Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated. John Oliver explains why many rehab programs should incorporate more evidence-based care and carefully reconsider their doctor-to-horse ratio.
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Comments • 6 783

  • Youssef Assem
    Youssef Assem 2 hours ago

    Rehab is as addictive as drugs you wanna stop and live better you will stop plain and simple

  • J V
    J V 3 hours ago

    Why did Jaden Smith get kicked out of the hotel?

  • joyce russell
    joyce russell 7 hours ago

    My beautiful son died last July 5th. He struggled with addiction for years. Was in both expensive inpatient programs, IOP's, and finally when he lost everything was in a program that the state paid for for 30 days. While I will never believe that 30 days is long enough for an addict to get the real help they need he said he got more from that program then of of the others he had ever been in, the ones where we had to fly him across the country for yoga and massage, etc... He died a month after getting out of his last rehab program but was drug and alcohol free. His heart just gave out. Death certificate read natural causes; cardiomegly. It doesn't make me feel any better, my heart is still shattered, as is his 8 year old daughters

  • Mike Crooks
    Mike Crooks 20 hours ago

    Matt lower would fuck a pair of sunglasses Jon

  • Mike Crooks
    Mike Crooks 21 hour ago

    I never watch this on full screen cuz Jon Oliver's face makes me racist

  • Mike Crooks
    Mike Crooks 21 hour ago

    every1 overdoses cuz they think they have the same tolerance when they leave rehab n needles r unforgiving ppl so if u get out of rehab ease back on that capital H

  • Reid K Hester
    Reid K Hester 2 days ago

    And as context, John relied on scientific research to arrive at the conclusions in this piece.

  • Arlette Niragira
    Arlette Niragira 2 days ago

    don't do drugs kids.

  • Me TU
    Me TU 2 days ago

    Sam Kinison said... "ROCK AGAINST DRUGS"?! ROCK CREATED DRUGS! It is like CHRISTIANS AGAINST CHRIST! Holy shit! IF Sam Kinison, an ex clergyman, who was killed by a drunk driver BACK IN THE 90's, only knew how CHRISTIANS ARE AGAINST CHRIST!

  • Brock Anderson
    Brock Anderson 3 days ago

    Only thing I wish he would've gone in to is how it is Damn near impossible for someone with no insurance to get the help they need. I am watching someone close to me relapse again and again because the best she can get is a medical detox then be told she will be put on a waiting list that can take weeks or more before may be being accepted... At this point I fear for her life.

  • Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper 3 days ago

    _Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs_ by J. Hari.

  • Laura Martens
    Laura Martens 3 days ago

    liability correct job ebvaco compete into sink respect belly coach corruption jeans.

  • Anya Romanov
    Anya Romanov 4 days ago

    And this didn't even scratch the surface of the horors of teen rehab or rtcs

  • Anthony Cumia
    Anthony Cumia 4 days ago

    Money spoils everything.

  • Judy A
    Judy A 4 days ago

    Man's inhumanity to man. Horrific. Thank you for getting this information out there. Wondering why the Feds didn't highlight this for consumers.

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 4 days ago

    Glad I live in a country with free health care including free rehab.

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 4 days ago

    Why do I have to use a VPN to watch your videos now?

  • Robert413 Hernandez
    Robert413 Hernandez 4 days ago

    I need to go to rehab. can't stop smoking drinking and doing drugs

  • Erica
    Erica 5 days ago


  • Rick Berger
    Rick Berger 5 days ago

    Spot on. 30 years sober and have worked in the industry. There really isn't much of a difference between non-profit and for profit clinics. In the end, try trustworthy places like Hazelden-Betty Ford...

  • RyviusRan
    RyviusRan 5 days ago

    drinking a fiver of Vodka as I watch this. Easiest way to drop alcoholism is to keep yourself pre-occupied. I can go months without drinking if I am too busy spending my time working and doing other stuff while being in a positive mood. The moment I go on vacation I am drinking more than a human should ever drink in a week. Screw rehab.

  • WidarsHall
    WidarsHall 5 days ago

    This is just an unsurprising result of for-profit healthcare. One of the many.

  • liqua madiq
    liqua madiq 5 days ago

    Fuck Florida!

  • Ehren Loudermilk
    Ehren Loudermilk 5 days ago

    Thank you John. I really mean that.

