• Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Hey Larlees, todays video is a fun collab with Kristen Leanne. W try to get full glam in only 10 minutes! OMG this challenge was soooo hard! Thanks for watching - Laura
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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee  Year ago +965

    Who else would add lashes when u only have 10min. ??

    • Mikel Hall
      Mikel Hall 9 months ago

      Laura Lee ᗰE

    • username
      username Year ago

      Not me :I

    • Megan Mendoza
      Megan Mendoza Year ago

      That's the perfect amount of time . 5 minutes isss a rush

    • Kaedynce Trevino
      Kaedynce Trevino Year ago

      Laura Lee hi

    • Lele Perez
      Lele Perez Year ago

      Laura Lee when i need to clock in to work in 5 minutes. So I have to pop them on real quick in the parking lot 😂

  • María Belén Martínez Ruiz


  • Suzanne Nabahe
    Suzanne Nabahe 11 months ago

    You are beautiful

  • Nayy Marie
    Nayy Marie 11 months ago

    Out of that whole video anybody got out of it was the word nurse in the fact that Kristen has a tattoo... wtf... lol... Regardless on if she lied or not, regardless if she was a medical assistant or nurse, and regardless of the term she use you are still watching her and she still just made money off of that... Really the joke is on you... If you don't like something then do not watch it... What is wrong with people... Why even comment if you're going to trash talk someone... Acting like a bunch of children...

  • nevaeh lee
    nevaeh lee 11 months ago

    Except road gender CEO leg connection brown demonstration

  • Abby Bradley
    Abby Bradley 11 months ago +1


  • Frozty Gurl
    Frozty Gurl 11 months ago

    Bitch you was not have u ever been a nurse. Hell you have on video crying about how much of a dumb azz u was in high school. Bitch if you didn't go to school and get your degree u wasnt no fkn nurse. Bitch sit down this is why nobody like your lying azz.

  • xo Rachel
    xo Rachel Year ago

    I did this challenge to but with only 5 min and ot was a total failure lol

  • Megan Inabnit
    Megan Inabnit Year ago

    I love the orange and purple ! It looks AMAZING 😍😍

  • luke macaulay
    luke macaulay Year ago

    is it just me or does kristen looks like miley cyrus when she turns to the side?

  • Marianna M
    Marianna M Year ago

    What lipstick did laura use?!?!? Hallppp

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith Year ago

    love you laura yall look great

  • Anea Gasp
    Anea Gasp Year ago

    Lol ... in 10 min imma be aplying just the foundation and powder maybe 😅 omg hows this even possible to make in 10 min 😂 im going to make a challenge to keep up with laura in this vid 😅 ill fail i know it

  • Amina Javed
    Amina Javed Year ago

    Can you make a tutorial that how to add lashes

  • Sabrina Dita
    Sabrina Dita Year ago

    Is it only me or i dont really like this video? Her blue neck and nurse thing which is different with MA?

  • Jayden Lyons
    Jayden Lyons Year ago

    goshhh y’all are so mean, i got you girlll i live like 20 minutes from gulf shores. please do a meet up down here like in gulf shores or dauphin island or like mobile or somewhere!! i wanna meet you so bad

  • Bad Snuggles
    Bad Snuggles Year ago

    Medical assistant is not a nurse. This is just like the CNAs who LOVE telling people they're nurses...It's to the point where whenever I tell someone I'm a nurse, their response is "oh you're a CNA?" And I have to specify that I'm an RN because sooo many CNAs go around saying their nurses. That would literally be the same as RNs going around calling themselves NPs, PAs, or doctors. There's a HUGE difference in knowledge, education level, training, and responsibility..which is clearly why actual nurses take offense to people using a title that doesn't belong to them. The titles medical assistant, CNA, and nurse are not equivalent or interchangeable. It says it right in the names medical ASSISTANT and certified nursing ASSISTANT. And btw it takes about 2 minutes for an RN to listen to Laura speak to know she's not a nurse.

