A Salty Beginning (Draw My Life Part 1)

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    The audio was too quiet on the other version so I had to reupload it sorry!!
    Draw my life Part 1 is mainly backstory on how I was treated growing up. The whole point of this series is to go into my old psyche and show how i got out of my suicidal tendencies. Part 2 coming soon!
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  • shgurr
    shgurr  6 months ago +3512

    IM SORRY! I moved and got side tracked for a month.
    I was actually scared to read the comments of this video
    but you guys are all so nice!
    There is a happy ending it's coming real soon.
    There's a few parts left and they will all be out before vidcon! :3

    • Moreleq 2007
      Moreleq 2007 6 days ago

      @xXMysticWyvernXx dont be a smart guy >:(

    • Moreleq 2007
      Moreleq 2007 6 days ago

      @xXMysticWyvernXx do u know what is friend maybe no

    • Moreleq 2007
      Moreleq 2007 6 days ago

      @xXMysticWyvernXx nope i can be friend but not active religy human

    • xXMysticWyvernXx
      xXMysticWyvernXx 7 days ago

      To be fair if that woman said
      Woman:ohh you love sitting alone don't you?
      Me: in a minute Satan is going to pay you a visit but he wants me to have all the fun
      To be fair tho I don't trust anyone now the only people I trust are people who are my friends form primary school after primary school I decided to trust no body my experience with extreme anger was in secondary school I was taking so many slaps but I decided that I've had enough and slapped them back (ps I know what it's like to be lied to, by someone who you liked so I know what it's like to be alone)

    • Moreleq 2007
      Moreleq 2007 8 days ago

      Hey head up dont be sad i can be your the real x 929191019293 friend dont be Too sad just be same person you are

  • Failed Attempt
    Failed Attempt Day ago

    I felt the same way as u the adults normally made it worse even

  • Arya Art
    Arya Art Day ago

    Hello. Привет я очень ❤️ люблю твой канал! (И да я из России.

  • xXMatunafishXx
    xXMatunafishXx Day ago

    Mum: Well, boys will be boys
    Me, a male: 2 things: nOpe, and r/EntitledParents

  • Jazzy Jazmine
    Jazzy Jazmine Day ago

    You have reached me.. ~^~

  • SoggyWafl
    SoggyWafl 2 days ago

    My earliest childhood memory is a toss up between two...idk which was first.
    One was when I was given a My Buddy doll and my older sisters were given Kid Sister dolls. You know, the tall ones that were 2-foot tall? It was before or while I was 4 years old, because that's when we moved to the new house, and this was in the old house. The doll, that's all fine and dandy, but it was also right around the time the Chucky movie "Child's Play" was out. Well, my toddler self decided to sneak out of my room and into the living room where my parents were watching that movie...I'm sure you can see where this is going. From then on, I was TERRORIZED by 'My Buddy', and I had recurring nightmares of him coming to life and chasing me through the house all the way to my parents' bedroom where I would hide between the far wall and the head of their bed. And when I say recurring, I mean like..I can't even count on one hand the number of times it happened. I eventually took a black pin and completely blacked out his eyes, and I would put him under all of my toys that I piled up in the closet. Nice memory, right?
    The other is when my mom decided it was time for me to get rid of my "baba" (pacifier). Mom and my two older sisters all three literally ganged up on me and chased me around the house, out the front door, over the porch, and around the back yard where they cornered me against the fence...I still hate that fence. If that wasn't bad enough, Mom ACTUALLY DROVE my sisters and me to the dumpster to throw it in myself. I wasn't allowed to leave until I had done so.
    So yeah, that's my story of my earliest memory...or memories, I guess. I'm still claiming shenanigans on the baba.

  • Ƈαηɗу_Hєιѕт

    A lot of my firends left me alone beacouse of a new girl. She is so annoying and she thinks that she is da Best,so I have the same problem. :| But I dont care!

  • Corrupt_m0nkey
    Corrupt_m0nkey 2 days ago

    My first memory is a lil faded after years of slowly forgeting it but it's my view from my house in california's window looking out into an evergreen forest which i spent my most cherished hour exploring.

