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Pavel Datsyuk Magic vs Phx - 2011 Playoffs


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  • Blake the Tank
    Blake the Tank 15 days ago

    Putin manifested

  • Борис Фомин
    Борис Фомин 29 days ago +1

    Почему он так в ска не играет?

  • Stammer91#beast
    Stammer91#beast Month ago

    Fucking beast!

  • GangStarr4life96
    GangStarr4life96 Month ago

    Elias Pettersson will be the new Datsyuk 2.0

  • Zoltan 1980
    Zoltan 1980 Month ago +1

    Паша- ГЕНИАЛЬНЫЙ хоккеист!

  • вася 1
    вася 1 Month ago +1

    универсал просто нет слов

  • david r
    david r Month ago

    Datsyuk? More like Datsick.

  • Peter van Coevorden

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  • Сергей Грамович

    ...пару защитников с Полом Коффи и вообще психика вратаря работает шо бул-пап...

  • Сергей Грамович

    ... и Брызгалов не видит где небо, где земля, так тот умеет шарики крутить... ...охранник мустангера...

  • Golfer1016
    Golfer1016 Month ago +1

    Back when the team was actually fun to watch!

  • Сергей Иванович Фомин

    Наши в америке

  • Odin Eggen
    Odin Eggen Month ago +1


  • Сергей Грамович

    ...Брызгалов, Хабибулин и еще кто-то запамятовал тоже не заиграли на полную мощность, та же спортивная история что и тренеры поколения Анчелотти, густо и пусто.. ...у семи нянек...

  • вэлл холмс

    Вообще-то, радоваться, в хоккее, забитой шайбе, это как на тракторном заводе,когда вмонтулили какую-то шестиренку,куда не понятно,и начальник цеха,выбегаючи, целует всех взасос.Ребята,это ж ваша работа.Хоть, и не хило,оплачиваемая.

    • Sam Sung
      Sam Sung Month ago

      идиотское сравнение

  • Вася Рогов
    Вася Рогов Month ago +9

    Паша Дацюк один из лучших хоккеистов за всю историю хоккея

  • J D
    J D Month ago +1

    Datsyuk has better non scoring highlights than any other player has actually scoring

  • Сергей Чиликин


  • crawlFace
    crawlFace 2 months ago +3

    Everyone has their players who inspire and wow us. For me and most folks here at this vid- Datsyuk unlocked perspectives and visions of how to play, playmake and navigate the game. Mastery, vision and IQ like this not only inspires but teaches.
    Man Detroit had some great teams.

  • deBebbler
    deBebbler 3 months ago +1

    A human highlight reel. Loved watching him play.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 7 months ago

    Euro twins combo between zetterberg and datsyuk incredible russian players perfect hockey for the wings.

  • jebuss chrust
    jebuss chrust 8 months ago

    Seriously the best performances from him was in the playoffs from 08-11. Really glad I got to enjoy this man and his greatness.

  • CaptJericho
    CaptJericho 10 months ago +2

    I miss this dude

  • Nothing Is Sacred
    Nothing Is Sacred 10 months ago +3

    i miss this wings team so much

  • dcfire2
    dcfire2 Year ago +2

    I am a Hawks fan, but Datsyuk is the best! I have his jursey.

  • Cursed Lemon
    Cursed Lemon Year ago +8

    "Detroit 3, the Washington Generals none". Fuuuuuuck, Doc. lol

  • David Kruse
    David Kruse Year ago

    ah back with the all home game coyotes

  • The STL Fan But The Browns Are My Favorite NFL Team

    Wait... The Yotes have made the playoffs before? (Joke. Don't get triggered plz.)

  • MIOutdoors
    MIOutdoors Year ago +2

    The only reason I can come up with for the few dislikes on this video is that Coyote's defensemen have watched it.

  • Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna Year ago +4

    We miss you, Pasha. Maybe you'll come back to the USA as Director of Sports and Re-education after Trump sells us to Putin to pay back all his loans from the Russian mob.

    • Skwisgaar Skwigelf
      Skwisgaar Skwigelf Year ago

      Wow, that escalated quickly. I applaud you, kind sir, take this upvote :D

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 Year ago +30

    Watch Pasha's feet at 5:47. I've watched it about 20 times now and I am still confused.

    • Chip Ahoy
      Chip Ahoy Month ago +1

      In slomo you can at least try to make sense of it, lol. Some unbelievable edge work, especially considering he weighed a solid 200lbs.

