Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated. John Oliver explains why many rehab programs should incorporate more evidence-based care and carefully reconsider their doctor-to-horse ratio.
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Comments • 6 924

  • littlesometin
    littlesometin 5 hours ago

    and then Americans will talk about libertarianism and government regulation and how big gov sucks, jeez...

  • Henry Johnson
    Henry Johnson 7 hours ago

    thank you John

  • futurewarriorhero123
    futurewarriorhero123 8 hours ago

    This really hit's home because my sister suffered from pain medication. We had the brilliant idea of sending her to a rehab facility in Florida. My Dad was the only one who didn't agree with the idea. When we called her about a week later, she was on the streets because she got kicked out for a heroin addiction she picked up in the place that was supposed to help her :'(

  • Anthony Olmo
    Anthony Olmo 9 hours ago

    Oliver is gonna needs to hire private contractors to protect him after attacking Big Pharma and Insurance

  • B Smalls
    B Smalls 13 hours ago

    Sportstalkjoe has been found! If you know, you know.

  • Arvan Chaudhury
    Arvan Chaudhury 13 hours ago

    Well rehab is better than nothing.

  • aleah marie
    aleah marie 21 hour ago

    I was addicted to coke for years. Fucked my whole life up willingly. For some people its a mental disability but for others its a choice. I got sober in less than a month because I got pregnant and havent thought about using sense.

  • Silas Richardson

    I am at Rod and alcohol counselor. I agree with you it is very difficult to find a good treatment center. I have worked with some treatment centers that do not give all the information they need to be giving for the client to stay clean and sober like the sober tools.

  • MGang TV
    MGang TV Day ago

    it's only a matter of time before this movement is the next best thing

  • PierzStyx
    PierzStyx 4 days ago

    The problem isn't a lack of licensing. Just the opposite. The problem is licensing in the first place. The whole thing creates a dependency on someone or something else to do the thinking for you. Further, naming 5 agencies and saying they're bad in no way indicates if the entire system is flawed. One should suspect that out of thousands, at least five would fail. You get that with licensed companies too. The question is if licensing would create a higher success rate. I don't see any evidence of that. Further there seems to be an unusual expectation of what rehab should do. Rehab doesn't cure. It gives people a clean place to start. Someone who isn't interested in staying clean though won't.

  • George, Just George
    George, Just George 4 days ago

    I can't take a guy seriously when his shirt is too small for his muscles and he calls people "bro."

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 5 days ago

    I was in a car accident and couldn't work so had to apply for state food stamps. The office also run by the state did drug addicts. The motherfuckers get free accupuncture on the states dime. It's a boondoggle, the government profits form importing drugs, they set up clinics and hire their friends and the taxpayers pay the bill. They get paid twice per crackhead they sign up. Then give them a taxpayer paid Obama phone. 3 times they get paid. Sorry I need math rehab.

  • Robert McGarry
    Robert McGarry 5 days ago

    Phony pill mill clinics, and lets be honest most other clinics in Florida, get their receptionists hooked on pills then the Florida shuffle.

  • Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial

    Small problem...
    Someone with a drug or alcohol addiction probably doesn't have insurance... Any americans know how that works?

  • PringlesKing William

    Answer for Johns question: More government regulations.

  • Malik Yussuf
    Malik Yussuf 7 days ago

    Go to Somalian rehab 100% effective

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 7 days ago

    Is ANY industry in the U.S. accountable for backing up its claims? I don't know how many times I've seen entire business practices hinge on lying egregiously and having no repercussions from this show alone.
    It's like the entire population only cares about what it sees on the surface. It's like that cardboard grocery store in The Interview, except it works long-term.

  • Michael Saint
    Michael Saint 7 days ago


  • Yu Michael
    Yu Michael 8 days ago


  • Aawone X
    Aawone X 8 days ago

    John oliver 2020

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 9 days ago

    So, piss is a good business to get into!

  • Nermin Huseinbasic
    Nermin Huseinbasic 9 days ago

    Here in Bosnia we have suboxone,buprenorphine,methadone And 5 rehab centers!

