Games of Chance - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • Some like pee, others like pie.
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Comments • 3 092

  • ApolloTheBassPlayingWolf

    2:21 Mr. Bubbles!?

  • Ap0ll0 Music
    Ap0ll0 Music 20 hours ago

    Can we get a compilation of Arin opening shit?

  • NovaCam
    NovaCam Day ago

    It is feeled with excitement.

  • Ty Phinisey
    Ty Phinisey 3 days ago

    I love how at 7:04 the sprayer stopped him like in the cartoons when the characters are about to curse

  • Ty Phinisey
    Ty Phinisey 3 days ago

    I love how at 7:04 the sprayer stopped him like in the cartoons when the characters are about to curse

  • Somebody Else
    Somebody Else 4 days ago

    Arin’s facial expressions are some of the best things in the world

    ANT MAN 4 days ago

    5:04 Spin the wheel you BITCH!!!

  • Austin Stowe
    Austin Stowe 5 days ago

    Reduce playback speed to 0.25x at 2:21 to hear Arin sound like a fog horn

  • Reese L.
    Reese L. 5 days ago +1


  • Mathew McCrae
    Mathew McCrae 5 days ago

    the hand was backwards

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 7 days ago

    Their goal should be to play every single toilet and poop game.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 7 days ago

    They need to play that new game where you walk blind folded and try not to step in dog shit.

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 7 days ago

    8:28 Jesus Christ Arin. You slammed it down so fast.

  • MAD Alchemist
    MAD Alchemist 14 days ago

    They both look like girls having their first facial

  • ServerSavedTheWorld
    ServerSavedTheWorld 16 days ago

    Man I love living in the future that you can have a job being over thirty and a goofball. It gives me hope.

  • LivieLooski
    LivieLooski 17 days ago

    To dan, everything is funny

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 18 days ago

    Ahh, Malt Liquor + Teriyaki chicken on sale for $2 + Grumps = shit I have work tomorrow, oh well.
    Yeah, I'm pretty much the coolest dude ever, my dad said so.

  • Nikki Brown
    Nikki Brown 21 day ago


  • Kenzie Wilson
    Kenzie Wilson 22 days ago

    arin looks super cute in this one lol

  • CupCake Kitty
    CupCake Kitty 24 days ago +1

    If anyone watches gmm. Did anyone know the video when game grumps are on gmm show. They play a Mario game wich Dan is wearing and arin had won in the game and arin is wearing a shirt that says. Arin wins

    Why did I reginonized that?

  • Syd Lou Dene
    Syd Lou Dene 24 days ago

    Oh my god I've been trying to figure out who Arin reminded me of and after all this time I finally realised he looks exactly like Jack White. Like facial expressions and all

  • Rockethero
    Rockethero 24 days ago

    I love how as soon as Dan says "One" it's an immediate facefull

  • Crissa Star
    Crissa Star 24 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thinks Arin with his hair up in a ponytail is one of the most beautiful things ever

  • joel keeny
    joel keeny 24 days ago

    who else is binging a bunch of ten minute power hours because your bored??

  • morgan miser
    morgan miser 25 days ago

    2:58 dan knows how sexy his voice and him are. I think he did that on purpose to make the women who watch drool

  • Jay The Blue Gamer
    Jay The Blue Gamer 25 days ago

    I guess this is what you'd call playing Russian Toilet! 😆

    Get it? 'cause roulette...? No... I'll - 😟
    I'll jusgonow. 😔

  • dfp paris
    dfp paris 28 days ago


  • Skeletal Wish
    Skeletal Wish 28 days ago

    Its like Russian Roulette with pee and pie!

  • Bucko
    Bucko 29 days ago

    0:37 who else thot this was a gun for a hot sec?

  • Squid Massacre
    Squid Massacre 29 days ago

    10:15 my fav moment

  • ShelbyCobra 824
    ShelbyCobra 824 Month ago

    8:25 Arin: Santa's not real?
    Dan stares at him as if he's about to fucking kill him

  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi Month ago

    Excuse me, if this is the 10 minute power hour why is the hek is the video 11:16?

  • lemoongrass
    lemoongrass Month ago

    ok but arin looks extra daddy with his hair up

  • DivaDivineGoddess
    DivaDivineGoddess Month ago +1

    In the pie face one where arin gets slowly gets pied literally kill me😂😂😂😂

  • burrito girl
    burrito girl Month ago


  • Kieran.
    Kieran. Month ago

    "Yeah I know you're right but I started arguing the wrong thing and I don't wanna admit I'm wrong." Gets me every time.

  • Colton Harter
    Colton Harter Month ago

    I can feel it cumming in my mouth tonight.........

  • Thatskywalkerkid
    Thatskywalkerkid Month ago

    i could have sworn they had 5 mil subs before?

  • winfaria a
    winfaria a Month ago

    10:14 the smoothest thing you'll ever see

  • Eagan Gorman
    Eagan Gorman Month ago

    What is the counting song they keep singing?

  • Lord Helix
    Lord Helix Month ago

    I thought the whipped cream was glue for five seconds

  • Notice Me senpai
    Notice Me senpai Month ago

    Dan's spirit animal is a broom

  • matisgames13 6-6
    matisgames13 6-6 Month ago

    1:54 i love the sloowmow

  • Different i am
    Different i am Month ago

    Why does Arin make a face that looks like a pissed off Chihuahua?

  • Captain Scruffy
    Captain Scruffy Month ago

    Am I the only one who masturbated to this song at the beginning?

