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  • Rose Okwelume
    Rose Okwelume 3 days ago

    How do you drop off your kid at an adult's house? The parents knew

  • Cicishere5
    Cicishere5 7 days ago

    Her parents knew and they’re gonna burn in Hell. Your number one responsibility is to protect your child!

  • Whit Long
    Whit Long 10 days ago

    What song did you use to outro?

  • Nicoco G
    Nicoco G 14 days ago

    2:05 the singing 😳🥴. Great video by the way Very informative. #newsub

  • Grace James
    Grace James 17 days ago

    Listen Donald Trump is president of the united state and all when he trys to fix things right he always wrong yes everybody knows he can be a bit crazy at times but both from the press to the media only waisting tax payer money on this mad man R Kelly like what he is doing for year is cool and it seems as if they want let him go free but if the President cough the crucify stop wasting tax payer and let R Kelly serve time for these crimes

  • Queen Nzinga
    Queen Nzinga 18 days ago

    The group was Successful in France to ...

  • Valencia Woods
    Valencia Woods 19 days ago

    EEEEEKKK 4 the Cause sound horrible! Damn, tone-deaf completely.

  • Ashton Chaotic ϟ
    Ashton Chaotic ϟ 23 days ago

    Whats that background music playing i love it

  • Larry Turner
    Larry Turner 24 days ago +1

    Sparkle looks like Dianna ross


    I believe kitty jones if you pause at 1:55 -1:59 just right (the scene with the blue car) she has that exact same ridiculous 90’s hairstyle as the girl in the sex video

  • Starr love
    Starr love 27 days ago

    Can we also bring up the fact in the 60s and 70s bands would have groupies all around the age of 13,15, 17 and upwards

    POLADONNA PALACE 28 days ago

    Why did you guys shame black women who trying to exposed their enemy? When white women do it, you are on their side?

  • princess mj Jones
    princess mj Jones 29 days ago +1

    She looked like she was 8 years old in that picture. Smh the fact that her parents were dropping her off to him makes me sick

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson 29 days ago

    They have ruined and robbed her youth and youthful dreams

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson 29 days ago

    I think aaliyah was killed and Kelly's best friend by Rkelly

  • mike j
    mike j 29 days ago

    Jesus Christ those vocals were trash.

  • Marisa 07
    Marisa 07 Month ago +2

    They censored the girls face on tv

  • Murrv Vmurr
    Murrv Vmurr Month ago

    The man who falcified aaliyas id so they could get married is still running around after admitting it on INTERNATIONAL TV! I give up, let global warming take us all...

  • Anne* 411
    Anne* 411 Month ago

    He pissed on her FFS.. They act like they saw sex on the tape

  • Anne* 411
    Anne* 411 Month ago

    See these parents expect miracles fro RKelly. These people cant even sing from the gates.. What Robert was their self proclaimed godfather??? Now they going to R Kelly house for games and stuff???? Wonder where they got that from (MJ)

  • Darin Campbell
    Darin Campbell Month ago

    So very sad! I don't even know any of these people and I CAN TELL THAT IT'S HER ON THE TAPE! He paid many of those family members off to not testify in court because he, I believe, knew he would be convicted back in 2008! R. Kelly is a very sick man, and he should be ashamed for what he did to that child at the time. Her parents as well! Now, it's 2019 and this time it's different! Ain't going to work this time. His pedophile ass is GOING to prison where the niggas are going to pee on HIM! Peace.

  • Brivonn
    Brivonn Month ago

    I’m glad my mom wouldn’t let me do wtf i wanted to do as a teen. I can’t imagine how tangled up my life would’ve been if I was Roshana.

  • Queen Zen
    Queen Zen Month ago

    I do agree with what you said. But I do believe that Aaliyah’s family was the first to come forward but didn’t. This happened after and is Aaliyah’s family told this girl and other would’ve not been victims

  • Oletta Wisemon
    Oletta Wisemon Month ago

    My parents were christian, God fearing not caught up in the world, loved God and me enough to raise me up right, they was not greedy for money, the Bible says that it is at the root of all evil!!. God is going to hold You unfit parents accountable for not doing good, and leading yo own kids down the path of destruction!!. Lake of 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥.God's wrath coming down upon your heads!!. Praying for Y'all's mr.pres. Trump, and RK. Jesus is always with us until the very end!!. Call upon Almighty Lord Jesus 🙏😇 and he will answer!!. 03/21/19.Thu.@5:20PM.