  • Anna
    Anna 5 days ago

    As someone who researches and compiles peer-reviewed studies on the value of animal-assisted therapy, I have to say he is correct. I have seen no empirical evidence for equine-based treatment for addiction, or any animal species for that matter (dogs are the most common animal used in AAT). Animals have been used to help treat mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and even that research is limited at best. While I do believe that it is a viable therapy for other mental illnesses, the published, peer-reviewed research is just not there for addiction treatment. While it could work for some addicts, it is by no means something that works for all people. Especially people who "don't even like (insert animal here)" Just my two cents as someone who studies AAT.

  • Drakomus
    Drakomus 6 days ago +1

    holy crap.. i just went to my eye doctor and when the nurse couldnt find any tape she said 'its more valued then liquid gold' i think she meant to say gold but i guess being a nurse tainted her brain and liquid gold is common place for her to say.. i think this scam stretched farther then just rehab if my eye doctors nurse is saying liquid gold

  • Anabel Camacho
    Anabel Camacho 6 days ago

    John Oliver is government shill = promoter or spokesmen

  • dansw0rkshop
    dansw0rkshop 6 days ago

    Maybe what needs to happen is drug addiction needs to become a moral failing once again. There needs to somehow be a disincentive to do drugs. The rehab industry seems to be fostering the incentive. That's how they get their clients.

  • Gwenn Blei
    Gwenn Blei 6 days ago

    Bravo John

  • Ryan Bond
    Ryan Bond 6 days ago

    It pisses menoff that John Oliver called C-3PO C and not the cannon Threepio. So triggered right now.

  • Ali S
    Ali S 6 days ago

    So John hates birds and horses? What other animal has he shat on?

  • Cruelty Free Beauty
    Cruelty Free Beauty 6 days ago

    My best friend died 3 weeks after leaving a rehab center in South Florida. Sadly a doctor recommend the facility. Do not send your loved ones to any rehabs there!

  • Gabby McDee
    Gabby McDee 7 days ago

    Terrifying and true! I think the other glaring problem that needs to be addressed is how the 12 Step program has infiltrated every nook and cranny of detox and rehab facilities. 12 Step has a terrible success rate and yet it is where the majority of people are the courts, by therapists, family doctors and by well meaning family members. 12 Step/AA has been deemed a religious program by several courts and it is against a patient's constitutional rights to be mandated to a religious program for treatment. Most people do not have a clue that this is true. There are alternatives: SMART, HAMS, Moderation Management, Women For Sobriety, SOS, LifeRing, Rational Recovery. None of these programs are perfect. As John Oliver said, perhaps the best way to get help is to find a certified expert in the field. It is a life and death proposition.

  • Andrew van Baarsen
    Andrew van Baarsen 7 days ago

    I love this show but John's jokes are so exhausting. Stop yelling, we're not laughing.

    IVISMiLESIVI 7 days ago

    What a surprise. Feeding off of insurance of patients and not really caring about the results. They need to make an organization of board certified addiction doctors and psychiatrists that oversee all rehab centers and grades them based on patient turn around. Haven't had a single patient come clean in 3 months? Automatic investigation. Piss poor patient documention/ fraud? Automatic investigation and or possible shutdown procedures. If a patient leaves and relapses a month later thats one thing but you should see some kind of results if your rehab center performs well. Hold these places accountable cause otherwise they'll just keep not giving a shit and collect that insurance money.

  • Celina Binkley
    Celina Binkley 7 days ago

    I love this show and I love that it talks about real issues. But I don’t ever appreciate low-blows about animals. “Why do we even still have horses?” Animals were not placed on this earth to serve us. They have their own right to life. I know it was just a joke, but jokes and “locker-room” talk don’t always just stay as a ‘joke’

  • Paul Lytle
    Paul Lytle 8 days ago

    What problem does john Oliver have with with owls first he puts one in a waffle iron the he has an addict bite

  • Ben Nickson
    Ben Nickson 8 days ago

    “The truth is that every addicted patient receives not as much rehab as he or she needs, but as much as he or she can afford.”
    - Olivier Ameisen, M.D.
    A man that cured himself of his alcoholism.
    His book called “The End of My Addiction” validates this information 100%. It is a hard book to read, but is is the most important book I have ever read.

