• Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! My family was just in town for a few days and I wanted to film with my beautiful mother, sister Christie Bee!! I decided to get ready using only her makeup bag and had her walk me through her makeup routine which was... interesting to say the least. I hope you guys enjoy this video with my role model and best friend!!!

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • CeceliaXGreen
    CeceliaXGreen 3 hours ago

    Get your eyebrows micro bladed. your both gorgeous

  • CeceliaXGreen
    CeceliaXGreen 3 hours ago

    said in every video. comment what time he says it in this video!

  • expensivecrayon
    expensivecrayon 7 hours ago

    He’s like ‘I know other people can’t afford my makeup rutuine and I’m better than them’
    Seriously... acting so disgusted by the products his mom uses, throwing away her tools
    The word that comes to mind is ‘brat’

  • Murph05 Xxx
    Murph05 Xxx 8 hours ago

    Please pimp your mothers makeup

  • Adyson Duckworth (Student)

    hahahhahah Grayson in the background

  • LoganDiy
    LoganDiy 10 hours ago

    Ur mom is pretty. Also from camera eyebrows look good

  • Hannah Waxler
    Hannah Waxler 11 hours ago +1

    51 minus 14 is 37

  • Dihya Boumraou
    Dihya Boumraou 14 hours ago

    I can’t do my eyebrows and you and your mom are fabulous at doing it

  • Ingrid Borsheim
    Ingrid Borsheim 14 hours ago

    I want to do that with my mom now😱😂

  • kay
    kay 14 hours ago

    Is that a safety pin earring?

  • anouk sprengers
    anouk sprengers 15 hours ago

    0:50 grayson is mood

  • J7 Prime
    J7 Prime 16 hours ago


  • Mel But Not Gibson
    Mel But Not Gibson 16 hours ago

    Teacher: okay this assignment is due next class
    Me: 9:39

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 17 hours ago

    I don't typically watch make up videos, and this is the first time I watched your channel! I really loved this and it made me laugh!! It made my heart so warm!! We love mums

  • xLiianax
    xLiianax 17 hours ago +1


  • Gabi Djordjevic
    Gabi Djordjevic 20 hours ago


  • Seoul 12
    Seoul 12 22 hours ago

    Tu madre es preciosa! 😍✨ Al igual que toda tu familia

  • Don't even try it
    Don't even try it 22 hours ago

    You mom looks like the mother from Home Alone 1 and 2. Like a lot..

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones Day ago

    DATE ME!!

  • Todd and Melissa Henderson

    0:00 - 1:12 grayson dolan is in the background hahahaha what a mood love him

  • Schleich Lover100

    I want you to do thay video

  • Tiffany Staber
    Tiffany Staber Day ago

    Yes you should

  • Sheila Cardenas
    Sheila Cardenas Day ago

    Please do your mom's makeup

  • Adrianna Kaczmarczyk

    Your mom look like a mom in the Kevin alone home 😊

  • Tara Johnson
    Tara Johnson Day ago

    this was sweet:)

  • Amelie Elaina
    Amelie Elaina Day ago

    0:49 Grayson dead

  • AMushroomFromNeptune

    grayson in the background... XD lol

  • Anime Cutie
    Anime Cutie Day ago

    Did anyone just notice Grayson in the beginning🤨🤨🤨

  • T'sTech World
    T'sTech World 2 days ago

    They were in Vegas in emma chamberlain vlog and the mom was the one that was holding the camera in the vlog and she was the one laughing and james was wearing the same clothes in Emma's vlog

  • Ssg Channel
    Ssg Channel 2 days ago

    When you dud your mums makup it looks like you hated it

  • BrittBratt •
    BrittBratt • 2 days ago

    Lmfaoo she gon snap her fingers talkin bout he takin too long😂😂... then she talkin bout on special occasions 😂. She needs to be my mama

