Lil Nas X - Panini (ft. DaBaby) [Chowder Video]

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Official Chowder video for "Panini Remix" by Lil Nas X featuring DaBaby.
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    Animated By:
    Emonee Larussa
    Joey Prosser
    Chaz Bottoms
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  • Burned Water
    Burned Water 2 hours ago

    Ok, I feel so late that I just now noticed that this entire song is referencing chowder, and I didn't know the animation was on lil Nas X's channel either 🤦🤣

  • Ginger Nunley
    Ginger Nunley 3 hours ago

    Is it me or is chowder acting weird and being NICE to panini

  • Two wheel ted Z
    Two wheel ted Z 4 hours ago

    Who else like watched this over 100 times

  • Two wheel ted Z
    Two wheel ted Z 4 hours ago

    Well looks like chowder has finally hit puberty but hasn’t had that one kid like he said he would have

  • Box_Kev
    Box_Kev 6 hours ago

    Dammmmm DaBaby went in hard asf!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • LunarNautica
    LunarNautica 11 hours ago


  • Aidid Azman
    Aidid Azman 12 hours ago

    Yall lying schnitzel just saying rada rada smh

  • Squeekarilla
    Squeekarilla 16 hours ago

    People that disliked this video are just jealous that their childhood was made 3x better.

  • roblox nerd
    roblox nerd 20 hours ago

    I heard you wanted to change name soon you can change to Lil rodeo?

  • Cris Rosa Rosa Aparecida
    Cris Rosa Rosa Aparecida 23 hours ago +1

    Escreva cris Rosa no TVclip você vai ver meu canal

  • Roxanne Hernandez

    I like the part where the big dude sings🤠

  • Shataki
    Shataki Day ago


  • Elijah Mahomes
    Elijah Mahomes Day ago

    If you like. This your gonna met dababy

  • Nathan Eyler
    Nathan Eyler Day ago

    Panini king favorite song

  • Balling
    Balling Day ago

    We have the same birthday April ninth 🍰

  • Louie Kipruto
    Louie Kipruto Day ago

    Hot fire da baby spits that

  • Mr wolf_playz101

    The revival of chowder oh yeah

  • young s
    young s Day ago +1

    I ain’t gonna lie it’s lit

  • for laught
    for laught Day ago


  • kalebscruggs22
    kalebscruggs22 Day ago

    good shit

  • Peeps
    Peeps Day ago

    0:50 he is rapping as fast as the high-hats

  • Kaylee Davis
    Kaylee Davis Day ago

    This was on my playlist and I was not aware it was a remix until I had full heart eyes 😻

  • Forrest Gunna
    Forrest Gunna Day ago

    Akim Moment

  • Tyrannomus
    Tyrannomus 2 days ago

    schnitzel rada on his belt:me wait he went through a growspert

  • Tyrannomus
    Tyrannomus 2 days ago

    when juice wrld die my head said the smae thing you did wait wtf

  • Jimmy McManus
    Jimmy McManus 2 days ago

    Schnitzel being Dababy has me dead

  • I Hanabee I
    I Hanabee I 2 days ago +1

    So, I learnt rada rada language for nothing?
    *What a waste of time*

  • Aneshaa 99
    Aneshaa 99 2 days ago

    "Panini (DaBaby Remix)"
    (Daytrip took it to 10)
    Hey Panini
    Don't you be a meanie
    Thought you wanted me to go up
    Why you tryna' keep me teenie? Ah!
    It's a dream, he
    Wished it on a genie
    I got fans finally
    Ain't you wanting them to see me
    I, I thought you want this for my life
    For my life
    Said you wanted to see me thrive
    You lied
    Just say to me
    What you want from me
    Just say to me
    What you want from me
    Baby, let's go, uh
    Okay this song right here, reminds me of my ex
    I be declining all her calls
    And I don't respond to none of her texts
    I be like, "Girl, hush your mouth"
    "You know I ain't got time for nothing but sex"
    "You know I injured my right hand
    "So when I get behind I use my left"
    She watch the Walker Texas Ranger say I remind her of Nas X
    I'm talking Old Town Road, all my hoes down low
    They like girls and I like girls, three at a time, sometimes four
    And if my bag is not all hunnids
    Then there ain't no time that I don't go
    I be like...
    Say to me
    What you want from me
    Just say to me
    What you want from me
    Hey Panini
    Don't you be a meanie
    Thought you wanted me to go up
    Why you tryna' keep me teenie? Ah!
    Now, now they need me
    Number one on streaming
    No, yeah you used to love me so what happened
    What's the meaning?
    I, I thought you want this for my life
    For my life
    Said you wanted to see me thrive
    You lied
    Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand
    I need a big Benz, not another fan
    But I still want you as a fan
    I'ma need a sit down, don't mean to make demands
    But I need you to
    Say to me
    What you want from me
    Just say to me
    What you want from me
    (Daytrip took it to 10) (Hey!)
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  • sie
    sie 2 days ago

