Call Me By Your Name - Movie Review


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  • CarmenPHE
    CarmenPHE 6 days ago

    I am now reading the book and yeah, in the book too, you, as a reader, don't get to know much about the characters, you don't get to know things about their past or what they do when they are not in Italy, what they do when their lives go back to "normal". And I guess the author wanted to do that, maybe it's somehow related to that San Clemente Syndrome. The characters are in that small world of their and you don't get to know how they are when they aren't there, especially when it comes to Oliver. Even Elio says that Oliver won't talk about his past.

  • Leslie Rosado
    Leslie Rosado 7 days ago

    That movie is A +

  • Thoschei
    Thoschei 7 days ago

    This is one of my favourite movies I've seen. And look, I don't like romance movies, so this was a first one for me. ^^'

  • Clay Crei
    Clay Crei 10 days ago

    The lack of obstacles or antagonist/villain makes this movie even more beautiful. It's like a breath of fresh air. This movie makes us witness what true love really means. Love knows no gender. Love is unconditional. Love wins.

  • Space Tyrell
    Space Tyrell 12 days ago

    I think it was great that we didn't learn too much about them. Being "at arms length" is precisely the emotion that drives the film forward. Its about youthful naive desire. The kind that you want, the connection you want - but cant attain and, don't know how to attain. All those moments of realism where nothing seems to be happening are actually the moments where our desires are founded in life. They don't happen during or after the fact, they happen before. That is the nature of desire.
    The acting is incredible.

  • Heidi S
    Heidi S 19 days ago

    I noticed that you most often tend to bring negativity when reviewing, even if the movie was impeccable. Bye the way, your review was NOT inclusive, and I give it B-.

  • Fer.Chairez
    Fer.Chairez 26 days ago

    wow thank you for the recommandation i love gay movies like this...

  • robert elder
    robert elder 28 days ago

    The movie was perfection to me as a gay man! First love omg so many tears. The music just perfection! I must say I have so much faith that Luca Guadagnino vision for his upcoming release, November 2nd, Suspiria will be nothing less then a masterpiece. Luca will bring all new meaning to the term remake! Call Me By Your Name should have won all the awards at the Oscars! Gems like this are very rare now days. Love your review!! And I subscribed to your channel!


    CMBYN has this perception in which you feel as though you’re absorbed and immersed in the film. Hammer and Chalamet’s portrayal of the characters was extremely captivating that it felt authentic and not just simple acting. Additionally, I happen to believe that there were faint obstacles involved in this film- which was Elio’s reluctance of admitting to his feelings towards Oliver prior to confessing them later on. Overall, this movie was prominent in such a way that as a result, the audience will feel attached to not only the timeline and the setting, but also the characters.

    Both actors deserve an oscar.

  • Animaniac
    Animaniac Month ago

    Just searched review for this movie and was so fucking excited to see you did one!!

  • Gisselle Ellington
    Gisselle Ellington Month ago

    I disagree with the "more obstacles" thing because that would just make it any average movie or book. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have heard the reviews and almost everybody explains how they felt like they were there in the movie, and if they added more information about the characters and more obstacles that'd just be ripping that away and taking away the uniqueness of the film.

  • Lawrence Gonzales
    Lawrence Gonzales Month ago

    But the heartache in the end is thousand folds heavier than obstacles!

  • Wizardporn2008
    Wizardporn2008 Month ago

    Good movie overall, but the ending left me feeling sort of empty. I would’ve preferred if the last scene was the train scene, and Elio said something like “don’t forget me” then Oliver said “like I could”

  • tyler jackson
    tyler jackson Month ago

    A truly incredible film, the reason what makes this film very different to others and so special, is that it has nothing to do with being gay. This movie gets the point across that sexuality and gender doesn’t matter in the slightest, it’s just about love, two men, two people who fell in love.

  • Movie Reviews
    Movie Reviews Month ago

    Such a beautiful movie...

  • Yana Petruk
    Yana Petruk Month ago +2

    People talking about pedophilia. google the word pedophilia. Literary that’s what’s said there - Pedophilia, or paedophilia, is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Wikipedia
    Then google a prepubescent child. prepubescent (and sometimes child) is a term for boys and girls who have not developed secondary sex characteristics, while preadolescent is generally defined as those ranging from age 10 to 13 years. Preadolescence may also be defined as the period from 9 to 14 years.
    Elio is 17 !!!!!!!!!, and fucked girls so he’s sexually active. The age of consent in Italy is 14. Oliver is 24. The actors are 22 and 31. What is your problem with that??? Nobody forces anyone in the movie. The problem is just in your heads. You don’t see any problems with the characters from Dirty Dancing, and still the character of Baby is 16, but the guy who is with her is 24.

