my head :D

  • Placer
    Placer 4 months ago

    It says d*ck suçker and her face right there lol.

  • Karotz Clothing
    Karotz Clothing 4 months ago

    you haha

  • Dakota Bell
    Dakota Bell 4 months ago

    I'm so surprised by the name. 😳

  • Jesse L. Reyna
    Jesse L. Reyna 4 months ago

    Comments 69x69 smiles?!

  • Jesse L. Reyna
    Jesse L. Reyna 4 months ago

    The name makes me blush a bit;but I or she can make me get over it though?:)

  • Jesse L. Reyna
    Jesse L. Reyna 4 months ago

    I was thinking pears alright;but not vodka?!:) and that’s a real drink?! She makes me thought wonder a bit. TMI?!

  • Gregory Killen
    Gregory Killen 5 months ago

    I used to have my signature cocktail made by the best bartender in Brisbane, Australia. Called the "Panty Dropper", weird thing was the chicks had no probs with the name though!!!!!

  • David Hoke
    David Hoke 5 months ago

    How fragile does your masculinity/comfort with your sexual orientation have to be for you to not be able to handle the name of this drink? It’s just a cocktail! Or do we have to change the name of that too?

  • Derek Bryant
    Derek Bryant 7 months ago

    What bar in Iowa I live in Iowa?

  • Matt Downer
    Matt Downer 7 months ago

    Ah, the old suck and blow. True genius.

  • Maurice Watkins
    Maurice Watkins 7 months ago

    We miss this format

  • craig hoole
    craig hoole 7 months ago

    Id eat the corn from her shit

  • Castiel Ware
    Castiel Ware 7 months ago

    she looked like she enjoyed that way TOO much

  • Rooski Luciano
    Rooski Luciano 7 months ago

    this nigga might as well do porn lol

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 7 months ago

    Took it like a champ

  • Sweet Jones III
    Sweet Jones III 7 months ago

    Man. This dude got hella hoes lol

  • craig hoole
    craig hoole 7 months ago

    I love her

  • Johnson Jam
    Johnson Jam 7 months ago

    Make a "twat thrust"

  • Isabella Reyes
    Isabella Reyes 7 months ago

    Look at his face!!!!😂😂😂

  • Christian Renz Pueyo
    Christian Renz Pueyo 7 months ago

    after watching your diff vids, finally I found someone who can oneshot glass shots

  • Michelle Dai
    Michelle Dai 7 months ago

    Is the only reason for the name is the usage of the straw? Can't you drink any drink with a straw and call it that then?

  • James Golden
    James Golden 7 months ago

    Ya see how she was kind enough to craddle the blue balls 😂

  • Nightfall Shadow
    Nightfall Shadow 8 months ago

    I can never find anyone who has blueberry schnapps. I had to special order it in order to make my favorite drink "sex in the graveyard".

  • Exothug
    Exothug 8 months ago

    this girl is impressive. she'd even outdrink me lol

  • kable landin
    kable landin 8 months ago

    Gatta cup the ballz

  • Srujith Chandran
    Srujith Chandran 8 months ago

    she is so gorgeous

  • Nick Bidur
    Nick Bidur 8 months ago


  • jim more
    jim more 8 months ago

    Ladies I say ladies try this sometime 😂 bottoms up say ahhh

  • saben avey
    saben avey 8 months ago

    Girls and boys will go wild I would so share this with my boyfriend

  • caj1994
    caj1994 8 months ago

    I love her laugh

  • Christina Connery
    Christina Connery 8 months ago

    I miss these episodes.

  • John Robichaud
    John Robichaud 8 months ago

    She swallows

  • D K
    D K 8 months ago

    She wasn't very convincing when he asked her if it was good.

  • Tim Ryan
    Tim Ryan 8 months ago

    I miss the old days 😪

  • Mariela
    Mariela 8 months ago


  • AlbertBlackout
    AlbertBlackout 8 months ago

    The song in the beginning lmao

  • Zach Fernandez
    Zach Fernandez 9 months ago

    Should have put that in a 10 inch hi-ball glass. 😂

  • Josh Futterman
    Josh Futterman 9 months ago

    As a DIE HARD 7-up fan I can tell you that 7-up and Sprite are most definitely NOT the same thing. Thank you very much.

