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  • Published on Aug 14, 2018
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    QUESTION OF THE DAY - Do you think Ben Affleck will be Batman in the new Matt Reeves film? Answer here:
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Comments • 224

  • Ethel Gipson
    Ethel Gipson 8 months ago

    I think Ben Affleck will still be Batman their going to pick a younger actor to play Batman.

  • Albert Davila
    Albert Davila 8 months ago

    I just read he is going through a hard time
    with addiction

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill 9 months ago

    Yeah I'm gonna go watch that trailer See ya

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury 9 months ago +1

    the last star trek movie was a great movie. It has a far different way its filmed (than Star Wars) I thought the story line was also amazing

  • Jonas Blane II
    Jonas Blane II 9 months ago +2

    Daredevil season 2 was bashed considerably.

    • Haroon Sadiq
      Haroon Sadiq 9 months ago

      Jonas Blane II: Yeah a definite step down from the first season.

  • Tiyana Huggins
    Tiyana Huggins 9 months ago +1

    Worst Batman ever

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency 9 months ago +1

    The movie Flashpoint would be a great excuse/way/reason for a DCEU reboot but seems that that project is out the window. I wanted to see Thomas Wayne Batman!!!!

  • Steve Day
    Steve Day 9 months ago +1

    So John..... Why would DC just not go ahead and announce who Batman will be? I mean if at this point they don't know, then, well, its doomed anyway..... or its 5 years away.

  • Les Anderson jr
    Les Anderson jr 9 months ago are welcome Campea

  • Les Anderson jr
    Les Anderson jr 9 months ago

    Just because someone agrees with everything doesn't mean they shouldn't watch, that is ridiculous. You just said you and Robert agree, it is fun, but it more fun when you disagree. So it can still be fun for people to watch. Not everyone has someone who they agree with so it is nice to know there are people out there they agree to on most or all things

  • Devon Murphy
    Devon Murphy 9 months ago +2

    yes i believe ben affleck will be in the new matt reeves trilogy

    • The Nino
      The Nino 9 months ago +1

      Devon Murphy i hope your right man, affleck is great!!

  • Fernando Yache
    Fernando Yache 9 months ago

    YEAH.. so happy u still using Share the Meal , I started to use you coz of you John!

  • Benny Nunn
    Benny Nunn 9 months ago

    bleeding out of your ears and what ever.

  • tom Phillips
    tom Phillips 9 months ago +3

    Affleck will not be in this movie

  • Giorgos Patras
    Giorgos Patras 9 months ago +3

    The ben affleck the best batman for ever.2 keaton 3kilmer......not batman bale end west... the bes of the best batman ben affleck......return ben affleck..not affleck not good batman

  • Rawtaa85
    Rawtaa85 9 months ago +2

    The Green Book is definitely looking like a best picture oscar!

  • William Erazo
    William Erazo 9 months ago

    Weller will do it

  • William Erazo
    William Erazo 9 months ago

    I like it when reduce instead of fillers

  • sirmoonslosthismind
    sirmoonslosthismind 9 months ago

    as usual, the question of the day and its available answers are too simplistic. i have no idea what people are supposed to answer if they think that affleck could be one of at least two actors playing batman in the movie, whether due to a "wonder woman" style quick framing scene or something more substantial.

  • Eric Summerset
    Eric Summerset 9 months ago

    What are the other 2 movies on your list?

  • bossdog bossdog
    bossdog bossdog 9 months ago +1

    Original character star trek without a kirk? Im not seeing it.

    • remliqa
      remliqa 8 months ago

      You mean like The Next generation or Deep Space 9 ?

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 9 months ago +1

    Top 3 movie of the year,
    1. Infinity war
    2. Upgrade
    3. Sicario 2

  • roger roper
    roger roper 9 months ago

    Watched green book trailer....looks good 👍👍

  • Jericho Leon
    Jericho Leon 9 months ago +1

    F Batman

  • Gavin Luke Ross
    Gavin Luke Ross 9 months ago

    Maybe not in the slasher genre, but we've a lot of classic franchises upcoming with that treatment of "the true sequel". Halloween, Terminator, Predator & Robocop.

