Two Hyenas Eating a Wildebeest Alive in Serenghetti Plain, Tanzania April 2012


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  • Suleman Joosab
    Suleman Joosab 6 months ago

    Laugh or gtfo

  • cali4nia luv
    cali4nia luv Year ago

    yes yes.. shush that lady whining in the background lol 1:21

  • realpqleur
    realpqleur Year ago

    Buckshot perhaps on the right rear hip.....

  • John Davis
    John Davis Year ago

    Evidently this video was shortened due to copyright infringement.

  • Ndoro Kakung
    Ndoro Kakung Year ago

    oh fuck why you cut this video I wanna see the hyenas eat the stupid wildebeest until die slowly

  • Raj Hoi
    Raj Hoi Year ago

    As it is only 1.5 mins long, even in that half the time u show the hyena approaching.. Excellent job.. Y don't u guys do something more worthwhile???

  • Tony Godz
    Tony Godz Year ago +1

    I love when it screaming !!
    Thanks man I'm very happy Ha ha ha !!

  • King Trawal
    King Trawal Year ago +1

    Women should not go on safaris. they cannot handle it.

  • xxwhatevahxx
    xxwhatevahxx Year ago

    These are not Humans, no predator shows compassion for their prey, if Hyenas/Wolves/Wild Dogs etc. had the long canines and claws they would also prefer going for the neck first.... which by the way is not done out of compassion, but to control/silence the animal so that meanwhile all others from the Lion pride will start eating it BEFORE its dead anyways.... they dont wait 30 minutes until they are absolutely sure its dead... the only Cat that never eats a prey alive is the Leopard & Cheetah.... its only because they are working solitary & vulnerable not wanting to attract other Predators, in Leopards case the prey can not move around when its carrying it up & eating it ON A TREE.... has nothing to do with "compassion", they dont know what that means, not for a meal anyways.... dont watch to much Lion King/Disney.

  • szervusz
    szervusz 2 years ago

    The reason lions and other felines typically kill be going for the throat and either strangling prey, crushing the windpipe, breaking its neck, or severing the windpipe or important blood vessels isn’t out of altruism or respect, they do it to reduce the risk of being injured by struggling prey. On the other hand, hyenas (as well as painted dogs and wolves) typically tear their abdomen open and pull its intestines out, as well as eating the muscles of its rump and back legs. This is a death sentence for the victim already due to the loss of vital organs, and the resulting blood loss will kill fairly quickly anyway.

  • 72defender
    72defender 2 years ago

    Guys don't bring your wives on safaris!

  • Sammy Nyman
    Sammy Nyman 2 years ago

    is there a longer version?

  • عاشق ليبيا القدافي

    تقتل لي تاكل وبني ادم ..يقتل لي القتل

  • peter charles
    peter charles 2 years ago

    I enjoyed the wind noise

  • KevinWorm
    KevinWorm 2 years ago

    I think hyenas like the smelly parts best lol

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus Year ago

      KevinWorm they eat the most nutritious parts, liver, kidneys, and other guts first because they want to get all the nutrition they can before lions show up and take their kill

    • tyrone harris
      tyrone harris 2 years ago


    • Sammy Nyman
      Sammy Nyman 2 years ago

      +KevinWorm They do it because it's the softest and easiest area to dig deeper.

  • eren mori
    eren mori 3 years ago

    We must protect all creatures on this planet, by passing a right to life act, no predation allowed, all animals have a right to live in freedom and security,people who say they are not like us are incorrect, they are sentient beings.

  • Srinivas Kari
    Srinivas Kari 3 years ago

    nature is cruel

  • Shinywolf64
    Shinywolf64 3 years ago +1

    that is awsome

  • Joh Drinda
    Joh Drinda 3 years ago

    Yes...that's right, that's what safari tourists enjoy so much for hours... and animal conservationist want to go on for ever or longer. They are excited to take a video of it! - They should introduce the far more lucrative safari tours to Nigeria and Syria... to watch Boku Haram and Isis torturing and murdering civilians. Then, even further their tourism to Mexican and Colombian cartels... using chainsaws and huge axes to dismember their victims...