  • Donna Pittala
    Donna Pittala 9 days ago

    Thank You john Oliver .... Obviously you really care about real recovery . I invite you to come visit a place called Alina Lodge in Blairstown NJ . We have been around since 1957. We are not fancy , no horses , no swimming pool. We actually have real numbers that support success , just one catch , you actually have to devote the time and the work to your own recovery. Really John Please come visit us . 1 800 575- 6343 .

  • Thomas.E. Jensen
    Thomas.E. Jensen 9 days ago

    It's fucking ironic, that the smartest and most compassionate human being in USA is a Brit. :-D

  • Clyde Wheatley
    Clyde Wheatley 11 days ago

    Anyone fighting addiction and working a program knows that as soon as you think you have it you don't call someone and anyone that lives in or around Phoenix Arizona and looking for a rehab I recommend The Patina Wellness Center it was a wonderful place with a lot of resources when you get out

  • Samantha Owens
    Samantha Owens 11 days ago

    𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙣𝙣 𝙞𝙣 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 5 𝘿𝙖𝙮𝙨 | 𝙃𝙤𝙬 𝘿𝙤𝙚𝙨 𝙇𝙖𝙬 𝙤𝙛 𝘼𝙩𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙣𝙣 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙠? >>

  • DumDumExpress
    DumDumExpress 13 days ago

    I live in Florida and have experienced it's mental health systems and facilities... to say it was laughable would be flattering it.

  • M Montoya
    M Montoya 15 days ago Thanks for sharing. Here is a music video creating awareness for drug overdose.

  • Grace Sophia
    Grace Sophia 16 days ago

    rehabs and mental health facilities are NOT scams, i’ve been to both and i learned a lot of things being there. its up to YOU to use the things that you learned and use the coping skills. its up to you. if you’re not ready to get better, rehab isn’t gonna “cure you”.

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker 18 days ago

    there has only been one rehab center that could claim 80% and it was a non-profit run one that actually keeps up with their clients throughout their life.

  • pranav singhal
    pranav singhal 19 days ago

    Man this was a great episode

  • Crystal talks about the truth

    I myself am heading to cliffside n as being an addict for 12 years n I have called many rehab places n none of the places I have called actually cared as much as cliffside n if it is money I really don't care how much money it's going to cost as long as I get better n can have a normal life again I don't care n I am fighting for my job right now n still took the chance to stop n change my life n use all the money I have until my job gets fixed or I find a new one n yes I'm going to do this n get me back so I don't think u r a 100% on your information for cliffside cause they r amazing so far n I'm scared as hell to go through this but they have stayed in contact with me everyday n make sure that I'm okay n I'm not going to kill myself or overdose. I haven't done anything yet but I have gone through a cold turkey withdrawal pregnant about 6 years ago for a week n I should have kept going but I was lost n cliffside made it clear that I would not be going through the stuff I went through cause as an addict if u ever go cold turkey u know how hard it is n how much u just want to have it over with or just have your life end even know u would never do it so u have a choice find pills or get help n I tired for years n never had the money or insurance n now I do so now I'm doing it n I don't care what everyone says about cliffside they r going to help me change my life n they were the only ones who cared so I'm sorry but I'm on their side n when I get home I will have my life back n I will have a great story to tell on how amazing cliffside Malibu is n how this guy is totally wrong.

  • rxnvaz18
    rxnvaz18 21 day ago

    Even 12-step programs are highly flawed and usually revolve around religious garbage.

  • Cary Turner
    Cary Turner 21 day ago

    The problem with this analysis of the drug/rehab issue is that John fails to note that the reason rehabs have so much discretion is because there aren’t many successful types of treatment that we know of. Everybody’s sort of just scratching their heads and trying to figure out why none of these addicts can stay sober, so it’s hard to put guidelines on what constitutes “treatment.” The only sort of treatment that has historically had any sort of success rate is 12-step based treatment, which John failed to even mention. My guess is probably because most lefties don’t want to admit that the most successful type of addiction treatment is based heavily on spirituality and God.
    I also gotta say that his spiel about “addiction specialist doctors” is fucking lame and he really should’ve spent more time picking them apart, as their “treatment” for addicts is to simply put them on more drugs-not to mention the fact that many people become addicts as a result of over-prescription by doctors in the first place.
    As a former addict who’s been clean for four years, and has seen many people get sober (and many die), I’m a bit let down by this one, John.

