• Published on May 11, 2018
  • So primark has makeup and beauty! but boy do they have a lot of dupes...what do you think should we be mad or is it all good!
    I found Urban decay dupes, KKW dupes, Fenty beauty dupes and more!

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  • Patricia Bright
    Patricia Bright  Year ago +1232

    So primark has makeup and beauty! but boy do they have a lot of dupes...what do you think should we be mad or is it all good! I found Urban decay dupes, KKW dupes, Fenty beauty dupes and more! I've linked as many as I could find in the description box 😘

    • tashy kannike
      tashy kannike Month ago

      Patricia Bright personally I think primark make up is better for school and girls my age (im 14) as it looks very natural and makes your skin look smooth compared some other expensive makeup

    • Mirxculous Kpop
      Mirxculous Kpop 4 months ago

      I think you should of tested how they lasted through the day

    • sandra dike
      sandra dike 8 months ago

      Primary is better!!!

      LADY OTTOMAN 9 months ago

      I love primark don't say bad things about it I love them

  • Blue Koala
    Blue Koala Month ago

    Your liiiiips

  • Lorna Neill Cowper
    Lorna Neill Cowper Month ago

    I live in Beautiful Italy I am from London but whenever I come back I find Primark shabby cheap looking and terrible quality not mad about Zara either . I have probably been living abroad for too long love Italian style Max Mara etc

  • mimi elle
    mimi elle Month ago

    Awwww girl you hate the Kar/Jenner so obvious. I’m not a fan either but your playing favoritism..

  • JacieWorld
    JacieWorld Month ago

    This was so funny! Loved it 😂❤️

  • sky moon
    sky moon Month ago

    Oh it's not a bad contour it's kinda invisible 😂😂😂

  • NormanDudette
    NormanDudette Month ago

    Primark won

  • Ellie👑
    Ellie👑 Month ago

    I prefer the primark side tbf

  • Ahk Ant
    Ahk Ant 2 months ago

    Team Primark side looks better and more natural than Team Original

  • Kinnisten Reachney
    Kinnisten Reachney 2 months ago +1

    I agree with u that they duped. But ur comments in comparison are not fair to primak for most of them. Lol i like the primark side.

  • Beeper Online
    Beeper Online 2 months ago

    Tbh I live for Primark’s makeup i use it so much lol

  • Sarah-Jayne Payne
    Sarah-Jayne Payne 2 months ago

    lost me when she saidshe wasnt mad at the yellow tone.. k then jeffree starrrrrrrrrrr.. shhhhhp

  • musicsoulchild1984
    musicsoulchild1984 2 months ago

    You are hilarious, I love, I bet you can have a great laugh with you and drink wine😂

  • Johnny Hilon
    Johnny Hilon 2 months ago

    The Primark foundation really looks great on you

  • Tiffany Raphael
    Tiffany Raphael 2 months ago

    She got some expensive makeup

  • S. L. Cary
    S. L. Cary 2 months ago

    I actually think the Primark looks way better!

  • TheHelenaPatek
    TheHelenaPatek 2 months ago

    I have the glow palette and I looooove it

  • Gladys Makuchete
    Gladys Makuchete 2 months ago

    Im sorry team original?? Team Primark?? Nah sis!!! "Team Primark " side looks better.

  • Official.Jasmine .x
    Official.Jasmine .x 2 months ago

    I actually prefer the LOOK of the primark makeup better!

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 2 months ago

    How can you think your right side is better!!! Primark looks way better on you! It realy does!

  • Natalia Ramirez
    Natalia Ramirez 2 months ago

    Primary is better in my opinion know ik what they have🙌

  • Kbn Kilishi
    Kbn Kilishi 2 months ago

    I like the primark side because it looks natural

  • Victoria Howe
    Victoria Howe 2 months ago +1

    i feel like you went in with such a negative mind and purposely tried to make it look bad because you didn’t wanna give it a chance.

  • redblackwhitestripes
    redblackwhitestripes 3 months ago

    where is your necklace fromm?

  • Emma Claessens
    Emma Claessens 3 months ago

    Have you ever seen belgian rapper Coely? It's like you two could be sisters!!! And great video xxx

  • Rachel Avis
    Rachel Avis 3 months ago

    Honestly I love the primary foundation stick.... it’s clearly a copy of the max factor stick .... it’s better though 😮

  • Jade Adliel
    Jade Adliel 3 months ago

    Primark side is better! The expensive side looks too yellow on your skin :(

  • UKLeonie
    UKLeonie 3 months ago

    How could you not love the Primarni range better, looked 1000% more banging. I understand Brighty needs that coin, but she looked budget worthy.