  • Lousia WAQAILITI
    Lousia WAQAILITI 2 days ago

    You should buy ur moms makeup stuff.....
    In ur next vid

  • Maria Abdelhady
    Maria Abdelhady 2 days ago

    You weird

  • ØreØ*Aqua Foxy
    ØreØ*Aqua Foxy 2 days ago

    Oml Grayson in the back lmfao

  • Gabrielle Dupuis
    Gabrielle Dupuis 2 days ago

    Do the makeup of your mother with your stoff

  • Alycia Dunwiddie
    Alycia Dunwiddie 2 days ago +1

    Vid starts at 1:20

  • • RƏSTËŁ •
    • RƏSTËŁ • 2 days ago

    The foundation is perfect

  • Jordan Hibbs
    Jordan Hibbs 2 days ago

    Why is Grayson back there on the bed like he's pissed or something

  • shööketh shïstär
    shööketh shïstär 2 days ago +2

    The fact that he filmed the intro while in Las Vegas with Emma and the dolan twins👀

  • sdfdsqsdsq dsqd
    sdfdsqsdsq dsqd 2 days ago

    J'adore tu lui ressembles tellement 😍

  • Yagmur Tosun
    Yagmur Tosun 2 days ago

    You look like your mum😍

  • Alison Cancino
    Alison Cancino 2 days ago

    sister james, you should go get new makeup stuff for your mom cause she need new products.

  • Lisa Clara
    Lisa Clara 2 days ago

    Finally James has 2 powders to choose from😂😂

  • Starlight 1000
    Starlight 1000 2 days ago


  • Fatima Shaikh
    Fatima Shaikh 2 days ago

    Give your mom a new makeup kit

  • Juliette Anderson
    Juliette Anderson 2 days ago

    U should do a vid where u take ur mom shopping for new makeup

  • Ittress Barnette
    Ittress Barnette 2 days ago

    u seem to be getting annoyed with your mum

  • safa khan
    safa khan 2 days ago

    4:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was liget funny

  • A.M M
    A.M M 2 days ago

    Lol 😂 in the intro Grayson tho 😂

  • Kiara D
    Kiara D 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice Grayson in the back round at the beginning. I think he was in a mood.😂😂

  • Oliwia Ziętek
    Oliwia Ziętek 2 days ago +72

    His Mom look exactly like Mom in the movie Kevin Home Alone

    • raerae 4life
      raerae 4life Day ago

      Kevin alone home? Do you mean home alone

    • yo nice skirt
      yo nice skirt Day ago +3


    • annn opr
      annn opr Day ago +7

      Yass i was looking for this comment... I thought it was just me damn

  • Judy Hunsucker
    Judy Hunsucker 3 days ago

    I love your lashes.

  • sofia fuentes
    sofia fuentes 3 days ago

    A Benefit no le gusta esto

  • Jasmin Fields Robinson
    Jasmin Fields Robinson 3 days ago +5

    Hi James!!! Just a suggestion, but I think that you should make a video where your mom follows your makeup routine. Luv ya sister!!!❤

  • Riley madden
    Riley madden 3 days ago +2

    Is it just me or does James mom look like the mom off of home alone

  • Amaya Walker
    Amaya Walker 3 days ago


  • Football Fever
    Football Fever 3 days ago

    Ur mom is so sweet 🤗

  • philip beecham
    philip beecham 3 days ago

    Check out Shay Beecham

  • MelaniaLovesRockAndRoll XD

    SIS your mom started with makeup really late.. I started like at the age of... hm I don’t know... 7

  • Yarizel Cruz
    Yarizel Cruz 3 days ago

    You finally found your color

  • Sadhvi Tyagi
    Sadhvi Tyagi 3 days ago

    Lmao grayson at the back
    2019 anyone??

  • IceQueen Msp
    IceQueen Msp 3 days ago

    why is grayson in the background?!?!?!