  • SolidTree Videography
    SolidTree Videography 9 months ago

    Green Book- Oscar sweep.

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 9 months ago +3

    Man, the punisher just was disappointment.
    It's not that I need action every episode, cause my favorite shows dont even have that much action like boardwalk empire & breaking bad, it's just the punisher show wasnt interesting.
    But I did enjoyed the last 2 episodes & still looking forward to the second season

    • alejandro jimenez
      alejandro jimenez 9 months ago

      Man I was deeply disappointed, what I wanted was him to go against some misterious rapist muerderer or some despicable scumbag, I wanted the show to be an extended version of the scene on Daredevil season 2 where he goes to the store to get a radio and kills the guy with the baseball bat..

    • Christopher Quarles
      Christopher Quarles 9 months ago +1

      Factual Opinion I completely disagree

  • Rojon Alexander
    Rojon Alexander 9 months ago

    I seen it today it's Wednesday but I did enjoy the trailer

  • Sterling Holmes
    Sterling Holmes 9 months ago


  • anthony encinas
    anthony encinas 9 months ago

    Dammm john just saw the green book trailer..... soo good ... the ending of the trailer had me in tears lol .... pick it up Tony lol

  • Marc Rivera
    Marc Rivera 9 months ago +1

    Finally watched the green book trailer!!! Both of the leads seem so locked in, looks like a great film

  • Wesley Ramsey
    Wesley Ramsey 9 months ago +2

    Thank u for telling me about the green book i really want to see this movie now

  • Wesley Ramsey
    Wesley Ramsey 9 months ago +2

    There hasn't been a Batman movie that i haven't loved. Only an idiot can mess up a Batman movie for me so it doesn't matter if Ben Affleck is batman

  • Wesley Ramsey
    Wesley Ramsey 9 months ago +2

    The marvel netflix show except for iron fist were all awesome love Luke Cage and dare devil Jessica jones was 👌

  • DyslexicGod
    DyslexicGod 9 months ago +2

    Chris Nolan was involved in BvS, and he sat with Zack debating why Zack wanted Doomsday to kill Superman.

  • 50 Shades of Geek
    50 Shades of Geek 9 months ago +1

    So, The Iron Giant is an old movie, but Dumbo isn't?

  • jsonic
    jsonic 9 months ago +2

    Please stop talking about Batman. Sick of it. The more people talk about Batman and Affleck, the less I give a fuck. When it comes out, it comes out.

    • jsonic
      jsonic 9 months ago +1

      Lol yeah I guess I was on one thos day lol sorry Campea, but still... I'd love to see Affleck continue, but I just want them to make a damn good movie.

    • Akul Samrat
      Akul Samrat 9 months ago +2

      jsonic huge fan of Batman,but this Ben Affleck this sooo much DRAMA!!!!

  • Timon Steup
    Timon Steup 9 months ago

    Remember that John once wanted to keep these shows within 40 minutes?

  • KeyGamer100
    KeyGamer100 9 months ago +1

    In my opinion all Netflix marvel shows are garbage

  • New Age Nerd
    New Age Nerd 9 months ago +1

    I love this show. John is the best.

  • Nicolas Ferreira
    Nicolas Ferreira 9 months ago +1

    Am i the only person that thinks John looks like Steve Perry a bit?

  • Earl Chatterton
    Earl Chatterton 9 months ago +3

    Trek doesn't Hemsworth at all. No one remembers he was in the first movie, released back when he was an unknown. Plus he would be very expensive. I love him, but they could easily recast him. Spend some of that money on locking down Pine. They absolutely need Pine back.

  • Earl Chatterton
    Earl Chatterton 9 months ago +1

    Daredevil seasons 1 & 2 were just fantastic, and Punisher and Defenders were good. Luke Cage season 1 started well but stumbled once we got to the terrible Diamondback. Cage season 2 was a better season. Didn't fall apart and maintained the solid drama. Jessica Jones season 1 was good but very flawed, but I was just bored by season 2. And Iron Fist...yeah...argh....

