• Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! In my tutorials, I often tend to skip over a lot of really important information. I feel like you guys are makeup masters, but I always forget that I have so many sisters out there who are still beginners! In today's video, I answer all of the internet's most asked beauty questions... enjoy!
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  • Amiela Thompson
    Amiela Thompson 11 hours ago

    Yass! Thank you! I know nothing about makeup and don’t have a million products but I want to look beautiful as well. This was very helpful! 💕

  • kay.t. net
    kay.t. net 12 hours ago

    I thought u were suppose 2 tap the moisturiser on ur face. Guess i was wrong. follow the QWEEN of makeup sisters😂😂

  • bareLea there
    bareLea there 15 hours ago

    Don’t use a dermatologist recommended moisturizer.. use an ESTHETICIAN recommended moiturizer 😉

  • Tre Bryan
    Tre Bryan 18 hours ago +1

    Just bought your palette 🎨 can’t wait to try it out. You’re an inspiration I love you sister!

  • Madison Byrd
    Madison Byrd 19 hours ago

    This was actually so helpful!!! Thx Sister

  • Nurjahan Mim
    Nurjahan Mim Day ago

    I love you😭😭

  • Amber Price
    Amber Price Day ago +1

    Can you do a more light-to medium coverage tutorial?

  • whitney rodriguez

    My guy friend wants to be like u

  • whitney rodriguez

    Ur so cute girli girl

  • Raquel Cortez
    Raquel Cortez Day ago

    Video starts at 1:30

  • Adelina X
    Adelina X 2 days ago +1

    So helpful! Also, I scrolled through the comments and saw no one saying anything about sister James having lipstick on his teeth 😂

  • Henna Ghafoori
    Henna Ghafoori 2 days ago

    Your are so cute with makeup

  • Rain Zephier
    Rain Zephier 2 days ago

    Hey y'all! I have a question! How do I find my concealer color? How do I find my contour color?

  • Kira Moloney
    Kira Moloney 2 days ago

    Hold on so people who wear glasses and cant wear contacts, what do we do??

  • Vera Gutierrez
    Vera Gutierrez 2 days ago

    I love you

  • Vera Gutierrez
    Vera Gutierrez 2 days ago

    You are so cute

  • xbox gamingtime
    xbox gamingtime 2 days ago

    What if ur makeup store doesnt have testers

  • Lina Napolitano
    Lina Napolitano 2 days ago

    Hi James
    I have to say that your awesome and you answered lots of my questions, but i need to ask you which foundation is best for full coverage of melasma?
    thx keep your good work x

  • Charlotte O'Brien
    Charlotte O'Brien 2 days ago

    This video was SUPER helpful for the future but younger girls may have limited resources for makeup. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think you have done a younger girl makeup tutorial video, I definitely would love to see it on your channel especially done by you. Love you sister 😘

  • Ashlyn Reinoehl
    Ashlyn Reinoehl 2 days ago

    A sephora employee (she was so nice!) helped me find a foundation but when i looked in the mirror when I got home it was way too dark. I have to go back and exchange it but it's a thirty minute drive ;___;

  • Dryzta Ovince
    Dryzta Ovince 2 days ago +1

    I literally love u James don’t change for anyone or anything

  • valhalla 9900
    valhalla 9900 3 days ago

    What brush do you use for contouring your nose?

  • Lindsey Luckett
    Lindsey Luckett 3 days ago

    Yes would love to see more tips and tricks!!!! Loved this video... very informative! ❤️❤️

  • Chica Bean
    Chica Bean 3 days ago

    Can you do a video on someone who has dark circles and show us how to conceal! I’m having such a hard time concealing my dark circles literally BLEED THROUGH EVERYTHING I USE 🙄

  • Sarah T.
    Sarah T. 4 days ago

    question: how far down your neck did you take the foundation, Sister James? Also, unless I missed it, why did you highlight above the eyebrow versus under the brow bone? Lastly, others have contoured the side of their nostrils...are we not suppose to do that?

  • Dena DEE
    Dena DEE 5 days ago

    I think you are perfect I love watching your I learn something new every time I watch any of your videos your sister in make up Dena

  • Deena
    Deena 6 days ago

    Wow! I’ve never watched your channel before. I learned more in this video than a couple years of You Tube! The way you described contour application? Mind blown. Others have prob said it but you explain and illustrate it perfectly!!!! Thank you!

  • Kayla Cellucci
    Kayla Cellucci 6 days ago +1

    Thank you I absolutely love this I cannot wait to put it into my own routine also I think you should do a video on all natural look with less products. Like an everyday look.

  • bookywooky89
    bookywooky89 6 days ago

    Your videos make me so happy and you’re so talented! Maybe try talking slower, I miss out on words sometimes and I want to get every word!

  • CaydenIs Trash
    CaydenIs Trash 6 days ago

    The foundation he used is the best shade match he’s ever had

  • no flex zone
    no flex zone 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who hates silicone primers? I cant stand the texture lol but these were some good tips

  • Kristine Noffsinger
    Kristine Noffsinger 7 days ago +1

    You are THE best teacher james. You help me to understand it all! Thank you!!!!

