10 Dumbest Things People Sued Over!

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
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Comments • 5 744

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma Year ago +2910

    Subscribed to your channel recently... commented just soon enough maybe will get a reply .. great work man , can't stay away from the channel.

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow 3 days ago

    Technology can actually be addictive,

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow 3 days ago

    The guy could be I'll but mental hospitals are actually awful place and honestly his pants could be like the last thing a dead family member gave

  • VD Das
    VD Das 3 days ago

    Guy who sued God looks like God...... (morgan freeman)

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory 3 days ago +1

    I'm sue you because your name "Christopher" must be a "Chrispiracy"
    "Ha ha ha!"

  • Motalux
    Motalux 4 days ago

    Jack ass sues Jackass because they used a word for stupid people for ages.

  • Negro Eggo
    Negro Eggo 5 days ago +2

    I accidentally punched one of the actors at the theme park once

  • Poot Poot
    Poot Poot 6 days ago

    lgbtq vs youtube?

  • Skellital disasembly

    First video by you I ever watched

  • Covena White
    Covena White 8 days ago

    1) The lawyer overreacted about his missing pants because he could have gotten money to buy new pants if he settled the lawsuit out of court for the value of the pants. 2) Why would 2 People sue for unbelievable fictional Commercial Claims. If they lie about a feature of a product is one thing or lie about a health issues caused by a product is a logical sueable reason. How do you suspect a Soda Drink will give you a fighter plane or alcohol will make you more popular. Those claims are so unrealistic it in no way can be false advertisement because any reasonable adult knows it cannot be provided. 3) How can you sue for a Scary Theme Park when it literally advertises itself as being scary. It is not like it being scary is a surprise. 4) How can a celebrity looking like you be a crime?? It is not like the Celebrity chose to change their face to immitate a random normal person but most likely had no control over resembling you. How does looking like a famous celebrity cause any emotional pain?? 5) You are responsible for your own porn addiction. You could have left the porn site or gone through porn addiction rehab which exists in online support groups or get marriage counseling to fix the problems between you and your wife. 6) Suing yourself is pointless you are only getting your own money and if you cause yourself harm you should take personal responsibility without the court's notice. 7) Suing God seems just like an Atheist Publicity Stunt. You can only sue human people, government and corporations who the courts can reasonably punish for their crimes. It is impossible to punish God

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough 9 days ago +1

    Hows aboute yor top10 best noughty jokes lol that wud be cushtee. Pluss i need to know more jokes to tell my mates wen am drunk lol

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough 9 days ago

    Why do americans think they can resolve everything buy sueing people. Lol

  • Rae Couper
    Rae Couper 10 days ago

    Yeah well, I'm addicted to Pauls Dolce Velvet Creme dessert. Guess I'll have to sue them for making such a delicious product!

  • PinkieDash the Brony
    PinkieDash the Brony 10 days ago

    5:03 basically sums up the people listed in the video.

  • Døgž Łövęr
    Døgž Łövęr 10 days ago

    WHHHAT?!!?! You exist???!! IM SUING YOU REEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Mister NoExist
    Mister NoExist 10 days ago

    hey man it mistnoexist, ur utube whatcher fan, i got a story, remember the points u could get from collecting thew colaid packets, they had a pool table in there catalog that me and my bro tried to buy, took us 4 years of saving with along getting a cool gift once a year on top of the major collecting, anyways we got enough points and had m,ailed them, they said that we'd had to pay shipping. we were kid so i think my parents opeted not to and just blamed it on them which is what i'd done for my kids to but hell we tried. they got us. shoulda seen the amount of collected points bagg. as my moomma puts it to crick what kinda baggies,, then she goes all we've got arew pound baggies, lol

  • Damon Tweedy
    Damon Tweedy 11 days ago

    Does that mean I can sue penthouse for getting carpal tunnel syndrome

  • ComedyRole6
    ComedyRole6 12 days ago +1

    I'm in the process of suing Watch Mojo because Iida wasn't in the top 10 anime betrayals. Make me number one on this list or I'll sue you.

