Illegal Air Surveillance, Air Stalking, Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment =US Govt

  • Published on Sep 25, 2010
  • This is what life is like for an individual targeted by a secret US government program. Typical situation the aircraft do low flybys 10 - 20 times a day with engine of aircraft turned up to raise the daily stress level. Repeated daily negative contacts or events have an accumulative psychological effect on the target. These aircraft are also equipped with high-tech radio frequency and microwave radiation weaponry. The goal is to raise the external stress level to such an extent that the individual will be neutralized. The target will become psychologically distressed to the point they are not able to concentrate. This form of psychological warfare has been applied to targeted individuals with microwave weapons and networks of agents created by US intelligence agencies. High-tech weapons such as milliwave radar can see through building materials even steel the human body is largely composed of water so the target lights up turning their homes into fishbowls.This is used today to screen passengers in airports. There is no privacy for the target and no place to hide. Microwave weaponry systems like the Active Denial System are used in tandem to deliver physical attacks designed to stress targets, torture them physically, and turn their homes into places of extreme distress. Hoping to drive the target from their home or workplaces. The methodology is designed to make the target appear crazy and the short term goal is to drive them in a mental institution, prison, or commit suicide. Once entered in a mental institution they are discredited from any explanation that they may give to what is happening to them. The normal m human response from attacks is fight or flight, after running from attacks many times the target may take retaliation against neighbors or coworkers whoever they identify as the source of the torture. Since these attacks are invisible retaliatory violence almost always ends in incarceration. Many individuals targeted by this type of torture commit suicide within the first six months of an concerted attack. In order to perfect any new weapon it must always be tested first on human beings to gauge its effect and to perfect the lethality. The military doctrine paper MIND WAR written by NSA general Michael Aquino explored using the more suttle patented forms of electromagnetic weapons on large scale populations to subdue them psychologically without them being aware of being manipulated. The more suttle patents used to manipulate emotion and behavior in the unaware subject are held by Monroe Malek and the PSI TECH corporation. The people who are being tortured with these electromagnetic weapons are also being used as human test subjects in a more suttle form of General Aquinos Mind War. Any new pharmaceutical drug is first tested on 100 people then 1000 and if effective the drug is given to millions. The current program is using the exact methodology. The manipulation of thought and emotion is the third leg of the triad of torture that targeted individuals are being subjected to. Dr. Igor Smirnoff demonstrated this weapon when broadcasting in the electromagnetic spectrum the command to "bring cake" in his hometown and when guest arrived to his home several days later many of them bought cake. When the guest where informed of the experiment using electromagnetic broadcast and the positive response to his stimulus his guest refused to believe that they had been unknowing manipulated against their will, instead the made excused like they were planning to bring the cake before the silent prompt, or the cake had been sitting around for a week. Dr Smirnoff sold his patent to the PSI TECH corp and he is now deceased from a sudden heart attack. General Aquino is now on the PSI TECH board. These weapons are also tested in other countries to learn how to use the weapon to affect a different culture.

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    tell me about it they go and fly every fucking day collecting data.

  • caprice gibson
    caprice gibson 3 years ago

    everyday lapd and military choppers drop directed energy and the dew burns like hell

  • Jack Sprack
    Jack Sprack 4 years ago

    FOIA Action, Elkins v FAA, 1:14-cv-00476, 1:14-cv-001791, US District Court, District of Columbia / Long term illegal Surveillance / National Security / Exemption 7(A), 7(E)

    NAPPY HEAD ROOTS 4 years ago

    Good vids bro

  • Ward Confessor
    Ward Confessor 4 years ago

    This started happening to me after I visited a website supposedly run by Madonna. I made a few jokes about her and someone on the website told me that I would be watched because of what I said. I thought they were joking, and then a couple of days later, aircraft started appearing over my house and began staying all day. It sometimes sounds like they are dog fighting. It sounds like an airport over my house now. The closest airport near my home is 35 miles away. I live in a rural area. It's not normal to hear aircraft noise in my area. Whenever I go to work, they are there. If I got to the store, they are there! If I tell people about it, they call me crazy and tell me to take some Ritalin.

    • Gerardo Valdez
      Gerardo Valdez 2 years ago +1

      Wow... Imagine all this money wasting doing this crap of harassment.. And no one confront any candidate during campaign. How many planes they got for God sakes

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago +1

      yes they are.

    • Gerardo Valdez
      Gerardo Valdez 2 years ago

      are they still doing it to you these days?

  • OS Chennai
    OS Chennai 4 years ago

    Organized Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Hacking of Cell phones, Computers, proceeds to, all the typical Gang stalking tactics and Electronic harassment.
    Google: OS Informers, and Dr John hall satellite surveillance videos.

  • Victory Reigns
    Victory Reigns 8 years ago +1

    PUNKS! Typical COWARDLY actions. Thanks for your great video. It supports EVERYTHING I've said and I have NUMEROUS still photos of the same kind of activity on my Picasa Gallery that I video recorded. I'll attach it since I can't seem to post the URL here (and I have that on video).

    • Gerardo Valdez
      Gerardo Valdez 2 years ago

      yes are alone In Seattle it is happening too.... These satanics parasites will pay sooner or later

  • momeesan
    momeesan 8 years ago

    This is definitely air stalking by the Gov't/military, I have the EXACT same type of videos on my channel depicting this atrocity . Good job capturing them!