  • Grand Champ
    Grand Champ 3 years ago +12

    I found this to be easy masturbation material

    • Pav Just
      Pav Just Year ago

      ah you tard that was a joke but why not find it arousing, its androgenic in nature :)

    • Joh Drinda
      Joh Drinda 2 years ago +2

      I really cannot understand how this kind of cruelty relates to sexual arousal?
      I think men, who it stimulates, must be emotionally unstable and in need of a suffering partner in order to achieve ultimate stimulation.
      Rapists and psychopaths are known to indulge in these kinds of horrendous needs, because something horrible happened to them in their childhood.
      I enjoyed a wonderful childhood and now in my adulthood enjoy emotional compatibility with my wife. For me the greatest sexual stimulation is when my wife longs for me.
      I.e. when she suffers I suffer, too!

    • akmd114379
      akmd114379 2 years ago +1

      you wouldn't be saying that if it was happening to you

    • Joh Drinda
      Joh Drinda 2 years ago

      +English Man I would be ashamed proclaiming my emotional paraphila and seek help, instead of indulging in it... and having to put up with a long-term prison sentence.

    • Joh Drinda
      Joh Drinda 3 years ago +2

      +Grand Champ Please see a psychiatrist, because you might be in danger in becoming a sadistic murderer.

  • ungyung jang
    ungyung jang 3 years ago


    • 2019freddie
      2019freddie 3 years ago +2

      +ungyung jang; so, do you like hyenas?

  • elmo46
    elmo46 3 years ago

    What's the point of having devil's horns and not use and stick it up the hyenas ass

  • SofaKingCool
    SofaKingCool 3 years ago +1


  • Ravi Sub
    Ravi Sub 3 years ago

    awesome footage............

  • chazzy chazz
    chazzy chazz 3 years ago

    i rather watch porn than to watch this video sucks

  • godfrey nteseng
    godfrey nteseng 4 years ago

    Most of the people visiting this site love the nature. But hate what nature reveals to them. You are going to insult each other worldwide, hate the animals or inuslt them they dont give a damn and they dont even know and dont even care if you love them or hate them. They will remain animals and live their own lives. But anyway we use our own electronics to watch this things. Carry on say whatever you want, do what you want.

  • Grace Ful
    Grace Ful 4 years ago +19

    Nature is as ugly as it is beautiful. People take where we are now for granted. They dont realize that we have lived in this savage animal world much longer than we have lived in houses. For most of our history we have lived in the dog eat dog animal world. The truth of life is stranger than fiction but it is the truth of life that will set you free. Google *_Truth contest_* and click the first link. Nothing could be more important. Those who dont remember their true past are doomed to repeat it.

  • peng joo lee
    peng joo lee 4 years ago

  • Big Bango
    Big Bango 4 years ago

    awww poor animal

  • MrThemorningsun
    MrThemorningsun 4 years ago

    why only record 1 minute? why not record the whole thing...

  • john sparten
    john sparten 4 years ago +1

    You see his is why I prefer lions to hyenas, at least in most cases they kill the poor bastard with a neck bite before eating commences. Lol

  • :Merciless~187.
    :Merciless~187. 4 years ago

    Sheesh!!! That's got to suck when hyenas starts to eat your nutsack off!!!! Dang shoot the Buffalo, put it out of its misery!!

  • Alweezy
    Alweezy 4 years ago

    Why'd you cut the fucking video?

  • Icharuss
    Icharuss 4 years ago +6

    why those kind of videos always STOP at the best?????

    • Jayadev singer
      Jayadev singer 4 years ago +1

      some people are morons thats why? either that or they are sadists or they have pathetic planning ability. This guy had such a nice clipping and he stops it in less than 2 mins.. what a sore loser really??

  • kaosinlondon
    kaosinlondon 4 years ago

    It was trying to gi e birth : (

  • fahIm M_
    fahIm M_ 4 years ago

    Just wonder how those hyenas wash their face after that massive blood stain

  • AlphaDwg
    AlphaDwg 4 years ago +6

    it's funny. A pack of dogs (wolves, african wild dogs, dingos whatever) eat their prey alive as well but no one calls them evil. Why all the hate for hyenas? The fact that you ignorant fools on here like to ignore is that a hyena is not a big cat. It doesn't have the physical tools (retractable claws, super long canines, extreme strength) that a big cat has. It literally can't just kill the wildebeest before it eats it with out facing serious injury. They have to just start digging in. Usually from the back side away from the horns. This is how they survive with the physical tools they have. So instead of being an ignorant buffoon use your brain and see what is really going on.