  • Hammad B.
    Hammad B. 2 months ago

    Dude do a review of Brokeback Mountain... it a a beautiful movie

  • James McGee
    James McGee 2 months ago

    Marius and Armand(vampire chronicles)

  • Meggy15
    Meggy15 2 months ago +2

    There aren't supposed to be hardships beyong time and historical context. It's just a story about two people who fall in love over the summer and grew because of it.
    By the way, that simplicity is what took the script so long to be produced. People wanted a ''bay guy'' and ''obstacles''. I think some producers wanted the mom to be against it (which would have been cheap as fuck), or something, but thankfully they remained loyal to the story they wanted to tell. And honestly, it is that simplicity that remainded me that I need to make a pause on Hollywood movies for a while and watch other stuff.

  • FrizFroz
    FrizFroz 2 months ago

    Elio's dad's speech at the end of the movie bumped it up an entire grade for me. Perhaps the most heartfelt, poignant and important monologue in film in 2017.

  • suzycreamcheesez
    suzycreamcheesez 3 months ago

    TC should've won the Golden Globe and the Oscar

  • Book and Movie Impressions

    Chiagneva Sempe ca durmeva sola,
    Mo dorme co´ li muorte accompagnata
    She always wept because she slept alone
    Now she sleeps among the dead.
    I can, from the distance of years now , still think I´m hearing the voices of two young men singing these words in Neapolitan toward daybreak, neither realizing, as they held each other and kiss each other again and again on the dark lanes of old Rome, that this was the last night they would ever make love again,
    “tomorrow lets go to San Clemente” I said
    “tomorrow is Today “ he replied
    ………………… from the most heart breaking lines from the Book call me by your Name by Andre Aciman
    one should watch the film first before buying the book because part 2 was in the book. chapter 4 ghost spots

    • Grebanche
      Grebanche 2 months ago

      Yes, I agree Movie First before book.

  • DeathCreationist
    DeathCreationist 3 months ago

    A brilliant movie. The ending scene is just brilliantly shot.

    URCHIN SAM 3 months ago

    Very disappointing review. This movie really sucks for me as a gay guy

      URCHIN SAM 3 months ago

      Only if Chris asked me himself

    • AkizaVesper
      AkizaVesper 3 months ago

      Would you care to elaborate?

  • Ethan J. Cagney
    Ethan J. Cagney 3 months ago +3

    Anybody care for a peach?

  • rcloud
    rcloud 3 months ago +2

    Sounds like you want to change this beautiful, unique movie to a boring, predicable ones we have seen thousand times! - faster, more obstacles and know everything about Oliver.??.. a typical Hollywood film with no feelings!

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    I feel that many people are uncomfartable with the slow pace of some movies because we are used to a particular structure, a fast pace and stereotipical characters

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez 3 months ago

    It felt real that's why I didn't think it was boring

  • James Foster
    James Foster 3 months ago

    Great movie and the father talking to his son without forcing him to reveal anything was very powerful.

  • tuhin shaikh
    tuhin shaikh 3 months ago

    A would be better

  • Andy Fischer - NOAA Federal

    Nice review.
    The lack of a so-called obstacle is one of many reasons I loved the movie. No homophobia, and no sexual self-doubt to speak of aside from that a typical adolescent like Elio might experience; we have enough gay films with those obstacles as is... and it was refreshing to see one, esp set nearly 35 years ago, without any of that as per Moonlight, Brokeback mountain, Soldiers girl, etc etc.
    The only obstacle was time. It was a love story, particularly one told involving the viewpoint of someone falling in love for the first time ever--part of what makes it so universal. (And as a bonus, the openness of Elio's parents, and accordingly the wisdom/sweetness Mr. Pearlman's closing monologue, was an absolute treat; I'm sure plenty of LGBT viewers wished they had grown up with such "liberal" parents). It was perfect.

  • 5850terry
    5850terry 3 months ago

    They said the flies had no meaning just that the flies had been thick all the time they were there.

  • I'm Oh' Sam
    I'm Oh' Sam 3 months ago

    That's why indie film like this looks so much realistic. So excited for the sequels though. 2020! :'(

  • I'm Oh' Sam
    I'm Oh' Sam 3 months ago

    Is it me or this guy in the video looks a bit of Chris Pratt?

