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  • GachaFamous Gurl9
    GachaFamous Gurl9 17 minutes ago

    I cant believe Lui lat Alex go!!!!!!😠😡

  • Najlla Albeketawi
    Najlla Albeketawi 48 minutes ago

    Wow you just leave your group for another group you are soooo messed up

  • Love_teddy_msp Msp
    Love_teddy_msp Msp 52 minutes ago

    We’re strong together the mother and daughter said but the daughter was good and the mom was bringing her down if U had a kid as we did something like this and they wanted my daughter or son I wouldn’t even be thinking about my reaction would just be yes like I wouldn’t be mad or crying like that’s just a baby thug to do be a mom like your supposed to be.

  • Xmemes BOI
    Xmemes BOI Hour ago

    When she said it was “a hard one to swallow” I was like OKAY BUDDY

  • Vivian Aleman
    Vivian Aleman Hour ago

    I know the first guy I feel so bad and god bless him since the judges won’t

  • Tessy Boy
    Tessy Boy Hour ago +1

    I felt horrible for the first guy. I understand why they were split up, but not only were they all close, but him and Charlie were friends from the beginning, they added the third guy later. I felt for him.

  • Panic
    Panic Hour ago

    Personally I think the brothers did well together, one as the upper voice, the other as the lower.

  • Amy Aparicio
    Amy Aparicio 2 hours ago

    Why do they say “mate”

  • Oliva Medina
    Oliva Medina 2 hours ago

    I’m crying soo badly for the first guy

  • trizztenMSP xo
    trizztenMSP xo 4 hours ago

    i watched the first one and i cant anymore-

    GACHAGIRL247 4 hours ago +1

    I think the judges are too harsh because the people who audition normal people and their the judges are famous

  • Adilah_ Al Jashamy
    Adilah_ Al Jashamy 4 hours ago

    Awww I fell so sorry for the first dude he is such a nice person and friend

  • Teletubbies Lala
    Teletubbies Lala 5 hours ago

    The Guy from the First Group is such a Prick.He nearly ruins it for them and still Is asking for 33%.Not even saying Congratulations or apologising Just saying he want 33%.What a douchebag.

  • Alliana
    Alliana 5 hours ago

    I honestly loved both of the brothers! Hayley was good too, and I loved the rapper in the first group. He tied everything together, and he and Charlie harmonize so well with each other.

  • Ryan Vang
    Ryan Vang 5 hours ago

    X factor you should be a sham of yourself what if you were them how whould you feel

  • Gino Barajas
    Gino Barajas 5 hours ago

    the judges are just as nice as me now that's epic

  • Raelyn & Kalia
    Raelyn & Kalia 6 hours ago

    the first one made me cry for real

  • Tailor Albrecht
    Tailor Albrecht 6 hours ago

    Heart breaking

  • Amelía Sól Jóhannesdóttir

    15:05 wow do you hear the diffrence because i hear it!

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 8 hours ago

    The New Girl Band could of done, Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nikkei Manag they could of rocked kt

  • Epic Cat Girl
    Epic Cat Girl 9 hours ago

    I feel bad for the first guy in the first audicion and i cried😂

  • TheAlienFan
    TheAlienFan 10 hours ago

    AC/DC t shirt? Don't think so judging by this performance. Where as Angus Young when you need him?

  • Drama Llama
    Drama Llama 11 hours ago

    34:34 sharons face 🤣

  • Drama Llama
    Drama Llama 11 hours ago


  • rayranja
    rayranja 11 hours ago

    It is annoying to see when people only join these shows based on money. It is unfair to the ones that actually want to do bigger. Probably a big reason why none of the winners isn't heard of again. The white dude in the first video should never get 33 %. Also, a "best friend" would wish their friends the best and say right after the first No "WAIT! I WILL BACK OFF!"

  • Derpette Derpington
    Derpette Derpington 13 hours ago

    they did the first guy so fucking dirty omg. It hurt so bad.

  • Esma Prkgz.
    Esma Prkgz. 14 hours ago

    The first boy that was in mk1 and needed to Leave makes me so sad :( u could see how upset he was

  • Parsiwi Paramaputri
    Parsiwi Paramaputri 15 hours ago

    the judges just ruined their lives 🙀🙀🙀 btw this is my opinion

  • Steve Motsi
    Steve Motsi 20 hours ago

    poor harry

  • Steve Motsi
    Steve Motsi 20 hours ago

    Ahh the first group really is intesting hmmm

  • Luaina Alajami
    Luaina Alajami 20 hours ago

    thegirl that said " do it, do it, be selfish" and then ashes face xD

  • Sour Pizza Bro
    Sour Pizza Bro 20 hours ago

    What piece of shit to that first guy

  • Pointless Potato
    Pointless Potato 21 hour ago

    this is the meanest thing a judge could ever do

  • The Golden Trio
    The Golden Trio 23 hours ago


  • Carolina Rosas
    Carolina Rosas 23 hours ago

    those brothers are mf bombbbbb bahaaha

  • Yaretzi Avila
    Yaretzi Avila 23 hours ago

    In the first one I oh most cried because will it was soo sad 😭😭

  • edna yang
    edna yang Day ago

    I cry soooooo bad o my god I just can't stand people im so sorry for the peoples 😣😣😣😣🙁🙁🙁😔😔😭😭😭😢😢

  • Pascal
    Pascal Day ago +1

    for the last one i thought the younger brother was better

  • Vague • Blossom

    Dang. Wasn’t constructive criticism enough? You didn’t have to embarrass him like that damn

  • EGF Production
    EGF Production Day ago

    i bet losing the guy with glasses was heartbreaking for him cause he’s watching his bestfriend move on without him. mk1 will live on.

