ONE Hour Choreography Challenge


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  • Labrina Riles
    Labrina Riles 4 days ago

    I'm trying to get into choreographing, but I always feel so stuck. Could you do in depth video of how to make up choreography and get over dancers block?

  • SimmyG
    SimmyG 5 days ago

    YOU'RE AWESOME.....AND YOU CAN DANCE....could I just be you for like a day😍

  • Hanna Wiler
    Hanna Wiler 8 days ago


  • Ellie
    Ellie 12 days ago

    i use the same foundation! ❤️

  • Victoria Castreje
    Victoria Castreje 15 days ago

    This was dope!! you're musicality is our of this world!!!

  • People Blogs
    People Blogs 20 days ago

    Megan Batoon V.S Tessa Brooks

  • Olivia Simmons
    Olivia Simmons 23 days ago

    Wooo dang love the dance and makeup

  • Kshitij Kj
    Kshitij Kj 23 days ago

    For some reason i watched the whole video

  • skylar thomas
    skylar thomas 27 days ago

    You are the best dancer ever!

  • awesome cute kid
    awesome cute kid 29 days ago

    Fyfxcjhbbqfhfgbfbfjfufbf fbdksidng c. Nvjfbf fndjkabdbff. F v like if you don't understand...

  • Panda Panda
    Panda Panda Month ago

    she deserves so many more subs probably like 17,000,000

  • Lewis Bridger
    Lewis Bridger Month ago

    Fake love cover maybe?

  • imsojey
    imsojey Month ago

    No counting on this. Love that boom boom ha

  • James L
    James L Month ago

    Your dance moves are pure eye joy.

  • JA Cruz
    JA Cruz Month ago

    tickticktick.... what's the song title tho?

  • Clabe_YT
    Clabe_YT Month ago


  • Random Much
    Random Much Month ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Sumayyah Kareem
    Sumayyah Kareem Month ago


  • Stephanie Cordero
    Stephanie Cordero Month ago

    This is legit goals! Well done miss batoon! 👏👏👏😊♥️

  • Spirited Away
    Spirited Away Month ago

    This make up tutorial, be like...



  • Marcela Cevallos
    Marcela Cevallos Month ago

    Happy Birthday Megan 🎂

  • jenn jayemcee
    jenn jayemcee Month ago

    THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! you guys are so talented:)

  • Itzell Aguazul
    Itzell Aguazul Month ago

    wooow that is so amazing how you can come up with that in just one hour 🔥🔥🔥your so talented 😀You are my favorite 💓

  • Olivia Viegra
    Olivia Viegra Month ago

    man you crushed it. it take me so long to choreograph stuff

  • Isabel Monteiro
    Isabel Monteiro Month ago

    I wanna learn to dance now!!

  • Kostas Eleftheriadis


  • Vlorchaga
    Vlorchaga Month ago

    She is the best dancer I know.

  • Mary Imhogiemhe
    Mary Imhogiemhe Month ago


  • Misha Ms
    Misha Ms Month ago

    You don't need makeup! You are so beautiful!

  • Jean Gagiano
    Jean Gagiano Month ago

    Song please??🙏

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Month ago

    tickticktick :0)

  • Cupcake Kitten
    Cupcake Kitten Month ago

    “Ya girl likes cake but not on her face” same girl, same.

  • Mochi Jimin
    Mochi Jimin 2 months ago +1

    U should learn BTS dances!!! ❤❤
    Ur SOOO gooodd

  • Louie Nasam
    Louie Nasam 2 months ago

    Hi guys can you check my dance video?

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones 2 months ago


  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 2 months ago

    "OkUrRrrR" 😂❤️

  • Riva Quenery
    Riva Quenery 2 months ago


  • Listha Shrestha
    Listha Shrestha 2 months ago

    Please do more of these!!

  • Mel Bee
    Mel Bee 2 months ago

    Seriously you don't need make-up... I guess nobody does really... Its just fun to put on😊

  • Marki's moo
    Marki's moo 2 months ago

    Loved the video, you're an amazing dancer/choreographer . tickticktick

    MUsTAcHE_ MAHAM 2 months ago +1

    Just by hearing Megan Batoon's voice and watching her youtube videos puts a smile on my face 😀😀

  • Tommy Vamboi
    Tommy Vamboi 2 months ago

    That was Good!

  • David Sim
    David Sim 2 months ago

    Can i know what song is this? Its damn nice!

    BUNNYHUNTER 09 2 months ago

    Dancing was awesome!!!

  • aimie Des
    aimie Des 2 months ago

    Is it vegan tho?

  • Danica Montealegre
    Danica Montealegre 2 months ago

    MAAAAN THIS IS SO GOOD!!! the makeup and the choreo uggghh

  • Antonin
    Antonin 2 months ago

    yay dancing

  • Just Skyler
    Just Skyler 2 months ago

    I can’t even make up a dance in 6 hours.... HOW?!?!

  • Ra Ra
    Ra Ra 2 months ago

    That's really great advertising. 😍

  • Pickled Beats
    Pickled Beats 2 months ago


  • Jhnsn S
    Jhnsn S 2 months ago

    Team edge brought me here

  • Marina Lacanilao
    Marina Lacanilao 2 months ago

    tickticktick 💘😜

  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson 2 months ago

    Awh I’ve missed Amanda!

  • Ella Musics
    Ella Musics 2 months ago

    If you replie to this comment I will be so happy please and btw so good at dancing i came here from shanes channel💓💓!

