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  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • Well THIS is awkward... there is plenty of drama when X Factor judges decide that one group member shines more than the others! Will they abandon their bandmates?
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Comments • 27 600

  • iLynnSki
    iLynnSki 20 minutes ago

    Wow When The Mom Said Stop Saying Please And Grabbed Her Face-God that made me Angry.

  • Another Brøken Teen
    Another Brøken Teen 59 minutes ago

    Anyone watching this after watching Zhavia and thinking the girl with her mom reminds me a lot of Zhavia

  • Sara B.
    Sara B. 2 hours ago +2

    I feel so bad for the first guy and I could tell his friend felt bad too :(

  • #Barcagranny Fut19
    #Barcagranny Fut19 2 hours ago

    Why is simon sitting alone

  • Elizabeth Peunic
    Elizabeth Peunic 3 hours ago

    I think you are good band

  • Elizabeth Peunic
    Elizabeth Peunic 3 hours ago

    I am so sorry for the first song

  • Galaxygamer 101
    Galaxygamer 101 4 hours ago

    The 3rd girl group are so amazing and great at it And the judges are SOOOO mean

  • Galaxygamer 101
    Galaxygamer 101 4 hours ago

    I feels bad for the first guy every judge is so MEANN

  • Kala Bender
    Kala Bender 4 hours ago +1

    I felt bad for the guy in the first group😂

  • iiJess 444
    iiJess 444 5 hours ago

    I feel so bad for the first boy 😞

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 7 hours ago

    6:21 that smile was literally faker than my eyelash extensions.

  • Ilove dogs And unicorns

    Is Charlie a girl or a guy?

  • Rose Davis
    Rose Davis 9 hours ago

    My mom would have let me go instantly as soon as they said just me ,she would back off.

  • Smix 109
    Smix 109 15 hours ago

    is no one concerned about that fact that Charlie and Will met when she was 14 and he was 22 !!!

  • Sophie Hopkins
    Sophie Hopkins 15 hours ago

    The black haired girl from Twisted........ Betty Boop?

  • CrazedOut Girl
    CrazedOut Girl 15 hours ago

    charlie is so pretty

  • kyinya Henderson
    kyinya Henderson 16 hours ago

    The first one had me so upset...they crushed that dude you can see how upset he was but still acted mature.

    RAINBOW L00M 19 hours ago

    that first guy though. he was rlly nice and he wasn’t showing any disrespect to the judges. maybe be a little nicer to him. they should’ve at least like considered his feelings and stuff I guess. ;-;

  • Wolf_ Proxy
    Wolf_ Proxy 19 hours ago

    11:05 girlz were amazing!! Why split them up??!!

  • Xcaret Aguilar
    Xcaret Aguilar 19 hours ago +1

    I think the girl group the second girl that sang was a bit unsettled

  • Gretchen Weiners
    Gretchen Weiners 19 hours ago


  • Lynn Burger
    Lynn Burger 23 hours ago

    Omg the first one left me crying. Imagine how that would feel if you were the one ruining it for your band, and you have to leave. Damn..

  • inessa revenko
    inessa revenko Day ago +1

    I felt bad for the first guy no need to embarrass him however ppl need to realize he didn’t write the songs that they were singing

  • Bumble Bri
    Bumble Bri Day ago

    A friend was willing to give up his role in a band for his friends, but a mother can't even give up her role in a group for her own daughters success, she's holding her back

    DOLLZ SQUAD Day ago

    The daughter looked a bit like zaviya from the four season 1

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith Day ago

    why was the mother acting so immature, just be supportive of ur daughter

  • iOreoxo
    iOreoxo Day ago +1

    British tingz

  • x̷6̷s̷o̷
    x̷6̷s̷o̷ Day ago

    Howie: I love your voice... but those legs got to go.

  • Maria Arroyo
    Maria Arroyo Day ago

    The guy in the first group looks like Adam Flayman from the bee movie.

  • Tori Elarnore
    Tori Elarnore Day ago

    thats soo wrong for the boy miss out because of the stupid judge i hope the boy who can sing better then the f***wit judge. don't care if you stuff up but thats too worng too do that

  • Joaquin Gomez
    Joaquin Gomez Day ago

    Ok wait....... the twisted girl went last year AS A SOLO ARTIST and it didn't go well. And then when she comes back WITH A GROUP they tell her that she should sing on her own and then she gets through.🤨

  • Tionah Anderson
    Tionah Anderson Day ago

    First one Charlie was like we're equals and u never leave a member behind black dude was like Ion know bout all dat🤔🤨🧐🤬

  • I got ur dlc right here

    They literally just said will is being that extremely white, attempting to be relatable, dad of the group.