  • Amirlama Pedroso
    Amirlama Pedroso 8 days ago

    Will he talk about the Swedish election that is comming up kind of soon.

  • Andrea Christian
    Andrea Christian 8 days ago

    My wifi keeps disconnecting, but I hope he mentions how there's even less oversight of "rehabs" that accept high financial "donations" from drug companies, to promote their antidepressants and other drugs. Sadly, National Society's do this, too.

  • Cedric Van Giesen
    Cedric Van Giesen 8 days ago

    Lived both in lake worth and delray and this 100% accurate

  • Katie Shoemaker
    Katie Shoemaker 8 days ago

    Totally agree that these places he highlighted are complete scams. My only issue with this piece is that they omitted actual legitimate medical rehab centers that genuinely help people. They do exist, my brother is proof. A year and one month sober, spent 90 days in rehab, 6 months in sober living, now living on his own and counseling other addicts like him at another rehab. There are legitimate facilities, you just won’t see them advertised on tv. Do your research and don’t get scammed

  • Michael David Raso
    Michael David Raso 9 days ago

    This may be the most depressing episode of this show I've ever seen. It's really hard to keep laughing when people are dying. He does an amazing job of making something funny that would otherwise be to informative and boring for most people to take an interest. It's strange, but I think the laughter may not mask the pain of the situation, but actually drive it home.

  • Johannes Kronenberg
    Johannes Kronenberg 9 days ago

    That close hits so hard

  • dario veneri
    dario veneri 9 days ago

    since you don't need a license of anything, couldn't you just create a fake center sending in the urin of a couple of people regularly to grab all the insurance money?

  • PTRS 41
    PTRS 41 9 days ago +1

    Rehab centers are just insurance milking machines that use you until you either leave/relapse and return, or die, then you’re replaced. It’s like the old coal mine saying “kill a man and he is left to lay, kill a mule and you’re fired” these people should be executed. Also juvenile detention centers are a HUGE scam, they get massive amounts of state revenue and intentionally push back and delay court dates so that they can make more money. People talk about racism and privilege, there are only two types of people in this world, crooks with money and struggling people without money.

    SUBTERRANEAN SAINT 10 days ago

    Daaaamn guy at 3:14 was cold he probably moonlights as a ghostwriter for rappers!
    How does John Oliver's crew find these interviews??

  • MellyT -Gastroparesis Trainer, Patient,Advocate

    Hey John I just want to thank you for brightening my spirits and making us laugh during many difficult years, I'm 33 and have been on life support with a feeding tube and have not eaten or drank anything for 9 years, and me and my husband have watched you since you were on with Jon Stewart you really give us such Joy during difficult times as we are losing our home and I'm not getting any better so we will literally watch you on repeat on TVclip just to laugh, so I just want to thank you because everyone else sucks and you are fucking awesome! My favorite episode is the one about the geckos in space doin their thang, and when the gecko costume came out and was dancing at the end, and how you created your own church, you r just so fucking hilarious! I watch random episodes on youtube just to put me in a good mood every morning, keep it going, we love you and your show we always look forward to new episodes and YT videos, I'm going to copy and paste this on a few videos cuz I want to make sure you get it, Melisa and Lance

  • Kate Barry
    Kate Barry 10 days ago

    Check out Dr. William Miller’s work on Motivational Interviewing. He was interviewed in this video and his work with motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach for substance use disorders. Rehab and evidence-based practices can save lives. Exploiting those suffering from addiction is absolutely disgusting. Glad this is being discussed.

  • Ali Altameemi
    Ali Altameemi 10 days ago

  • TV Show
    TV Show 10 days ago


  • Ashley Molnar
    Ashley Molnar 10 days ago


  • L Sevensins
    L Sevensins 10 days ago

    Florida looks like a whale's penis in map

  • jevicci
    jevicci 10 days ago

    40 grand for 30 days is $1333.33 per day. Who the fuck spends that much money on a hotel?

  • Tevious
    Tevious 11 days ago

    I think that urine test scam has gone beyond just drug addicts now. My mother is in Florida and I just found out that her new doctor (who she just dropped) tried to force her into taking a drug test. She is not a drug addict and only takes a legal prescription from her rheumatologist. After she refused to take it, the doctor started asking her psych eval questions and tried to schedule her to see a psychiatrist. I think it's pretty telling that he was trying to force her into taking weekly drug tests to scam the insurance out of money.