  • Hdlon Ldn
    Hdlon Ldn 3 months ago


  • La Príncess
    La Príncess 3 months ago +1

    how are people liking the primark side better its so unblended

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light 3 months ago

    Except for the lip and blue shadow... Primark did look good.

  • Karen Blackburn
    Karen Blackburn 3 months ago +1

    Been buying Penney's (Primark in the UK) makeup for decades. Really good quality, lasts well, affordable, superior to more expensive stuff in many cases.
    Certainly never considered them dupes. Never heard of kkw, anything important?

  • MrJosCHEWa
    MrJosCHEWa 3 months ago

    Primark side makes you look natural.... team original not so much

  • Katarina Giselle
    Katarina Giselle 3 months ago

    I liked literally everything in the Primark side better!

  • lavish Style
    lavish Style 3 months ago

    Right side looks more natural

  • Pamilerin Akinpeloye
    Pamilerin Akinpeloye 3 months ago

    Omds all together on the expensive side it’s £219.50😭😭 it’s acc not worth it

  • Nanaw Lopez
    Nanaw Lopez 3 months ago

    Primary looks better on you it gives you such a natural look

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 3 months ago

    Weird you only greet black people 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sadeeyah Abdool
    Sadeeyah Abdool 4 months ago

    You sound Nigerian

  • Datz Lyf
    Datz Lyf 4 months ago

    Primark won hands down am sorry it's all just sits right ❤️😂😂

  • Fanta Diaby
    Fanta Diaby 4 months ago

    The team original would have been better with a foundation matching your skin tone cause the Estée Lauder nutshell is definitely not it

  • Shay Ferreira
    Shay Ferreira 4 months ago +1

    I thought the yellowish look on the Original side was because she was letting it set then to blend etc 😅 but nah it's just YELLOW.

  • Jamie Drama
    Jamie Drama 4 months ago

    I have the kkw dupe... i feel ashamed

  • Iyi Bam
    Iyi Bam 4 months ago

    Link to the glosses???

  • JStarASMR
    JStarASMR 4 months ago

    the primary side looks loads better than the expensive side. youre not supposed to SEE the makeup, love. lol

  • JStarASMR
    JStarASMR 4 months ago

    your sayings be having me crying. "taking the monkey" is so funny to me.

  • Rasha Abdulla
    Rasha Abdulla 4 months ago

    I really love this girl

  • Prettyputa YT
    Prettyputa YT 4 months ago

    Primark are probably duplicating high end brands so that people think it’s similar to the other products but much cheaper. But honestly, Primark tried and i’ll use their makeup anyway!!!

  • Karen Dos santos
    Karen Dos santos 4 months ago

    i came n the exact same day a year after she made this

  • Emily M
    Emily M 4 months ago

    yes benift !!!!!!!

  • Misty The Legend
    Misty The Legend 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ I clicked on this video and you are gorgeous. Instantly subbed.

  • Ewea Oshiogwemoh
    Ewea Oshiogwemoh 4 months ago

    Does she mean penny's or something else

  • Christine Ward
    Christine Ward 4 months ago

    What is that around your eyebrows did u not blend in your foundation

  • Connie Bailey
    Connie Bailey 4 months ago +4

    stop insulting primark and I think the primark side is better

  • Faisa M
    Faisa M 4 months ago

    I love primark

  • Emmanuella Egbukichi
    Emmanuella Egbukichi 4 months ago +3

    The primak side is acc wayyy better , high end makeup is overrated😔😭

  • Sammy Hutson
    Sammy Hutson 4 months ago

    I used that foundation from Primark as it has the natural look, that having a foundation that make you face look lighter than you real complexion.... I like the natural look for make-up and not makeup that look over powering. I think the make up look much better on the Primark side... Maybe it's not for you as you seems to be a label person... And the thought of having a experience makeup make you feel that side look better....🤷

  • Mirxculous Kpop
    Mirxculous Kpop 4 months ago

    Primary is SOOOO much better like bruv but I think you should of tested how they lasted through the day

  • danielle knights
    danielle knights 4 months ago


  • Amishi Gh
    Amishi Gh 4 months ago

    Were just gonna use this wet brick to contour