  • Lauren Chi
    Lauren Chi 2 months ago

    tickticktick :)

  • Shinshoeman
    Shinshoeman 2 months ago

    wow... meanwhile it takes me one hour just to learn how to do the gangnam style dance thingy ;(

  • Manshi Raj
    Manshi Raj 2 months ago

    Well.... I used to take 2hrs or maybe a day.... u r really fast!

  • Sara Ojut
    Sara Ojut 2 months ago

    This is the best sponsored video ever. Someone giver her more sponsorships.

  • Marissa Monge
    Marissa Monge 2 months ago

    YOUR SKIN 😩❤️

  • Kyleigh Ledbetter
    Kyleigh Ledbetter 2 months ago

    If I could have the ability to even dance like that, i wouldn’t be watching this video rn. I’d be too busy dancing

  • Natalie S.
    Natalie S. 2 months ago

    I can spot Montserrat from a mile away. Like this if you understand.

  • Ellie Rosenthal
    Ellie Rosenthal 2 months ago


  • Chi Chau
    Chi Chau 2 months ago

    I enjoyed watching this video, and you have such a great smile!

  • Zhané wildberryjimin
    Zhané wildberryjimin 2 months ago


  • Jay Es
    Jay Es 2 months ago

    Megan can you please do an updated hair tutorial? Your waves are so effortless and gorgeous

  • John Baruel
    John Baruel 2 months ago

    So talented! What's the music? hehe

  • hay lee
    hay lee 2 months ago

    megan, this is completely unrelated but i need book suggestionsssss and you’re great at all kinds of suggestions so HELP A SISTER OUT (please) ❤️🌸

  • AgoniX44
    AgoniX44 2 months ago

    Are you still friend with krnfx ?

  • Lesmo88
    Lesmo88 2 months ago

    80Fitz & Megan could make one dope collab on an hour beat & choreography challenge. "Welcome to the beat dance baby".

  • Alysha Garcia
    Alysha Garcia 2 months ago

    Totally dopeeeeeeeeee, beyond total. If it is possible 😘😍😘😘

  • Bianca Burgess
    Bianca Burgess 2 months ago

    Love the Wes Anderson inspired makeup scene 😏💕

  • Dennis De Guzman
    Dennis De Guzman 2 months ago

    😍 That was dope!

  • Gina Belaro
    Gina Belaro 2 months ago
    🎥 NEVER HAVE I EVER | JFred x Megan Batoon - TVclip
    React to it

  • Evelyn Ortega
    Evelyn Ortega 2 months ago

    Yooo that was sick!

  • Faith Yu
    Faith Yu 2 months ago

    Megan batoon = my happy pill 💕

  • Jan D
    Jan D 2 months ago

    Megan = 😍💘

  • keith allen relucio
    keith allen relucio 2 months ago

    I love you megan,you're so awesome,my girl idol when it comes to dancing😍😍💘💘💘

  • N Haz
    N Haz 2 months ago

    Nice nice nice!!!

  • Emilia Stephens
    Emilia Stephens 2 months ago


  • Tivinia Misiloi
    Tivinia Misiloi 2 months ago


  • dominick pena
    dominick pena 2 months ago


  • mc
    mc 2 months ago

    Song ?

  • Franchesca Arcilla
    Franchesca Arcilla 2 months ago

    Damn, Megan. I'm proud of you. You did it. Love you! And the editing is sooooooo lit. Love ya.

  • Cloie Goo
    Cloie Goo 2 months ago

    Omg I lovvvveeee you megan youre the best!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • yna limos
    yna limos 2 months ago

    Ohh firrrrreeeee🔥🔥🔥

  • Jozzy Vazquez
    Jozzy Vazquez 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVED THIS DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH lemme get it as a ringtone doe haha jk. If only my phone could hologram you whenever I get a call haha

  • JhanzPlays
    JhanzPlays 2 months ago

    Awwwwwwwww 😍 You always nailed it! 😍😍😍 Filipinos will always be proud of you 😊

  • Evelina Röymo
    Evelina Röymo 2 months ago

    DO u dancing afro

  • Michelle Dulana
    Michelle Dulana 2 months ago

    Of course you'd lay out your makeup like that..

  • Avsolutely
    Avsolutely 2 months ago

    I smell 1M subs soon 😎😎😎

  • MoveOn2
    MoveOn2 2 months ago

    Im a huge fan

  • Abby Ignacio
    Abby Ignacio 2 months ago


  • Abby Ignacio
    Abby Ignacio 2 months ago


  • ninetieskiddo
    ninetieskiddo 2 months ago

    why is there no wow emoji here? goosebumps!!!

  • psyche eee
    psyche eee 2 months ago

    a DOPE choreo made in just 1 friggin hr. it is legendary u are a legend megan *phew

  • CB Prodigy
    CB Prodigy 2 months ago

    I actually love you

  • 이Armie
    이Armie 2 months ago

    "Now I'm gonna put make up on"

  • Yza White
    Yza White 2 months ago

    IDK why but I read the title as Oreo Dance Challenge and when you said that Revlon was the sponsor, I was so confused.
    Eitherway, the choreo was amazing! Really enjoyed this video.

  • Air23
    Air23 2 months ago

    Yay amanda is back!

  • Nina Owens
    Nina Owens 2 months ago

    whats the name of the song plssss