Joe Biden launches first TV ad in Iowa

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • The 60-second ad will be part of a multimedia ad campaign including digital ads.
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Comments • 387

  • John Donne Show
    John Donne Show 5 days ago

    Joe Biden is racist allow invasion of African Nation Libya in 2011. Cause the death 33,000 Allow Arming Al-Qaeda to overthrow Libya Government African Slavery since 2011.

  • Sally Williams
    Sally Williams 13 days ago

    Very effective video. Joe Biden is the best candidate.

  • Daniel Kokal
    Daniel Kokal 14 days ago

    Hello, I'm pretty sure I'm Joe Biden, and they tell me I'm running for President. So I said OK. Barack Obama likes me.
    We were friends. He might even endorse me someday. Vote for me because Donald Trump. Thank you.

  • Sue Copening
    Sue Copening 17 days ago

    From 2016 but still relevant today...

  • Sue Copening
    Sue Copening 17 days ago +1

    Vice presidents are really nothing more than window dressing doing busy work and standing at the ready just in case the President has to step down.
    They don't get involved in the day to day but are used for diplomatic appearances, photo ops and garden parties.
    Obama begged Joe not to run for office and only chose Joe as VP to be a counter balance to his blackness and appease the white voters.
    Joe is a nice guy that corporate America is not threatened by. He was the comedy relief of the Obama administration. He deserves a comfortable retirement and speaking gigs... Not the Presidency.

  • unity love
    unity love 18 days ago

    Oh and some struggling Americans can use some serious help in our country yet you find it more important to spend millions on ads to try and pull at our heart strings..... 😕

  • unity love
    unity love 18 days ago


  • Saiyan Sleek Media
    Saiyan Sleek Media 18 days ago

    Yes Biden is the
    Batman we deserve

  • neohumanity
    neohumanity 19 days ago


  • Chuck Desylva
    Chuck Desylva 19 days ago

  • Vick S
    Vick S 20 days ago +2

    Biden is 1 shade less orange than trump. I am sure we can do better.

  • Dan K. Memes
    Dan K. Memes 20 days ago

    Does this man ever talk about policy substance?

  • Alina Kriutchenko
    Alina Kriutchenko 20 days ago +1

    This advertisement is such a cliche. Why they make it sound so unbelievable...

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 20 days ago

    Awesome add!!! Im def Team Joe!!!!

  • Roger didit
    Roger didit 21 day ago

    Joe "the gaffe" Biden is a bad joke on the American public. What a catastrophe. The ONLY one that's a bigger joke is Bernie "I took my honeymoon in Moscow" Sanders.

  • Squishy Meat
    Squishy Meat 21 day ago +1

    I wouldn't vote for Joe even if he sniff my scalp. Keep that guy away from young girls and women.

  • William Henderson
    William Henderson 21 day ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no comment

  • Halo Halla
    Halo Halla 21 day ago +1

    Joe Biden for President!

    • HAL 9000
      HAL 9000 20 days ago

      Everyone looky here! I finally found someone who is excited about Joe Biden.

  • H L
    H L 21 day ago +2

    Sanders, Gabbard and Yang are all way better than this corporatist schmuck.

  • Dylan Lyons
    Dylan Lyons 21 day ago +3

    Why did a news organization just post a campaign ad for a candidate with no commentary or analysis? Just blantantly promoting the establishment candidate once again....

  • Smitty's Sports and Politics

    Biden 2020!!!

    • HAL 9000
      HAL 9000 20 days ago

      If Joe dies of geriatric issues before the election in 2020, is it then okay to criticize his age?

  • Scott Carter
    Scott Carter 22 days ago +2

    Biden’s declining cognitive ability proves without a doubt that if he faces Trump, we will have four more years of Trump.
    Tulsi 2020!!!

  • jona cla
    jona cla 22 days ago

    Is this ad for real, Joe Biden is a fckn loser, always has been

  • Darkrider
    Darkrider 22 days ago +5

    Sleepy Joe needs to retire from politics and let an actual progressive get into the White House.

    • Darkrider
      Darkrider 13 days ago

      @Sally Williams You have it backwards. Bernie Sanders would get great turnout and wipe the floor with Trump. Biden would get poor turnout and lose.
      Biden is Hillary 2.0, who also lost due to poor voter turnout because she was such a boring candidate.