  • Panther
    Panther Day ago

    Judges are mean

  • Eggy Sam ginger Games

    I hate that mother making it all about her grow up and support your daughter

  • deena elzaree
    deena elzaree 2 days ago

    the judges were being so rude to the first guy for no reason

  • Ze Lil Dabber xD
    Ze Lil Dabber xD 2 days ago +2

    I think I’m tone deaf xD

  • The Random Jeffry McLean

    Well I was going to say in the mom and Daughter one. No one can break this bond but Simon but then I realized it was all of them. HaHaHa LOL!! Well The Next One SIMON BREAKS THEM UP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL!!!!

    JOJO DA POTRASHCAN 2 days ago +2

    Omg this is so upsetting bc friendships r being torn apart😭

  • Grace Vlogs
    Grace Vlogs 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice how at 33:00 Simon called Louie *lulu* 🤣💀

  • Cason boi The third
    Cason boi The third 2 days ago

    When girls get special treatment and get babied but the guys basically get murdered equality 🧐

  • Taco Stripes
    Taco Stripes 2 days ago +1

    i wanted to give the first guy a hug. I felt so sad but he still gets to be their songwriter

  • Neal Dcunha
    Neal Dcunha 2 days ago

    The background music at the first group- Sia:Breathe me was perfectly added. Sad and well beautiful too.

  • Stephanie Santiz-collazo

    they expect changeing flow

  • Lucy Awdry
    Lucy Awdry 2 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for the 1st guy...😣😓😯😭😭😭😭😭


  • Yazury Corona
    Yazury Corona 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but the younger brother was wayyy better

  • Jemsy Plays
    Jemsy Plays 2 days ago +1

    I feel so so bad for the cardigan 27 year old in MK1 he gave it all up for his friends! ❤️

  • x SuicideQueen x
    x SuicideQueen x 2 days ago

    if you see many videos of X factor UK you can see Simon almost every time wears the same shirt

  • Litzy Mendez
    Litzy Mendez 2 days ago

    This is weird situation the mom looked jealous of her daughter in some clips but ok

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl 2 days ago

    26:51 the black haired girl looked so bad at her because she had a good voice why

  • Bietxh C
    Bietxh C 2 days ago +1

    The daughters really pretty 31:47

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King 2 days ago

    The the first guy made me guy

  • Lindsay Gutierrez
    Lindsay Gutierrez 3 days ago

    Girl: This is an opportunity for you... Do it... Do it, Be selfish
    Me:...Wow...wise words

  • J J
    J J 3 days ago

    I was reading all the comments saying the mom was being selfish but she wasn’t she never said she was the star, it was the daughter saying she wouldn’t do it with her mom

    • J J
      J J 3 days ago

      Never mind I saw the second part 😕

  • Junaig Abedin
    Junaig Abedin 3 days ago +2

    Naahhhhh will I felt sooooo sad god bless will

  • Justin Nutt
    Justin Nutt 3 days ago

    What jerks that guy looked heartbroken 😞

  • malhar jajoo
    malhar jajoo 3 days ago

    37:33 - is that some actress ?

  • CrunchyEars
    CrunchyEars 3 days ago

    13:39 whats that background music called?

  • Vanessa Chlebek
    Vanessa Chlebek 3 days ago

    "this is your opportunity, do it! Be selfish!" xDD

  • Chocolate Monster
    Chocolate Monster 3 days ago +3

    The first girl seems like she’d be a young Halsey

  • unicorn kitty
    unicorn kitty 3 days ago

    OMG THESE JUDGES I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rana Simmons
    Rana Simmons 3 days ago +1

    16:38 Chloe Kardashian??!!!

