• Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! My family was just in town for a few days and I wanted to film with my beautiful mother, sister Christie Bee!! I decided to get ready using only her makeup bag and had her walk me through her makeup routine which was... interesting to say the least. I hope you guys enjoy this video with my role model and best friend!!!

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • IT’S JUST ATK !!

    You should take her on a makeup shopping spree

  • Jenny Prenter
    Jenny Prenter Hour ago

    At the start I can see Ethan or dolan in the glass

  • Emma Pankaluoto
    Emma Pankaluoto 2 hours ago

    Who's the guy on the back on the into??? 😲

  • Kmetait Taitkme
    Kmetait Taitkme 4 hours ago

    In the beginning who was that on the bed?

  • ii17xz :3
    ii17xz :3 5 hours ago

    Did anyone notice at the stat the guy with the white t-shirt i was like you have a boyfriend 😱

  • gacha food Rocha
    gacha food Rocha 8 hours ago

    Please sister 🙏 please see me like this if you like James

  • Saptashe Saha
    Saptashe Saha 9 hours ago

    His mom looks 28

  • Rosalina Ayon
    Rosalina Ayon 9 hours ago

    I'd like to see the micro blade

  • Rosalina Ayon
    Rosalina Ayon 9 hours ago

    You both are so cute

  • jocelleen marin
    jocelleen marin 9 hours ago

    and subscribe yay my birthday is in augest 25

  • jocelleen marin
    jocelleen marin 9 hours ago

    i watch your morning rotiene

  • Nyla Dinkins
    Nyla Dinkins 11 hours ago

    James: talking to his sisters
    Grayson:(in the background) 0:50 being grumpy about something as you can tell when he fell back
    Im dead😂😂😂

  • Janet Boulianne
    Janet Boulianne 11 hours ago

    Get eye brow done

  • Lola Unicorn
    Lola Unicorn 14 hours ago

    You have alot of $$$$ and makeup too, how difficult is it to get her some high end makeup

  • Føød YouTube
    Føød YouTube 17 hours ago

    You should do more videos with your mum this literally made me smile all the time whilst watching it 🥰😆

  • Harrison 1
    Harrison 1 17 hours ago

    The first timei saw five nights at freddes i jumped in to the fiir

  • Harrison 1
    Harrison 1 17 hours ago

    He looks like joye

  • Kenzie Zuniga
    Kenzie Zuniga 17 hours ago

    Buy your mom alot of makeup pls she deserves it!!!

  • Tarika Balyan
    Tarika Balyan 17 hours ago

    Im ten and have more makeup than ur mom ooof but this was a great vid

  • Holly Rebecca
    Holly Rebecca 19 hours ago

    Now I have the Home Alone theme song in my head.

  • tati robledo
    tati robledo 20 hours ago

    Hola! Podrías hablar un poco más lento? Los que hablamos español intentamos entender lo que dices jajajaja saludos!!!

  • Rochell Oropeza
    Rochell Oropeza 21 hour ago

    Did anybody see Grayson

  • Meike lj
    Meike lj Day ago +1

    Wait... is that Grayson at the back???

  • Air Hart
    Air Hart Day ago +1

    James mom,I think we need a touch up on those eye brows,James,ayaa!

  • queen منار
    queen منار Day ago

    0:33 LOL Grayson!!!!!

  • Svetli Ivanøva
    Svetli Ivanøva Day ago

    In 0:45 look in the back....is dolan twins🤣🤣

  • Sophia & Ella
    Sophia & Ella Day ago +1

    *Imagine asking your son what this makeup think is

  • Makenley Squad Locklear

    Did you see Grayson on the bed

  • AveiIa
    AveiIa Day ago

    the foundation makes him look way better than his own he uses

  • anthony zimmerman

    Where's Kevin KEVINNNNNN

  • Leila Kniffen
    Leila Kniffen Day ago


  • Hailey Perez
    Hailey Perez Day ago

    Did anyone see Grayson in the background in the beginning

  • Shaelynn Gundy
    Shaelynn Gundy Day ago

    I use black liquid eyeliner too!!!!