    better drop titanic

  • Tony Da silva
    Tony Da silva 2 days ago

    ,man hmmbkh

  • Elemental Lists
    Elemental Lists 2 days ago

    0:49 straight fire!

  • Sandra Griffiths
    Sandra Griffiths 2 days ago +1

    Dababy just to make sure nas x doesn't try anything slick ''They like girls and I like girls 300000 times 4''

  • music melony
    music melony 2 days ago

    lord why

    SHIFTYT 2 days ago

    This gave me aids

  • PowPow
    PowPow 2 days ago +1

    *97% - English
    *3% - Russian*

  • D'Angelo Russell
    D'Angelo Russell 2 days ago +3

    Music Video: *Chowder likes Panini*
    Actual Chowder: "I'm not your boyfriend!"

  • Christian Sullivan
    Christian Sullivan 2 days ago +3

    Anyone still watch chowder in 2019!? I do cuz it the bomb

  • mason trahan
    mason trahan 2 days ago

    CHOWDER'S REAL SKIN/FUR COLOR IS NOT PURPLE IT IS LAVENDER I FOUND IT OUT I COMPARED LAVENDER WITH CHOWDER FACE IT IS A MATCH, just kidding i all i did was go on Microsoft paint and i picked the color of his face it sayed he is LAVENDER

  • Random Sleek
    Random Sleek 2 days ago

    Wait what
    2000 years later: now I understand

    MICROSOFT HQ 2 days ago


  • TheGreatZombie
    TheGreatZombie 2 days ago


  • Hello Story
    Hello Story 3 days ago

    Who else never seen the show

  • crazy jamie
    crazy jamie 3 days ago

    OW!!! MY NOSTALGIA!!!!

  • Lydia Tumedi
    Lydia Tumedi 3 days ago +1

    I really look just like lilnasx

  • ohhthts. amber
    ohhthts. amber 3 days ago

    this show was da best 👏🏾 .

  • Superkobster
    Superkobster 3 days ago

    And the point of this is?

  • Mr. No Probz
    Mr. No Probz 3 days ago

    0:59 Snitzel whipped Cam Coldheart's ass? 🙀

  • Josiah Farrell
    Josiah Farrell 3 days ago

    Schnitzel speaks
    *1980s kids wait that's illegal*

    MAKENZIE MAKELA 3 days ago

    Schitzel is a rock monster who says and only says "rocka rocka"...

  • Alonso Lupercio
    Alonso Lupercio 3 days ago

    Chowder 2019:

  • veho bogi
    veho bogi 3 days ago +3

    Producer: how many memes and animation jokes do u want
    Lil nas x: yes

  • secreatsawce
    secreatsawce 3 days ago

    This is a little too relevant to me damn

  • Anthony Correa
    Anthony Correa 3 days ago

    I’m not your BOYFRIEND!!!!

  • jonny dam
    jonny dam 3 days ago +1

    panini is my favrite
    and he funny

  • jonny dam
    jonny dam 3 days ago +1

    it is inepropet
    he say he like girls so i know thats our childhood

  • A.I .
    A.I . 3 days ago


  • StayedGosling
    StayedGosling 3 days ago +1

    So the people who made chowder and saw schnitzel talk were just like

    “Seems legit”

  • Blitz
    Blitz 3 days ago

    This is true content for the early 2000

  • Gabo Rubio
    Gabo Rubio 3 days ago

    Snichel is the Best of the rap

  • Sally Squirt
    Sally Squirt 4 days ago