  • Kristine Noffsinger
    Kristine Noffsinger 7 days ago +1

    Omgggg, James I'm so glad you did this video. I needed this!!!!! I love you sister!!!!

  • Jennie Zu-rl
    Jennie Zu-rl 7 days ago

    I am literally saving up 45.00 dollars from doing chores so I can buy sister apparel I love you james❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • katelyn locklear
    katelyn locklear 7 days ago +1

    This helped soooo much! Thank you!🙏🏼😍

  • Rebecca Raines
    Rebecca Raines 7 days ago

    So I’m watching this and I’m not sure if I just don’t understand, but are we putting all these products on the top of the check bone,
    Second question, what is the bake powder? And how long is it supposed to bake for?

  • vintage pink princess

    Put the playback speed to 0.75x thank me later ;)

  • Elodie Ogden
    Elodie Ogden 8 days ago

    Anyone else really annoyed at 5:02 when he got the contour on the palette 😬

  • Korky137
    Korky137 9 days ago

    This is going to change my makeup game omg thank you

  • Kyle Abreo
    Kyle Abreo 9 days ago

    The best thanks so much

  • The last OG Chikin
    The last OG Chikin 9 days ago +2

    1. Have the right foundation shade 😂
    Love you tho

  • Scarlett Thornton
    Scarlett Thornton 10 days ago +1

    Do a blindfolded make up challenge like if you agre

  • Veronica Flores
    Veronica Flores 10 days ago

    Will sunscreen lotion moisturize my skin as well??

  • Ramaya Royalty
    Ramaya Royalty 10 days ago

    Did he say what lashes he’s wearing?! Did I miss it 🤔

  • moisauce
    moisauce 10 days ago +2

    how many bottles of spray do you go through a week lmao

  • Kathryn Koch
    Kathryn Koch 10 days ago

    Would love a tutorial on contouring lips only! I want mine looking bigger but only w makeup cuz I’m a broke sister. 😂

  • Kathryn Koch
    Kathryn Koch 10 days ago +1

    Your videos are my favorite! I’ve gone from an 8 to a 12 from your tips/tricks! Thanks for helpin a girl out. 💜 Keep the videos coming and I’ll keep watching n liking.
    Ps- Skindinavia is my FAVE setting spray. I have travel sizes in each purse, then of course my Big Bang in my vanity. Couldn’t live without!

  • bts potato
    bts potato 10 days ago

    TY James!!!!

  • Chantel Peckham
    Chantel Peckham 10 days ago

    WHAT LASHES!?!? These are in all your snaps and I loveee😍 you look so gorgeous

  • Bull Shit
    Bull Shit 10 days ago +1

    First time watching your videos, i am a fan now. Also i love the fan trick😅,yes girl♥️

  • Jessica Gibson
    Jessica Gibson 10 days ago

    James Charles thank you so much for being you and taking your time to make these makeup tutorials you sure are a awesome person and I hope that I can see more and more of your greatness. I love you James Charles!!!

  • moisauce
    moisauce 11 days ago +4

    When ur on mobile and they tell you to click up here

  • Dilara Dusaliyeva
    Dilara Dusaliyeva 11 days ago +18

    I’m watching the video in 1.75x more speed and I understand every word James is saying, I feel powerful.

  • Courtney Burkepile
    Courtney Burkepile 11 days ago

    Yes please Sister do the eyeshadow and eyebrows tutorial 🐸🍀💚

  • Madison xo
    Madison xo 11 days ago +2

    I literally just bought the shape tape concealer In Canadian and it was 35$ that’s crazy I just hope it works good since everyone says it’s the best concealer

  • Vayda
    Vayda 11 days ago

    6:29 a chemical ... problem

  • Dolan Nation
    Dolan Nation 11 days ago +1

    Omg why is this video so relatable

  • Kali Veltre
    Kali Veltre 11 days ago


  • Оли мк
    Оли мк 12 days ago

    Ич не изгледаш како нинџа, ја па и нунчаки. 🇲🇰👀

  • najbolji brugari
    najbolji brugari 12 days ago

    You gey

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones 12 days ago +5

    I literally bought a new foundation last week that doesn't match my skin because I bought it in store I wish I watched this video a week ago :'( thank you for the tip x

  • sara TW
    sara TW 12 days ago

    Lashes and eyebrows tutorial pleeeeeaaaaase

  • Bailey Beck
    Bailey Beck 13 days ago +1

    literally all his context in this video is the same as Jaclyn Hill says in her contour video how hilarious 🤷🏼‍♀️ learned from the best I guess ha tea

  • Juan Carlos Beltran
    Juan Carlos Beltran 13 days ago

    I only got here because of that lady that screams a lot on a camera -.-

  • Krista Woodward
    Krista Woodward 14 days ago

    He's kinda cringy

  • Xx SshadyWolff xX
    Xx SshadyWolff xX 14 days ago +1

    Damnnn u have perfect teeth omg ur so beautiful uhhh

  • rore_ mou
    rore_ mou 14 days ago

    15 m

  • NikoTheSlayer
    NikoTheSlayer 15 days ago

    Okay but i mean what if you have very very limited access to makeup and you only have basic stuff like: Foundation, Concealer, way too many different colors of lipstick, and a small eye shadow pallet with pretty much no nude colors?