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 4 months ago +1

    Call Me By Your Name is a romantic dream-over in a summer. Moonlight is a real, horrifying telling of like twenty years of a man’s life. Loved them both, do not think Call Me needs conflict. And don’t forget the gorgeous music! 🎶

    • Grebanche
      Grebanche 2 months ago +1

      Michael Cain Futile Devices

  • Aaron Osborne
    Aaron Osborne 4 months ago

    After watching this film, my support for LGBT has went above and beyond.

  • John Hubschmitt
    John Hubschmitt 4 months ago

    there is a lot of airiculture there ..lUCA FINALLY SAID AT ONE OF HIS INTERVEIWS THAT THERE A lOT OF FIELDS COVERED WITH Manure ergo winter they try to get into warmer houses androom

  • SoldierofPeace
    SoldierofPeace 4 months ago

    Excellent review!!

  • Joohee Lee
    Joohee Lee 4 months ago

    Great review. But i thought you talk about fly means. i know the director refused talk about the fly. But the fly shows up in many scenes.
    I think what the fly means is that Elio thinks of Oliver. For people the fly is a nuisance and unwanted thing. I dont know he ignore or didnt recognized about fly. But when the fly show up, elio is alone and think about oliver. Like when you love someone, you’ll only think about someone. I think the fly is object to show elio’s thinking. That thinking is oliver.

  • Viola Ren
    Viola Ren 4 months ago

    I love that there weren't many obstacles, it made the movie so light and nice to watch. Finally, a movie that isn't too dramatic. I feel like with the lgbt thing as well it's important to show that being gay doesn't need to be hard. Every movie that has a lgbtq+ person is always dramatic and stuff, which does portray reality for many, if not most queer people, but it's good to show that it can and should be very normal too. I feel like the movie would have been almost exactly the same with any relationship, because although the characters are confronting their sexuality, they are mostly just trying to tell each other how they feel, as in any relationship. This might be my favourite movie yet, I love it and I'll probably re-watch it whenever I have the chance.

  • emaxjane
    emaxjane 4 months ago

    Plz the death cure

  • Yvonne Kramer
    Yvonne Kramer 4 months ago +1

    This movie is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't celebrate padophilia like all of you here do (maybe, I just read the comments)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The 17-year old boy (maybe just turned 17 a day before; we don't know) and this 35 year-old man????
    No way I can accept this movie for one second...
    All this love and power games Oliver is playing with the feelings of that boy...
    Like 'see you later' and than he stays away the hole day (and night) without sayind a word..
    The clothes of the boy are always too big, so that we can see HE IS REALLY YOUNG..
    I can talk for hours over this topic, but I don't have all the english words to explain it!!!
    Mark: F-
    THIS FILM HAS TO BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rain73ful
    rain73ful 4 months ago

    It was a wonderful movie. I'm glad I got to see it!

  • Samantha Hart
    Samantha Hart 4 months ago

    I love this film so much

  • Luis Pérez
    Luis Pérez 4 months ago

    What does the fly mean?

  • Hansel Thepedo
    Hansel Thepedo 4 months ago

    25 year old fucks a 17 year old. - The movie

  • C G
    C G 4 months ago

    hype hype hype....worlds most boring movie.

  • Valen Tini
    Valen Tini 4 months ago

    Yes, it's a bit a slow and there's not much dialogue which is not very common. I feel like that's what makes you feel like you're in the story and, to me, it made me feel like I was in Elio's head.

  • Dayemon Blackfyre
    Dayemon Blackfyre 4 months ago

    In this movie, like in life, the only real villain is time.

  • DebrisGrant
    DebrisGrant 4 months ago

    no, Chris, it's not the film's problem, it's yours.

  • DebrisGrant
    DebrisGrant 4 months ago

    stop. didn't you just said it was boring? omg that was the most beautiful movie probably of the year! I think Chris is just not as into deep stuff as he wants to seem

  • Dylan Defrain
    Dylan Defrain 4 months ago

    Finally saw it, I love it, This movie made me extremely happy for some’s not even that uplifting of a movie but it just put me in a great mood

  • Antonio Yazzie
    Antonio Yazzie 4 months ago

    an A *MINUS*???