  • Amber Brown King
    Amber Brown King Year ago


  • Megan Zuelsdorff
    Megan Zuelsdorff Year ago

    Love going to gulf shores!! Went there almost every year as a kid :)

  • Jessica Durham
    Jessica Durham Year ago

    Nurse here. Registered Nurse. From the south. Living and practicing in KY. From TN came from a family of other nurses and medical professionals.... never have I EVER heard a medical assistant call themselves that. They do not perform any of the same tasks and it is insulting. I don’t really care that she said it i just have to address it since people want to say it’s a southern thing. Girl bye no it isn’t. She just got lazy and said nurse. Just disrespectful to real nurses. But hey I’ll still watch her stuff. Just get it together Laura. You outta know saying stuff like than when your fans know it isn’t true will make people angry lol

  • Megan Mendoza
    Megan Mendoza Year ago

    Lmao naa Laura's head is way smaller ,but is cute:)

  • katherine davis
    katherine davis Year ago

    Construction deficit those actor against potentially grow stick slide senior Olympic.

  • Paramjit Assi
    Paramjit Assi Year ago

    I mighty

  • jjames05
    jjames05 Year ago

    no amount of makeup will help any woman. oh the futility....

  • iridewithmyday1
    iridewithmyday1 Year ago

    We love laura!😍 WHATS UP FROM LA!! We're at the beginning of our journey! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel For videos and don't be afraid to show us some love. ride with us to our love story! From the Westside With Love!🙌🏼💋🤓

  • Bridget Beatty
    Bridget Beatty Year ago

    LOVE gulf shores going there next week !!!!!!

  • emily scott
    emily scott Year ago

    I'm from Alabama, and I hate how negatively she looks down on the state. just because you grew up in one area doesn't mean you know the whole state, it's​ really pretty in certain areas and I wish she would've said more than just the Gulf Shores...

  • SelfTaughtSteph
    SelfTaughtSteph Year ago

    Guys I’m pretty sure Laura knows she wasn’t a nurse! I’m sure she was just nervous, was talking fast and slipped up her words without time to explain! She’s human... give her a damn break! She has said many times that she worked as a Medical Assistant at a dermatologist. She’s never claimed to be a nurse before and clearly didn’t mean to in this video.

  • Katie gacha life
    Katie gacha life Year ago

    A for both but laura won

  • First name Last name

    How TF did you put foundation on your hands as a nurse lmao poor hand hygiene honey

  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • annie kidd
    annie kidd Year ago +2

    Come on y’all. She didn’t mean any disrespect by saying she was a nurse, it was obviously a mistake. For a bunch of nurses it seems like you guys have lost your compassion for people.
    Get off your high horses.
    I went through a very rigorous BSN program and even worked as a tech while in the program and my panties aren’t in a wad over a silly little comment. 🙄

    • Michelle Smith
      Michelle Smith Year ago

      annie kidd omg I’ve wanted to reply on the other nurse comments but I was afraid the other nurses would rip me a new one! I’ve been a nurse 25 years I am fully confident in my profession and my degree m. I know who I am and what kind of nurse I am and I’m dang proud of my accomplishments! I take no offense to the comment. I’ve only heard nurse 1 time I cannot tell you how many time I heard medical assistant. So what what’s the big deal! You tell me out there who hasn’t misspoken at least once in their life!

  • katie s
    katie s Year ago +1

    A nurse.. really... NOT EVEN CLOSE. Don't try to make yourself seem more educated that you are.. which is really not at all.

  • V B
    V B Year ago

    You did pretty damn good for 10 minutes. Also, don’t stress the nurse comments, people are acting like a degree that’s the equivalent of a bachelor’s should be held so high just because it’s med-based. Besides that there are RN’s who do a 2 year program and medical assistants have a one year program prior to certification so is one year really that deep? I think not- spoken from someone working on her Masters, the elitism is absurd.