  • B Stinson
    B Stinson 9 months ago

    Hilarious when drunk #Iowapeople

  • Michael cunningham
    Michael cunningham 9 months ago

    Poo tan licker

  • Rhonda Webster
    Rhonda Webster 9 months ago

    Call it blue balls

  • mikayla d. stumpf
    mikayla d. stumpf 9 months ago

    OMG what bar at iowa?!

  • F l o w e r B o y T a e h y u n g

    I thought it said Duck Sucker

  • Jeff Hovey
    Jeff Hovey 9 months ago

    That chick looks stoned!

  • Kariumu Kalium
    Kariumu Kalium 9 months ago

    They are some good alcohol in this porn

  • Sierra M.
    Sierra M. 9 months ago

    Watching this in 2018 and missing those girls so much

  • Herm Wanderer
    Herm Wanderer 9 months ago

    Glad to see the channel doing well. TB and CMC taught me not to drink straight vodka and bud light. Also Sophia is the shit.

  • Vo too sick
    Vo too sick 9 months ago

    Sprite and 7UP are not the same they taste different

  • sandman18913
    sandman18913 10 months ago

    Gonna make this for my buddy then after he drinks it I’ll tell him what it’s called lol. Keep it sexy.

  • Kedakor
    Kedakor 11 months ago

    Or just call it “Mega Mind Fucker” cause the brain freeze you get at the end plus it’s blue for mega mind

  • shaun beare
    shaun beare 11 months ago

    how is that a shot

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Jennifer Rowe Year ago

    well its her life parents or no parents I'm living mine for me. our parents can't live our lives for us. and if she's happy doing porn then she's entitled to that.

  • paul stevenson
    paul stevenson Year ago

    whenever she says pucker I feel satisfaction

  • Jeffrey P
    Jeffrey P Year ago

    7up and sprite are not the same thing dumb ass

  • Michelle Black Beauty

    how come you don't have any black girls on

  • Jerry Jonson
    Jerry Jonson Year ago

    Damn she got that good suck

  • bob talbot
    bob talbot Year ago

    hope she didnt drive home!

  • cookie poo poo
    cookie poo poo Year ago

    you guys are so nasty

  • Shanice Almeida.
    Shanice Almeida. Year ago +1

    Sophia looked so gorgeous here, her hairstyle too 😍 ❤ 👌

  • Rebekah Loves
    Rebekah Loves Year ago +1

    Some of his facial expressions are like Mr. Mosby's 😂

  • N The One
    N The One Year ago

    Dat cute laugh

  • Seth Wiles
    Seth Wiles Year ago +5

    You can tell that this wasn't one of his own drinks because it doesn't have any blue Curacao

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D Year ago

    Love her personality

  • Marlon Pitter
    Marlon Pitter Year ago

    The back end of her laugh at 1:34 sounded like a pinch harmonic.

  • Danae Crawford
    Danae Crawford Year ago +7

    I really want to know what bar in Iowa she worked at 😭

    KING NOLAN Year ago +1

    Rename: The basic drink with a straw

  • Chris Coombs
    Chris Coombs Year ago

    one succ

  • Harini h
    Harini h Year ago +1

    i love you Sophia u r so cute

  • Darko Panic
    Darko Panic Year ago

    shot? :D

  • Conroawesomepotter Speiden

    What's your name sexy?

    • Bayleigh Jensen
      Bayleigh Jensen 2 years ago +1

      Conroawesomepotter Speiden her name is Sophia

  • jakob sors
    jakob sors 2 years ago +7

    0:31 the look on his face as he glances over to her
    you know what he thinks.... ;)

  • Jarod Schnell
    Jarod Schnell 2 years ago +1


  • All3me1
    All3me1 2 years ago +1

    the Intro was not ok😂😂

  • Ash Pastel
    Ash Pastel 2 years ago

    i would bust a nut in her

  • phantom king
    phantom king 2 years ago

    oh he'll naw

  • dragonmaster
    dragonmaster 2 years ago

    i really want to meet him hahahahha he really funny

  • Zay Ward769
    Zay Ward769 2 years ago

    Why is it called the d*ck sucker

  • Victoria Pierre
    Victoria Pierre 2 years ago

    not same thing