  • _ jjeKKell _
    _ jjeKKell _ 9 months ago

    Sorry but .... noise emitting explosive traps dispersed throughout the cornfield, and your "Quite Place" problems are solved 😉

  • Lawrence's Beyond
    Lawrence's Beyond 9 months ago +2

    Peter Weller had such a terrible time during the filming of the original Robocop film, that I kinda doubt he would get into that costume ever again.

    • Earl Chatterton
      Earl Chatterton 9 months ago +1

      Yeah, even with all kinds of advances with visual and practical FX since those early Robo movies, it still comes down to Weller wearing some kind of FX suit and doing physical stuff. He's 71 years old now and that has to play a part. And I just can't see Weller having an interest in going back to the franchise after all this time. I really don't think he'd care at all about more RoboCop.

  • Randall Guzik
    Randall Guzik 9 months ago +1

    Superman 2 a great example of the directors credit.

  • Haroon Sadiq
    Haroon Sadiq 9 months ago +1

    I don’t get how a rebooted Justice League movie “out of the gate” would work, when nobody watched the last one, despite the popularity of films like MOS and Wonder Woman.
    It can’t simply be a case of just people boycotting because BvS and SS were just that bad. More likely it’s that not enough interest was built up for Justice League. And probably should have given audiences a bit more breathing space right after Wonder Woman.

  • Donald Conley
    Donald Conley 9 months ago +1

    I was not aware of Green Book until today’s show. Mr. Mortensen’s accent was good. I’ve been a fan of Mr. Ali since a show called The 4400 that was on in 2004.

  • Nathan Patch
    Nathan Patch 9 months ago

    Green Book looks good yes.

  • thecouchpotatocom
    thecouchpotatocom 9 months ago

    Comment 🐃

  • Anthony Chobot
    Anthony Chobot 9 months ago +1

    7:49 that soda

  • Shayne Thomas
    Shayne Thomas 9 months ago +2

    I read this as "Is Ben Affleck pooping for the new Batman movie".

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift 9 months ago

    Hell yeah man, I enjoy the back and forth you have with viewers! It’s a great show!

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift 9 months ago +5

    Why not make Ben Affleck look older and make a Batman Beyond movie? Futuristic, gritty and in your face?

  • Dennis Kristos
    Dennis Kristos 9 months ago

    Presently doing mental cartwheels over Legendary Pictures/Entertainment's departure from Universal/Comcast's clutches and their return to WB. That cheap-ass iteration of Universal Studios (whose marketing mavens didn't know shit from shineola when it came to promoting Legendary's product) doesn't deserve what Legendary has coming down the pike next and after that and after that...

  • Abdulrahman Hamza
    Abdulrahman Hamza 9 months ago +1

    10:40 that’s not just somebody, it’s DIMITRI VEGAS!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Todd DiNezza
    Todd DiNezza 9 months ago +1

    Hi John, Thank you for this latest update with news & your insights on the next The Batman Movie and potential involvement of Ben Affleck. As always, I defer to your opinions and insider knowledge about what you hear on these types of matters. That being said, it occurred to me that with the new change at the helm of DCEU & WB along with the long “radio silence” they maintained about Batman since January 2018 the new people leading DCEU & WB probably had some confidential talks with Ben Affleck during that time to try and mend fences and/or figure out how and if they will work together to fulfill his next Batman film commitment. Given that long cooling off period since theJL Movie was in the cinemas, there maybe a very good chance that Ben liked what he heard from that new leadership about the direction of the Batman character going forward in these movies and his role in it! It seems like that very well be the game changer we are hoping for! Meanwhile, I will remain hopeful about it and look forward to hearing your next reports on this topic!

  • aliasbrush2
    aliasbrush2 9 months ago +2

    An executive producer credit means nothing. They are money men; they are involved in the film's budget, not any creative process.
    That being said, I have no idea what's going on with Affleck and Reeves. I just wish they'd pull their finger out.

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift 9 months ago

      aliasbrush2 i hear ya man. Ben Affleck was a cool Batman but the indecision is getting annoying. Either commit to the role or let someone else take!