  • Trenell Griffin
    Trenell Griffin Month ago


  • SomeRandomGuyOnTheWeb

    I love how the whipped cream falls off over time along with all the laughter from Dan.

  • lucoa dragon
    lucoa dragon Month ago

    Please unbox more things In slow motion

  • KFC Goku
    KFC Goku Month ago +1

    1:54 Call of dutyy

  • Krystal Java
    Krystal Java Month ago

    I have Toilet Trouble

  • Stella Threadgold
    Stella Threadgold Month ago

    Omg pause at 7:40 then quickly unpause and pause again

  • Stella Threadgold
    Stella Threadgold Month ago

    Oh a three? Fuck me right in the- *autistic screaming*

  • pedro s
    pedro s Month ago

    Teaching kids how to play Russian roulette? Sounds fine to me.

  • CastJupiter4821
    CastJupiter4821 Month ago +1

    They should’ve actually pissed in it then played

  • Isabella Gacha!
    Isabella Gacha! Month ago

    that wasn't a 3, that was a 30

  • Xx Cami Gacha xX
    Xx Cami Gacha xX Month ago

    OMG!! This is super funny

    Arin was ready for the hit on the first round of pie face

  • Borys Barski
    Borys Barski Month ago

    9:16 its like me on PE, slow and shitty

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar Month ago

    10:13 Dan - "One"
    *very slow face splat. lol

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar Month ago +1

    7:07-7:18 I feel so bad but Dan's pouty face is adorable.

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar Month ago

    1:54-2:27 best moments in my life. lol

  • Trixie Hellden
    Trixie Hellden Month ago

    If I’m having a really terrible day I watch this and seeing that hand gently boop their noses with whipped cream cheers me up so much

  • Quackle Le dackle
    Quackle Le dackle Month ago

    Sir we are at your honour we will not attack.

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason Month ago

    I love pie face because I get to eat whipped cream.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James Month ago

    Damn, not only is Arin the thicc boi, he is also the strong boi, and he's lost it

  • friedfrawg
    friedfrawg Month ago


  • myloveformcrwillneverdie

    I’m crying laughing at Arin with the toilet

  • Stormy- Biscuit
    Stormy- Biscuit Month ago

    I love ten hour minute powers

    LISA BELDEN Month ago

    9:18.... why is Danny seizing?

  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen Month ago +1

    *the evolution of life has come far*

  • Evan Uttech
    Evan Uttech Month ago +1

    *_DAN! Stop putting your cream on there, it’s too much_*

    TABBY Month ago +2

    *_Look at the multi racial children enjoying the toilet fun!_*

  • Destin Star
    Destin Star 2 months ago +1

    oh my god 2:04 Dan looks like heath ledger

  • Drtcnf Poop
    Drtcnf Poop 2 months ago +1

    I actually got kinda turned on by aria mixing the froth

  • Drtcnf Poop
    Drtcnf Poop 2 months ago +1

    Holy shit I played the toilet game

  • JP_Ultra
    JP_Ultra 2 months ago

    I'm supposed to be asleep.
    This is not helping.

  • PunkdRebel
    PunkdRebel 2 months ago

    I laughed so much when he sneezed into the "clean tap water".

  • ANNA
    ANNA 2 months ago

    fuged me right in the....7:05

  • ANNA
    ANNA 2 months ago

    1:50 ooF the peel-lyeee 💖

  • sha cla
    sha cla 2 months ago

    10:14 the suspence is KILLING me!

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith 2 months ago

    F e c a l f u n

  • pix ULTRA
    pix ULTRA 2 months ago

    I guess all go and fuck myself

  • peaches
    peaches 2 months ago

    “ I know that you’re right but I started arguing the wrong thing and I don’t want to admit I’m wrong!”

  • Jessi Black
    Jessi Black 2 months ago

    Such a waste of perfect whip cream!

  • sofee !!
    sofee !! 2 months ago


  • Repeat Arts
    Repeat Arts 2 months ago +1

    2:20 there's just something about Arin ripping a box apart and a toilet part fly out in slow motion is so funny

  • Crab Baby
    Crab Baby 2 months ago

    U r the guys from tusk

  • Ka Ben
    Ka Ben 2 months ago


  • Elon Kennedy
    Elon Kennedy 2 months ago

    No spueno.

  • Venica And ginger
    Venica And ginger 2 months ago +1

    Dan's face made me laugh so hard I spit all over the screen

  • Sherbert's World of Schlock

    This wouldn't be the first time the boys drank something from the terlet.

  • Sandra Marotzek
    Sandra Marotzek 2 months ago

    Wtf 2:05

  • Konman16
    Konman16 2 months ago

    Best unboxing Video ever

  • Rebecca Bec
    Rebecca Bec 2 months ago

    Too much CREMM

  • Rich Uncle Pennybags
    Rich Uncle Pennybags 2 months ago +1

    2:19 modern day cows be like

  • Tori Clough
    Tori Clough 2 months ago

    I want to see at least one episode where Arin carefully removes the dinosaurs and scissors before gently placing them on the shelves behind them.

  • 리야엘
    리야엘 2 months ago +1

    why does arin look like he belongs in that pie face game

  • BunnyGuns
    BunnyGuns 2 months ago

    my dick went diamond when arin peeled off that shit in slo-mo 1:54

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 2 months ago

    *sitting here watching them play a game about toilets while taking a crap* Well then. Here ya go TVclip. Now you know something random. Have a nice day in the comments section

  • Percussion Ensemblist
    Percussion Ensemblist 2 months ago

    7:13 the face of defeat

  • Hako Calamity
    Hako Calamity 2 months ago

    Flushin' Poolette