  • Nikolas Harris
    Nikolas Harris 4 months ago

    please change that damned intro

  • Max Samulka
    Max Samulka 4 months ago

    Call me by OUR name because we’re in communist Russia

  • Nana Sakvarelidze
    Nana Sakvarelidze 4 months ago +1

    This movie is not about obstacles. It does not need drama. And this movie is A+

  • Christopher Kendel
    Christopher Kendel 4 months ago

    I just thought the presence of the flies was due to Elio being a sweaty, horny teenager during a damp summer in northern Italy. Makes sense to me.
    I went to see this movie today and I’ve gotta say; This movie is an sensual treat. It’s as erotic as it is moving. There is nothing wrong with calling it a gay-themed movie because it is. The characters’ sexuality might be fluid and ambiguous but the movie definitely speaks in defense of having homoerotic urges and that indulging in them is a blessing.

  • Ocean Water
    Ocean Water 4 months ago

    Wait...a movie about statutory rape that was lauded by Hollywood during the Kevin Spacey scandal? Ironic.

  • Muhammad Pope
    Muhammad Pope 4 months ago

    This movie was just uninteresting to me. Ignoring the politics of it. This was just some average fucking romance movie. La la land or broke back mountain are great because it’s about more than just the romance. This movie has nothing outside of the romance, and it just didn’t work for me. It seemed that the extent of the relation ship, was elio trying to fuck and Oliver teasing him, they really didn’t have any chemistry and I found so many of the scenes just repetitive.
    John wick would be a real boring movie if you weren’t into the action, and that’s how this movie is to me.
    And that’s ignoring that the total premise and direction in this movie is super fucking creepy.

  • Allyson Racadio
    Allyson Racadio 4 months ago

    Chris, the book gives so much more depth to the characters, especially Elio. It's well worth reading.

  • Juan Jose Pineda
    Juan Jose Pineda 5 months ago

    Why did everyone see flies and I didn't maybe it was my resulution on a 32 inches tv. I do have HDMI cord. But the movie was do good.

  • OutAtSea
    OutAtSea 5 months ago +1

    Fucking pedophiles. This is why Hollywood is dying.

    • MelficeN7
      MelficeN7 4 months ago

      jusops4dacops wazy
      What a stupid way to look at things, I bet you think if an underage person takes nude pictures of themselves they are committing a crime. And I'm not trying to defend anybody you dumb fuck I'm just saying that it shouldn't as simple as you put it. A 19 year shouldn't have his/her life ruined just because of having sex with a 17 year old. But anyway go fuck yourself.

    • OutAtSea
      OutAtSea 4 months ago +1

      MelficeN7 Here I'll make it simple for you, wait until they're 18. Little boys are turning 18 every day, go prey on them.

    • OutAtSea
      OutAtSea 4 months ago +1

      MelficeN7 Pederasty is pederasty no matter which way you cut it. One day, one year... Doesn't matter. A 18 yo is old enough to make their own decisions, but at 17 your still a minor. Can't give you pedophiles an inch, because of course you sick fucks will take a mile.

    • MelficeN7
      MelficeN7 4 months ago

      jusops4dacops wazy
      What a stupid thing to say, shit it's not that simple and you know it. It's not like you turn 18 and suddenly you become an adult, one fucking day it's all what it takes for you to be ok with this...

    • OutAtSea
      OutAtSea 4 months ago

      MelficeN7and, yes I would be fine with it.

  • Amir H. Sade
    Amir H. Sade 5 months ago

    Indeed, it is unbelievable in every sense that this film got all the attention it did! This movie has absolutely nothing to offer... The story is flat and the love between the two unmatched characters is very unappealing, even the sex scenes seem unsexy and tasteless. This film is shallow, empty of substance, miscast with mismatched and ONE dimensional characters. It is poorly directed with one detached, meaningless scene after another with pretentious but terrible dialogue, even with an Oscar to its credit, yet it lacks any dramatic elements of a "best picture nominee"... We have seen too many: bad "coming of age" and bad "gay teen love stories" that portray practically one thing and one thing only. There is tremendous depth going through first love, insecurities, sexual discovery and fears at the time of adolescence, immaturity and sensitivity... But capturing an easy "good life" in "gorgeous Italy" in a "good era" of the 80s does NOT make this a five star movie, not even two as the movie fails to deliver ANYTHING "Sublime" about its subject matter. Nothing profound is here given the under developed characters who suffer no obstacles nor challenge any personal, social, or even spiritual struggles... Most of the reviews here on Amazon must be by those of the same generation, identifying with the characters, and that's perhaps "this generation" has NOT seen anything better than all the action hero movies filled with expensive CGI and artificial explosive sets. Thus, watching a "natural" movie with two free spirited guys without any worries in the world they inhabit, bicycling in a meadow, having a summer of fun must be a WOW...! It is rather sad that most movie goers in the US do not get exposed to great art movies from around the world. so, when Call Me By Your Name comes around it get huge media attention it certainly does not deserve.
    The screenwriter, James Ivory of formally Merchant Ivory, has done phenomenal, remarkable work in the past, (Remains Of The Day, Howards End, A Room with a View, and Maurice, to name a few) and never won any Oscar. But finally to win for such a poor-in-substance, insignificant, small work, makes one suspect he was given the honor only to acknowledge all his previous wonderful films- and NOT for Call Me By Your Name, and this is very typical of The Academy to do so... Call Me By Your Name is among many bad gay films which depict only certain age and type of character, and it belongs to the same list as those C-Rated films which directly goes to DVD release without the general release. Don't kill two hours of precious life on something totally forgettable...

