Two Hyenas Eating a Wildebeest Alive in Serenghetti Plain, Tanzania April 2012

  • Published on Apr 21, 2012
  • Two hyenas wounded a wildebeest, and after scanning the area for other predators, returned to their prey and began to eat it while it was still alive.
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  • Steven White
    Steven White 3 days ago


    • Resetatan
      Resetatan 2 days ago

  • Freya Odinsdottir
    Freya Odinsdottir 18 days ago

    I wish hyenas go into extinction. Most hideous creatures on the planet. They serve no purpose. Vermin!
    Crocodiles are vile too but can be used for their skin to make accessories & flesh to feed carnivores.

  • king quad s
    king quad s 27 days ago +1

    I wonder why hyenas have not made it to the list of human pets😂😂

  • gianfranco lampedecchia

    What a human shame you are

  • M.yusuf usuf
    M.yusuf usuf Month ago


  • Hunna Ferdinand
    Hunna Ferdinand Month ago +1

    Only a sick individual would record this. It's like recording someone getting stabbed to death

    • sham shams
      sham shams Month ago

      Hunna Ferdinand : this is national park, no allowable disturb while predator esting or hunting the wildbeast, its normal cycle of nature

  • Nick Caton
    Nick Caton Month ago

    Did they go and put face paint on before they got there

  • V Ilyrian
    V Ilyrian Month ago


  • howzit3000
    howzit3000 Month ago

    Little do we know and brutal it may seems, hyenas remove mostly weak n sick animals that will suffer and died soon. Except for calfs.

  • Eddy HR
    Eddy HR Month ago

    Nella kharisma
    Pamer bojo.....👍👍👍

  • Neusa Ribeiro Dos Santosb

    Mas é seuitintos fazer um. Que

  • P J
    P J 2 months ago

    I don't understand what is beautiful in this life? everybody eat each other, kill each other , steal each other, invade each other, persecute each other, gail each other, torture each other, and the top of all, the nature can become crazy and kill us all at any moment!

  • deanv13
    deanv13 2 months ago

    I don’t know what’s worse. The hyenas eating the wildebeest or the whining chick in the background. Survey says: the chick.
    What the hell did you expect to see in a safari you idiot? The lion king where all the animals like each other and no one eats? It was a cartoon you moron. This shit is real!!!

  • LaCrystal Martin
    LaCrystal Martin 2 months ago +1

    So how come they didn’t just eat it from the start?! It’s obvious that they had already started.

  • Userعلي Qaدوحه قطر

    اطلقو عليها النار هذؤل السياح ليقطو صور

  • mike jones
    mike jones 2 months ago

    more more more

  • Prudhvi Raz
    Prudhvi Raz 3 months ago

    Your are worst people ever only see atleast try to help that animal waste

  • Lawrence Eason
    Lawrence Eason 3 months ago +1

    And people actually believe there is a god

    • Lawrence Eason
      Lawrence Eason 2 months ago

      @Awais Ahmed if god created all this it is pretty cruel

    • Awais Ahmed
      Awais Ahmed 2 months ago

      What has this got to do with god

    • vgdsxjklohvdggub nnn
      vgdsxjklohvdggub nnn 3 months ago

      I hate there God , I hope that one day meet him und say him
      You are son of bitch.

  • James Pearle
    James Pearle 3 months ago

    Now thats a hard knock life.

  • Nilanjan Dutta
    Nilanjan Dutta 3 months ago

    As usual these horned fuckers forget how to gore when eaten alive

  • Longwang Wang
    Longwang Wang 3 months ago


  • irving bryan camacho morales

    En vez de q sientan lastima metanle un pinche balazo al pobre animal q poca madre q les guste ver su sufrimiento

  • Hugo Flores
    Hugo Flores 3 months ago

    Pinches turistas sádicos igual que yo de menso viendo eso

  • Miguel Tamez
    Miguel Tamez 3 months ago

    Gente gacha como no ayudan al animalito aaa pero para estar filmando son los #1 Ya Basta No al Maltrato Animal si es la Naturaleza pero no lo filmen gente Gacha desde México aquí se ayuda a los animalitos

  • sw3253
    sw3253 3 months ago

    야구방망이로 대리리 한대씩 후려치고 싶다

  • an nie
    an nie 3 months ago

    Quel cruauté que vous montrer vous m écoeurée je vous hais se faire de la tune sûr la souffrance animale honte à vous tous

  • william fitzpatrick
    william fitzpatrick 4 months ago

    █ █ Now I get it. You're one of the scumbags that likes to see animals kill each other and then justify your erotic pleasures by speaking words like natural, survival of the fittest, etc. How sick can you get? When I sleep at night I often dream about people like you getting ripped to shreds and crying out in agony.