  • Nεε-Cʜαη ೄྀ࿐

    The first guy was like "I want %33 and I'll walk"
    If it was me I would've walked off without anything, cause that's what a true friend should do. I honestly have no pity for him

  • Perla Caballero
    Perla Caballero Day ago

    16:22 song ?

  • chenisaking
    chenisaking Day ago


  • Lilly Macias
    Lilly Macias Day ago +1

    Why does the blond one look like jojo siwa

  • Ivy Wampler
    Ivy Wampler Day ago

    I feel bad for the first guy!!!

  • connor
    connor Day ago

    the first guy reminds me of when you are going somewhere with your friends and as you walk out the door your little sibling says “mom said if you go i get to go with you”

  • Laila Mack
    Laila Mack Day ago

    I feel so bad for the first guy but he did his best and he tried very hard

  • christineab147
    christineab147 Day ago

    last guy, Alex (Brother) he should of made it. I think he did really good. Maybe even better than Leo (the other Brother) just my opinion. But all of them tried and some of them did good and some of them did bad.

  • isabella. schneeb

    The guy in the first group who got cut out that was so sad but I love him bc he did it for them

  • love Israel
    love Israel Day ago

    I felt bad for the mom and daughter. she really wanted to sing next to her daughter but she put her pride to side and let her daughter go through without her.

  • Hailey’s life !!!

    That one judge jelly makes me SICK!!! She is so mean and so disrespectful! Like the girl was a good singer but that’s not ok to say just come take this chance and leave your friends. Like I was watching the girls watching the other girl sing and there trying to be happy but their upset that they don’t get a chance. Comment if you agree.

    RGM GAMER Day ago

    The 1st one didn't deserve the hate he got

  • Simon Hallin
    Simon Hallin Day ago

    I don't care if i can't sing, i want that 33%

  • MeIsNooshi -
    MeIsNooshi - Day ago +1

    28:05 is what you are looking for

  • Celestia Angel
    Celestia Angel Day ago

    Out of topic but yh I have 2 say this:
    Harry and Simon come up with the best insults.
    No offense or anything, I just had to comment about this.

  • Marcella Jonkman

    I like the mom and daughter a lot😍😍 the are so good😘😘💗

  • Joel Oinas-Kukkonen

    Please someone tell me what's the roles with the other judges??? Why are they sitting on the other side of the stage than Simon?

  • Tu Van Dang
    Tu Van Dang Day ago

    27:40 poor the girl! How can you call them your best friends when they chose to ignore you for being talented and the chosen one? Best friends are supposed to be happy for each other's success, not bringing altogether down because if I dont get it you wont get it with meh eh thats not how friendship works

  • Chris Speight
    Chris Speight Day ago

    In the first group I felt bad for him because he tried his best and he was about to cry and I felt really bad just judges be nice

  • KawaiiMegSquishies Lover

    i feel so bad for the 1st guy

  • Christian Osorio

    dude i’m crying for the first performance

  • Leila Joy Sugui
    Leila Joy Sugui Day ago +1

    11:45 son your foods ready *son playing fortnight * hears what mom says* son okay mom

  • Keenen Walton
    Keenen Walton 2 days ago

    Leon is terrible at singing I mean those judges do not know how to judge at all all of the teams are great but the ones that were fires ourselves or terrible so they need to stop putting them Shepherd these judges are so dumb they don't know from good to bad.

  • Keenen Walton
    Keenen Walton 2 days ago

    The girl that was singing by herself was terrible and the judge should have just left them alone they were great see you should never ever ever believe yourself because that just gets you nowhere in life so you have to get some people to help you and she needs some help so she got it and they sounded great I don't know why she's doing that but her group was amazing.

  • Georgia White
    Georgia White 2 days ago

    18:48 there is already a Twizitd, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child.

  • Unicrafter 4ever
    Unicrafter 4ever 2 days ago +1

    Her: I’m ni-en. Me: wow just wow at least try to say nineteen p.s. I’m not trying to offend anyone

  • life with US
    life with US 2 days ago

    I thought the mom could sing

  • Kaylie Jasso
    Kaylie Jasso 2 days ago

    the first video almost made me cry for that one guy ,that's so Sad them judges just made him look like a complete failure! I think they all did amazing.

  • Mr B
    Mr B 2 days ago

    Bro... dick moves to roast the man, just tell him he didn't cut it.

  • nia goodman
    nia goodman 2 days ago

    That white girl keeps saying "you never have it" when its you will always have it".