  • Nate B
    Nate B Month ago

    Not guilty

  • Hollie Golitely
    Hollie Golitely Month ago

    none of them could sing...wow

  • Kelvin Gorwor
    Kelvin Gorwor Month ago

    Great video

  • tonsheshe
    tonsheshe Month ago

    I'm hoping it's another video of her and now she is one of the victims that has come forward in these current charges. If it is the same victim in these tapes then I think, I wonder if they could charge her uncle with anything. We hide sexual abuse and it can be so bad it's generational. If the parents and family covered this up because they wanted to protect her from publicity because of the tape, I could kinda understand, but they couldn't deny what was right before them privately. What I find disgusting is they allowed her to continue to be abused, they profited off her abuse. They failed her as parents and should be considered abusers as well. AS a mother, how do you look in your child's eyes and continue a relationship with her abuser? How they can look in the mirror each day, or look at her and not be reminded that they sacrificed her for fame and fortune. Some of these family members emotionally abused this child, took any sort of help away from her and trapped her... fuck You'd have to kill me, starve me, whatever you want, I am not going to give you my child to abuse. Makes you take a look back at Aaliyah's family, and why he wasn't charged... I guess if you look at who owns R KELLy's music says everything. I believe Aaliyah's uncle and manager at the time and her mother own the rights to his music, this was made public in the past, but I don't have all the research or names.

  • tonsheshe
    tonsheshe Month ago

    He was having sex with her when she was 12, they just don't have a video of it, by the time Lisa got involved this young woman was a victim of his grooming and abuse for 2 years. Imagine sexual abuse is one thing, add family, fame, future... this kid was toast. I pray this young woman finds some peace and love in this world because of 25 years of abuse. This is heartwrenching and hits very close to home You are right, they will pay for their sins...

  • Th3lite
    Th3lite Month ago

    Niece can't sing, what exactly did she want R. Kelly to do?

  • Ea Holmes
    Ea Holmes Month ago

    There was no reason John Legend should have been paid to be in the Lifetime video. I don’t see how RKelly can get a fair trial with the Gayle King interviews.

  • Yvonne White
    Yvonne White Month ago +1

    I have to ask Jesus Christ to help me for the hatred I have for ROBERT POS GAY CHILD MOLESTER SYLVESTER KELLY FOR 25 YEARS

  • Isaiah Paschal
    Isaiah Paschal Month ago

    They Failed Her I pray for the victim.

  • Allison
    Allison Month ago

    I feel sorry for her and all his victims. This abuse of our women started with Saartjie Baartman. Our ancetsors did NOT have this sickness in them, it was groomed into the minds of melanin folks that sexual perversion is "normal" by the Caucasoid. Just facts, not spoken with hate, simply facts. And it's not said to create guilt but Guilt is felt when people run from the responsibility of acknowledging and correcting what was evilly done.

  • Mishyee Chii
    Mishyee Chii Month ago

    Does anyone know the background music?

  • Young boy Dede3x
    Young boy Dede3x Month ago

    Sparkle knew what was up because why wasn’t sparkle staying as well. Because he didn’t want he ugly ass. If you knew all that you should have told her mother you sister. you knew something was right I blame Sparkle

  • Young boy Dede3x
    Young boy Dede3x Month ago

    Money talked than. And he probably stopped paying them now

  • Sharice Thomas
    Sharice Thomas Month ago +1

    How the f you urinate on somebody?? Smdh

  • trenell bullock
    trenell bullock Month ago +2

    If r kelly is charged..the parents should be charged

  • Benisha Harrell
    Benisha Harrell Month ago

    🤔How did Kells become Rashonda God father so quickly the sister and Kells must have gotten close after they got introduced...And if Sparkle told the sis that she heard a rumor why wouldn't the mom look into it..Strange for her to jus blow it off like that if it was Sparkle who introduced them...

  • p m
    p m Month ago

    money sex lies drugs.Lord Jesus paid for all our sins with his compassion love for humans and most of humans are the same one's back in B.C. day's NOTHING change so sad to KNOW Jesus saves all Generation of a lifetime some don't give a dam about LORD JESUS and FATHER GOD all they want is to live like Sodom & Gomorrah

  • Denise Hawkins
    Denise Hawkins Month ago

    you are not god

  • billysodes bill
    billysodes bill Month ago +1

    What he done to that girl in the sex tape is sickening. He demeaned her in every way. He should be jailed forever

  • Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Month ago

    Everybody ain’t a victim is all I’m saying

  • Stephanie Washington

    Hello...Anyone else wonder why video keeps goin down and pauses at dudes junk? Or is that jus me....lol.. 9:35 9:43

  • Stephanie Washington

    How many times hav we heard of the victim protecting the dude? The jury should hav Def took THAT in to concideration. And of course the adults gonna lie they all getting money or fame/work from him.. but 14! People.. sex slave, sparkle, teachers, principal, students, coach, etc.... all said it WAS HER i the video. ..i mean...the chick that was forced to eat her out...dont u think she know what the chicks face looked like and who she was having sex with...come on...i think the jury was at fault they were prob star struck too. Shame on them

  • Jetsetter 1995
    Jetsetter 1995 Month ago +1

    blasting her on the internet is just going to make her life even more difficult tho...isn't that counterproductive ?