    PEPSEP 5 months ago

    Does it not bother anyone that this is about a predator pedophile? the kid is 17 he is 24. Why is this ok.

    • Thomas Hall
      Thomas Hall 4 months ago +2

      the movie and book are both set in italy. the age of consent in italy is 14. ergo, not pedophilia.

  • jakey abrams.
    jakey abrams. 5 months ago

    Not much in the way of character development? Are you kidding me?

  • suisiruy
    suisiruy 5 months ago

    why is impossible to find a negative review about this childish movie?

  • xX VintageVlogs
    xX VintageVlogs 5 months ago

    Watched this today. It was so good. I love it so much. The ending made me want to cry.
    So good. 💕

  • Aryann Gourcuff
    Aryann Gourcuff 5 months ago

    Fair. 👍🏼

  • pour thesoup
    pour thesoup 5 months ago

    Im going to say "Call me by your name, and i'll call you by mine" the first time I do it

  • Matt P.
    Matt P. 5 months ago

    I feel like if you or anyone for that matter read the book, a lot of your unanswered questions would be resolved

  • TubeYou
    TubeYou 5 months ago

    The obstacles were all theirs - and these can be the most difficult to reconcile obstacles

  • Scott saunders
    Scott saunders 5 months ago

    The lack of obstacles is what makes this a gem of a gay themed film.

  • SansaStark LadyofWinterfell

    You should review Carol that movie is simply a cinematic masterpiece.

  • daft2hans
    daft2hans 5 months ago +1

    This is basically Boku no pico

  • daft2hans
    daft2hans 5 months ago


  • Raed Jibrail
    Raed Jibrail 5 months ago

    Succinct, well thought out and informative review. - thank you.

  • awesome420ication
    awesome420ication 5 months ago

    A+. Michael Stuhlbarg's monologue wrecked me.

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Bangtan Sonyeondan 5 months ago

    Can someone please explain to me the meaning of the phrase " call me by your name and i'll call you by mine" ??

  • Will Chin
    Will Chin 5 months ago +1

    it's funny you mentioned that you'd wish to know more about the characters, cos that will be explored in the sequel....

  • Capn Phuktard
    Capn Phuktard 5 months ago

    Homo extravaganza..So tired of all the pole smokers

    • cartmann227
      cartmann227 2 months ago

      Capn Phuktard what is a pole smoker?

  • Ally
    Ally 5 months ago

    Uh your idea of the meaning behind the fly is interesting. But if you're from those places in Italy you just know that especially in the summer they are full of flies and bees, so I think it's just part of the natural environment they wanted to leave authentic

  • RAEB01B
    RAEB01B 5 months ago

    Excellent review. This movie should have won Oscars.

  • Yasemin BAHAR
    Yasemin BAHAR 5 months ago

    it seemed shallow due to slow pace and lack of knowledge about the characters until towards the end (dad speech etc.)

  • Mads D
    Mads D 5 months ago

    It actually sounds kind of boring.

  • Fsk
    Fsk 5 months ago

    It is an Art House film... it is supposed to be a rule breaker.

    • Fsk
      Fsk 5 months ago

      Well, allowed to be...

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D 5 months ago

    This movie was dead boring. Like Chris said, I cared nothing for them.

  • Theyn Smith
    Theyn Smith 5 months ago

    What did you think about the pedophilia in this movie?

    • M M
      M M 5 months ago

      The movie talks about Elio, who is italian. For him the age of consent 17! Concerning Oliver: he portarys someone who is 21!!

