ONE Hour Choreography Challenge | MeganBatoon


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  • This is me Darsh
    This is me Darsh 3 days ago

    this was such a great video!!! def loved it! inspire!

  • Isabella John
    Isabella John 3 days ago

    This video was so fun wow you’re so talented. When I read the title, I thought you had to dance for an hour lol

  • Luisa Winter
    Luisa Winter Month ago

    The song itself was fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lan Poeschl
    Lan Poeschl Month ago

    I LOVE the choreography!!!!

  • Chiara Correa
    Chiara Correa 2 months ago


  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 2 months ago +1

    Damn baby

  • Sylvia Bellie
    Sylvia Bellie 2 months ago

    When you just make up a dance, how do you remember it?

  • Allie Kay
    Allie Kay 2 months ago

    im. living. for. this. routine.

  • LilAlex Wolfie
    LilAlex Wolfie 2 months ago

    This is my second video I watched btw I love your channel even though I'm new. Keep making videos your amazing

  • Bressia Borja
    Bressia Borja 3 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song she choreographed too

  • Autumn & Eaddie Sanchez

    I keep forgetting how good of a dancer you are

  • Radcat Playz
    Radcat Playz 3 months ago

    It’s my thirddddddddddd vidiooooooo

  • illusive poopacabra
    illusive poopacabra 3 months ago

    Your skin is absolutely gorgeous and so are u💘

  • em anne06
    em anne06 3 months ago


  • Kshithi Dilip
    Kshithi Dilip 3 months ago

    Dropping 5:00 for replay purposes.

  • joseline castaneda
    joseline castaneda 3 months ago

    Sorry to ask but what happened with Adrew

  • Lisa gonzalez
    Lisa gonzalez 3 months ago

    what song is this?

  • i suck
    i suck 4 months ago

    Ur too stiff and not tht flexible and ur not in sync with the music at ..all..

  • Swetha Yalamanchili
    Swetha Yalamanchili 4 months ago

    @3:29 me when I get home from school XD

  • [ xxx ]
    [ xxx ] 4 months ago

    Your hair looks so cute in this vid

  • xX YourDaddy UnknownName Xx

    Sometimes timing is a LITTLE LITTLE bit off,but overall ITS A M A Z I N G

  • Charli Hogan
    Charli Hogan 4 months ago

    The Secret language of Megan
    Tik tik ba boom huffed ha tok

  • Farzana Ismail
    Farzana Ismail 4 months ago

    I've watched this 1390i4091 times and i still dont understand how she managed to choreograph this masterpiece in just one hour. damn.

  • thehappy orange
    thehappy orange 4 months ago

    You are so close to 1 milionnnnn!!!💙💙

  • Danielle Jeffrey
    Danielle Jeffrey 4 months ago

    I love how she says okurrrr very wrong at the end of video haha can you not Roll your tongue? No shade, it's hard, if not, impossible for some people to do.

  • Emme Vu
    Emme Vu 4 months ago

    Please do this at a workshop cluttered with people, body heat, and no fans omg. Now thats death

  • TheLorax ‘
    TheLorax ‘ 4 months ago

    Boom tik tik boom ahh bom ka

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 4 months ago


  • Natalie Valenzuela
    Natalie Valenzuela 4 months ago

    Shes not that great of a dancer if she was up against Jade, there be no comparison. Jade would show her who is hella better!

  • sparklelovesugar2017
    sparklelovesugar2017 4 months ago

    My favorite part about her teaching: “an tah an tah an tah!”

  • Nicole1 Koushyar
    Nicole1 Koushyar 4 months ago

    when are u gunna be on dancing with the stars?? XD

  • Krissys Garden
    Krissys Garden 4 months ago

    So close to one mill!!!!!!

  • SHylaNd
    SHylaNd 4 months ago

    her skin is so good, that I thought she was already wearing makeup :O

  • Eva Gion
    Eva Gion 4 months ago

    I like it when Megan is teaching someone how to dance and she is making weird noices

  • Denyse Alvarez
    Denyse Alvarez 5 months ago

    That was so awesome.

  • Essentially Lau
    Essentially Lau 5 months ago

    Wow I just found you and you're amazing! I loved the moves!

  • Dreadful Dragon
    Dreadful Dragon 5 months ago

    I dance and I was horrible at first I do dance classes and now I see this and I’m just thinking wow this is a lot better than me

  • Meg Bannana
    Meg Bannana 5 months ago

    I loveeee the noises you make to explain the dances hahaha 💜💜

  • Bella Bells
    Bella Bells 5 months ago

    Megan's "bold look" is every beauty guru's EXTRA CASUAL look.

  • Thats So Shentai
    Thats So Shentai 5 months ago

    I love hearing the sounds while teaching the dance 😂

  • idk kk
    idk kk 5 months ago

    I love the sound effects she does when she dances with the girls and teaches them

  • Eleanor Dance
    Eleanor Dance 5 months ago

    What’s the name of the song that she danced to?

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little 5 months ago +7

    Tick tick tick da da da boom boom mhm uhu ya la ja tick tok tok tok ha ha ha dada done. Is my language

  • LiveInAwe xx
    LiveInAwe xx 5 months ago +4

    You're so pretty without makeup.

  • Cxx Cassidy
    Cxx Cassidy 5 months ago +2

    What song is that lol

  • Savannahled
    Savannahled 6 months ago

    I wanna see a side by side of her and Octavia from the 100

  • Blessing Motol
    Blessing Motol 6 months ago

    Tickticktick 🤣

  • Abby Lewis
    Abby Lewis 6 months ago

    Omg I love the little noises she makes they’re soooo cute haha ♥️♥️

  • Orly C
    Orly C 6 months ago

    You are sooo talented girl, love that the makeup stayed on you. I would love to take a dance class of yours, this mom of 3 can still work it. 😂

  • Ashia Upshaw
    Ashia Upshaw 6 months ago

    I love the sounds Megan makes when she's trying to figure out the moves to the dance

  • Chloe Ching
    Chloe Ching 6 months ago +1

    tickticktick i wanna know this song

  • Danyel Billy
    Danyel Billy 6 months ago

    Megan batoon Corey scherer Colab?