  • Morenita NaTURaL
    Morenita NaTURaL Month ago

    this is crazy smh the parents should go down for not protecting their children

  • Kia Venable
    Kia Venable Month ago

    This very sick

  • kagsgirl
    kagsgirl Month ago

    That old ass sweep the molester under the rug shit

    ACTOR DANA JAY Month ago

    Rashawnna is Happily married Nd never was on a tape with robert kelly and also does not live in chicago so please keep ya mouth off of Rashawnna this is harmful and false leading information

    ACTOR DANA JAY Month ago

    This is a lie, please do ya research

  • Brian Powers
    Brian Powers Month ago

    Learn to pronounce the word ASK!! It’s NOT AXE!

  • Jay Barrow
    Jay Barrow Month ago

    So who is the other girl in the group? The older one?

  • Felicia Boles
    Felicia Boles Month ago

    Everybody wanted fame and money

  • MeetTheMitchell Family

    These songs are Horrible but carry on

  • NaNa Nina235
    NaNa Nina235 Month ago

    She probably like it I mean she grown now y she not speaking out

  • Kavalon Gilliam
    Kavalon Gilliam Month ago

    Actually aaliyah family is why he was able to abuse this girl, and I am sure countless others. Aaliyah honored the pact her and R.Kelly made she was a bigger victim than she realized

  • Radiant Renee
    Radiant Renee Month ago

    Them kids could not sing, thank goodness they were not on the radio here in the States

  • ParkViewProductions 414

    Im sorry but for the cause was talentless as fuck

  • Jasani Harrison
    Jasani Harrison Month ago

    Shit the way she was fuckin n takin the dick hmmmm she wanted the dick just as much as kelly did...please she was a thot in the making

  • Jennifer Russell
    Jennifer Russell Month ago

    Sparkle was Jealous of her cousin she wanted R. Kelly for herself.

  • Karla Queen
    Karla Queen Month ago

    other nationalities due to their just slick

  • Kim Ayo
    Kim Ayo Month ago

    Excellent video. We have seen all the rkelly stuff. But this one is the best. Subscribed.

  • Sno' Elle
    Sno' Elle Month ago

    Can the blame shift from their parents to Kelly?

  • Kiara Herrera
    Kiara Herrera Month ago

    So she keeps going back to it ....maybe she likes it? Some people like that kind of shit

  • Angela Hall
    Angela Hall Month ago

    he was found not guilty over her bk in the day ive been saying this i would never let my daughter around him but the parents aunts and uncles should be locked tf up to they pimped them girls out for thr fame snd money and everyrhing yhat comes wit b n famous i think sparkle was in on it now all these years later she feels really bad for her part in it so now speaking out about it

  • D.D. SunGoddess
    D.D. SunGoddess Month ago

    This is gonna sound F'd up but i really don't care...

  • IGuessIt’sOk YungRichBaby

    Why is her face plastered on the thumbnail. There’s a reason her face was blurred. That is opening her up to embarrassment and possibly harassment. Just something to think about.

  • Yolanda shaw
    Yolanda shaw Month ago

    She 🤦😠 😠because he don't want her👿👹😈

  • Reese see
    Reese see Month ago

    Where is she ,Resonda landfair ?

  • Veronica Davis
    Veronica Davis Month ago +8

    So bottom line...this childs parents pimped this girl out to Kelly for money..
    According to Sparkle..she told them..plus they saw the tape but stayed on Kelly's payroll til 2018... So Kelly didn't lie when saying they were given to him..by their parents. All of their sick asses.. need jail time.

  • anthony adolphe
    anthony adolphe Month ago

    Please tell me the track playing slower than normal in the background

    • bob klemens
      bob klemens Month ago

      I ageee man, that track in the background was dope, what is the name of it anyone?

  • P Nutbutta
    P Nutbutta Month ago

    GIVE THEM ALL LIE DETECTOR TESTS FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! SPARKLE SLEPT with him TOO! Pissed she didn’t blow up.... (or that non singing cousin group)...