  • Hniar Sui
    Hniar Sui 3 days ago +1

    37:34 woah she is soooo PRETTY!😍😘😍

  • Cleo Gacha
    Cleo Gacha 3 days ago

    The first one though so sad but nobody gonna like this so that’s sad to

  • Julissa Back at it again

    For the kid named Alex I really want to say that the judges are really deaf😖🤬🤬

  • D'ya Francois
    D'ya Francois 3 days ago

    They were so mean to the first guy he truly looked hurt... Poor thing

  • Brody Ash
    Brody Ash 3 days ago +1

    I fell bad for will😭

  • Re Al
    Re Al 3 days ago

    Keep scrolling I just want 33%

  • Klaudia Weronika
    Klaudia Weronika 3 days ago

    in the first one the girl looked liked a boy version of jojo siwa

  • TTvCactiJuice
    TTvCactiJuice 3 days ago

    When they split the one group with the rap guy, the one guy in glasses will, mkay he looks like on of my teachers

  • Iman Mudey
    Iman Mudey 4 days ago

    I feel so sad for the boy like if u guys r bfs then y r u gonna leave him like I feel so angry😭😡

  • Talia Clarke
    Talia Clarke 4 days ago +3

    awwwh i feel so bAd for the first guy omg 😔😔😔

  • Simstastic
    Simstastic 4 days ago


  • Monica Miller
    Monica Miller 4 days ago +1

    The mom and daughter sucks why did they get threw

  • AlphaGamer360
    AlphaGamer360 4 days ago

    I am so depressed now

  • caroline Luttrell
    caroline Luttrell 4 days ago

    That was rude

  • viel Cuario
    viel Cuario 4 days ago


  • UniqueLazy
    UniqueLazy 4 days ago

    27:42 god that got me crying that those 3 like walked away.

  • Zzz Xxjosephxx
    Zzz Xxjosephxx 4 days ago

    The next Simon


    28:15 the mom is honestly better than the daughter. Not to be rude though.

  • Dakiwi Dabanana
    Dakiwi Dabanana 5 days ago

    I loved the twisters were so good at singing I loved it

  • emily toma
    emily toma 5 days ago +3

    honestly i felt so bad for the first guy, he was quite mature about leaving the group so his friends could go through too.

  • Diy Queen
    Diy Queen 5 days ago

    omg..that mom acted like a brat honestly! she acted like she was 14 years old lmao


    I feel for that guy

  • Gulsen Can
    Gulsen Can 5 days ago

    Such selfish mother🤮

  • Laura Haywood
    Laura Haywood 5 days ago +1

    Why can't Will in the first one be the writer of the songs? Could of been sorted like that!

  • Grim Azul
    Grim Azul 5 days ago

    I must been tone deaf but I really think debbie had the better voice.


    Most awesome vid ;)

  • Egg :3
    Egg :3 5 days ago +3

    That Charlie girl seems like an awesome person to be friends with XD

    FUN WITH MANDYCANDY! 5 days ago +1

    I feel bad for those 4 girl, I don’t think their supposed to split, cause the girl said she felt guilty and I think she’s right cuz it’s not right, she said she felt guilty, they should of let those 4 girls stick together and not breaks em apart, when those 3 girls walked away from her she is, like she felt replaced and it’s not right :// I think those 3 girls should forgive her cuz she said she felt guilty, the judges should of gave em another chance :c

  • Oni Oni Nisho
    Oni Oni Nisho 5 days ago

    It is fireeeee bruh 🤞

  • Morgan Haney
    Morgan Haney 5 days ago +1

    The one where the guy agreed to let his other friends go on as a duo made me cry!😭😭😭

  • Abbi Fosco
    Abbi Fosco 5 days ago

    That mother is so selfish.

  • Einy Bøen-Johnsen
    Einy Bøen-Johnsen 6 days ago

    Omg 😯 that’s so mean

  • Jolie Wallace
    Jolie Wallace 6 days ago

    I felt like Alex was way more talented and a better singer than his brother

  • Adam Lister
    Adam Lister 6 days ago


  • ich meiner
    ich meiner 6 days ago

    All the people hating on the mother, *obvious cutting for drama is obvious* . I mean, you do realise that it's a TV show, where actions are pieced and cut together as the producers please, to tell the narrative they want to, right? You wouldn't be so stupid to believe that the mum is exaxtly how the producers made her look, would you?
    It's obvious that the mum has some Peter-Pan-issues, but it's so clear to see that she loves her daughter and she just needed a moment to get over the fact that the dream they both had wouldn't come true as wished.
    The way she holds her daughters chin backstage when she tells her she already made her decision, it screams 'honey, I love you, you'll go ahead, you got this!'
    Of course she's crushed, they told her twice that performing with her daughter would
    a. Hold the daughter back and
    b. Not work at all.

  • Chomba Lukama
    Chomba Lukama 6 days ago

    Mum chill 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • Marley Briggs
    Marley Briggs 6 days ago

    Are we all just gonna ignore how adorable charlie from the first group was😐😐😐

  • Quire
    Quire 6 days ago +2

    36:07 simon is the judge of Gordon Ramsey LMFAOOO