    • Matthews34
      Matthews34 Month ago

      I played it back a few times, unreal

    • Renato Lima
      Renato Lima Month ago +2


    • Сергей Павлов
      Сергей Павлов Year ago +3

      Watch again...again...again...again..and....again))

  • Joaquin Gonzalo
    Joaquin Gonzalo Year ago +2

    He was a stick handling marvel , how ever he was *not* a productive points machine
    He was *not* an MVP player.. imo
    Reminds me of Alex Kovalev ...

    • Ashot Galkin
      Ashot Galkin 18 days ago

      he was a playmaker. He was Selke award winner. If you watch Detroit stats during Fedorov, Yzerman, Shanahhan, Hull, Robitaille era - nobody scored there a lot. It was the whole team, all 4 lines were dominating the league

    • Brandon Stevens
      Brandon Stevens Month ago

      He was a mvp caliber

    • 81OH4Z4RD
      81OH4Z4RD Year ago +8

      918 points in 953 games isn't productive?

  • Eduardo Carvalho
    Eduardo Carvalho Year ago

    talk about dominating a game!

  • Subhan Malik
    Subhan Malik Year ago

    Yeah Pavel has some crazy tricks up his arsenal, but what is really wil is seeing the Cayotes in the playoffs
    Never would have thought I would have seen that.

  • Datsyuk The Magic Man
    Datsyuk The Magic Man Year ago +18

    Man do i ever miss this Datsyuk, young, fast, always on the puck or on the guy whose got it. The king of takeaways with the silkiest hands ive ever seen, ill never forget watching this guy tear it up throughout my entire childhood + early teens, even last year he was only 1 pt behind Zetterberg for team lead with like 10 less gp... Legend... sad to have to see him retire, but happy to have all the memories and highlights of his outstanding career.

  • Duc Luc
    Duc Luc 2 years ago +10

    The magic man! The best and most underrated player ever!

  • nshanahan13
    nshanahan13 2 years ago +27

    This series was too fun for this guy

    • Duc Luc
      Duc Luc 2 years ago +10

      Yeah looking like he's playing in the park against his friends. Just too much skills

  • Ryley Chinn
    Ryley Chinn 2 years ago +1

    that was the last wings team I truly felt had a legitimate chance to win the cup. we are far from contenders now. hopefully Holland can grow some balls and make some trades this summer

  • Vincent Playfair
    Vincent Playfair 2 years ago


  • Vincent Playfair
    Vincent Playfair 2 years ago

    Who won the series

    • awood40
      awood40  2 years ago +1

      Current - Pav/Z
      All time - Yzerman

    • awood40
      awood40  2 years ago

      Yes. Wings won that one in 7.

    • awood40
      awood40  2 years ago

      Wings. 4-0

  • Xentricityy88
    Xentricityy88 2 years ago +35

    Give me prime Datsyuk over prime Crosby any day. Wings fans may never see a player as creative and skilled as him ever again. Hoping I'm wrong, though. He was do fucking legendary.

    • Igor Pospekhin
      Igor Pospekhin Year ago +3

      Crosby is very talented, but he is a bit too straightforward, not asly old fox like Datsyuk.

    • Duc Luc
      Duc Luc 2 years ago +1

      Agreed! Anyway Crosby only wins when his team is stack through the ceiling smh Crosby ain't as good in the playoffs. His +\- is dodo

    • Seymour Gray
      Seymour Gray 2 years ago +2

      it seemed Pavel aged very well and his prime stretched until his early 30s. interested to see how well Crosby ages

  • 19stalkern
    19stalkern 2 years ago +4

    Not sure what was more amazing to watch; his passing or his stick work..... Truly the Barry Sanders of Hockey.

    • tccs7
      tccs7 Month ago +1

      I was thinking the Pistol Pete Maravich of hockey. Filthy moves like nobody has seen before or since. It's not that other players can't perform the moves, but Pavel regularly did the things other guys joke around with in practices.

  • hockyjocky4
    hockyjocky4 2 years ago

    Gotta love Holmstrom at 2:25!! That's how I remember him

  • Merp Channel
    Merp Channel 2 years ago

    He must've bet somebody he could get one through the legs during this series or something haha. It was like his go-to move.

  • JerJax
    JerJax 2 years ago

    Great video, Woodie.

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper 2 years ago +7

    I miss this squad so much.