  • elle myers
    elle myers 11 days ago

    While there are definitely flaws I wish it would have discussed companies/facilities that are set up like mine. We have a residential/rehab facility that is a 90 day program then outpatient services (lower level care) to help clients continue to work on maintaining long term sobriety. And I work for a company who takes state insurance. I think this is a great way to help people. Agreeing with needing more than the residential aspect alone.

  • J. Lahtinen
    J. Lahtinen 11 days ago +1

    John Oliver is doing a great public service with these informative, entertaining, and above all, critical looks at things that are happening. This is basically what the skeptical community is about, and what scientific skeptics around the world have been doing for a long time. John Oliver just has a far bigger platform to do it from than pretty much anybody else. And he does it so well too.
    There are many brilliant skeptics doing essentially investigative journalism into many scams, and trying to educate people, to immunize them against scammers, but too often they play to too small crowds, mostly comprised of people who already have a good critical outlook, and at least a decent knowledge base in the basics of critical thinking. John Oliver gets the message out to a lot of people who would likely never find the skeptical communities, or be interested enough to look into what they are about.

  • Anthony Valanos
    Anthony Valanos 11 days ago

    John Oliver, this was a critical yet honest review of some of the worst parts of the recovery industry. So you and your audience have it... Here is a reputable, state licensed, JCAHO accredited treatment center:

  • mayanroses 1
    mayanroses 1 11 days ago

    I was legit in rehab when this aired.

  • gspendlove
    gspendlove 11 days ago

    1. Save urine in jars
    2. Ship to Florida
    3. ??????
    4. Profit!

  • healingv1sion
    healingv1sion 11 days ago

    basically whenever you see a commercial for it on late night creepy tv, it's 105% a deep rooted corruption scam

  • TheFreePantheist
    TheFreePantheist 11 days ago +1

    The hard part about regulating rehab centers is there is no proven standard treatment that is cures addiction. Peting a horse might actually help one person and not another. Everyone is different and reacts differently to treatments. As long as the center doesnt lie about there statistics and the customer is fully aware of what is in the tratment program and willing to pay for it. He should be free to do so. If they are lying about their statistics that is fraud and they can and should be prosecuted/sued out of existance for that with no new laws needed
    The real crooks are the goverment, insurance and pharmaceutical companies cartelizing the healthcare industries not rehab centers

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 11 days ago

    I’ve been through something like this. Pasadena Villa in Orlando, Fl. They are idiots there. They almost led me to suicide. I hope a fire burns down THAT building.

  • Nardo218 x
    Nardo218 x 12 days ago

    Here's the link to find a doctor who specializes in addiction: Call the office and ask if they take your insurance. If they don't, call your insurance and ask for an out of network approval.

  • David Barnes Stuff
    David Barnes Stuff 12 days ago

    As a patient I can say that this is one thing the Veterans Administration is pretty good at.

  • Novaa Rogue
    Novaa Rogue 12 days ago +3

    I am a successful long term Suboxone user who has been clean for many years. Before Suboxone (Buprenorphine) I nearly overdosed three times. One time in particular I was clinically dead for two minutes. Rehab didn't work. The 12 steps didn't work. Nothing was more powerful than the physical dependency and the brain's drive to get opiates. I watched friend after friend die following a similar path. I was financially bankrupt and nearly lost my child forever. Medication assisted treatment saved my life and gave it back to me. Thank you for this.

    • Helping Hand
      Helping Hand 6 days ago

      May universe fulfill all your wishes. Peace and love.

  • Ari W
    Ari W 12 days ago

    Now that the doctors and the health insurance companies can't get rich off creating addicts they just flipped it and now they're getting rich off of bullshit rehab

  • Ben Nickson
    Ben Nickson 12 days ago

    Wow. I just realized how lucky I was to do all the “right” things during my detox and withdrawal from synthetic cannabinoids. I left the enabling environment and stayed with my grandmother. I then saw my psychiatrist who is also a chemist, who put me on the right medication to help me through the withdrawal process. I am still at my grandmother’s house and still on the meds. Nothing about this is easy and I don’t have anyone trying to take advantage of me.

  • Vickie Fowler
    Vickie Fowler 12 days ago

    well said sir

  • Beth Goodwin
    Beth Goodwin 13 days ago

    No John. Methadone is bad. Do a show about methadone.