  • Kenneth Lott
    Kenneth Lott 9 months ago +1

    Can't wait for Oscar nominations list to come out

  • MSP Wellness
    MSP Wellness 9 months ago +2

    I went and watched that Green Book Trailer. Looked so good. I can't wait for it. Glad to see Cottonmouth back lol. I still think Luke Cage made a mistake in not letting his character develop more. I still enjoyed Luke Cage but was as invested after they went with Diamondback. I feel they should have used all season 1 for cotton and then take their time to reveal diamond and let his character develop in second season. Just my thoughts. I really love the actor who played cottonmouth...he did it so well. Will be great to see him play a historical role, good guy. He seems much calmer and collected than Viggo's character at least what we have seen in the trailer so far. Stay Blessed and Stay Well. Oh and Stay Filthy lol.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 9 months ago +2

    The punisher was kinda lame, all he did was grunt every episode.

    • Slippin' Jimmy
      Slippin' Jimmy 9 months ago

      Mr. J I agree. I don’t understand all the praise for it. I gave up about halfway through. It wasn’t terrible just wasn’t interesting me enough to watch the rest. I liked the main plot line with Punisher and the guy who is living in hiding from his family but I thought the subplots (the one with those two annoying cop characters and the one with the ex- military guy who’s losing his mind) were both really boring and felt like total filler to me

  • Andrew Costello
    Andrew Costello 9 months ago +1

    Yeah..that Green Book trailer looks good man.

  • Simon Greenaway
    Simon Greenaway 9 months ago +3

    Imagine complaining that your show got saved by Netflix but only gets 13 episodes. Better shows have never got passed one season. lol

  • Molsy 176
    Molsy 176 9 months ago

    Gio please start making timestamps. It's essential for videos over 20 mins long. You put off a lot of viewers because of this

    • Molsy 176
      Molsy 176 9 months ago

      +John Campea I know, but it doesn't fully solve the problem. Thanks for the reply though

    • John Campea
      John Campea  9 months ago +1

      That's why we created the "Highlights" videos.

  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz 9 months ago +2

    No one watches Star Trek ... what horrible movies they produce...

    • Mykee Wattz
      Mykee Wattz 9 months ago

      Siedious Swift I saw it too but was highly disappointed...

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift 9 months ago

      3000 Wattz I went to go see the one with Benedict cucumber just to see how Smaug would sound. xD

  • Mr Sledge
    Mr Sledge 9 months ago +2

    STOP saying hey google!!! :)

  • tom Phillips
    tom Phillips 9 months ago +3

    i think Affleck is done

  • Todd Engel
    Todd Engel 9 months ago +2

    Is it hard to believe that Affleck has used the controversy of the DC universe to negotiate himself into a RDJ type position? I think not. And as far as the Netflix Marvel shows, well I enjoyed all of them tho I admit Iron Fist was lacking a lot and Defenders could been better. Luke Cage S2 was better than S1, Iron Fist S2 can only be better than S1, Daredevil has not let us down once and despite the hate I loved both seasons of Jessica Jones, tho loaded with estrogen it was still very entertaining compared to a large portion of Netflix content

  • Will Foster
    Will Foster 9 months ago +1

    I really hope he reprises his role as Batman he did such a great job to me... let's be honest most of us was skeptical about him playing Batman in the first place!!!!....but he really surprised everyone and prove that Daredevil was a fluke!.. Batman versus Superman might have been shit but his Batman was kick ass no one can deny that Injustice League... I didn't like where they went with him I didn't like the costume at all very George Clooney Batman!!!!!! For me I don't need that man to make jokes or punchlines he supposed to be the boring one the Kick-Ass one the serious one always ready to put his knuckle to your face!!!.. you have plenty of other Justice League characters for humor if that's what you're looking for people say DC is too dark and too serious but me personally I feel like they're not serious enough they're not dark enough if you want lightning humor you always have Marvel if you want realism ask kickery that's what DC should be about!!!.