  • Callie S
    Callie S 22 days ago

    The real question is can I fake an addiction to get a month of massage and horseback riding in cliff side on the insurance company's dime. Whose scamming now?

  • melted dali
    melted dali 22 days ago

    Lies and slander. I’m so disappointed in you John Oliver. Everyone knows that C-3PO doesn’t sleep with women ever since he came out as gay and has since been living his truth

  • Mary N
    Mary N 23 days ago

    I like D&B🤣

  • Malinda Smith
    Malinda Smith 24 days ago

    If you're battening an opiate addiction or dependency research Kratom. It saved me from 14 years of using opiates for chronic pain.

  • JK JK
    JK JK 24 days ago

    first thing to do to treat addiction is find a therapist or counselor who is certified in that area. Docs wwho are cetified for addiction are great but like john said, there arent a lot of them out there.
    These are the people who usually have the best idea of which "rehab" places are legit.

  • Bernd Eggers
    Bernd Eggers 24 days ago

    *SUPER video! If U’re watching this U’ll like this one too, check it out: > **** It’s a great manifestationnnnn tool utilizing vibrations, subconscious reprogramming, headphones, quantum physics and Law of Attraction. This program just CONNECTS THE DOTS. Anyway its a great video presentation…....*

  • MadLemon
    MadLemon 25 days ago

    Psilocybin is very helpful fighting addiction and depression. There should be an episode about it being fucking schedule 1 like cannabis.

  • The Insane Nihilist
    The Insane Nihilist 25 days ago

    This is shit I have been saying for a while it's the same with mental health facility's

  • Bahama Mama
    Bahama Mama 28 days ago

    Also a great place to “hide” if in legal trouble, jail time & celebs for excuses as to why they did a certain thing

  • ellaAngel smith
    ellaAngel smith 28 days ago


  • mousek801 Mousek801
    mousek801 Mousek801 29 days ago

    I know this is a serious topic, but Drug Czar is a pretty cool title.

  • offisk dahl
    offisk dahl 29 days ago

    Cliff side is a sham looking to maximize profits with useless activities like horse or jacuzzi treatment. Consumer beware! Do not let your desperation distort your common and be lured by there sheisters.

  • offisk dahl
    offisk dahl 29 days ago

    Cliff side Malibu... No, life is not a beach and the real work starts when you come home and work with day treatment. Most anyone can clean up for 30 days. That is when one needs to build a support network on the outside like a sponsor. When, you live with your family then other another option is needed like a half way house which is south of 2,000 US dollars a month. You decide.

  • The Eradicator
    The Eradicator 29 days ago

    Newsflash: North Florida is a shithole too.😂

    • Derek Wolford
      Derek Wolford 15 days ago

      The Eradicator when it comes to treatment it is now sadly.

  • Gentle Breadcat, Esquire

    I am a recovering addict and I can tell you this is very accurate, the reason they have no data is because "clients" are supposed to do monthly follow ups after leaving but we usually don't do that so they have literally no data to back up those claims. You have to do your research and talk to people to find out what these facilities are really like, do they medicate you and help make you a bit more comfortable as you come off whatever you are coming off off, or do they offer bullshit like spas etc. Do they have medical doctors with MDs on site, do they have psychologists with medical degrees on site, do the nurses do more than just make sure you don't die but actually take care of you etc.

  • Christopher Beer
    Christopher Beer Month ago

    RIP guy who hated horses.
    "I don't even like horses"
    You were the friend I didn't know I had.

  • Erik
    Erik Month ago

    Man am I glad I don’t have an addiction. This industry seems is a cesspool of horse shit

  • The Bashful Turtle
    The Bashful Turtle Month ago +1

    I don't care if you roast Florida... Just know no one retires and moves upstate

  • Twiceip
    Twiceip Month ago

    You are soo fucked over there. :D Ever thought that a good state could prevent all of this? Just get some regulations in. But for all of the US i can say, every second another sucker is born.

  • Zoe Busch
    Zoe Busch Month ago

    Balance civilian summit gifted fate correct than generally personally radical carrier.

  • Michele Perron, PhD

    Like addiction physicians don't take kickbacks either right. Go local. Do the work.