  • MC Polž
    MC Polž 13 days ago

    the only problem here are you, styupid amerikans. what you give is what got back! shit!

  • Cj Scanlon
    Cj Scanlon 13 days ago

    i have a friend who had a rough life at home when he was 18. so he started drinking a lot and crashed his car. he got court ordered to a rehab where he was prescribed Xanax and ambian for anxiety and sleep disorders. now hes on heroine and i cant help but think its because a bunch of so called doctors gave an 18 year old kid Xanax to treat his addiction problem.

  • SuperOtter13
    SuperOtter13 13 days ago

    Thank you sir for covering this issue.

  • Watching Listening
    Watching Listening 13 days ago +1

    If you aren't addicted can you go for the resort aspect? Because I'd like to pet the horses if my insurance is okay with that.

  • Daniel Alveo
    Daniel Alveo 13 days ago

    I see why a lot of people hate LastWeek Tonight. Oliver is dismantling every bit of capitalist propaganda that tells us since the day that we are born, that the US is the greatest nation in the world.
    This is also the reason why a lot of people love this show and wait a whole week for it.

  • Stacey Pierce
    Stacey Pierce 13 days ago

    John fucking nailed it. I've been through this bullshit 3 times. Its all a huge scam. Only thing that works is working a good program.

  • Darlaimerner
    Darlaimerner 13 days ago

    Melinda: I got sick of it, so I quit! And now, life's a beach!
    Melinda 20 years after that: I'm surprised I still have a nose

  • GAPDaTsar
    GAPDaTsar 14 days ago

    13:06 Sounds great to me. XP

  • you can't leave this empty

    John neglected to mention rehab also treats behavioral/process addiction such as gambling addiction and overeating when combined with substance use addiction.

  • Genta
    Genta 14 days ago

    Please do a video on mental health facilities. They are absolute garbage and treat people like criminals. In my area they make adolescents strip out of their clothes when they are suicidal and go to the crisis center for help.

    • bits&pices
      bits&pices 13 days ago

      Genta He did one on the mental health treating system a couple years ago, though it wasn't exactly focused on mental health facilities

    • muuundo tarde
      muuundo tarde 13 days ago

      Genta making people dress naked is part of the process of saving someone from themself, some people are paranoid and carry hidden weapons such as knifes. And do you want a suicidial person to be locked in a room whit a sharp object?

  • What's Kraken?
    What's Kraken? 14 days ago

    rehab was useless when I was recovering from heroin addiction

  • Jeff Morrison
    Jeff Morrison 14 days ago

    One of my favorite episodes yet. Seriously sounds like its to big of an issue to ever be in less then a few decades. Conclusion: parents! Pay more attention to your families, give your children stock in their family and community, make sure they know how to feel good about themselves so they don't become drug addicts.

  • Iver VJ
    Iver VJ 14 days ago

    The rehab centers owners seemed way more fucked in drugs than their patient.

  • M K
    M K 14 days ago

    why would you want to live in a country that exploits people in need to the n-th degree??

  • Floxxoror
    Floxxoror 14 days ago

    When I watch this and some other reports on similar things by oliver or bill maher(,....), I think: It seems like half the US economy is grabbing money by abusing the law system without the smallest creation of value. This can only work in a country rich in resources...which the US is, but not forever.

  • Mr. Wood
    Mr. Wood 14 days ago

    Well, it IS Florida soooo.

  • Kody Estep
    Kody Estep 14 days ago

    Jon oliver, just navigate me through life..

