How To Waste $576.48 on eBay...


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  • BobOfHydra
    BobOfHydra 7 days ago

    roboraptor's "special" cousin, I see what you did there Austin.

  • Outrundiamond 64
    Outrundiamond 64 8 days ago

    What i own a ibm keyboard is it worth money????

  • DaZ1o0
    DaZ1o0 8 days ago

    1:51 why is he putting his hand up the little girls skirt....

  • I’m not weird
    I’m not weird 9 days ago

    You spent only 576.48, I spent 576.49 on eBay!

  • Average Gamer
    Average Gamer 11 days ago

    This happened to my pc once you just need to replace the charger jack

  • John Myers
    John Myers 12 days ago

    I got the original NES for my b-day. It’s a little yellow, but otherwise in pretty good shape.

  • Na tix
    Na tix 13 days ago +1

    a man that plays with dinosaurs

  • kaioZ
    kaioZ 14 days ago

    Wierd flex but ok..

  • Korsmix
    Korsmix 14 days ago

    The saddest moment is whenever the mean girl raptor won.

  • Locus
    Locus 14 days ago

    3:40 I’m scared for you Evan

  • Azure
    Azure 14 days ago

    1:30 He knows what that means.....

  • RedRoscoe61
    RedRoscoe61 15 days ago

    deal raptor is here

  • Squentix OW
    Squentix OW 16 days ago

    I got baited. I hoped for an rgb keyboard XD

  • Hαyden
    Hαyden 18 days ago

    Why this when you can get braces.

  • Masaia1337
    Masaia1337 21 day ago

    you could of got a I9 for that price

  • zUltra
    zUltra 21 day ago

    Roboraptor hates pickles

  • GhostTiger420
    GhostTiger420 22 days ago

    robo raptors retarded causin

  • Bordelbop finely
    Bordelbop finely 24 days ago


  • bibbles da fish
    bibbles da fish 24 days ago

    i started dying when they started smelling the computer acting like it was normal

    STRVNDXD 24 days ago

    0:58 grudge lol

  • maria burford
    maria burford 25 days ago

    can i have the omnisky

  • Negative Studios
    Negative Studios 25 days ago

    I want to start an underground roboraptor fighting arena

  • Ronan Mervyn
    Ronan Mervyn 25 days ago

    I got an IBM advert on this video

  • Hahnsdn Gaming123
    Hahnsdn Gaming123 25 days ago

    Why did the dinosaur go extinct

    Read more

  • Hahnsdn Gaming123
    Hahnsdn Gaming123 25 days ago



  • Hahnsdn Gaming123
    Hahnsdn Gaming123 25 days ago


    Me name jeff

  • Hahnsdn Gaming123
    Hahnsdn Gaming123 25 days ago

    Im hot in both ways

    Got ya

  • osbert
    osbert 29 days ago

    Did you really pluck a random PSU out and expect it to work? What on earth... do you use macs usually or some shit?

  • LorTaLGaming
    LorTaLGaming 29 days ago

    I just pissed myself 😂😂😂😂 7:56

  • Hjn Bnn
    Hjn Bnn 29 days ago

    frying a laptops motherboard on your video nice

  • LegendzZ
    LegendzZ Month ago

    Keyboard asmr

    THE BOSS Month ago

    you wasted exactly the amount i need for a gaming pc i want 2 build

  • Lt. Apples
    Lt. Apples Month ago

    7:14 Rip robo raptor

    Time to pay up Austin

  • AK VIP
    AK VIP Month ago

    😱does amazon know....AUSTIN!!

  • busch
    busch Month ago

    How to waste 8:07 of your life

  • ReKtBySubZz
    ReKtBySubZz Month ago

    "attack" **kermits suicide**

  • Grim Gamer
    Grim Gamer Month ago

    Fucking roboraptor 💀💀💀

  • kimberly janssens
    kimberly janssens Month ago +1

    Dang i only have 576.47 dollars 😔

  • TechGeekWarren
    TechGeekWarren Month ago

    4:28 My HP ENVY 13" 2018 model is watching this poor HP ENVY X360 getting killed by the hands of a power adapter... (Be sure to check the power adapter polarity, kids.)

  • Irentae
    Irentae Month ago

    06:27 *attacc* *goes full speed backwards*

  • taufik encnew
    taufik encnew Month ago

    تذتيا يريللليا. يييوتياا. يزقزقز صنصخق.

  • Birau Mihai Sebastian


  • Ninjay48
    Ninjay48 Month ago +2

    Robo Rapter: **sees pickle** **commits suicide**
    Austin: I agree Robo Rapter

  • Egoist Crime
    Egoist Crime Month ago

    Maybe you need more than whiter tooth Bruh

  • Sean Sommer
    Sean Sommer Month ago

    4:00 How to nut

  • Nick vds
    Nick vds Month ago

    That ending tho

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming Month ago

    4:00 he gets some orgasm xD

  • ØHM
    ØHM Month ago

    6:13 No I really like you getting annoyed lmao

  • the kazoo kid
    the kazoo kid Month ago


  • Maj Tomac
    Maj Tomac Month ago

    That's not true, I watch these videos only to see you (Austin) annoyed. Of course, I'm on Ken's side. I dough many watch these videos for actual tech unboxing but mainly for seeing what special things we can get in the next video. Keep it up, these are one of the more interesting videos on youtube in my mind.

