Shopping Scene - National Lampoons Christmas Vacation HD


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  • Bigmenistan
    Bigmenistan 2 days ago

    The plot of the next movie could be - Clark and his new wife Mary Griswald vacation in the Caribbean for their honeymoon following their recent wedding and a messy divorce and custody battle with his first wife Ellen

  • StormDCW
    StormDCW 5 days ago

    it's sad it took me 20 years to get this scene. lol

  • Paul Goodwin
    Paul Goodwin 10 days ago

    Sobering thought - - - Nicolette Scorsese is now *64* years old. Born in 1954.

  • Funny Business
    Funny Business Month ago

    It is so weird to think... she is 65 now. God time flys.

  • Velocinox
    Velocinox Month ago

    What!? What happened?

  • Jack Loveall
    Jack Loveall 2 months ago

    "Wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were any less hooter then they- HOTTER than they are." I also love it when she's showing him she has no undies on as she saying, "Look, I'm wearing something similar. You cant see the line."

  • Phayzyre105
    Phayzyre105 3 months ago

    Why do us guys laugh our asses off at this!?
    Because we'd act the same way Chevy did! 😁

  • Gingerella Cookie
    Gingerella Cookie 4 months ago

    women like her are the reason boys get involved with their teachers.

  • guardian08527
    guardian08527 5 months ago +3

    No tat's, no piercings, no hair color. The 80's-early to mid 90's Women were the best!

  • pmnz cp
    pmnz cp 5 months ago

    Rusty (Johnny Galecki) looked really cute as a kid 😍

  • Jay Monsaol
    Jay Monsaol 5 months ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think she looks like Alyssa Edwards??

  • Ashton Greene
    Ashton Greene 6 months ago

    "tis the season to be Merry" - "Mary, thats my name"- "oh no shit"

  • Michael Marinaro
    Michael Marinaro 6 months ago

    She is so hot. Would smash

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 6 months ago

    She's not actually all that pretty, and what beauty she does possess is mostly smoke and mirrors from make-up, hairstyling, fake-tan and cleavage (like many "beautiful" women). Her name is Nicolette Scorsese, and she doesn't look anywhere close to this hot in her subsequent photos or acting scenes.
    But, she will forever be remembered for those 3-seconds of fantastic leg.

    • Bobjohn05
      Bobjohn05 5 months ago

      Still enough to get me unzipping my pants and pulling them down around my ankles...

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Scrooge (1970) >>>>>>>> this film

  • Ryan Basilio
    Ryan Basilio 7 months ago

    Wow,what a stunner that lady was ,I can't believe she's about 60 now.Wow.😍😍😍😍

  • gamejr84
    gamejr84 7 months ago

    CRUSH my face with your ass in 89'!!!🎉🎉🎉💖🍻

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters 7 months ago

    Clark may not know it,
    but from the way Mary looked at him,
    she's obviously thirsty...

    • Bigmenistan
      Bigmenistan 2 days ago

      Yeah she's into him, and he was obviously still dreaming of her. I'd say Clark went back to the mall sometime after the movie and began an affair with her. His home life with Ellen, the kids, and their crazy families wasnt exactly stellar, and Mary is hundreds of times hotter than Ellen. Mary would have been his escape, and maybe even his second wife once he divorced Ellen.

    ACE HUNTER 8 months ago

    BUSTED!!! all kinds of NUTS!!! when this hit home video LMAO!!!.

  • Michael Marinaro
    Michael Marinaro 8 months ago

    Gorgeous fucking woman dear lord 😍😍😍

  • Mywork777
    Mywork777 8 months ago

    I wonder what she looks like today?

    • Ken Masters
      Ken Masters 8 months ago

      Like this:

  • BiG JuiCe
    BiG JuiCe 8 months ago

    The moment where you really thought about cheating on you'r wife!😂

    • Bigmenistan
      Bigmenistan 2 days ago

      You know he went back to the mall and fucked her hard. No way he didnt

  • Ambrosia Rogers
    Ambrosia Rogers 8 months ago


  • Aja85
    Aja85 8 months ago

    "No shit?" LOL :D

  • cooldude5699
    cooldude5699 8 months ago

    Do you think she realized that he was attracted to her?

  • Zhembii
    Zhembii 9 months ago

    She is unbelievably fine where are women like that👀🙏🏾

  • Jeremiah Akerman
    Jeremiah Akerman 9 months ago

    Wish I could've walked up on something that nice when I was Russ's age. 2:04

  • VegasDannyReturns
    VegasDannyReturns 9 months ago

    Fuck every time I watch this movie I forget how fucking hot this girl is!!

