DP/30: The Layover, Alexandra Daddario


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  • LogandraGoals 2019
    LogandraGoals 2019 Month ago

    I'm glad she still talks about Percy Jackson and doesn't trash it like most stars do with their first films. Percy Jackson is what made me become a fan of her's!

  • Vivek Kayastha
    Vivek Kayastha 3 months ago

    lovable and cute. #AlexandraDaddario for life ❤️

  • A Munro
    A Munro 5 months ago

    One of the shortest interviews on the channel and I can see why. Utter babble.

    • Vivek Kayastha
      Vivek Kayastha 3 months ago

      get yo tiny wiener outta yo huge ass mofo

  • A Munro
    A Munro 5 months ago

    I think that...

  • Adi Negara
    Adi Negara 7 months ago +2

    "You Know" is her favorite words 😁

  • Steve L.
    Steve L. 8 months ago +1

    Watching this interview again: She alludes to feeling desperate when she took the True Detective role. I think this is the only interview where she has said that. However, Texas Chainsaw 3D had just opened #1 and Percy Jackson 2 hadn't even come yet - so it's kind of odd that she was feeling desperate.

    • Vivek Kayastha
      Vivek Kayastha 3 months ago

      Steve L. yeah bro it is kind of shocking to hear how many auditions she had to go through to land on the bold and sincere role before everyone recognized her skills and the Double Ds
      but the fact that she admits and accepts how real and unforgiving this line of work is, and doing bartending and waiting on the side is respectable and very humble.
      i wudnt deny the fact we wanted her to do porn if hollywood didnt take her 😎

    • Luis Boqcas
      Luis Boqcas 7 months ago

      Those were almost the two films she had done after PJ1 for almost 4 years. She had moved to LA and apparently struggling to even getting auditions. With 26/27 years by then she was no longer a kid and as you get older, unless you get some name recognition, you will get very few opportunitties, because you are no longer a fresh face. Being an actor is not easy, you get refused douzens of times before you have one chance, that surely impacts your ego.

  • mothernoob !
    mothernoob ! 11 months ago

    3:28 ok? What

  • Andrew Allan
    Andrew Allan Year ago +1

    100% gorgeous. 80% of an actor. Seems a genuine likeable person. I hope she does well. But never going to be a Jennifer Lawrence. Good luck to her anyway.

  • Coco
    Coco Year ago +4

    anyone who is this beautiful does not live a stressful life in any way except for the stress of constantly being told how beautiful they are. She could marry anyone she wants and money will always be there for her.

  • mike brown
    mike brown Year ago +1

    *the film Baywatch budget was $60 million dollars worldwide the film has only made $65 million dollars that's a 5 million profit. Unless i'm mistaken where is the other profit coming from? Wiki must be missing back end revenue?*

    • Luis Boqcas
      Luis Boqcas 11 months ago

      @jaybling I am far from an expert on film budgeting but someone that understand the business told me that the studio needed to double the production cost in order to reach break even. Here they have tripled the production cost that was c. $60m so according to that rule they would made some money. Probably the commercialisation expenses are deducted directly from gross revenues, not sure. Obviously this is rule of thumb, some films have more commercialisation expenses then other.
      Additionally, the $180m of box office do not include obviously the other revenues of the film, which mainly come from DVD and selling the film to TV and Netflix. The comment on Baywatch was that the film did make money, but not as much as they expected and was saved by European box office.

    • jaybling
      jaybling 11 months ago

      @Luis Boqcas Actually it didn't make a profit because the studio only keeps half of the box office gross.

    • Luis Boqcas
      Luis Boqcas Year ago +2

      Worldwide the movie reached $180m worldwide. The budget should be double for distribution and marketing so say...$120m. The movie made a profit but nothing significant.

  • Yeam F
    Yeam F Year ago +5

    Love Gal Gadot... but woah Alex would've been a great Wonder Woman

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Year ago


  • MeeareMarkus
    MeeareMarkus Year ago

    I'll never be an actor :'(

  • Stephanie Boyes
    Stephanie Boyes 2 years ago +1

    Her voice is so nasally I can't listen to it for more than a minute without getting a headache.

    • Stephanie Boyes
      Stephanie Boyes 2 years ago

      Did you mean bugger? Cause it is fucking annoying.