    • Corrupt_m0nkey
      Corrupt_m0nkey 2 days ago

      It's also a reminder of why i should just forget the past, and look forward.

    • Corrupt_m0nkey
      Corrupt_m0nkey 2 days ago

      Also, it's a constant reminder that i should kill the past.

  • MkqO
    MkqO 2 days ago

    I really want to say "Cry me a river" but I'll trust you on this.

  • kylo pain
    kylo pain 3 days ago

    2:31 she looks like me in this scene and I'm a boy

  • Sabrina the awkward art kid

    When i was getting bullied in 1st grade i had it power washed into my head that if someone bullies me it just means they're going through something. So i was kinda just "well if i be extra nice to them they'll see that they don't have to be mean and we can be friends! YAY! FRIENDSHIP!" And when (surprise surprise) that didn't work, i was kinda like "well maybe they think it's funny so if i remind them it's not funny they'll stop.." And when that didn't work either kid me was basically just like "WELL, GUESS THAT'S IT :D i am an abomination and no one is ever going to like me :.)"
    And any friends I did make always ended up bullying me by the end of the year so in 3rd grade i was kinda just closed off that year as far as friendship went

  • tchgs11 zdok
    tchgs11 zdok 5 days ago

    Remember her *my first toxic relationship* vid?
    Apparently she wasn't aware that all of the relationships she had until she was... 16? Were toxic..., that is effed up...

  • Gaming Candy
    Gaming Candy 5 days ago

    1 question why does bacicly every animator has a sad back story and no friends and only one parent or something

  • DangerDennisplayz
    DangerDennisplayz 5 days ago

    My first memory was almost crashing my dads by opening the door while he was driving to say hi to my kindergarten teacher

  • PancakeMantine
    PancakeMantine 6 days ago

    Hey i swallowed a quarter while watching TV :D

  • Fox Fox
    Fox Fox 6 days ago +1

    Omg, same story

  • del mike
    del mike 6 days ago


    GOT EEM 6 days ago

    WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS??? No one deserves this hate!
    also if i were you, i would have threw that spike ball at her, she pretty much deserved it

  • Zeroms
    Zeroms 7 days ago

    Have you ever told your parents about your problems? Why? It seems to me that if in the church people were such scum, then what did they do there? if I had a friend who would tell me that he has such problems as yours ... I would say what to do =), in extreme cases I would beat his offenders =), and yes, friends will not appear from nowhere look for them .
    P.S. I am from Russia and looking at your stories, I think that everyone there is so cruel and weak because there is only a weak who scoffs at others, because a strong one will not do that, he does not need to taunt conceit at the expense of another, I their friends and mine too, and I clearly see the line between me and these jackals.

  • Pokè Player
    Pokè Player 7 days ago

    I had a principal bully me over his bias :/
    "Adults aren't any better than kids"

    Now that's a (le claps)

  • kawai lemon
    kawai lemon 7 days ago

    I just realized I went to the store and bit in to it oh no

  • Maria Popa
    Maria Popa 7 days ago

    that thing about smiling actually happened to me.
    and the weird think was that the guy that said that to me smiled all day and i am still a classmate and he smiles even when he gets bad grades

  • Salma Elridi
    Salma Elridi 8 days ago

    I can be ur friend

  • Moreleq 2007
    Moreleq 2007 8 days ago

    Who thinks she's not cool is the worst person on YT who think she's cool drop like under her vid

  • Moreleq 2007
    Moreleq 2007 8 days ago

    I can be ur real friend and some people are dont understand they're iq is been -838282937 below sea level XD

  • El_panda05 Lara
    El_panda05 Lara 9 days ago +1

    Today is my birthday ❤️❤️

  • Крис няфка
    Крис няфка 9 days ago

    Я смотрю анимацые

  • Cowflight The Warrior Cat :3

    My first memory as a kid which i still am is me being overweight wnhen i was 4 :/

  • Broken Cookie
    Broken Cookie 10 days ago +1

    Yeah... I don't belive in love or friendship... soooooo relatable..?