  • Althea Jones
    Althea Jones Month ago

    You can't just say that you got to blame it on the parents because his story was out there and parents still brought the children to him you know so they need to take blame they need to own the truth and I don't like how come we never did but real is real and truth is truth

  • Definitive1
    Definitive1 Month ago

    Sparkle and her fake ass tears.

  • James Parks
    James Parks Month ago

    Dame all these girls seem to have went to R Kelly wildly or parents push them on him

  • Mila Møønwalker
    Mila Møønwalker Month ago

    Quite reminiscent of "Abducted in Plain Sight". A sick pedo, and a plethora of adults that allowed these girls to be groomed, and molested. Smh.

  • Miraculous Jackson
    Miraculous Jackson Month ago

    She just living her best life smiling with that p p face people have to know who she is they have to give her flat for this b******* so many other women could have been saved not having to go through the drama and the trauma that they went through of her little fast Little Hooker is PP face ass would have just told the truth how that money doing for you now you your mama your brother your father your uncle or y'all going to hell with gasoline drawers on aiding and abetting

  • Miraculous Jackson
    Miraculous Jackson Month ago

    Something doesn't sound right cooperate with authorities who needs your f****** cooperation with 14 people say he f****** a 14 year old what the f*** and was Sparkle keep putting her hand over her mouth it gives me room for pause that's what Liars do

  • Huni Addison
    Huni Addison Month ago

    Yooo dats her from the tape yea r Kelly is done dam shame smh

  • Nutty 414
    Nutty 414 Month ago

    🤔Is this on video & cops got it? Or is this hear say? Cause if evidence is clear-cut on the tape in the hands of authority then if anybody is free still I don't know what to say because how did her own brother do that and he still free and where did you hear this at and where did that information come from that's crazy smh erbody need to be locked up if true including sparkel who also fucked r.kelly & especially Andrea Kelly for being married to him for 11 years and lying and acting like she never saw anything or participated in anything but yet she the one who got a ring on it and Lisa Van Allen need to be locked up to Dominique's Mama lying ass need to be locked up to Asante McGee fraud ass need to be locked up to and plenty more including kellz if they were not legal just saying✔

  • Mawiyah G
    Mawiyah G Month ago +3

    I would have removed my niece. Right away and dared anyone to meet at the police station where I would have taken my niece.

  • BirdTree AppleBee
    BirdTree AppleBee Month ago +1

    Ew they can't sang 🤣🤣🤣

  • Latrice Cardwell
    Latrice Cardwell Month ago

    Ok . Y would she b around this grown ass man !

  • Sarah Simmons
    Sarah Simmons Month ago

    We know the parents was pimping them kids who drop their kids off at a grown man 🏠 and think nothing will happen??? Poor Child that's beyond sick a tape really a tape... How mental could he be...Her whole life is probably ruin

  • Anita Carter
    Anita Carter Month ago

    Sparkle knew what was going on she should blame herself as well as her raggedy ass family

  • Damn She Mean
    Damn She Mean Month ago

    Her family & her really ain’t shit!

  • Tonya Rogers
    Tonya Rogers Month ago

    A Lie can't Live forever

  • Tonya Rogers
    Tonya Rogers Month ago

    If 1 of these girls were white R.Kelly would locked under jail.

  • Tonya Rogers
    Tonya Rogers Month ago +4

    Lucifer was the chief musician in heaven.

  • Jenn Williams
    Jenn Williams Month ago

    Sorry but that group sucked!

  • tangee copeland
    tangee copeland Month ago

    This is terrible.

  • Lexsis Monique
    Lexsis Monique Month ago +4

    Reshonda is beautiful. I hope she’s doing well

  • Breathmedia Breathmedia

    @2:52 of this video, did anyone notice what Sparkle is doing? Stay woke people!

  • Mrs.Nickadeemus
    Mrs.Nickadeemus Month ago +1

    What makes me sick is the fact that her mother and father watched that tape - they watched their little girl get pissed on, and like it was nothing they said that it wasn't her.

  • Abundance Prosperity


  • Venus M.
    Venus M. Month ago

    Them songs worse than Kids bop. 🤣💀😣

  • Adraina Mingo
    Adraina Mingo Month ago +1

    Hell the group couldn’t sing

  • *Reversal Queen*
    *Reversal Queen* Month ago

    That's some freemanson shit to urinate over women too I heard they do that to show control of sex over women it's a nightmare. R Kelly sorry there is too much receipts he need to get ready cause that's the end. And none of those people are famous it's crazy oufff that case smell like trash.