    • zerosun
      zerosun 2 years ago

      you poor little beggar

  • Nabeel Soofie
    Nabeel Soofie 2 years ago

    silly gal

  • Nabeel Soofie
    Nabeel Soofie 2 years ago

    m kinda blushing :/ duno y

  • Euphoric Dork
    Euphoric Dork 2 years ago +1

    This has inspired me so much! Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario have inspired me to be an actor! ❤️💪🏽And I won’t stop till I get to the top

  • wahwah1013
    wahwah1013 2 years ago +2

    She's a good actress but she's making bad choices. If she's more selective she'll have a long career.

    • jaybling
      jaybling 2 years ago +1

      She took on a lead role in a project that looks designed to be an acting showcase for her. Maybe that'll take her places.

  • Steve L.
    Steve L. 2 years ago +1

    Baywatch didn't bomb - but all things considered (The brand, The Rock, budget, etc.) - It was a disappointment for the studio.
    This is one of her better interviews. She's fairly bland, but occasionally tweets out witty jokes and references about her nudity on True Detective, her attractiveness and other things.
    She always gives a standard reason for why she did the nude scene on True Detective, but I don't believe that it was necessary for the audience to see her naked in order to get that Woody's character is a cheating scumbag - let alone in that exploitive way it was shot. Even the creator of the show admitted that the nudity was HBO mandated and didn't want any period. Not that I'm a prude - I'm just being honest.
    Anyway, I think the real reason she did it was to challenge herself and further her profile with a star-studded HBO show. Her profile was indeed raised even higher - but not the quality of projects or roles.

    • jaybling
      jaybling 2 years ago

      She's probably much different in a more social environment than for publicity.
      And the lead role she just wrapped looks like a real challenge for her.

  • Ayush Aryal
    Ayush Aryal 2 years ago

    She didn't become massively successful because Harvey Weinstein was in the last stage of his predatory life when she came to the industry.

  • José Luis
    José Luis 2 years ago +1

    How many times did she use I THINK?

  • Leonardo Ramírez
    Leonardo Ramírez 2 years ago +3

    This is easily the best interviews channel on TVclip

  • tetepeb
    tetepeb 2 years ago +6

    She´s so beautiful it hurts... Also seems like an awesome person.

  • Ali Foroughi
    Ali Foroughi 2 years ago +7

    She seems so humble and normal. My opinion of her changed drastically. Thank you for this.

  • UlrichUlrich
    UlrichUlrich 2 years ago +3

    Looking at her RT history - it's a regular horror show! The Squid And The Whale is her only fresh movie but it doesn't really count as she's barely in it.

    • jaybling
      jaybling 2 years ago +1

      Someone on Reddit suggested the reason Baywatch ended up the way it did was because there were foreign investors involved with Baywatch who likely mandated the movie be less like the self-referential Jump Street because that kind of humor doesn't translate well. Also the reason why the movie's non-lifeguard villain was made to be more important than the female lifeguards, who should have been treated like a bigger selling point.
      I think it could have gained more domestically than it would have lost internationally if they had done what I said they should have done.

    • Luis Boqcas
      Luis Boqcas 2 years ago

      In the context of the USA I agree not the world. 21 Jump Street did $201m against Baywatch $178m. The big difference is that 21 Jump street revenues in the USA were 70% of the total and Baywatch just a bit more than 30%. So RT has a big impact in the USA, maybe Uk, the rest of the world largely ignores it.

    • jaybling
      jaybling 2 years ago

      If Baywatch had close to Jump Street level reviews (it could have if it didn't squander so many opportunities), it would have done much better. Likewise if Jump Street had gotten trashed by critics, it would have bombed as well.

    • Luis Boqcas
      Luis Boqcas 2 years ago

      To be Honest a lot of people ignore RT in their decision to go to see a movie, its more an American thing, nevertheless the Layover is not a good movie, I have seen the movie. The people that comment that a film is degrating to women I thing are exagerating, because it is clear that the topic of the film is two long term friends that are on a crossroad of their lives and that puts stress in their relationship. The guy on the middle is just a token that allow the frustations that have with the other come to the surface.
      The topic is not handled well by the script and personally I think that Alex does a normal job, it is hard to shine in this context on the other hand her performance is much better than kate (normal) and much better than most of the suporting cast, some of them are good actors but have a very small role.
      You can critisize having choosing this film, but a comedy with Will H Macy looks interesting, and she entered the film on a rush without many time to consider the decision. It is the scrip that really appears to be the problem. This film was filmed before San Andreas, her choices then were also more limited.