  • Kareena Kloset
    Kareena Kloset 10 days ago +1

    The dark side of you is bacicly me and my horable, just horable life

  • Kareena Kloset
    Kareena Kloset 10 days ago

    Oh thats peer pressure, ive been peer pressureed whin i was 6 or 7

  • Kareena Kloset
    Kareena Kloset 10 days ago

    I wish i had a life

  • Erick Christensen
    Erick Christensen 10 days ago +2

    This hits me hard on a personal level..

  • Aj Miller
    Aj Miller 10 days ago

    AWW look at their cute nuby hands!!!

  • Spam QW
    Spam QW 10 days ago

    Gril, you had no friends!? I have (not here to flex or anything)17!

  • Robert M
    Robert M 11 days ago

    I feel on spike balls

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 11 days ago

    6:15 bra 🥴

  • godzilla :king of the monsters

    There is never to much spongebob

  • Clara Ano
    Clara Ano 11 days ago

    I'm Clara I now how you feel

  • Natalie Alexander
    Natalie Alexander 11 days ago

    Thank you

  • Mary Althea videos
    Mary Althea videos 11 days ago

    I love this video kids have issues, problems, and feelings thank you!

  • Rebecca Robison
    Rebecca Robison 12 days ago +1

    If I were shugrr I would say “then why are going to your own party”

  • LC_AlexisGaming
    LC_AlexisGaming 12 days ago

    she was a boy?!

  • Sloth E B
    Sloth E B 12 days ago

    Every time a teacher talks to me nicely I know it only because they get paid is that weird.........yes :)

  • jaquincy Bryant
    jaquincy Bryant 12 days ago

    i would be you friend shugrr

  • jaquincy Bryant
    jaquincy Bryant 12 days ago

    A little

  • jaquincy Bryant
    jaquincy Bryant 12 days ago

    Dislike the comment to help me

  • jaquincy Bryant
    jaquincy Bryant 12 days ago

    I'm stuck in depression 😑

  • TheLittleRat
    TheLittleRat 12 days ago

    I C A N B E Y O U R F R I E N D .

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 12 days ago

    My first memory was my 4th birthday

  • AWittySenpai
    AWittySenpai 12 days ago

    Kids can be such little demons and adults are so oblivious

  • Yes Dergen
    Yes Dergen 13 days ago

    This reminds me of my childhood in south Florida. 😭

  • StrAngE MissTeries
    StrAngE MissTeries 13 days ago

    lol she looks like lila or something from miraculous and it fits

  • StrAngE MissTeries
    StrAngE MissTeries 13 days ago

    what kinda church is that? thats not- dude whut

  • Supadrian Ernest
    Supadrian Ernest 13 days ago

    forget to mention that i was bullied still today,but watching your videos made me happy

  • Supadrian Ernest
    Supadrian Ernest 13 days ago

    hey shgurr i feel the same when i was a baby i nearly died being choked while my mum gave birth
    and when i started growing my neck will often turn to the ride side and i won't even notice i will be your friend.

  • Tristan Laird
    Tristan Laird 13 days ago

    I'm not saying this in mean a way entenchanolly? (I think that's how?) In a bad way I'm just saying that maybe you should have moved owt of town I would have I new I sounded rude sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Thanks for the help in this series it has help with anxiety and made me feel a lot better about myself thanks so much =-)

  • Beccy Bear
    Beccy Bear 14 days ago

    one of my first memory’s from when i was a child was being at a beach and then nearly being flattened by a wave that at the time looked massive but according to my dad it was tiny

  • Alexa Potato
    Alexa Potato 14 days ago

    3:12 me when I lose my fav stuffy

  • it's nobody Yt
    it's nobody Yt 14 days ago +1

    I struggle with these things. It’s no joke

    • Xx_Creamy Oreo_xX
      Xx_Creamy Oreo_xX 12 days ago

      Well....You have to step up and learn to love yourself UwU (/・ω・(-ω-)
      (And if you don't have any firends I can be your friend!)🍪🍪♥️♥️