  • Jacob Prim
    Jacob Prim Month ago

    10 people go in, they have an orgy until the dependence is gone, and at the end four people get pregnant, depending on who you ask 14 people come out!

  • Adjuni
    Adjuni Month ago

    Belinda looks like she hasn't even used asprin, let alone actual drugs.

  • db
    db Month ago . There, made it easy for you to find treatment in South Florida. 954-505-5550. Tell them John Oliver's pet goat sent you.

  • Rob Heywood
    Rob Heywood Month ago

    Right on John!!! I have been through the ringer with a loved one trying to find quality help. The rehab idiom is itself one that needs to be defined more objectively, and it is not easy even for experienced care givers.

  • Alice Huxley
    Alice Huxley Month ago

    The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteedddd to fail is not taking risk. >

  • Charles Bird
    Charles Bird Month ago

    Great segment. I wish he would included what the insurance companies think or are doing about this issue since they’re footing the bill.

  • Ron C
    Ron C Month ago

    John Oliver should go to sex rehab. This weirdo paid $80,000 for Russell Crowe’s jock strap. What a homo. I can’t even imagine what he does with it. Sicko.

  • Selena Jaimes
    Selena Jaimes Month ago

    I fucking love this guy

  • impofstpete727
    impofstpete727 Month ago

    I think John was thinking of the Florida Switch. And yes, as a Florida resident, we have some....quirks here.

  • leying
    leying Month ago +1

    So many druggies in America, i think Mexico wants to build the wall now.

  • Jason S
    Jason S Month ago

    If only there was a bigger lie

  • fred ribbon
    fred ribbon Month ago +1

    solution is easy, don't do drugs!

  • Carson Wade
    Carson Wade Month ago

    Rehab did absolutely jack shit for one of my friends. He went in for heroin abuse, and when they tried to send him to another center, he ran away because rehab was HELL for him. He was still on heroin last time I was able to talk to him.

  • Toxic Reverend
    Toxic Reverend Month ago

    How to find help, as recommended in the video:
    Go to the *American Board Of Preventive Medicine
    Click the Box next to "All Specialties" and select "Addiction Medicine"
    Enter your zip code and click search

  • Elton Cena
    Elton Cena Month ago +1

    John Oliver is the best

  • rd0676
    rd0676 Month ago

    This reminds me of that Amy Winehouse song Rehab. Awww now I'm sad and I haven't even started the video yet

  • rd0676
    rd0676 Month ago

    And now lifes a beach!! Nah, life's a bitch.

  • Liam Peeters
    Liam Peeters Month ago

    Month charge down economy surprise slow correct alliance Catholic reception.

  • Brandon Day
    Brandon Day Month ago

    Disliked as soon as he started talking bad about horses.

    SPACE MONKEY1102 Month ago

    Guy at 6:30 will 100% end up dying of an OD one day

  • MGB
    MGB Month ago

    My ex is in the drug rehab business in Florida. Generalizing but it is a very profitable not profit business generally run by alcoholics with connections in Tallahassee. They even leased buildings owned privately by some of the same people handing out the state contracts. Sleazy business run by mostly scumbags. with government connections.

  • Somina
    Somina Month ago

    I discovered your video on Monas Miracle Fix - there's many good videos there that will help you

  • Meklaudd
    Meklaudd Month ago

    There are many factors in christian detox books . One place I found that successfully combines these is the Monas Miracle Fix (google it if you're interested) it's the best resource that I've seen. look at the unbelievable information .

  • Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen

    Wow, it's almost as if unregulated, laissez faire capitalism with no social safeguards or government oversight is a terrible way to run a modern society!

  • Young Primate
    Young Primate Month ago

    So everything is messed up in america

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Month ago

    Pax, sue me if ya want, but you’re a douchebag out to make money from other people’s pain. You’re “not an addict anymore”? Bullshit, you fucking asshole. It’s not the flu. You don’t get ‘cured’, you fucking idiot. You own a business that sells spa treatments... and that’s it. Thinking that you can cure addiction is a lie.

  • Max Curtis
    Max Curtis Month ago

    I was put through 2 different absolutely bullshit rehab programs. 95% of these programs are run by increedibly greedy capitalists who tell your family that you need to continue treatment or you will relapse to blackmail you into continued business. It is so disgusting I still am full of rage at this industry for exploiting my family and I.