  • momzilla1514
    momzilla1514 3 days ago

    I adore this video. ❤

  • SkitsPlays _YT
    SkitsPlays _YT 3 days ago +1

    Me too

  • UnicornSquad
    UnicornSquad 3 days ago

    any one notice grayson in the back and at 0:50 is a mood

  • Koolkid Yeet
    Koolkid Yeet 3 days ago

    I love this video...and I think you’re amazing ❤️

  • karla maye soriano
    karla maye soriano 3 days ago

    ...........,.and gave her branded makeup because I think you have many money because u have many subscribers

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago +3

    james charles' mom: kris tv

    *remembers kris tv in the Philippines*

  • Carlos Desantiago
    Carlos Desantiago 4 days ago

    James eyebrows are like mine when I try to act cute🤣😂😂😂

  • thatonehooman
    thatonehooman 4 days ago

    I should do a full using only my grandma's makeup it's gonna be absolutely horrifying

  • Uhhbreezy-
    Uhhbreezy- 4 days ago +1


  • Olivia Grayce
    Olivia Grayce 4 days ago

    Did anybody else notice Grayson😂 BIG MOOD😂

  • Ella’s page
    Ella’s page 4 days ago

    You look so much like your mom

  • Andi Skinner
    Andi Skinner 4 days ago

    Mary Poppins who?

  • Susan Mason
    Susan Mason 4 days ago

    She looks like a young Catherine Ohara

  • Margou Grio
    Margou Grio 4 days ago

    You should do a video where you have an 2 hours to buy makeup , and do your mom's makeup😂

  • Drakken Dane
    Drakken Dane 4 days ago

    Cant u see grayson

  • Friendship Hollow
    Friendship Hollow 4 days ago

    Grayson at the begining is such a mood😂😂

  • alva
    alva 4 days ago

    grayson in the beginning😂❤️❤️

  • Jaelyn Dunn
    Jaelyn Dunn 4 days ago

    This is probably one of the funniest videos🤣the constant shade had me weakkk😂😂

  • Shelby Foster
    Shelby Foster 4 days ago +1

    You should do a video where your doing your moms make up.

  • Dorian Durning
    Dorian Durning 4 days ago

    this is literally so adorable💗

  • Emma Scott
    Emma Scott 4 days ago


  • Gio B
    Gio B 4 days ago +1


  • Jewels Brewner
    Jewels Brewner 4 days ago

    Seriously me and my 21 yr old daughter! Cute video James and Mom

  • Abused Avocado
    Abused Avocado 4 days ago

    Just watching to get out of my Recommendations

  • Crafts And more
    Crafts And more 4 days ago


  • How to DIY’s
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  • Ally Seb
    Ally Seb 4 days ago

    His mom Looks like the mother of Kevin from Home Aloen

  • make up Queen
    make up Queen 4 days ago

    Why is gray in the back 🤔😶

  • Fadzai Katsenga
    Fadzai Katsenga 4 days ago +1

    this is like the quietest james has ever been in a vid

  • Payton Mezzanatto
    Payton Mezzanatto 4 days ago +2

    you should take your mom shopping for new make up in a video

  • Becky black
    Becky black 4 days ago +1

    This video looks like a random mum teaching her child how To put on makeup

  • Peggy Hester
    Peggy Hester 4 days ago

    at 0:38 look who is in the background

  • Khloe De la cruz
    Khloe De la cruz 4 days ago

    Grayson in the back during beginning all of a sudden then throws himself back. LOL😂😂

  • Maddi Parnell
    Maddi Parnell 4 days ago

    anyone else see grayson fall in the background at 0:50

  • Greeny_3
    Greeny_3 4 days ago

    It’s 12:30 AM, I have 3 games of basketball first one being at 8 and it’s far away 🤦‍♀️ I’m probably gonna end up getting like 4 hours of sleep....

  • Belbyn M.
    Belbyn M. 4 days ago +14

    That frikin foundation shade is legit perfect
    (In my opinion)
    For him

  • Saphy Zinga
    Saphy Zinga 4 days ago

    Wait 51? But you look so young!

  • Cora Carter
    Cora Carter 4 days ago

    Your mom reminds me of the mom from home alone