    • greetrigh28
      greetrigh28 3 years ago

      Finally, someone who gets it. I made almost the exact same comment on another video relative to how hyenas feed and the hate they get from people.

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden 4 years ago

    The most powerful jaws on the Serengeti........

  • DavEnzoF1
    DavEnzoF1 4 years ago

    Wildebeest last thought, "Aaaand I'm food."

  • MessengerOfTruth
    MessengerOfTruth 4 years ago

    ... my money is on these photographers who INJURE these animals, just so they can get "footage" I say someone should break their legs, and leave them, and film what happens to THEM. Far too many "questionable" videos being posted on youtube, including one with a baby calf tied to a tree with fishing string. Fishing string? In the middle of Africa!? Yeah ... I reported that one myself.

  • MrAitraining
    MrAitraining 4 years ago +1

    Yeah wildebeest is kinda natures cheeseburger. Pretty easy to get and everyone likes them. As for eating them alive. Hyenas, wild dogs do this to not waste time. They would rather kill it quick, - make it easier on them a lot of their prey have horns, so they avoid the head and there are lions and other scavengers out there who will chase or annoy them and get in on it or steal this, so they need to just eat up fast Dead or alive and get out. They r not sadists :)

  • om bahadur Gaha
    om bahadur Gaha 4 years ago

    At leAst take a full video

  • Hyena Channel
    Hyena Channel 4 years ago +4

    What's with the dislikes on this video?! This is Nature, not Disney! Hyenas are beautiful and amazing animals!

  • Vader Playz
    Vader Playz 4 years ago


  • Alter Kater
    Alter Kater 4 years ago +3

    Every animal gets eaten. If not by hyenas, then by worms.

  • lawton99
    lawton99 4 years ago

    AWWWW :(((((((((((((((

  • john fernando monsalve


  • john fernando monsalve

    que aburrido

  • Khalid Qureshi
    Khalid Qureshi 4 years ago

    it,s rouls of jaungal

  • MotorcrossRacer1
    MotorcrossRacer1 4 years ago

    if animals did not eat other animals there would be like 700 billion wildebeest running around and 800 zillion antelopes! geez man.......... its just nature

    • PaulLonden
      PaulLonden 4 years ago +2

      That's also why we have a nice cozy war at certain intervals.Imagine if all these millions hadn't died during the first and 2nd world wars...On the other hand.....Europe wouldn't have had to import all those tens of thousands of muslim immigrants.....

  • Aimee Ward
    Aimee Ward 4 years ago

    Those hyenas are pretty nasty. They won't even wait until the prey is dead and pretty much eat it inside out.

  • TheSanityInspector
    TheSanityInspector 4 years ago +1

    Hey, it's nature. It's not like the hyenas can send out for a pizza or anything.

  • mesoarchean
    mesoarchean 4 years ago +2

    lol at people bitching about this. This IS nature, like it or not. It is what it is.

  • Johnny Luken
    Johnny Luken 4 years ago +2

    Why doesnt the evil hyena use an anaesthetic?

  • jawad janee
    jawad janee 4 years ago

    hyenas kill very painfully

  • reymon nava
    reymon nava 4 years ago


  • NASACrooks
    NASACrooks 4 years ago +2

    Nice, that's how we used to eat beef when I was a kid.

    • Alestiiidae [no_last]
      Alestiiidae [no_last] 2 years ago

      +Wade Davis
      Abusive Ad homenem fallacy is abusive. [ding]
      -1 Respectability Points

    • Wade Davis
      Wade Davis 2 years ago

      +RazerLoly This guy goes on every NASA TVclip video and comments about how the Apollo Program was a hoax with a lack of any substantial evidence.

    • Alestiiidae [no_last]
      Alestiiidae [no_last] 2 years ago

      Evidently, the commentators here don't understand the concept of a joke. Props to you anyway Dude; I had a good laugh.