  • UlrichUlrich
    UlrichUlrich 2 years ago +2

    If she thought Baywatch's reviews were tough... wait 'till she gets a load of the reviews for The Layover - it currently has 0 percent on RT - ouch!
    Pleasantly surprised by how smart and well-spoken she is.
    Very charming and sweet, too.
    She's not a great actress - probably never will be. But she's obviously incredibly beautiful and a compelling screen presence - and for those reasons I doubt she'll ever have trouble finding work; whether or not she'll ever be in a great (or even good movie) is more doubtful.

  • K1OKEVA ِ
    K1OKEVA ِ 2 years ago +9

    0% on Rotten Tomatoes. She has never had a film that has fresh score. Great way to build a career

  • MCEdits
    MCEdits 2 years ago +5

    WOW! This is a sick interview! I love it!

  • Luis Boqcas
    Luis Boqcas 2 years ago +7

    Well she is not the best actress of her generation and she knows it, but she appear a team player and focused in improving her abilities, which in my opinion is the right appraoch in any profession. You can see that she approaches acting as a profession rather than just an holy gift given to her by god and people in the industry value that. Her looks put her into places but you have a lot of good looking women in hollywood, being consistently professional on her roles may allow her to improve and have a longer carreer.

  • Dominique Marsell
    Dominique Marsell 2 years ago +7

    Great funny interview. Realer than real, lol

  • Creighton Tolliver
    Creighton Tolliver 2 years ago +15

    It seems like a trend in these kind of interviews for actors and directors to have a piss and a moan about all the things that are unfair and blablablabla. How refreshing to see someone who actually seems to be enjoying her job.

  • eaglesfannnn
    eaglesfannnn 2 years ago +50

    I'm confused about this channel. It has almost no subscribers but books accomplished actors for extended interviews.

    • Johnny Doe
      Johnny Doe 2 years ago +5

      Nah the guy is known within the industry and does good interviews so people keep coming back, and he's friends with a lot of actors too so that helps. Check out the channel Gold Derby which has less than 14k subs and interviews with almost everyone from TV and they're shit at interviews too you can see the actors visibly uncomfortable.

    • SerenityReceiver
      SerenityReceiver 2 years ago +4

      His questions, in the couple espides I watched, were barely more interesting than junket ones. + his audio is shit.

    • muk as
      muk as 2 years ago +9

      The interviewer has a show on some cable tv channel (I think). This is only a side thing for him.

    • Baloo the Bear
      Baloo the Bear 2 years ago +25

      eaglesfannnn yuuuup welcome to the best kept secret on yt

  • Tr0nzoid
    Tr0nzoid 2 years ago

    "The things that I thought would help me didn't really, and the things that I thought wouldn't have been way more effective..."
    And honestly, what really helped her career and made her well-known was the topless scene in "True Detective."

    • Steve L.
      Steve L. 2 years ago

      It helped her, but I think there's been some exaggeration as to how much. It raised her profile more than the quality of the projects. She was also in major movies even before (Percy Jackson franchise, Hall Pass, Texas Chainsaw, etc.) with the same caliber of roles as well.

    • Ayush Aryal
      Ayush Aryal 2 years ago

      Tr00peroid cheers to that

  • Hito
    Hito 2 years ago +5

    Someday I would love to work with her! Someday...

    • carlos Juan
      carlos Juan 2 years ago +7

      Movie Lover Hito all its posible my man

  • snabelsnas
    snabelsnas 2 years ago +2

    Lynchian background

  • Shehroz
    Shehroz 2 years ago +26

    She's stunning.

  • N
    N 2 years ago +4

    Also, I LOVED Baywatch. It is an adorable movie! ^^

  • N
    N 2 years ago +6

    ...And now I'm a bit in love with her... So freakin smart! ^^

  • Alex Anna Efron
    Alex Anna Efron 2 years ago +37

    I find this interview extraordinary bc people tend to see her as just a pretty face with a sexy body, no brains, rich girl, no struggles... Alex is also like us with every day challenges and no matter how seemingly successful she already is, she's still going through hardships normal people go through. This is awesome.

    • Eddie
      Eddie 2 years ago

      Your avatar and username are creepy as shit

    • Euphoric Dork
      Euphoric Dork 2 years ago

      Alex Anna Efron That is so true omg I thought I was the only one

  • Alex Anna Efron
    Alex Anna Efron 2 years ago +16

    Brilliant interview. Alex has always been articulate and intelligent and an interesting human. She was never boring . I just hope you wouldve the chance to ask her more about the real game changer of her career San Andreas and her future films.

  • Anais bkiss
    Anais bkiss 2 years ago


  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 2 years ago

    and Zac was asked only about boobs ....but not just hers :P
    what else is there to ask about lol jk

  • Jes Bach
    Jes Bach 2 years ago