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  • SomeRandomShit
    SomeRandomShit 39 minutes ago

    I love on how the second the girls are like ''BE SELFISH''

  • carsAndfootball
    carsAndfootball Hour ago

    1 like = 3 respect for the first guy

  • ShadowRocket 102
    ShadowRocket 102 3 hours ago

    I feel bad for the first group

  • Artistia
    Artistia 3 hours ago

    the first group, the girl in the middle looked like justin beiber female version

  • Kiing Josh
    Kiing Josh 4 hours ago +1

    The judges were assholes to the first guy
    I felt his pain 😔

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 5 hours ago

    I thought the mum was talented tho

  • Beavis Christ
    Beavis Christ 5 hours ago


  • Princessmelaine Galapon

    I feel bad for the guy that had to be splited from his group I mean he is quit useful as he said he writes the songs I just dont get why he needs to be at the stage

  • skiee kyenn
    skiee kyenn 7 hours ago

    No matter i will never going to left my freind

  • aaryanna green
    aaryanna green 7 hours ago

    im cracking up at "I bring the fresh raps"

  • sillanpaanperhe
    sillanpaanperhe 7 hours ago

    They are calling t6e mothers like mums even thought they are not their own mothers I know it can be normal but I have just never heard that before.

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 8 hours ago

    So technically they got 5 no’s ?

  • Poppy Baker
    Poppy Baker 8 hours ago +1

    Wow... the first one was amazing... aww I feel so bad for him...

  • princessa k
    princessa k 8 hours ago

    Awww the first guy made me cry

  • Jaz Bishop
    Jaz Bishop 9 hours ago +1

    I feel so bad for the first guy and I started to cry

    JACKSON TUCKER 10 hours ago

    at 35:00 these people are freaks

  • CupcakeUnicorn
    CupcakeUnicorn 10 hours ago

    120% of the comments - The first guy
    30% of the comments - Ignorant mom
    3% of the comments - What i'm doing right now.

  • Zoya's Channel
    Zoya's Channel 10 hours ago

    Why are you guys splitting friends up its not your choice its theres

  • Gamer 23
    Gamer 23 12 hours ago

    OmG WHY im so weird now almost crying feeling dissapointing😏First guy im sorry buddy we love'd you but atleast ur being honest and fair to youre friends,If im real friends I will choice my bestie than 4 yeses,

  • Feenet Elias
    Feenet Elias 14 hours ago

    33:05 simon says Lulu instead of luise ( idk how to spell it)

  • Shanice Swissorland
    Shanice Swissorland 14 hours ago

    Some assholes

  • Queen 벌
    Queen 벌 16 hours ago

    That mother needs to grow the fuck up. Do it for your kid you dumb bitch.

  • Kaitlyn Hemmingsen
    Kaitlyn Hemmingsen 16 hours ago

    that mother kinda selfish

  • Queen 벌
    Queen 벌 16 hours ago

    Does anyone know if that new girl group is doing anything? Did they do well? Are they still together?

  • Richard K
    Richard K 16 hours ago

    Here in the States I really have no way of the knowing what she did, but I hope that gal at the 24 minute mark was able to do something great. First of all she has a great voice, secondly she was loyal to her friends and was very broken up at the notion of leaving them behind. It's called having a soul, which at the end of the day is more important in the game of life than having a superb voice, which she does.

  • Laura James
    Laura James 17 hours ago +1

    This mother makes me SO angry.

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow 18 hours ago

    A point of view could be seen as, this was all done from the get go as to try for the butt hurt factor.

  • Jan Jones
    Jan Jones 19 hours ago

    Tulisa is a b*tch, though, she was rude

  • Onya
    Onya 19 hours ago

    30:50-30:60 judges have left the chat😂

  • Sarah Madew
    Sarah Madew 19 hours ago

    In the the bros act why is it all up to one person?

  • Rebecca Louise
    Rebecca Louise 19 hours ago

    *Oh mY*

  • STARBoom 101
    STARBoom 101 19 hours ago

    MK1 2 or 3??

  • inFamousxable
    inFamousxable 20 hours ago

    in the first group the guy met the girl at 14 and they were best m8s.... ok...

