How To Make Brioche Bread Better !

  • Published on Sep 4, 2016
  • Fluffy, Buttery and Golden Brioche Bread is easy to make. That Lovely Brioche will feeds you belly, friends and family and make people happy :)
    Ingredients for a BIG BRIOCHE BREAD ( 12 thick slices )
    - 500g Baking Flour (strong flour, refined one)
    - 2 eggs
    - 50g sugar =2 heaped tbsp
    - 8-10g salt = 1 tsp
    - 10g dry yeast (it's often mentioned on packages how many grams there are in em)
    - or 20g fresh yeast
    - 100g butter (again look at the grams on packages)
    - 200g (ml) milk ( small glass )
    - Stand mixer, beat flour eggs, milk and yeast until combined.
    - Add butter, sugar, salt, then mix thoroughly until smooth and elastic.
    - Proof the brioche dough in a covered bowl for 1 - 2 hours, until it did double in size.
    - Push down, divide in three, make sausages.
    - Braid it in a compact way.
    - Place brioche dough in cake tin for the record my cake tin is 30cm or 12in X 13cm or 5in X 8cm or 3in.
    - Proof again until risen but not too much ( 20 min or so )
    - Temperature is key, warm place to proof is much better.
    - Brush with eggwash = 1 egg and 2tbsp milk
    - Bake in preheated oven @200°C or 390°F for about 25min or until golden brown.
    - Cool down and enjoy.
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  • Debbie Lim
    Debbie Lim 3 days ago

    Hi, do you know how much the eggs (without shells) weigh? From where I live, an egg without its shell can weigh between 35g to 55g.

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    Totus Bee 5 days ago

    He is so funny.

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    dark crystal 9 days ago

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    Roderich Heier 11 days ago

    I want to try this recipe but I have a gas oven so what gas mark does it cook on please?

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    Joe Santa Maria 12 days ago

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    OMG Alex YOU. ....are the KING of delicious recipes!!! You are SO fun to watch, interesting and very multitalented...I learn So much from your vids.You inspire me to step outside my comfort zone. .........Merci

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    M Wilson Month ago

    @ 0:53 ... LOL ... on so many cooking videos I see people complaining about the presenter (Usually American) using Imperial units as opposed to Metric. Here I see a French Chef who uses almost exclusively Metric with what is typically considered Imperial Temperatures (Fahrenheit) hand written on the Celcius only dial of his new oven ... Sweet :)

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  • Randolph Crane
    Randolph Crane 2 months ago

    First try: achieved perfect brioche. I used half the ingredients to start with, and although I let the dough proof for almost 2 hours, it didn't come up enough (or so I feared). It also looked quite lost in the tin I thought was too big. In the oven, it came up really well, filled the entire tin. I took it out after 17 minutes, and when I tasted it, it was like Heaven. Really fluffy, not too buttery, not too heavy, not too sweet, not too moist, not too dry. Absolutely perfect. Next time, I will use the normal amount of ingredients. Such an easy way to prepare this delicious bread!

  • Melvyn Jo Meade-Brunas
    Melvyn Jo Meade-Brunas 2 months ago

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    SuperMegawoman 2 months ago

    Thank God he acknowledged the countertop. Because, my brain couldn’t stop thinking of splinters in the bread. Slight panic attack but I’m back. Thanks Alex!!

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    Michael Reynolds 2 months ago

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  • From Somewhere, A Transmission

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  • Kevin Peffley
    Kevin Peffley 3 months ago

    Here’s a good website for understanding different types of flour. Alex shows flour T45 and it should be comparable to American Pastry flour, but he says that he is using Strong Flour, and this is equivalent to American All Purpose Flour, which is T55. The table in the following article gives descriptions and code numbers for various flours, i.e., American, French, Italian, and Norwegian.

    • Kevin Peffley
      Kevin Peffley 3 months ago

      I tried Alex’s Brioche recipe with the T45 or Pastry Flour, and it turned out rather bland, not as fluffy as his. Perhaps this may be due to the fact that I forgot to add salt. A friend advised me that salt helps to slow the development of the yeast, so I proofed for only one hour because it had risen easily to 2x its size. I don’t know if lack of salt caused my bread to be so bland, so I’m going to try this recipe again, but use All Purpose flour. I will check back in to post my results.
      Alex, do you know what type of flour should be used here in America for Brioche? En Amérique?

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    • Gary Appenzeller
      Gary Appenzeller 3 months ago

      I found my mistake. Google changed milligrams to milliliters. When I asked for a conversion of 1 Kg, then it gave me the correct answer.

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  • J W
    J W 4 months ago

    Halved this recipie for my small load tin. Needed more flour for it to come together but it turned out perfect. A magic combo of the flavour and indulgence of croissants with the structure of bread

    RK LMBD 4 months ago

    Tried it. Followed the recipe exactly, dough was perfect at every stage but the brioche was a bit dry and not quite sweet. I did use muscavado sugar instead of white but I think it needs more butter and maybe one more egg.

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    Qqun a une bonne recette simple avec du levain pas de la levure? Ou encore je serais bien preneur d'une simple règle de 3 pour remplacer la levure par du levain qui donne de bons résultats.

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    I tried making this bread. I kneaded the dough in the stand mixer and it raised a lot while it was proofing. But when I put it in the oven it was just flat. It didn't raise nice. Did I over knead in the mixer? What could the problem be?

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      i dont know where you live but in germany it would be a 550 or finer...maybe even 450. Dunno how this translates to other countries types

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    Zwusel 5 months ago

    Hi there, if you really want to master making bread you need to work with very little yeast (about 2g fresh yeast for 500g of flour) and let it rest for 1-3 days in the fridge at about 5°C. That way you will get a very aromatic bread/brioche/whatever ;) Also a tipp if you dont want to knead the dough too much use autolyse. Just mix flour with water according to recipe and let it rest for like 1 hour at room temperature. The dough should change into a spongy consistency. After that you can add the rest of your ingrediences. Hope this helps ;)

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    Meredith Golden 7 months ago

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    Noe Won 8 months ago

    Hey guys is baking flour the equivalent of either BREAD flour or CAKE flour? Unsure...

  • Eden Chang
    Eden Chang 8 months ago

    My family’s recipe is different but still very similar.
    My grandma mix the butter, salt and flour together then mix milk, sugar, yeast, egg yolks together. After the butter and flour looks crumbly, she mix it together. Rest then roll into balls then make a cross. Rest then bake. Then eat on afternoon tea parties

  • shonuffisthemaster
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    • John Stotko
      John Stotko 8 months ago

      Came out good! Woohoo!

    • John Stotko
      John Stotko 8 months ago

      Well. More flour made it less sticky. Hopefully the bread doesn't com out dense.
      Thoughts on why it was so sticky: using general purpose flour, maybe my eggs were larger, milk wasn't as... creamy?

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