How To Waste $576.48 on eBay...


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  • Dimas Arif Wibowo
    Dimas Arif Wibowo 2 days ago

    4:37 two dude one laptop

    CROC LIFE 2 days ago

    *O O H I T S M E L L S*

  • imawsomw
    imawsomw 3 days ago

    do a is it worth it dino addtion

  • Massivespeedy
    Massivespeedy 4 days ago

    They should do Mystery Random Stuff doe

  • Ehsaas Dudhwala
    Ehsaas Dudhwala 4 days ago

    On eBay even a penny is a waste

  • K N .Choudhury
    K N .Choudhury 5 days ago

    I didn't get the humor about the collectible baseball card untill I scrolled down

  • K N .Choudhury
    K N .Choudhury 5 days ago

    I just realized how all the keyboards I have encountered so far come with a windows key

  • ACupOfTea O
    ACupOfTea O 6 days ago

    No one is on Austin’s side we all love robo raptor

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 7 days ago

    There's no debate: The IBM Model M *IS* the best keyboard of all time.

    Also, I do enjoy seeing Austin getting frustrated over stupid robot dinosaurs.

  • NGamezz
    NGamezz 7 days ago

    i appreciate it 😂

  • Fortnite is fun
    Fortnite is fun 7 days ago +1

    1 like= one jumping off table robo raptor

  • invetegon
    invetegon 8 days ago

    based off of the thumbnail, I thought they were going to show off an rgb model m/rgb conversion kit for a moddle m. I'm kinda disappointed now

  • angryape 420
    angryape 420 8 days ago

    0:36 stupid people say Steve Jobs invented the smartphone. Bullshit.

  • Alexander Song
    Alexander Song 9 days ago +1

    2:53 he does NOT look like you in any way

  • Infamous
    Infamous 9 days ago

    How to make $576.48 on TVclip.

  • PuppetGameReviews
    PuppetGameReviews 9 days ago

    Hey ken, if your reading this, please get less robo raptors and more cool stuff

  • King Dug
    King Dug 9 days ago

    I remember when I got a roboraptor when I was little, I was so scared of it, I gave it to my cousin

  • Ed Bentz
    Ed Bentz 10 days ago

    Doll curse

    NOT HACKERS AT 221B 10 days ago

    Gosh darn it I only have 576.47 dollars

    NOT HACKERS AT 221B 10 days ago

    Didn't say hey guys this is Austin

  • Quack
    Quack 11 days ago

    Austin: i feel Like i could beat someone to death with this

    LEMON 12 days ago

    the doll was scaring me the whole video and i was just waiting for a jumpscare

  • Sohail Salim
    Sohail Salim 12 days ago

    That dinasour fight was so funny

  • Wiz
    Wiz 14 days ago

    How do u get a pickle in a Coca Cola bottle

  • Original Studios
    Original Studios 15 days ago

    by this point i think yo should change the name to "look how rich we are"

  • Your mum gay Guy
    Your mum gay Guy 19 days ago

    Now that he put the doll there I want to stare at it the entire video to see if it moves

  • Gallium YT
    Gallium YT 19 days ago

    me school has those keyboards for every computer

  • I’d Rather Not Say
    I’d Rather Not Say 19 days ago

    but i do appreciate u being annoyed by a robot dinosaur

  • Roby Shaji
    Roby Shaji 19 days ago

    4:34 what is the name of that laptop

  • Arfan 15
    Arfan 15 19 days ago


  • James Snyder
    James Snyder 19 days ago

    i’ll never understand how people watch your videos. you’re the most irritating person on the entire planet.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 20 days ago

    We really need to see some tech. :(

  • MooMooMilk Entertainment System

    4:04 - 4:16 Austin in bed

  • omar lopez
    omar lopez 21 day ago

    4:04 nerd porn

  • hungry tube
    hungry tube 23 days ago

    Why are we watching how to waste money when we need to learn how to save it

  • Zach Victor
    Zach Victor 25 days ago

    It made me sad to see robo raptor falling... I dunno why but it did

  • Hamza Saleem
    Hamza Saleem 26 days ago

    That roboraptor part killed me 😂😂

  • Exposer333
    Exposer333 26 days ago

    How to Waste 8 minutes of my life...

  • TAC Randomz
    TAC Randomz 27 days ago


  • Carson Pressler
    Carson Pressler 27 days ago

    I literally grew up with the robo raptor

  • Noah Casper
    Noah Casper 28 days ago

    That keyboard looks like one of the first keyboards I had.
    Lately I really miss the 00’s. Especially when it comes to technology and entertainment.

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo 28 days ago

    oh yeah yeah?