  • J. Green
    J. Green 20 hours ago

    Leon was amazing ❤

  • HieiTheFox
    HieiTheFox 20 hours ago

    i love the first group but I agree Will is the odd man out I hope he could still play an important role with his friends as a writer and producer

  • cinnabun
    cinnabun 20 hours ago

    This broke my heart 😭😢

  • Dj PressPlay
    Dj PressPlay 21 hour ago


  • Princess_Gournee
    Princess_Gournee 22 hours ago

    Aw the first guy, I feel so bad 💔💔😭

  • Sophia Le
    Sophia Le 22 hours ago

    I feel so bad for the first guy

  • InSanE Gaming
    InSanE Gaming 23 hours ago

    That Leon Mallett Guy is not only good looking, but he sings great! What else could you need from a great singer? He's got great vocals and good looks!
    (Edit:) His brother ain't bad either, not a bad singer. I'm still not sure though, there were parts where the song didn't suit his vocals.

  • GachaGirl 0929
    GachaGirl 0929 23 hours ago

    The girl at 26:57 seems like she wants to murder her friend that is singing while the other two are happy for their friend.

  • Massin Oliveira
    Massin Oliveira 23 hours ago

    I need to cry he is so sweet the first trio i feel so bad

  • Artistic B
    Artistic B 23 hours ago

    the first one i like how respectful telisa was in the first one

  • Dasha Padilla
    Dasha Padilla 23 hours ago

    16:58 I feel like the other girls just wanted ash in the group so they can win 😬

  • ShallowFireWolf
    ShallowFireWolf 23 hours ago +1

    6:12 my heart dropped

  • skai
    skai Day ago

    Why am I binge watching X Factor fails? I don't even watch the show, or any talent shows for that matter-!

  • WiFI on da bus
    WiFI on da bus Day ago


  • Toxic Playz
    Toxic Playz Day ago

    I hate Simon he is the worst ever even though he’s famous he is just a pain in the neck

  • Christine Chandler

    The first is a champion.

  • Musa Akira
    Musa Akira Day ago

    i think pillow talk was actually pretty goo by the second act

    TOXIC EDITZ Day ago

    Fuck the judges frist dude gonna cry. Thx for ruining his life assholes

  • Zobaria Zobaria Samad

    The first trio...I felt so bad for the other guy. I honestly thought that he was bad too though... and he sacrificed his happiness for their yes. He looked like he was about to cry😭😭

  • Jane Andrew
    Jane Andrew Day ago

    I never end up in tears but the first one really hit me 😭😭 like if u agree

  • Spoony-Chan
    Spoony-Chan Day ago +3

    Alex was honestly hotter than Leon imo

  • Jean's Gaming
    Jean's Gaming Day ago

    20:30 she uses them as a crutch to try and sing better, doesnt even give them any lines to sing and then just throws them away

  • Ryan Ross Is Lord

    NQ was actually good to me

  • Sleepy NeBuLaS
    Sleepy NeBuLaS Day ago

    12:28 me

  • Lulu Adventures
    Lulu Adventures Day ago +1

    The first one handled so maturely and didn’t yell or get mad at the judges

  • Jairo Raya
    Jairo Raya Day ago

    I hate the judges

  • Marét Bone
    Marét Bone Day ago

    I hate the message that it is sending? That if you abandon everyone in your life and just ditch everyone who supports you that somehow it’ll make you famous? It is not the idea that you should leave those who hold you back. It is not that message. I hate it.

  • Bluebär
    Bluebär Day ago

    There's always something unnatural when mothers act like they're best friends with their children.

  • Vriant
    Vriant Day ago

    It’s so cringe god damn it

  • MikaY Mm
    MikaY Mm Day ago

    oh my God that mOther 😨

  • M
    M Day ago

    Does anyone know the next audition’s link of Ash and other 5 girls?

  • Lee Shi Pian
    Lee Shi Pian Day ago

    Man I feel so much respect for the first dude

  • Desirée Kallenberg

    omggg the first guy killed me, he looked so defeated like omg. Some of these judges are some privileged fuckers, especially the men. Fuck them, like for reals.

  • Millie Noble
    Millie Noble Day ago

    The first one was good except that guy with the glasses bloo it

  • Kian Whyte
    Kian Whyte Day ago

    middle boy is trans.