    • RazorLily
      RazorLily 4 years ago +1

      +Wade Davis what does physics have to do anything about eating? (no hate)

  • kutulu3
    kutulu3 4 years ago

    Makes me think of a BigMac

  • wilson blauheuer
    wilson blauheuer 4 years ago +1

    people who film this shit are no better than the hyenas- worse actually. Like some kind of serial killers getting off on suffering of other cratures, then trying to excuse it as 'nature' or 'science;'- thinking anyone is folled. Fact is, they enjoy observing agonies of others- like sadists .

    • shajc3
      shajc3 4 years ago

      Looks like there are still Normal folk out there

    • Patrick
      Patrick 4 years ago +2

      Go blow a lorax you hippy

  • Jeffrey Ong
    Jeffrey Ong 4 years ago

    The narrator and his friend, the female behind the voice must be cannibals!

  • hepette
    hepette 5 years ago

    i hope it was in shock and didnt feel too much..........

  • 323 2jz
    323 2jz 5 years ago

    Where da restof da video???

  • Devan Patel
    Devan Patel 5 years ago +2

    fuck this god damn viedo

  • arbiter5555
    arbiter5555 5 years ago

    Moral of the story: sucks to suck, shit happens

  • skirts365
    skirts365 5 years ago

    If the camera operators had a rifle and didn't shoot the wildebeest, they are contemptible.

  • Wyatt Connor
    Wyatt Connor 5 years ago +2

    Wow i woulda shot the hyenas

    • Alestiiidae [no_last]
      Alestiiidae [no_last] 2 years ago

      +Kory Lovings
      Predators have to eat, and the hyenas PHYSICALLY lack the capability to kill the thing quickly.

    • drsnowmon
      drsnowmon 4 years ago +11

      It's better you shoot wildebeest because it was gonna die from injury anyways, why shoot perfectly healthy hyenas?

  • KaylaTheHyena
    KaylaTheHyena 5 years ago +2

    it actually isnt as clow and painful as it looks, it ends the life a lot faser then suffication (lions killing move) although i agree suffiction is cleaner thugh. Wolves and African Wild Dogs sometimes hunt similarly to hyenas (although hyenas aremore related to cats then dogs). Sucks that Wild Dogs and Hyenas a misunderstood though

  • Ernan Kortes
    Ernan Kortes 5 years ago

    People do the same thing with each other. Sometimes literally. This is nature and this is absolutely normal.

  • Maarten Lesscher
    Maarten Lesscher 5 years ago +1

    The Wildebeest isn't doing anything because it is in shock. It's the same when humans have a car crash. Some people notice after 2 min that there leg is broken and they didn't noticed it the first 2 min because they where in a shock. And the shock is a overload of adrenalin so you don't feel the pain.

  • AstronomyGuru84
    AstronomyGuru84 5 years ago +25

    If you can't handle the prey/predator aspect of nature then go watch something else. Herbivores eat plants and carnivores eat herbivores. That's how it is.

    • Zes
      Zes 2 years ago

      wrong, idts

    • TheSick83
      TheSick83 3 years ago

      No you idiot shoot the fkn animal thats getting eaten alive, who said scaring the hyenas off????

  • Sophia Loren
    Sophia Loren 5 years ago +5

    Do you want to live in this sick animal world? If you are not up for this, then check out the *FIRST 3 PAGES* of the top entry *"The Present*" at *truthcontest**com*.

  • krugerm1
    krugerm1 5 years ago

    terrible camera man! lets get the thumbs down to 50%

  • magodie
    magodie 5 years ago

    hyenas has no table manners

  • Abhay Singh
    Abhay Singh 5 years ago

    that injury was caused by large lion but the Adrenalin might have gotten it away but that means it was a sitting duck

    • Johnny Luken
      Johnny Luken 4 years ago

      No a hyena can take out a wildebeest no problem. Even a cheetah can, and they're the weakest of the serengeti predators.

