Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes for a Day! (IMPOSSIBLE 24 HOUR FOOD CHALLENGE)

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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    Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes for 24 hours was an impossible food challenge!
    SNAPCHAT: DerekGerard
    WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
    well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
    my favorite cereal is pringles.
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  • jackie Chan
    jackie Chan 5 minutes ago

    I was thinking when he ate his cookie watch the serving size be half of a cookie XD

  • John S
    John S 13 minutes ago

    Chocolate frosted flakes

  • The Wild Vlogs
    The Wild Vlogs 25 minutes ago

    I was laughing when you ate your breakfast because I was eating a whole bagel and you were eating 1/2! ;) ;)

  • Carson Gehring
    Carson Gehring Hour ago

    The way he eats the Kit Kat at 21:10 hurts me

  • Isabelle Detillion

    Four croutons... but the bag has more than four on their salad... *coincidence? I THINK NOT.*

  • Chicken wing wing

    The bowl weighs a lot

  • Andrew Is my name
    Andrew Is my name 2 hours ago +1

    Does he not realize that the bowl for the cereal adds weight

  • Big daddy Shlong
    Big daddy Shlong 2 hours ago

    He had that kit kat in a different video before this

  • Thomas Coulson
    Thomas Coulson 2 hours ago

    Man he sure is lonely 4:35

    VICTOR CARMONA 2 hours ago

    My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Madalyn Weber
    Madalyn Weber 2 hours ago

    Wtf I’m wasting Cinnamon Toast Crunch rn

  • Travieso Clark
    Travieso Clark 3 hours ago

    Why u eat a kit kat without breaking it up

  • Georgeeno _28
    Georgeeno _28 3 hours ago +1

    The times I eat 1 cookie is from American Cookies or something like that

  • Travieso Clark
    Travieso Clark 3 hours ago

    It helps to add milk to your egg mix

  • yellowdub
    yellowdub 3 hours ago

    Ummm I eat 2-3 bowls!

  • Maximo !!!!!
    Maximo !!!!! 3 hours ago +1

    This is the percentage of how mad he was during this video

  • Its Juri
    Its Juri 4 hours ago

    Fruity pebbles and krave and donut Cap’n Crunch

  • Gruddy
    Gruddy 4 hours ago

    Who eats that much Kraft dinner that’s 1700 cals

  • Jodi Openshaw
    Jodi Openshaw 4 hours ago

    my favroit chips are pringles

  • Ahmad Khellah
    Ahmad Khellah 5 hours ago

    Cookies and cream ice cream is better

  • Jodi Openshaw
    Jodi Openshaw 5 hours ago

    my favirot ceral is french toast crunch :)

  • Julian Yee
    Julian Yee 5 hours ago

    This isn’t the recommended serving size, the nutrition values are for the amount said. For example: for Doritos it’s like 160mg of sodium (guess) per 10 chips

  • Dmp_ Thorzore
    Dmp_ Thorzore 6 hours ago

    Well I don’t think your meant to have all that milk in one meal

  • jesseforlife
    jesseforlife 6 hours ago

    I burst out laughing when he said how dare you eat this piece of kit kat

  • jesseforlife
    jesseforlife 6 hours ago

    Peanut butter is rhe bomb

  • dalleygirl
    dalleygirl 7 hours ago

    People should do this challenge plus doing the recommended calories for their body type then may be they be feeling so hungry

  • Squid World
    Squid World 7 hours ago

    You eat too much.

  • Kawaii Pony AJ
    Kawaii Pony AJ 7 hours ago

    I LOVE how he freaked out ab0ut how much icecream he got when thats acgually quite a lot

  • QDude1773
    QDude1773 7 hours ago

    derek should do a face reveal

  • Seven deadly Fairies
    Seven deadly Fairies 9 hours ago

    My favourite cereal is Pringle’s

  • Chen Xiu Lan
    Chen Xiu Lan 10 hours ago

    Your body is thanking you so much

  • K i m T a e h y u n g :]

    Derek : and i’ll also have co-

    Meh : DEREK’S COFFEE 😂😂💓💓

    Derek : coffee brew*

    Meh : wheres the star- Derek’s coffee ?😂🥺

  • Girtu Bogdan
    Girtu Bogdan 11 hours ago +1

    so no one is going to talk about how he put the milk before the cereal?