  • Paul Brittain
    Paul Brittain 9 months ago +1

    the Iron giant was based on a book by ted hughes called the iron man.. it had a sequel called the iron woman maybe a follow up could be based on that

  • CraftedJedi66 MC
    CraftedJedi66 MC 9 months ago +1

    Im dying of laughter right now! John said "Hey Google."", and my phone brought up Google Assistant! Just made my day!

  • MH 10
    MH 10 9 months ago +1

    Matt reeves can transfer a human into ape but can”t make a man look younger what an idiot

    • MH 10
      MH 10 9 months ago

      3bood 87 doesn’t need a young actor you have Robert downey jr as iron man and he’s in the 50th and secondly Ben Affleck didn’t get his chance in a stand-alone movie so we can finally see what he got

    • Abdulrahman Hamza
      Abdulrahman Hamza 9 months ago

      First of all he’s not the one handling all the cgi stuff. Secondly, why spend money on very expensive technology when u can just cast a good young actor?

  • Eddie Lobosco
    Eddie Lobosco 9 months ago +2

    John the Green Book trailer was amazing, anticipation level at fever pitch. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers

  • adrian suarez
    adrian suarez 9 months ago +3

    I still love the Marvel Netflix shows especially Luke Cage season 2 was fantastic I don’t know what John is smoking but that’s just me.

    • adrian suarez
      adrian suarez 9 months ago

      Stevan Gonzalez except for Supergirl I love the DC shows as well don’t get wrong John is entitled to his opinion but it’s just hard for me to except. Any of these marvel shows are bad especially Luke C. With bushmaster he’s been a fantastic best villain I’ve seen in a while. I just think we as fans have become really spoiled over the years can you imagine these shows around 20 or 30 years ago With this care and Quality? We would pee our pants every episode. I’m just grateful to live in this day and age. I guess I’m easy to please.

    • Stevan Gonzalez
      Stevan Gonzalez 9 months ago

      I respect John's opinions but I don't always agree with them. He does watch and enjoy Flash and Arrow and I hate those shows now lol

    • RoscoesWetsuit
      RoscoesWetsuit 9 months ago

      adrian suarez It's all a matter of opinion. Two people I love to watch (John, Anthony Fantano) dislike several things I love (Jessica Jones season 1, the new Mac Miller album).

  • Bruce Gordon
    Bruce Gordon 9 months ago +1

    Loved the trailer to Green Book .

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 9 months ago

    I just dont know how u people can watch a show that has 20+ episodes a season.
    That sounds awful.
    The main reason I don't give the flash a chance even tho my cousin keeps bugging me about it

    • Molsy 176
      Molsy 176 9 months ago +1

      +Factual Opinion A higher probability of lower quality episodes but I wouldn't say it is a rule of thumb.

    • Factual Opinion
      Factual Opinion 9 months ago

      Sean Paul Al Saedi cause a high episode count would mean a lot of poor quality episodes

    • Molsy 176
      Molsy 176 9 months ago

      Because if they have good quality episodes then it's a lot of high quality content. If every episode is perfect, why wouldn't you watch it? I understand being turned off by the overall quality of a series, but being turned off by episode count is just really strange to me

  • Factual Opinion
    Factual Opinion 9 months ago +2

    10 episodes is The Sweet Spot.
    If Only The Walking Dead was 10 episodes so there wouldn't be stretching of the story & gahbage filler episodes

  • Andrew Bullen
    Andrew Bullen 9 months ago +2

    I’ve been saying for the better part of a year that Ben isn’t leaving. I don’t even know why I keep watching this. Jon was ADAMANT Ben was gone for sure. So much for that

    • Earl Chatterton
      Earl Chatterton 9 months ago

      I want to see Affleck do the stand alone Bat film, but I doubt he'll be in it at this point.

    • Slippin' Jimmy
      Slippin' Jimmy 9 months ago +1

      Andrew Bullen It’s still not confirmed that his returning. Honestly unless Ben wants to fully commit to being Batman for the ENTIRE movie (and possibly even a full trilogy) than he won’t return. Matt Reeves will not want to do any sort of “multiple timelines” thing. He will want ONE Bat,an throughout

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 9 months ago

    Just on Johns "hobo" thing, my mum thinks I look like a refugee from Syria when I'm in my casual clothes.

