Gender of Russian Nouns | Russian for beginners

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • Learn how to define the gender of Russian nouns. Easily define is the noun masculine, feminine or neuter in Russian.
    🔸The gender of Nouns is extremely important in the Russian language, many other parts of speech depend on it in a sentence (adjectives, possessive pronouns, sometimes verbs), so from the very beginning you need to know how to define the gender of a noun.
    🔹In this video, you will find a full explanation that will work even for the most enthusiastic digitals! ;) I will tell you even a few tricks how to define a gender of some words with a soft sign in Russian without a dictionary!
    🔸Three genders in the Russian language: masculine (женский род), feminine (мужской род) and neuter (средний род).
    ❇️ The TASK to train yourself after the lesson.
    Define the grammatical gender of these words (correct answers in the end of video description):
    собака, человек, мужчина, стол, окно, письмо, время, жизнь, песня, телефон, лекция, словарь, мяч, футбол, сказка, знание
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    ❇️ Keys to the task above:
    собака (м), человек (м), мужчина (м), стол (м), окно (ср), письмо (ср), время (ср), жизнь (ж), песня (ж), телефон (м), лекция (ж), словарь (м), мяч (м), футбол (м), сказка (ж), знание (ср).
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    Sincerely yours,
    Nika Minchenko,
    Founder of Ru-Land Club

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  • Aria Curran
    Aria Curran 3 months ago

    Thank you Nika very much for the hard work you put in your lessons! They are very helpful

  • Rohit Chabria
    Rohit Chabria 8 months ago

    Гость is masculine in dictionary why???

    • LMastery
      LMastery 5 months ago

      Rohit Chabria, nouns. with -ость suffix are feminine. In the word гость -ость is not a suffix, it’s the part of the root of the word. It could be the explanation, but we have кость which is feminine. So you just have to memorise it. Not everything can be explained. Also there is another word гостья which is feminine. ГОСТЬ - ГОСТЬЯ

  • Pilnuję Polski
    Pilnuję Polski 10 months ago

    Making a list of lets say 50 most used russian nouns ending with a soft sign and their genders could be very useful.

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      This video is already at our channel ;)

  • Timothy Hansma
    Timothy Hansma 10 months ago

    I love your lessons, but your intro can make me need to go to the bathroom.

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      haha))) That's why today I changed it a bit, in today's video it won't sound as a water )))

  • Mahmoud Said
    Mahmoud Said 10 months ago

    Thank you very much ,,you are very clever

  • Kem
    Kem 10 months ago

    Вы забыли про слово "старшина" - в мужском роде

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Kem не забыла, просто перечислила самые распространённые слова. Сюда же мальчишка, сынишка и некоторые другие

  • robert nelson
    robert nelson 10 months ago

    That was a great lesson, I am starting to understand it now.

  • Aftab Sarwar
    Aftab Sarwar 10 months ago

    Поздрвляем 20000.

  • Aftab Sarwar
    Aftab Sarwar 10 months ago +1

    Отлично урок.
    Это моя книга и
    Это твоя книга. Женский род.
    Это моё имя и
    Это твоё время. Средний род.
    Это твой журнал и
    Это мой журнал. Мужской род.
    Я надеюсь пишить правильно.
    Я твой студент из Пакистана. Афтаб Сарвар
    Желаю успеха
    Скоро 20000 студенты

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Aftab Sarwar всё правильно! Отлично!
      Да, мы очень ждём 20 000 :)

  • James Bailes
    James Bailes 10 months ago

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Hamed Atro
    Hamed Atro 10 months ago

    Hi Nika, it`s very good to see you again with a updated subject :) thanks a lot, Всё доброго

  • Asaad Audy
    Asaad Audy 10 months ago

    Amazing lesson. Thank you very much.

  • Othoniel Calderon
    Othoniel Calderon 10 months ago

    The russian have a lot in common with spanish

  • Timothy Hoft
    Timothy Hoft 10 months ago +2

    собака and такса are feminine, but what if the dog is male? If I were to translate "My dog's name is Max. He is a dachshund" would it be "Имя моей собаки - Макс. Он такса." ? Someone told me that it should be Она такса, even though the dog is male, but that seems wrong to me.

    • Anthony Serkov
      Anthony Serkov 5 months ago

      It’s Она because it ends with a

    • Aftab Sarwar
      Aftab Sarwar 10 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB Он учитель. Она учительница. Да?

    • Timothy Hoft
      Timothy Hoft 10 months ago

      всем спасибо!

    • Live Russian
      Live Russian 10 months ago +1

      Timothy, we have a very good word for a male dog - ПЁС, if you really want to use a male word for your dog. Какой красивый у тебя пёс). Это мой пёс Макс. Макс умный и добрый пёс. Пёс - самец собаки, кобель.

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Это Макс, он такса.

  • hozan heini
    hozan heini 10 months ago +4

    Thanks for repeating this lesson more better; I already learned it by you before ;)

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +2

      But thank you for watching it again! :)