    • Girtu Bogdan
      Girtu Bogdan 11 hours ago +1

      R/WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH for the people below who didnt get the joke yay

  • MJKPlayz
    MJKPlayz 12 hours ago

    my favourite cereal is Pringles

  • NxbodyL_vesYou
    NxbodyL_vesYou 12 hours ago

    Derek: *Sniffs Cereal*
    Also Derek: *Orgasms After Smelling Cereal*

  • Poop Hacker
    Poop Hacker 13 hours ago

    If you get the.bowl out it will not be count

  • TotalEffect
    TotalEffect 14 hours ago

    4:37 12 tips on how to get a girlfriend :)

  • Ducky
    Ducky 15 hours ago

    Broooooo why did he cut the bagel in half like that Im DYiNg

  • Eivina Dumskyte
    Eivina Dumskyte 15 hours ago

    9:00 in backround wheres BTS

  • LaDarion Askew
    LaDarion Askew 15 hours ago

    Was that James Charles when he was watching a video while eating salad

  • BlueJaya Gacha
    BlueJaya Gacha 16 hours ago

    my favorite cereal is pringles.

  • Kaela Caldwell
    Kaela Caldwell 16 hours ago

    Ok but can anyone tell me why cereal is 10 dollars 😂

  • I love bts rm
    I love bts rm 16 hours ago

    I saw that bts album in the back. Girl you know what am doing to night

    LTG_ DARKVOIDS 16 hours ago

    Hello naw I don't eat 4 croutons I eat the whole bag like chips and their the garlic butter flavor my favor

  • K-wai Thompson
    K-wai Thompson 16 hours ago

    Unliked the vid bc who eats kitkats like that

  • NetNo Positive
    NetNo Positive 16 hours ago

    Captain crunch

  • Nando Acosta
    Nando Acosta 17 hours ago

    24 hour only eating street vender food

  • Midnightツ
    Midnightツ 18 hours ago

    Mah favorite cereal isFroot loops

  • bigdc0788
    bigdc0788 18 hours ago

    Peanut butter Cap’n Crunch

  • party box
    party box 18 hours ago

    Sir your bowl is making the weight on the scale more heavy so your not getting your exact amount

  • Samanthat9v
    Samanthat9v 19 hours ago

    You are actually never supposed to be full 😂 common misconception

  • Samanthat9v
    Samanthat9v 19 hours ago

    These serving sizes are normal chill.