  • Joe Whitehead
    Joe Whitehead 9 months ago

    I could swear that he was on something, lol

  • Matthew Framarin
    Matthew Framarin 9 months ago

    I want to go back into the 80's and bang her

    • Ken Masters
      Ken Masters 8 months ago

      And then you'll bang Christie Brinkley next?

  • Baking101
    Baking101 9 months ago

    Chevy Chase is the best.

  • Micheal Gorbochovsky
    Micheal Gorbochovsky 9 months ago

    Now this is Christmas

  • Willy Boi
    Willy Boi 9 months ago


  • wortha2ndlookart
    wortha2ndlookart 9 months ago

    Hey Leonard from the big bang theory! And saw no lines!

  • Jack Maddox
    Jack Maddox 9 months ago

    I think Mary sensed a VERY easy sale.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 9 months ago

    Hooter lol

  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper 9 months ago

    Howd u act this up. Dont think id keep a st8 face lol

  • Wesley Barker
    Wesley Barker 9 months ago +1

    I swear I thought that woman in the background at 0:49 was Sam Kinison

  • Odd Magne Granli
    Odd Magne Granli 9 months ago

    God she is gorgeous. It's like staring into heaven. Great scene.

    • Ken Masters
      Ken Masters 8 months ago

      She's rather devilishly sexy,
      that blonde chick in the red car from the first Vacation movie is heavenly gorgeous.

  • taco meat
    taco meat 9 months ago

    1:38 Wow melted
    2:04 Yes sir

  • Lisa Neuman
    Lisa Neuman 9 months ago

    Very offensive scene now that the hole #metoo movement has become popular. Yet still on TV when the fate of a innocent classic like "Rudolph The Red Noose Reindeer" is questionable because of a scene about bullying and that these parents think that in order to be liked by the bullies you have to be their slave? Something very wrong here! Like which would you rather? A movie where a man who is married is making obscene comments to a women or a movie that tells kids that is ok to be of service in a time of need despite being bullied? If Rudolph had not helped Santa, he would have come across as being very selfish to the rest of the world because presents weren't delivered?

    • Bigmenistan
      Bigmenistan 2 days ago

      Its ok cause Clark went back to the mall after the movie and fucked Mary

  • Thomas Arch
    Thomas Arch 9 months ago

    super nice head lights!!

  • Gemski_ Oldskool 78
    Gemski_ Oldskool 78 9 months ago

    101 people have no taste this film cracks me up 😭😭😭

  • Ed Jackowski
    Ed Jackowski 9 months ago

    She makes me feel funny!!

  • Ed Jackowski
    Ed Jackowski 9 months ago

    Nice rack!!!

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 9 months ago

    Who is this hottie is she single

  • Sebastian I Punkt
    Sebastian I Punkt 9 months ago

    well, usually i really prefer the orignal versions of movies in english BUT especially in this scene the german synchronisation is muuuuch funnier that in english :-)

  • Don Makaveli
    Don Makaveli 9 months ago

    She’s fit asf

  • Eric Monaco
    Eric Monaco 10 months ago

    One word Damn

  • Traci Kochendorfer
    Traci Kochendorfer 10 months ago

    Traci Kochendorfer is in this scene as a downtown shopper she is a star

  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network 10 months ago

    Russ is Leonard Hoffstader from the Big Bang Theory

  • Alex Thrun
    Alex Thrun 10 months ago

    I think that girl that Clark talks to in this scene of Christmas Vacation is very hot!

  • Alex Thrun
    Alex Thrun 10 months ago

    Yeah she is darn hot!

  • The Die Hard Arkansas Razorbacks Fan!!

    "Tis the season to be merry"
    "That's my name"
    "No Shit!"

  • Lawrence L.
    Lawrence L. 11 months ago +1

    Absolutely stunning. a beautiful woman at her prime, presented perfectly.
    She's way hotter than Christie Brinkley at the other National Lampoon's Vacation movies.

  • kt
    kt 11 months ago

    I'd climb through a mile of broken glass....Nicolette Scorsese. Gorgeous.

  • The7legacy
    The7legacy 11 months ago

    1:38 - 1:40 The Look She Has "Oh, I Will Hurt You So Bad!"

  • Peatear Griffin
    Peatear Griffin Year ago

    I new a long time ago i wasnt gay when i saw this scene.

  • Abdel Hadawi
    Abdel Hadawi Year ago

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good time good actors good movie

  • Shark02
    Shark02 Year ago

    See can’t see the line