  • NerdyBunny
    NerdyBunny 2 days ago

    33 PeRceNT

  • Braelyn McDougall
    Braelyn McDougall 2 days ago


  • Braelyn McDougall
    Braelyn McDougall 2 days ago

    I also feel bad for that first guy the judges are straight up RUDE!!!

  • Crazy Spaniel
    Crazy Spaniel 2 days ago

    Everyone is hating on the mum but actually I think that's unfair.... She would always have made the right desicion it just was a lot to take in at the time

  • HarryPotterFan8000
    HarryPotterFan8000 2 days ago +2

    36:48 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ava Ratchford
    Ava Ratchford 2 days ago +1

    genuinely heartbroken for the first guy. they seem like such a good team truly

  • Alexia Rose16
    Alexia Rose16 2 days ago

    U could see the first guys tears starting after saying they were going as a two

  • Riley lovely channel

    i cried for hours

  • Iqra YASSgroup
    Iqra YASSgroup 2 days ago +1

    I’m crying for the first guy👎👎👎👎👎

  • Doroteia Kiperi
    Doroteia Kiperi 2 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for the first guy
    It was kinda rude from the judges to say that he was distracting everyone. I mean they couldve said something nice as well
    As a judge you need to encourage people not to make them feel they can't achieve in life what they want
    Just my opinion

  • Ken Shults
    Ken Shults 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that just cannot stand Louis Walsh? He is horrid.

  • SudaFly
    SudaFly 2 days ago +11

    17:05 It looks like Ash didn’t wanted to change from group. But she was put under pressure by the girls and Simon making her forcing to say Yes.

  • ramatoulaye diawara
    ramatoulaye diawara 2 days ago +1

    What??? 33% of what???

    • exxxp
      exxxp 19 hours ago

      ramatoulaye diawara money

  • Mackenzie Forever MSP
    Mackenzie Forever MSP 2 days ago +1

    Omg il cryyyyy for the first wane i hate the judges 😳😠😠😡😤😤🤬 Why are they so mean 😨😭😰😥😢

  • Emzey Kerr
    Emzey Kerr 2 days ago +1

    I felt so so bad for the man in the first round he got left behind I’m literally crying I feel so bad for him :(

  • catherine meade
    catherine meade 2 days ago

    I felt so bad for the first guy ;o; but he was so brave do do that.

  • Lucys Photenclub
    Lucys Photenclub 2 days ago

    the poor Boy in mk1

  • Sandra Acevedo
    Sandra Acevedo 2 days ago +2

    I felt terrible for the first group but that man is a true friend for letting his friends go to the next round

  • Ruby Connor
    Ruby Connor 2 days ago


  • Phoenix Gacha
    Phoenix Gacha 2 days ago

    Subaru won’t stop coming on my screen! I’m only 10, like jesus

  • Nicole Stucki
    Nicole Stucki 2 days ago

    OK MK1 needs a lot of work. The girl is agreed the fireball. The white boy can't sing and the black dude is ok. (Sorry don't remember names). It's amazing that at that point in time the white dud had the fortitude to say hey at least give me 1/3rd of the pie and he'll still work with them. Fucking love him.
    Didn't the black haired ghostly looking girl come back and do a solo? Or does she just look like the skeleton chic who did "Monnneyy yeaaa..." (cant fuckin' remember the song..)
    NEVER hold your child back. NEVER hold your friend back. NEVER hold a LOVED ONE back.

  • princess P.S
    princess P.S 2 days ago

    39:29 good decision... I'm proud of the mother.... ugh... you should have done it early

  • princess P.S
    princess P.S 2 days ago +1

    seriously... I agree with Simon

  • princess P.S
    princess P.S 2 days ago +1

    ugh.... I hate to see their performance

  • princess P.S
    princess P.S 2 days ago +1

    35:16 whut? i thought the mother would let her daughter sing solo... but instead she hire some idiot to sing together... her mother is so so soooo selfish... I hate her.... why can't she be proud of her daughter... ugh.. I hate her so so so much... how can someone be so selfish

  • Ella_ Gymnastic12
    Ella_ Gymnastic12 2 days ago

    I feel so sad for that guy

  • XxxxRubyGachaxxx
    XxxxRubyGachaxxx 2 days ago

    Oh my god, I’ve just watched that whole thing with out realising it’s 50 minutes long.

  • Veroveren
    Veroveren 2 days ago

    37:37 this pisses me off! the mom should feel proud for her daughter, Simon and the other judges would want the girl to push through without her mom she should feel happy! Happy that her daughter has surpassed her! She serves nothing more than a weight on her daughter's ankles. Why does the girl have to plea for a chance.

  • supergirl sass
    supergirl sass 2 days ago +1

    Seems like people didnt like the first guy much. He asked for a percentage? Whats bad about that. they all worked together on it. You think its fair if your with your best friend, singing for a long time together with them starting something. Having someone else join you, Sing songs YOU wrote. And you end up being kicked out of the group while your best friend goes along with someone else?

  • Stephanie Donmiguel
    Stephanie Donmiguel 2 days ago

    Is it just me or Charlie in the first group is cute asfff