  • Maddison McKenzie

    0:48 the guy in the window

  • Rae- Lynn Hixon
    Rae- Lynn Hixon Day ago

    0:49 grayson in the back Lmao

  • Michelle Gacha life

    Wow that make up looks soooooooo natural love it looks so good on you love you sister 😍😘

  • Zeina Mohamed
    Zeina Mohamed Day ago

    Do you want to be a girl ?

  • Richard Strzalka

    Sorry if I'm being mean but

  • Richard Strzalka

    Yess please if u do thank god

  • Khadija Jafar
    Khadija Jafar Day ago +1

    Bu necə anadı?

  • Chloe Harrington
    Chloe Harrington 2 days ago

    Ily and ur mom

  • Kyla Hiegel
    Kyla Hiegel 2 days ago +7

    Did anyone else see in the beginning Grayson just falls back like that is mood😂😂😂😂😂

  • glenn olenczuk
    glenn olenczuk 2 days ago

    Why an you pretending to be a girl. Be a cool boy😉

  • gunner gun
    gunner gun 2 days ago

    0:45 who behind you?

  • Cyberxshot3y TTV
    Cyberxshot3y TTV 2 days ago

    The first time the foundation matches on cam

  • EmilylWilliams 13
    EmilylWilliams 13 2 days ago

    Wait doesn’t that look like the mom on home alone or is it just me

  • Jayden Freeman
    Jayden Freeman 2 days ago

    Hi sweetie ❤️😆

  • E
    E 2 days ago

    Did anyone see at the start Grayson Dolan

  • Nerida McIntosh
    Nerida McIntosh 2 days ago

    was that Grayson Dolan in the back I'm a fan of both of use and I have heard that u and Grayson are dating

  • Emily Birch
    Emily Birch 3 days ago +1

    Who saw one of the Dolan twins 01:00

  • azrin Khan
    azrin Khan 3 days ago

    Do a video by doing your mum's makeup narturle eyeshadow full face makeup

  • Xiolin Mcduffie
    Xiolin Mcduffie 3 days ago

    Who came to the comment section to see if anyone notice Grayson

  • Jack Is addictive
    Jack Is addictive 3 days ago

    James made me bisexual

  • haley epps
    haley epps 3 days ago

    At the beginning who saw Grayson Dolan in the back

  • Rainbow Star
    Rainbow Star 3 days ago +1

    You’re mom looks like the movie Kevin that’s home alone

  • cielo runte
    cielo runte 3 days ago +1

    0:33 to 0:51 is that Grayson in the background?

  • Briza Camacho
    Briza Camacho 3 days ago +1

    0:36 daddy in the backround.

  • sherrydbarnes
    sherrydbarnes 3 days ago

    Do not talk to your mom like that and I'm 10

  • ℳ𝒶𝑔𝑔𝒾𝑒 ℒ𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽

    Is *literally no one* gonna talk about how 0:00-1:20 we see *GRAYSON* in the background on the bed

  • Kitty Prouduction
    Kitty Prouduction 3 days ago +2

    LOL did anyone else see grayson in the background of the first portion of the video😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Miri Jeter
    Miri Jeter 3 days ago

    No cause microblading cause infections

  • Madelyn Brown
    Madelyn Brown 3 days ago

    Y was Grayson in ur bed

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 3 days ago +1

    I think he felt MOMified

  • Gabby Gabs
    Gabby Gabs 3 days ago

    Why is Grayson Dolan in the background lol like if u noticed!!

  • Siti Norqalbi Hussin
    Siti Norqalbi Hussin 3 days ago +1

    it's the first time where james foundation fits him perfectly

  • Slime master Friendly ghost

    He's HAS a paper clip
    As a ear rkng

  • Sofi Cruz
    Sofi Cruz 4 days ago

    Do more videos speaking spanish ❤😊

  • Phin
    Phin 4 days ago


  • Cristin Rettig
    Cristin Rettig 4 days ago

    Hey I just watch the heat video you posted about a year ago I don’t want to be that person who is mean but here’s his sister tap your face is a little orange 😍u

  • Yulissa Mauricio
    Yulissa Mauricio 4 days ago

    0:50 mood😂😭