How To Waste $576.48 on eBay...


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  • Itz Soren
    Itz Soren 59 minutes ago

    8:04 I agree

  • Ankur Palmia
    Ankur Palmia 4 hours ago

    One day that Robo raptor will kill you...

  • Bískìts
    Bískìts 20 hours ago +1

    What kind of laptop is that both of them

  • Skit Adixxionz
    Skit Adixxionz Day ago

    Top 10 Anime Deaths

  • Neel Sahay
    Neel Sahay Day ago

    "everyone is on my side" i dunno bout that one bro hahahahah i think we enjoy the dinos

  • Jason Brister
    Jason Brister 2 days ago

    Windows 95 keyboard

  • enderpus
    enderpus 2 days ago

    6:55 top 10 best anime battles

  • Timon Botha
    Timon Botha 3 days ago

    was i the only one who giggled when he said "full grown 4 inches"

  • billy bob
    billy bob 3 days ago

    Hey I thought the pickle was cool.

  • Kingof N
    Kingof N 3 days ago

    The dinosaur part is the funniest shit i have seen

  • Renato Chavez
    Renato Chavez 4 days ago

    Callase biejo lesbiano

  • VJZ Music
    VJZ Music 4 days ago

    More like " how to waste 8:07 on youtube

    KKNEE 5 days ago +1

    1:50 he rhymed doll with all and didn't even know about it. XD

  • Ben Grueber
    Ben Grueber 7 days ago

    7:10 Get side stepped bitch.

  • Ur mum Jsjd
    Ur mum Jsjd 7 days ago

    How to waste 8 minutes and 8 seconds of your life

  • Rumqna Boeva
    Rumqna Boeva 8 days ago

    4:24 I see how you killed the 13 inch HP Envy

  • CORE Foxy
    CORE Foxy 8 days ago

    4:05 N U T

  • Clickbaitcrill
    Clickbaitcrill 11 days ago

    robot raptor got hit with the spin move

  • Retro Avenger
    Retro Avenger 11 days ago +1

    6:53 Top ten anime fights. Robo Raptor vs Purple Mini Robo Raptor.

  • Coke Life
    Coke Life 12 days ago

    Ur not funny

  • MrMuffin Toons
    MrMuffin Toons 12 days ago

    What a bargain

  • RedBlack
    RedBlack 12 days ago

    "I feel like I could beat someone to death with this!" Austin, what have you become?

  • Cursed_Vortex noob
    Cursed_Vortex noob 12 days ago

    Austin I actually have a original model of the same keyboard just black dm me on twitter animations30978

  • AnTeaVirus
    AnTeaVirus 13 days ago

    roboraptor is suicidal

  • chris animations
    chris animations 13 days ago

    4:41 "FBI OPEN UP"

  • FinnaOof69
    FinnaOof69 13 days ago

    Oh shid my uncle has a fuck ton of model m keyboards just sitting there in his basement. Didn't know they were that good

  • goman 090
    goman 090 13 days ago

    6:27 I mean, you said he was special sooo

  • Squeaky Squirrel
    Squeaky Squirrel 13 days ago


    1NIGHTMAREGAMER 13 days ago

    Lol sniffing

    1NIGHTMAREGAMER 13 days ago

    Did u say waste money on a retro keyboard ?

  • Maj mac
    Maj mac 14 days ago

    type orgazm 4:04

  • Hamish Matthews
    Hamish Matthews 14 days ago

    I am typing this comment on a IBM Model M keyboard

  • Dragon Dude Collecting

    Austin is a twunk. Hands down. Definitely a twunk. But you shouldn't flex sooo much, and maybe wear some long sleeves

  • Carson Henrichs
    Carson Henrichs 14 days ago

    The dall moved

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 15 days ago

    4:00 put your hand just so you can only see Evans head 🤣

  • Just Another Youtube Channel

    Holy crap an original Model M keyboard!? Man, I wish I had one of them.

  • Raul Alvarado
    Raul Alvarado 16 days ago

    Only Austin will find self pleasure with a keyboard.

  • T H O N K I N G I N T E N S I F I E S

    "Attack" *DIES*

  • Alex Kime
    Alex Kime 16 days ago

    is your HP ok?

  • Vanessa Patajo
    Vanessa Patajo 16 days ago

    not gonna lie, this was pretty entertaining

  • Scypheroth
    Scypheroth 16 days ago

    that clicking would piss me off soooo fast

  • luis pro yt3115
    luis pro yt3115 16 days ago

    what the fuck

  • Dino Slayer77
    Dino Slayer77 17 days ago

    4:04 Austin has an orgasmic experience

  • PeterF12
    PeterF12 17 days ago

    I only have 576.47 damn

  • Edd Desu
    Edd Desu 17 days ago

    Your teeth uuuuuuuuuu

  • Manjot Brar
    Manjot Brar 19 days ago

    I’m just throwing this out there but he looks like a buffed up nerd 👌

  • phuc Hong
    phuc Hong 20 days ago

    Oh boy,guess what today is,

    *I T S E B A Y M Y S T E R Y T E C H !*

  • Josh cam
    Josh cam 23 days ago

    thought you were logic for a sec

  • Mr.toastyboi 1369
    Mr.toastyboi 1369 24 days ago

    me: i wonder what i should buy
    brain: pickle
    me: what? why
    Brain: you gotta

  • Mincrafter Pictures
    Mincrafter Pictures 24 days ago +1

    This is the best (Cuse of the crazy unboxing itself) and the worst (cuse you got these from eBay) 'money wasting' episode of all time.