  • PentaBeast
    PentaBeast Month ago

    prank ken with the doll

  • Jeop
    Jeop Month ago

    Ive just seen the guy with his deep voice and i was shocked that he was asian i was expecting his voice to match a muscular white man

  • It’s Soren
    It’s Soren Month ago

    8:04 I agree

  • Ankur Palmia
    Ankur Palmia Month ago

    One day that Robo raptor will kill you...

  • GardenMoon
    GardenMoon Month ago +1

    What kind of laptop is that both of them

  • Skit Adixxionz
    Skit Adixxionz Month ago

    Top 10 Anime Deaths

  • Neel Sahay
    Neel Sahay Month ago

    "everyone is on my side" i dunno bout that one bro hahahahah i think we enjoy the dinos

  • Jason Brister
    Jason Brister Month ago

    Windows 95 keyboard

  • enderpus
    enderpus Month ago

    6:55 top 10 best anime battles

  • Timon Botha
    Timon Botha Month ago

    was i the only one who giggled when he said "full grown 4 inches"

  • billy bob
    billy bob Month ago

    Hey I thought the pickle was cool.

  • NoSkinNick
    NoSkinNick Month ago

    The dinosaur part is the funniest shit i have seen

  • Equis Beceta
    Equis Beceta Month ago

    Callase biejo lesbiano

  • VJZ Music
    VJZ Music Month ago

    More like " how to waste 8:07 on youtube

    KKNEE Month ago +2

    1:50 he rhymed doll with all and didn't even know about it. XD

  • Ben Grueber
    Ben Grueber Month ago

    7:10 Get side stepped bitch.

  • Ur mum Jsjd
    Ur mum Jsjd Month ago

    How to waste 8 minutes and 8 seconds of your life

  • Rumqna Boeva
    Rumqna Boeva Month ago

    4:24 I see how you killed the 13 inch HP Envy

  • CORE Foxy
    CORE Foxy Month ago

    4:05 N U T

  • Clickbaitcrill
    Clickbaitcrill 2 months ago

    robot raptor got hit with the spin move

  • Retro Avenger
    Retro Avenger 2 months ago +1

    6:53 Top ten anime fights. Robo Raptor vs Purple Mini Robo Raptor.

  • Coke Life
    Coke Life 2 months ago

    Ur not funny

  • MrMuffin Toons
    MrMuffin Toons 2 months ago

    What a bargain

  • RedBlack
    RedBlack 2 months ago

    "I feel like I could beat someone to death with this!" Austin, what have you become?

  • Cursed Darkness
    Cursed Darkness 2 months ago

    Austin I actually have a original model of the same keyboard just black dm me on twitter animations30978

  • AnTeaVirus
    AnTeaVirus 2 months ago

    roboraptor is suicidal

  • chris basketball
    chris basketball 2 months ago

    4:41 "FBI OPEN UP"

  • FinnaOof69
    FinnaOof69 2 months ago

    Oh shid my uncle has a fuck ton of model m keyboards just sitting there in his basement. Didn't know they were that good

  • Steven Jellow
    Steven Jellow 2 months ago

    6:27 I mean, you said he was special sooo

  • Squeaky Squirrel
    Squeaky Squirrel 2 months ago


    1NIGHTMAREGAMER 2 months ago

    Lol sniffing

    1NIGHTMAREGAMER 2 months ago

    Did u say waste money on a retro keyboard ?

  • Maj mac
    Maj mac 2 months ago

    type orgazm 4:04

  • Hamish Matthews
    Hamish Matthews 2 months ago

    I am typing this comment on a IBM Model M keyboard

  • Dragon Dude Collecting
    Dragon Dude Collecting 2 months ago

    Austin is a twunk. Hands down. Definitely a twunk. But you shouldn't flex sooo much, and maybe wear some long sleeves

  • Carson Henrichs
    Carson Henrichs 2 months ago

    The dall moved

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 2 months ago

    4:00 put your hand just so you can only see Evans head 🤣

  • Just Another Youtube Channel

    Holy crap an original Model M keyboard!? Man, I wish I had one of them.

  • Raul Alvarado
    Raul Alvarado 2 months ago

    Only Austin will find self pleasure with a keyboard.

  • T H O N K I N G I N T E N S I F I E S

    "Attack" *DIES*

  • Alex Kime
    Alex Kime 2 months ago

    is your HP ok?

  • Vanessa Patajo
    Vanessa Patajo 2 months ago

    not gonna lie, this was pretty entertaining

  • Scypheroth
    Scypheroth 2 months ago

    that clicking would piss me off soooo fast

  • luis pro yt3115
    luis pro yt3115 2 months ago

    what the fuck

  • Dinoslayer77
    Dinoslayer77 2 months ago

    4:04 Austin has an orgasmic experience

  • PeterF12
    PeterF12 2 months ago

    I only have 576.47 damn

  • Edd Desu
    Edd Desu 2 months ago

    Your teeth uuuuuuuuuu

  • Manjot Brar
    Manjot Brar 2 months ago

    I’m just throwing this out there but he looks like a buffed up nerd 👌

  • phuc Hong
    phuc Hong 2 months ago

    Oh boy,guess what today is,

    *I T S E B A Y M Y S T E R Y T E C H !*