  • Anabela Veloso
    Anabela Veloso 4 months ago

    Ao menos podiam espantar essas hienas ruidosas do que ver o sofrimento atroz do bicho esses que filmaram sejam ruidos vivos para sentirem o sofrimento do animal

  • javier cantor mancipe
    javier cantor mancipe 4 months ago

    Que triste final para ese miserable ñu

  • Luis Avina
    Luis Avina 4 months ago

    These people are so lucky, that's a sight many others will never witness in their lifetime, nature and survival at its very best, must be unbelievable to watch😱

  • Joey Ex
    Joey Ex 4 months ago +3

    The wildebeest made a full recovery he's okay

  • 蕭青煙
    蕭青煙 4 months ago


  • Matdon Kedah
    Matdon Kedah 4 months ago

    whats wrong with the wildebeast? just giving birth?

  • an nie
    an nie 4 months ago

    Je vous hais

  • Ольга Козаева

    Как можно такое снимать. Нужно пристрелить антилопу, чтоб не мучилась

  • nada D.
    nada D. 5 months ago +1

    Vous êtes qui a filmer filmer sans aider cet animal sans défense vous êtes des monstres cruel on doit vous cracher dessus.

  • Stanislawa Hulak
    Stanislawa Hulak 5 months ago


  • Gannesh Bhat
    Gannesh Bhat 5 months ago

    The wilderbeest was already attacked & eaten a bit... Big bite was already taken out of that beast.... Whoever took the bite, was probably, half stomach full already... Hence didn't complete the meal...
    Don't know why are they called as beast, when they are like a lamb...

    • MegaCozzy
      MegaCozzy 5 months ago

      Gannesh Bhat shut up 🤐

  • Me King
    Me King 5 months ago

    ur an @$$hole!

  • Venancio Bernabe
    Venancio Bernabe 5 months ago

    Por favor actúen como seres humanos razonables , cuendo pueden fácilmente evitar un sufrimiento extremo de cualquier ser vivo .

  • Angeles Dominguez Gutierrez

    Buenas tardes 😘😘😘

    TITI LE GROS PERVERS 5 months ago


  • Main Man
    Main Man 5 months ago

    Uh...hyenas plain brutal ! 🙀

  • S R
    S R 5 months ago

    Why is it so typical of videos like this where there is an ignorant woman in the background moaning and groning as if she had no idea what to expect. Women show themselves to be fucking morons every time they open their mouth.

  • Rick B
    Rick B 5 months ago +1

    I have been eating girls for years....

  • Rick B
    Rick B 5 months ago

    Why was the wildebeest injured and down?

  • Jack Sugden
    Jack Sugden 5 months ago +1

    What a way to die.

    TAIPAN 6 months ago

    The obligatory American first comment of OH MY GOD for ANY situation involving suprise or dismay

  • Rose Mary Sanchez
    Rose Mary Sanchez 6 months ago

    I would say that wildebeest is DONE! Could only imagine the aftermath of that animal! One BLOODY mess of guts and gore!

  • domyegabrygrillo Graci
    domyegabrygrillo Graci 6 months ago


  • Average Voter Smith
    Average Voter Smith 6 months ago

    The hyenas just walked into a meal, they didn't have to run to run & catch it.

    • bofursgun
      bofursgun 6 months ago

      Average Voter Smith
      If you read the video description you'll find that to not be the case. As the blood stained snout of one of the hyenas clearly reveals.

    • Ali Alhassoun
      Ali Alhassoun 6 months ago

      Of course, it has been shot by video maker just for you to enjoy the scene

  • noel delos santos
    noel delos santos 6 months ago


  • Suleman Joosab
    Suleman Joosab Year ago

    Laugh or gtfo

  • cali4nia luv
    cali4nia luv Year ago

    yes yes.. shush that lady whining in the background lol 1:21

  • realpqleur
    realpqleur Year ago

    Buckshot perhaps on the right rear hip.....

  • John Davis
    John Davis Year ago

    Evidently this video was shortened due to copyright infringement.

  • Ndoro Kakung
    Ndoro Kakung Year ago

    oh fuck why you cut this video I wanna see the hyenas eat the stupid wildebeest until die slowly

  • Raj Hoi
    Raj Hoi Year ago

    As it is only 1.5 mins long, even in that half the time u show the hyena approaching.. Excellent job.. Y don't u guys do something more worthwhile???

  • โทนี่ นะค่ะพร่อง

    I love when it screaming !!
    Thanks man I'm very happy Ha ha ha !!

  • King Trawal
    King Trawal 2 years ago +1

    Women should not go on safaris. they cannot handle it.