  • Aleryck Lyon
    Aleryck Lyon 13 days ago

    1:50 so the ads are beer ads

  • Dezarae Johnson
    Dezarae Johnson 15 days ago


  • Nyketyler Brass
    Nyketyler Brass 15 days ago +1

    Say what

  • Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka 16 days ago

    The train guy is so stupid. There’s no way they could stop the train quickly enough after they saw him

  • Mercury Needs Spoons
    Mercury Needs Spoons 16 days ago

    This might be a funny video of you didn't mock mental illness on almost all of your commentary... Cheap mockery isn't funny.

  • Jesus Avila
    Jesus Avila 16 days ago

    Richard Overton was a WW2 vetrean that died just last year I think

  • Denis Griffey
    Denis Griffey 17 days ago

    The fighter jet guy was right

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos 18 days ago

    Get that man a jet!!!!!!

  • Santino -
    Santino - 18 days ago

    That dude looks nothing like Jordan.

  • Jo Stewart
    Jo Stewart 18 days ago +1

    A woman successfully sued Telstra millions of dollars for slipping down the stairs and hurting her shoulder when she was working from home

  • Junior Akoaksion
    Junior Akoaksion 18 days ago

    Why does every vid start with a 30 sec unskippable ad and 5 more thoughout a 5min vid

  • Ismail Gaiye
    Ismail Gaiye 19 days ago

    Look at the background it’s saids ops

  • Nikki Wesker
    Nikki Wesker 19 days ago

    The guy probably typed in that site’s name on purpose to sue Apple.

  • Kerrissa Rebekah
    Kerrissa Rebekah 19 days ago

    Hey matt.... i love you

  • Darkness
    Darkness 19 days ago


  • Afro Atheist
    Afro Atheist 20 days ago

    I'm gonna sue something for having to get older. 😥😥

  • Luke C
    Luke C 20 days ago +1

    pepsi guy should have won it but the guy was well DUMB
    i also bet all the people who sued had the biggest punchable faces ever

  • Bobby Hardy
    Bobby Hardy 20 days ago

    Matthew Santoro should sue the guy who stole his hair.

  • Yoshua T and Old Wolf
    Yoshua T and Old Wolf 22 days ago

    Been following you since 2014! You’ve been a huge inspiration. We just created this channel to release our FIRST ALBUM! :)

  • MasterFlame Youtube [Febuary 10, 2017- present]

    With all these cases in here, I am supreised that PETA is not mentioned once in here...

  • Sora
    Sora 22 days ago

    mr ass

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 23 days ago

    Love the channel Matt, I have been binge watching it since I subbed to it a week ago, man you got a lot of videos lol.

    There was a relative of my ex wife who was painting a living room and the owner of the house refused to remove the furniture inside or even cover it up. So her cousin went about doing the job of repainting the living room, but sadly a bucket of paint slipped out of his hand and landed on the back of a $3,000 leather sofa, bounced up and broke a $1200 lamp. When the bucket slipped from his hands he tried to grab it but the ladder, which was the home owners btw, ended up twisting and breaking on a spot he noticed was bad on the side of the ladder. This caused him to tumble to floor and twisting an ankle and breaking his wrist as he tried to catch himself. He ended up suing the homeowners Insurance for all medical costs, the price of the couch and the lamp, and another $50,000 for the ladder being the cause of his pain and suffering. All in all he walked away with about a court win of about $250,000!! He pocketed just under $100,000 of it since he had to pay his medical bills. Oh, HE WAS THE HOMEOWNER!! Lol. Yup he sued his own homeowners insurance company and won! The judge based his decision on the fact that it indeed been a contracted painter and all this happened, the insurance company would have gladly paid out the money so what difference did it make WHO the claimant was!! The insurance company did not appeal the decision, they handed him a check within 2 days lol.

  • Dapper By Ash
    Dapper By Ash 23 days ago

    There is a man here in new Hampshire, suing the city and state for saving his life after he overdosed... but not because they simply saved his life... because a few weeks AFTER they saved his life, he MURDERED someone. He's claiming, if they let him die, he WOULDN'T have murdered someone and wouldn't have to spend the rest of his life in prison... yup, it's real.

  • brent elllis
    brent elllis 23 days ago

    u wasted 6 secs. of my

  • Isaiah Okello
    Isaiah Okello 24 days ago

    Well in my country Kenya a lawyer tried to sue Israel for killing Jesus

  • Funtime 101
    Funtime 101 24 days ago

    All of these are normal in Russia

  • Funtime 101
    Funtime 101 24 days ago

    You forgot the person who sued himself

  • Harley Blanchette
    Harley Blanchette 25 days ago

    Every sip of a bear?