  • Michael
    Michael 9 months ago +1

    i would say ben affleck is going to be in batman movie just to explain the present event and then they'll have story set back from 10 years ago which will introduce a new batman younger actor.

  • charles a
    charles a 9 months ago +5

    No Ben affleck won’t be Batman in the Matt Reeves movie he will play a cgi ape and Andy serkis will be the new Batman

  • Bruce Gordon
    Bruce Gordon 9 months ago +1

    I never finished season 2 of luke Cage.
    I'm not feeling it with these shows at the moment.

  • Todd DiNezza
    Todd DiNezza 9 months ago +1

    Hi John, I think you You are correct about the Marvel TV shows on Netflix. In the Marvel comics, DareDevil & The Punisher were solid B list characters with loyal fans. The rest of those 3 other Defenders characters are C List characters at best with a much smaller fan base respectively. Hence, Netflix should focus on DD, The Punisher & The Defenders as its Marvel based TV shows going forward. That seems to be the best strategy for them now. By comparison, not every Member of The Avengers has their own solo movie in the MCU either!

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 9 months ago +4

    I just don't get how Ben Affleck could walk away from playing Batman without actually having his own Batman film.

    • xy28
      xy28 9 months ago +1

      Eric Brown that could be true, and yes!! Given the right material ben can kill it as the dark knight not only physical part but his over all actin, we saw it in bvs!!! Ben just needs a good script and director outside of himself.

    • Eric Brown
      Eric Brown 9 months ago +1

      xy28 i just get the feeling Reeves doesn't want Affleck, whocj is a shame because he makes a great batman

    • xy28
      xy28 9 months ago +1

      Eric Brown Right I can see if he had at least one Solo film, but idk now since DC has made changes to the film department he may go ahead and come back and do this for Matt Reeves

    ENRICO MARINI 9 months ago +3

    Netflix Marvel shows really need to be cut to 10 ep per season. They make them to long and the middle episodes start to lag

    • LightS4bre
      LightS4bre 9 months ago +1

      cutting it down to 10 also allows them a bit more flexibility when they want to add some bigger set pieces, action, effects.. etc. Netflix puts up a shoestring budget for those series ..Marvel TV puts up more $ for a season of AOS than Netflix puts up for DD season 1&2, Cage, JJ, IronFist, Punisher and Defenders Combined. They work wonders with what they have to work with ..but they can make the story tighter and punch harder when they need to if they had the extra $ that would be available by chopping a few episodes off

    • TheRichRoom
      TheRichRoom 9 months ago

      I think they should just write better episodes capable of the 13-episode count.

    • Factual Opinion
      Factual Opinion 9 months ago +1

      ENRICO MARINI bro I couldn't agree more. Fuking preach

  • Jeff Ng
    Jeff Ng 9 months ago

    Sometimes when the executive producer position gets tagged in to a certain personnel, it’s conceivably possible that it’s done under “in name only”

  • MartinValiuk
    MartinValiuk 9 months ago

    I'm very happy I had the pleasure to meet and have a photo with Peter Weller in a recent London Comic Con :)

  • Philip Alvarez
    Philip Alvarez 9 months ago

    Let’s be real here, horror is the only genre that never needs any kind of resurgence because it’s never really died down. Whether new horror like A Quiet Place, Hereditary & Get Out. To me there’s no need for another Halloween movie but I’ll still se it as a fan. It has so many sub genres & fan base there’s no way it’s going to lose ground. Studios will never understand that, which is why a show like The Exorcist fails. The fans let horror stay in place.

  • B CH
    B CH 9 months ago

    The "Green Book" trailer looks...OK.

  • Adam W
    Adam W 9 months ago

    So Emily Blunt stepped on a nail in A Quiet Place! Jennifer Connelly did the same thing in House of Sand and Fog years ago. How could have A Quiet Place beat that scene?

  • Chris Scorpio
    Chris Scorpio 9 months ago +4

    Mahershala Ali is a BEAST. Cant wait.