  • Aamir Tanoli
    Aamir Tanoli Month ago

    6:02 i can relate to that on spiritual level 😂

  • Noor Mertens
    Noor Mertens Month ago

    recognition tunnel object impose request mechanism either significantly investigator county million high

  • Miitxu Paradise
    Miitxu Paradise Month ago

    He vivido varios años de mi vida en centros de rehabilitación en España, y pensaba que aquí los "tratamientos" eran malos. Lo que tenéis ahí es incluso peor, y es decir DEMASIADO.

  • Gabriel Madrid
    Gabriel Madrid Month ago

    I was and still am addicted I went to rehab it's not a place to be because I was more drugged out at the rehab detox place cause the drugs they gave me the Suboxone and that shit made everything alot worse cause after I had that they gave me thoughs of sucide and I naver had that from doing hard drugs they basically told me that it's not me that needs it's how I am built its biolical that made me addicted I have a chemical inblance that makes me crave drugs it's a horrible thing cause if I stop doing drugs without being watched buy a doctor I could die .it's shity

  • E Nur
    E Nur Month ago

    i live in south fl & my county is #1 in heroin woohoooo

  • Hille T
    Hille T Month ago

    Always a fan of John Oliver, and to the point in most again. I disagree on what he proposes for addiction though. Not everything is fixed by drugs. I recommend this talk

  • Christopher OBrien
    Christopher OBrien Month ago

    If these places have a patient that relapses, they should be forced to pay for the guy’s treatment at a competitor’s clinic plus a fine on top... or just some sort of insensitive to not just have them pet horses and call it a day

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    "... residency programs provide little to no education addressing alcohol and drug addiction."
    That's due to the fact that a lot of physicians do not think alcoholism is a disease. Not long ago I regularly ate lunch with a group of surgeons who casually discussed things like bowel resections over lunch... with choice phrases like... "looks a little like what U R eating..."... they all had great senses of humor... one burn surgeon referred to burn victims as "crispy critters".
    They would ask me: so how is the voodoo drug treatment business and why do I have to be so cautious about my language with clients. I said: well, U guys deal in flesh and blood and bone... I deal with figures of speech. And then I said:
    As if it were a potent talisman... American Society of Addiction Medicine!
    ASAM they chortled that's where all the physicians go when they are close to or have lost their license to practice. Check it out... so I did:

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Equine Therapy: Dr Horse gets to take a dump in the barn during group therapy, bur we patients have to use the toilet.

  • Noah Gruber
    Noah Gruber Month ago

    Center manage brain tfygnqw abuse winner boyfriend photographer spring news couple policy.

  • Germán M.
    Germán M. Month ago

    "he told me it was in his fingers.. AND I FUCKING FLIPPED MAN!" lmaoooo

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh Month ago

    "What size of flesh are you?" OMG I lost it!!! hilarious!

  • Martin Rérolle
    Martin Rérolle Month ago

    US healthcare wins again

  • annonnymus013
    annonnymus013 Month ago

    WAR ON DRUGS IS A PROBLEM! dont be too laim to critisize the system please

  • Griffin Kelly
    Griffin Kelly Month ago

    Anybody else just not find John Oliver funny? I'm a journalist, and I love the research and information this show presents. I'm not knocking that. They do a great job, but the jokes and deliveries are just not good. It kind of reminds me of all the TVcliprs who review videogames, but more than 70 percent of each video is terrible "comedy." Just get to the videogames.
    The ciao joke was good.

  • Curtis Corse
    Curtis Corse Month ago

    Where I live it's not common for people to self-refer to rehab. Most of the time a doctor makes the referral and at least in more rural areas they seem to know the local rehab options and care enough to refer patients to an effective, safe treatment center. Either that or I just lucked out both times I went to rehab. I've been clean for close to fifteen years now and without that first solid step of going to a good rehab facility I don't think I would have been well enough prepared for staying clean in the long term.

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley Month ago

    John Oliver should run for the highest office that doesn't require you to be born in the US.

  • Ali Thehim
    Ali Thehim Month ago +2

    I hope everyone stops doing drugs