  • Hellcat Thornback
    Hellcat Thornback 15 days ago +5

    Silicone based primers add to the plastic pollution of our oceans. Please don't use them.

  • daisy little
    daisy little 15 days ago

    Sister I love you so much, you are awesome!!! Great video

    • daisy little
      daisy little 15 days ago

      And your nose is cute sis! Why you are so concern about it?

  • Rachel Harbaugh
    Rachel Harbaugh 15 days ago +3

    I used to get made fun of for having big lips when I was younger and then they became popular and I'm like woot woot 🙌 lol!

  • Allysia Sarson
    Allysia Sarson 15 days ago

    James your awesome

  • Carina Garcia
    Carina Garcia 15 days ago

    I love you 😍

  • Marine Parsamyan
    Marine Parsamyan 15 days ago

    You speak too much

  • Lorenzo Hernandez is trash

    I wanna start doing makeup but I don’t know what everything is called and what it’s used for could could u make a vid about that or anybody who sees, is a youtuber and knows what everything is supposed to be used for can u make a video

  • Sally Newman
    Sally Newman 16 days ago +8

    How does he talk and spray his face without choking?

  • Nonarchy H
    Nonarchy H 16 days ago

    How much is ur pallet

  • agus raimundez
    agus raimundez 16 days ago

    Pleaseee do that💕💕💕

  • Alicia H
    Alicia H 16 days ago +1

    skip to 11:58 for the best moment of james being extra.

  • itscarobaro!
    itscarobaro! 17 days ago

    sissss do a nose contour tutorial! 😩

  • RoRo
    RoRo 17 days ago

    Dang sis 3 AM?!

  • vany andrea
    vany andrea 17 days ago +1

    Omg i love this video,but in the ending he had a little bit lips stick on his theet:)))

  • Mysterious Sister 1
    Mysterious Sister 1 17 days ago

    I had cc cream a d it said moisturize on it so I just used that

  • Him go Lexi
    Him go Lexi 18 days ago


  • xXShelby 34Xx
    xXShelby 34Xx 18 days ago

    How do I keep mackup on eventhough I used the settings spray and powder

  • Ally Van Heerden
    Ally Van Heerden 18 days ago

    The lipstick on your teeth was so distracting 😭😭😭😂😂 I just couldn’t concentrate anymore after that happened

  • Krista Cates
    Krista Cates 18 days ago

    Please do a skincare video like your face wash routine. Pleaseeeee sister!!! ❤️

  • Jessica Sigafoose
    Jessica Sigafoose 18 days ago

    Why a damp blender? Should a beauty blender always be damp and why?

    • Sally Newman
      Sally Newman 16 days ago +1

      Jessica Sigafoose It’s meant to be used damp. A dry sponge will absorb your liquid or cream makeup, rather than putting it onto your skin. A damp sponge will also help with sheering out makeup or giving a dewy look. The wetter the sponge, the dewier/more sheer the finish will be. Soak the sponge and then squeeze excess water out before you use it.

  • Emilash McCormb
    Emilash McCormb 19 days ago

    You’re young, I’m young. You talk with your eyebrows, I talk with mine. BUT. How do I prevent any wrinkles! I’ve JUST started to notice some and I’m scared, sis. Do some makeup products encourage them more than others?

  • Emilash McCormb
    Emilash McCormb 19 days ago

    Sister, I’m👏learn👏ing👏.

  • Elizabeth Roush
    Elizabeth Roush 19 days ago


  • Rian stone
    Rian stone 19 days ago +1

    james you are beautiful and you give amazing makeup advise thank you so much!!! i love you sister

  • Aisling Hurson
    Aisling Hurson 19 days ago +1

    LiGHt sPrItz
    *Proceeds to drown face in setting spray* 😂💜

  • kim
    kim 19 days ago

    my skin always looks so cracked and dry when i put concealer and foundation on 😩 my skin is oily and and i don’t know why it does that lmao but i should seriously find a good moisturizer

  • Tati Scribbles
    Tati Scribbles 20 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video. I really appreciate you not only explaining everything but also including those with different skin types!

  • Erinn Del Gatto
    Erinn Del Gatto 20 days ago

    How do you do it

  • Alexandria Oppel
    Alexandria Oppel 20 days ago

    Yes more tips and tricks please?!!??!?!

  • Erinn Del Gatto
    Erinn Del Gatto 20 days ago +1

    I need this

  • Frances Green
    Frances Green 20 days ago

    Hi sister James u are such an inspiration to me love you sister

  • abbee L
    abbee L 20 days ago

    What’s a good drugstore mascara and highlighter, eyeshadow, and foundation? By the way love you SISTER❤️

    • Cynthia Davison
      Cynthia Davison 8 days ago

      I love Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise for mascara. Wet n wild megaglo Highlighting powder. Im like is my trouble maker. About to try Loreal truematch. I have dry skin.