  • Lukoshkin Sasha
    Lukoshkin Sasha 28 days ago

    3:53 who els got a flashback to the Wanted movie :)

  • aiminath sahudhaa
    aiminath sahudhaa 28 days ago


  • Pokeg 1
    Pokeg 1 28 days ago

    Ken for me

  • Kokkoudo_Gaming
    Kokkoudo_Gaming 29 days ago

    6:11 nope go team ken

  • BimmaCars
    BimmaCars Month ago

    Hey Austin this is guys

  • Z9 Julian
    Z9 Julian Month ago +1

    1:19 it’s actually 2019 now sir KEEP UP

  • Thomas Barnard
    Thomas Barnard Month ago

    Bang the dolld

  • Kevin Shen
    Kevin Shen Month ago

    I guess it's a megapickel👍

  • Trent Kersten
    Trent Kersten Month ago

    that keyboard is straight ass

  • kidgamer36906
    kidgamer36906 Month ago +1

    hi guys

  • Swooty
    Swooty Month ago

    4:04 keyborgasm

  • Mr Dad
    Mr Dad Month ago +1

    4:04 Keyboardgasm

  • Alexander Baybay
    Alexander Baybay Month ago


  • KPeach
    KPeach Month ago

    Even an innocent guy like Austin nuts to the sound of an old keyboard

  • dysfunctional panda

    The model M is a membrane keyboadd

  • TheBloxxPlayz
    TheBloxxPlayz Month ago

    Wobo Waptor

  • Chill TMS
    Chill TMS Month ago

    *4:04* Virgin simulator

  • AproposSolid128 YT
    AproposSolid128 YT Month ago

    4:04 orgasm

  • Saad Rizwan
    Saad Rizwan Month ago +1

    The doll moved!!! It moved

  • Bloody Envy
    Bloody Envy Month ago

    click bait! i came for the RGB IMB keyboard! but only got a regular keyboard! *screams * disappointed!

  • Minerguy
    Minerguy Month ago

    Ey way uh skay-ay uh spin on my dick like a beyblade uh

  • nottacop
    nottacop Month ago

    A tech channel that doesn't understand why just because two power adapters have the same plug, it doesn't mean you can swap them around. SPECIFICALLY ON A LAPTOP.
    Unbelievable. You're in the same class as Stefan Etienne. Officially.

  • XD SP4SH
    XD SP4SH Month ago

    4:04 when u bust a nut then she bites your dick off

  • matty -
    matty - Month ago

    Why would you plug a different charging adapter into your laptop? Thought this was a tech channel? Are you stupid Austin?

  • adam stasek
    adam stasek Month ago

    austin evans alias pewdiepie 2!

  • AppleSauce
    AppleSauce Month ago

    “It’s called mystery tech not mystery stuff”

  • OS Chats With CTH2004 -OS Reviews

    4:04 I think austin had an orgasm....

  • Michael Marmot
    Michael Marmot Month ago

    no one is going to remind him that the doll is anabelle

  • Michael Marmot
    Michael Marmot Month ago

    00:15 mama mia I smell $576.48 leaving me for junk I won't use

  • Johnny T. Chalatsis

    But happened to the HP laptop though?

  • Logan Pamer
    Logan Pamer Month ago

    He is getting a boner over the keyboard

  • judge for the present not the past

    Stop wasting money

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago +1

    When the dislike button is on 999 and you wanna dislike is it soon badly you just end up looking at it for a straight minute

  • JakeHerstad
    JakeHerstad Month ago

    1:50 MUSIC?!?!?!

  • War Kitty
    War Kitty Month ago

    I like your hat Ken

  • Mitchell Taylor
    Mitchell Taylor Month ago

    Lol. Good ol HP

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man Month ago

    4:05 When you smashing your sister and you naked grandpa walks in

  • Master
    Master Month ago

    useless vid

  • K B
    K B Month ago +1


  • The good Gamer
    The good Gamer Month ago

    0:05 i thought the soviet anthem was about to play 🤣

  • xxXXGhost GamerXXxx

    his firt comment on the keyboard "i think i can beat someone to death with this"

  • LittleBitLemony
    LittleBitLemony Month ago

    4:37 *how the cool kids do drugs*

  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel Month ago

    3:42 and I was worried about the doll

  • R3ACT0R ,
    R3ACT0R , Month ago

    Attack you mean suicide?

  • LocalRaptor
    LocalRaptor Month ago

    I got scared when I saw your face 😵😵😵
    Edit nah I am just jokeing or am I

  • Liam Healy
    Liam Healy 2 months ago

    I couldn't keep watching with the doll there

    EPIC PUPPY TECH 2 months ago

    2:07 you dirty man

  • Megan Yifei
    Megan Yifei 2 months ago +1

    Rip hp laptop

  • Foxes Daniel
    Foxes Daniel 2 months ago

    Wheres the 'hey guys its EXHAUSTIN'!!!!!!!!!'

  • Soda 🇵🇷
    Soda 🇵🇷 2 months ago +1

    Robo Raptor's tryna kill himself.

  • meme boi
    meme boi 2 months ago

    Meanwhile in 2040
    How to waste 12,678,786,876 on ali-a online shopping

  • Joseph Ingram
    Joseph Ingram 2 months ago

    Austin "So this is the roboraptors special cousin"
    *looks at wheels*
    Vroo😂😂😂😂 Ive never laughed so hard in my life

  • Uros B
    Uros B 2 months ago

    8:05 a seizure attack.

  • Canadien Bacon
    Canadien Bacon 2 months ago

    Mystery science tech 3000
    Any 80s tv fans out there?

  • Rileybbyrne
    Rileybbyrne 2 months ago

    Wait are those keyboards rare I got one but it doesn’t work anymore

    CRAZY BANANA 2 months ago

    How to waste time on TVclip...

  • Ark Files
    Ark Files 2 months ago

    4:41 where is dim dum, I smell burnt laptop.

  • greatgamerpop
    greatgamerpop 2 months ago

    the same thing happened to my hp good thing is now i have an asus you should get one if your hp died