    • 0IIIIII
      0IIIIII 13 days ago

      Roger didit fact is that liberal states are the wealthiest and most successful in the union. New York, Massachusetts, California, all are doing better than Alabama, Wyoming, Arkansas, etc. NYC, LA, Boston, most major cities are Democratic strongholds, and are wealthy, usually more than the countryside. Liberal policies have a proven track record, the conservative ones don’t. Antifa and homeless don’t speak for the Democrats anymore than the David Duke speaks for the Republicans.
      I believe in the Free Market, so if in immigrant does your job better, you deserve to be replaced. Don’t you believe in economics? And who cares about the unborn?

    • Sally Williams
      Sally Williams 13 days ago

      Put a progressive up for nomination and the orange one will win. That is a losing philosophy.

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit 17 days ago

      @0IIIIII Wealthy? Educated? One minute the leftists are moaning about Capitalism and the "greedy" rich elites, and you're crowing about being wealthy? Now do you live in a bubble of stupidity that you don't know that you have rat infested homeless camps of homeless people defecating and urinating on the sidewalks in San Francisco? That you have Anti-fa, a fascist group of thugs that are busting windows, and setting fires while police are told to stand down in Portland? How about the MANY, MANY near bankrupt blue cities in blue states that are on the verge of collapse? Do you live in a cocoon? Meanwhile, you support the slaughter of the unborn, and the flooding of our country with low wage employees that are putting OUR people out of work, so those "wealthy" can make even more profits! Wake up ya dope.

    • 0IIIIII
      0IIIIII 17 days ago

      Roger didit if the nation was as wealthy and educated as Portland or San Francisco it would be a better country. Don’t know what cancer you’re referring to

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 22 days ago

    "Come on Moses, let my people go!" Your generation, isn't here anymore. The younger dumber DemRats have taken over the asylum. You're toooooo old mate.

  • Catherine3385
    Catherine3385 23 days ago

    Not going back to the Obama years

  • Israel Escobedo
    Israel Escobedo 23 days ago +2

    Status quo Joe.

  • PHTX
    PHTX 23 days ago

    Berniebros are triggered by the first ad of the next US president.

    • PHTX
      PHTX 23 days ago

      @Space Junk Blah blah blah. OH Predictive Insights has released a new poll today, showing Biden the only Dem winning in Arizona. That along with him the only winning candidate in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

    • Space Junk
      Space Junk 23 days ago

      you do realizing polling shows Bernie is the one candidate who would decisively beat Trump, right? Biden's edge at winning, is an edge to win the democratic nomination, NOT the general. Bernie is the only candidate polling substantially higher versus Trump, he is the safe bet, Biden is the gamble. you can google it

    • Space Junk
      Space Junk 23 days ago

      are you actually a Biden fan, and if so, LOL

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling 23 days ago +2

    Even if he remains the front runner I predict that age related health issues will keep him from going much past the end of the year. He just doesn't have it in him physically (mentally he never did). Some people age faster than others and Joe is aging very fast.

  • Arian Targaryen
    Arian Targaryen 24 days ago +3

    Don't forget everyone. Poor kids are just as smart as white kids! 😉

  • Antwort Mir
    Antwort Mir 24 days ago +1

    Please, any candidate, but neither Trump nor Biden in 2020. Trump is a fool. Joe Biden is too weak, look him in the face, look at his face, he himself knows best. No offense, Joe. Do the right thing, retire, pull back! Enjoy the rest of your life!

  • rolback
    rolback 24 days ago +2

    Joe No Message Biden on another failed campaign for President. Joe your white privilege can only carry you so far, time to check into assisted living.

  • Lamont Cranston INC.
    Lamont Cranston INC. 24 days ago +1

    DNC candidates... Joe touches little girls Pete touches little boys on giant slides Harris swallows Booker too and the way they are eating each other up they will have to change the name of the party from DNC to the Donner party

  • The Four Fats
    The Four Fats 24 days ago +2

    even the narrator sounds like he's 80 years old...

  • Thomas
    Thomas 24 days ago +1

    So, they will be playing all the candidates first ads right??

  • Bianca Maidher
    Bianca Maidher 24 days ago

    Joe 2020 Joe 2020 Joe 2020

  • mixmastaart
    mixmastaart 24 days ago +10

    "Strong. Steady. Stable.
    As long as it's before 5PM."

  • Geeks andTechs
    Geeks andTechs 25 days ago +1

    I’m here for the troll comments- the people that prefer Bernie or Warren who are in 3rd and 4th place. Um dum@$$es if they can’t beat Biden they can’t beat Trump. Simple math

  • David Z
    David Z 25 days ago +1

    Hmmm, no mention of his Ukraine and China connections that enriched his family...