  • Noah Pasquier
    Noah Pasquier 19 hours ago

    Why is Derek so click bait

  • •Pėñńÿ Wëñńÿ•

    my favourite cereal is pringles

  • Samuel Leavitt
    Samuel Leavitt 19 hours ago

    Dont feel bad. I have twice as much cereal

  • Sparkie’s Channel
    Sparkie’s Channel 20 hours ago

    I don’t personally like French toast BUT I LOVE COCOA PUFFS

  • Quinn_Playz_
    Quinn_Playz_ 20 hours ago

    Y favorite cereal is gay bois in my soup

  • Jamarcus Dehart
    Jamarcus Dehart 20 hours ago

    My favorite cereal is fruity bebles

  • Jamison Perkins
    Jamison Perkins 20 hours ago

    Fruit loops

  • Rachel Kahn
    Rachel Kahn 20 hours ago

    half a second spray!!! llmaoooooo

  • Srinivash M
    Srinivash M 20 hours ago

    'This is not a sundae, it's freaking Wednesday' 😂

  • PROgamer
    PROgamer 20 hours ago


  • Lil Tfue
    Lil Tfue 21 hour ago

    Sub to my channel

  • benito barrasa
    benito barrasa 21 hour ago

    Did anyone else see what Derek was watching in the cereal part 4:35

  • Christopher Gil
    Christopher Gil 21 hour ago

    Dummy the boil weights alot

  • Jay Garza
    Jay Garza 21 hour ago

    My favorite chips are hot fries

  • GG Boys
    GG Boys 21 hour ago

    Is you watching James Charles 😂😂😂

  • highsky skyhigh
    highsky skyhigh 21 hour ago

    Vinnomon toast crunch

  • SaigeGoTvidZ
    SaigeGoTvidZ 21 hour ago

    You would pick me Vicky’s chips lol like you didn’t look at the serving 😂

  • Pinkinkcat Master
    Pinkinkcat Master 22 hours ago

    My favorite cereal is life the cereal

  • Monkey games
    Monkey games 22 hours ago

    my favorite cereal is pringles.

  • Casper Hagman
    Casper Hagman 22 hours ago

    Cold cofee? sry for spelleng aint from a english speaking country

  • CringeySkits -_-
    CringeySkits -_- 22 hours ago

    Who got triggered when he thought the recommended serving size for the cookies was one cookie but it was actually the nutrition facts?

  • Bart Patty
    Bart Patty 22 hours ago

    Just saying you starving yourself if you eat that much cereal regularly

  • Jake Cain
    Jake Cain 23 hours ago

    Prey for the crying children in Africa

  • Isabella Belanger_11
    Isabella Belanger_11 23 hours ago

    15:06 Peanut butter baby? 👶 🥜

  • Andrew Jabaly
    Andrew Jabaly Day ago

    You could’ve been having more

  • Andrew Jabaly
    Andrew Jabaly Day ago

    You mixed up teaspoon and tablespoon

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets Day ago

    my favourite cereal is krave

  • Zaetaex Cookie
    Zaetaex Cookie Day ago


  • • Marin •
    • Marin • Day ago

    Can we talk about the BTS thing in the background, On the couch...

  • Kayla Lavringe
    Kayla Lavringe Day ago

    RICE CRISPIEST ARE AWESOME and cinnamon toast crunch

  • Monicia Wilson
    Monicia Wilson Day ago

    On a subcribing spree, subcribing just because

  • Mr mackerel Fishy

    4 4 4.....4......CROUTONS 4!!!! My mum made like 50 And the pan of it was gone by the 5th minute

  • Mr mackerel Fishy

    1 egg
    Worlds strongest man the big kind one well all of them are umm the uhh 4 time AGHHH okay jus one of em
    12 eggs for breakfast

  • Mr mackerel Fishy

    Reccomended huh that’s just so dumb like the cereal is BAD LIKE SO UNFAIR WHY SO Much malk and less cereal

  • Chloe Hazard
    Chloe Hazard Day ago

    Plain Cheerios, no milk. I’m a plain person

  • Meku_ Kun
    Meku_ Kun Day ago +1

    He was watching James Charles at lunch!!!!

  • Flashback Mary
    Flashback Mary Day ago

    What about the weight of the plate or the bowl

  • Kira Strugatskaya


  • Shelly
    Shelly Day ago

    my favorite kind of pringles is cereal

  • Idk
    Idk Day ago

    My favorite Cereal are pringles

  • William JP Kenny

    You monster you ate the kit kat with out breaking them apart

  • FlickTalks
    FlickTalks Day ago

    20:51 lol thats such a lie

  • Aj Yang
    Aj Yang Day ago

    19:56 I can finish this less then 30 seconds 2 mins later not even done and 30 seconds are up

  • Finola Mcmanus
    Finola Mcmanus Day ago

    My favourite cereal is pringles

  • gámersRISE
    gámersRISE Day ago

    My favorite cereal is Pringle’s.. 😖

  • Jennifer Balleza

    Diabetes and I don’t get a little bit too😢

  • seb tube X
    seb tube X Day ago

    am I Weird or is he weird i only have morning to eat and dinner

  • Jeydy Perez
    Jeydy Perez Day ago

    I like honey cheerios