  • Jessica May
    Jessica May 6 months ago

    Love your personality 💜
    Ps- thats my favorite drug store foundation.

  • Awesome Sky
    Awesome Sky 6 months ago

    Ya got a new subscriber
    Love ya

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody 6 months ago

    When i first say you i thought you already had makeup on, like really you look beautiful.
    You’re also incredibly talented and blessed with an infinite amount of energy.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Pauliny Dayvid
    Pauliny Dayvid 6 months ago

    B girl you nailed it.
    Wish i was ur back up dancer too but iam way too far from u.
    Luv the choreography

  • Nathalia Jiménez
    Nathalia Jiménez 6 months ago

    I loved seeing the creative process!

  • Noelle Chan
    Noelle Chan 6 months ago

    it's trippy asf going from amanda's wf content to megan's content

  • Aftynn :3
    Aftynn :3 6 months ago

    I love how when she’s explaining each move with each count, instead of counting “ 12345678” she saying “ tick tick tick bomb”😂😂♥️♥️

  • Jerica Rager
    Jerica Rager 6 months ago

    Okay I love you.

  • michelle l
    michelle l 6 months ago

    Omg your skin is so nice 👍🏼

  • kyrah frank
    kyrah frank 6 months ago

    These editing skills on point

  • Manaia Hall
    Manaia Hall 6 months ago


  • Tara G
    Tara G 6 months ago

    So close to 1 million!! Great job! 👍🏻

  • wavyy wdw
    wavyy wdw 6 months ago

    Can Megan PLEASE be my dance teacher?!

  • wavyy wdw
    wavyy wdw 6 months ago

    You are the cutest person ever,omg

  • Olina Pete
    Olina Pete 6 months ago +2

    What style of dance is that?

  • Amber Whittaker
    Amber Whittaker 6 months ago

    We love a multitalented queen

  • OhGodNo
    OhGodNo 6 months ago

    Revlon isn’t cruelty free

  • Vanesa Murrieta
    Vanesa Murrieta 6 months ago

    If she can do that in less than an hour imagine what she can do if she gave herself more time with that piece!

  • It's Camilla Taylor
    It's Camilla Taylor 6 months ago

    Damn your skin is so good you didn’t even need foundation

  • athena bates
    athena bates 6 months ago

    I am so shoooook! So talented and love the filming/ editing xo

  • Labrina Riles
    Labrina Riles 6 months ago

    I'm trying to get into choreographing, but I always feel so stuck. Could you do in depth video of how to make up choreography and get over dancers block?

  • SimmyG
    SimmyG 6 months ago

    YOU'RE AWESOME.....AND YOU CAN DANCE....could I just be you for like a day😍

  • Hanna Wiler
    Hanna Wiler 6 months ago


  • Ellie
    Ellie 6 months ago

    i use the same foundation! ❤️

  • Victoria Castreje
    Victoria Castreje 6 months ago

    This was dope!! you're musicality is our of this world!!!

  • Gracie Scollon
    Gracie Scollon 6 months ago

    Megan Batoon V.S Tessa Brooks

  • Olivia Simmons
    Olivia Simmons 7 months ago

    Wooo dang love the dance and makeup

  • Kshitij Kj
    Kshitij Kj 7 months ago

    For some reason i watched the whole video

  • skylar thomas
    skylar thomas 7 months ago

    You are the best dancer ever!

  • Comfy puffy
    Comfy puffy 7 months ago

    Fyfxcjhbbqfhfgbfbfjfufbf fbdksidng c. Nvjfbf fndjkabdbff. F v like if you don't understand...

  • Panda Panda
    Panda Panda 7 months ago

    she deserves so many more subs probably like 17,000,000

  • just your average SAO lover

    Fake love cover maybe?

  • imsojey
    imsojey 7 months ago

    No counting on this. Love that boom boom ha

  • James L
    James L 7 months ago

    Your dance moves are pure eye joy.

  • JA Cruz
    JA Cruz 7 months ago

    tickticktick.... what's the song title tho?

  • Clabe_YT
    Clabe_YT 7 months ago


  • Random Much
    Random Much 7 months ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Sumayyah Kareem
    Sumayyah Kareem 7 months ago


  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 7 months ago

    This is legit goals! Well done miss batoon! 👏👏👏😊♥️

  • Spirited Away
    Spirited Away 7 months ago

    This make up tutorial, be like...



  • Marcela Cevallos
    Marcela Cevallos 8 months ago

    Happy Birthday Megan 🎂

  • jenn jayemcee
    jenn jayemcee 8 months ago

    THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! you guys are so talented:)

  • Itzell Aguazul
    Itzell Aguazul 8 months ago

    wooow that is so amazing how you can come up with that in just one hour 🔥🔥🔥your so talented 😀You are my favorite 💓

  • Olivia Viegra
    Olivia Viegra 8 months ago

    man you crushed it. it take me so long to choreograph stuff

  • Isabel Monteiro
    Isabel Monteiro 8 months ago

    I wanna learn to dance now!!

  • Kostas Eleftheriadis
    Kostas Eleftheriadis 8 months ago


  • Vlorchaga
    Vlorchaga 8 months ago

    She is the best dancer I know.

  • Mary Imhogiemhe
    Mary Imhogiemhe 8 months ago