  • troponinnutrition
    troponinnutrition 5 years ago +2

    Dis why I hate pitbulls. Where the owner at? He prolly the one videoing them dogs eating dat cow up

  • Terron Miles
    Terron Miles 5 years ago

    Did your camera die

  • Robert Notter
    Robert Notter 5 years ago +3

    this is natures common end solution in most cases. this wildebeast whas dieing anyway

  • Lab Rat
    Lab Rat 5 years ago

    This is the latter part of the hunt. You can see the Wildebeest is already bleeding and one Hyena has blood on it's face.

  • Abdullahi Abdulle
    Abdullahi Abdulle 5 years ago

    and all they could do was film it!!

  • SamIAm
    SamIAm 5 years ago

    anyone know why it was down to start with?

  • bertoness77
    bertoness77 5 years ago

    Let start from, got "zipped" in public toilet...a horrible and painful life

  • zacharycat
    zacharycat 5 years ago

    Should have a content advisory on this one. Might give some kid nightmares.

  • Karlo Alberti
    Karlo Alberti 5 years ago

    need the phone number of Sharon....pronto

  • Der Grossmann
    Der Grossmann 5 years ago

    I guess slavery should be legal in the South then? That's cultural after all. :)

  • Francois Papillion
    Francois Papillion 5 years ago

    Derr idiot, speaking on other cultures experience to make you derr point. You speak like you have never taken life. Derr stupid.

  • Der Grossmann
    Der Grossmann 5 years ago

    Kill all fairy fucks and hypocrites!

  • Der Grossmann
    Der Grossmann 5 years ago

    "Humans can do that, that's why when we kill animals, we try to do it as painlessly as possible." Humans can do that, but the killing as painlessly as possible part? Haha I don't think so. You might want to examine the darker sides of the world. In fact, much of Northern China believe that torturing animals make the meat taste better because of the hormones the animals secrete.

  • Abe J
    Abe J 5 years ago

    If animals are like us, then they should be capable of feeling an emotion by simply observing another go through it. Humans can do that, that's why when we kill animals, we try to do it as painlessly as possible. We do it for the sake of our own mental health before anything. So do animals have that capacity too? if not then they can't experience pain the same way we do. If they do have that capacity, then these hyenas are perfect psychopaths

  • Jack B
    Jack B 5 years ago

    If I had been there I would have put that animal out of its misery with a bullet to the head. Oh I hear you say, "But that would be tampering with nature." Guess what it's what humans have been doing ever since the dawn of our time. Look around you what haven't we tampered with. My good friend, Fido sitting next to me doesn't look much like a wolf anymore. Oh yeah must be humans tampered with nature.

  • Jack B
    Jack B 5 years ago

    yes Humans interfere with nature everyday in every way just breeding animals is tampering with nature. Using antibiotics, and surgery is all tampering with nature.

  • Jack B
    Jack B 5 years ago

    Of course Animals experience pain in the same way we do. Where's your logic in saying that. If you feel pain you try to move away, struggle and protect yourself from it just like animals do. Nature can be a terrible thing. Humans could have intervened and stopped this poor animal going through pain but for the sake of a good video it was decided that they would use the old cop out, "We can't tamper with Nature", but yes we can just ask the circus Lions and my pet dog about what's natural.

  • ᴵ'ᶫᶫ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ

    what the hell did you expect when you clicked the video.

  • MRJACKSON19581
    MRJACKSON19581 5 years ago


  • Abe J
    Abe J 5 years ago

    That's why i don't think animals experience pain in the same way we do. Otherwise nature wouldn't be the way it is, it's not right.

  • GroenRizla
    GroenRizla 5 years ago

    Is that just not the worst place to begin eating you to death !

  • 14/88 SA/SS
    14/88 SA/SS 5 years ago

    kill all the non-grass eaters!!!!

  • Super Man
    Super Man 5 years ago

    Life itself is a horrible and painful death :|

  • Fausto Orazi
    Fausto Orazi 5 years ago

    Maledetto dio!

  • Fausto Orazi
    Fausto Orazi 5 years ago

    Maledeto dio, se lui è il creatore di questi orrori!

  • Null Pointer
    Null Pointer 5 years ago

    I have no doubt in my mind that it doesn't feel great but it's the natural order of things and if you're in a position where someone can eat your genitals and other parts then it's already over for you. It's not horrible, it's probably relieving to die.