NME Grand BEATBOX BATTLE Loopstation 2019 Compilation REACTION!

  • Published on Aug 5, 2019
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Comments • 215

  • Ricardo Alves
    Ricardo Alves Day ago

    14:55 do u even know what adblocker is? XD

  • Cheeta 7w7
    Cheeta 7w7 2 days ago

    Deberías de hacer beatbox ¿¿tu puedes??

  • Gaalian
    Gaalian 2 days ago

    8:43 this drop... I don't know... u have some bad quality but in original that ,,papa'' words ar changing sides.. IT is awesome

  • i Wolf
    i Wolf 4 days ago

    React to beardyman videos 🤭

    GAMER KING F.F 17 days ago +1

    Bro your dance is best😂

  • Elusive Gaming
    Elusive Gaming 19 days ago

    I love bbk's reactions also the last jungle one should be in a ark survival evolved trailer showing off a new map

  • zaret philipo0
    zaret philipo0 22 days ago

    halo parkwosases kwoso kwoso sir mom in youtuuuuuuube........chanel

  • NME
    NME 24 days ago

    Cheers man! ❤️

  • Andrew Ffolliott
    Andrew Ffolliott 26 days ago

    do you beatbox

  • Call Me Zilo
    Call Me Zilo Month ago

    He is from prison break

  • Journey
    Journey Month ago +1

    Please react to Inkie Loopstation Compilation please

  • Austin Chong
    Austin Chong Month ago

    Bro at 13:00 i thought you gonna burn your bear with your lighter

  • LDG Jagaa
    LDG Jagaa Month ago

    u happy

  • irham TV
    irham TV Month ago +1

    Please react to inkie compilation loopstation 2019

  • CarlQs
    CarlQs Month ago

    If this man cleaned up his bass he would be literally unstoppable lets be real its the only weak piece in his entire kit.

    • Manzayy #1
      Manzayy #1 Month ago

      CarlQs ehhh I guess

    • CarlQs
      CarlQs Month ago

      @Manzayy #1 yeah but its not consistent like the rest of his fire

    • Manzayy #1
      Manzayy #1 Month ago

      CarlQs did you not here his first round against Ryth?

  • Daler Sharipov
    Daler Sharipov Month ago +2

    React to colaps VS dlow!

  • Is He Baked?
    Is He Baked? Month ago

    Probably an unpopular opinion but you should go back to Beatboxing whilst gaming or try to expand your skills and try to go on swissbeatbox your a good Beatbox but theses reviews just don't seem like you

  • قنوات تونسية

    Saro loopstation god ... React to saro road gbb 17 🎼🎼🎼🎼

  • Fishin' For Life FFL

    Its easy...
    Y O U M U S T R E A C T T O "DLOW DESTROYING OTHERS PART 1" BTW ( I realy like your videos and when I wach your gbb reactions every time you made ma day

  • Hey its rain outside

    Sad I would like to see him to take first place if he didnt do that last round.

  • ZILD
    ZILD Month ago +1

    Omg 17:11

  • cloutboidylan
    cloutboidylan Month ago

    Inkie compilation

  • Klab
    Klab Month ago

    I imagine him making like music for Disney...

  • Coiru evos anjing
    Coiru evos anjing Month ago

    react ritmid

  • Horang Kaya
    Horang Kaya Month ago

    React to BALANCE gbb compilation 2018

  • Adek #19
    Adek #19 Month ago

    Please, Don't dance!!
    That's not cool

  • Skralde gang
    Skralde gang Month ago

    where do i find tickets to the next gbb? and whats the age limit

  • PvT GhosT
    PvT GhosT Month ago +8

    I'm crying because i am suggesting this for a long time 😭

  • Hunter Pierron
    Hunter Pierron Month ago

    Please!!!! Please please react to B-ART Florida Showcase 2019

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    React nme vs saro

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez Month ago

    Who else liked the video because he pulled out a liter

  • Ahmed Hossam
    Ahmed Hossam Month ago

    Balance compilation 2018 gbb

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Month ago +2

    React to Bawa | You're not ready for this. It's fire, my dude.

  • SSJNomad
    SSJNomad Month ago

    React to NME vs Tioneb 2018 battle, the first time i heard NME n instantly became my fave, grimey af beats against tioneb. Also, i’ll never know how beardyman had the time to shave in between battles or was the 1/4 finals held before semis/onwards?

  • bymsers
    bymsers Month ago

    react to B-art vs D-low

  • Kristian Newton
    Kristian Newton Month ago

    Do uniteam compilation reaction

  • Misterspankiej
    Misterspankiej Month ago +1

    React to Boss RC-505 saro & mb14 - wolfgang video on swissbeatbox. 👌

  • danklordfrank xd
    danklordfrank xd Month ago +1

    React to hiss and Maddox or napoms road to gbbb champion

  • fox mojtaba
    fox mojtaba Month ago


  • efrem timmy
    efrem timmy Month ago +1

    forza italia!!

  • Leonardo Castelli
    Leonardo Castelli Month ago

    Ehi if you want a jungle battle by nme you must go to watch the nme vs balance gbb 2018 battle

  • KSxELITEx 1
    KSxELITEx 1 Month ago

    Dang you have the moves

  • WeiterGespielt
    WeiterGespielt Month ago

    Please react to mb14 vs slizzer loopstation battle 2017

  • Jesse-_-James_ 13
    Jesse-_-James_ 13 Month ago

    I found a gem on TVclip. React to Father & Daughter beatbox Old Town Road. (Something close to that)

  • Encore
    Encore Month ago

    Gotta watch Spider Horse (With. Napom) | Beatbox To World 2019 | Showcase, shit is litty

  • Yash Singh
    Yash Singh Month ago

    How good was nme last round first half?

    Ask my neighbour they here it everyday

  • Yash Singh
    Yash Singh Month ago

    The only time when I would love to here his compositions are when I am high as fuck.

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones Month ago +1

    Sounds like tosat is an nme fan like me now mua ha ha ha ha mua ha ha ha lmao take it easy guys keep your heads up and stay away from negativity just watch toast 24/7 you'll be good i promise lol

  • TAS
    TAS Month ago

    React to rythmind is awesome

  • Kuroneko Studio
    Kuroneko Studio Month ago

    React to malaysian beatbox heartzel.. Mindblowing...

  • c0nn0rm
    c0nn0rm Month ago

    Reaction vids, cool

  • Pranav Gupta
    Pranav Gupta Month ago +1

    Inkie and So-So will blow you...uhh...your mind

  • Kai Nura
    Kai Nura Month ago

    The moment he got out of an ad, an add popped up on me...

  • · ZyQo ·
    · ZyQo · Month ago

    PLEASE REACT TO Inkie 2019 Loopstation Compilation, Saro & MB14, Tom Thum & Gene Shinozaki,

  • Sebastian Kleinod
    Sebastian Kleinod Month ago

    NME is on yt too, rc-505 tutos and vlogs.


  • Haynes
    Haynes Month ago +1

    His final round gave me goosebumps so many times

  • flarS
    flarS Month ago

    She's NME's girlfriend, hence why she's so hyped xD

    FRIKING Month ago +2

    React to Rythmind vs NME pls

      FRIKING Month ago +1

      @Axel Blaze yeah that's why 😁

    • Axel Blaze
      Axel Blaze Month ago +1

      Yes this way he will understand the headshot counter that NME did and will enjoy it more!

  • King Hyperion
    King Hyperion Month ago

    You know that it's a sick beat when the crowd and toast just jumps up and dance...

  • Noob Music
    Noob Music Month ago +1

    React soso gbb2019