  • chaz riddle
    chaz riddle 9 months ago +1

    It'd be great IF Loki were to use his frost skills and blue appearance more often.

    • Stevan Gonzalez
      Stevan Gonzalez 9 months ago

      You should play the new God of war game

    • TheRichRoom
      TheRichRoom 9 months ago

      chaz riddle
      I think it would've been great, but I guess the other Thor and Avengers movies really didn't need them plotwise.

  • BatMadd
    BatMadd 9 months ago

    Blackhat. That was Chris Hemsworth.

    • B CH
      B CH 9 months ago

      He's thinking of "Paranoia" with Liam. Both are terrible movies.

  • Vito
    Vito 9 months ago +2

    People don't like the first Thor because all the shit on Earth sucks

    • Winter Naomi Vera
      Winter Naomi Vera 9 months ago

      vito fiore That might be it. I remember when I watched the first "Iron Man" film, there was this sense of realism to it. It felt like if the circumstances were right, this could really happen. "Thor" was the first time since I watched "Batman Begins" that a Comic Book Movie didn't feel real to me. I don't know if it was Jane Foster and her researchers or what it was, but I didn't get that sense of realism from the first "Thor" and it was on and off like that for years. I didn't believe it was even possible for a Comic Book Movie universe to be consistent with that sense of realism.
      Then DC Films did it with SUPERMAN of all heroes in 2013, and it's only been when Warner Bros. has tried to "fix" them that they haven't felt real.
      Marvel has once again given me that sense of realism in 2017 and while "Thor: Ragnarok" broke that streak, "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War" picked it up again. It gives me a lot of hope for the genre moving forward.

  • al zolez
    al zolez 9 months ago

    Have to agree with you john. Naomi Watson stepping on the nail is the first time in a long, long time i audibly yelled out and cringed during a movie. The way he set it up and you saw it coming was also pure torture because you knew it was coming. Brutal!

    • MartinValiuk
      MartinValiuk 9 months ago +1

      Caleb Bradford 😂😂

    • al zolez
      al zolez 9 months ago

      I think i smoked too many blunts when i was younger lol complete brain fart on the name lol

  • Obijo Kenobi
    Obijo Kenobi 9 months ago

    Watchin Crazy Rich Asians tonight. Michele Yeoh is a Goddess!

  • J.A.M.A.I.C.A.N.
    J.A.M.A.I.C.A.N. 9 months ago +2

    I don’t think Green Book will be a bad movie but I’m not at all excited to see it. It doesn’t look like my kind of movie...then again I might watch it On-Demand/Netflix/DVD on a rainy lazy Sunday, and I might like it. But nah, I’m not rushing out to see it.

  • Chris Biggs
    Chris Biggs 9 months ago +2

    I do feel like the Marvel Netflix shows are kind of dead in the water. I mean, I'm still excited for Daredevil season 3 which they announced will be dropping this fall. I'm excited for a new Punisher season. I am interested in seeing if Netflix fixed the mistakes from the first Iron Fist season with their upcoming second season. Was not a big fan of Jessica Jones. I did enjoy the first season, not so much the second. I really enjoyed the first season of Luke Cage especially the first half with Cottonmouth. The second season in my opinion had its ups and downs. It was all over the place and sometimes it didn't even feel like I was watching a Luke Cage series. They might as well go ahead and do Heroes for Hired. Mike Colter and Finn Jones have great chemistry. Its time to just pair them up. I liked the tease they gave us in Luke Cage season 2. And I liked The Defenders. I do hope they plan on doing a season 2, if not, turn it into a movie event.

    • xy28
      xy28 9 months ago +1

      MR.DC COMICS it's not really so much that it's too many, it's the quality of the shows from a disappointing season that can sour the anticipation of another one.

  • M Perry
    M Perry 9 months ago +2

    i got to see green book OMG it's amazing !!!!!!!

  • Roderick Hare
    Roderick Hare 9 months ago +2

    I'm hoping the new Robocop movie will be set 30 to 40 years after the first movie to match a little closer with Peter Wellers real life age