  • Graeme
    Graeme 2 years ago

    red wings with players like Rafalski, Holmstrom, Lidstrom and Modano! were they ever making a run for it

    • dustyb58
      dustyb58 3 months ago

      lol yeah they drafted Lidstrom in the 80s in hopes to win the 2011 Cup ;)

  • YoungZ
    YoungZ 2 years ago +2

    3:33 the washington generals.. huh bill?

    • Nikes Gray
      Nikes Gray 10 months ago

      Yeah, that line had me laughing my ass off.

    • Kyler Schmor
      Kyler Schmor Year ago +4

      if you're still curious... he was referring to the red wings as the harlem globetrotters, due to pavels moves and the Washington generals who has never won a game against the globetrotters.

    • YoungZ
      YoungZ 2 years ago

      idrc haha

    • Graeme
      Graeme 2 years ago

      +Jetzy thanks man! no new content coming tho!

    • YoungZ
      YoungZ 2 years ago

      +Graeme +1 sub sick edits and hockey fan

  • Elite_Nobes
    Elite_Nobes 2 years ago +19

    I can only dream of being able to see another player with the finesse that Datsyuk has.

    • GangStarr4life96
      GangStarr4life96 Month ago

      Elias Pettersson. Mark my words

    • marty uribe
      marty uribe Month ago +3

      Ya he is good but Pavel was just on another level. Idk how explain it until you see him play live.

    • MiK3Y13
      MiK3Y13 6 months ago +1

      watch mcdavid... may not do the funny moves but he has crazy speed and stick handling ability...

  • Reydriel
    Reydriel 2 years ago +1

    I love the crowd's "whoa!" to that XD

  • TheHockeyChannelHD
    TheHockeyChannelHD 2 years ago +91

    Until his injuries caught up with him in 2012 or so, he was the best player in the world.

    • pacd61
      pacd61 Month ago

      +EXILEDTM Crosby might be the better player. Maybe not. But both are incredible. No one in the history of the NHL is a better thief. They started counting takeaways because of datsyuk. He would have a hundred more in a season compared to the next closest player. As for Crosby the year he got injured in the winter classic he was scoring at a gretski rate in the modern day. Not saying ye would have broke the record. He also has won at evry level. Both are amazing players

      EXILEDTM Month ago +2

      I will. Nah in all seriousness it is your opinion, and thank you for your service

    • marty uribe
      marty uribe Month ago

      glad you enjoyed it feel free to read as many times as you want!

      EXILEDTM Month ago

      this is the dumbest comment regarding crosby ive ever read.

    • marty uribe
      marty uribe Month ago +4

      Dude Malkin and Crosby and one dimensional their great at what they do but they will never be this special. Dat could do it all. I have never scene Crosby do anything close to Pavel skating wise stick handling wise take aways and highlight reals. It wasn't about points with Pavel it was about the team. Not to say Crosby doesn't do those things but he just couldn't do the things Pavel could do period. Unselfish and a thief. Pple always look at points and shit but never really and all around player Dat was the best all round ever I believe. But my opinion.

  • Reydriel
    Reydriel 2 years ago

    I don't know how anyone can doubt his skills when they see this video...

  • Reydriel
    Reydriel 2 years ago

    His puck skills in a nutshell lol XD

  • Brent VanBeelen
    Brent VanBeelen 2 years ago +83

    Pavel probably has the greatest highlights without scoring

  • Peter Gallina
    Peter Gallina 2 years ago +6

    He was really buzzing during this series. I'm hoping he's saving some in the tank for one last push.

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal 2 years ago +103

    There will never be another one quite like The Magic Man.

    • Levi Hollenbeck
      Levi Hollenbeck Month ago +2

      Elias Pettersson is a potential candidate for that title

    • Stevita Stamerov
      Stevita Stamerov 2 months ago +4

      GregoCatal I agree. But there a kid name Nikita Kucherov who has the same skill set and can produce close to that same magic as Datsyuk. As a Tampa native, remember watching Pavel in awe during these years. We still had Marty St. Louis who is a legend.. But I'm telling you, Kucherov has a shot at being a talent few have seen in this league. Reminds me so much of Datsyuk.

  • lemonade5645
    lemonade5645 2 years ago +12

    That man is just so good at hockey it's almost a joke

  • Evan
    Evan 2 years ago +111

    00:13 You know you're a damn good player when announcers get excited when you have a 1 on 2 lol

  • gamersxs
    gamersxs 2 years ago +6

    Unbelievable. Should be a show tonight.

  • bifffffff
    bifffffff 2 years ago +4

    6:09 Aucoin doesn't know what to do so he just grabs Datsyuk by the face lol