  • bubbly.bellflowers
    bubbly.bellflowers 26 days ago +1

    I won't only sue you, but I'll get Phoenix Wright to be my attorney.

  • bubbly.bellflowers
    bubbly.bellflowers 26 days ago


  • Amanuel Yemane
    Amanuel Yemane 26 days ago

    The last case was tossed because the accused (god) doesn't exist!

  • IG: ohhitznene
    IG: ohhitznene 27 days ago +1

    That was 6 seconds of my time

  • mrbobsshow
    mrbobsshow 28 days ago +2

    What if you fell on a hot chicks beach
    She can sue me.
    Sue me sue me.
    Like if you got the reference

  • Milk.Shakw :3
    Milk.Shakw :3 28 days ago

    What does sue mean?..

    • Rob Ot
      Rob Ot 26 days ago

      Sister of Ann 😸

  • Alex H
    Alex H 28 days ago

    Sue things for causing bad effects without warning or just from copyright

  • Anna G
    Anna G 29 days ago

    I'm surprised no one in comments (that I can find) mentioned the lady who sued McDonald's over the coffee being too hot. She was just in suing mcdonalds but many people dont realize she actually had good reasons

  • uvhuvvhv evieofhyfv

    I love this guy!

  • Shade Nottage
    Shade Nottage Month ago

    Not yet

  • Yuumirou
    Yuumirou Month ago

    youre not very funny lol

  • cool gamer for life

    No you wasted 6 seconds of my time

  • Asphyxiation n
    Asphyxiation n Month ago

    How is that guy who tried following the rules to a competition to win a jet loopy?

  • Helpnottake Acount1

    Great work I want more of these vids

  • Psyphyre Bloodrose
    Psyphyre Bloodrose Month ago

    The last guy shouldn't have sued God. Since it is Mother Nature who is actually responsible; he should have sued her. Also, she HAS a fixed address...easier to find.

  • Screw T-Series
    Screw T-Series Month ago

    I bet people are gonna start sueing people for having an opinion

  • michael Jacobs
    michael Jacobs Month ago

    V sauce

  • Martin Hernandez
    Martin Hernandez Month ago

    -sues Matthew-

  • Roberto Consuegra
    Roberto Consuegra Month ago

    A fun and intresting vid😎🙏🤙

  • Dragonfly Beast
    Dragonfly Beast Month ago

    Actually you wasted six seconds of my time

  • Charlie McCormick
    Charlie McCormick Month ago

    I'm disappointed in the man from Omaha, Nebraska and I feel bad about myself now because I live in Omaha, Nebraska as well.

  • Space Quacke
    Space Quacke Month ago

    first video I ever saw of you, became intrigued instantly

  • Y Rapalye
    Y Rapalye Month ago

    Man i will suit God for making disaster s
    Judge ok what this man adress
    Man heaven
    Judge ok i searched for a adress named heaven nowhere to be find
    Man i think its because he lives somwhere up in space
    Judge 😵

  • Noah Schlabach
    Noah Schlabach Month ago

    Suing you for being funny lol

  • Jeremiah 32:27
    Jeremiah 32:27 Month ago +2

    I worked for an employer for several years when during a meeting she made a remark about being hitler and us her Jews. Little did she know my great grandfather fled from Poland to America because you guessed it him being Jewish. So I quit. She sued me for “hurting her business” distress and oh she forged my signature on a 2 yr non compete. Crazy woman wanted 1.5 million dollars. Drug out for nearly 4 years. In the end she ended up loosing her business and the law suit
    The judge also had some pretty harsh words to her about the remark she made in the meeting.

  • welcome to reality
    welcome to reality Month ago

    obviously ppl are suing for a pay day duh!

  • I Leafty
    I Leafty Month ago +1

    That's funny as he'll a man sueing himself and a man sueing someone who doesn't exist

  • Pedro Gallegos
    Pedro Gallegos Month ago

    Matthew Santoro is a FUNNY GUY.😂
    GOOD VIDEOS......

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov Month ago

    In the case against Pepsi, the guy had right. It's false advertising and it's illegal. If it's not in the U.S., then it should be.