  • Crewmax42
    Crewmax42 25 days ago +5

    Even his wife thinks he's meh!

  • What was that???
    What was that??? 25 days ago

    "These people are stupid". -Q

  • Michele Fiorese
    Michele Fiorese 25 days ago +2

    Vote for me because Obama

  • Connor Perrin
    Connor Perrin 25 days ago +1

    Obamacare has been universally condemned

  • Kneedeepinbluebells
    Kneedeepinbluebells 25 days ago

    Keep America GREAT Already ! TRUMP 2020, 2024.2428 ...

  • Carmine Dome
    Carmine Dome 25 days ago +1

    Oh know we have to stop white people from carrying tiki torches!

  • DrSourPurp
    DrSourPurp 25 days ago +4

    Lol... such trash. This ad is straight up out of the 80s or something. Bernie 2020.

  • bluhmer1990
    bluhmer1990 25 days ago +7

    There was not a millisecond of policy in that entire ad.

    • bluhmer1990
      bluhmer1990 22 days ago

      @Michael Schaefer That's not true. You hear it from hypocritical neocons all the time.

    • Michael Schaefer
      Michael Schaefer 22 days ago

      Two words you haven't heard in DC in a while: bipartisanship and budget.

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May 25 days ago

    BIDEN: Delusional Graduate of Killary's School of Despicable Liars. Post Graduate studies at Epstein's Academy if Pedophilia, evidently with honors. Even his wife told everybody they need to swallow. She's been hearing that from the old creep for years.

  • ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 25 days ago +2

    Joe Biden exported 7 million American jobs overseas in Corporate-written Trade Deals. LOL

  • FBI
    FBI 25 days ago +5

    Please everyone convince your parents and grandparents that Joe Biden is not the one to win this

  • Ian J
    Ian J 25 days ago +1

    How uninspiring

    • Space Junk
      Space Junk 23 days ago

      hey you know what they say... a depressed electorate, hands republicans the victory. very sneaky CBS, getting away with campaigning for Trump, without having to be seen campaigning for Trump!

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite 25 days ago +2

    Anybody remember a shampoo years ago called "Gee your hair smells terrific" ? Not sure why Biden reminds me of that?????

  • MoonaticDestiny
    MoonaticDestiny 25 days ago +2

    Strong. Steady. Old. Rich. White. Powerful.

    • HAL 9000
      HAL 9000 20 days ago +1

      @Catherine3385 Toxic white male: wikidictionary has sniffy Joe's pic for the definition.

    • Catherine3385
      Catherine3385 23 days ago

      color doesn't mater

  • Alon Mercer
    Alon Mercer 25 days ago +1

    Lol at the stock footage.

  • Siony Bana
    Siony Bana 25 days ago +1

    As a citizen who will cast a vote for President,in 2020 would certainly chose somebody who accomplished beyond serving his country and a Washington insider , but somebody who.will keep the economy strong for our children and grandchildren future.

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict 25 days ago

    The democratic base will probably come out in strong numbers, no matter who runs. - But Biden won't excite the INDEPENDENTS, nor get them to the polls. - And that's exactly who will decide election.
    (Along with Vladmir Putin & Moscow Mitch.) If corporate-loving Biden wins the primary, Trump wins & this country is finished.

    • cableaddict
      cableaddict 23 days ago

      @Space Junk Very true.

    • Space Junk
      Space Junk 23 days ago

      it is not just the independents, most democratic-leaning people don't vote, if everyone voted, republicans would hardly ever win. a lot of people just only vote when "energized," because the candidate is, i dont know, wildly popular like Bernie Sanders... but then they don;t show up when it's sleepy Joe, because for all people claim to be logical beings, we base most of our decisions on emotions, and it feels bad to go vote for some sleepy old melanin-deficient cretin, when you could just sleep in

  • Russian Troll
    Russian Troll 25 days ago

    Biden is a corrupt corporate shill. If you vote for Creepy Joe then you must be an idiot. Joe wants to grope and sniff America. Take a long nap Joe.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 25 days ago +1

    Baby boomers are going to lose us another election.

  • Joseph Ballerini
    Joseph Ballerini 25 days ago +5

    Go to JOE!.... 3 0.... 33...0

    • Space Junk
      Space Junk 23 days ago +1

      LOL thanks for reminding me of that

  • Lorenz Müller
    Lorenz Müller 25 days ago +1

    Gotta admit this is a strong ad!!!!