  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck 24 days ago

    The cringe watching children handling technology we used...

  • Nazhif Tahsin
    Nazhif Tahsin 24 days ago

    Probably spent more than $1000

  • Frank Yang
    Frank Yang 25 days ago

    Damn, i can watch this series all day long

  • Sofibbe
    Sofibbe 25 days ago

    7:10 Child mode activated

  • NiLo
    NiLo 26 days ago

    The IBM model M isn't a mechanical keyboard. It's a membrane keyboard

  • MrKeyser
    MrKeyser 26 days ago

    How many times do you change watch bands and hand for your watch per video ?

  • dessnom
    dessnom 27 days ago

    dianosour robot aka money in a papershredder

  • Tanzin Hurter
    Tanzin Hurter 27 days ago

    Not just a doll....FUCKING ANNABELLE

  • Fa11
    Fa11 27 days ago

    My ad before this video was bashing a bunch of robots

  • Robert Pendell
    Robert Pendell 27 days ago

    5:00 I did that with an HP laptop. I hooked one up for an HP printer by mistake and things went poof.

  • nǝttǝrs
    nǝttǝrs 28 days ago

    Rip roboraptor 2017 - 2018 you will be miss

  • Saplineater
    Saplineater 28 days ago

    Theres probably a camera in that doll

  • John doe
    John doe Month ago

    I am too poor to buy a model M keyboard... :'(
    _little violin plays in the background_

  • FortPsimo
    FortPsimo Month ago

    The doll blinked 2:10

  • Goku
    Goku Month ago

    Robo raptor wanted to commit suicide X,D

  • goDLuck
    goDLuck Month ago

    твоя мать шлюха

  • Eddie Drinkwater
    Eddie Drinkwater Month ago

    Don't get too excited about that keyboard Austin.

    The keys might get sticky.

  • random linux nerd
    random linux nerd Month ago

    R e t r o

  • BoChebo
    BoChebo Month ago

    Hey Austin, this is guys.

  • I am Danyella
    I am Danyella Month ago

    I don’t need to know to to waste money, I’m already a spoiled child. Well everyone child is spoiled now a days with these divices...LOLOL

  • Gavin Fair
    Gavin Fair Month ago

    I hate white keyboards

  • Darkriver Farmer
    Darkriver Farmer Month ago

    i actually have a miposaur and hes cute and i love him

  • TooRightGaming
    TooRightGaming Month ago

    4:29 it's because it has AMD inside

  • Jesus lopez martinex


  • REBEL2654
    REBEL2654 Month ago

    My brother has that blue dinasour

  • Narcissist Margarine

    You're really annoying...

  • Pedro Hurtado
    Pedro Hurtado Month ago

    Oh, i thought this was the tech channel...

  • Ashdeep N
    Ashdeep N Month ago

    Dang I only have 576.47

  • Jeffrey Park
    Jeffrey Park Month ago

    love that intro

  • darkherosolidox
    darkherosolidox Month ago

    Honstly I actually enjoy seeing you suffer with a dino robot.

  • The SemiCasual Gamer

    4:05 Extreme.ejaculation.exe

  • Kyan
    Kyan Month ago

    Robo Raptor is my favorite

  • Chan0
    Chan0 Month ago

    the doll blinked

  • realoliver9912
    realoliver9912 Month ago

    I got an IBM ad before this video.

  • Ethan's news Nelson

    i have a hp jrnado and i am 10

  • Hash BrownYT
    Hash BrownYT Month ago

    I only wasted $576.47 haha 😂

  • ardian syahputra
    ardian syahputra Month ago

    You got a big forehead

  • _R A G E_
    _R A G E_ Month ago

    1:51 watcha doing

  • Caden Prater
    Caden Prater Month ago

    Same thing happened to my record player, it popped and died, rip

  • Elizabeth PenaMaslow

    I love seeing you annoyed with the MiPousar because it's funny to watch and (not be a sellout *cough* *cough*) YOU GET MORE VIEWS :"D

  • wacky wizard
    wacky wizard Month ago

    epic dinosaur fight Jurassic park 3

  • Goutam Ghosh
    Goutam Ghosh Month ago

    3:24 Annabelle spotted

  • Retro
    Retro Month ago

    7:16 its a dino suicide

  • Buy On Ebay
    Buy On Ebay Month ago

    Thanks for buying on Ebay!. The best place to buy

  • Jk957
    Jk957 Month ago

    thats what happens when you buy a HP.

  • Ethan bolden
    Ethan bolden Month ago

    Don’t wast it u can always upgrade your pc by a new graphics card or something instead

  • Decent balderas
    Decent balderas Month ago

    Almost nutted for that keyboard

  • DJ LNR
    DJ LNR Month ago

    Cool vid. I was laughing for ages, this is a great genre in vids keep it up..

  • Chris Toro
    Chris Toro Month ago

    7:13 Play at 0.5x 😂
    Or 0.25x