  • Go Solo
    Go Solo Day ago

    Atleast he can write and produce

  • David
    David Day ago +1

    the first one made me cry

  • Abby’s World
    Abby’s World Day ago

    Mom-stop saying please to me
    Me-BUT MOMMMMM I want to do this

  • Allie
    Allie Day ago

    They kinda humiliated that first guy. Yeah he wasn’t great but they really brought him down. You can see by his reaction that he was just trynna have fun as friends. I think it was so brave of him to let the other two go forward but man my heart broke for him

  • space dad clubTM

    mk1 were brilliant. as a duo they were amazing and the first guy was so mature and calm when making the decision, i love them.

  • Lovely Lemonade
    Lovely Lemonade Day ago

    I cried for the first guy😭i feel so bad. God bless him💖👍👍

  • Emma Fairhead
    Emma Fairhead Day ago

    11:43 hahahahahahhahaahhahahhahaha this guy

  • Mary lorraine Razonable

    tallisa is very harsh like wow she's annoying a bit at the first one

  • Mary lorraine Razonable

    the first one wow i never wonder the judges are so hard

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan Day ago

    The judges are really unfair ☹️

  • Dayan Trautweiler

    im sad for the rap guy

  • Dayan Trautweiler

    i feel so bad for the group

  • vishu singh
    vishu singh Day ago +1

    Those brothers are so cute!

  • LGM Vassago
    LGM Vassago Day ago +1

    The boy that had to leave the band. BIG step from him. He proved to be a man who understands the meaning of wishing best for others and for that I give him big applause!

  • Totally XNotX Trans

    I feel so sorry for the first guy. He was pretty much told that he was ruining the group.

  • Cookiejay
    Cookiejay Day ago

    17:03 what's the name of the background music? I can't remember the name of the song.

  • Leilani Puerto
    Leilani Puerto Day ago

    How can you go back stage after your daughter was begging like that to you? poor girl.

  • Equipado Fam
    Equipado Fam Day ago

    48:43 why?alex is better

  • Joey Huynh
    Joey Huynh Day ago

    Why could they be so mean to the first person

  • Chi Nguyen
    Chi Nguyen Day ago +1

    I cried...

  • Amanda Grace
    Amanda Grace Day ago

    That first act I wouldn’t give a shit if it’s contracted are not in the group anymore he wouldn’t get 33 fucking percent. I hate to say it like that and I understand their friends but this is business and he obviously had no part in that group or help that group get to see what they could be. I wouldn’t give him 3%

  • ElizaDelaney_sing

    Why is no one talking about the first groups age difference? Cause isn’t it weird that charlie and will knew each other 5 years before making charlie 14 and will 23?

  • яαωяωαfflєz ρσтαтσѕ

    I love dat New girl Band :3

  • Claudia Perez
    Claudia Perez Day ago

    6:50 i feel soooo bad for Will 😢😓🤤😯😔

  • Tea Spilled
    Tea Spilled Day ago

    *O o f*

  • Darem [BB]
    Darem [BB] Day ago

    0:34 for 1:21 ? music ? Please 🤓

  • kabuki1728
    kabuki1728 Day ago

    Simon is realy fucking gud in spotting group and making talent kudoss to you simon

  • T Aitu
    T Aitu Day ago

    I feel soo bad for the first guy ☹️☹️

  • Shay Perry
    Shay Perry Day ago

    I was going to cry on the first one

  • DarttyOmega
    DarttyOmega Day ago

    If someone in my group couldnt move on with us I would just said forget. Im not moving on without my best friend. I dont even care if my friend says that its fine, no its not happening. Whats the point of singing or doing anything if you dont have your crew with you.

  • vincent stals
    vincent stals Day ago

    Made up bullshit

  • JCODouble9
    JCODouble9 Day ago

    But y’all sayin that the mom is ignorant and should be more mature, she let her daughter go solo, y’all should understand that every parents dream specially the bond they shared, they’d want to share those moment together and that is why she couldn’t let her daughter go solo directly. Hell I would do anything to do that with my father and if I’d be in the same situation I’d just go home with my dad since I would do anything to be with him rather than being apart for multiple multiple years and worlds apart.