  • Alexa Sotelo
    Alexa Sotelo Year ago

    Golf shores is litty I can relate 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Mariana Aguilar
    Mariana Aguilar Year ago

    Love ya Laura.. 😘

  • Elizabeth Pearson

    IG FAM❤️❤️❤️

  • Cloudtown KT
    Cloudtown KT Year ago

    Can you do a review on ultas 21 days of beauty from March 18-April 7th.... good products, bad products, what you would buy and have used?! Please 💋🙏🏽

  • Destiny Craig
    Destiny Craig Year ago

    Bitch please you know you were never a nurse lol 😂

  • Kerlin johnson
    Kerlin johnson Year ago

    Satan a centaur.... Top half a white man, bottom half red horse
    Cloven hooves, pitchforks tail,

  • First Light
    First Light Year ago

    Rally Cry: The US Holocaust Museum insists the crisis in Syria is akin to the Holocaust www.ushmm.org/confront-genocide/syria … can you hear our voice this time? (Fight Song) tvclip.biz/video/xo1VInw-SKc/video.html I'm not an activist... but, I'll come out of the HOUSE for THIS ONE!!! you? Pass it on!!! Prove that Justice is present on the Earth.

  • Jasmine Grace
    Jasmine Grace Year ago +1

    Hey new TVcliprs - Who wants to support each other's channels to reach all of our channel goals?!! PS. MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE is live now!!

  • STACH & CO. Guntersville, AL

    Yea! Gulf Shores! Check out the Hangout Fest... that’s usually a really great time to come. 🤙🏼

  • Ann Niethamer
    Ann Niethamer Year ago

    Wow Laura when u were a nurse really?? I am a nurse and there is no time to fix your makeup...we are too busy and under staffed to do shit like that. You were a medical assistant...in a freaking Dr office!!! A nurse is exhausted mentally and physically..it is not an easy job and you just act like oh I fixed my make up....dont get it twisted.......what happened to the REAL. Laura Lee? I'm not liking the new you...its sad

  • dadreamwriter
    dadreamwriter Year ago

    That was a fun challenge!!!! Loved the purple eyeshadow!!!

  • Truth In Beauty
    Truth In Beauty Year ago

    Bought a 2nd kaleidoscope palette, because I'm obsessed and I needed a back up.

  • Robin Christensen

    Our water in the pacific NW is not dirty, it's just cold and the waves are so rough it turns up the sand and silt.

  • Mariana Rios
    Mariana Rios Year ago

    Yes👏🏽still slayin

  • Mon Mi
    Mon Mi Year ago

    One on the left, bitch please WASH YOUR HAIR. One on the right. I am so sorry for what happened on your neck. That's so sad.

  • Yocheved Lam
    Yocheved Lam Year ago +1

    10 minuets is a decent amount of time to do a nice full beat look... you both failed at it! (Despite that i gave you a 👍🏻)

  • cutiepea08
    cutiepea08 Year ago

    I go to Gulf Shores every summer in July. We love eating at Bubba's Seafood or the hangout. We usually rent a beach house next to the Gulf of Mexico. Just wanted to tell you! ;)

  • Itz.Me.Ellzz
    Itz.Me.Ellzz Year ago

    Hey Laura, you make me laugh. My dog just died and I immediately came to ur channel to watch ur videos and make me laugh ILY 💗

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    It takes me 15 min to literally put on concealer a bit of powder and mascara idk why😭😭😭like even when I go as fast as I can

  • 王信子
    王信子 Year ago


  • carlitos braga
    carlitos braga Year ago

    FAM IG

  • TheTumbleFever
    TheTumbleFever Year ago +7

    Wait. Isn't this the same girl who got dragged across the internet because of her comments about not being able to use one of the few highlighting palette created specifically for POC? I'm surprised she still has hair.

  • Kai-Duane Micheal Charlery


  • Katie Manning
    Katie Manning Year ago

    I always thought that the “x” in a collab name stood for “by”.. so like “Urban Decay by Kristen Leanne”. The same as when fashion brands collab. But all I hear is “x”...am I wrong??

  • Katie Ramirez
    Katie Ramirez Year ago

    You’re videos are so entertaining! I just started my channel, I would love for you to check it out. 💜

  • Ava and Chloe Fun

    I bought the smaller eyeshadow pallet love it 😍

  • Ava and Chloe Fun

    #47 trending ly Laura!!💕

  • J and S show !
    J and S show ! Year ago

    She could go to Dothan is great

  • Sophia salazar
    Sophia salazar Year ago

    IG FAM

  • Xavieliz Ofray
    Xavieliz Ofray Year ago

    You should do a full glam but no blending make up challenge.