  • Soulvigilante
    Soulvigilante 14 days ago

    Here's the problem with "evidence-based practices": they don't really exist. The bell curve for any demonstrably effective approach to treat addiction is laughably narrow (specifically, 5%). For every addict who successfully establishes and maintains recovery through, say, The 12 Steps, easily 19 fail to see the same benefit. For every legitimate success case utilizing medication-assisted therapy, at least 19 either end up relapsing within a month or end up outright abusing it. Roughly 1 in 20 addicts achieve and maintain abstinence with no intervention. CBT models of "evidence-based practice" such as those implemented in prison systems have an even lower success rate because they are fucking jokes.
    The "normies" out there who assume the "scientific method" is the missing piece of the puzzle fail to acknowledge one critical factor: addicts are the pinnacle of terminal uniqueness. No one-size-fits-all approach is going to work for any sizeable chunk of the addict population.
    Recovery is a lot simpler than we make it out to be. One has to reach a point where, in one's own mind, the cost outweighs the benefit. Keywords: in one's own mind. Invariably, addiction is driven by some type of deeper psychological or physical suffering, often at the subconscious level. Whether it's trauma, unresolved sense of self, resentment, a chemical imbalance or physical pain, so long as it remains inadequately addressed, self-medicating will always trump the toll it takes on the addict. Once one has identified and begun to address these underlying drivers, the rest comes down primarily to reframing expectation. In short, being ok with ok now and then.
    So, what can rehab offer? A supportive environment to identify these costs and benefits with a clearer mind (essential!), opportunities to learn coping strategies the DO WORK if one is willing to allow them to (again: reframing expectation) and the camaraderie that comes from hearing from others' experiences that you are not alone and not as sick as you thought. People who criticize rehab tend to be those who seem to expect the program to do the work for you. Whether you do outpatient through the local human service center or drop six figures at a glorified day spa, you're only going to get out of it what you put into it.
    Signed, an addict with nearly 8 years recovery...

  • Tom Gilligan
    Tom Gilligan 14 days ago

    Re-habs of any type are only useful IF accompanied by a treatment plan.
    IF you or someone you know is currently struggling with any opioid addiction, I strongly encourage you to look up doctors that can prescribe the medication Suboxone.
    Getting on a treatment plan such as that, along with a rehab for time away, equals a much higher chance of success.
    For those that claim you are only substituting one drug for another, take it from me, it works. And along with my own, medication like Suboxone has saved countless lives. (DO NOT SEEK METHADONE, IT IS NOT THE SAME)

  • Alex Wittrock
    Alex Wittrock 15 days ago

    I subscribed to you so can you please subscribe back

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 15 days ago

    Only people seeking RELIEF from our national and religious INSANITY seek DRUGS. Quitting is hard because we remain inside these evil nations and evil religions.

    • Thomas Panto
      Thomas Panto 15 days ago

      Discovering that you were SCREWED by the ''Rehab'' people adds to the reason you take drugs and don't care if you die.

  • Bender The Fourth
    Bender The Fourth 15 days ago

    Liquid gold that's why Trump loves it!

  • StuffedAnimalAdvisor
    StuffedAnimalAdvisor 15 days ago

    That patient hunting....I fear the hospital's do the same would explain why they delay procedures as each day is a separate charge.

  • steamnamebbderinvade 1246

    So these Centers Treat Alcohol and Drugs but not for sweets, what the Actual Fuck? It has to be the government prodding them to incentivize this industry/obvious lobby is obvious, along with hospitals and pharmacies not wanting to treat the root cause and trying to divert attention to what it could be on purpose instead, making you feel comfortable and deceiving the major information gap that exists and isn't feasible to close on this vicious cycle.

  • Tracy akes
    Tracy akes 15 days ago

    The topics are really important but the jokes are so frightening, almost bordering on surreal aggressiveness. It's not good for the mind.

  • Felix Bauer
    Felix Bauer 15 days ago

    ....Saying as a European you love live in the U.S is like naming the new Alien Covenant movie your all time favourite to watch with your friends & family...

  • Muse Tutor
    Muse Tutor 15 days ago

    Rob Reiner and his son did a great docu comedy on this very subject!

  • Kristi CH
    Kristi CH 15 days ago +2

    Spot on. When my daughter became addicted, we sent her to multiple rehabs and spent a lot of money. All the rehab centers insisted that they were "scientifically based."
    This was in the Midwest. She would always relapse. She told us that every facility she went to would give her a Bible and tell her that Jesus would cure her (she was an atheist). At first, we thought she was just making excuses....then we heard the same thing from many other former "patients" of the same facilities.
    My daughter is dead.
    I'm glad that John Oliver has brought this to attention. It's very, very serious. People are making MONEY off of suffering...and people are dying as a result.

  • Zorb
    Zorb 15 days ago

    John you were in one of pewdiepie's videos: Despacito 2 confirmed by markiplier

  • Catalina Gearbox
    Catalina Gearbox 15 days ago

    oh please, everyone knows that 3cpo is gay, he's just in denial