  • Matthew Spinazze
    Matthew Spinazze 5 months ago

    This movie was boring as fuck

  • Sophia miles
    Sophia miles 5 months ago

    I saw this moving yesterday and throughly enjoyed it - I felt quite moved and i 100% agree with what you said about feeling like you were there. Whilst watching it, it reminded me of those long dreamy summers i had when i was a kid, when your days were endless and almost uneventful some days - it got me thinking about my first loves and those deep emotions which are quite startling and overwhelming. Utterly charmed and relatable in a weird way, cos i'm neither gay nor a man. A- from me too

  • Alisa H.
    Alisa H. 5 months ago

    Am I literally the only one who didn’t like it? The aesthetics and acting were great but the story had me so confused. The relationship just happened and some shots and scenes lingered way to long. Just my opinion but I can’t be alone in this.

  • Ranja Ranja
    Ranja Ranja 5 months ago +1

    I think it is wise to mention that the film is extracted from the book and the director wanted to remain faithful to the storyline and therefore maybe that's why we didn't see any obstacles in the movie besides the fact that time was not enough for these two to be together as they wanted to which is the most realistic obstacle in my opinion. I mean who didn't feel that they met the right person at a wrong time in their life, i know i did and that's what makes the movie relatable and the painful ending accessible for everybody who watches it.

  • Short Emotion
    Short Emotion 5 months ago

    This movie follows ALL THE CONVENTIONS of the romance genre.
    The Inciting Incident happens in the first scene: boy meets girl (in this case boy meets boy).
    The question is: they will get together by the end of the film? (that question allways happen in romance films).
    There is no villain because it would be forced. But in mine opinion, family and girls in this film work as villains, just to add some type of suspense/drama.
    Also, lets not forget, both characters work as villains for one another.
    The suspense in Call me by your name it's traditional "when they gonna kiss eachother?" He will find out that i like him? And so on.
    Romance films, most of the time, don't have cliché villains. Work can work as a villain. Like in Revolutionary Road.

  • Adam Romero
    Adam Romero 5 months ago


  • cristian alvarez
    cristian alvarez 5 months ago +1

    i must disagree and say this movie was anything but romantic. It was the same thing you always see in gay films, two guys who wanna fuck and eventually they fuck, oh and then woops im getting married and letting the character know in the last five minutes of this. honestly, the movie was horrid, it was almost as bad as the cliche ridden Moonlight.

  • Heather Lorenca
    Heather Lorenca 5 months ago +2

    I love both of your interpretations of what the flies could mean. I noticed them too but never thought to look into them like you did, awesome. would love to hear your other interpretations of subtle things in this film, its got to be one of my favorites. I love how it doesn't follow the rules like you mention, and the slow buildup really does put the audience into that lazy summer right there with the characters, which allows the relationship between them to be the focus. your critique is spot on too, i would've liked to have felt more attachment to the characters.

  • El Gingersnap
    El Gingersnap 5 months ago

    I hated this movie. Random moments and transitions made up the first hour and then all the sudden they have a relationship and his parents already know he's bi/ many conversations weren't filmed that would added a lot to the development. Completely dissapointed. The lgbtq community didn't need another sad film. 😧

  • Jamie Cant
    Jamie Cant 5 months ago

    I agree with you 99% of the time but your need for more obstacles in this movie basically contradicts what you say about this movies complete originality and searing realism. I absolutely loved the fact that a movie about two homosexual characters played out so casually and therefore more believably. Most gay romance movies these days (or romance movies in general) always require a hardship in either the central relationship or the characters personal lives, and the fact that this movie strays away from that for a considerably more grounded approach keeps it from becoming mainstream and cliched and is one of the reasons I love it so much.

  • Emanuele Sbrocchi
    Emanuele Sbrocchi 5 months ago +1

    I guess the director didn't put any obstacles to their story because he wanted to make homosexuality look like normal . Guadagnino made this story looks like a common love story , that's why no one tries to stop them. And i guess this is the purpose of the movie: to make gay people look like normal people.
    Sorry for my english😬

  • EddieTheMoonChild
    EddieTheMoonChild 5 months ago

    I agree on most of what you say, but I think it would have broken the whole concept if there had been more obstacles for the two. The point was to show love without anything or anyone fighting against it. The point was to have a queer movie that is just pure love between two people.

  • krigilv
    krigilv 5 months ago

    Sorry, isn't this film technically promoting paedophilia?

    • M M
      M M 5 months ago

      The movie talks about Elio, who is italian. For him the age of consent is 17! Concerning Oliver: he portarys someone who is 21!!