  • Forte
    Forte Year ago +2

    All of the nurses are so stuck up in the comments it is hilarious to read. "You aren't a nurse, I am! Peasant!" Chill, she was just being simple.

  • Gina Codalata
    Gina Codalata Year ago +1

    Why bother blue neck ! Ewwww, pretty girl on the left though.

  • Asha Storey
    Asha Storey Year ago

    Can you do the Jamsu Korean makeup technique ❤️

  • Karina Islava
    Karina Islava Year ago

    I literally have to do my makeup less then ten min ⏳ because I have three little babies ... A 3 year old and one year old girl and a 2 month old boy ❤ my eyelashes take me the longest 😶

  • monisha bilung
    monisha bilung Year ago

    Please try out the makeup from 3ina .

  • Erica Lopez
    Erica Lopez Year ago


  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam Year ago


  • Preciosa D. Garcia
    Preciosa D. Garcia Year ago +5

    People act like she said she was a damn doctor! She mistakenly said she was a nurse damn! Nurse assistant or nurse, either way, you aren’t a DOCTOR!!!!! So chill out & go eat some ice cream. #NoBodyCaresAboutYourPetPeeves
    I am a doctor, have been for 13 years...I can write you a prescription for that!😊

  • Miss Payne
    Miss Payne Year ago

    R u still married i notice your not wearing you ring in a couple of videos wats up girl

  • Tori Alexandra
    Tori Alexandra Year ago

    upload a new video of your bloopers!

  • Brenna Nicole
    Brenna Nicole Year ago

    I love this

  • Jaz Zuniga
    Jaz Zuniga Year ago +1

    Oh my god!! Why does her neck look that way??!!🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Katie Clearman
    Katie Clearman Year ago

    Yesss come to gulf shores!! I’m from Mobile & go all the time! Best beaches ever 💙

  • Brittany Morrison

    What about the song!!! You have to do the song! ❤️❤️

  • Another Day With Julez

    Laura's body bouncing game is so strong blending out that foundation 😂😂

  • Nick Marie
    Nick Marie Year ago

    The beginning....

  • Happily Ever McGregor

    You should find a full glam inspo photo for you & a guest to both try to replicate in ten minutes & see who does better!

  • Stacy s
    Stacy s Year ago

    Well while im here..Im giving away free tvs! 32 inch free with new directv! 42 inch 49 bucks, 52 inch 149! Krcommunications.com !

  • Caitlin H
    Caitlin H Year ago

    Oh no...her neck😬poor thing why would she do that to herself

  • Juliette Almader
    Juliette Almader Year ago

    Not to seem rude but why is her neck blue?

  • Hanneri Kruger
    Hanneri Kruger Year ago +2

    Ooooomg can people chill about the nurse thing😂😂😂😂😂 its NOT A BIG DEAL

  • Rebecca Ruholl
    Rebecca Ruholl Year ago

    Ig fam bam 💓

  • keylee85
    keylee85 Year ago

    Laura you were so good!

  • Roblox Gal
    Roblox Gal Year ago

    I never seen this idea I am going touggest but maybe it exists idk... But you should do a video doing my makeup with paint brushes. xoxox

  • tragictea
    tragictea Year ago

    Hey any small youtubers wanna support each other ? ✌✨🎥

  • TheLeeshypie
    TheLeeshypie Year ago +50

    laura just found out how many nurses are part of her audience 😂😂😂

  • Dominique White
    Dominique White Year ago

    What lash glue did you use?

  • Emely De La Rosa
    Emely De La Rosa Year ago

    Slay babes

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller Year ago

    Who won the giveaway Laura? Have you picked?

  • Gabby Moore
    Gabby Moore Year ago

    You both look really beautiful for taking only 10 min ! And yesss Lauara , Orange Beach is AMAZING !! Cant wait to go again !

  • Dylan Rafferty
    Dylan Rafferty Year ago

    I got beats on my page guys swing by if you need em